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#anti rhysand

Anyone else think it was rude af for Feyre to just start painting the IC’s cabin before she and Rhys got mated? Like I dislike the IC, but that was just bad manners lmfao

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Remember when Rhysand complained that he was the one paying as much as needed so Nesta could keep abusing alcohol, and really thougth he was making a good point against her?

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A girl i don’t even know just called me sick on instagram because I said rhysand is abusive (which is true by the way) I didn’t offend anyone, I just said my opinion which is based on TRUE FACTS and a random girl that doesn’t know anything about me thought it was okay to insult me…

I wish I could say that I don’t care or that It didn’t hurt me, but it did, I am not used to being insulted on the internet too, I already have my shit to deal with and seeing that there are people that don’t care about the impact their words can have on others is just very disappointing.

I can deal with it, I may not be happy but I’m not going to cry about it, but I know that there are people out there that are going through some serious issues and being bullied on the internet even if it’s by a stranger would crash them.

This fandom is so toxic…

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Feysand was in the middle of a war. With people dying all around and they decide to have sex. Their shit blows my mind, it’s not kinky nor quirky. They are just entitled brats with no boundaries

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it’s come to my attention that, during her latest ig live, s//jm apparently said that the king of hybern was based off donald trump. this is a blatant lie, as ac0maf (where the king of hybern, otherwise known as koh from here on, first appears) was first published in early 2016 and therefore had to have been written sometime during 2015, before donald trump was even nominated as the republican candidate. see here:


this is a blatant & enraging lie told in service of making herself look as progressive as possible without actually thinking about what she’s saying. if anyone needs any more proof that she’s only using this sudden concern abt politics as a pr stunt to rehabilitate her image, this is it. (and, btw, hating trump is not progressive, it’s fucking basic.) it is also extremely insensitive to compare koh to trump at all, considering what took place in washington d.c. just last week. comparing your shitty, extremely underdeveloped cliché villain with no coherent ideology beyond “yes slavery?” in a fucking FANTASY book that focuses so little on the worldbuilding & politics of the setting that they might as well not exist at all to a real life aspiring dictator who’s gotten thousands of ppl killed & incited his followers to storm the capitol building of his own country when the election didn’t go his way is EXTREMELY insensitive to the reality of the world and speaks to a profound lack of understanding of what’s actually going on here. in conclusion, sarah janet maas should never write another book ever again and i’m going to bed now.

(also, even if the sentiment was actually genuine it would still show how little she really understands politics & such bc trump and koh have like zero similarities outside of championing vague & unspecified pasts in which things were better for the historically privileged.)

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If feyre gets pregnant, it will be thee most anti climactic, disappointing, annoying thing to happen in the books. I hate when authors backtrack on the rules of their world just to prop their favourite characters up🙄

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I’m bored so I’m staying with the topic of characters as food that I started but this time… 

ACOTAR characters as various nonalcoholic beverages (from my perspective)

- Feyre: pumpkin spiced latte - basic; hate in theory, but in reality is not as bad as I remember; somehow simultaneously over-hated and overrated

- Rhysand: oat milk - in the words of Jack Whitehall, “we have got enough”; “substitute” “milk” product so it’s pretending to be something it isn’t; trendy, but there’s a portion of people that really hate that it exists

- Cassian: hot chocolate - people are reminded of something warm and welcoming, but forget that it can be very layered; people forget it’s “hot” chocolate and underestimate it’s capacity to injure

- Azriel: black coffee - people love the aesthetic, but forget how bitter and difficult to swallow it can actually be; often, people try to soften it to be a little sweeter and not so dark so it can be palatable, but then it just isn’t black coffee anymore, is it?

- Mor: lemonade - queue “lemons to lemonade”; sweet and bright, but can also have hints of tartness and bitterness; not the most ideal drink for most people, but the people who love it really love it

- Amren: lemon juice - unpalatable in large quantities unless mixed with other drinks; sour

- Nesta: lemon and honey tea - depending on the person, they can either overdo it with the “honey” or the “lemon”; well-loved by certain people, but generally not as much as sweet and trendy coffee drinks

- Elain: orange juice - bright, reminds you of morning and sunshine; generally sweet, but people often ignore the sour aspects

- Lucien: regular coffee with cream and sugar - not as in-your-face as black coffee with aesthetic appeal, but still great; underrated; underappreciated until you realize how essential it was to keep things functioning throughout the day

- Tamlin: Diet Dr. Pepper - most hated drink in existence, questionable value in both drinking experience and nutrition

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Feysands powers make no sense

Their powers being practically unlimited? A ridiculous idea. They’re practically unstoppable, which is stupid. Can control minds. Can control bodies. Can teleport. Can conjur random objects. Can send psychic messages. Where does it end? What’s the point of writing characters who have no flaws (other than them both being complete dickheads)

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Hey do you ever think of that one time right before the high lords meeting when Feyre and Rhys are looking at themselves all done up and fancy and they’re like

“The Night Triumphant and the Stars Eternal”

Or wherever

And then one of the first people they encounter

Is Thesan

Ya know

The high Lord of the Dawn Court

Ya know

If Rhys is Night Triumphant then Thesan is the physical manifestation of the fact that the night is NOT Triumphant

Have you ever had one of those nights where you can’t sleep and everything is awful and you’re just wandering around and then you look out the window and the sun is coming up and the sky turning bright and sometimes it’s a soft purple and pink and and blue and sometimes it’s orange and red and pink and bright on the clouds and it’s the prettiest thing you have ever seen and for a little bit you have hope because it’s a new day, it’s not dark anymore, and we get to start over?


