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#anti rhysand
darklove9314-blog · 16 hours ago
You know after reading ACOSF what SJM said about making sure that she doesn’t want anything Nesta has done to get swept under the rug while in the same breath writing a storyline where Rhys keeps vital medical information from Feyre about her pregnancy and when she finds out about it suffers no consequences for it just shows how biased she is with characters
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thebestfoxyboylucien · 19 hours ago
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cool, so. Rhys is a dick and seems perfectly okay with using his magic on Nesta
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nestaswhore · a day ago
something that i always think about is feyre’s inability to read. in ACOTAR she is 19 and the book says they’d been living in the cottage for 8 years, so she was 11 when her family lost their wealth
now … what 11 year old wealthy heiress (who likely had her own governesses) doesn’t know how to read? LIKE🧍‍♀️
children should be able to read BY age 6 or 7 and when i see people saying nesta was abusive and didn’t teach feyre to read i’m just like? seriously?
i mean that whole storyline exists just so that white knight rhysand can prance in and teach poor feyre how to read … because no one else ever bothered 🥺
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unhealthyfanobsession · 5 months ago
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the High Lord of Night’s official policy that any price is worth paying to ensure that the 5-7 (depending on the day) people he cares about are alright:
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alexcollix7 · 2 months ago
Ok but we NEED to talk about this interview with Leigh Bardugo and SJM. The interviewer asks what character is their favourite from each other's series, and Sarah answers Mal is her favourite in shadow and bone because "he is so hot" and "makes her sweaty".
Now, Mal is between the ages of 17 and 18 in the trilogy, just like Alina. This interview was 5 years ago, and Sarah was 30. So, basically this is a 30 year old grown woman talking about feeling attracted to a character while he is literally a teenager in the books. This, when most of her work is targeted as YA and sold for actual teens.
What makes it even worse is that Leigh opened up about being a victim of SA as a child not long ago. She's there having to listen to an adult YA writer go off about how she feels sexually attracted to her teen character.
She laughs but she seems to be unconfortable, then follows with a "isn't she classy" in a tone that doesn't actually suggested it being the case.
Don't come at me with "he is just a character" or "he doesn't exist" thing. Yeah, is obvious Mal doesn't exist, but the point is that she still imagines him as a teen in her head and feels attracted to that image. Leigh writed Mal and Alina as teenagers/kids because that's what they were. If that was a man in his 30s saying he though 17-18 Alina was "super hot" and talking about him sweating thinking about her, I bet there would be a lot more people talking about it. I'm just not ok with an author who writes for teens talking about feeling something for one, even if he is fictional, because the idea she has on her mind of him and is drawn to is still of a child.
I'm not trying to cancel her or anything, but I don't want to hear people asking why Leigh stopped being friends with Sarah after a while. And this is not the first time that someothing of this nature happened. There was also the whole soap thing, that they tried to brush under the rugs, together with the fact that her books should have been always targeted as adult and not YA considering their content, even her ex best friend Susan Dennard talked about this (which I want so say preach since not every author talks about those things). I'm also tired of seeing adults talking about having attraction towards teenagers and everybody pretending like is normal, when it truly isn't, in any type of context.
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sareyesj · 5 months ago
me when I see someone defending Rhysand's sexual offender actions saying it was for her own benefit and protection while hating nesta archeron for being a little mean to her sister even when feyre mentioned they were equally spiteful towards each other and she didn't know who was worse:
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dustjacketmusings · 4 months ago
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Always good to have confirmation of things people already knew. In this case, that s/jm worships r/hys and somehow doesn't realize that arrogant is a personality trait and not just an insult. He absolutely is arrogant as shown in the text. You can like r/hys, that doesn't make him not arrogant.
It explains so much about nesta's perspective and how weirdly she viewed him.
