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turesti · 11 hours ago
“Everyone hates you.”
“Your sisters love you and I can’t for the life of me understand why.”
“Perhaps you can find it in yourself to try a little harder this year”.
“I didn’t have a choice to be shackled to you either”
“Not eating won’t bring your father back”
Tumblr media
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nestaswhore · 22 days ago
the way the house of wind (a literal house) made nesta feel better, provided her more comfort, made her laugh and smile more times than cassian in the entirety of acosf 🤭
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before the hike part started:
Feyre was quiet for a long minute. He says that he knows he’s supposed to say that’s unnecessary, but to tell you he’s secretly delighted. Good. I am secretly glad to hear that. Feyre laughed, and the sound was proof that she might have been hurt, startled by the news, but she was indeed adapting to it.
You two, what?
I can understand riceman being delighted to forcing nesta on a hike after she told her sister the truth he was hiding, but Cassian, Nesta's own mate. being glad to hear that? Then her sister who was about to die in ignorance, laughing?
run nesta, run.
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iamreykylotrash · a month ago
realizing what he lost.
psa: this scene does mention narcissistic behavior. please, read with caution.
Cassian could feel his heart beating faster as he walked closer to the double doors.
He had craved to see her. After almost two years since she fled to the Autumn Court, he had still wanted her, never spending a day without her in his thoughts. He wondered what Eris did to her, only imagining what he would see after those doors opened.
Was she alright?
Did he hurt her?
Was she suffering?
Would she come back home?
Did she still love him?
Beside him, his family was there, waiting for those doors to open as well.
He could hear the mumbling from the inside, trying to hear his mate’s voice. He tried to single her out, but he couldn’t hear her over all the mumbles and laughter.
Will you be alright, Cassian? Rhys asks him.
It was a question he was asking himself since he found out she'd be here. His mind hounded him, calling out to her, receiving no answer. After everything that happened between them, he deserved her silence, but the pain was unbearable.
"Why do you always take their side? Every time I oppose them, you always defend them! You know I am right about this, Cassian! We have already fought a war where we lost thousands of lives! We are not prepared for another one! We won't last!" Nesta yelled at him.
Cassian pinches the bridge of his nose, "That isn't your call to make, Nesta! Rhysand and Feyre are the ones who make the call. Every war I have faced and won is because of Rhys. He knows what he is doing. We need to trust him." He tells her.
Nesta scoffs, "It's like you don't care how many soldiers you lose. Those men are prepared for war, but they are leaving behind families. You are part of the reason why. If you keep agreeing to everything that Rhysand does, eventually, you will lose." She says, facing away from him.
"And since when did you start caring about the lives of others? What did you do when your sister was out on her own, scavenging for food? You left her alone. She was out there by herself while you and Elain stood around doing nothing." He snaps at her.
Nesta snaps her head to him, "You have no idea what you are talking about! I explained my reason for doing so and I have apologized!" She tells him.
Cassian huffs a laugh, "And what was your precious reason? Was it because you were too lazy and figured that your youngest sister could do it on her own? Or was it because you thought yourself too valuable to ever do lowlife things such as that?" He says.
"Fuck you! Even when I told you everything that my mother had done to me, you still believe that I wanted Feyre to do everything? My mother trusted her to take care of our family! Yes, I know I could have done more, but I didn't know how to do everything as she did! Feyre had trained herself, taught herself the ways of the wild, while Elain and I could only watch!" She exclaimed.
Cassian rolls his eyes, "But you knew she was suffering. She needed your help, but you clearly couldn't see that. Instead, you stood to the side, caring about nothing but Elain and yourself. Fuck everyone, right? Including your father?" He tells her.
Nesta was stunned into silence.
Cassian's thoughts were interrupted as the doors opened.
As they walked into the room, he could see they were the sixth court to arrive. The Autumn Court wasn't there yet.
The General let out a breath of relief, not knowing what he would have done if he laid eyes on his mate. He might have embraced her or stole her away from the awful court, wanting to be with her for a single moment.
"Ah, look who has arrived. Isn't it fun to be in the same room as we were three years ago?" Helion asked with a gleaming grin.
