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#anti sjm
croissantcitysucks · 2 minutes ago
yo i really do love the running joke of s/jm or someone on her team following anti blogs bc in this hypothetical scenario where that’s actually happening they just ALWAYS miss the point.
us, after c/city: hey it’s pretty terrible that the humans are shit on so much. bryce & haunt not giving a fuck abt oppression and saying that the leader of the rebels deserves torture for rebelling is bad.
sjm/her team: got it, make bryce & hu/nt side with the rebels! and if it contradicts with their book 1 habit of not giving a fuck abt oppression then just retcon them into being “not very good at staying silent”. take THAT, antis!
us, since forever: *have always 100% pointed out all of s/jm’s retcons without fail*
sjm/team when we point out the retcon: *shocked pikachu face*
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croissantcitysucks · 27 minutes ago
Have you read the second cre//scent ci//ty book summary/synopsis yet? If so, what did you think of it? I thought it seemed like a very typical Mess summary lmao
alright, being serious, this is the summary of c/city 2 anon is talking about:
Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar are trying to get back to normal―they may have saved Crescent City, but with so much upheaval in their lives lately, they mostly want a chance to relax. Slow down. Figure out what the future holds. The Asteri have kept their word so far, leaving Bryce and Hunt alone. But with the rebels chipping away at the Asteri’s power, the threat the rulers pose is growing. As Bryce, Hunt, and their friends get pulled into the rebels’ plans, the choice becomes clear: stay silent while others are oppressed, or fight for what’s right. And they’ve never been very good at staying silent. In this sexy, action-packed sequel to the #1 bestseller House of Earth and Blood, Sarah J. Maas weaves a captivating story of a world about to explode―and the people who will do anything to save it.
"they've never been very good at staying silent" shut the FUCK up that's all you've done for the past book!
i'm not a summary/synopsis connoisseur, but i think this illustrates a general Feeling i get abt c/city 1. and that feeling being, it kind of gives me standalone vibes? like "they just want to kick back & relax & go abt their lives after saving the city" sounds like an epilogue novella to me, not the middle book in a series. and like, when you think about it, the characters have everything THEY want? bry/ce has closure over dan/ika's death & caught the killer, and haunt is free now & the synopsis straight up tells us they're just chilling, so i'm rlly very tired at s/jm trying to shove them into more books.
like if they'd been ESTABLISHED as particularly giving a fuck about the humans, sure, i can see why there would be some more to write about them, but they synopsis makes it seem like they're straight up being PULLED into this narrative which they're not inherently interested in by outside forces and that's frankly some really shitty writing.
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tailorgenyasafin · 57 minutes ago
I lose braincells everytime people compare riceboy to nesta who's literally a traumatised 20-something year old who's rude sometimes while rice is a 500 yr old creep who stalked, drugged and abused fayre. They are not the same!!! They cannot be compared at all!!!
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milady-ichy-bloodrose · 3 hours ago
Wait when did SJM hint that Tam and Amarantha were mates? Because that’s borderline pedophilic considering that Amarantha was an adult in the war and Tamlin was a little kid and she was friends with his dad so she literally kind of watched him grow up??? Ew. Not to mention it’s the male that is magically drawn to the female in a mating bond and only the female can reject the bond. it walks all over her own canon for them to be mates!
It was supposed to be a Q&A a long time ago, I think around the time ACOWAR came out. Someone asked if Amarantha was Tamlin's mate and she neither denied nor confirmed it. It sorta seemed like a cheeky maaaaaybe on her part. So while it's not confirmed I think she meant to imply it. Which is a big ew because as you said anon Tamlin was at most a pre teen at the time.
The bond rules get changed so often by SJM that honestly I wouldn't put it past her to backtrack canon for funsies.
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temily · 4 hours ago
rip the days when i had no idea who sarah j maas was. 2019 me had no idea how good she had it.
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worldsnotsaid · 5 hours ago
I just have to say it:
The fact that people already forgive E/ris despite seeing his  verbal abuse (and physical if you count the fact that he left her nailed with something to her stomach)  towards M/or makes me believe that SJM has conditioned this fandom to view certain kinds of abuse as “justified.” It’s not a hit on liking the character, by any means, like away. But the response to E/ris kind of solidified that SJM views abuse as “okay” or “explainable” if the intent is good.
Interested in others opinion on E/ris
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croissantcitysucks · 5 hours ago
I’m screaming. The Amarantha wiki says she began to desire Tamlin during the war. When he was A CHILD. I- I don’t like this.
yeah!! and the worst part is, that isn't even canon! ac0tar NEVER specifies that amar/antha took an interest in tam/lin during the WAR.
Alis yanked remaining spice jars off the pantry shelf. “Tamlin and Amarantha knew each other before—his family had long been tied to Hybern. During the War, the Spring Court allied with Hybern to keep the humans enslaved. So his father—his father, who was a fickle and vicious Lord—was very close with the King of Hybern, to Amarantha. Tamlin as a child often accompanied him on trips to Hybern. And he met Amarantha in the process.”
. . .
