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#anti inner circle
worldsnotsaid · 6 hours ago
The biggest problem I have with SJM’s narration is that it seeks to justify some pretty villainous things and pass them off as heroic. We get R/hysand’s oppression of P/rythian brushed off as “tragically heroic.” Or we have F/eyre’s destruction of the Spring Court as “totally badass”
And these moments could be tolerable (in that, the could better conceptualized) if the narrative didn’t go out of its way to glorify them. If the narrative said acknowledged that F/eyre did these things because she wanted to, there wouldn’t be an argument about whether they were good or bad — they’d just be her decisions. And while I could disagree or dislike them, it wouldn’t be a problem of the text.
For example, while I didn’t like TFOTA, I did like some parts of Jude’s character. She’s pretty crazy, but it’s just her. That’s who she is, and she knows it. The same with Cardan. They’re truly set up as morally grey characters (I just wish the plot matched the characters, bc it’s pretty boring). People can dislike Jude, but she’s only the protagonist because we follow her story, she’s not a saint.
If F/eyre wants to be a “badass” and destroy a court, commit war/crimes, that’s on her. But the story can’t keep trying to go out of its way to say she’s good and virtuous. If R/hysand wants to oppress his country and such, he can’t then literally be a moralistic person, wishing death and violence on people who aren’t any different them him. The CoN has bad people, but what’s the difference between them and R/hys? Did R/hys not murder hundreds under A/marantha? Did he not conspire with her to protect his own court? Did he not literally leave his country out to dry to save one place? What’s the distinction between B/eron and R/hys? Because, only one of them has truly done evil things throughout the events of the story, and it’s not B/eron. B/eron is an abusive, controlling, classist — and R/hysand is too. R/hysand, who killed a whole family of people, who abused and s*xually assaulted his own mate. Who withheld life-changing information from her three time after he’d promised not to.
It’s the severity of the crimes that make it hard to say R/hys and F/eyre are are good. Like they’re pretty damn evil. And the text acknowledges that they are responsible for their crimes, but then in the same breath wants to reiterate that they’re still good people. And... hell no.
That’s why the discussion around other characters is coming to a head. SJM had declared this series adult, which means she can’t pull a moralistic stint like she has. Because most adult Fantasy deals with characters who are pretty fucked up. She’s selling to a way more critical audience. And I think that’s why SF is so negatively received. It’s not different AT ALL from her other books. In fact, the same level of inconsistency was in MAF and TAR and TOG. Her writing is the same, but her audience is becoming more critical because they either (1) are already adults when they read or (2) grew up with these books and have started to realize how bad they already were became they’ve grown up and read better books.
It’s harder to continue the same amateur, manipulative writing tactics when you’re writing to a sharper audience. So, I think a lot of stans conflate criticism with hate, just because newer readers are much older. It’s a completely different audience.
It’s hard to keep believing N/esta, L/ucien (how could people hate him lol), T/amlin, G/rayen, J/urian, or others are bad people when the main cast of characters are literally tyrants and murders and s*assault perpetrators. That’s a lot being excused. It’s not making a mistake. It’s having the main characters be responsible for the death of thousands while trying to uphold their sainthood.
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moe8 · 7 hours ago
If Alis nephews are the same age as f/eyre but are considered children in far world…
What the fuck are the batboys and tampon doing hanging the archeron sisters.
Make it make sense sjm
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worldsnotsaid · 2 days ago
is it me or do quite a few of sjm's problems stem from her not really realising how long five hundred years is? eg. azriel pining after mor for five hundred years is incredibly creepy, yet it's presented as though it's five weeks or something. ymmv on this of course :)
HI, anon!!!!
And I think this actually is the root of a lot of narrative problems. Let's think about the major events of this story -- all of them stem from the same point: The WAR.
Before, after, and at this point in time, the story is a grey area. Everyone is defined by these definite points in time. But, the problem is, the world consists of immortal beings, who actually experience this in real-time. Most of the Inner Circle fought in the War, and then there is nothing between the War and A/maratha. Nothing else major happens, no smaller battles, no civil wars, nothing else that defines these characters. And this absolutely matters because we are dealing with immortal characters. Another aspect is the fact that the Fae age like humans -- which means five hundred years feels like it, so that means for five lifetimes, A/zriel has pined after M/or and never taken a hint. That's creepy, and means that (1) M/or doesn't trust the Inner Circle enough to feel comfortable, and has felt this way for five hundred years, and (2) A/zriel, in all that time, has never taken a hint.
