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#anti ana flores
udontfuckangie · 23 days ago
Ravi noticed the awkwardness and probably thought it was because Eddie is cheating on Ana with Buck
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outrunningthedark · 22 days ago
I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this but I just found it a tiny bit sus that buck and ana didn't interact AT ALL in that scene in the firehouse? they are mutual friends now at least but not even a wave or a smile or something to acknowledge each other's presence??? wonder why👀😂
Let’s break it down, okay?
Buck makes a beeline for Christopher.
Tumblr media
The hug we haven’t stopped screaming about.
Tumblr media
This was when Eddie starts introducing Ravi and Christopher (You can see his hand pointing as he says “This is my son Christopher.”)
Tumblr media
Buck listening to Ravi explain that he’s “what they call a probationary firefighter.”
Tumblr media
Here is Buck right when Ana laughs at his “Constantly.” remark. The camera then switches back to she and Eddie, whose sole focus is Christopher:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ana says “So…even in the dark this place is amazing.” Buck is too busy wondering what’s up with Eddie to pay attention to her.
Tumblr media
And finally we have Buck’s expression after Eddie makes his escape and Ravi leads Ana on a tour around the firehouse.
Tumblr media
There wasn’t so much as a wave or verbal goodbye.
Don’t believe it?
I brought video evidence, too.
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eddie-diass · 13 days ago
eddie’s breaking point was when ana said “chee-lay” and honestly. same
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ktinaj · 15 days ago
Currently thinking about the stark difference between "is that enough?" and "you're an amazing father." We've all talked plenty about how Eddie views his role as a father as the thing that makes him important, and how his relationship with himself as a whole, as an individual, suffers because of that. He suffered through this relationship, to the point of his own body telling him it wasn't right, because he thought it was best for Christopher. The relationship had to work in order for him, a father, to do what is best for his son.
When he tells Buck that he's sticking it out because Chris loves Ana, Buck's "is that enough?" certainly falls in line after Carla's "make sure you're following your heart, not Christopher's, okay?" but the key difference between those two comments is that Buck's actions and comments are (as usual) contrasted with Ana's. I wrote about this briefly already, but the conversation between Buck and Eddie is so similar to the will discussion and Eddie's use of the word "expendable" because Buck knows Eddie and is picking up on the fact that he equates his self-worth with being a parent and neglects his own happiness, thus sticking it out in a relationship that is making him physically pained for Christopher's sake.
"Is that enough?" as small a question as it is, digs deeper into Eddie's issue and allows Buck to insinuate "you matter too, your happiness matters, I want you to not do this to yourself." This, paired with his brutal (but true) call out about Eddie being unfair to Ana, is what pushes Eddie to finally make this decision for himself.
It's why Ana's "you're an amazing father" just before her god-awful touchy-feely moment to try and connect with him is unsuccessful and feels completely wrong (when I heard her say it the first time, I had a full-body cringe). She's making a last minute attempt to salvage this relationship, and she sneaks this comment in because she knows how important being a good father is to Eddie and that Chris loves her. But she doesn't make any mention of him as an individual. She could have just as easily said "you're an amazing man." It's awful, but also a bit brilliant, because Ana, as the literal embodiment of this relationship, once more emphasizes how interconnected being a good father is with this relationship and how there isn't much more between these two outside of their connection with Chris, but this isn't enough. Eddie is in the process of stepping out of that mindset, and I think that this moment is hopefully what makes him see that he's made the right decision for himself.
This scene has so much depth to it, and I will definitely be needing to do a visual analysis and meta on some other lines as well (such as "you shouldn't have to come home to this mess"), but this particular line and the way it comes just one episode after "is that enough?" has just been on my mind, so I needed to get this out first. I'm so glad that this awful relationship is finally over, and I'm looking forward to the work and progress that Eddie is going to be making throughout the rest of the season. This is a big first step.
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moonstonediaz · a month ago
so i think it’s like this. eddie wasn’t seeing meeting ana’s family as a big deal because he himself doesn’t see their relationship as a big deal. he purposely doesn’t look too closely at it. so after the initial denial about the Big Deal at the pool table, the salesmen assumed that ana was chris’ mom and he’s forced to look closer at how his relationship is perceived by others versus how he perceives his own relationship.
seeing chris there in the suit with ana and having the salesman incorrectly assume she was his mother triggered eddie. the fact of which he is still refusing to look at because he “doesn’t panic”. so he’s still telling himself not to look at it, not to show weakness. he has to keep up the front of a Man In Control because if he loses it, then he’s a failure as a man and as a father.
who better to talk him into getting help than buck himself? he’s walking proof that therapy works and doesn’t make you less, it doesn’t make you a failure. buck’s going to help him open his eyes and look.
and maybe when he does, he’ll finally see what the universe has been screaming about.
