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#anti elsanna

I want to search for people talking about how bad handled was Kristoff an Anna´s relationship , but i´m afraid that i´ll find Els@nna fans.

Like, yeah, the relationship is awful but still better than incest 

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It’s rather funny how whiny and self centered EA shippers are. They act as if they’re the superior frozen fans and keep saying that no one cares about Kristoff or Kristanna just to stay in their delusional little world where everything revolves around Elsa and her support dog sister Anna and when focus shifts to anywhere but Elsa they start whining and ranting as if the past 7 years their precious queen hasn’t flooded the market with merchandise and such. Little do they know that there are actually people who care about Kristoff, Kristanna or even solo Anna for that matter, otherwise how do they explain the countless fan art, fanfiction, cosplays etc surrounding them. But of course why would they even notice the love that Kristoff, Anna or both as a ship get when they’re so self centered on their toxic and disgusting fandom that even if they say that they care about both sisters equally, by the moment Anna’s away from Elsa they don’t even care about her and focus on their precious little snow queen. I’m honestly so sickened and tired of that part of the Frozen fandom, even when I try to ignore them, like I probably should as these sad people don’t deserve any of my attention, they just don’t seem to let it go and keep on ranting and whining about how awful the F2 ending is and how Elsa is not home and is miserable at Northuldra, where SHE chose to stay and how Anna and Kristoff don’t actually love each other despite Disney trying to say otherwise even though the movie has been out for about 10 months. At first I didn’t like the snow sisters separation at all, but in the end I love it out of spite cuz it just proves that Disney cares more about keeping Kristanna as close as possible than keeping Anna and Elsa as close as possible. So anyways, dear EA shippers, no matter how much you whine and cry about the attention KA gets, you just gotta realize that no one cares about your disgusting incestuous ship.

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frozen writers: okay let’s take this andersen fairy tale and make a movie that focuses on family/sisterly love out of it instead of focusing on romantic/sexual love!!

white disney fans on tumblr: OMG elsa and anna are SO IN LOVE they have SO MUCH CHEMISTRY you can’t tell me the writers don’t SHIP ELSANNA XD

frozen writers (and fans with common sense): oh no

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I’m not. Is there something I did to make you think I was? If so, I’ll delete it.

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Me and my sisters interact in a lot of the ways elsa and anna do- like i hold hands with my sisters when we’re walking. And we hug alot.. yknow.. like sisters. And the fact that elsa and anna doing those things is always being interpreted as romantic by so many people in the fandom is so frustrating. It makes me nervous to do things I normally do with my sister because now I think it could be interpreted as romantic and I dont want that.

God, I wish we could have a good, healthy, platonic relationship between sisters without some people deciding to be weird.

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Can I just say something about ships-

No matter how hard people like to deny it, what you ship reflects at least a little of who you are. 

Some humans can be so disgusting and ignorant sometimes, so I’m really hoping none of my followers are into immoral ships. You guys are my people, and I pride myself on you guys. 

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