But more than that, it means that in all that five hundred years, there has been little to no development between humans and the Fae. It also means that R/hysand and the Inner Circle have been "putting on the mask" for more than four hundred years. Because R/hysand has been High Lord presumably for that amount of time. But then, that means that more or less, the Night Court has just always been a bad/evil court maybe?? And that just undermines the whole purpose behind a mask, because who the hell are they putting it on for??
Then we have the position of the High Lords, all of whom (excluding H/elion, B/eron, and R/hysand) we're born/ascended the title after the War, which makes the former three pretty damn old. But what makes a lot of the characters fall flat for me is the fact that we don't actually feel the breadth of their age. There are only two defining points in the entire history of P/rythian that are acknowledged over five books, and that are A/marantha and The WAR. And the oldest -- as far as we know -- is made into a comical two-dimensional "bad guy." B/eron and H/elion are by far the most intriguing out of all the High Lords, but they're always placed into very caricatured positions. R/hysand has always been uninteresting just because there are only two points in time that seem to define his character: The WAR and A/marantha's reign -- nothing else about him seems to exist. We don't actually know about him, and what we do know either (1) conflicts with the plot (i.e. the whole idea of the mask, the amount of time he's been HL, and how nothing has changed). Everything about the NC seems like it's nearly identical to the way R/hysand's father ran things. But we have a whole 300 hundred years of R/hysand being a tyrant with no reason that just gets glossed over, and he doesn't come off as someone who is more than five hundred years old.
But we get this super moralistic world that doesn't really fit the theme of immortal, powerful Fae. B/eron was the only HL who was more Fae just because he's a bad "guy" -- but as far as we know, he's not a bad High Lord, because he mentions that he did fight for his people and family, and he's actually pretty upset at R/hysand for oppressing P/rythian. He was pissed off that R/hysand was willing to sell everyone out, that was his concern -- and now, since SJM is running out of villains, she's just going to make him an ally for the same cause he was against in the third book. It's okay to have evil people in your world, and not make them the villain. He can still be a shitty person and a good leader. Being a good person doesn't mean you are a good leader, and the opposite can be true.
But because SJM went through with the story without fleshing anything else in five hundred years, anything she adds will destroy whatever meager worldbuilding (if we can call it that). Like she could've fleshed out at least three more events to make the world more than a cardboard cut out.
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worldsnotsaid · 3 days ago
I really wish we could stop pretending SJM actually cared about whether or not F/eyre was abused. Because if she actually cared about F/eyre and her reactions to abuse, she wouldn’t have paired her up with the biggest abuser in this series. She wouldn’t have tried to exercise s*xual assault. She wouldn’t have had R/hys lie to F/eyre about their baby or about the fact that their mates. She wouldn’t have made the whole plot of TAR, R/hys abusing F/eyre and then justifying it.
If she cared about the topics she implemented, she wouldn’t have had F/eyre do the same thing T/amlin did on several occasions. She wouldn’t have had R/hys threaten N/esta, or had C/ass laugh at N/esta trying to escape the House of Wind. If she cared about those topics then F/eyre wouldn’t have destroyed an entire court instead of just the person who harmed her. She wouldn’t have had F/eyre attack B/eron for calling R/hys out, or lock N/esta up. She wouldn’t have had M/or tell N/esta she deserved to be abused. Or she wouldn’t have had F/eyre use the same tactics I/anthe did with L/ucien, or victim-blame a group of people for fighting in a war. She wouldn’t have had R/hys oppress a whole nation because he wanted to save four people.
Pointing out the hypocrisy in T/amlin’s character points out how sloppily and irresponsibly she used these themes. How F/eyre is just a sexualized vessel to exclaim R/hys’s glory — the real MC of this story.