Rhysand scoffed, "It would be fun if it weren't under severe circumstances. We shouldn't be talking about war so soon after going through one." He says, taking a seat beside Kallias.
Cassian's mind flashes back to that time, remembering how close he was to death, not knowing that he was looking at her right in those blue-gray eyes.
I have no regrets in my life, but this. That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta.
That was the first moment he saw the pureness of his mate. He saw her vulnerability, feeling her very being tugging at him to stay alive. There, he fought with everything to be by her side, even if it were their last minutes alive.
Thesan scoffed, "If anything, you should be the most excited about this upcoming war, seeing as you weren't hesitant on starting one when Eris married your mate's sister." He says.
Feyre looks at him, "Whatever goes on with my family is none of your concern. Eris knew what he was getting himself into." She snaps at him.
He leaned forward in his seat, "Your sister crossed into my court, gaining temporary refuge from a family she stumbled upon. From what they told me, she was dirty, parched, and wet from the rain. Her fever reached high temperatures to the point where smoke rose from her body, even while she slept. She stayed in bed for five days before she was able to get up," Thesan says.
Cassian felt himself freeze at the words. He hadn't known. After she had left, he spent days screaming at himself when he should have gone out to find her, getting her back home where she was safe.
"You fucking bastard! How dare you say that? You make it seem that I didn't give a shit about what happened to her at all! I stared out the window almost every minute, hoping that she would return by sundown! There were times I stood out on the porch to see if I could see her silhouette to know she was alive! I may not have gone out there, but I was dependent on her!" Nesta yelled.
He chuckled, "Keep telling yourself that, Nesta, maybe you'll start believing yourself." He says, walking out of the room.
"She is my sister! I know what I did was wrong, but you have no right to hold it over my head! What if I said those same things about your mother?" Nesta told him.
At that, Cassian stopped, turning back to look at her, "You are on thin ice, Nes. I'd be careful with your next words." He tells her.
"So now you're threatening me? You are allowed to bring up my past, but I cannot bring up yours? You're a fucking hypocrite!" She yells at him.
"What happened with my mother is different. I barely knew her." He tells her.
Nesta scoffs, "And if you had known her, do you think that she'd be okay with you treating me like this? You act no better than the males in the mountains, treating women as if they're nothing but dirt!" She yells at him.
"Oh, you would like that, wouldn't you? You want me to be like them so that you can run off and go to someone else who your mother would deem more worthy of you?" He says, walking closer to her, "Let me tell you something, Nesta. There is no one in this world who will put up with you like I do. No one will understand you better than me. That is exactly why the Mother paired you with me. It's because I am the only male worthy enough to withstand your bullshit."
After the last word left his mouth, Cassian's head snapped to the side, feeling the sting of his mate's hand on his cheek, feeling the iron taste pool in his mouth.
"Whatever was between us, you have destroyed it. I don't ever want to see you again! You hear me! I reject this fucking bond!" She yells at him, walking past and out of the door of the House of Wind.
Next, it was Kallias who spoke, "High Lady, my guards had to rescue your sister from the mountains. With the equipment she was given, she barely made it out alive. If it weren't for the aid of my court, she would have been returned to you dead. Thankfully, for her flaming abilities, she was able to heal up quickly. We may not care about what goes on in your court, but when it comes to something like this, we deserve an explanation." He says.
Feyre sighs, looking away from them, probably talking to Rhysand through their bond. He held her hand, comforting her in this conflicting situation.
Cassian stared at them, knowing they were debating on whether they should say the truth. If they did, there was a high chance that he would be seen as the enemy in their eyes.
That's exactly what he thought he was anyway.
"There were some... complications between Nesta and me. I had said things I shouldn't and-" Feyre started but was interrupted.
"Lies. It was because of the General of the Night Court. From what my citizens told me, Eris and Nesta spoke about the situation whilst in my court. Cassian had fought with her, saying things about her past that he shouldn't have, making her leave that same night and trudge through Prythian on her own." Tamlin says, his arms crossed and eyes closed, unbothered.
