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#anti endeavor

Have you ever seen a bad dabi take that misses the mark?

Like a take that on the surface seem sound and dandy, but upon closer inspection is there is a sprinkle of victim blaming as well as unwillingness to see beyond Dabi simply being a murderer.

Not because they cannot but because it is uncomfortable to see Dabi as anything more than a murderous ‘psychopath’ that is now trying to murder Shouto.

Because maybe in another world, Shouto might have ended up just like Dabi but was blessed with Izuku as well as other mentors to guide him.

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ah, I see we’ve come full circle again to people claiming end*avor didn’t actually abuse Dabi. yes. end*avor, the man who bought/forced his wife to nonconsentually marry him for the purpose of having children, which is martial r*pe, whose only purpose in having children was to surpass all might, not to love and care for them, who abused the child with an undesirable (aka his wife’s) quirk and no quirk via child neglect and forcing the girl to take on a motherly role, who physically abused his wife and beat her youngest five year old in front of her, who drove her to a mental breakdown and then had her committed and never visited her once, who physically abused shouto and forced him to train to be a hero, who in conversation with Shouto referred to touya’s death as ‘unfortunate,’ who drove touya to crying to his younger brother and wondering why he even existed.

but nope! he never abused Dabi! in any way! Definitely not! Dabi’s just lying! /s

end*avor fans do not fucking interact with me

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I think for me what sucks the most about it is that midoriya wasn’t oblivious or unknowing of what endeavor did to his family and is just learning this. Shouto told him about his origins, during fuyumis dinner they told him and bakugo even more about what endeavor did. He’s not just learning this, he’s known for a while and he’s just dismissing endeavor’s abuse towards his children and wife. If todoroki is midoriyas precious friend why is he dismissing this???? Why is he just dismissing the fact that endeavor abused his entire family, threw the ones he couldn’t use like trash, he was the one who worsened rei’s mental health. he knew about all of this and he’s dismissing it, that’s not friendship. That’s abuse apologism and it’s disgusting. Hope dabi gets his revenge

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And now, a summation of my declining opinion of Best Jeanist this arc.

Me, at the start of this arc thinking Jeanist was dead: Ah Jeanist; a tragic character, sacrificed by Hawks & the commission for their “greater good”, demonstrating just how deep Hawks is in his abusers’ grasp. A shame since he seemed cool alive; but that said, I can’t wait to see how Bakugou & Tokoyami will react to learning about this. Jeanist’s death will surely be the start of a super interesting plot about the nature of heroes and how far their morals can g-

Best Jeanist: *is alive.*

Me: Oh. Well, that kind of takes away a lot of the interest I had in both these heroes, as well as their interactions with their mentees. Oh well, it’s not all bad; I mean I liked Jeanist so this is-

Jeanist, about Touya: Exposing Endeavour as a domestic abuser? You fiend, I cannot allow this. Think about how this could affect the important industry I work in!

Me: Oh, hmm. It would appear he also sucks major nards. That’s very unfortunate. (Dammit Jeanist I thought you were cool.)

Man at this point I have to ask; will any pro hero besides All Might not turn out to be a total arse as we get to know them? I mean we always knew Endeavor was a rapist & domestic abuser, turns out Hawks is an extrajudicial killer unwavering in the HC’s views (simply tragic given the nature of their relationship), Jeanist seems to suffer from some kind of moral myopia & is (debatably) an abuse apologist; and those are all of the top 3. And I could say more about the some of the pros further down, but I don’t want to. Just, ugh, why must so many pros we get to know suck? I mean, I get there’s probably a reason for them to suck (something along the lines of them each being a reflection of a facet of society’s ills that the protagonists need to address as they move forward); but still, why must they all suck?

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remember when shouto discovered his older dead brother was not only alive but a villain who wanted him dead and he attacked him with prominence burn and shouto was so overwhelmed with panic and horror as he approached him, asking endeav0r what to do, calling him “father” for the first time in years but he didn’t respond, so shouto, a first year student, took on the burden of fighting his brother for the sake of protecting everyone even though he must be in emotional agony and endy just stood there for like two minutes straight

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it’s the 28th so i’m getting these out

- orochimaru is hot, personality aside. he’s also a very deep character.

- shino aburame is one of the strongest characters in the Konoha 11, and Boruto did him dirty

- in comparison to other animes, shinobi are kinda OP

- saitama is also hot

- bakugou is getting better but that doesn’t excuse his abuse and behaviour earlier in his life


- both the villains and heroes are in the wrong in BNHA. The heroes are running a toxic society, but the villains are still committing murder and stuff.

- the real villains in BNHA are the Hero Commission.

- jujutsu kaisen has a lot of potential, and it really shouldn’t matter how similar the characters are to certain Naruto characters.

- Attack on Titan, once the last season is out, will be hailed as one of the best animes in this age. (not y’know the best, but like how Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and others like that are hailed)

- it’s okay to just have started watching anime. Gatekeeping is shitty, and didn’t we want more people to watch anime? yeah, it’s annoying when people who bullied you over it are watching it, and them doing it now is hypocritical, but gatekeeping is still shitty. New anime watchers are just as valid as old ones.

- Editors need to stop stopping mangakas from making LGBT+ ships canon. We could’ve had NaruSasu.

- Sakura was annoying in part 1 and the beginning of Shippuden, but she got way better, and while she never will catch up to Naruto and Sasuke, she’s still one of the strongest characters in the series, in terms of people that are not gods, or have any godly ability.

- also, 90% of the characters in Naruto got old and ugly in Boruto.