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worldsnotsaid · a month ago
Hot Take: I found it also VERY disgusting that F/eyre and R/hysand gaslight Nesta into super traumatic situations for the sake of THEIR problems, even though Nesta is supposed to be healing. She gets sexually assaulted/harassed TWO times and has to literally relive yet another traumatic experience (with Tomas). All this is happening while both Amren and R/hysand CONTINUALLY treat her like dirt and keep her locked away. She only gets to go outside when they want her to literally RISK her life. She almost dies, gets sexually assaulted and then everyone just shrugs it off. After reiterating time and time again that Nesta isn’t a welcome person in the court they make her do things...on behalf of their court. None of these things actively benefit Nesta — all of them benefits F/eyre and R/hysand. There’s no way you read SF and think “yeah F/eyre is rehabilitating her sister uwu.” I don’t know about you all but, I know for a fact that you should not get sexually assaulted while being in rehabilitation.
People are on here literally saying that R/hys and A/mren had every right to withhold Nesta’s power — and no the HELL they don’t. Not only does that literally affirm Tamlin’s abuse of power (i.e. telling F/eyre she can’t train because of the danger and reception her power represents + her depressive state) it’s WRONG. At this point in the story, N/esta has already established friends and is committed to her training — their betrayal RIGHTFULLY sets her off. Because what IS the point of forcefully having to train and work with no money if these people are going to continually treat you like shit. What Amren says to Nesta? Disgusting.
And...N/esta told F/eyre about her pregnancy to reiterate that F/eyre is also a victim of her own mate. That was the point. The narrative actually AGREES with that:
The text literally says
Cassian sighed through his nose. She ... He thought it over. I think she saw the parallels between your situations and, in her own way, decided to avenge both of you.
[Feyre] That’s my feeling, too. Rhys disagrees.
People have twisted that scene so much, when in reality N/esta was angry at R/hys for his behavior at both she and F/eyre. The only reason she agreed to stay silent about the child is because she was afraid of R/hys. Threatened by him:
I will not say a word to Feyre, she swore.
She didn’t do it for any particular kindness, but to wipe that cautious look from Rhys’s eyes before it grated further. He’d no doubt either heard or guessed that Cassian had told her about the baby’s wings.
This book was a hot mess. One question of logic, of anything shatters this entire mess of a series. This is abuse. Ugly abuse, plain and simple.
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some-sour-lemons · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Man, I really loved the part where Feyre, who has five houses because of her mate, is crying over a receipt of alcohol Nesta spent. She literally is Jeff Bezos, she's upset that people are suffering after the war and still has five houses.
On another note, Cindy's review was fucking hilarious and yall are too up SJM's ass to listen to valid points lol.
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nessiantrashh · 7 months ago
wtf was that ending??? the most anticlimactic shit i have ever read... we asked for a nesta book but we GOT FEYSAND PROPAGANDA INSTEAD?
sjm couldn’t even entertain the POSSIBILITY of a nesta supremacy 2021??? she’s just complacent to the IC now.. barely any powers yet feysand get to keep theirs and then some??????? there was so much potential for her magic and this is how it ends? her apologizing on her KNEES?? the bitch who had rhys shaking in his boots to then go hug him🤢
i’m so sleep deprived, i’m so annoyed. i got this book for FREE but i still feel like my time and money was wasted. again i’m calling all my fanfic writers to do my girl nesta some justice.
cause again WTF WAS THAT
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itsbellaheathcute · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve tried for too long to say goodbye to Nesta. Tried to come to terms with the fact that her happy ending wasn’t what I had in mind to her. Tried to accept that she will never be as appreciated by most as she is by me. I’m not sure if I have, to be honest (come to terms with it, that is). I’m not even sure where I’m going with this. I guess I just miss you. And wish you’d had a book and an author worthy of you.
I think this will be my last art of her. Thank you, to all of you who followed me and loved her just as much as I did.
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darklove9314-blog · 23 days ago
You know I’m just going to say it, I hate when people act like everyone around Rhys is the epitome of perfection and then invalidates others feelings about him because they think they haven’t read past the first book (As if the first book wasn’t reason enough to to hate his character) so let’s look what Rhys has realistically done in canon shall we.
