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#anti capitalism
left-reminders · a day ago
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Capitalism requires a reserve army of labor in order to function. Bosses need a steady supply of unemployed people in order to suppress wages and maintain the threat of termination. If workers can be readily fired and replaced, capital wins.
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bae-guevara · a day ago
y'all remember this tweet?
id: tweet bij @ commie_spice
"the existence of child labour laws is a constant reminder that if capitalists could exploit literal children for their labour, they would"
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now that there's a labour shortage capitalist are resorting to straight up changing child labour laws:
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id: headline of an article by Grace Dean
"Wisconsin's Senate approves a bill allowing 14 year olds to work as late as 11p.m. and supporters say it could help plug the labour shortage"
they would do anything but pay people more money... this shit is so bleak i don't even know where to start with this shit.
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peppermintprism · a day ago
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[Image ID: several household items and furniture stacked in a parking lot and a living room, including shelves, a mirror, a mop, a laundry basket, a blender, a Sherpa blanket and several dishes. /end ID]
Tip for anyone who lives in a college town: find out when your local dorm & apartment move-out times are. I got all these items from my apartment’s dumpsters. I didn’t even have to “dive” they were just sitting right on top. Pretty clean and lightly used. Results will vary, obviously, but the ideal spot is the more expensive housing. I’ve lived in both the dorms and the apartments and the dumpsters are definitely richer here.
Can you imagine if this apartment complex ran a freecycle program? Like it wouldn’t be too hard to organize. Just mark off an area of the parking lot near the dumpsters for usable goods, then let residents who are moving out sort their own stuff into usable or trash. It’s only about 2 weeks until new tenants move in, and they’ll be needing to acquire stuff. (Note: I live in California where it doesn’t rain in the summer, but this could also be done in an indoor common area.) The new tenants could get priority access for a week or it could be immediately open to the general public, either way. Two weeks after move-in any remaining items can be trashed (low-effort) or donated (higher effort but may have volunteer programs available). The apartment has to pay for the extra garbage collection either way. Why not reduce waste and benefit new tenants?
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reasonandempathy · 2 days ago
Do you think squid game is about how horrible capitalism is?
Yes. Clearly.
That's the explicit intent of the creator.
"I wanted to write a story that was an allegory or fable about modern capitalist society, something that depicts an extreme competition like the extreme competition of life." According to Hwang Dong-hyuk.
Before getting into the meaning and subtext of the show itself, it was explicitly anti-capitalist since the conception.
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defleftist · a day ago
It’s important to do little things that allow for moments of peace in this late stage capitalist hellscape we call America. For me tonight that includes baking a cake and reading poetry.
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deathtoskinnyjeans · a month ago
A Twitter Thread from David Bowles:
[Text transcript at the end of the screenshots]
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I'll let you in on a secret. I have a doctorate in education, but the field’s basically just a 100 years old. We don’t really know what we’re doing. Our scholarly understanding of how learning happens is like astronomy 2000 years ago.
Most classroom practice is astrology.
Before the late 19th century, no human society had ever attempted to formally educate the entire populace. It was either aristocracy, meritocracy, or a blend. And always male.
We’re still smack-dab in the middle of the largest experiment on children ever done.
Most teachers perpetuate the “banking” model (Freire) used on them by their teachers, who likewise inherited it from theirs, etc.
Thus the elite “Lyceum” style of instruction continues even though it’s ineffectual with most kids.
What’s worse, the key strategies we’ve discovered, driven by cognitive science & child psychology, are quite regularly dismissed by pencil-pushing, test-driven administrators. Much like Trump ignores science, the majority of principals & superintendents I’ve known flout research.
Some definitions:
Banking model --> kids are like piggy banks: empty till you fill them with knowledge that you're the expert in.
Lyceum --> originally Aristotle's school, where the sons of land-owning citizens learned through lectures and research.
Things we (scholars) DO know:
-Homework doesn't really help, especially younger kids.
-Students don't learn a thing from testing. Most teachers don't either (it's supposed to help them tweak instruction, but that rarely happens).
-Spending too much time on weak subjects HURTS.
Do you want kids to learn? Here's something we've discovered: kids learn things that matter to them, either because the knowledge and skills are "cool," or because .... they give the kids tools to liberate themselves and their communities.
Maintaining the status quo? Nope.
Kids are acutely aware of injustice and by nature rebellious against the systems of authority that keep autonomy away from them.
If you're perpetuating those systems, teachers, you've already freaking lost.
They won't be learning much from you. Except what not to become. Sure, you can wear them down. That's what happened to most of you, isn't it? You saw the hideous flaw in the world and wanted to heal it. But year after numbing year, they made you learn their dogma by rote.
And now many of you are breaking the souls of children, too.
For what?
It's all smoke and mirrors. All the carefully crafted objectives, units and exams.
We barely understand the physical mechanisms behind MEMORY. But we DO know kids aren't empty piggy banks. They are BRIMMING with thought.
The last and most disgusting reality? The thing I hear in classroom after freaking classroom?
Education is all about capitalism.
"You need to learn these skills to get a good job." To be a good laborer. To help the wealthy generate more wealth, while you get scraps.
THAT is why modern education is a failure.
Its basic premise is monstrous.
"Why should I learn to read, Dr. Bowles?"
Because reading is magical. It makes life worth living. And being able to read, you can decode the strategies of your oppressors & stop them w/ their own words.
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brendanicus · 2 months ago
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as capitalism continues to decay, expect the role of celebrities in producing and spreading capitalist-imperialist propaganda to become more and more prominent
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northern-punk-lad · 20 days ago
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ratanarchist · 7 months ago
is anyone else just like. constantly filled with rage about their position under late capitalism and how we are expected to just keep playing this game that we know will literally kill us, is already killing people all over the world, and yet everyone around us is somehow fine with going about business as usual, with pretending we are free by being able to choose between different ways of being exploited. there is nothing more dehumanising than being forced to partake in a system that is actively detrimental to our survival as human beings, that is so physically, psychologically and spiritually destructive, and i don’t know how to deal with this anger anymore
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remember when Elon Musk said he’s probably gonna let a bunch of people die on the mars mission?
“You might die. It’s going to be uncomfortable. You probably won’t have good food. And all these things. An arduous and dangerous journey where you may not come back alive, but it’s a glorious adventure… Honestly, a bunch of people probably will die in the beginning.”
he rly went
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mentalhealth---awareness · 6 months ago
Burnout is honestly such a mild word for what people use it to mean. I'm not experiencing "burnout", which sounds so casual and routine that some face masks and a little rest is going to fix it.
My body and mind and even nervous system are stretched to the point that it's going to take a lot more than just a "break" or a few self care tips to recover, and even then, my recovery is just so that I can reenter the spaces that contributed to me being this way in the first place. I'm a little bit more than just burnt out by this.
Workplaces and educational institutions aggressively overwork us, expose us to all kinds of discrimination, which they overlook and gaslight us out of acknowledging, and then constantly ask us to ignore our mental, emotional, and physical needs so that we don't inconvenience them.
We're not burnt out. We're borderline traumatized. Burnout is always talked about like something transient and mild that a little rest and relaxation will fix.
But we're exhausted. We need deep rest and healing. We need new systems. We need new ways of being. The language around burnout just seems like a way of upholding these current violent systems and downplaying their impacts.
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left-reminders · 10 months ago
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