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turesti · a day ago
“Everyone hates you.”
“Your sisters love you and I can’t for the life of me understand why.”
“Perhaps you can find it in yourself to try a little harder this year”.
“I didn’t have a choice to be shackled to you either”
“Not eating won’t bring your father back”
Tumblr media
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daybreakmusings · 3 months ago
So tired of the “Nesta has hurt and wronged so many people” narrative because who are they talking about? 
A case can be made for both Feyre and Cassian, sure. While a similar case can be made for their treatment towards her. But that’s literally it. 
Rhysand? Please
Morrigan? Get over yourself
Elain? Out of the question
Azriel? Of course not
Amren? I. Wish.
Nesta isn’t the monster you all have made her out to be and she always delivers what she has been served. Treat her with respect and she will treat you accordingly. 
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nestaswhore · 23 days ago
the way the house of wind (a literal house) made nesta feel better, provided her more comfort, made her laugh and smile more times than cassian in the entirety of acosf 🤭
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cozisaidso · 3 months ago
Rhysand is the worst leader and strategist ever, argue with your mom
The Night Court is a hotbed of cronyism and definitely to its detriment. Cassian has been a “general” for hundreds of years and yet remains admittedly inept at political manoeuvring and socialising with anyone outside of his family; Azriel is repeatedly fed bad information and is so terrible at spying that he resorts to butchering people for information instead, and is extraordinarily racist against the Illyrians; Mor can’t interact with anyone from the Court of Nightmares without having PTSD flashbacks, and yet it’s seen as appropriate for keep sending her there as an ambassador; Feyre is 22, clueless of Prythian’s history, totally reliant on Rhys for biased information about their political neighbours, and after learning how to write 1 year ago I imagine her written communication is abysmal—I don’t even want to know how she manages anything related to maths—and yet “her word is law”; and Amren repeatedly displays a desire to blow up entire cities or engage in conquest and that’s just tolerated.
All of these lawmakers, these all-powerful members of his political Inner Circle, wrestle daily with unresolved trauma. Rhys does not have a single emotionally healthy person in charge. And when all of this untreated mental turmoil comes out as some atrocity or violation of the rights of others, it’s just ~shrugs~. Their own people, and in fact a lot of other people across Prythian, are accepted as collateral for their squabbles with other rulers, or as meaningless casualties of their temper tantrums. Because of the positions of power they hold, their trauma becomes everyone else’s problem, with 0 accountability—and boy do they make the most out of that. Unreal that they haven’t been invaded or overthrown at this point.
Rhys encourages the Velaris locals to ostracise the citizens of the Court of Nightmares—to refuse them goods and services, as a punishment because he dislikes their leader, as if this isn’t a powder keg of social unrest waiting to blow. He steals from and attacks their neighbours with his daemati powers, not to mention openly orchestrating a plot to destabilise a neighbour. He allows (his idea or no, it happened on his watch) low-income housing to be destroyed in Velaris just to make a point to his sister-in-law. He cooks up this image of himself as a villain for 500 years and then expects his contemporaries to just blithely believe him when he says “oh i’m a good guy actually”. He lies through his teeth about everything, even to his wife, and rather than make any attempt to bring Keir’s army onside, he instead actively makes personal enemies of the Court of Nightmares’ leaders and civilians. The law against wing-clipping in Illyria is not enforced (why was Emerie’s father not prosecuted? How can Rhys be powerless to stop the men clipping the women’s wings, yet maintain enough control over the Darkbringer army, even when the CoN locals actively hate him, to send them out to fight on his behalf? He is the most powerful High Lord in history, and yet the wing-clipping is completely beyond him?) and he hoards an obscene amount of wealth, far too much for it to be believable that he is not economically exploiting his people outside of Velaris. In order for one person to be that rich, other people have to be poor.