ACOTAR- Went into Feyre’s mind without her consent scaring her so much that she wet herself, SA’ed Feyre, Dr*gged Feyre, twisted the bone in Feyre’s broken arm, made a bargain with Feyre not telling her that there would be a permanent tattoo on her body, kissed Feyre without consent. Made Feyre dance until she vomited, left Feyre in an outfit that barely in a cold cell, had daemati powers yet doesn’t use them to communicate with anyone, taunts Lucien using his mother.
ACOMAF- Steals from Tarquin, calls himself the best high lord even though he has two misogynistic men in a position of power, tells Feyre not to compare him to Tamlin even though he has also canonically abused her (UTM), withholds information about the mating bond from her, tells Feyre that it’ll be a while until he could look at her sisters without wanting to roar at them yet never once in the entirety of the series does he blame their father.
ACOWAR- Makes Nesta physically sick when flying with her, tries to have sex with Feyre in a library for SA surviors, has sex in a tent while their are people dying, shocked when people don’t easily trust him after he’s kept up a facade for 50 years, makes a deal with Mor’s ab*ser,
ACOFAS- tells Feyre that “Elain is Elain” but says that he can never forgive Nesta even though Feure herself said that Nesta had done enough to make up for it, says he can’t forgive people who have hurt her when he himself has hurt Feyre, decides to put more money into building another home instead of using it to help rebuild his court from the affects of the war.
ACOSF- Threatens to fight Nesta who is not in the right mental state due to her war PTSD, has to be told by his significantly younger mate to either shut up or get out if he’s not going to act properly, destroys Nesta’s safe space so she has no where else to go, had previous information about how dangerous it could be for Feyre to have a baby with wings way before even conceiving Nyx (which should have been brought up before or during their trying for him, even if it was a small percentage Feyre still had a right to know prior to conception), hid pivotal medical information from Feyre about the safety of her and their child and told everyone else not to tell her too, gets mad and threatens Nesta’s life when she tells Feyre about the baby even though the whole situation could have been avoided if he had just told Feyre the truth in the first place.
And that was all I could remember off the top of my head. I’m sure there are more than this. But overall Rhys has done a lot of horrible stuff in this series and I hate how he’s portrayed as this great guy who can do no wrong and how some people will blame his actions on unreliable narration in ACOSF when most of the things I got mad at Rhys about were also in Cassian’s POV. So stop saying it’s character bias when he’s done a lot of things prior to ACOSF. It’s just beyond frustrating at this point
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bythenineshards · 2 months ago
Me watching Cindy slowly lose her sanity over the course of the Acotar series:
Tumblr media
We appreciate your sacrifices for us to reach catharsis. May your TBR be blissfully without smelly Faerie Peen.
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nestaswhore · 2 days ago
when i see posts that say “bla bla bla i don’t understand the hate rhysand and feyre get for being realistic, having flaws and making mistakes” it makes me laugh. yes, it’s very interesting to read about characters that have flaws and make mistakes that they get held accountable for. it’s annoying to read about characters that are always framed as perfect and don’t have to face any consequences 👯‍♂️
feysand literally don’t get held accountable for anything. i mean feyre destroys a court AS A HIGH LADY and rhys is like “it’s ok ❤️”
she fucks up spring and summer and she faces no consequences. tarquin forgives her for theft, for fucking up his court as colateral to the damage she causes at spring and no one cares that she left multiple courts vulnerable to hybern🧍‍♀️ #girlboss
feyre assaults officials from other courts in the high lord’s meeting and uses her powers when it’s prohibited and rhys tells her not to worry, even though she hurt the LoA (not purposely but still) as well. yes, beron and tamlin are assholes but this pass that feyre always gets from rhysand and everyone else when she makes mistakes is so annoying
cassian is allowed to tell nesta she’s unlovable and that everyone hates her but only nesta has to apologise for being a bitch. according to SJM, cassian is a perfect boy that nesta feels she’ll never deserve. never mind the fact that they’ve been equally as mean to each other. it’s only nesta that needs to apologise for everything and constantly feel terrible
rhysand drugs feyre nightly for a month and forces her to dance in front of him and everyone, touching her inappropriately and humiliating her, and this man doesn’t ever apologise to her. he just gives her a sob story and all is forgiven and him being a literal SA perpetrator is never brought up again
rhys chooses to not inform feyre that their baby will kill her during labor, even after he constantly reminds her every 2 seconds that “it’s her choice,” but tells ALL of her friends and makes them keep that information from her too. about her own body.
