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happyday4us · 2 days ago
Who did JP murder because the hate is C R A Z Y today. Did he kill some puppies or join the kkk? I haven’t seen anything for them to even be angry about but boy are they angry and lashing out. Someone needs to update the DSM-5 with this illness.
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winchesterwhorehouse · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Meanwhile Jared after season 6:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fear, anger, disgust, pain, vulnerability, helplessness- as if those emotions weren't portrayed beautifully enough, Jared also presented someone who's not Sam by using a different speaking technique and adopting distinctive postures and stride for Gadreel. He was the one who put his foot down and refused that Sam be sassy and sarcastic with Lucifer. He added flinches as Sam's reaction to sudden noises or movements but apparently "Jared just stopped acting"
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moosensquirrel · 3 months ago
Alright, here comes another rant of mine because once again, a part of the Supernatural fandom has gone too far. (Scroll down past if you don’t want to read plz)
Hellers, answer me this. Why do you claim to be fans of the show when you so obviously are not? I’ve seen countless hellers openly admit to skipping the first 3 seasons of the show (which are VERY IMPORTANT as they establish the main characters, their backgrounds, their motivations, and the world in which this show takes place). I’ve seen you tell others that the first 3 seasons aren’t important and that they can skip then (again wrong).
I’ve seen multiple people say that they skip any episodes that do not contain Cass (lol which is so many you’re missing like 90% of the storyline, especially in later seasons).
You hate the fact that the show was about FAMILY LOVE and the love between Sam and Dean and try to shove romance into the plot where it doesn’t belong/is not needed. (Speaking of LGBTQIA+ you to realize that asexuals do enjoy seeing non-romantic mainstream shows right? And to try to say no the shows about romance and if you don’t see that you’re homophobic etc etc)
You go out of your way to openly criticize the actors/people behind the scenes who don’t agree with your viewpoint, even going to far as telling people they should kill themselves/should have aborted their daughter etc (I’ve already ranted about these so let’s move on).
I’ve seen you use stupid things such as the color of someone’s shirt, the way someone sits/lays on something as showing how “gay” or “bi” they are (which is horribly stereotyping which I’ve also seen multiple people who are gay/bi call out out for).
You ignore actors who have told you MULTIPLE TIMES that their character is STRAIGHT and a LADIES MAN, and how he NEVER PLAYED THE CHARACTER LIKE THAT all because it goes against your narrative of how your ship is totally cannon in the show.
You attack others who don’t ship your ship, calling them homophobic (even if they are, in fact, part of the LGBTQIA+), you cry about how it’s for REPRESENTATION even while completely ignoring cannon gay/lesbian couples unless they support the narrative you’re trying to spin.
An actor says “love can be anything, it doesn’t have to be romantic” and accuse him of being homophobic.
You’ve gone as far as using the color of a characters clothing IN A SHOW THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SUPERNATURAL as proof that your ship is cannon (seriously that stupid “omg it’s hunter green and angel blue it’s so saying our ship is cannon” was ridiculous and over the top)
Your sub section of the fandom is one of the most toxic, abusive things I’ve seen in my life.
You’ve all just shown that you didn’t really like Supernatural, you like the version of Supernatural that you built up in your fanfics and in your echo chambers of shipping buddies. And when the real show ended without making what you thought was going to be the end game relationship real, you all exploded.
You’ve taken a character I used to love, who I thought was a badass and turned him into a crying lovesick teenager who I can’t even stand to see. All because you insist on shoving your narrative into a show that never fit it in the first place.
Thank you for reading my rant (if you did) I might add more later, but I’m done for now.
(Also don’t come @ me with “YOU SHIP WINCEST” as a legit answer, such answers will literally be ignored)
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I’m so tired of people being traumatized by a fictional show that was literally a fantasy. Supernatural was not a parable meant to show you the way in life. It was not some PBS special designed to make you feel good about yourself and teach you about right or wrong.
Sam and Dean’s relationship is not unhealthy because it isn’t real. They weren’t written for you to model your real life relationships on and thus be triggered when they behave in a way you find psychologically troubling.
Jared and Jensen owe you nothing because they are actors who were paid to play fictional characters. Characters they put their heart and soul into realizing on our screens. If they say Sam would have done this or Dean would have felt that….they’re RIGHT!
Incest isn’t good…in real life. But we aren’t dealing with real life. We are dealing with fictional brothers who were purposely written to be each others everything. So if fans want to play around with them being romantically involved that’s fine….it’s called fanon.
Stop looking for validation from fictional characters or the actors that play them. It’s great to admire characters/actors. It’s great to appreciate them, identify with them, be inspired by them. We all do this to some degree. But for gods sake don’t look for validation. Especially when you’ve already been shown, over and over, that you aren’t going to get what you want.