[Edit: especially when F/eyre’s reactions aren’t consistent??? She is never hateful, or critical towards R/hysand EVER for what he did to her. She admits to wanting him UTM. C’mon!!! There’s no way you can’t make the arguments toward T/amlin and not see the exact the same thing R/hys?? Because when does the distinction matter? When does abuse move into that territory where sweet words and empty promises or good intentions overshadow what was done?? Thats my problem at the heart of it all, if the writer can’t even make that distinction how the fuck do you expect the targeted audience too?? It’s not defending fucking T/amlin it’s saying that this is too muddled of a story that presents itself as something it’s NOT. And then it targets a extremely vulnerable audience, THAT is what I’m saying. And if all you get out of it is that I’m defending T/amlin, then you might also be a victim of SJM muddled handling of these subjects]
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worldsnotsaid · 3 days ago
I also hate when the characters in ACOTAR say “how did F/eyre fall for T/amlin?”
Umm, probably because he was a pretty good guy who took care of her and her family without expecting anything in return (or having to belittle her sisters). The guy who risked the entirety of P/rythian to make sure she was protected, who offered to teach her how to read, and gave her safety and comfort. Who understood her fear of being forgotten and being different. Who took in refugees from other courts during A/marantha’s reign and offered safety for them. Like did we all not read the the same book?? Are we seriously acting like TAR!T/amlin was the same guy he was in MAF. He was a good guy, that’s why she fell for him. Like that’s super annoying to hear, because it’s like people forgot who and what R/hys was in TAR
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worldsnotsaid · 3 days ago
You know, I honestly think that Rhysand surpassed Tamlin in ACOSF. Because for how horrible and abusive and cruel Tam is, I just cant see him treating the pregnancy how Rhysand did. Hear me out: we know that Tamlin puts Feyre's physical safety above all else, even her emotional well-being, due to his retconned character in ACOMAF. So if Tamlin knew that Feyre could die in childbirth... I honestly don’t think he’d withhold that information to “spare her feelings.” I honestly, truly think 1/2
2/2 that he’d do everything he could to save Feyre's life, even go the abortion route, because he has always prioritized her physical well-being at the expense of everything else. It doesn’t change what a horrible, abusive person Tamlin is. But I just can’t see him reacting like Rhysand did. I just think it means that Rhysand has gone to new lows, now.
Hi anon!
T/amlin's concerns for F/eyre always stemmed from the threat of external forces. His fear -- above all else -- is losing F/eyre. He is always keened in on anything that would take her from him, and that would include a child. For one, T/amlin never says he wants a child in MAF, he alluded to the idea that someday he'd want one, but he never actually wanted one, just because he knew they were in deep-crap with the war looming on the horizon. I don't even think T/amlin would have even agreed to the pregnancy, no matter if he was retconned into a brutish, abusive asshole. A lot of his concerns are valid, it's just his way of going about them that made him a douche-bag. He's actually the most logical person between R/hysand and F/eyre, and made a lot of pretty-good political decisions that were stupidly demonized by the text. Allying with Hybern, playing spy, staying quiet UTM -- all of those were great strategic ploys.
But anywho, T/amlin wouldn't have forced the child on F/eyre in the first place, just because a lot of the abusive things T/amlin did were more focused on her physical, material health. He already knows he's not equipped to protect a pregnant F/eyre, which is the root of his fear.
R/hysand placed the priority of safety on the child, not F/eyre. What makes matters worse is the fact that R/hysand has access to F/eyre's mind and wants. He knows F/eyre would have wanted to know, he knows that it was wrong, and he did it anyway. T/amlin and F/eyre had communication issues, R/hys and F/eyre don't. F/eyre never actually communicated with T/amlin, nor did T/amlin, F/eyre -- but this isn't an issue with R/hys, or at least it shouldn't be.
[1] R/hysand never actually tells F/eyre when she's wrong. nor does he let her make fully informed decisions. He knows that F/eyre's Illyrian form actually morphs her physiology, yet he still has intercourse with her with the hope of getting her pregnant. He knows the danger of having a child with wings is a possibility, yet he does not inform F/eyre before they choose to have a child.
