#anti castiel
It's kind of sad that post-castiel wincest fans never got to experience that magical time when wincest/gencest were the only thing going in the fandom and that it was more widely discussed and accepted by the broader audience.
In 2006 or 2007 I remember sitting in a grocery store parking lot smiling because the local rock station DJ was waxing poetic on his love for SPN and how he found the brothers borderline incestuous relationship fascinating. His female co-host started cheering in agreement stating she just thought it was hot.
It was as if early day SPN general audience was not only aware of wincest, but they just took it as part of the show. J2's chemistry at work.
I feel like the addition of Castiel and that entire arc is partly the reason why the brothers relationship became viewed as more toxic. I don't know...I could be wrong but that's just the feeling I got.
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anti-blog · 2 months ago
I see old man what’s his face is acting out at the Con again.
NGL I love how easy it is for Jared to get old man mushface twisted into knots.  All he has to do is show up.  But this time he brought a guest as well!  Ha!   
I mean I knew dmitry’s ego was fragile but wow!  It doesn’t take much to turn him into the evil queen from Snow White does it?   LOL!!  He’s offstage mumbling into a hand mirror that he’s still the fairest and Keagan doesn’t count because he wasn’t on the show.  
Mushy is behaving like more of a dick than usual and I think the people who suggested he’s pissed because he’s already begged Jared for a job and got big fat NO, are probably correct.  Now he’s got to contend with another younger, much more attractive and easily more popular guy (who can actually act) and it’s eating him up inside.  LoL!!  Double points for Jared!  Love to see it.
I realize it’s infuriating to hear a loser like mushface talk about SPN or the characters we actually like, but nothing he says means anything.  He’s just a bitter af old guy who misses being paid for wearing a trench coat. He’ll never have it that easy again and he KNOWS it. LOL!!
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vallygirl285 · 2 months ago
Ok just going to say it...I'm blocking certain parts of the SPN fandom that is 'responding' to a few of my posts and sending 'Anonymous' Asks that consist of one of two words.
Sorry not worth my time or energy. Just for the record though...just because I don't 'ship' Destiel does not make me or anyone that doesn't ship them homophobes.
Newsflash...I don't ship them because A: I can't stand the character of Castiel and B: I am in no way a fan of Misha Collins. No big conspiracy...I just think he sucks as an actor (and that comes from watching him in not only SPN but seeing him on Timeless and 24).
I don't need to 'justify' why I don't like him anymore than I would expect people to justify disliking any performer that I like and you don't.
That is the beauty of being individuals we don't all have to like the same thing/person.
I have never gone on anyone's blog who is a fan of that ship or MC to post anything negative...why because...I respect your right to ship them and to like MC as an performer.
Somebody asked Jensen and Jared at the NOLA con this weekend who the bigger asshole was...oh yes this supposed fan was oh so clever. I can tell you who the biggest asshole is...SHE IS and the fucking toxic fans of the show who pull this shit.
Tumblr media
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1337wtfomgbbq · 2 months ago
Castiel's funniest moment:
Tumblr media
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itsgettingcrazieroutthere · 2 months ago
Season 11's goal: to be the perfect season after S10.
The obstacle: Casifer.
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durinsbride · 2 months ago
Scenes from Charlotte Con 21:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That’s me in the mask!
Today, Friday, was a low key day for me.
I went to a few of the panels but didn’t stick around for too long. Checked in, got my photo op tickets, took my Covid test.
I’m here with an elderly mother so I am really picking and choosing which panels and events to attend. Sadly, I’m skipping the concert tonight. (It was moved to Friday for some reason).
I really love Louden Swain, and Rob Benedict has a fantastic voice, but I’m just too tired to attend this evening (I drove here from Ohio) and again, I have my mother with me and I don’t want to leave her alone at night.
I’m going to attend Misha’s panel tomorrow because why the hell not: and I will report what I hear and see.
Lastly, some Vendor Lulz.
At one table:
Mini Funko Pop Deans? Sold Out.
Mini Funko Pop Sams? In short supply and on the verge of selling out.
Mini Funko Pop Castiels? A shit ton left. 😂
At another table: (overheard)
“Do you have any of these refrigerator magnets with just Sam and Dean on them?” 😂
(I was like, woman, you and I should be friends)
And one last Fact:
Misha photo ops are still available! 😂
Editing to add:
The jacket and purse are not mine. They belong to a woman named Joyce who was very fun to talk to as we waited in the registration line!