You didn’t watch Supernatural for Supernatural. You pieced together an idea of Supernatural to feed your particular interest. If you own that…great. If you want to bitch, cry, and moan about how you’re so traumatized by not getting what you were told you weren’t going to get by a show that wasn’t what you enjoy…..
Then fuck off.
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acklesism · 2 months ago
girl help i really wanna know how hellers think everything jensen says is either a lie or someone forced him to say it??? like either unstan the man or stop being weird like it's not even funny anymore, it's such weird behavior because they act like he's on their side despite him saying the opposite multiple fucking times and they dismiss everything he says while literally fake proof that he ships d*stiel, hates the finale and he doesn't like jared for some sort of petty win??? it's getting very strange y'all...
hellers: jensen hates the finale because dean wasn't reunited with cas in heaven..jensen was gaslit and manipulated by the cw and warner bros into liking it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(4th pic is a heller meeting with jensen at a con and asking him about the finale and who would dean visit in heaven...and jensen never mentioned cas)
Tumblr media
hellers: jensen heller ackles the #1 d*stiel shipper!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hellers: jensen ackles hate john winchester!! he's one of us!!
Tumblr media
hellers: jensen hates jared he can't stand him and jared always interrupts jensen.
jensen: jared didn't just play sam on supernatural...he played plenty of other characters as well, i directed jared playing multiple characters, i'm happy to direct walker as well. (at new orleans convention 2021).
nah it's the fact hellers will unstan him and trash him if they accepted what he said because jensen is literally against everything they want but no they still wanna stan him bc he's sexy or use him for c*ckles agenda or whatever so that's why they delude themselves like this. jensen is not a fucking prop or a trophy like y'all bunch of strange individuals leave jensen alone and focus on something else ffs.
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holding-out-for-hea · 4 months ago
Let me unbelievably clear:
Jensen Ackles reacting negatively to constant harassment is not homophobia. Jensen has ZERO problem with bisexuality/homosexuality. Jensen had a problem with being constantly told that he wasn’t smart enough to understand his own character. He had a problem with having hellers try to shame him into submission whenever he stated that Dean was straight. He had a problem with people telling him that only if Dean was queer would he be a well developed and valid character- that w/o queerness Dean was just a homophobic asshole (again proving that hellers NEVER liked Dean.) Jensen had a problem with people never accepting his answers, and having harmful stereotypes thrown at him while deranged fans objectify and demean him time and time again. Jensen is TIRED of hellers.
Jensen is supportive of the lgbtq community, and has been for a long time. He supports his family members, local organizations that help lgbtq youth & adults, and professionally he played a bisexual character in the past. The complete morons also stating that Jensen’s “perceived masculinity” is screaming homophobia? You’re unintelligent schmucks, skipping and yipping around trying to attack him as though you’re a rabid pack of dogs.
Also, I’m a J2 fan- I love them both immensely and I always will- but I have posted more when I defend Jensen. If it seems like I don’t jump to defend Jared as much, that’s not true at all. I just know that Jared has fans that actually care about him and I know they will stand up for him. That doesn’t happen for Jensen because his fans are either shit stains who’d rather attack Jared, or shipping psychos who degrade him. I cannot believe the amount of posts from AA’s today that are attacking Jared! Do you not see what “your side” is saying about your fave? Jared and J2 fans are the only ones defending Jensen! The normal Ja fans- and I KNOW they are out there because I’ve talked with some- have been overrun. I feel like I gotta put this out there cuz he deserves a defense, so if someone is looking for a defense of Jensen, here it is!!
Last thing- I’m tagging this anti misha because isn’t it a coincidence that days after Misha does a con and throws Jensen under the bus again, Jensen starts getting these tired old attacks? Shocking!!! Everyone begging his ass to come online for months only to flood his mentions about him being a homophobe. Psychos
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babyhasohioplates · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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vallygirl285 · 3 months ago
Can The Rational Fans of SPN Please
Okay I'm going to say right up front to anyone who follows me if you're offended by this post, I'm sorry but I can't stand what the obnoxious part of this fandom has done. This is a long ass rant too so I'm sorry and you can ignore it all you want.
No I'm not just singling out Destiel, Hellers, Wincest, JA, JP or MC fans because newsflash every aspect of those fandoms has so many assholes that they all make it miserable for the rest of us.
I'm not into Destiel or Wincest...I don't ship JA & JP...I don't ship JA & MC or JP & MC. I'm not a J2 or Tinhat...I may not care for DA or GP as actresses but I don't think they're 'beards' either and dear god in heaven if Jensen truly was gay and needed a beard I like to think he has better taste than what he married but sadly these ships are the loudest and make so much of the fandom unpleasant.
Do I think these three men are friends in real life...I don't really know and I don't really care because it doesn't change my enjoyment of the show either way.