well, i guess you only have a choose if rhysand decides to give it to you
BUT THEN rhys wants to kill nesta for telling feyre the truth (though spitefully) about her pregnancy complications. RHYSAND. the man that lied to his wife in the first place. feyre isn’t even angry at nesta, RHYS is.
and then rhys faces a total of 0 consequences for his awful behaviour and mistakes and nesta is made out to be the one to blame??? nesta literally is forced into a hike where she wants to die all the while rhys is facing ZERO consequences for being the one that fucked up in the first place 🥲
the only three characters that are actually held accountable for their actions are nesta, lucien and tamlin. the inner circle hate lucien for whatever he did UTM (even though he was the only one to help feyre as much as he could and got beaten for it) they hate nesta for not hunting instead of feyre and being a bitch sometimes and they hate tamlin for, well being tamlin
but i suppose someone should tell tamlin that he did nothing wrong bec rhysand has proved in acosf that, in fact, it is ok to lock someone up in a house because you believe it’s for their own good, it’s ok to be an overbearing idiot and it is also ok to keep and hide information from your partner ❤️
this rant is all over the place but i’m so tired of seeing people say “rhysand is morally grey bla bla” when SJM keeps writing him as this perfect girlboss that can do no wrong. if the narrative doesn’t acknowledge his flaws then how is he morally grey? hold this man accountable pls 😗
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unhealthyfanobsession · 6 months ago
Nesta telling Cassian that she’s reading war strategy books because she refuses to be forged into a weapon that someone else wields...and then less than 50 pages later Amren straight up telling Rhys that not only the Made swords, but Nesta herself are WEAPONS THAT HE COULD USE TO BECOME HIGH KING
Amren needs to keep my girl’s name out of her nasty imperialist mouth.
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elevatorladylady · 3 months ago
I just finished the Folk of the Air series and while I’m still digesting some of it, my biggest takeaway are some of the things Holly Black did well where SJM  was doing something similar. There are several small things, but I want to focus on the top 3.
Cardan’s Age
It’s just one thing, but it changes the context of everything. The biggest benefit for this is that there isn’t a huge experience gap between Cardan and his love interest, but it also makes a difference in how I judge them as rulers and individuals. Cardan is right in the middle of dealing with his childhood trauma and is going through the stages of becoming someone without the influence and control of their family. R/hysand has had 500 years to deal with his shit and has had a very loving a supportive group of friends for most of that. He’s also been a ruler for most of his life, and that makes his shortcomings in that area far less understandable.
Cardan’s Cruelty
The differences between R/hysand explaining his cruelty to F/eyre UTM and Cardan explaining his cruelty to Jude are so minor but have such different impacts. Cardan admits he was cruel. He knows he was being awful. He doesn’t have a good reason for it. He acknowledges it and tries to reckon with it by being better. With R/hysand, on the other hand, we are meant to believe that he good motivation for all of his cruelty toward F/eyre. We aren’t meant to believe that he actually delighted in being awful, nor are we meant to believe that he thinks he was wrong for behaving this way. We should forget the trauma he caused F/eyre not because he’s different know, but because he actually had good reason for it.
Fairy Culture
I really really hate that SJM just makes her high fae really hot Eurocentric humans with pointy ears and a little magic. They are better than humans in nearly every way yet and even though they’ve used that to their advantage against humans, we are meant to feel that the fae unfairly persecuted by humans in her world. It’s also discouraging that the fae that are brown and have wings are lesser than the human looking white ones, and below that the fae that actually look less like humans are only seen as servants or monsters. Bleh. 