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Eddie: It’s fine, we can clean it up, it’s not a big deal.
Buck: Not a big deal-...?
Eddie: Easy there, Buck. Let’s take a deep breath.
Buck: *fumes silently*
Eddie: C’mon, repeat after me.
Buck: *inhales deeply*
Eddie: That’s it, Evan, you’re doing gre-
Buck flings used baking paper at Eddie’s head
Eddie: WOW, HEY! Let’s not panic!
Buck: Oh-ho-ho, you did not just say that...
Eddie: Shit.
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buck-o-lantern · 25 days ago
block @protectanaflores ! 😁
here's a bio translation: "Safe haven for people who defend ableist characters"
Tumblr media
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udontfuckangie · 23 days ago
Ravi to Ana during the tour:
“so you’re only Eddie’s girlfriend. Wow. I saw a documentary on poly relationships once but I’ve never actually met anyone in one. I guess it was about time being in LA and all. Don’t you ever get jealous seeing him with Buck? I mean they’ve been together for years it must be strange being the new significant other. Especially with how in love they are. Sometimes I feel like I’m intruding on something private when they just stare at each other. Im sure you know the look. Oh I’m sorry I’m making you uncomfortable. I shouldn’t be asking such personal questions I’m really sorry please don’t tell Buck he’ll make me do his chores for a month again.”
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outrunningthedark · 3 months ago
Ooh wait. I saw your comment about Brenna Malloy choosing not to have Anna in Christopher's room. Is that just something picked up on from the episode since Eddie and Carla are in Chris's room while she isn't? Or did BM say it was a specific choice at some point? Also, just wanted to say I love all the points you make about the show. They're always so well thought out and you make really good points. Thank you for sharing them!
Thank you for the blog love, darlin’! And thank you for taking the time to check out what I have to say! 💓
Re: Ana not in the room
We WISH it was something she commented on, but everyone involved in the process remains tight-lipped about what we’ve been witnessing since the start of season four. 🤐
Tumblr media
👀 Allowed in Christopher’s room with Eddie’s permission, but Christopher was not present
Tumblr media
👀 Too busy researching on the computer
Meanwhile… Buck:
Tumblr media
The one time we saw Shannon and Christopher together after her return (without Eddie) there was a third party - Isabel!
Tumblr media
Ana has only had scenes with Christopher where Eddie is also included like so:
Tumblr media
But Buck?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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evaneddie · a month ago
heads up, besties, new reaction gif just dropped
eddie ana have a scene together and it's just so awkward and forced?
Tumblr media
taylor kelly disrespecting buck's privacy and unlocking his phone without his permisson?
Tumblr media
the city getting hacked with ransomware?
Tumblr media
buck and eddie aren't together yet?
Tumblr media
the timeline all over the place for the first episode because when they rescued kirby from the water it seemed like maybe that's when bobby and athena were looking for harry?
Tumblr media
you just wanna use this meme?
Tumblr media
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eddie-diass · 21 days ago
all the lights came up (what are you gonna do?)
[read on ao3] | 3.4k words | rated e
in which the author does a deep dive into the brain of one Eddie Diaz while he grapples with being honest with himself.
as said in the tags: this is canon compliant up til 5x02 and how i'd imagine the eddieana breakup if 911 was on HBO (because eddie's relationship with intimacy is something i needed to crack open and inspect). 
p.s. buddie cliffhanger at the end
tagging @eddiediazisascorpio @evcndiaz @fruitydiaz @justsmilestuffhappens @hmslusitania @ktinaj @kitkatpancakestack @sunshinediaz @ghostbuddipher @loveyourownsmiilee @trashbaget @outrunningthedark@favouritealias @ellelans
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us-buddie · 14 days ago
It's seems like the quote by Thomas "you don't find it, you make it " is the guidelines for the show's relationship. When we think about it deeply, we understand that you don't have to work hard for love, that love should come naturally with harmony. I honestly think about it as friendship that blooms to love. Basically friends to lovers. And for me that kind of stories is my favorite. Because being a friend is accepting the other person, trusting them and love them unconditionally. And love and romance is just a bonus that can make the connection more deeply profound. And look at Bobby and Athena, Maddie and Chimney, Hen and Karen. All of them have a foundation of friendship and they level up to love. It's so beautiful to watch these developments..