It’s kind of shocking that Velaris hasn’t yet been besieged. Although it’s explicitly stated that the Illyrians are disenfranchised enough to want to rebel—only they are terrorised out of doing so by threats from Cassian.
Rhys is an awful politician. Truly awful. Dire. 
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rose-in-a-graveyard · 14 days ago
Rhys (& Feyre) would be terrible for High King & Queen. They literally only care about Velaris. They don’t even care for the rest of their court? (Court of Nightmares and Illyria) 
Rhys & the IC all hate leaving Velaris to do their f*cking jobs in the other cities. 
The fact Amren is telling Rhys to use NESTA’S WEAPONS to claim the throne is disgusting. 
Also the fact Azriel said Kallias, Helion, and Tarquin might kneel (Thesan will do it if others do) is also frankly repulsive. Is this how low they think of the other high lords that they are willing to just bow? 
Rhys may not have killed the Winter Court children, but he sure was part of it. He sure allowed CHILDREN to die because he was too much of a coward to stand up to Amarantha. Winter Court lost those children because they tried to rebel and fight against her. 
(Also just because Vivianne and Mor are friends does not mean Vivianne is willing to bow, she defends and fights for Winter Court from what we know of her)
Rhys and his posy betrayed Tarquin and stole from him. (Pissed the summer court forgave them) (besides the only reason Hybern attacked cause little miss cry baby brought down Spring Court for her little vengeance) 
Not to mention the IC had the gall to make comments on his dead cousin who died trying to fight against Amarantha. 
Helion is nice so he may bow down. The inner circle will just dangle his son over his head considering they can control Lucien cause of his mate
The fact they think Thesan will bow because the other lords bow is laughable. 
All these fae are HIGH LORDS just like Rhys, if Rhys wouldn’t bow to any of them, why would they bow to him?
Besides any of the other High Lords (minus Beron) would be better than Rhys. At least they didn’t fall under Amarantha’s whims and tried to fight back. Tamlin took in refugees from the other courts who escaped. But yeah, lets give High King to Rhys who sacrificed the rest of his court to protect one city they can’t even enjoy. 
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leilarambles · a month ago
it is SO funny to me that the ic is constantly described as the most powerful bitches in prythian when literally no one, not a soul, not the stans nor sarah janet herself, can actually explain what magic they possess.
rhysand: most powerful high lord in prythian. why is that, you may ask? who knows? his magic is…night? darkness? something along those lines. he can mind-rape you, but no one’s really sure how that works or why he even possesses that ability in the first place. he can also have a twilight moment and turn into a werewolf whenever he feels like it, but what good does that do?
amren: second in command. so powerful her eyes glow. they glow. now, do any of us know what power makes them do that? absolutely not. not a clue. she’s just unarguably powerful. she can do…stuff. then she loses her, uh, first layer of powers? and is only left with the second layer? so she’s less powerful, but still very powerful? which means she can still do…stuff. but now it’s less stuff. i think?
mor: third in command. her “gift” is “truth”. yeah. whatever the fuck that means. she literally does nothing with that “gift” the entire series, so who knows what it is? moving on.
azriel: spymaster. shadowsinger. who does he spy on? couldn’t tell you. what is a shadowsinger? couldn’t tell you that either. next.
cassian: uhhhh. hmm. well, ik he uses his siphons. do ik what those are? what they do? what they even look like? not at all. i don’t even think cassian actually has powers. he’s just the muscle, as far as i remember.
feyre: she has a little bit of everything 🤪. meaning don’t even bother asking me what her powers are. they just are. all hail our high lady, right?