I'm sorry if you're so needy for acceptance or whatever your issue is that you need a TV CHARACTER to show your representation for your sexual orientation but that is your problem it's not the creator of the show, the actor who portrays the character or the network problem...it's yours.
Here's a quick recap of what Supernatural is about since this seems to continue to get lost in the shuffle. It is a show about two heterosexual brothers who have an unhealthy co-dependency on each other because of a tragedy when one was six months old and one was four years old and father who put way too much responsibility on that four year old to protect his baby brother. It's a show about hunting the monsters that caused the tragedy.
So in a nutshell DEAN WINCHESTER was never written as gay...bi...or any other thing you need the character to be for whatever your personal reasons are.
There are plenty of shows with characters that are gay, bi and lord knows what else you're into...pretty much anything goes now a days and there's enough shit shown on cable to cover it.
If you want to watch two men together watch shows like Roswell, NM or Teen Wolf (I know there are others...I just can't think of them and they don't matter to me so I'm not looking them up).
Also can people take a fucking chill pill...Jared and Jensen responding to that question about Castiel's confession wasn't homophobic...seriously this is the biggest problem in our society. Nobody can accept anyone else's thoughts or opinions if they don't mesh with their own and claims the other person must be a bigot.
See this is why I've been bitching since the 80s when suddenly every child began 'making the team' and 'getting a trophy' or when they were playing they didn't keep score because they didn't want the other children on the opposite to feel bad.
It's so unrealistic and this is why we have adults now who can't fucking accept not getting their own way and have hissy fits about every preconceive slight against them.
Newsflash actors don't owe you a damn thing other than to entertain you. They aren't responsible to 'represent' you unless they choose so on a personal level.
And yes I'm sorry I do agree MC is a huge part of this issue because he has played to that side of the fandom for his own personal reasons (mostly to make money and I will admit to being Anti-Misha) but again seriously people who 'brag' about the Cameo he did for them and 'stated' Destiel was cannon in said Cameos.
OMG...you fucking paid the man to say it. He's an actor and he's reading some lines you sent him with your payment. You could send him a request to say he saw a leprechaun doing the Electric Slide down a rainbow...just because he says what you pay him to say doesn't make it real.
How sad is your life that you need any actor or actress to 'speak' to you via Cameo to justify anything in your life. I'm sorry I adore Alona Tal as an actress but I wouldn't pay her $1.00 to say a single word to me on that site because it's not real...it's all smoke and mirrors. It's not meaningful in any way, shape or form.
I don't care truthfully...I get actors are supplementing their income with this thing but that is all it is for them and any who claim otherwise is full of shit. It's another revenue stream for them and so what. I don't really have a problem with it but I do have a problem when you have fans who can't tell the difference and actors who encourage it.
Also can people stop with their idiotic 'conspiracy' theories while we're at it. Like Sigmund Fraud said, 'sometimes a cigar is just a cigar' and a flannel shirt is just a freaking flannel shirt. Seriously if you people put half those thoughts into things that really matter than trying to find 'hidden meanings' in the color of a shirt, the way somebody held their coffee cup in a scene or any of the other ridiculous 'observation' that come across my feed because honestly I don't even think I can add enough filters to stop this crap from hitting my feed that would be lovely.
To recap, I love the actual show...the one we watched for 15 seasons...not anyone's interpretation. I'm actually a fan of Jared and Jenson as actors. I also like a good chunk of the other actors who were on the show too (minus Misha, Kim, Chad and a few others).
Ok my rant is over...I know it's not going to make a difference other than my need to blow off steam because I have to trudge through so much crap on my feed.
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fromsamwtocordellw · a month ago
Tumblr media
When you think he can’t get any lower.
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neecy83 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It's a TV show. Get a life.
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mybabybrothersblog · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pepper and Sam became single mothers after their husbands died... Wtf mcu and spn -_-
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winchesterwhorehouse · 15 days ago
I was just thinking of that one post which's about a heller confusing Sam with Cas and I think I'm gonna make a blog which is solely focused on how destihellers accidentally turn out to be the biggest wincest shippers ever what say
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jarpadswalker · 2 months ago
I don't understand why you guys don't get it. The new refreshed Jared hate isn't about Misha or Jensen. It's about eyes being opened. It's about all the clown makeup running down Jared's face revealing what a terrible person he is. People are seeing it. People are finally telling the truth and not seeing him behind rose colored glasses anymore. That's the reality. He dug the hole for himself, little by little the real Jared is being revealed and it's a freak show.
To understand you need brain, sadly your lot is short of it.
You will never understand why people like Jared, to understand not only you need brain but you also need pure heart and compassion. Something you hellers & minions don't possess, all you guys know is spreading your shit on others.
