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#anti elriel
blackreaders-assemble9 hours ago
lmao azriel was throwing rocks at rhys bc he stopped him from getting his dick wet???? rhys literally told him to go to a pleasure hall if he wanted sex and if thats all az cared about he would have gone but he didnt. yall just in denial馃樄馃樄
What I鈥檓 not gonna do is sit here and go back and forth with an anonymous bitch 馃槀
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babslightwood10 hours ago
I can鈥檛 believe that even after Sarah herself stepped on your dumbass theory of Gwyn being a child and threw it to the trash when she said she鈥檚 a full grown up adult, some of y鈥檃ll are still going at it and for what? To invalidate the ship you hate and to try keep making people feel bad for liking Gwynriel? Let us ship whoever tf we want without the need of shaming us. At this point it鈥檚 just so embarrassing for you to say the least.
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blackreaders-assemble11 hours ago
Azriel was mad and throwing rocks at Rhys because he stopped Azriel from getting his dick wet. It鈥檚 not because of his 鈥渇eelings鈥 for Elain, stop the cap 馃檮馃檮
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rosesdaisieslilies13 hours ago
ACOTAR 5 and Its Overarching Plot
This post is my opinion regarding the next book's overarching plot. If you are not an Elriel shipper then I suggest you not read it. I don't want to cause any drama than necessary.
鈥淓ven though each one of this book is a standalone that features like it鈥檚 own couple there is that overaching overarching plot that now starting to build鈥 (SARAH ACOSF TOUR INTERVIEW)
It is safe to say that the continuation of the spin-off will be like Nessian鈥檚 book: having a dual POV between a couple with an overarching plot that will connect each book. Thus, the book will be either Elriel, Gwynriel, or Elucien that will get their happy ending in the end.
One thing that I notice about how Sarah used her characters is that it is always the female that has the most impact and moves the plot forward.
You don鈥檛 see Cassian retrieving the dread troves which proven to be impactful for the entire plotline of ACOSF or Rhysand summoning the book of breathing in ACOMAF now do you?
Sarah tends to write a female character as the lead with a male supporting character. The only instance of her using a male character as kind of the main character is in the Tower of Dawn, which of course it is can be skipped over since it is not very impactful for the next installment.
What is the overarching plot then? The overarching plot is the main conflict of the series, which like Sarah has said, is starting to build in ACOSF.
Who seems to be the biggest threat for our characters in this spin-off of ACOTAR? Koschei. Koschei鈥檚 defeat is the resolution of the entire series. All our favorite characters have to deal with Koschei in the last book.
Like Nesta, our next female lead must have a direct or indirect canon (not merely a theory anymore at this point) connection with Koschei. As of now, the dread troves are our character鈥檚 relation to Koschei. Here鈥檚 a quote that suggests our main character relations to Koschei via the dread troves:
鈥淏ut Amren answered. 鈥淣o one really knows the full scope of the Trove鈥檚 powers. Beyond freeing him from his lake, Koschei may very well know something about the Trove that we don鈥檛鈥攕ome greater power that manifests when all three are united.鈥 (ACOSF, CHAPTER 20)
Koschei wanted to collect the troves to free him from his lake so it is our main character鈥檚 mission to stop him, find the missing fourth trove before he got it, and figure out the full scope of the Troves鈥 powers.
Also, here are quotes from the book, that suggest the conflicts that will be covered in the next books and none of them is an Illyrian conflict since our characters are in a bit of a tight time to deal with Koschei:
鈥...Yes, they鈥檇 have to figure out what to do with the entire Dread Trove now that they possessed all three objects. How Nesta had summoned it despite the spells Hellion had placed on the other two.. He鈥檇 think of that another day. Along with the fact that she鈥檇 stopped Time with the Harp. And that she seemed to have some sort of connection鈥攐r understanding鈥攚ith the Mother. The Mother.鈥 (ACOSF, CHAPTER 78)
鈥...鈥滾ater,鈥 she promised. 鈥淲e鈥檒l deal with all that later.鈥 Including the remaining queens, Koschei, and a still-looming war.鈥 (ACOSF, CHAPTER 78)
Similar to Nesta, our next female lead character has to have a villain to win over as a subplot from the conflict with Koschei (I'm saying this through the pattern that Sarah has set with Nesta and Bryallin). As I鈥檝e said, Koschei鈥檚 defeat is going to be told in the final book.
Now, when I read ACOSF, I was confused as to why Sarah made Beron seeking an alliance in Bryallin. Bryallin was in the continent, surely if Beron wanted a more useful ally he should鈥檝e looked inside Prythian itself. It is canon that he seek Bryallin鈥檚 alliance because he had the same ambition as her. Alas, Beron is set to be a villain for our main character to trump over.
鈥淏ut no one had been able to decide which was the biggest threat for them: Briallyn and Koschei, or Beron鈥檚 wilingness to ally with them. While the Night Court has been trying to make the peace permanent, the bastard had been doing his best to start another war.鈥 (ACOSF, CHAPTER 8)
Now, with Bryallin鈥檚 dead, do you think Beron going to stay quiet? Sarah made Beron seeking an alliance with Bryallin to make him a villain. And just like Bryallin he needs to be dealt with so that the entire conflict of the ACOTAR world is resolved so that our characters got their happily ever after.
