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#anti dramione

I find it funny when people think about Draco bullying hermione as a way of liking her to bother her or get his attention. 

Out of the trio he bullies harry the most, and ron the second, he goes out of his way to call them out and bully them. Hermione is just always there, so he takes an additional jab at her and literally thinks she’s gross because she’s muggle born. 

It’s like “POTTER…the CHOSEN one” and he likes to bully Ron because his dad knows his and they have wizarding history. With Hermione it’s like, “of course weasel and potter would befriend the mud-blood,”

nothing more than that literally 

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the thing about Draco is like… 

okay we get why he’s mean to Harry it’s because Harry was like I don’t want to be your friend which doesn’t give him an excuse to be rude but whatever… and with ron we know it’s because Harry literally rejected his friendship for Ron’s and y’know he’s poor and Draco’s that rich kid that picks on the poor kid 

but with Hermione literally the only reason he hates her is because she’s muggle born. 

Like people romanticizing it is so disgusting because it’s not a case of bullying some one or teasing someone because he has a crush 

He genuinely dislikes her because of her blood status.

That’s his vendetta against her. 

Remember what the whole blood status thing represents… 

Like in the real world imagine some white guy picking on a black girl because she’s black. Or someone picking on a jewish girl because she’s jewish. 

That’s like being like oh that’s so cute that white guy should be with the black girl. Like ????? I feel like thats disrespectful to the girl as well because you’re basically saying that girl is fine with being discriminated against… I don’t think Hermione would ever go for a guy like Draco no matter what. I feel like she respects herself as a witch too much to let herself be with someone who ever thought less of her because of her blood status. 

I feel like shipping her with Draco literally insults her character, like forget Draco and his little redemption arc you want for him, doing that basically says yeah hermione can put aside being discriminated against… ya okay house elf advocate would totally just put aside the fact that she was made fun of because she was a muggle born 

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Two weeks ago, I undertook the life shortening task of visiting the Dramione page on tumblr. I am here to report my findings.

First of all, the good stuff

  • Some good fan art, 
  • some good aesthetic whatever it is supposed to be. 
  • A couple of nice one shots.

The bad stuff

  • This made up version of the books where Draco’s father was abusive. 
  • That he secretly loved Hermione or whatever. 
  • That his obsession was equivalent to boys pulling girls’ pigtails. 
  • Some idiot even said that the couple had the same energy as Peraltiago(b99). 
  • The previous one was the most offensive as I have just seen Brooklyn Nine Nine.
  • Just pointing this out to the people who actually believe it. Jake and Amy tease each other. Actually tease each other. Malfoy is not teasing Hermione. 

If Jake said to Amy- “I don’t understand why they let these fucking Cubans into our country.” That is not teasing. That is every conversation Malfoy had with Hermione.

  • Just letting it go by saying things like he was young, immature. Everyone has their flaws. Being a racist, supremacist is not a flaw.

It is isn’t an opinion when you are invalidating someone’s existence.

  • There was a serious lack of fan art with POC Hermione. I don’t want to sound smug or anything but it is not surprising. When you ship two characters based solely on the fact that the actors would look good together, it doesn’t leave much room for change.
  • Someone wrote- “Imagine someone being a Ron Weasley in your Dramione love story.” My first thought was what. If the person was the Hermione, then I feel sorry for you and if person was the Malfoy then I fail to understand how this love story even started.
  • Many people had written how there was not even a shred of evidence that Ron had a strategic mind. They wrote how he was not nearly as smart enough for Hermione. 
  • Fine he was not smart. He was not strategic. We have no evidence. Fine agreed. But the thing is attributes like smartness or strategic mind are additional. They are not the core characteristics. Ron was not an arrogant bigot. 
  • They kept on writing about how Malfoy had no choice but to join the Death Eaters. Okay, he didn’t. Dumbledore offered him help. Snape offered him help. He said something along the lines- “This is my moment.” He wasn’t a helpless boy who was facing a terrible situation. He was a boy who just realised that the group he had joined was not as fun as he had hoped.
  • And okay I accept that Malfoy never had a choice. He never did. Fine.
  • Ron always had a choice. All the Weasleys did. They always had the choice. They could have stepped back. They could have sat the war out and nobody could have done anything. They chose to fight for the thing they believed in. 
  • You keep on saying that redemption is everything. The two characters who actually redeemed themselves- Ron and Percy somehow don’t matter. Just because they were not played by ‘pretty’ actors. They both made a mistake which they accepted and apologized for it. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is the rich, privileged, blonde, white, pure blood, pretty boy getting better.

Peraltiago = Dramione

Peraltiago = Romione

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i….can’t get behind it. i know people push it as ‘enemies to lovers’ but some of the things hes done to her…(and the entire trio tbh) is super gross eg, calling her a mudblood numerous times, literally wishing DEATH on her and in general is horrible to her. essentially, people are shipping hermione with her childhood bully and i can’t get behind that + feel gross abt shipping that.

