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#anti rhysand
thebookisalsobad · 8 minutes ago
All of the important characterization for rhys and the inner circle came in the form of a sloppy exposition dump.
That goddamn dinner scene took years off of my life. I was just trying to slog through it. And Rhys’ whole cabin confession—it’s all telling. He just sits there and tells the reader everything. And it’s not an engaging conversation that’s supposed to make you think about the characters’ philosophy or decisions. No he just reads his own wiki article. Nothing is dropped in organically, and it’s mind-numbing.
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worldsnotsaid · an hour ago
I was writing this T/amlin piece and something stuck out to me:
So, it’s okay for R/hysand to ally with A/marantha to save his court -- that’s viewed as a “noble sacrifice” (and can we be clear, R/hysand being s*xually assaulted is not noble, that’s him being assaulted, please let’s not invalidate his abuse by making it noble). 
But T/amlin allying (and not even really??) to save F/eyre is considered evil? Both R/hysand and F/eyre realize this is the case, that he always meant to destroy H/ybern, so I’m confused on how this is bad? And I/anthe is the one who sold out E/lain and N/esta -- T/amlin and L/ucien had nothing to with that (people use this argument really against L/ucien)
Also, If R/hysand is already best friends with H/elion, and T/arquin already knew about him to some degree, and T/hesan and K/allias were always neutral, why did R/hysand need to wear a mask of brutality? It’s one thing to be forced to do A/marantha’s bidding (like I wouldn’t really spite him for it) but R/hysand genuinely didn’t need to be cruel, like his mask (and his horrible treatment of F/eyre) is not justifiable. And lastly, brutality is brutality. You don’t wear a mask if you actually commit those crimes. You know how Darth Vader was both a victim of Palpatine and an oppressor? You see how that didn’t make him any less the villain. And how his redemption was really based on the fact he acknowledged his wrong-doing, but the movie never tries to make him the hero????
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feyrearcherons · 6 hours ago
"[Rhys and Feyre] are the center of everything"
-SJM (x)
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cinearia · 16 hours ago
Yes, cool cool, but how will Helion know that Lucien is his son?
Or will Helion find out first?
What will it be like with Beron and the Lady of Autum after they find out? How would Lucien feel, after all that Beron did to him? How would Helion feel when discovering a son who was hidden by his two friends?
Can this be completely removed from any feysand plot or is it sure to be wrapped around them and they will not been scolded for hiding from their own friends? Or could Helion and Lucien be, I don't know, angry or something because they kept it between them?
Can they both bonding and learning how do deal the situation. Can have the ✨ drama ✨
Yeah, is too much to raising expectations...
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darklove9314-blog · 19 hours ago
ACOSF Spoilers/ Azriel’s chapter (this is somewhat anti rhys so if it ends up in the regular one I do apologize in advance)
Okay so is anyone low key confused about Rhys telling Azriel to not involve himself with Elain. Like I’m not even an Elriel shipper and I kind of got mad because you can’t control your friends love lives high lord or not. Like I get his explanation somewhat but at the same time telling Azriel not to pursue Elain because she’s Lucien’s mate seems off to me. Like isn’t the mating bond supposed to be the women’s choice about whether or not she rejects it??? And hasn’t she also made it clear she’s not interested??? Even Lucien seems like he’s not that interested. And wasn’t Rhys’s parents also not suited for each other. Why doesn’t he think it could be the case for Elain and Lucien??? Idk what do you guys think of the whole situation??
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earlsgrey · 19 hours ago
i think i relate to nesta so strongly because i too fuckinf hate the inner circle . they’re weird and cringey and i too would spend their money (which they seem to have in abundance) getting wasted every night if they treated me that badly. how can you not see that nesta is the hero of this piece
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Still reading through Amarantha's wiki and at the bottom most of the comments are like “how dare Tamlin kill her and not Rhys” and “I hope she rots in hell with the tool” ughhhhh I’m screaming leave Tamlin alone guys! Stan your creepy abusive bat but leave the shapeshifter alone!
Dearest anon, I hate to be the bearer of bad need but that won't happen. The stans fume at the mouth the second you so much as suggest Tamlin isn't as bad as the narrative wants to paint him. So they'll keep on screeching even if you try to be civil.
If they're on a public forum or wiki there's not much to be done other than ignoring them, but if they bug you personally just block em. They're really not worth your time hon.
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earlsgrey · a day ago
actually despite sjm claiming to be a feminist queen, the bit in acosf where rhys claims the weapons that nesta made, gifts them to eris, amren tries to convince rhys to use them as his to claim more power
the way ,,, nesta doesn’t fucking erupt ? nesta fucking hates these people - for what they’ve taken from her, how they’ve trapped her
and now she creates these weapons, perhaps the first thing (unknowingly) that she has control over and rhys takes them, thinks they are his? nesta should kill the inner circle and we all know it
and when rhys says no to amren’s plan it’s because he doesn’t want the responsibility or power not because these weapons are not his to use. he feels SO entitled to these objects as he feels entitled to nesta’s powers. he will belittle her and trap her but he does not feel any guilt in taking a women’s power for his own
as if nesta’s power is his to use ? the way nesta and amren who were far more powerful than him and could rip him apart just put up with him i-
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kayla-2 · a day ago
I loved Acosf Feyre.....