The only thing you guys are good at is to demand things that you don't deserve. And, when people say no to you, just like an entitled kid you throw tantrum. This is exactly why their is increase in Jared hate cause you assholes can't phantom the fact that Jared got his own show and is executive producer. Deep down yall know he got the sweetest gig amongst the three of them. Your ego is hurt to know that Jared who had thought of retiring announced his next project even before SPN ended, whereas your faves were jobless for pretty good time even after SPN ended. The hate still exist coz even now he is the only one with steady job and steady income with lead role & EP status, whereas Jensen is still stuck as guest actor and Mooshface is struggling to survive. You hate the fact that your overlord is doing nothing but leeching money of his fans.
Not just the employment status but Jared hate has also increased because you idiots don't want to accept the truth. Yall are projecting your hate coz deepdown you know the truth that DESTIEL AIN'T CANON & JENSEN DOESN'T CARE FOR MISHA, and no matter how much you scream you can't change that fact. You have to pay $300 to make Jensen stand or click pictures with Misha and even then in half of the pictures he looks annoyed. You hate the fact that even after paying, Jensen doesn't bow down to your wishes and praise/support Mooshface like he does for Jared.
That is why you resort to lies to pacify your delulsion. In reality you want Mooshface to have what Jared has- from his employment status to Jensen support and attention. You are so jealous of Jared that you are resorting to ruining his image by spreading lies through Asks and Other social media outlets. Like an entitled kid that you are you have attitude of - If I don't have it no one else can have it either.
When you claim People "hate" Jared not once have you managed to give the proof coz you know no one who has worked with Jared has ever said anything bad about him. All they have done is sing his praise. Some of you idiots show heller tweets as proof or a statement from your overlord who is like your dancing monkey. He will do and say anything to make sure you buy is pee book.
Y'all forgot that unlike you brainless sheep, everyone else is still sane and use their brain to judge people. Like you guys, we don't believe on everything blindly, we are not going to believe Jared is bad just coz you said so or because you spread lies. We got enough brains to verify your claims and everytime it is proved that yall do nothing but tell lies. Every statement made by hellers and minions are full with lies and malice that is why you are the most toxic part of the fandom. You were even voted as the worst fandom and not just SPN but even other fandoms hate you, latest to join the club is THE BOYS fandom.
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samdeanfuck · 7 months ago
I just don’t understand how imagining 2 brothers fucking each other is hot. I mean, they are both hot individually, and maybe in real life, sure, but not the characters.
sorry you got no taste
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"wincest is a hot fantasy" - jensen ackles
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I'm sorry but if Sam and Dean Winchester are not your otp... platonically or sexually...
Have you seen Supernatural?
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anti-blog · 19 days ago
Being a heller at this point is like hanging around by the docks in New York every day telling passers by that you are waiting for the Titanic to arrive.
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moosensquirrel · 3 days ago
i hope j*red padalecki gets hit my a falling tree and it gets struck by lightning and burns
Reported and blocked. Also, you guys sure like to say you’re the “nice side of the fandom” and how you’d “never threaten Jared” but you send stuff like this all the time to his fans.
So much for being the nicer ships.
Have a nice day heller 💜
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orphicvlad · 25 days ago
It annoys me when hellers call people homophobic simply cause they do not view dean as bisexual
Like i am a gay man, like actually gay and no i am not homophobic simply cause i dont think that dean drinking cucumber water or wearing a purple shirt or looking at some dude for 2.3 seconds instead of 1.8 seconds means he is into guys.
If you think that then you are downplaying actual homophobia
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vallygirl285 · 2 months ago
Ok just going to say it...I'm blocking certain parts of the SPN fandom that is 'responding' to a few of my posts and sending 'Anonymous' Asks that consist of one of two words.
Sorry not worth my time or energy. Just for the record though...just because I don't 'ship' Destiel does not make me or anyone that doesn't ship them homophobes.
Newsflash...I don't ship them because A: I can't stand the character of Castiel and B: I am in no way a fan of Misha Collins. No big conspiracy...I just think he sucks as an actor (and that comes from watching him in not only SPN but seeing him on Timeless and 24).
I don't need to 'justify' why I don't like him anymore than I would expect people to justify disliking any performer that I like and you don't.
That is the beauty of being individuals we don't all have to like the same thing/person.
I have never gone on anyone's blog who is a fan of that ship or MC to post anything negative...why because...I respect your right to ship them and to like MC as an performer.
Somebody asked Jensen and Jared at the NOLA con this weekend who the bigger asshole was...oh yes this supposed fan was oh so clever. I can tell you who the biggest asshole is...SHE IS and the fucking toxic fans of the show who pull this shit.
Tumblr media
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neecy83 · 2 months ago
Everyone who ruined hellers' fun today... I LOVE YOU! They deserved it for being putrid anuses all the damn time. Thank you!
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