[2] He does this, knowing that his fate is tied with F/eyre. If she dies, he does too, and they orphan their child -- whom they don't know will inherit their power. So anyone could become High Lord, more specifically Keir could possibly. Therefore the Night Court is put in a dangerous situation.
[3] R/hys literally promised at the end of the of WAR, and MAF to not keep secrets from F/eyre. That's the foundation of the relationship, yet he literally does the opposite. He doesn't tell F/eyre she's his mate, doesn't tell her about working with E/ris (and she definitely needs to know this, she's literally the co-leader), doesn't tell her about her pregnancy, doesn't tell her he's going to sacrifice his life. Theie whole relationship is built upon a lie. He never actually takes her advice. or consults her or does anything that makes the title of High Lady anything but a lie.
But funny enough, T/amlin did reluctantly try to change after the events of MAF, he did take her advice, and literally tried to tell her about his plan with Hybern before she insulted him (which I kind of didn't mind, T/am was annoying asf in MAF). I don't think T/amlin would have kept this secret of F/eyre after everything, just because we have evidence that he is willing to change, even past his fear/trauma-based need to protect. In I know for a fact that TAR T/amlin wouldn't have done something like that just because it directly conflicts against his established character.
Even more so, if L/ucien knew, he would have told F/eyre. He would've never did what the Inner Circle did, just because we've seen him always go behind MAF!T/am's back and help her. Even when his safety was the cost.
But again, MAF!T/am is a way better strategic leader than R/hys, like ever. Even at his most abusive, insane state, he still made smarter political/common sense choices that R/hys has done in the entirety of the series. T/amlin would have never gotten himself in this stupid decision anyway because he (1) understands his power better that R/hys and (2) would have realized that he can't adequately protect a pregnany F/eyre (3) he would have never made such a stupid bargain with F/eyre in the first place.
Thanks, anon!
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bythenineshards · 3 days ago
Fun fact: Cassian and Azriel don't have personalities on the wiki.
Make of that what you will.
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worldsnotsaid · 4 days ago
Something I thought was interesting in the whole “T/amlin helped kill R/hys family” is that the intention actually matters. For example, R/hysand’s father promised not to kill the Lady of the Spring Court because she was innocent. But guess what he did...he killed her anyway. And R/hysand honestly wasn’t to blame for that. His plan to was kill the people who killed his mother, not implement an innocent party.
That quite literally might be the same situation T/amlin could have been in. Because the addition of T/amlin’s role in R/hysand’s family death conflicts directly against T/am’s characterization.
[1] T/amlin hated his father and brothers. He didn’t mourn them when they died. But he specifically really hated his father and disagreed with him — That’s what SJM wrote in TAR, I’m not making this up or feeding into fanon. T/am literally says he would have betrayed his father in the war had he been older enough.
[2] T/amlin is an empathetic person. It’s the whole reason he lets refugees into his court during A/marantha’s reign. The whole first book is dedicated to establishing the fact that’s T/am focused on protecting his borders. He mourns over the death of some unknown Faerie. He and L/ucien are disturbed by the Winter Court children deaths. So why would he just willingly kill a child or at least be complicit?? Who’s not to say he was put in a situation similar to R/hys??
Lastly, it’s established that R/hys and T/am we’re still friends and that they bonded over being hated by their families. So why would T/am just betray him if not by accident or because he was tricked??? Like there’s no progression on their friendship, it’s just thrown in their to make T/am even more of a villain. But, SJM also implied that R/hys may know that T/am was put in a unwilling situation hence the line “can you forgive me for them”
She either dropped that storyline, or just forgot. It just literally made no sense and I found myself rolling my eyes at the inclusion of T/am giving up his family’s location. Or T/amlin could have figured that R/hys could take the Lord of Spring. It’s established that T/am killed the High Lord of the Night Court in one go, could R/hys not have done the same????
Because isn’t F/eyre culpable in a whole families death?? Did she not give up another persons name, to save her own?? What if Clare had a little sister?? Like what’s the difference??
The leaps SJM went through to vilify T/amlin just backfires because she never expounds on it. And since she’s always in the habit of redeeming shitty people, there’s no tension in it. Like why did T/amlin do it?? You already established his hatred for his family, so the only other option is he either a) tricked b) figured R/hys could handle it c) was incapacitated.