I’ll never understand how Feyre gets called out the ONE time she put her foot down towards nesta. She found a new family that appreciates her and is a fresh high lady still trying to find her place in the world and that one sentence that gets pointed out in the conversation is when she said that nesta was embarrassing her. She even said it after nesta was arguing with her just because she stopped nestas unhealthy spending habits that was hurting herself, rather than helping.
She didn’t blame her, immaturely tell her never to speak to her again. Feyre took the blame herself for NESTAS own spiraling and thinking that space would help. She didn’t spend years berating nesta. She didn’t need nesta at every waking moment and not consider nestas feelings. But the minute she says that she was embarrassed, which is a natural reaction that we all feel, it’s an issue???
She didn’t get mad at Nesta when nesta used her death as a argument point and literally told her own sister that she was going to DIE, just to hurt her.
She kept her anger towards Rhysand, and rightfully so. It was dangerous to dump that aspect of her pregnancy on Feyre, stress is real, what if Feyre fainted or got so overwhelmed. Feyres powerful and She could’ve injured herself and her baby. But no she was calm and made sure Nyx felt nothing and said she would fight for her baby.
Feyre is literally the absolute best, seeing her in nestas point of view really shows how mature she is while being extremely young. Feyre was only thing that kept me reading that damn book.
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thebookisalsobad · a day ago
Bruh, the whole “I just read it for escapism, it’s not that deep,” argument is such a lukewarm take. If it’s not that deep, why the fuck did the author put it in there?
No one asked for their awful takes on sexism and class, but it’s still there. Clearly the author is trying to say something. Just cause you don’t want to engage thoughtfully doesn’t erase the words on the page.
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worldsnotsaid · a day ago
I just want y’all to know that trauma/ptsd does not just manifest in dreams. I hate that various forms of media attempt to “stylized” very serious disorders that manifest in a variety of different ways. It’s not always dreams — sometimes you do hurt people, lash out. You become a another person sometimes, you become angry, you withdraw. It’s so complicated and scary, because sometime people really do try, but their trauma manifests in its own individual way. Yes, you are responsible for the harm you cause, but it’s so privileged to disregard the reality of trauma/ptsd, that it is deeper than just wanting to be better. That’s why the conditions are so serious because they affect every aspect of your life. Trauma isn’t something that is heroic —it’s deeply rooted and sometimes very hard to shake. If you’re not going to address this aspect of trauma, it’s very concerning to just define trauma as being “good” or “validated” when it brings out “the best.” That’s not how trauma works.
And I think that is one of my biggest gripes with SJM, she portrays trauma as [1] something you can choose to affect you and [2] a thing that is validated if it is self contained.
Saying that N/esta or (even the Tool) deserve to be abused/killed because their trauma manifests outwardly is extremely problematic. Treating trauma as a rite of passage is deeply problematic. Saying that F/eyre and R/hysand’s trauma is validated or right because it only affects them is so deeply wrong because that’s not how trauma always manifests. And my problem is not that these themes are explored, but that they are so poorly explored. Treating trauma as a heroic sacrifice is problematic. At the heart of the story, that is one of the more hurtful aspects. It’s not sympathizing with N/esta or Tool to acknowledge that their behavior fits some of the routine patterns of PTSD, it’s just acknowledging those facts. And that’s what happens when you sloppily try to create villainous foils to a symbol of virtuosity (f/eyre) using trauma as the conduit.
I’m sorry I just absolutely hate the argument the argument that N/esta deserves the abuse of both F/eyre and the IC because her trauma made her “mean” —or mean[er] in N/esta’s case. PTSD and trauma is not just bad dreams and sadness — it’s much deeper than that.
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s-atanism · a day ago
not Nesta trying to make fun of Cassian for being paid by Rhysand when she spend his money and lives by his expense, without even work.
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dreaminginvelaris · 2 days ago
“the inner circle never helped nesta the way they did with feyre, never gave nesta the same support”
um...ok? am i supposed to agree and judge the inner circle for this? why would they give her any support? they never owed her any kindness. they legit did not have to go to the same lengths they went for feyre. im confusion.
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worldsnotsaid · 2 days ago
Rhysand stans saying if you don’t like a character just keep it to yourself... where was this for Nesta? Why can’t people keep Nesta hate to themselves, then? This fandom has the biggest double standards I swear.
Ahh yess!