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im going thru hp feels so..

ranking the hp ships!

(disclaimer: these are just my opinions, don’t be butthurt)



  • FRED & HERMIONE: yes i am one of those people. i just think they would have such a cute dynamic and they’d balance each other out, since hermione is more uptight and fred is more careless. jk actually said she intented for those two to end up together but then she changed her mind. i feel like they’d be iconic
  • DRACO & HARRY: id only ship it if draco had an actual character development and a redemption arc, but unfortunately jk loves making wrong decisions. also, they definitely had crushes on each other and you can’t change my mind
  • JAMES & LILY: reading headcannons and fanfiction about this couple causes me physical pain but i love them so much. i 100% believe they were soulmates


  • ALBUS & SCORPIUS: they are the soft version of drarry. two sweethearts that deserve the world. the only reason i care abt cursed child
  • BILL & FLEUR: i loved them sm. we never saw too much of them but they were v cute and i think their personalities matched
  • DEAN & SEAMUS: they were canon and that’s a fact xoxo
  • DRACO & ASTORIA: i mean, if drarry never happened, they’d be the second best ship including draco. she made him so happy and i think they’d have a very healthy relationship
  • GINNY & LUNA: we were ROBBED i stg. also i can’t see ginny as straight im sorry
  • PARVATI & LAVENDER: idk why i like them sm, but they’d be v cute


  • DRACO & BLAISE: but only as a fling tho or as friends with benefits or sth, even though blaise gives me straight vibes
  • HARRY & LUNA: their friendship was extremely cute and if jk wanted harry to end up with a girl, i think she’d be my favorite option
  • HERMIONE & PANSY: the only reason i can even see it is because of the brainwash tumblr has caused me but yeah, enemies to friends to lovers ig. also their aesthetics match a lot so that’s something. but it really depends on the writing yk
  • TEDDY & VICTOIRE: if i ever wrote a next gen fic, these two would def be endgame idc idc, they’d be a power couple i said what i said but ig it depends on the development and the writing
  • REMUS & SIRIUS: i don’t really mind it as a ship?? not a big fan of it but not opposed to it either so why not🤷
  • GEORGE & ANGELINA: comforting each other after the war and youknowwho’s death. they have potential but it also depends on the writing
  • REMUS & TONKS: i don’t mind it either. cute ig, despite the age difference


(self explanatory. side comment: let boys and girls be friends!!!!!!! ffs!!!!!!!!!!)



  • DRACO & GINNY: absolutely not
  • HARRY & CHO: extremely wrong timing and also, i dont think they would be a good couple. from what we’ve seen of cho, i don’t believe her personality is compatible with harry’s
  • DRACO & HERMIONE: absolutely not but in italics
  • TEDDY & JAMES: i feel like teddy would be kinda like his brother, since he’d constantly hang out at their house and harry is his godfather (idk how that works in uk but in my country you can’t date your godfather’s/godmother’s children so yeah)
  • DRACO & LUNA: um idk what to say
  • CEDRIC & CHO: maybe im prejudiced because im in love with cedric myself but i don’t think they could ever be anything more than a highschool fling


  • ALBUS & MCGONAGALL: minnie deserves better than a manipulative (and homosexual) old man
  • SNAPE & LILY: never. never in a million years. it was OBSESSION, it was never love and it was creepy as fuck. snape is a toxic incel that needs therapy and to stay away from lily who’s a literal goddess

that’s all 😔👉👈

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That sad feeling when you try so hard to find someone who has identical tastes, same likes and dislikes in fiction as you. But you realize it’s impossible and that you unfortunately have no other option but to block the person you come across who you thought had similar tastes that you had but they failed by liking the one thing you happen to hate. Yeah, it sucks. (Also: remember to read the tags, ALWAYS).

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Tea with Mrs. Granger by Guardian_Kysra: Mr. Malfoy, I invite you and your mother to tea next Tuesday, May 25th at 2o’clock to discuss recent events. Dr. Helen Granger

Rated: T - Chapters: 15 - Words: 74,471 - Status: Complete

This was good. So good. All the characters were fleshed out brilliantly, their stories realistic and heartbreaking, so realistic and heartbreaking that I cried more than once while reading the fic. The Grangers have so much potential but, somehow, are rarely used by authors. They’re basically blank slates; one can do so much with them, and let me tell you Guardian_Kysra did a marvellous job with their portrayals.

I feel like this fic is so underrated. Give it a go please, and show the author some love. They really deserve it.

If you don’t like Dramione or are simply curious about the pairing, this might help you understand why so many people ship it.

Lastly, there’s a sequel to Tea with Mrs. Granger:

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There’s no evidence for it and no evidence against it. He does like her and respect her a lot, though. And she was the first of the Gaang that he had a positive interaction with (but then he fucked it up, oops).