That’s what happens when you forget the character you wrote just one book earlier.
For example, say C/assian murdered a child, and the only side of the story we got was from someone who didn’t witness the crime. As the audience, we’d be wary because it literally goes against C/ass established character. It’s like, completely undermines the character we’ve gotten (even if he’s pretty-much an asshole in FAS and SF). I can’t even use F/eyre or R/hys because both of them have literally done some horrible shit that gets justified.
And the thing is...this is the same storyline she’s going for with E/ris, so I’m just confused on the logic. Either E/ris did or didn’t help kill Jesminda. And even if he was a shitty person, his redemption does not have to be a retcon. How about E/ris does the right thing because he wants to change. You don’t have to earn redemption, it’s a self thing. But E/ris retcon is still stupid because it conflicts against how he was already characterized. It’s not like he ever expressed any love for L/ucien and L/ucien already expressed disdain for his brothers, so it doesn’t really conflict to learn that E/ris helped killed Jesminda. Because E/ris wants to be High Lord, so his evil actions towards his brothers are still in character. But it’s not like he can’t realize he’s been wrong. He can still be morally-grey or just choose to be a better person.
But anyway, if SJM is arguing that E:ris never had a choice and the T/amlins father is already established to be worse than B/eron, and that his brothers would have killed him as a child, how the hell are we supposed to just accept the obvious retcon of T/amlin’s character?? Like she already established all this information and tried to retcon it to give R/hys a sad backstory.
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worldsnotsaid · 4 days ago
Okay, i don’t know if I’m alone in this and it’s been a while since I’ve read the books but am I the only one who thought Grayson and his father were justified in their hatred of the Fae?Like the Faes have literally oppressed the humans for years, but when humans display their dislike for the Fae they’re painted as villains?
Hi anon!!!
Okay, this actually leads to a much bigger problem that's prevalent throughout all of SJM's novels-- and that's her understanding of oppression, colonization, and slavery.
She opens up the conversation around these heavy topics without actually meaning to delve into them. They're only every used as plot points to either (a) show the "goodness" of her white MC (b) to provide a vague sense of drama (i.e. the division of human and fae in acotar is really only describes why the wall exists and to position H/ybern as evil), yet the implication of the Fae enslaving humans is never expounded on. This is the same in TOG, where A/elin's "tragic" backstory includes her being a slave for a year, yet the story never finishes that character arc. She never mentions her promise about Eyllwe (is that how you spell it?) again. She "frees" the slaves in the prequel books, and that is supposed to be a testament of her goodness. The oppressed people are only ever used as fodder or tools in an inherent white savior narrative.
But back to your point:
The Fae have oppressed humans for hundreds of years. They have continued to hunt humans down, especially close to the wall. They never helped the humans after the war and a wall was erected.
Grayson is a part of an oppressed people. He has every right -- and mean every right -- to hate the Fae. They are an oppressive power bathing in wealth after they destroyed the human lands, and continue to oppress and look down at them.
People want Grayson to die because he doesn't like the Fae -- and WHY would he?
What's disgusting is that F/eyre's narration constantly demonizes this guy for being logical. And it leads me to the scene in MAF where C/ass shits on N/esta for talking about his people -- the people who have always collectively hunted and talked-down to humans???
When did the Fae ever actually help the people the enslaved for hundreds of years? When did His Darkness ever actually help the people who were slaves? Remember when R/hysand said the only reason the NC got rid of slavery was because humans "bred to quickly and it was hard to hold their minds for long"??? Not because it was idk MORALLY WRONG. Remember when R/hysand said both sides were to blame??
When were humans at fault for fighting against their oppressors?? How the fuck does that make sense SARAH?? This read like a person who never actually looked at history besides the white-washed elementary version. It's so ugly. She sets up F/eyre was this champion for humanity only to actually antagonize the people who actually fought (J/URIAN). Just to praise the magical oppressors for merely helping clean up the mess they started in the first place.
