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#anti bucktaylor
lindzhatesithere · 2 days ago
im sorry but this comparison is sending me
buck to taylor saying ily v to eddie just talking
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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giraffesanddietpepsi · 2 days ago
Eddie, whilst Buck is worrying about his relationship with Taylor ending:
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loveyourownsmiilee · 14 hours ago
I genuinely would like to know, please like/reblog this if you honestly dislike Buck and Taylor as a couple. Regardless of whether or not you ship Buddie. I just really am curious to see if we are indeed the minority or not.
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hm. you are standing in your kitchen and it's dark outside. you are standing in your kitchen you are tidying up because you like it neat and there is a mess in your head. you are listening to a voice like an angel telling you 'i love you.' and you want it. or you want to want it. and you are turning around and saying 'good.' because you must want it. isn't that what you've been asking for ?
love me anyway.
and you wish you could hear the twinkling of stars like those three words are magic.
you are standing in your kitchen and the tile has never felt so cold and you are doing your duty because you asked for this. this is your doing. and you are loyal and you refuse to let someone feel unloved. and yet-- and yet--
you refuse to deny her this.
you pull her into a kiss, her cheeks are pink her hair is pink her lips are pink her shirt is pink and you love the color pink. you let her wash over you like a sun shower and you are happy. you are happy. you are happy for you. you should buy yourself a card that says 'congratulations!' because she loves you.
you wanted her to love you.
you wake up wrapped in the sheets. you wake up wrapped in pink. you wake up wrapped in red. you wake up and you feel like you're 26.
you're 26 and you're looking for something and you haven't found it. you can't put your finger on it. if this is growth you want to wilt. if it's all to bring you back to the same place you started then what was it for. what was it for if to be unchanged. you are same, always same.
you are in your kitchen, you love her. you say you love her. you want to love her.
do you love her?
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hmslusitania · 14 hours ago
Since we’re all writing post 5x09 ficlets
Eddie brings their fresh pints back from the bar and slides into the booth and Buck grabs at it like a lifeline.
“What’s up?” Eddie asks, taking a measured sip. His eyes flick over Buck’s face and the parts of his torso visible over the table, like a triage that feels like it’s burning Buck alive.
“Nothing,” Buck says.
“Uh huh,” Eddie replies, unconvinced. Buck sips his beer and says nothing. “Buck, last week you were all freaked out about Taylor breaking up with you—”
“She said she loves me,” Buck blurts out. This is it. This is why they’re at the bar instead of Eddie’s house or Buck’s apartment. At Eddie’s house, repeating that will sound like sacrilege, like some unholy thing dragged into Buck’s only real sanctuary. And saying it — again — in his own apartment is the dusty echo in the catacombs.
He’s never even been to church and he can’t stop thinking about it like this. An I love you from a partner was supposed to be his salvation.
“She…loves…you,” Eddie repeats, slowly, a bit like the words are mollasses, cloying and sticking. “Do you…”
He doesn’t actually finish the question and from the way he’s grimacing at the foam on top of his glass, Buck’s pretty sure that Eddie cannot actually say it. Not even to repeat it.
“I said it back,” Buck admits.
Eddie’s mouth twists roughly for a second but he covers it with a sip.
“That’s not what I asked,” he says. “Did you mean it?”
No. It echoes like a drumbeat through his head and his chest. No, no, no no nononononononono—
“No one else has ever loved me before,” Buck says instead. “Not — not like that.”
There’s a punched sound from Eddie’s side of the table.
“Right,” Eddie says, looking anywhere but Buck’s face. “Right, so you’re just gonna stick it out, hope it catches, right?”
“I — I guess,” Buck says and Eddie sneers into his pint. Its not an expression Buck’s familiar with on Eddie’s face and he hates it.
“Do you—” Eddie takes a deep breath and his face relaxes. At least a fraction. “You’re not expendable, Evan, not even just in pieces like your heart. Don’t throw yourself away.”
And before Buck can say anything, Eddie slides back out of the booth and leaves.
By the time Buck gets his feet under him and follows Eddie out of the bar, he’s already gone.
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tinselbuck · 2 days ago
“She, uh, she told me she loves me?” Buck says, wincing when it comes out like a question.
Eddie’s eyebrows shoot up.
“And what did you say,” Hen asks, leaning in.
Buck rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. “I, uh, I said ‘good’.”
Ravi’s mouth drops open. “You what?”
Buck folds his arms and buries his head in them. “I told her I loved her, too, after that,” he says, his voice muffled by the firehouse kitchen table.
Hen pats him on the back sympathetically. Buck groans.
“Why am I so bad at this?” he asks, lifting his head.
“Nobody’s perfect, Buckaroo,” Hen says, chuckling softly.
“Yeah, but -” Whatever Buck was going to say is interrupted as the station alarm goes off.
“Duty calls,” Eddie says, jumping up.
Buck follows, right on his heels.
“Do you?” Eddie asks him later. The shift is over but they’re both moving slowly, still standing in the station locker room.
“Do I what?”
“Do you love her?” Eddie’s voice is strange and soft. It’s not a tone Buck knows how to place.
He shrugs helplessly. “She loves me.”
“Is that enough?”
Buck frowns. “I - it’s what I’ve been looking for, isn’t it? I care about her. I’ll get there.”
“Right,” Eddie says, absently kicking at the locker room bench. “Just- Buck?”
Buck nods for him to continue.
“Make sure she makes you happy. You deserve that.”
Buck swallows past the sudden lump in his throat. “I, uh - yeah. I will.”
