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#anti inner circle

I still think it’s wild that Rhysand stans of all people throw around the word abuse when it comes to Nesta. Lol like did we both read the parts about the shitty things Rhysand has done and continues to do??

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nesta: suffered against poverty, was kidnapped and became a fae against her will, risked her life in the war and was ready to die with cassian, lost her father, is severely depressed and alone, is either insulted, slutshamed or ignored by the inner circle and her own sisters, is forced to leave her home and go train in the mountains

the inner circle:

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Listen I know nothing about where all this Eris and Nesta shit is coming from but I can’t help but think it’s just like the love triangle around Elain except that both male characters are Considerably Worse and then just everything is worse.

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i feel on some level that the whole eris vs ryhs debate ultimately stems from sjm struggling to write nuanced characters. they’ve gotta be all good or all bad. like she cannot write proper redemption arcs at all. or characters who start out good but become morally ambiguous. they often go that way, but she doesn’t mean it to, so you get questionable characters being praised like they can do no wrong, and it’s like, not ironic or satire.

it’s bc of this that the ones who are genuinely interesting, like nesta, almost feel like they’re that way by accident.

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Is Eris an abusive person? Yes, I fully believe that. Even ignoring Feyre and the IC’s perceptions of him, he has done awful things to other characters, specifically Lucien and Mor, on page that have had long lasting negative affects, either physical or psychological.

Is there an explanation as to why he has become this type of person? Yes. He has grown up in an abusive family where his digusting father physically and verbally abuses his mom, and treats his sons like they’re animals. It makes sense why Eris would turn out like he did, because becoming violent and hateful was the only way he would survive such a hostile situation.

Does his upbringing justify or excuse his actions? No. It absoluetly does not. Whether you like it or not, he has hurt people and has caused long lasting trauma to them. Especially in Mor’s case, he has contributed to her and others feeling unsafe and continuing to feel unsafe because of his past actions. Invalidating her trauma and the trauma of other characters to uphold Eris’s is hypocritical.

Eris is simultaneously a victim of abuse and an abuser himself. The former does not cancel out the later, and vice versa. This is true for most of the characters in this series— especially Nesta and all the members of the IC —who have done bad things to other people and have been hurt by other people right back. Whether they are “redeemable” or not is up to you, whether or not you personally believe the good they have done outways the bad, or if their evil attributes are too prominent to ignore. It is up to you to decide whether or not a character is deserving of sympathy, regardless of your personal feelings towards them, and what lines they must cross before you are unwilling to give them the benefit of the doubt. The one thing that is clear is that no one in the main cast of characters is wholly good nor wholly evil and ignoring this fact is what is causing so much chaos and division in this fandom.

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It’s going to literally hurt my heart to read all the scenes in which cassians going to put the inner circle first. The hurt that Nesta is going to feel makes me almost get an anxiety attack. Also I getting a free trial of audible so I can read the ACOSF for free ☺️

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I’ve been seeing a lot of pro eris posts lately, saying things like ‘if you can stan rhysand and the inner circle you don’t have the right to hate eris’. It literally goes both ways. The narrative excuses rhysand but condemns eris, so at least stanning rhysand/hating eris is just going along with what sjm tries to tell you, and probably means you aren’t really thinking critically about it. People who hate rhysand but stan eris – so much worse, since you looked past the narrative in order to condemn rhysand, but chose to stan eris regardless. But then again I’m not convinced some of you actually know how to critically read since all your criticisms stem from which characters you like/dislike. 

You can condemn BOTH rhysand and eris.

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ok. i know this is old shit but can ANYONE please tell me why amren was at the mansion, in the office, when nesta was being kicked out of velaris?

when rhys brings nesta into his mansion, surrounded by his friends who are either neutral or down right hate her. why is amren there? literally just to try and beat down nesta more? she serves absolutely no purpose. and when she essentially says nesta would fuck anything that moves/slut shames her and rhys agrees

you can’t convince me that rhys didn’t just invite her/allow her to be there so he could get off on watching another person beat nesta down in an unfamiliar/unfriendly environment where she couldnt really defend herself. my memories not great, but it seemed to me thats it.

disgusting. the lot of yous (yes this is bc all the slut shaming discussion lol)

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If you stan the tyrants that are the IC, then you shouldnt be judging anyone for stanning eris. Just be quiet, you have no ground to stand on. Everyone has their problematic favs so just leave it be.

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Imagine Eris Asks Nesta to dance with him and Cassian is all like “no, he’s bad” and she says “well then I guess it’s a perfect fit. I mean, what better match to him than someone whose sister’s love is given despite their best judgment?”

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I know I shit on mor, Rhys and feyre a lot but dont ever for a second believe I think those other three are better. The entire ic is terrible. They’re just shitty, shitty leaders.

One believes that tyranny is self sacrifice and uses sexism as an aesthetic.

Ones only leadership experience was rationing food for her family and believes terrorism is cool.

One tortures people for a living and invades others personal space.

One rules with her emotions and is content with using her friends for self preservation even though they arent happy.

Ones got territorial issues and throws tantrums big enough to destroy a village.

One makes homicidal comments and is just mean unprovoked.

And they’re all united in their shitty politicies that no one seems to question, in their enabling ways that seems culty, in their self-righteous complexs, and overall nepotism.

Do I still enjoy the books where the world revolves around them? Yes. Do I know why? No. Everyone’s got a thing. And the continued reading of the acotar series even though I kinda hate these characters is my thing. A guilty pleasure, if you will.

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The only reason I’d want Nesta to train as an Illyrian warrior is if she chins Rhys. Absolutely decks him. Otherwise, I would like a heroine that’s more reliant on their intelligence and tactics than physical strength. Or her at least being a cool witch

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Does anyone else remembers Rhysand’s “phantom hands” in acowar and acofas. The cringe, the audacity, and the comedy at the writing is astronomical.

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Okay… so Azriel doesn’t resort to poetry and he doesn’t resort to threats. So what do you resort to? Because at this point you no longer have a personality 

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Cassian has his own house in Illyria while thousands live in tents and camps. For 500 years he’s been getting a GeNeRoUs salary from the High Lord, but if we find out he hasn’t been helping his people by donating or something Im going to lose it.

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 Nesta wants money to pay her rent knowing it doesn’t even make a dent in Feyre’s bank account



Originally posted by kittiesaresuperserial

I’m done with the Feyre slander today I promise

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The IC is all jokes and giggles when they laugh at nestas expense, I cant wait for her to respond one day and put them in their place once and for all.

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Feyre believes that Rhysand is the best High Lord among all the courts in Prythian. But does she even know how to spell High Lord.

This girl hasn't learned anything about the other courts for her to come to this conclusion, if she had we would know more about them reading from her perspective. 

Imagine the winter High Lady and Lord protecting the children left from Amarantha reign. Viviane protected the court for 50 years, she earned her spot while Feyrug fucked to the top. Which I would have no problem with if she didn’t act so offended when someone doesn’t give her the same respect as Rhysand. She wants the privileged that comes with being High Lady but what does she do? She paints.. everyone. She does the role a lady of the night court would do. 

If anything it just makes me excited for Acosf because I know that Nesta is going to work harder than anyone. And that her “eat the rich” mentality isn’t  going to let her adapt as easily as Feyre. 

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