Cassian stood from his seat, "You know nothing! I advise you to keep your mouth shut before-"
"Before what? You kill me? It would be mercy at this point. But do not try and scurry away from this, General. Your mate ran to another court to escape you," he leaned forward in his seat, "She married Eris because she would have died if she went anywhere else. You and your precious High Lord and Lady didn't give her a choice." Tamlin reveals, picking the dirt from under his nails.
This time, it was Cassian who was stunned into silence.
Then, the doors had opened once more, revealing the Autumn Court.
Everyone had their heads turned towards them, seeing Beron walk in with grace, the Lady of Autumn, and their youngest sons walking behind him. And the last to come in...
Nesta was put into a deep orange silk dress. It was slit at the side, showing her leg from her thigh all the way down to her white heels. Her neck was decored in the finest gold, shining in the sunlight. Her hair was put up into its natural style, wearing a crown of bronze leaves with gold flakes, showing where her allegiance lay.
Her arm was linked with Eris's, the ruby wedding ring shimmering as it caught the light. Her face held no emotion like her husband's. But they nodded once to everyone, showing common respect, unlike Beron and his other sons.
"Ah, the topic of conversation. You all made it just in time." Helion announced, the whole room becoming tense.
As the Autumn Court sat down, Cassian looked at the woman who sat across from him, not knowing who she was. She hadn't looked like the woman he fell in love with. She had changed.
"Topic of conversation? Please, do tell." Beron says to them.
Thesan shakes his head, "We will talk about it later. Right now, we must focus on what we will do about the upcoming war, and how we can prevent it from happening." He says.
He couldn't focus on their words. Nesta was fuller, vibrant even. She seemed more content. Even when her eyes briefly met with the Lady of Autumn, he saw the small smile she gave her, seeing a glow in her he hadn't noticed before.
Whatever was between us, you have destroyed it!
And it was true.
He had lost her.
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s-tormwitch · 13 days ago
hate Cassian in acosf. there's that part where Rhys tells Nesta to treat Gwyn with dignity and Cassian doesn't like it, says Rhys thinks Nesta can't offer sympathy. but that's the point. she never offered sympathy to anyone, anyone at all, until she met Gwyn and Emerie, who only knows a different version of her. Rhys only saw Nesta treat everyone like shit. what the fuck did Cassian expect Rhysand to assume after seeing Nesta humiliate Feyre and everyone else around him? fuck you Cassian of acosf, and Nesta of all books, bitch
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leilarambles · 11 days ago
no because let’s talk about this whole “nesta never deserved cassian’s love” theme.
why? genuinely why?
because she was cold to him? because she said mean things to him? because she refused to be friends with him and fit into his lil gang of overgrown man-children and holier-than-thou women?
nesta literally never owed him any of those things. she didn’t owe him her time or attention or friendship. yes, she was disrespectful to him from the beginning, i won’t excuse that, but literally so was he?? like, when they first met this man legit came for her, a full stranger to him, giving this whole spiel on how she basically failed feyre as a sister because feyre hunted to provide for their family while nesta sat on her ass. so like, what’s up with these double standards? if ur gna hold nesta accountable for every horrible thing she’s said to cassian, let’s do the same to him. because him saying this shit to her in acomaf was…atrocious. idk how we all looked at it and thought yeah…that’s a ship. i ship it. my ship is sailing.
and yk what, if this is the criteria for whether nesta “deserves” cassian’s love or not, why does the narrative not give that same energy to feyre and elain?
think about it. when feyre and rhys first met and throughout the beginning of their relationship, she was cold and rude to him. she made no effort to get to know or befriend him and his friends. she literally threw a shoe at his head. but because feyre was suffering from depression and ptsd, somehow it’s okay that her relationship with rhys started off super rocky? somehow feyre is never undeserving of rhys’ love, and vice versa, even though rhysand literally assaulted her?
elain was also pretty closed off and withdrawn from the ic when she first met them. she, like feyre, was going through personal shit, so the narrative excuses her initial behaviour around the ic. even with lucien, whom she constantly turns away/avoids, the narrative doesn’t villainize her treatment of him. in fact, it always strives to make it clear that elain does not owe lucien anything just because they’re mates (which is true—she doesn’t. so why couldn’t the narrative extend nesta that same courtesy? why wouldn’t it give nesta even more of it, considering she and cassian weren’t aware of their mating bond when they first met? they had even less of a connection than elain and lucien.)