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bangingpatchouli · 2 months ago
Castiel: His soul is in place.
Dean: Is he ever gonna wake up?
Castiel: I'm not a human doctor, Dean.
Dean: Could you take a guess?
Castiel: Okay. Probably not.
Dean: Oh, well, don't sugarcoat it.
Castiel: I'm sorry, Dean, but I warned you not to put that thing back inside him.
Dean: What was I supposed to do? Let T-1000 walk around, hope he doesn't open fire?
Castiel: Let me tell you what his soul felt like when I touched it. Like it had been skinned alive, Dean. If you wanted to kill your brother, you should have done it outright.
Castiel: : I'm sorry this had to happen. Crowley got carried away.
Bobby: Yeah, I bet it was all Crowley you son of a bitch! (He tries to go after Castiel but Sam and Dean restrain him and he steps back.)
Dean: (to Castiel) You don't even see it, do you? How totally off the rails you are!
Castiel: Enough! I don't care what you think. I've tried to make you understand. You won't listen. So let me make this simple. Please, go home and let me stop Raphael. I won't ask again.
Dean: Well, good, 'cause I think you already know the answer.
Castiel: (shakes his head) I wish it hadn't come to this. Well rest assured, when this is all over, I will save Sam, but only if you stand down.
Dean: Save Sam from what?
(Castiel disappears. He reappears behind Sam and touches Sam's temple. A bright light fills up the screen.) ]
Okay, so I’ll never get over how Castiel chastised Dean for putting Sam’s soul back — as though he cared about Sam. Remember how he tried to hug Sam when he saw him again after he got his soul back? Remember how he and Crowley speculated that it would kill Sam or turn him to Jello? Castiel broke the wall in Sam’s head knowing it could kill him. How did he think he was going to fix that? How did he justify that to himself? Crowley got carried away?
I will never understand how Sam and Dean could trust Castiel again — especially Dean. Sam is more forgiving. He understood what it was like to go down the wrong path with good intentions, but Dean just letting it go that Castiel tortured and nearly killed Sam? It doesn’t make sense. The writers never made it make sense for me.
It wasn’t even the first time Castiel did something harmful to Sam, but he kept insisting he was Sam’s friend. Then, he used him as a weapon — for all the good it did. Dean didn’t stand down. Maybe that’s the most frustrating thing to me. Castiel should have known it wouldn’t work. He put Sam through months of torture for nothing. Castiel literally couldn’t do anything right in S6. Don’t forget he’s the one who pulled Sam out of the cage soulless and then ignored his pleas for help in the first place.
So he took on Sam’s memories of the Cage. It’s the least he could do. [Notice how he never seemed to suffer the way Sam had? He just hung out with bees and made sandwiches.] Considering how many more times he continued to fuck up, they should have hunted him. He wasn’t even a useful tool after he got de-powered. And let’s not forget, he let Lucifer out of the cage — the cage that Sam sacrificed himself into to stop the apocalypse. With friends like Cas …
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ghost-go-roasty-mctoasty · 10 months ago
*Cass dies*
Dean: "whoops there he goes. Oh well. Quick quick let's burn his body I don't have all day. K cool. Sammy want beer?"
*Sam dies*
*cass dealing with "hallucifer"*
Dean: "nobody cares that you're broken cass!"
*Sam dealing with hallucifer*
Dean: "baby. Baby boy. Oh my poor baby. Oh dear me. Come here let me hold you. Get some sleep Sammy it's okay."
Cass: "put the blade down. Please"
Dean: "no lol" *bashes him up*
Sam: "put the blade down. Please"
Dean: "okay Sammy. Here lemme just kill death for ya too."
*cass sacrifices himself to save dean*
Dean: "Oh look a dog! :D"
Cass: "I'm a pathetic vulnerable human with angels chasing me. Please let me stay in the bunker."
Dean: "no lol get out you might put Sammy in danger."
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fromsamwtocordellw · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Rest In Peace Jimmy Novak for being forced to house this Angel.