So I appreciate that fairies actually have more differences from humans, are broadly shown to not be people humans should trust. TFOTA doesn’t ignore the oppression the humans have faced at the hands of fairies and regularly validates the concern humans have with the folk. The diversity of the folk in power also feels far more inclusive than the world of ACOTAR. There are still some issues with it (I will always side eye “hags”) but it’s nice to see a world where hooves and tails and horns and non-human colored skin is not the determining factor in social status for this world.
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How I Like To Imagine ACOWAR Went
Feyre: You didn't leave me
Feyre: I left you. Because you trapped me! You refused to let me go on dangerous missions!
Tamlin: It was for your safety-
Feyre: what kind of fucking excuse is that?
Feyre: and THEN I met this wonderful, winged, powerful, hot as hell man. Yes, he abused me Under The Mountain, raped my mind, sexually assaulted me, and drugged me. Yes, he helped Amarantha, the demon of my worst nightmares, oppress thousands of people. But he did it all FOR MY SAFETY.
Tamlin: ....
Feyre: shut up. SHUT UP. Don't say a WORD against my MATE.
Feyre: Anyway, I LEFT YOU.
Feyre: But then I came back
Feyre: But that was all a lie!
Feyre: A bold and sweeping lie. I had you wrapped around my pinky finger. I manipulated you like candy. LOL you pathetic little beast man.
Feyre: And then I destroyed your country-
Feyre: Because you are a pathetic, pathetic abuser. You turn to violence way too easily. You are violent and crazy.
Rhysand: (cupping Feyre's face) you're so strong, darling, I love you, you're everything-
Feyre: *inhales shakily* *bows head*
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worldsnotsaid · 2 months ago
I have to laugh at the weird distinctions that come up when I bring up a quite logical point concerning the implication of R/hys and F/eyre’s actions:
It’s “Just a fantasy story about magic men with wings” when someone brings up F/eyre’s destruction of Spring, or R/hysand being the oppressor of Prythian to save an already hidden city. Or R/hysand assaulting F/eyre repeatedly over a three month period.
Let someone dare have a discourse of N/esta, Then you’re an abuse apologist. Then this becomes more than just a “fantasy story about magic men and wings. Now, we bring out the pitchforks. Or let’s not get started on T/amlin’s character. You could simply make a statement like “T/amlin was right about F/eyre and R/hys at the HL meeting” or “Maybe his concerns about R/hysand were VALID” and then I get a whole dissertation about how much of an abuser T/amlin is and how much of an apologist I am for reading what was written on the page. I KNOW. T/amlin’s abuse is the clearest thing in this whole entire book. I don’t think anyone forgets that. But a lot of his worries were valid. Being an abuser didn’t negate that. Nor does saying a logical point about the events of the story.
R/hysand’s whole entire story arc is...abuse apologism —that’s his entire “redemption” story. Not that he was wrong for abusing F/eyre and literally a whole continent. No. “Then, it’s okay to forgive an abuser”. Then “the whole story matters.” Feysand is literally built on abuse apologism. C’mon.
How does understanding where the abuse came from work for R/hysand but make T/amlin and N/esta a near sin to talk about??? What the hell is the distinction??? We found out that N/esta was also s*xually abused and everyone still blamed her for it. No one cried and applauded her bad behavior. So how the HELL do we for R/hysand?? If T/amlin discussed his experiences with A/marantha, during the entire fifty years he was under the Plight would that change the effects of his abuse?! No. So stop doing it with R/hys.
Either this is a story about “magic men with wings” that we shouldn’t take seriously or it’s not. Stop bringing out the violins and shaming people when they open and honest conversation about the implication of the leading characters action.
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6x4 · a month ago
“rhysand always gives feyre a choice,” rhysand has never given feyre a choice in anything. he gives her the illusion of a choice and then manipulates her into giving him the answer he wants to hear. which is why him hiding her extremely dangerous pregnancy from her is 100% in character for him. he’s always been like this y’all just can’t read.
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