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vgvulva · 20 hours ago
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supporting the corporations trying to sell you makeup, plastic surgery, clothing, and body alteration ≠ accepting yourself
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starkiller1701-a · 2 days ago
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junkiepenguin386 · a day ago
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a-literal-anarchist · 2 days ago
margaret thatcher was one of, if not the single worst prime minister in the history of britain, so here's a short list of the evil shit she did:
-passed section 28, which outlawed teaching about lgbtqia+ topics in schools
-introduced the poll tax, which was a flat tax rate levied on every eligible adult with no regards to income
-abolished free milk for school children
-authorised the use of violence against striking miners across the country, who were protesting to attempt to prevent pit closures and job losses
-introduced right to buy council housing, which after a few years only led to landlords owning masses of accommodation that had previously been owned by local councils
-decimated the power of unions with the trade union act of 1984, which required a secret ballot before strikes could be held as a way to declare many strikes unlawful and therefore liable for police violence
-openly backed the right wing dictator of chile, augusto pinochet, based solely on the grounds that he was anti communist
-defended apartheid in south africa
and a lot of other fucked up shit i can't be bothered to mention because i'm tired.
basically, margaret thatcher was an awful human being.
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sleepy-fairy444 · 2 days ago
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mysharona1987 · 3 months ago
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left-reminders · 3 months ago
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deathtoskinnyjeans · 8 months ago
A Twitter Thread from David Bowles:
[Text transcript at the end of the screenshots]
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I'll let you in on a secret. I have a doctorate in education, but the field’s basically just a 100 years old. We don’t really know what we’re doing. Our scholarly understanding of how learning happens is like astronomy 2000 years ago.
Most classroom practice is astrology.
Before the late 19th century, no human society had ever attempted to formally educate the entire populace. It was either aristocracy, meritocracy, or a blend. And always male.
We’re still smack-dab in the middle of the largest experiment on children ever done.
Most teachers perpetuate the “banking” model (Freire) used on them by their teachers, who likewise inherited it from theirs, etc.
Thus the elite “Lyceum” style of instruction continues even though it’s ineffectual with most kids.
What’s worse, the key strategies we’ve discovered, driven by cognitive science & child psychology, are quite regularly dismissed by pencil-pushing, test-driven administrators. Much like Trump ignores science, the majority of principals & superintendents I’ve known flout research.
Some definitions:
Banking model --> kids are like piggy banks: empty till you fill them with knowledge that you're the expert in.
Lyceum --> originally Aristotle's school, where the sons of land-owning citizens learned through lectures and research.
Things we (scholars) DO know:
-Homework doesn't really help, especially younger kids.
-Students don't learn a thing from testing. Most teachers don't either (it's supposed to help them tweak instruction, but that rarely happens).
-Spending too much time on weak subjects HURTS.
Do you want kids to learn? Here's something we've discovered: kids learn things that matter to them, either because the knowledge and skills are "cool," or because .... they give the kids tools to liberate themselves and their communities.
Maintaining the status quo? Nope.
Kids are acutely aware of injustice and by nature rebellious against the systems of authority that keep autonomy away from them.
If you're perpetuating those systems, teachers, you've already freaking lost.
They won't be learning much from you. Except what not to become. Sure, you can wear them down. That's what happened to most of you, isn't it? You saw the hideous flaw in the world and wanted to heal it. But year after numbing year, they made you learn their dogma by rote.
And now many of you are breaking the souls of children, too.
For what?
It's all smoke and mirrors. All the carefully crafted objectives, units and exams.
We barely understand the physical mechanisms behind MEMORY. But we DO know kids aren't empty piggy banks. They are BRIMMING with thought.
The last and most disgusting reality? The thing I hear in classroom after freaking classroom?
Education is all about capitalism.
"You need to learn these skills to get a good job." To be a good laborer. To help the wealthy generate more wealth, while you get scraps.
THAT is why modern education is a failure.
Its basic premise is monstrous.
"Why should I learn to read, Dr. Bowles?"
Because reading is magical. It makes life worth living. And being able to read, you can decode the strategies of your oppressors & stop them w/ their own words.
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septictankie · 10 months ago
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northern-punk-lad · 7 months ago
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actual-angie · 3 months ago
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ratanarchist · a year ago
is anyone else just like. constantly filled with rage about their position under late capitalism and how we are expected to just keep playing this game that we know will literally kill us, is already killing people all over the world, and yet everyone around us is somehow fine with going about business as usual, with pretending we are free by being able to choose between different ways of being exploited. there is nothing more dehumanising than being forced to partake in a system that is actively detrimental to our survival as human beings, that is so physically, psychologically and spiritually destructive, and i don’t know how to deal with this anger anymore
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sparksinthenight · 14 days ago
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Billboard with a picture of Elon Musk: Defend billionaires. We’re Just like you.
Commie on the Rez: Spotted in the wild. I hate this mf place
Elle M. (they/them): If u saw Lex Luthor do this in a Superman comic u would be like ”pshh way too over the too not even a super villain would be this obvious”
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bae-guevara · 6 months ago
I fully believe the queen is dead and they just don’t wanna deal with a funeral before Christmas so they’re keeping her on ice (aka life support) till spring.
apparently the entire country has to do a 12 day long mourning and the BBC is legally banned from putting on any comedy show during that week AND they have to shut down the London stock exchange for one whole day... now I'm not saying they're weekends at Bernie's-ing that colonizer to keep the stock exchange open, but....
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mysharona1987 · 3 months ago
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left-reminders · 6 months ago
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magpie-wings · 2 months ago
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third-nature · a year ago
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kispesan · 7 months ago
Corporations commercializing the aesthetics of Squid Game reminds me so much of when they were all doing the same thing to the Hunger Games film adaptations. And that comparison is not a coincidence.
Marketers know exactly what they’re doing, attempting to dilute anti-capitalism messages into fun visuals and memes. Don’t fucking fall for it.
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silvermoon424 · 2 months ago
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