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aquavierra · 6 months ago
When I found people make antis' community to things I love the most:
Tumblr media
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thelegendofwinchester · 5 months ago
Please please please make that "Sam wouldn't wake up" into a full fic!!! (If u don't want to that's totally fine, I mean no pressure at all :)) it's just suuuuper good :D
[Sam wouldn't wake up.]
"What do you mean Sam's gone to see Jody?" Dean asked, frowning. "He called me a few hours ago and said he was going to go to bed."
"She had an emergency," Castiel said. He wasn't meeting Dean's eyes, which Dean found strange. This was Castiel — the dude often had to be reminded that humans didn't like being stared at intensely.
"Such as?" he asked.
"Sam didn't say," Castiel answered evasively.
"Weird," muttered Dean. He moved into his bedroom and put his bag down on his bed. "You know what, I'm gonna call him. Just check in, see what's up."
Castiel hesitated at the doorway. "I'm sure he's fine, Dean," he said. "Sam is a grown man. He doesn't need you checking on him all the time."
"I know that," Dean said, trying not to snap. It had been a long drive after an exhausting hunt, and he'd hated having to leave Sam behind. But Sam had been sick, practically delirious with fever and no good on a hunt, and so Dean had reluctantly left him in Castiel's care. He'd spent the entire trip worrying himself sick over his brother, calling to talk to him as much as he could. He'd broken damn near fifty laws speeding on his way back, and now Sam wasn't even home and Castiel was being weird.
Something wasn't right.
He fished his phone out of his pocket and hit Sam's latest number on speed dial. The entire time he was aware of Castiel watching him, eyes narrowed, and if Dean didn't know better he'd say the angel seemed apprehensive.
Two seconds of dial tone later, Dean heard Sam's ringtone. It was coming from somewhere within the bunker, which made no sense. Sam wouldn't have left home without his cell phone. "What the hell," muttered Dean, leaving his room so he could follow the sound. Castiel trailed after him, quiet.
The ringtone was issuing from Sam's room, his phone vibrating on his side table. Dean watched it ring for a second before hanging up on his end. "Sam wouldn't leave his phone," he said.
"He left in a hurry," Castiel said. "Perhaps he forgot."
"Then I'll call Jody," decided Dean.
"No!" exclaimed Castiel, and cringed when Dean turned to glare at him.
"What the hell is going on?" he demanded. "Cas, where's my brother?"
"Jody—" began Castiel weakly, but Dean cut him off.
"I think it's quite clear that's not what's happening," he snapped. "Or do you want me to call and confirm it?"
For a few moments Castiel just looked at him, posture tense and hands flexing, and then he said, "I do not know where Sam is. I came to his room and found him missing."
"Then why didn't you just say that in the first place?" asked Dean angrily. "Why did you lie to me?"
Castiel hesitated.
"Fuck's sake, Cas!" Dean threw his phone in the general direction of Sam's bed, where it bounced off a pillow to land on the floor. Paying it no mind, he ran his hands through his hair, trying to get his brain to work.
All of Sam's things were still in his room. His jacket slung over the back of his chair; boots at the foot of his bed; travel bag in its place; and of course, his cell phone on the table. It didn't look as if Sam had gone anywhere. He might as well have gone to the bathroom.
"How long has he been missing for?" Dean asked.
"I'm not sure," Castiel said after a beat. "I returned to his room to find him gone a few hours ago. I had checked on him some time before that and he'd been asleep."
Sam's bed was unmade. If Sam had gone anywhere of his own volition, he would have made his bed, he would have taken his things, he would have told Dean. Dean had no idea what the hell was going on, and it didn't help that his tired brain was barely able to process his brother's absence.
"Okay, okay, focus," he murmured to himself, his hands curling into fists. This was basic. Finding a missing person. Something he could do in his sleep. What had Dad taught them? Clues. Look for clues. He'd done that.
Tracking spells. John had taught them some, and Sam knew a whole lot more too. Dean was sure that if he looked, he'd find something that could help.
"Okay," he said again, and began looking around for something he could use. Sam's DNA would be perfect, but if not that, then something he owned could do as well — and there, a few strands of long brown hair on Sam's pillow. Dean picked them up carefully, wrapping them in his handkerchief, and he stowed it safely in his pocket before turning and striding out of Sam's room.
"Where are you going?" Castiel called after him, hurrying to catch up.