but when it comes to nesta—nesta, who was severely depressed, traumatized, suffering from ptsd, developed an alcohol addiction, and basically had an eating disorder—she is for some unexplainable reason not exempted from her behavior towards cassian on the grounds that her mental health was at it’s lowest the way feyre and elain were. the way she treats him means that, even though he treats her just as terribly in the beginning and even more so throughout their relationship as it develops (or does…whatever it does in acosf. idk if i’d classify it as “development”), she isn’t “worthy” of his love.
because nesta isn’t “nice”? bestie, with the way her own mate + her own sisters + the ic treat her, how can they even blame her?
i just do not agree with the notion that love is something people need to “earn” or “be deserving of”, and i disagree with it even more when u try to use this notion as a way to show the “worth” of people (yes, even if those people are fictional characters).
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worldsnotsaid · 24 days ago
Cassian has always been a walking red flag since acomaf. When they went to the Archerons' estate and Cassian started spouting bullsh/t about how Nesta neglected Fey/re as a kid and how she "saved" his people.
Hi anon!
Absolutely! And that's pretty much my problem with conversation around the 'abusive' tendencies in this series. Cassian's PoV and actions toward Nesta, have always been rather...bad. He's always been a sort of bully -- the 'he bullies her because he likes her' type. I say this particularly because Cassian does have emotional maturity/awareness/empathy but not really for Nesta. Or toward her. The Cassian that's emotionally available for Feyre in MAF isn't there for Nesta. And there's plenty of 'angst' between Cassian and Nesta -- which for sure contributes to the initial appeal of Nessian -- but it's almost always undermined by the story around them not believing that Nesta deserves empathy. One moment Cassian completely 'gets' Nesta, the next moment he completely doesn't and it gives Nesta a super sense of whiplash. But when it's Cassian ignoring Nesta's request to be left alone, ignoring her request, throwing jabs, and leaving Nesta to the whims of his 'family' it's okay. When it's Cassian invading Nesta's space and licking her neck, when it's Cassian sexualizing Nesta's body, it's Nesta's fault. When he blows up at her, it's Nesta being too difficult. And naturally, this is fantasy romance so, some of it is expected and I'm not going to hound it all. But when the entire point of the first trilogy is to point out behavior like this then that's when my eyebrows go up. It's also the fact that Cass's red flags are specifically geared toward Nesta.
When Cassian felt he is overstepped with Feyre, he immediately apologizes. He comforts her. When Mor feels betrayed by Rhys/Az, Cassian comforts her, puts his hands on her shoulder, and defends her. When it's Nesta...he vilifies her. He projects his insecurities on her. When Nesta's in a horrible mental space, he never goes out of his way. During the solstice, he ignores her the entire time, and then gets angry because she...leaves? He ignores her in front of Mor/IC. Sides with them almost all the time. He has the hallmarks of an emotional abuser, especially in FAS forward. This post also goes into detail about it too!
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generalpeachyboots · 3 months ago
Everytime I start liking Cassian I remember he gifted freaking lingerie to m/or and no I don't care if she requested that gift not to mention he already suspected Nesta was his mate. AND THIS WAS NEVER ADDRESSED.
Oh and he considers m/or his sister now. Quoting Eris here "that they have tradition of f*cking their sisters" like what the ewww
Screw cassian.
I am salty about Acosf all over again.
Nesta deserved so much more 🤧
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xstarlightsupremex · 4 months ago
Can you imagine how different ACOMAF would have felt if Rhysand told Feyre that not eating wouldn’t bring back the dead fae she killed UTM.
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awanderingdreamer11 · 10 days ago
It's the way nessian is objectively the most forgettable ship in the series because of how poorly it's written. It was sjm straight out telling readers "LOOK these two want to FUCK each other. Okay?? There IS attraction between them!!" instead of you know...slowly showing that it in their interactions. They had no subtlety whatsoever and their romance was painful to read bcuz of how forced it felt.