Unlike the remaining queen conflicts, Beron's conflict is the only one that is mentioned and foreshadowed enough (per-Blood Duel plotline and the constant Eris鈥 appearance). And unlike Illyrian鈥檚 conflict, Beron's conflict is an actual part of the overarching plot. Bryallin made an alliance with Koschei, thus indirectly introduced Beron to Koschei too. Also, here鈥檚 a canon line from the book:
鈥淢y father is furious that his ally is dead, but he鈥檚 not deterred. Koschei remains in play, and Beron might very well be stupid enough to establish an alliance with him too.鈥 (ACOSF, CHAPTER 79)
Here鈥檚 a series of question that I am delivering to you,
Which one of the female character that is also made by the Cauldron and therefore has a connection with the troves thus indirectly Koschei?
Which one of the characters that can locate the fourth trove Nesta couldn鈥檛 find as well as having knowledge of Koschei鈥檚 box?
Which one of the couple鈥檚 storyline that will trigger Beron鈥檚 conflict into resolution?
Elain needs to be the next book's main character to bring the conflict to almost its peak (seeing the pattern of the original series with ACOMAF brings the conflict to a higher level).
Elriel will be together to trigger and resolve Beron before the conflict moves to Koschei.
Elain will not be the last book main character because they need to uncover the importance of the troves to Koschei and find the missing trove since Nesta cannot find it.
Elain will not be the last book main character because it will make more sense for Vassa to be the one who ends Koschei as she was cursed by him.
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dreaminginvelaris13 hours ago
very weird that feyre isn鈥檛 reduced to her painting, nesta isn鈥檛 reduced to her reading and dancing and gwyn isn鈥檛 reduced to her singing but when it comes to elain everything goes out the window
the amount of jokes i鈥檝e seen of feyre not being able to paint. that she probably paints like a toddler. or that nesta actually cant dance. even though the books say otherwise. but it doesn鈥檛 matter bc it鈥檚 literally just jokes. im okay with ppl taking a crack at them. i understand it can be humorous. so that鈥檚 literally what i did with elain. and now y鈥檃ll are freaking out. wonder why none of you were their to defend feyre or nesta the way you are w elain. probably bc y鈥檃ll only care when its directed to your character.
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gwynriel-owns-me15 hours ago
To all the elriels bullying steph and hating on gwyn and all that shit
鉁╢uck you鉁
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gwynriel16 hours ago
Tumblr media
GIRLLLLL? the only thing az was thinking about in that extra chapter was how to get in elain's pants, is that the plot ur talking about
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allofmywondersa day ago
why am I goin through the anti elriel tag and seeing a bunch of elriels???? not enough people seeing your delusions over on your tags or..........
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allofmywondersa day ago
elriels are so dumb GKAGSKWG
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allofmywondersa day ago
elriels already talking about az singing to elain 馃あ馃あ馃あ they literally need to steal stuff that fits for gwynriel or elucien because their ship has nothing 馃槶
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dreaminginvelarisa day ago
youre a freak
the way i just know this person is an elriel stan, trying to bully and spew shit at me. good lord stop embarrassing yourselves, please lMAO
im latina, you think you can hurt me? please i grew up in a toxic semi abusive environment im built different bitch馃槫馃槫
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nesemryna day ago
An Elriel on Twitter just said Azriel singing confirms Elriel because Elain will become a light singer. Like c'mon bestie I'm afraid to tell you this...
Tumblr media
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dreaminginvelarisa day ago
i mean what would steph actually ask about elain? like how are elains flowers going?what type of soil does she use? 馃拃馃拃馃拃
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dreaminginvelarisa day ago
the way elriels are insulting steph in her comment section pissed that there was no elain/elriel questions馃拃
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chloepereyraa day ago
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allofmywondersa day ago
lol an elriel already commented on steph鈥檚 IG
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dreaminginvelarisa day ago
guys, steph asking if gwyn was a child or not is not a waste of a question. ppl were legit being called pedophiles for shipping gwynriel. thats a serious accusation that no one should have been throwing around. especially to ppl who might have suffered at the hands of pedophiles. like imagine you were hurt by a pedophile as a child, and then you get called one for liking a certain ship. thats fucked up. yes we know that it was on text that gwyn was a fully grown adult but it didnt stop elriels from spreading that bullshit around did it?
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dreaminginvelarisa day ago
sjm live
okay so nothing really new was actually covered, which sucks bc i was so ready for the tea. steph really chose like the most boring questions ever to ask, i should really take over as host, i would do a much better job at asking more interesting questions. but i am eternally grateful that the question of whether gwyn is a child or a woman was put to rest. so those bitches who tried to convince gwynriels and others that we were shipping pedophilia with gwyn and az, a big fuck you. i hope you feel embarrassed. i hope you know sjm thinks you鈥檙e fucking weird. and i hope you feel ashamed for coming up with that rumor and those who spread it around.
but y鈥檃ll we鈥檙e getting a scene with azriel singing. im floored.
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dreaminginvelarisa day ago
fuck yall elriels
tagging elriels and elain archeron so certain bitches can see how fucking wrong they were. y鈥檃ll better be feeling embarrassed. as sjm said when she heard this ridiculous topic: god bless y鈥檃ll
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