"To find my brother," Dean answered with determination, heading straight for the library. Not for the first time he felt glad for Sam's overwhelmingly obsessive need to organize everything — it would make looking for spells a lot easier. He supposed he could always call Rowena too, but he'd rather leave that as a last resort. She was an ally and Sam trusted her, but the less people knew about his disappearance, the better.
"Are you going to track him?" asked Castiel, watching as Dean flipped through a book of spells.
Dean muttered an affirmative, eyes on the yellowed pages in front of him.
"What if it doesn't work?" Castiel asked.
"Why wouldn't it work?" countered Dean. "We've got ingredients for pretty much everything, and I've got what I need for the spell to track Sam."
"Just a possibility," murmured Castiel.
Dean didn't want to think about that, so he focused his energies on going through the book. He found a spell soon enough, and felt an almost overwhelming rush of affection for his brother when he saw the notes Sam had put in the margins. Even when he wasn't there, he was helping Dean out, making his life easier.
"Are you going to stand there and keep staring, or are you planning on making yourself useful?" he asked Castiel, who started as if he'd been jolted out of a reverie.
"Of course, Dean, tell me what you need," he said, straightening.
Dean handed him a list of the ingredients they'd need for the spell. "We've got most of these in the stores, but I'll need you to find the pigeon wishbone. I don't think we have that."
Castiel squinted down at the list, and then looked up at Dean. "Of course, Dean," he said again. "I will do my best."
"Cool," said Dean gruffly. "Hurry."
"Yes, I will." Castiel turned to go, and then paused. "Dean, if there is anything you want to talk about — I understand you must be worried and afraid. I just want you to know I am here for you no matter what."
"Thanks?" Dean said, after a moment. "That's really nice, Cas, but I'm all right. I just need to find Sam, and I'll be peachy."
For a nanosecond Dean thought he saw frustration cross Castiel's face, but it was gone before he could be sure. Castiel's expression was impassive as he said, "I understand," and turned his back on Dean.
It took Castiel around ten hours to locate and acquire a pigeon wishbone, during which time Dean got the spell set up and ready to go. He put the ingredients in the bowl as Castiel watched, and read the words from the book exactly as Sam instructed in his notes. He added Sam's hair to it and said some more words, and put the edge of a map to the flames arising in the bowl. He watched as the map burnt up, little flames traveling around the edges of the paper and eating it up until there was nothing left.
The spell didn't work.
"Fuck," snarled Dean, throwing his hand out and sweeping everything to the floor in his anger. "Fuck, how did it not work? How—" He rounded on Castiel. "Pigeon wishbone, are you sure it was pigeon wishbone? The real deal?"
Castiel looked taken aback at being questioned like this. "Of course I am, Dean. I verified what it was before bringing it to you."
Dean stared at him for a few moments, and then turned away. His heart was racing. With each hour away from Sam, it felt like he was losing years off his own lifespan. "I'm calling Rowena," he muttered, grabbing his cell phone off the floor.
"Isn't there anything else we can try?" Castiel asked, looking at the mess Dean had made of the war room.
"There is. I'm doing it," Dean told him, phone held to his ear as he waited for Rowena to pick up.
The phone kept ringing. She did not answer. Dean tried again, and then a third time. Nothing. It was as if he was dialing a dead end, which he knew was not possible because Rowena had sworn that that number would reach her no matter what. He knew that she wouldn't be reached if she didn't want to be — but it had been a long time since Rowena had felt the need to hide from the Winchesters.
Dean hung up and threw his phone into the nearest wall. It broke apart, screen cracking and the casing coming off, and Dean felt a second of vicious satisfaction before it immediately turned to regret. Shit, what if Sam tried calling that number? What if Rowena called back? Fuck. Sam could call and call and Dean wouldn't know, because all his other numbers redirected to this one, and— and he wouldn't know if Sam needed him.