Thesan should have been bright and clear and golden and blue and purple and pink and hope and light and SJm wants me to believe that Night Triumphant looks The personification of it’s death in the face and feels NOTHING? He doesn’t feel a shred of fear? A shred of cautious respect?

O rite it’s because Thesan is a doormat like the rest of her side characters

SJm had so SO MANY opportunities to have some really interesting parallels between some characters and concepts but that would make her faves look less powerful and less good so she didn’t.

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If riceman not feminist why he remember fryer’s birthday?

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Y'all remember that one time in the Summer Court when Fryer broke into Tarquin’s mind and then she was like “that was horrible I shouldn’t have done that”

And then we get to acowar and she breaks into Lucien’s mind every time he so much as looks at Elain and likes to think she’s in the right because uh Lucien’s “breaking the rules” by looking at Elain I guess

Honey just say you’re on a power trip and go honestly

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My Best friend reading ACOMAF for the first time part 2

She hasn’t gotten that much further, but she says that Tamlin is getting clingier and already suspects that he’s going to get worse, which she doesn’t like because she feels like the author is doing it to make Rhys look better.

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I really really really just want nesta to heal and not end up with casshole or eris or anyone else. I mean just imagine her being single and happy.

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I still think it’s wild that Rhysand stans of all people throw around the word abuse when it comes to Nesta. Lol like did we both read the parts about the shitty things Rhysand has done and continues to do??

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Last two days were wow!

And now the Fandom mostly Nesta stans are divided over staning E/ris or not

I ain’t a fan of any acotar “males” and I despise R/hysand

And E/ris having that same story “I was bad but I had a reason” isn’t my cup of tea but saying that I totally respect my fellow stans who like and stan Rhysand or Eris or both.

Personally I want Eris to be Nesta’s mate so that she can reject him and choose what she wants that will literally be a good point showing that mate bonds do not always work out but its upto the writer.

As far as the discussion about mental health is concerned you see its a sensitive topic and for me its really triggering and comparing your trauma to other people and making them feel bad about how they behaved is not it, no one is invalidating your trauma and what you’ve gone through but unfortunately not everyone is strong enough to deal with it like you did so please refrain from comparing it with others and don’t compare it especially with fictional characters because they won’t be affected but your words can impact someone going through something or have been through something much worse in reality.

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Difference between Eris and Rhysand is that Eris doesn’t even pretend to be a ‘good guy’ while Rhysand thinks he’s this misunderstood angel.

Gotta get the full picture of what happened between eris and mor but for now, i don’t think i like him.

I’ve got mixed opinions

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ACOSF is coming out in a month and I’m actually getting a bit excited about it????

It’s weird because I loved ACOMAF (was the book that made me recommend that series to my friends) but then ACOWAR became quite dull once Feyre and Rhys were a couple and I ended up more interested in Nesta and Cassian, especially after she saves his life at the end.

But then ACOFAS happened and I literally said fuck this bitch when Feyre decides Nesta has to go away to a place not a single one of them likes. After everything she went through??? Incredible how all I liked about Rhys and the IC was erased with a single novella (I don’t even own a physical copy of that!!! And I have multiple editions of ToG!!!)

IDK, I hope Nesta and Rhys never become friends, I want her to get her own found family because she deserves a lot better than that group, I want her to get everything she wants for once, to start putting herself first instead of Elain (who also said nothing when she should have and also is very boring). At this point I could even take or leave Cassian. I only care about my girl.

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i feel on some level that the whole eris vs ryhs debate ultimately stems from sjm struggling to write nuanced characters. they’ve gotta be all good or all bad. like she cannot write proper redemption arcs at all. or characters who start out good but become morally ambiguous. they often go that way, but she doesn’t mean it to, so you get questionable characters being praised like they can do no wrong, and it’s like, not ironic or satire.

it’s bc of this that the ones who are genuinely interesting, like nesta, almost feel like they’re that way by accident.

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SJM trying to justify Rhys’ needlessly cruel behavior in acotar is hilarious to me honestly 


My favorite was him at the high lords meeting being like “actually I’m a good guy” and everyone else is like “bitch no you ain’t" 

And him being like "no look here’s a list of all the good I’ve done” and they’re like “bitch look at this much longer list of all the bad you’ve done”

And then SJM realizes that her precious Rhysie is really truly a terrible person and everyone hates him and needs Feyre to intervene because there’s no way he’s walking away from this shit unharmed 

But then she doesn’t have a way to actually defend him so she just makes Feyre throw her powers around to distract everybody

She’s like “if you’re mad I have your powers then you gotta get your priorities straight” and then sjm wants us to believe all the high lords are like “u rite sounds legit”


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Not the stans telling me that Nesta should be grateful for Rhys and his generosity 🙄🙄🙄 He’s the reason her and her sisters are in this situation to begin with

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