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thewoodpeckercries · a month ago
going in the the anti nessian tag as a nesta stan is like
Tumblr media
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silverflameataraxia · 24 days ago
Happy Thought of the Day
Nesta rejects her mating bond to Cassian and Lucien rejects his mating bond to Elain.
Both Nesta and Lucien discover their self-worth and that they deserve better than what the Cauldron gave them.
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nestaswhore · a month ago
‘you’ve been given an order. you know the consequences. if you don’t get off that fucking rock by the end of this week, what happens next is out of my hands’
not cassian threatening to send nesta to her death in the human lands if she doesn’t do what he says and follow his orders 🤚 every time i try to get past my passionate hatred for acosf cassian i remember him threatening nesta and i become more convinced that the cauldron punished nesta for stealing it’s power by giving her cassian as a mate
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the cauldron choose Cassian to be Nesta's mate to punish her for stealing power.
change my mind. you can't
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iamreykylotrash · a month ago
the silence of a hardened heart.
Nesta spent her morning in the garden behind the Rhysand and Feyre’s estate, looking down at the poppies Elain grew.
She didn’t want to be in the Night Court anymore, but she wasn’t able to leave either way, not wanting to harm her child.
But oh, how she wanted to go home, knowing that with every moment she spent here, Feyre and her family were close to finding out she was expecting a child with Eris.
Especially if she was near Cassian.
Nesta hadn't seen him since the last meeting of the High Lords. She had felt his gaze burning through her, judging her as he did, his anger directed towards her. He blamed her for his pain, blamed her for his actions. He had created a rift between them, worsening her health and sanity with every moment she spent at his side.
He had sided with his family every time when they locked her up, forced her to train in the mountains, and told her to do better, to change, to conform to their ways. Every day, Nesta was decaying, crying in her bedroom, wanting nothing more than to be free.
Even in her conflicting relationship with Cassian, she had felt trapped, and suffocating because of her uncertainty. Before, she was sure that she loved him, feeling it with every word and touch. But it wasn't enough. Her mind couldn't take it anymore.
After he had sided with his family for one final time, Nesta knew that she would always be second to them. She wasn't a part of them as she had once thought. She was separate. He had all of them while she was on the sidelines, watching as he celebrated and only called to her when he needed her.
When she was by her husband's side, never once did he make her feel as if she was less. In fact, he had gone through the same. He was sidelined when his mother favored Lucien because he was concieved out of love and compassion, while Eris and his brothers were concived forcefully out of duty and promise.
Eris knew his mother loved him, but not at the same level as Lucien, the unknown Heir to the Day Court.
Nesta had connected to Eris on every level, feeling every emotion, and every pain. They had gone through so much together, even to the point of healing. She was able to repair herself because of him. He had taught her many things, showed her his true self, told her his secrets, and treated her as if she were the most precious thing.
Even behind the stern mask he held, his hand was entwined with hers, squeezing lightly to remind her he was still him.
Nesta smiled, her hand going to the flatness of her stomach, where her child slowly grew. They had conceived this child out of love, promise, loyalty, and compassion. There was no hate, no suffering, and no duty.
It was just them.
She was eager to go back home, wanting to be in the comfort of her home with a good book in her lap. She knew Eris wanted her back as soon as possible, but she persuaded him to let her have these three days, not wanting her sisters to suspect wrongly of him, even though they already did.
As she was in her thoughts, Nesta could feel that long-lost tether return, her heart tightening and mind screaming with a warning. Behind her, a gust of wind hit her back, making her turn her head to the side.
Red siphons. Broad body. Illyrian male.
The male she used to love.
Feyre had promised that Cassian would keep his distance, but Nesta knew that he was bound to see her, knowing that the pull was too strong for male mates. The tether to him hadn't bothered her in a while, diminishing as her husband captured her heart.
But now that he wasn't here, Nesta was reminded how much she hated the damned mating bond, wishing she could tear it out and burn it down with her flames. She didn't want it anymore. She wanted to be rid of it forever, not wanting to be tied to someone who wasn't fully committed to her.
"Nesta," Cassian said.