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alpacaffe · a month ago
Y'know, now everytime i read Cassian in ACOSF, gloomy and grumbling about the fact that Nesta had so many eligible suitors before, and how he is never gonna be good enough for her, I just think to myself:
"You know what? You're right ! Now step aside so she can marry an actual heir to a court, a goddamns high lord or go to the continent and marry a emperor there or something"
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a-court-of-valkyries · 3 months ago
In my mind, acosf didn't end the way it did. Instead, Nesta called the IC out on their crap, dumped Cassian, and her and the valkyries went to the summer court (with Lucien and Balthazar) to live their best lives. Or she accepted Eris’s proposal, they become Prythian’s most famous power couple as they rule the Autumn Court after killing Beron, and the valkyries, Lucien, and Balthazar join Nesta there. Either way, Nesta leaves Night and lives her best life with her true sisters
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elevatorladylady · 2 months ago
I’ve come to the realization that I can jive on fics and fan art for ACOTAR characters as long as it has mostly nothing to do with the IC.
Love Gwyn, zero interest in Gwynriel.
Love Nesta, Cassian is dead to me.
Love Emerie, fuck off Mor.
Canon Elain is boring, but if she fucks off from the NC with Lucien, oh hey you got me interested again.
Any other high lord? Actually yeah, I’m into that. Tamlin rebuilding his court. Beron getting murdered by his wife. Tarquin being sexy with zero with input from Varian’s fuckbuddy. Vivienne being an even better leader with Kalias back. Gimme.
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viktoriakosci666 · 2 months ago
Not people wanting Lucien to fix his friendship with Feyre, the female who treats him exactly like how Tamlin treated her, and become besties with Rhysand, the male who insulted his mother and threatened him, Cassian, the male who snarled at him like he was the dirt beneath his shoes and laughed at him trying to get closer to Elain, and Azriel, the male who wants him dead.
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moonwalker750 · 2 months ago
You know what pisses me off most about IC? Their sheer blindness and hypocrisy.
They're laughing at 'Band of Exiles' name but didn't realize the hypocrisy of dubbing themselves as 'Court of Dreamers'.
In ACOFAS, Feyre started being a bitch to Lucien when he said that he didn't want to stay in Velaris anymore than he already does. Said he (Lucien) felt so comfortable around humans with contempt. Discrimination much?
Lucien admitted that they called themselves 'Band of Exiles'. That they're comfortable enough with each other to poke fun, be a bit silly and be their selves. And what did Feyre do? She said that do they organize parties and host events?
Her sheer hypocrisy left me slack-jawed. Like, what does her Court of Dreamers do? Do they not organize parties and events?
In ACOSF, Cassian and Rhysand found the name hilarious. This entitlement left me furious.
***** This is my thought on the name. The name didn't have the vibes of organsiation, etc. It feels like something a friend circle would call themselves. That one of them said 'Band of Exiles' in sarcasm and the next thing they know, it got stuck. Besides, they're exiles in their own way. Vassa exiled to island, Lucien effectively banned from Autumn court and not much welcomed in either Spring or Night Court and Jurian with his people dead.
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amchapel · 4 months ago
Sorry not sorry, but I fucking hate That Thing in ACOTAR where the male love interest either sends the protagonist to her death because it's a "challenge" or leaves her to fend for herself because he "can't intervene." Bitch, if ANYONE, doesn't matter how hot they are, sent ME on a mission during which I almost DIED, barely escaping with my life, and they DIDN'T HELP ME, I would literally cut them out of my life so fast it's not even funny. (Looking at you, Rhysand. Most powerful High Lord? Bitch where?) And sorry not sorry, but if I was DRUGGED and KIDNAPPED and FORCED INTO AN OFF-BRAND HUNGER GAMES, and my love interest (*cough cough* CASSIAN *cough cough*) didn't break every stupid fucking ancient law in existence to come and save me, I'd, oh, I don't know, reject his "interest." Permanently. I don't care if he "trusts my skills" or "has faith in me." Your faith doesn't do jackshit. Get my ass outta there. And I better not see any "he couldn't interrupt the Blood Rite! He would've been killed!!" Okay and? Die for me.
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daybreakmusings · 2 months ago
Very confused as to how Nesta supposedly failed Feyre when Feyre was never her responsibility?