N/esta’s faults are always treated as “unforgivable” by both the narrative and stans but R/hysand’s aren’t!
R/hysand is an abuser, but people literally forgive his assault because “his intentions were good.” If I don’t like a character because there annoying (say like Mal from S&B) I’m not going to rag on the character because the preferences are arbitrary. But if that character is an abusive asshole, who is praised for his abuse, you best believe I’m gonna type away. N/esta’s flaws are constantly acknowledged in the text, and by her stans. R/hysand’s apologists literally choose to ignore his abusive nature because he is a cute, misunderstood bad boy. Perspective does not take away from the actual abuse committed. Knowing why R/hysand s*xually, mentally, and physically assaulted F/eyre does not mean he is not an abuser. 
And if R/hysand was actually given some type of redemption (or rather an acknowledgment of his faults) he possibly could’ve been seen as a sympathetic villain (and I say that possibly really lightly). His arc is not him realizing that he was and continually is wrong. It’s just R/hysand justifying why he does the bad things he does. People literally say they understand R/hysand’s reasoning behind withholding life-threatening information because he was ~misunderstood and sad~ but can’t understand the ill-placed anger of a 16/17-year-old girl. Even the fact that before SF, everyone loved A/mren for being mean, but everyone hated N/esta for having the same exact personality. 
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worldsnotsaid · 2 days ago
I’m 99% sure that Rhysand tampered with Feyre's mind at some point to make her want to have a baby so fast because in ACOMAF she was abundantly clear that she did not want kids and she didn’t want to be tampon's broodmare and it makes no sense for her to turn around a year later and decide to have a baby with the bag almost immediately. No sense. None at all. So I theorize that Rhysand did a little something to her mind.
Right lol!
I honestly wouldn’t have minded F/eyre saying she wanted a child. There’s nothing wrong would that, but F/eyre (not even a year after leaving Tool for these exact same reasons) decides to just have a child, after she decides to make a s*icide pact with R/hysand. And honestly, I can’t be mad at F/eyre’s character, she’s still so very young. But I am absolutely mad at R/hysand. He never challenges F/eyre, never asks her whether the decisions she makes are plausible, nor does he lay out the dangers of what F/eyre is implying she wants. Because giving F/eyre equality also includes informing her of the severity of her actions. It’s simply telling her information that may change her opinion. I just don’t think SJM thought of the dynamics of what a real healthy relationship looks like. 
The child would be both their responsibilities. R/hysand not simply telling F/eyre that this may not be the right time, or spelling out the honest truth about pregnancy disturbs me. Because he already knew that when F/eyre shifts, her entire body does. He knew that information and knew that the possibility of the child having wings was high, and still made love to her in Illyrian form.
Having an equal partnership is not just calling your partner out when they're wrong, it’s also counseling on things so that they can make a sound decision. R/hysand asking F/eyre -- “is this what you want” but not then spelling out the dangers, in an honest conversation is still icky!
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queenestarcheron · 2 days ago
okay as someone who doesn’t even ship elriel or anything, im mad that rhys told azriel not to pursue her bc she’s lucien’s mate (i lowkey ship elucien so ik this sounds odd coming from me). it didn’t sit right with me bc why is elain off limits bc she’s lucien’s mate?? like she doesn’t belong to him and lucien isn’t one to fucking start a war over her so what’s the actual issue??
the scene didn’t feel really romantic or anything to me but for rhys to interrupt it and force azriel to stay away from her was so wrong. and since when is court politics more interesting to him than romance. he literally made that bargain with feyre to die together without thinking of the effect it would have on their court if both of them died.
maybe it was just to fuel the elriel and gwynriel discourse but this really rubbed me the wrong way. now neither elain or azriel get to have a choice on whether or not they want to be together
i would talk about how it would make elain feel bad bc azriel will distance herself bc of rhys and she’ll feel confused and hurt but im not going to bc im still mad at her for how she handled her sister’s trauma in acosf
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I HATE how SJM set up Cassian as this amazing, caring and loving dude with a heart the size of whole Prythian, only to completely DESTROY his character in ACOSF...
I just can't with the whole book and with Cassian being blindingly loyal to Rhys and him being ok when Rhys said he wanted to kill Cassian himself said he knew for awhile that him and Nesta were mates, yet he is completely on board with Rhys threatening to kill Nesta.
I wanted them to be mates before this book, but honestly now I just don't see it anymore tbh
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nestasilverflame · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i love being on antisjm tiktok as well,,, i get the quality content 👌
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feysandandnyx · 2 days ago
It's funny to see Nesta stans wanting to make fun of Rhysand for being a feminist. I am not going to say if he is or not, for me he is a person who respects women and people's choices and this is already a lot coming from a fae male who lives in a practically medieval world. However, wow, what does his favorite understand about feminism? She is certainly not the best example on the subject 🤷🏽‍♀️
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