His voice was hoarse as if he had let out his suffering on the earth, screaming until he couldn't anymore.
Now he knew how she once felt.
Nesta turned to look at him, taking him in. He was in his usual Illyrian leathers, always ready for battle. His hair was cut a bit shorter, his soft curls defining his face. He was still deathly handsome. Before, it would have had Nesta melting, wanting him.
But this time, she felt nothing.
She didn't smile at him or say anything at all. She was going to let him say what he needed to. But she wouldn't let him anywhere near her at all, feeling her body ignite with protectiveness. Her child was in danger and she wasn't going to let the Illyrian get close, no matter what he was to her.
"Even after all of this time, I haven't stopped thinking about you. I haven't stopped worrying. I don't know what Eris is doing to you, but if you are in danger, please, tell me. I'll help you. Feyre and Rhysand will help you. We are here for you." Cassian tells her.
You don't have a choice in this.
Either you train or go back to the Mortal Lands, your choice.
You will work in the library. That's final.
Just do as they say, Nesta. This will help you.
Everybody hates you, Nesta.
"You know that we will protect you. With everything that you know of the Autumn Court, we can take them down. Just like Feyre did with Tamlin, you can break them from the inside. You have gained enough trust with Eris. You can stop the act. You are safe here, Nes." Cassian says, taking a step closer.
Nesta couldn't believe what she was hearing. He believed that she was acting, believed that she was going to tell him that she had plans to take down Autumn as Feyre had taken down the Spring.
She remembered traveling to the court once, seeing the suffering of the remaining population that stayed. They picked up the pieces after Feyre and Hybern, trying to rebuild the court day by day, but Nesta could see them suffering. She had seen families huddled together, seen children eating small portions, and seen the men struggle to maintain their court.
It was a fate worse than suffering.
And the fact that Cassian was serious... made Nesta even angrier.
Stop fucking male that comes up to you.
You'll thank me after this.
This is good for you, Nesta. You'll see.
You have left me no choice and I've had enough.
Everybody hates you, Nesta.
"Eris and the rest of them are using you. They are lying to you. When the time comes, they will betray you and throw you away. I know you can see that. We can prevent that from happening. Just come home, Nesta. Come home and everything can be right again." Cassian says.
This wasn't her home. It had never been.
I think we might have more in common than you think.
You know that I am always here.
I won't let them touch you.
Don't hide your pain from me.
The choice is yours, my phoenix.
Cassian took another step.
If he took one more, Nesta was sure to ignite. Her maternal instinct was strong. She used her aura of flames to mask her scent of pregnancy with smoke. She couldn't risk it, not when Cassian was out of his mind. She would disintegrate him if he touched her.
"I know I have done wrong, said wrong even. But please, let me make them right. I won't make those mistakes again. I don't want to. You are the only thing that keeps me sane, Nes. You are the only one I want. I need you. I know that there is much I have to make amends for, but trust me, I will do it. Just come home." He tells her.
Do not let them own you.
We can do whatever you like.
I won't stop you from doing what you want.
You are worth more than anything in this world.
The choice is yours, my phoenix.
Then, Cassian took one more step.
Nesta wasn't able to control herself this time, igniting a circle of silver flames around herself. The Illyrian backed away, squinting as they blinded him. Terror washed over his face.
He would never accept her for who she was. Even with her flames, he and his family would always be afraid of her, wanting to tame her as much as they could. They would put her on a tight leash, making sure she could escape from their grasp.
Nesta wasn't going back to that broken person she once was. She wasn't going to erase every step she made towards healing. She wasn't going to crawl back to these people. They were the ones who were truly going to use her, gaining power they didn't deserve. They didn't care unless it was for their benefit.
And she wasn't going to give them that satisfaction.
I meant what I promised to you.
I think this was a mistake.
I trust you with everything in me.
I am your mate, and you are mine.
The choice is yours, my phoenix.
Everybody hates you, Nesta.
"I am not yours anymore, Cassian. Do not ever come near me again." Nesta says, her voice as cold as death.
She never thought she would escape the void of darkness that threatened to swallow her. It pulled her deeper into death's embrace, but before it did, someone caught her hand, pulling her up and helping each other onto the shore of healing.