Overcome suddenly with fatigue, Dean collapsed into the nearest chair. It felt like his legs were giving out on him, his entire body reacting to the events of the last few hours. Sam was gone, Rowena wasn't picking up the phone, and Dean had no idea where to even begin looking. He could feel the stress and lack of sleep catching up with him, and for the first time, it was mixed in with fear. Yeah, he was perfectly aware Sam could more than look after himself. But fuck, he was still Dean's little brother, and he was sick, he'd been coughing up a lung the last time they'd spoken on the phone—
"I shouldn't have left him," he said, and wasn't surprised to hear how hoarse his voice was. "God, I should have just — just stayed, and—"
"Dean. You can't blame yourself." Castiel sounded earnest, and was looking at Dean with pleading eyes. "You are a hunter, and you were doing your duty. Sam is not a child that needs looking after."
"Why do you keep saying that, man?" questioned Dean, suddenly annoyed. "I know he's not a kid, Cas. He's survived more than you and I put together, more than we could even imagine on our worst days. But he's my little brother, okay? He's all I've got, so forgive me for worrying about him!"
"Why do you say he's all you've got?" Now Castiel sounded irritated too. "Am I not here with you, Dean? Have I not been here for you whenever you've needed me?"
"Uh." Dean paused, taken aback. Castiel seemed... well, if Dean had to pick a word, he'd say jealous. Castiel seemed jealous. "Dude. You know what I meant," he said, watching the angel carefully. "'Course you've been here too. But Sam's different. You know that."
"Different?" repeated Castiel. "All the pain he has caused you, and you still care so much for him."
"All the pain — what are you talking about?" This was getting too damn confusing, and Dean needed a drink. He needed some rest. He needed — God, he needed his little brother back.
"You know what I'm talking about," Castiel said, almost snappishly.
"No, I don't," Dean said.
There was a subtle shift in the atmosphere. The air between them felt charged, almost electric. It felt like one wrong move, one misplaced word, and lightning would strike. The look on Castiel's face was strange and foreign. It looked like someone else's expression was twisting his features. He was always intense; now, he felt almost dangerous, and Dean couldn't quite put his finger on why. But something had changed, that much was clear. And so was the fact that Castiel knew more than he was letting on.
"I mean — don't you ever get tired of it, Dean?" Castiel asked, his tone a weird mixture of earnest and annoyed. "Dragging him around, making sure he's all right, that he is not... going off the rails, as you say. There is always something or the other wrong with him, some problem you must fix, and I don't understand how you do it. I do not understand why you stay. Why you even care enough to—"
"Cas," warned Dean. "That's my little brother you're talking about."
"Yes, I know, you've said as much multiple times," scoffed Castiel. He seemed almost crazed now, and he had that guilty look in his eyes that Dean was all too familiar with. The look that followed whatever he'd done that needed to be undone.
"Cas, what's going on here?" Dean asked one last time. "And don't — don't give me some story about Sam going missing, or whatever. I need to know the truth, Cas."
"The truth?" Cas let out a harsh laugh. "Okay, Dean. Here is the truth. I am tired of being sidelined. I am tired of always coming second to an absolute disaster of a human being. I am tired of pretending that I care for him as much as I do for you."
Dean's hand tightened on the handle of his gun. He hadn't even been aware he'd reached for it, though it remained hidden under the table. "What the fuck are you talking about?" he demanded. "I'm not kidding, Cas, you ever call him that again I'll make you wish you'd never been poofed into existence—"
"But he is," interrupted Castiel. His hair was standing on end from where he'd run his fingers through it, and his eyes were wide, demeanor frenzied. Dean couldn't recall ever seeing him in this state. Up until now, he'd had the impression that Castiel liked Sam, loved him, even. He knew Sam valued their friendship, always stood up for him when Dean was too hard on him, when he'd messed up again and felt guilt. He could never have imagined that all along, this is what Castiel had really thought.
He thought of how Sam would feel if he knew — the betrayal, the way his heart would break. It was the thought of tears in Sam's eyes that had Dean getting to his feet, gun abandoned in favor of an angel blade.
God, this was so messy. He had no idea how it had come to this.
"Cas," he said quietly. "Tell me you don't mean it. Tell me this isn't you, and we'll let this go, never talk about it again."
Castiel let out a hollow laugh. It rang around the room, making Dean's hair stand on end. "It is me, Dean," he said harshly. "I'm not under the influence of any spell, any magic, anything at all. But my words wouldn't be any less truthful if I was."
"You don't know what the fuck you're talking about," Dean said then, voice quiet. "All this time I thought you cared about Sam, that you liked him. And here's the kicker, Cas — he fuckin' adores you. Fuck, he's been kinder to you than I ever have, even I know that. So what the fuck are you doing, Cas? Where is all this coming from?"