 How was Nesta supposed to protect Feyre when she couldn’t even protect herself? Why isn’t this acknowledged? Why is Nesta expected to take on the role of Feyre’s father or mother and why is Feyre letting this narrative continue?
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xstarlightsupremex · 2 months ago
The next time Cassian invalidates Nesta’s feelings about Rhysand so openly and violently (even though she’s not wrong to think the way she does) I hope she tells him:
“If you love your High Lord so much, you can go sleep next to him tonight”
Tumblr media
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worldsnotsaid · 25 days ago
Cassian has always been a walking red flag since acomaf. When they went to the Archerons' estate and Cassian started spouting bullsh/t about how Nesta neglected Fey/re as a kid and how she "saved" his people.
Hi anon!
Absolutely! And that's pretty much my problem with conversation around the 'abusive' tendencies in this series. Cassian's PoV and actions toward Nesta, have always been rather...bad. He's always been a sort of bully -- the 'he bullies her because he likes her' type. I say this particularly because Cassian does have emotional maturity/awareness/empathy but not really for Nesta. Or toward her. The Cassian that's emotionally available for Feyre in MAF isn't there for Nesta. And there's plenty of 'angst' between Cassian and Nesta -- which for sure contributes to the initial appeal of Nessian -- but it's almost always undermined by the story around them not believing that Nesta deserves empathy. One moment Cassian completely 'gets' Nesta, the next moment he completely doesn't and it gives Nesta a super sense of whiplash. But when it's Cassian ignoring Nesta's request to be left alone, ignoring her request, throwing jabs, and leaving Nesta to the whims of his 'family' it's okay. When it's Cassian invading Nesta's space and licking her neck, when it's Cassian sexualizing Nesta's body, it's Nesta's fault. When he blows up at her, it's Nesta being too difficult. And naturally, this is fantasy romance so, some of it is expected and I'm not going to hound it all. But when the entire point of the first trilogy is to point out behavior like this then that's when my eyebrows go up. It's also the fact that Cass's red flags are specifically geared toward Nesta.
When Cassian felt he is overstepped with Feyre, he immediately apologizes. He comforts her. When Mor feels betrayed by Rhys/Az, Cassian comforts her, puts his hands on her shoulder, and defends her. When it's Nesta...he vilifies her. He projects his insecurities on her. When Nesta's in a horrible mental space, he never goes out of his way. During the solstice, he ignores her the entire time, and then gets angry because she...leaves? He ignores her in front of Mor/IC. Sides with them almost all the time. He has the hallmarks of an emotional abuser, especially in FAS forward. This post also goes into detail about it too!
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rose-in-a-graveyard · 24 days ago
Is it just me or is the IC really classist? 
The IC literally look down on everything else especially the CoN and Illyria because its not “beautiful” or “good” like Velaris. The richest city in the Night Court that Rhys protected. Like there are other cities outside the Night Court (not including Illyria and CoN) that Rhys just doesn’t even care about. 
Even in Velaris there are “slums”. Rhys didn’t care about the “slums” until Nesta (High Lady’s sister) started hanging out. That tarnished the reputation of the IC.
Feyre literally talked down about Nesta’s tavern. The music Nesta wanted to listen too. Said Elain wouldn’t want to hang out in “a place like this”. Condescending much?
The apartment. Nesta’s apartment. The “dirty” apartment. I don’t know why the IC cared so much. Nesta was happy and loved her apartment. They tore it down. To rebuild for fae displaced. But they didn’t care about the fae displaced during the war. If they did, they wouldn’t have waited for a year to build something. 
They could have used the land Rhys bought and built an apartment complex instead of another fucking mansion.
The entire IC have superior attitudes to those they consider “less than” and usually they are considered to be “backwards”. 