There, everything had come together and evolved into something more.
There, is where Nesta found herself, determined to keep walking that path with the male who had stood by her in every moment.
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s-tormwitch · 25 days ago
try as much as you want, there is no canon scene that shows Feyre being cruel to Nesta in the same way that Nesta was to Feyre. it just doesn't exist. at most there are very rare scenes where she responds to Nesta's acidity, not least because Feyre is not a punching bag.
stop saying ''Feyre and Nesta fought each other'' to justify Nesta's actions when she fought alone and Feyre was never abusive the way Nesta always was.
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pearlyrat · 4 days ago
Sjms ending of acosf was so fucking weird like Nesta 'realizing' that it was all her fault and even apologizing when amren literally slut shamed her. If having sex is her method of coping ptsd so what? It's not like she's harming anybody i mean its waayyyyyyyy better than cassian going batshit (literally) and killing an entire innocent village just because of 1 person but nobody shamed him for that?
When feyre fucking cried into her eggs because of some bill that Nesta had sent to them (it probably didn't do anything to their never ending coffers) when she literally is always bragging about her money and is on the way to building a fifth house for herself is extremely pathetic
The fact that feyre also gets a 'salary' even though she doesn't even do anything?
Feyre is the worst high lady ever
Mor, sweet sweet Mor, even though she got abused in the court of nightmares she's just like, "hey let's send Nesta there lol" LIKE BITCH IF YOU DONT SHUT UP RIGHT NOW-
When rhysand purposely read out that bill to embarrass Nesta, and send her on an exhausting hike to punish her for telling the truth and when him and his feyrug literally decided to send Nesta away for training when she hadn't recovered from her ptsd AND WITHOUT CONSENT like why does rhysrat go out of his way to make Nesta miserable and to shame her
I'm tired of feyrug and her useless shit, rhysand and his rapey ways, amren and her bitchy self, stupid Mor who thinks about no one but herself, and cassian and disgustingness
I'm tired of all of them
Edit- lol 69 likes/reblogs
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worldsnotsaid · 26 days ago
These conversations about Nesta are really interesting. Because there's the standard back and forth about the cottage situation --which is just a consequence of poor writing --but then there's the conversation about domestic violence/abuse. The ability to call out abuse seems wholly dependent on the type of victim...not the actual abuse.
Because on one hand, a lot of people who whole-heartedly dislike Nesta usually recognize that Cassian is sort of abusive or at least they see the red flags in him, but their ability to empathize with that Nesta is stunted because they believe she deserves it. I think that's why the intervention is so conflicted because the conversation regarding the actions taken by the IC isn't actually all that contested. Everyone recognizes the problems (Rhys, Amren), it's Nesta that's the point of contention.
Of course, this is because SJM essentially writes this. It's why I began to really dislike Feyre as a character (like how she's written, not her as like a sentient person). It's also why I titled my first set of posts 'the perfect victim.' That's essentially what the story argues about the topic of abuse. Abuse is bad because Feyre is good, not because abuse is abuse. So, this trickles down to Nesta. She's not a perfect victim, she's not a 'good' person. That's the angle of the hiking scene, Cassian...wants revenge. The entirety of the IC wants a sort of revenge. You know when someone says a comment like: 'Your pretty for a black girl,' or something along those lines? They do believe you're beautiful, and they want to acknowledge that. But they still intrinsically believe you are inferior. It's the same with the idea of the white savior, or something similar. The intervention is written to humiliate and get revenge on Nesta...but the story also needs to have this moral high ground.
I'm kind of eager to see more opinions because I think the points people are making about Nesta are so crazy because it's like a weird kind of disconnect. It just really bothers me when people say things like Cassian is too good or when people justify some of those scenes.
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aqueerincrisis · a month ago
mor antis/nesta stan who ship nessian get so heated over the lingerie solstice gift (a solstice nesta had to be paid off to attend) that they forget she literally told cassian what to get
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he's not being some womanizing dudebro. he's getting a friend what she asked for.
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dread3r · a month ago
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“if gwyn and emerie knew what nesta had done they wouldn’t be friends with her”
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