“Okay,” Eddie says. He claps a hand to Buck’s shoulder and allows it to linger, just for a moment.
His touch is soothing, grounding, just like it always is. Buck finds himself wishing he could stay longer, or that he could follow Eddie home.
“I’ve got to head out,” he says instead, shouldering his bag. “Breakfast date with Taylor.”
“Right,” Eddie says, taking a step back and looking away. “I’ll, uh, I’ll see you then.”
“See you,” Buck says softly.
Taylor loves him. It’s what he wanted. He’s - this has to be what happy feels like, doesn’t it? He lets his gaze linger on Eddie a few seconds longer.
“You’re going to be late,” Eddie says, the slightest hint of teasing buried in his tone.
"I think I already am." He offers Eddie a half smile and goes, feeling Eddie's eyes on his back the entire time.
Is that enough? It has to be.
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djdangerlove · 2 days ago
They haven’t spent four seasons healing Buck into a person who finds self worth and an understanding that love doesn’t have to be earned just to give him someone who still makes him question all of it.
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lottiebillions · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This man literally hates this relationship as much as we do
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fruitydiaz · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I thought it would work...the idea of us.
[Image description: 8 gifs of Buck and Eddie from 9-1-1, paralleling their relationships with Taylor and Ana.
ID 1: Eddie watches Ana and Chris hug each other and laugh together, the smile slowly fading off his face. The text reads, "Carla: Just be sure you're following your heart, not Christopher's."
ID 2: Taylor hugs Buck after he comes back to his apartment after work. He smiles at first, but then it fades as he looks off into the distance.
ID 3: Ana smiles over her shoulder at Buck, before stepping aside to reveal Eddie in his hospital bed, smiling softly up at her. The text reads, "Eddie: She's been a godsend through all of this."
ID 4: After the hostage situation, Buck and Taylor hold hands at the table in his apartment.
ID 5: In the dressing room, Eddie starts to panic when the assistant refers to Ana as Christopher's mom.
ID 6: Buck gets antsy as Taylor tries to leave his apartment without explaining her weird behavior. The text reads, "Buck: I think it's over. Me and Taylor."
ID 7: After telling Buck about Ana causing his panic attacks, Eddie insists on sticking it out in the relationship. The text reads, "I think I'm just gonna stick it out. Ana's been the first woman I've wanted to spend this much time with since Shannon."
ID 8: Buck looks caught-off guard after Taylor tells him she loves him for the first time. The text reads, "Taylor: I love you." " you too."
/end ID.]
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As awkward as I find bucktaylor, I'm happy they're not making their relationship a sinking ship. I really want them to be stable as a couple because I need Evan Buckley to for once in his gd life actually be the one who ends a relationship for himself. I need him to choose to walk away not because everything is falling apart, but because he prioritizes his happiness over companionship. I need him to choose himself before he chooses Eddie.
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lindzhatesithere · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oliver really hates this show too huh?
edit: he has since deleted the last two but screenshots exist for a reason
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piningeddiediaz · a day ago
the thing is right… this isn’t even about buddie. it’s literally me looking at this relationship between buck and taylor with my ‘i love evan buckley’ goggles and still finding it absolutely heartbreaking just how much he is regressing. he’s not happy here, even if he tries to make himself be
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diazactually · a day ago
‘taylor is not abby or ali. it doesn’t even rhyme’
Tumblr media
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nogamediaz · 2 days ago
spoilers! no salad, but you got anything on uhh frozen waffles?
oKAY okay okay okay so when he first said that i was like god, way to demolish all of our pancake headcanons in one fell swoop, but! the presence of one thing doesn't prove the absence of another, so what we're left with is either
only the diazes get pancakes
she ??? doesn't like pancakes???
but like, whatever the reason, we're left with the frozen waffles, which... i mean do i even have to say it?
they're frozen and they come wrapped in plastic. which is so many layers of removal and preservation and artificiality, not to mention the handmade vs. mass-produced thing i talked about after taylor's fruit salad in 5x05. (god i can't believe salad theory comes with citations now).
but also! there is in fact salad in this episode! and let me preface this by saying i feel insane just by saying this but.
Tumblr media
during the conversation. you know which one. there is salad in the background! bear with me here
so we have previously established that salad=buddie
and this is a scene that is pivotal for the b/t relationship, but the salad is still there, in the background
just chilling, doing its salad thing
much like eddie, pining away
the salad is also very much in between the two of them
hey, you know what that framing looks like?
Tumblr media
buck's even wearing the same colour!
the argument could also be made that taylor is chopping something (green beans? asparagus? broccolini?) that looks like it could be a replacement for salad in a healthy meal (gotta get those greens), but the salad is still there! can't replace the salad!
anyway all of this is nuts but here i am saying it anyway!
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It’s the fact that the “I love you” was so unearned from both sides. What have either of them done for and with each other all season to express any kind of growing love between them???? Literally nothing.
And the way that Buck only seemed to say it out of obligation. Because if you don’t want your girlfriend to breakup with you, but you’re not actually sure that you love her, you say it anyway if she says it first.
Because obviously if he was just like “that’s great” and shrugged it off, TayKay would have been like “what the fuck.”
And if they’re trying to convince me the love is real, they need to recast TayKay because MW is one of the worst actors this show has ever seen.
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Just thinking about Bobby telling Buck that he actually needs to communicate with Taylor and talk about his feelings, and that he was hesitant to do so. Also thinking about how Buck didn't hesitate to practically corner Eddie in the firehouse when he's asleep and say "You need to tell me if something is wrong."
Just thinking....
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