"You wouldn't understand," Castiel said, and there was hate in his tone. "You are so blinded by your love for him that you can't see anything else. Anyone else."
Dean blinked. "What." Then he decided it didn't matter, and held his angel sword higher so that it was in plain view of Castiel. "Never mind, I don't care. Cas, I'm gonna ask you one last time before I'm forced to make this dirtier than it already is. Where is my brother?"
Castiel looked down at the blade, and then up at Dean. He smiled, and it was cruel in its coldness. "I don't know," he said. "For all I know, his atoms are scattered all over the entire universe."
Dean's blood froze in his veins. "What?"
"There was nothing wrong with your spell, Dean," Castiel said. "But tracking spells are only useful for locating living people."
"No," said Dean, and then again, "No," because it made no sense, Castiel was talking crap—
"He's gone," Castiel said, with an indifferent shrug. "I didn't mean to. I was only trying to help him sleep, but... well. I don't know where he is."
"What did you do to him?" whispered Dean. His hand was shaking, angel blade unsteady in his grip. "Cas, what did you do?"
Castiel looked him in the eye. "I got rid of him."
Dean didn't know when or how it happened. The angel blade was cold in his hands, and Castiel was spread-eagle on the war room floor, bracketed in the burnt-out silhouette of his wings. The fight hadn't been long. Castiel had barely defended himself. He seemed to have resigned himself to the fact of his own death, and that did nothing to comfort Dean in the least.
Sam was gone. Sam was gone.
Dean sank to the ground, angel blade clattering to the ground, his head in his hands. He felt weak in the knees. His heart felt like it was going to give out any second, and his eyes were burning with rage and disbelief.
Sammy was gone. His sweet, kind, brave little brother. Gone.
He never should have gone on that hunt.
Maybe, he thought, half-panicked and hysteric, maybe Billie would accept Castiel in exchange for Sam. It was a very low chance, but — that was what they did. They took the odds and made them their bitch, and now was not going to be any different. He wouldn't take no for an answer. And if she refused, he'd just beg her to take him too. Either way, he was not going to live without Sam.
Dean got to his feet, took in a shaky breath, and reached for the spellbook.
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castiel-needs-2-go · 2 months ago
Don’t look for him in any prequel/spinoff/reboot:
Tumblr media
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anti-blog · a month ago
I deleted an earlier post because it was just me bitching.
I’m so sick and tired of hellers and their bull sh!t.  I really thought we might be able to get back to enjoying fandom after the show ended.  No more ship-wars.
But here we are. Dealing with qfanon level crazy. All because their dumb ship died on screen and the ending of the show was about the Brothers as it should have been.
I’m just glad that the hellers don’t register with the general audience.
Wish I’d never heard of them. Or their muppet overlord.
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Spn where Castiel proclaims his love to dean earlier than Season 15, but he does it differently and says something like "sam doesn't deserve your love. I do. I care about you."
Dean would be so pissed
Even better, imagine if Cas had said something like that after Sam died in apocalypse world? After sam is dragged away by bloodthirsty vamps, his last word being a cry for dean -and dean is absolutely devastated about it - and when they are safely at camp with jack and mary Cas says something like "now we can be together as a family , you me and jack"
Dean would lose his shit
Dean would most likely launch himself across the fire, tackle Asstiel to the ground and violently start choking him…all the while he is telling him what a pos he is and how he should be dead not Sam with clenched teeth.
Jack and Mary pull him off as he struggles against them. Dean collects himself while refusing to look at Cas, he feels disgusted and angry and doesn’t even want to remember his presence.
Cas makes that crumpled up ugly cry face (the one where you don’t know if he ate a lemon, got a toy taken away, or both) and pleads, please Dean look at me…I just want us to be a family.
Dean finally looks at him with his “I’m going to be pissed (Roy)” face and says…I already have a family and his name is Sam.
Mary looks devastated, as always, and looks to the ground. Jacks just confused.
