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#anti feyre

If feyre gets pregnant, it will be thee most anti climactic, disappointing, annoying thing to happen in the books. I hate when authors backtrack on the rules of their world just to prop their favourite characters up🙄

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I’m bored so I’m staying with the topic of characters as food that I started but this time… 

ACOTAR characters as various nonalcoholic beverages (from my perspective)

- Feyre: pumpkin spiced latte - basic; hate in theory, but in reality is not as bad as I remember; somehow simultaneously over-hated and overrated

- Rhysand: oat milk - in the words of Jack Whitehall, “we have got enough”; “substitute” “milk” product so it’s pretending to be something it isn’t; trendy, but there’s a portion of people that really hate that it exists

- Cassian: hot chocolate - people are reminded of something warm and welcoming, but forget that it can be very layered; people forget it’s “hot” chocolate and underestimate it’s capacity to injure

- Azriel: black coffee - people love the aesthetic, but forget how bitter and difficult to swallow it can actually be; often, people try to soften it to be a little sweeter and not so dark so it can be palatable, but then it just isn’t black coffee anymore, is it?

- Mor: lemonade - queue “lemons to lemonade”; sweet and bright, but can also have hints of tartness and bitterness; not the most ideal drink for most people, but the people who love it really love it

- Amren: lemon juice - unpalatable in large quantities unless mixed with other drinks; sour

- Nesta: lemon and honey tea - depending on the person, they can either overdo it with the “honey” or the “lemon”; well-loved by certain people, but generally not as much as sweet and trendy coffee drinks

- Elain: orange juice - bright, reminds you of morning and sunshine; generally sweet, but people often ignore the sour aspects

- Lucien: regular coffee with cream and sugar - not as in-your-face as black coffee with aesthetic appeal, but still great; underrated; underappreciated until you realize how essential it was to keep things functioning throughout the day

- Tamlin: Diet Dr. Pepper - most hated drink in existence, questionable value in both drinking experience and nutrition

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Y'all remember that one time in the Summer Court when Fryer broke into Tarquin’s mind and then she was like “that was horrible I shouldn’t have done that”

And then we get to acowar and she breaks into Lucien’s mind every time he so much as looks at Elain and likes to think she’s in the right because uh Lucien’s “breaking the rules” by looking at Elain I guess

Honey just say you’re on a power trip and go honestly

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I was painfully rereading ACOFAS and this just… ugh, I just can’t wait for ACOSF to come out and maybe find some redemption for the IC after I truly read it and not only for pleasure.

Nesta deserves so so much better. The fact that she dealt with her trauma alone is just such a statement of her persona on its own, that I just can’t adore her even more for it and hope that ACOSF will truly grant her what she deserves and is owed.

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ACOSF is coming out in a month and I’m actually getting a bit excited about it????

It’s weird because I loved ACOMAF (was the book that made me recommend that series to my friends) but then ACOWAR became quite dull once Feyre and Rhys were a couple and I ended up more interested in Nesta and Cassian, especially after she saves his life at the end.

But then ACOFAS happened and I literally said fuck this bitch when Feyre decides Nesta has to go away to a place not a single one of them likes. After everything she went through??? Incredible how all I liked about Rhys and the IC was erased with a single novella (I don’t even own a physical copy of that!!! And I have multiple editions of ToG!!!)

IDK, I hope Nesta and Rhys never become friends, I want her to get her own found family because she deserves a lot better than that group, I want her to get everything she wants for once, to start putting herself first instead of Elain (who also said nothing when she should have and also is very boring). At this point I could even take or leave Cassian. I only care about my girl.