Now about Buck and Eddie, there is no doubt that they are meant for each other and the writers are aware of that. Their love and carefulness for each other is showing through their own words and actions.
Which brings me to the last episode (5x03). After watching the break up scene, when Eddie used the words "work... the idea of us...mess" I couldn't stop thinking about that. Because Eddie is mostly a man of actions and maybe feel more comfortable to express himself through those actions as well. And when he has to use his words, he chooses them very thoughtfully. So it got me thinking maybe Eddie knows about this quote.
It could be like he overheard the conversation or Buck told him that one day. Because that quote is too powerful to forget about it.
With this acknowledge, it could be like Eddie for whole season 3 didn't think about getting back to dating pool, cus’ after what happened with Shannon, he maybe learned that he should let love come to him, when the time feels right. After all, love and marriage shouldn't feel like ”work”.  And he met Ana at Christopher's school and yet he didn't make a move on her. In the meantime Eddie kept choosing Buck over and over, perhaps unconsciously, perhaps not? And the interesting thing is that Eddie didn't hesitate to put Buck in his will after the wall incident because he trusted him that deeply.  time passes by and the pandemic happened, and suddenly Eddie saw Ana again and maybe he took this a sigh (ironically, cus’ this guy was so stubborn and he doesn't believe in jinxes nor screams from univers) and decided to “make it work” with her. Maybe for Eddie, in order to "make it "he has to put some offers on this recipe, he has to compromise on his wishes and needs because he was thinking about Christopher always. Even if he did care about her, it seems like he already knew that it was mistake and yet decided to ignore his gut. All of that is happening because he has an idea of how this love or family should be. And when he finally has to face with the reality (even his own body/mind knows him better lol) or acknowledge that he took this in a wrong way, he slowly started to accept that he should be following his happiness. And with that being said, he would know that he already found it and had make it too. It's just happening so naturally and smoothly that romance is a (necessary, because they're fool and idiots who is in love with each one and we know them better) bonus. Eddie has just to be brave to open his eyes and heart. Buck is his the only one, his home and his soulmate.
Thomas's quote is about true love and the truthfully meaning of the life itself. Because life and love is a mess once you found a reason to fighting for, together. Because you don't expected to change for each other but only change together, in the best way. Just like you "make it home " with someone that you trust deeply and willing to do anything unconditionally. And you love them so much that you will die with them on the same day because your love for each other is your force of life.
And I think Eddie started to understand that .. Buck too, but this is other story..
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moonstonediaz · a month ago
buddie aside, i really really do not like ana. anytime she says anything about eddie that feels too familiar i’m just like “ok but who are you???? i don’t know you”. it’s all in how they’ve structured her character. i’m really ready for her to go and i’m pretty sure that’s the point
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When Ana tries to reprimand Christopher like a teacher, again
Chris: Would you like a slice of cake? *throws it in her face* 🍰
Denny: Go Chris!
Harry: What an interesting turn of events *sips on orange juice like Athena* 🍹
Eddie: 🤦‍♂️
Buck: Oh my god...
Ana: ...
Eddie: Look what your son did
Buck: So, now he is my son-...?
Eddie: He is, when he does shit like this! It has Buck written all over it!
Buck: Excuse you! I'll have you know I- *goes on ranting about unfairness of these accusations*
Denny: *in narrator's voice* And then they proceed to argue like an old married couple.
Ana: I-...
Chris: Bye, Ana.
Harry: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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thegirlwithataser · a month ago
got some ✨hate✨ again so this is just your daily reminder that I don’t hate Ana bc she’s a woman or bc she’s dating Eddie. I hate her bc she has exhibited ableist behaviors and I simply do not trust her around Christopher nor do I think the way she views Christopher’s disability is something that should be normalized on prime time television. Next question.
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buck-o-lantern · 24 days ago
@protectanaflores you gonna explain this?? you not only defend an ableist but you're also ableist towards OTHER PEOPLE too?????
spread the word, @blu-eyed-demon @bitchdiaz @diazchristopher @extasiswings @eddiebabe @ghostbuddipher @honestlydarkprincess @justsmilestuffhappens @ktinaj @no-moremusic @outrunningthedark @poetartistx @pumpkinspicediaz @soldierandawar @tomlinpun @the-rising-daemon @vampirebuck @youcanhavemybackanyday
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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