- sharingan is highkey OP

- Goku is not the strongest anime character, because you can’t compare different anime characters from different worlds that have different rules in terms of strength.

- there is no “best anime”, because the “best anime” would be an opinion. Stop saying that (insert popular 2000s anime here) is the best!

- Mob Psycho 100 is one of the prettiest (in terms of animation) animes out there. Its plot and world are both 10/10.

- 10/10 animation does not make a 10/10 plot.

- yes, you can kill off too many characters.

- Most people will not watch 100 episodes and wait for an anime to get good. If it takes that long for the anime to get good, then the anime is not that good.

- It’s okay for a show to be long, what isn’t great is when the creators drag out a plot/storyline to get more money. (cough cough NARUTO)

- We could’ve had a spinoff about Kakashi, but we got Boruto instead. How do yall feel about that?


ok that’s it, please remember that these are my opinions, and you do not have to take them seriously. Please don’t get offended, or send me hate messages, because i will not read them. thank you ( つ^ω^)つ

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I’m not really sure which of my rant posts this is in response to.

Endeavour isn’t as cold towards his family as he used to be. That’s true. He’s saying stuff about wanting to do better, and that’s good. He still can’t ever undo or make up for the irreparable phycological damage he’s done to members of his own family.

I personally have a hard time accepting his remorse as genuine simply because it only came after he finally got what he always wanted. He, to me, only seems like he’s saying sorry because he wants his family to stop hating him. It’s good that he said he isn’t looking for forgiveness. It’s not somthing he should expect anyway. But it seems like he still doesn’t really want to face all the consequences of his actions.

Now if this is about my post comparing heroes and villains:

Yes he’s always been portrayed as a cold hearted jerk. But he’s still been on the hero side this whole time.

I’m not sure i understand what you’re trying to say, but all I’m saying is this:

A man who is a villain at home and a hero in public is no hero at all. And a society that puts a man like that on a pedestal is flawed

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Dcghvnjjghft ‘but if you hate Endeavour then why do you like dabi? He literally murders people?’

Characters like Dabi from the very start were pitched to us as villains and I have never for a moment expected anything less than villain behavior

Characters like Endeavour are pitched to us as heroes. Obviously I expect heroic behavior.

So forgive me if my standards are different for hero characters than villain characters but at least the villain is living up to the name

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No I will not forgive Endeavour. I’m supposed to feel bad for him because he says sorry after he gets his way? After he does irreparable damage to his entire family? Oh boo hoo his family is mad at him. Boo hoo he says he’ll be a better hero now. Awefully convenient innit? Oh you brought your wife a flower? The wife you bought? The wife you abused? The wife you stuck in a mental hospital to get rid of? Height of romance. Get out of here

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Best Jeanist being more upset about Dabi/Touya “using” the domestic abuse that he, his siblings and his mother went through and suffered from to “ruin hero society” than about the fact that ENDEAV*R IS A FUCKING ABUSER THAT HAS RUINED HIS ENTIRE FAMILY’S LIVES, is literally one of the biggest fucking proofs that the hero society is FUCKING BULLSHIT.

Fuck Best Jeanist. I was neutral about him until now but fuck him. Fuck anyone who sides with him. Fuck anyone who tries to belittle the abuse the Todoroki family had to go through because of their piece of shit father/husband.

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(2/?) inhereted from their parents. in a study (belsky et al 2007), people examined a group of children who were abused and found that, when they grew up (thus why it wasnt published until now), the kids with long DRD4 and/or short 5HTT genes were more aggressive than those with short DRD4/long 5HTT. i want to point out that this is more aggressive–not abusive. the genes do not make the abuser. the hypothesis belsky had was not that the DRD4 or 5HTT made someone abusive, but rather that

(3/?) the genes made them more likely to imitate the aggressive behaviors they were raised in. basically, that means that if you put a child with longDRD4 or short5HTT genes in an abusive home, they are more likely to grow up to be aggressive (again, not abusive! just aggressive), but similarly a child with those genes who grows up in a healthy home is likely to grow up less agressive. i know this isnt exactly about bnha but i think its a very interesting thing to think about in regards to the

(4/4) todo family. i dont want to say “dabi has long DRD4 genes!” because hes. paper. hes a fictional character on a piece of paper. also you shouldnt rely on genes (or backgrounds or whatever) to diagnose someone as “future abuser”–theres other factors at play as well. dabis been thru shit shouto has not; even if their genes are the same length, shouto wasn’t hurt the way dabi has been (and you cant look at those scars and say he has not been hurt) and that kind of trauma can override biology

Interesting. I’m not sure how on board I can really be with the idea of, like, genetic abuse responses (for similar reasons, I imagine, to why you so thoroughly clarify you’re not saying genes make the abuser), but I can’t deny that some of this makes quite some sense.

For example, it could explain in part why people who might’ve gone through similar types of abuse & had similar upbringings could have wildly different abuse responses (Touya & Shoto, Fuyumi & Natsuo).

Not to mention how this adds to the “good victim, bad victim” dynamic running through this series; the idea that what separates good victims who heroes will save & support like Eri & Shoto, from bad victims they will seek to destroy like Shigaraki & Dabi, might be genetics and happenstance of birth. That just makes it all worse; but like, in a debatably good way.

But on the whole I don’t really know what to think of this. So I’m just going to post all this and see if anyone more qualified weighs in.

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¨Endeavor was a good father to Touya and the abuse only started with shouto¨ Homie. If that was really the case, We at this point in time would not have to bear witness to a still very young man held together by staples throw away his entire life for the sole purpose of killing his father.

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