Rhys is literally so fucking rich, nothing makes a dent in his account, so I don’t get why anti’s are pissed Nesta is using his money. It’s not like she’s spending it in other courts. It is literally going back to the Night Court (&small businesses in Velaris), so why did they care?
Amren literally has countless piles of useless jewels because it made her happy. Nesta drinking in the tavern made her happy (please the entire IC have bad drinking habits especially Mor). 
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leilarambles · 12 days ago
no because let’s talk about this whole “nesta never deserved cassian’s love” theme.
why? genuinely why?
because she was cold to him? because she said mean things to him? because she refused to be friends with him and fit into his lil gang of overgrown man-children and holier-than-thou women?
nesta literally never owed him any of those things. she didn’t owe him her time or attention or friendship. yes, she was disrespectful to him from the beginning, i won’t excuse that, but literally so was he?? like, when they first met this man legit came for her, a full stranger to him, giving this whole spiel on how she basically failed feyre as a sister because feyre hunted to provide for their family while nesta sat on her ass. so like, what’s up with these double standards? if ur gna hold nesta accountable for every horrible thing she’s said to cassian, let’s do the same to him. because him saying this shit to her in acomaf was…atrocious. idk how we all looked at it and thought yeah…that’s a ship. i ship it. my ship is sailing.
and yk what, if this is the criteria for whether nesta “deserves” cassian’s love or not, why does the narrative not give that same energy to feyre and elain?
think about it. when feyre and rhys first met and throughout the beginning of their relationship, she was cold and rude to him. she made no effort to get to know or befriend him and his friends. she literally threw a shoe at his head. but because feyre was suffering from depression and ptsd, somehow it’s okay that her relationship with rhys started off super rocky? somehow feyre is never undeserving of rhys’ love, and vice versa, even though rhysand literally assaulted her?
elain was also pretty closed off and withdrawn from the ic when she first met them. she, like feyre, was going through personal shit, so the narrative excuses her initial behaviour around the ic. even with lucien, whom she constantly turns away/avoids, the narrative doesn’t villainize her treatment of him. in fact, it always strives to make it clear that elain does not owe lucien anything just because they’re mates (which is true—she doesn’t. so why couldn’t the narrative extend nesta that same courtesy? why wouldn’t it give nesta even more of it, considering she and cassian weren’t aware of their mating bond when they first met? they had even less of a connection than elain and lucien.)
but when it comes to nesta—nesta, who was severely depressed, traumatized, suffering from ptsd, developed an alcohol addiction, and basically had an eating disorder—she is for some unexplainable reason not exempted from her behavior towards cassian on the grounds that her mental health was at it’s lowest the way feyre and elain were. the way she treats him means that, even though he treats her just as terribly in the beginning and even more so throughout their relationship as it develops (or does…whatever it does in acosf. idk if i’d classify it as “development”), she isn’t “worthy” of his love.
because nesta isn’t “nice”? bestie, with the way her own mate + her own sisters + the ic treat her, how can they even blame her?
i just do not agree with the notion that love is something people need to “earn” or “be deserving of”, and i disagree with it even more when u try to use this notion as a way to show the “worth” of people (yes, even if those people are fictional characters).
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generalpeachyboots · 3 months ago
Everytime I start liking Cassian I remember he gifted freaking lingerie to m/or and no I don't care if she requested that gift not to mention he already suspected Nesta was his mate. AND THIS WAS NEVER ADDRESSED.
Oh and he considers m/or his sister now. Quoting Eris here "that they have tradition of f*cking their sisters" like what the ewww
Screw cassian.
I am salty about Acosf all over again.
Nesta deserved so much more 🤧
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a-court-of-valkyries · 3 months ago
I just know that if Nesta broke the bond and accepted Eris’s proposal, he would have encouraged her to be the baddest and most powerful version of herself instead of making her feel like crap for who she is.
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an-angrygod · 3 months ago
Court of dreamers? More like court of brainwashing depressed women and changing their personality because you didn’t like who they were before.
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