I’m personally pretty “meh” towards the ship. I don’t deny that it’d be cute, but I don’t really care either way. I do like their friendship though.

But yes. Dramione shippers wish they were like Zutara. Like, hello, pls stop comparing Malferret to my precious bean Zuko. They’re not alike. And also, the only reason Zutara could work is because Zuko spent three seasons redeeming himself and actively sided with the Gaang in the end against his father. There’d be no expectation for Katara to “cure him with her love”. And also, Katara and Hermione are NOT the same. Katara is kinder (at least outwardly), nurturing, and forgiving than Hermione. And still it took her ages to forgive Zuko.

Thanks for the ask!

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ReSpEcT oThEr ShiPs! Canon or not!

Funny that this statement is always, almost NEVER followed through. Once again, common example used here is the HP fandom. And don’t get me wrong, once in a while, it is important to call out abusive/pedo ships(Snarry, Dramione, Drarry, Tomione, etc). But when it comes to healthy ships like Harmione, Jily, Nuna;

the canon/bias police always jumps the shark and tries to shame/ridicule someone for liking a ship that they don’t like. Why the fuck do you fucking care what I ship??? I’m literally scared to post/reblog anything Harry Potter related(aka involving my favorite ships) because some asshole always has to shout out: ‘b b but.. my s ship is b better!’ NO BITCH! THINGS LIKE FICTIONAL SHIPPING ARE SUBJECTIVE! You can dislike a ship all you want, but wasting your time and effort in shaming someone over a FICTIONAL pairing doesn’t make you hero, it only turns you into a bully. I hate bullies, no matter what/how/reason. Sure, maybe you are one of those who claim that I’m tired of my character/ship getting bashed/hated on, fine. But that doesn’t give you the fucking right to hate on an entire group and judge everyone and come to the conclusion that we are all the same trolls as a few minority in the fandom. And you aren’t any better by doing this: you have become just as bad as those you are trying to ‘expose’. Some of them are just trying to enjoy what we like and mean no ill will.

But oh no! When your dumbass gets called out for this behavior, you play the victim card and don’t take any fucking accountability. Good fucking riddance. Why waste my energy and time on a fandom that I likely will never post about you wonder? Simple, I’m tired of not being to enjoy anything because of these types of people and I need somewhere to vent out or it will cause me go insane. You can try and claim that this was pointless and I don’t give a jackshit, because guess what, bud? I don’t fucking care. I will likely block your ass the same way I blocked those that have trashed my pairings(and can you imagine that, fucktards??? I have to literally waste time, energy and my phone battery to search and block all those twats! Great job fellas, because of you, this fandom is a joke).

(Note: if you done reading my rant, be sure to also bother reading the fucking tags. Those tags tend to reveal my stance on hp fandom/ships.

And I repeat: R E A D . Because I might be someone you potentially hate because of my ‘tastes’. Block me, I don’t give rats ass)

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I might be the only one who gets really fucking annoyed when my posts gets likes/reblogs from blogs(that hate pairings that I adore!). Like bitch, this post isn’t meant to represent your dumbass, lol. Did you think I was referring to you when I made this?? READ THE FUCKING TAGS, because they have antis- on ships you stan🙄 SMH.

(PS: this post is gonna have tags of ships I hate. If you can’t stand my opinion, there’s the door—> GTFO. I’ve had to delete one of my posts, because it was getting likes off of a reblog of a blog that hates on my OTP😡)

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I know. And you’re right. But sometimes I just snap. This time it was because someone tagged Ron Weasley in a fic where he cheats on her and abuses her so she runs into the ferrets arms.

I respect you anon, I really do and that’s cuz you respect Ron. But you have no idea how difficult it is sometimes to see this. Often they will tag the Ron/Hermione tag on AO3. So I have to see it. I’ve learned to filter it but sometimes I still come across it.

Ron would never abuse Hermione. His temper roots from defending and protecting Hermione and those he loves. There’s proof of that in the books. So the very idea that he would abuse her or cheat on her makes me want to throw up. It’s the utter disrespect for him that upsets me. And this isn’t just a few fanfics. This is one of the most popular Dramione tropes.

I really wish I could ignore it. Usually I’m pretty good at that but sometimes I just snap. I know most of you are good people and that this is all fiction. But I relate to Ron on such a deep and personal note. Most of that started from what Draco put Ron through in Order of The Phoenix with the Weasley is our King song. I was bullied to shreds in highschool. That chapter leaves me in tears every time I read it.

So the very thought that Hermione would leave Ron for someone who not only put Ron through that but also bullied her too, well that just hits so deep that it triggers me sometimes.

I’m sorry that I snapped, and I’m not trying to insult any of you. But I’m not sorry for being angry about this. This hits very deep for me. Deeper than you can ever understand.

Just please don’t tag Ron or Romione if you are going to write him in a negative light? That’s all I ask. Please please.

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