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nancylou444 · a month ago
hi I only just started watching Supernatural when it arrived on Amazon prime in my country. Am up to Season 13 and feel like the tone of the series gas changed. Is it worth continuing ? I lice the brothers and cant stand Cas but he's shoehorned everywhere. Any other brother oriented blogs I can follow too? The SPN tag is full of the angel. Thank you!!! I hope I am not rude, english is my second language
OH it definitely changed once Dabb and Singer became showrunners. Not going to say you should watch the remaining seasons, BUT you should at least watch the last two episodes of season 15.
Hmm off hand, @laf-outloud @cordellwinchesterwalker @canonicallysoulmates @samanddeanandtheimpalamakesthree @whiskeycherrypie @nothingidputbeforeyou
Not rude at all. 💖
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itsgettingcrazieroutthere · a month ago
No, but what a great friend Castiel is to Sam, huh...
It's actually really sad with how the writers were so afraid of Destiel that they couldn't develop a proper friendship between Cass and Sam.
Yes, there are some good moments between them, and Sam literally treats Castiel better than everyone else, but the writers were unable to really explore them.
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eisforeidolon · 4 months ago
Cass was especially useless in the last 3 seasons. Especially S13, which I’m convinced they expected him to walk w/ Mark S, but when he took the paycut for the vanity credit, they scrambled to write him into the existing scripts. Which is why he has no real effect to anything that happened that season (he literally stands around and gets knocked on his ass in the S13 finale).
Yeah. I don't feel like they had much idea of what to do with Castiel after his return in season 7, but as little as I enjoyed all of the Office Sheep-drones of Boredom drama in seasons 8-11 at least it was an acknowledgement the character needed a purpose. By season 13, they really did seem like they'd just given up trying and figured fan service and giving J2 time off were good enough.
IIRC, in addition to the demotion/paycut, a lot of the reason Mark S. was so ready to walk was because he kept trying to ask them to write worthwhile stuff for his character and coming to them with ideas and they repeatedly brushed him off.  In contrast, Misha didn't show any evidence he cared that I ever saw and was perfectly happy to just stand there if he could take a credit & continue to get a paycheck. Or even stand there and have his character be made into a joke of a prop over and over again. It's not just them shoving him in almost everywhere yet it having almost no impact (outside of when he's being the designated idiot ball holder), but that the character was sometimes even being actively mocked by other characters in-universe for how useless he was. Which would have been one thing if they'd ever had Castiel actually grow and learn from it but he just kept whining about not being the main hero center of attention before Misha sold him out one final time to hawk ship merch to the gullible.
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hitchell-mope · a month ago
Hot take time
The more I watch Lilo and stitch the series the more I see that while they’re more than adequate at pointing out how bastardised Hawaii became because of America, they’re still utter chicken shit at holding Myrtle accountable for her barely veiled racism fuelled bullying towards Lilo
I ship with neither Mobius or Sylvie. But I will say this. If he had fallen for either old Loki, boastful Loki or president Loki, or if Mobius turns out to be another one if Loki’s variants, then I highly doubt people would be complaining. Especially if he’d ended up kissing the only other major variant played by Tom Hiddleston. Beyond that. Honestly. I think people are pissed for the same reasons they were pissed steggy happened instead of st*cky.
I do not for one single second believe that any of the psycho corpse crowd ever cared about Kara. They’re just migratory harridans from the swan queen fandom who jumped fandoms the moment they realised Killian wasn’t going anywhere. Or you know. People who watched Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s Dracula show and hoped Lena’s actress role on that was ubiquitous.
In a similar vein. Fans have got to stop acting like abusive tv parents when a character like Dean Winchester or Kara Danvers say that they’re straight. They’re not confused. You don’t know better than them. Drop it. If you wouldn’t treat an lgbt character like that. Then don’t treat a heterosexual character like that. Headcanons are all fine and dandy but when you let it colour your perception of the show or film. That’s when you should know you’ve crossed a line
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dangermoose · a year ago
There is nothing I am more certain of when it comes to Supernatural than the following:
1. Dean would 100% kill Castiel to save Sam. Not just let Cas sacrifice himself or let him die, but bury an angel blade in his chest himself if it meant saving his brother’s life.
2. Sam will feel worse about it than Dean. By a mile.
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supernaturallywincest · 2 months ago
Tomorrow should be the day that Misha and Berens apologize for completely fucking up Castiel for all time.
I intend to spend tomorrow celebrating the first anniversary of Castiel being dragged into the Empty.
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