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moe8 · 4 days ago
Nobody at all:
Absolutely no one:
Me: I hate that Feyre, Rhys, Azriel and the rest of the night court appropriate Illyrian culture all the time. And the fact they just pick and choose the parts of it they want. I hate the fact that all of the POC groups in sjm’s books are killed and treated as stepping stones for white protagonists.
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worldsnotsaid · 6 days ago
I honestly feel like the reason I have to keep reiterating the same points about characters like N/esta is because there is just a lot of hypocrisy involved in her character and a lot of assumptions that just kind of get tossed out about her. She’s similar to T/amlin and even E/lain in that regard, where the narrative around them is not reliable, and what’s said about them through F/eyre’s point of view is often skewed to fit any given narrative. Needless to say, I have yet another rant about N/esta. 
It’s not even that she’s the greatest character ever, or that I would even consider myself a full on N/esta “stan.” But, like many of my rants, her character is usually representative of bigger, overarching problems in SJM’s writing. It’s always relevant to include other characters in this series in any analysis, because the problem is that the villainization of N/esta, or E/lain, or T/amlin, or L/ucien is always dependent on the framing of others. F/eyre is always integral in discussing N/esta because it is through F/eyre that N/esta is foiled. Even a character like R/hysand is worth discussing because, again, the standard of good and bad is always centered back to him.
This post is positioned around the “abuse” category assigned to N/esta. The argument between “stans” and “antis” alike is whether or not N/esta and E/lain are “abusive sisters.” And when this argument comes up, there is always the deployment of personal experiences, articles, sources about abuse, etc., -- which is great, and reiterates an understanding of the importance of these topics. The problem is the unreliable narrative voice and the distinction between what is said and what is done.  Because when the narrative needs us to feel sympathy for F/eyre, N/esta’s is antagonized, but the actions of N/esta throughout all of the books either jar with it, or completely negate it. Simply put, there is not really enough evidence to classify their relationship as anything. We don’t know. The story isn’t written reliably enough to confirm of negate that.  There isn’t. And even the bits of information we do get via F/eyre are often conflicting. Because F/eyre hates N/esta and says she can hear her voice, but then admits that N/esta would have gone Under the Mountain for her, and as we saw with N/esta’s actions, this actually fits exactly in line with that sentiment. The same even goes for E/lain, who sacrifices her marriage and social status to help aid the Night Court when they needed a human emissary. So, can we honestly, truly understand their relationship? Nope. I don’t even think SJM knew, because either she realized just how ridiculous their dynamic was, or she just forgot. In five books, SJM still does not know how to classify their relationship. Because there really isn’t one. And depending on how you read these books, either side is culpable. There wouldn’t be this big a divide if these books were written clearly enough to confirm. And it’s hard when people attach their personal experience to a story not a complete enough to actually back it up. It’s not like we’re reading a story that realistically covers like abuse and trauma. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be a story, because both R/hys and T/amlin would be defined correctly as ugly abusers, there wouldn’t be the need to explain away R/hys’s behavior. There wouldn’t be an argument about either F/eyre was abusive in FAS or SF if this story actually cared about the topics beyond glorifying F/eyre and antagonizing literally everyone else.  So yeah, I know this was already a lot, but expect that rant cause it’s totally brewing.
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kayla-2 · 8 days ago
Is it truly that hard to applaud or describe n/esta without bringing up the inner circle? I understand bringing up others for “criticism” barely. But when hyping her up, when the post is specifically about her accomplishments what’s the point in bringing up other characters.
“I know Feyre is known for being strong and having high lords want her but actually n/esta…..”
“morrigan might be a 500+ year old warrior but n/esta..”
“Rhysand is known for having a silver tounge but..”
“Cassian is sweet to Feyre and Morrigan but with n/esta he’s different…..” his mate??? Duh??? You don’t have to bring them up.
Are y’all not tired? If there is just no way to describe or praise her without bringing up other people or rearranging the narrative it just weakens whatever you are trying to point out. Or maybe there’s no point there.
I promise you we can understand what you are trying to say without the other characters randomly being brought up.
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worldsnotsaid · 9 days ago
I’m really curious on what SJM endgame was with F/eyre and R/hysand? She wrote TAR already knowing R/hys was going be the love interest eventually, but she still decided to make him abuse her at unimaginable levels. So I’m curious on what her endgame was before she tried to retcon R/hysand in MAF.