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SJM trying to justify Rhys’ needlessly cruel behavior in acotar is hilarious to me honestly 


My favorite was him at the high lords meeting being like “actually I’m a good guy” and everyone else is like “bitch no you ain’t" 

And him being like "no look here’s a list of all the good I’ve done” and they’re like “bitch look at this much longer list of all the bad you’ve done”

And then SJM realizes that her precious Rhysie is really truly a terrible person and everyone hates him and needs Feyre to intervene because there’s no way he’s walking away from this shit unharmed 

But then she doesn’t have a way to actually defend him so she just makes Feyre throw her powers around to distract everybody

She’s like “if you’re mad I have your powers then you gotta get your priorities straight” and then sjm wants us to believe all the high lords are like “u rite sounds legit”


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It’s going to literally hurt my heart to read all the scenes in which cassians going to put the inner circle first. The hurt that Nesta is going to feel makes me almost get an anxiety attack. Also I getting a free trial of audible so I can read the ACOSF for free ☺️

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ok. i know this is old shit but can ANYONE please tell me why amren was at the mansion, in the office, when nesta was being kicked out of velaris?

when rhys brings nesta into his mansion, surrounded by his friends who are either neutral or down right hate her. why is amren there? literally just to try and beat down nesta more? she serves absolutely no purpose. and when she essentially says nesta would fuck anything that moves/slut shames her and rhys agrees

you can’t convince me that rhys didn’t just invite her/allow her to be there so he could get off on watching another person beat nesta down in an unfamiliar/unfriendly environment where she couldnt really defend herself. my memories not great, but it seemed to me thats it.

disgusting. the lot of yous (yes this is bc all the slut shaming discussion lol)

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Some of the Nesta antis out there really do not what psychological abuse is. It is not the same thing as being mean to someone— if that was the case then Nesta and Feyre were both psychologically abusing each other back in that cabin, and the bat boys having been doing that to each other and all of Prythian for centuries

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It would have been so fucking cool if mor became the high lady of the night court.

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The only reason I’d want Nesta to train as an Illyrian warrior is if she chins Rhys. Absolutely decks him. Otherwise, I would like a heroine that’s more reliant on their intelligence and tactics than physical strength. Or her at least being a cool witch

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I don’t like F*yre all that much, but she definitely isn’t the worst character in the series. I think her character has been sort of ruined by her relationship, but she’s 21 so I’m inclined to be more forgiving towards her faults. My problem is with Rh*s because he’s 500-something and still acts like he’s in his twenties. He is judgmental towards a 23 year old woman who was just turned into something she’s been taught to fear her entire life. Also he’s a terrible ruler.

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For the record:

  • Feysand and Nessian both have pretty exactly the same problems, down to the sexual assault, the age gap and general toxic elements. If you hate Feysand for these things while shipping Nessian, it’s not actually about not wanting toxic relationships, you just don’t like Feysand.
  • Nesta is only two years older than Feyre, meaning she is only two years ahead in her education, which puts her at a primary school level of education. This means Nesta is no more qualified to be a ruler or hold a court positon than Feyre is. If you say Feyre is unqualified to be High Lady but want Nesta to become queen, it’s not actually about qualification, you just don’t like Feyre.
  • As members of the Inner Circle, Mor, Cassian and Azriel are all complicit in the Night Court’s general politics, including the treatment of the Illyrians and the Hewn City. If you place all the blame on Mor and call her horrible while simultaniously excusing Azriel and Cassian and talking about how you want them to have a good redemption, then you don’t care about a terrible leadership being shown as good, you just don’t like Mor.
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Rhysands feminism is like “you can either stay with me, a man who drugged and assaulted you. Or go back to your fiance who’s temperamental and becoming abusive. Its your choice.”

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Does anyone else remembers Rhysand’s “phantom hands” in acowar and acofas. The cringe, the audacity, and the comedy at the writing is astronomical.

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 Nesta wants money to pay her rent knowing it doesn’t even make a dent in Feyre’s bank account



Originally posted by kittiesaresuperserial

I’m done with the Feyre slander today I promise

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What’s funny is that feyre really thinks shes the other high lords equal. Honey, they were chosen by the land, by the omnipotent powers that be that deemed them worthy… you were chosen by your husband.

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