Most of his story doesn’t make any sense in Chapt. 54. And considering the fact that F/eyre was willing to accept R/hysand before he even explained his behavior UTM, I honestly have a dirty feeling that SJM never honestly intended to explain his actions (maybe?). Chapter 54 is just to big of monologue with gaping plot holes to make me think any différent. [edit: and it kind of sticks out? it’s like a sore thump tone-wise. Or is that just me? It feels like it was stuck in there because she genuinely forgot to address his behavior — which yikes]
I’d been thinking about this sense I made the post about M/or and A/mren, and I’m just kind of curious what other people think.
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worldsnotsaid · 9 days ago
I’m sorry, but when has N/esta ever “justified” her behavior? Both in the initial trilogy or in SF? When did she ever say her behavior was okay, that her trauma excused her behavior?
N/esta’s journey, no matter how terrible and abusive it was, never acted as a justification. It’s not like she gave a twelve page monologue describing how her “abuse” was actually to F/eyre’s benefit? She didn’t like F/eyre, that’s not a crime. Honestly, no other character in this story ever justifies their bad actions —none except those in the night court.
When has R/hysand ever apologized to anyone for his behavior under the mountain? When did he ever do anything other than justify his abuse? When in Chapter 55, did he say “I’m sorry, my behavior was out of line?” Did he not literally just tell F/eyre how his behavior was “for own interest”? That’s not holding yourself accountable, that’s saying your behavior is okay because your intention was good.
I wish people would stop trying to compare N/esta and R/hysand and stop trying to validate R/hysand’s treatment of N/esta by going through loops and holes to invalidate his abuse.
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faithisilliterate · 10 days ago
Friendship groups that make more sense to me than the Inner Circle
- Azriel, Emerie, Balthazar
- Azriel, Nesta, Lucien
- Rhys + the Valkyries
- Band of Exiles + Elain (fingers crossed this actually happens in the future)
- Feyre, Cressieda, Vivian
- Cassian, Tarquin, Lucien
- Mor + the Summer Court crew
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firebirdofscythia · 10 days ago
[settles down in my little home with my coffee and my book, listening to music] your ask box is my home
hi cass, for the salty asks:
Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?*
What is the purest ship in the fandom?
Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?
... can I say the fandom??? We're being salty right? I have to say the ACOTAR fandom is so unbelievably toxic that unless you carefully curate your feed (which I recommend everyone do so you can enjoy fandom) it feels like you're constantly being pulled into drama or seeing something so unbelievably toxic.
I love everyone I follow though and I've made sure of that so I truly enjoy the part of the fandom I interact with but before blocking tags and stuff wow it was rough (still is sometimes)
But like book related I'd say the Inner Circle. Idk they're just not it for me anymore (stan the band of exiles for clear skin)
What is the purest ship in the fandom?
Kallias and Viviane
Oh my god I love them so much. They deserve the world. Childhood best friends to lovers and aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just wow
They're perfect and deserve everything
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feysandandnyx · 12 days ago
I read a comment from one person comparing the lie Amren told Nesta (about her still having obligations to the night court for not being relieved of her charge) with Tamlin lying so that Feyre would go with him to spring court. I think the first thing to mention is that they are completely different contexts. Tamlin kidnapped Feyre because he wanted Feyre to break her curse. Amren wants Nesta to agree to take care of herself. Then thinking about it, I remembered that she used the same strategy with Feyre in ACOMAF, after Feyre couldn't get into prison because of his trauma with confined spaces. So we have this in chapter 18:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then in chapter 28
Tumblr media
Amren lied to Feyre for the same reasons, especially since she knows Prison better than anyone else. Basically, she used psychology with Feyre. Believing that she was protected by Amren's amulet, Feyre was able to return to Prison and face her traumas. In ACOSF, Amren lied so that Nesta would accept to take care of herself and face her traumas. Amren also lied to Feyre during ACOWAR, before she entered the cauldron. Please stop making Nesta a victim of IC, you make the story very boring ✨
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