“Amarantha eventually grew to desire Tamlin—to lust for him with her entire wicked heart. But he’d heard the stories from others about the War, and knew what Amarantha and his father and the Hybern king had done to faeries and humans alike. What she did to Jurian as punishment for her sister’s death.
it says they MET during the war, not that amar/antha saw like, a fucking 7yo and went "hmm hot!". i suppose the wording as to when amar/antha became attracted to him is a little vague (although i'm sus of anyone who sees someone they knew when they were an adult & the other person was a child as a viable romantic interest) but when i read it i always thought the implication of "eventually" and saying that amar/antha eventually became attracted to tam/lin in an entirely separate paragraph from the "they knew each other during the war" mention was that amar/antha was only like "hmm yes he is hot" AFTER she came back to prythian several hundred years after the end of the war.
so once again stans SOMEHOW manage to make things even worse than they are in canon. they have a really fucked up talent for that.
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mor-queen-of-truth · 11 hours ago
My most awkward sex scene in Ac0fs
(besides the constant rape threats which Mess seems to enjoy to write as if they were an aesthetic)
is when Nesta needs to angle her hips a certain way to make sure she really, totally, absolutely takes in every millimeter of Cass’s enormous dick because only that makes the sex perfect, apparently.
The whole book is so penetration-obsessed
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mor-queen-of-truth · 11 hours ago
When I read Ac0fs, I could understand everything Nesta did and she did nothing wrong by which I mean, I reveled each time she called out Sandy and his friends and believe she was 100 % justified and is still justified with her criticisms at the end of the book and she only makes peace with Sandy to do her sister a favour.
Though in turn this means the inner circle all read like total jerks to me, including Mor. Now, Mess probably didn’t intend it this way but by making me feel and side with Nesta, she destroyed her other characters for it. She can’t organically write characters with differing opinions and goals but by showing the perspective of one character, she always automatically implies them to be right while anyone disagreeing comes off as a villain.
It’d be one thing though if it was just Nesta’s negative opinions but the inner circle genuinely behave atrociously, most of all Sandy’s controlling fake pro-life bullshit while I still have no idea what terrible thing Nesta supposedly said to Am/ren because honestly, Am/ren is horribly mean to everyone as well, she has little right to judge Nesta for her sharp tongue.
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earlsgrey · 11 hours ago
actually despite sjm claiming to be a feminist queen, the bit in acosf where rhys claims the weapons that nesta made, gifts them to eris, amren tries to convince rhys to use them as his to claim more power
the way ,,, nesta doesn’t fucking erupt ? nesta fucking hates these people - for what they’ve taken from her, how they’ve trapped her
and now she creates these weapons, perhaps the first thing (unknowingly) that she has control over and rhys takes them, thinks they are his? nesta should kill the inner circle and we all know it
and when rhys says no to amren’s plan it’s because he doesn’t want the responsibility or power not because these weapons are not his to use. he feels SO entitled to these objects as he feels entitled to nesta’s powers. he will belittle her and trap her but he does not feel any guilt in taking a women’s power for his own
as if nesta’s power is his to use ? the way nesta and amren who were far more powerful than him and could rip him apart just put up with him i-
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corrinisantisjm · 15 hours ago
hey anti sjm club 😏 what if ... ask game ...
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worldsnotsaid · 15 hours ago
I think a lot of stans don’t get WHY there are SJM antis in the first place- her books have harmful messages! About abuse, about racism and colonialism, about beauty.... for example, @spaceshipkat explained that at 19, she began restricting her diet to A/elin's in Heir of Fire to loose weight just like A/elin did. She became underweight, anemic,and stopped menstruating. All because of a BOOK SERIES. Other ppl in the replies said similar things. SJM's books can be harmful.
tw: depression, trauma
Yes! And this just makes me even more upset. Because antis have given so many valid reasons why our anger is warranted. It’s not “I don’t like this book for the hell of it” it's “these books have very harmful messages packed up for young kids, disguised as healing stories.”
TOG started off really YA and then became overly suggestive. It’s recommended for seven-year-olds. And it’s harmful because this book covers so many heavy topics so sloppily. Nehemia actually hurt because you know what that message said: little black girls don’t have a space in fantasy. We don’t get to be our own saviors, we have to sacrifice our lives so a white woman can do it. It said that POC only matters when they are subservient to their white counterparts. 
The messages in these books are so harmful because they have been heralded as a “great” showcase of dealing with trauma, but that’s totally not the case. I think many people read these books in dark places in their lives because both series are marketed as these feminist, revolutionary stories. And personally, that was what happened to me. I read acotar during a rough period in my life. I had just lost my father and buried myself in books, music, and entertainment to find some type of reprieve from that loss. Someone recommended me this series because she said it dealt with these serious issues very seriously. And so I immersed myself in this series, and since I have the tendency to hyper-fixate on things at certain points, I did the same with this book. And after reading it, I was numb. I didn't know how I was supposed to feel about it. Everyone kept telling me how good it was. The book kept reiterating that I had control over my trauma, that there was only one right way to deal with it. And I was just so depressed, and I think I kind of just sunk further into it. Because it just made me so aware of who I was in a bad way. And I saw all the N/esta hate, and I kind of identified with her, and it made me see that people only validated trauma when it was “manageable” and I saw no space to have an honest conversation.
And then there was all of the other issues. The idea that imperialism was okay, or the fact that poc were treated as either servants or just nonexistent. But people kept pushing these books. I had so many problems with it in the end, so I just didn’t interact with any fandoms or anything, I just blocked any discussions and left it alone. 
And then SF came out. And I found myself still invested in N/esta and so I read it. And I think it really did me in. I was so angry. SOO angry. Because once again this book was marketed as a soulful journey. Again, it was pushed as a way to a very sensitive audience with sensitive subjects. Again it handled serious issues as just plot points. Invalidated what trauma looked like. And honestly, those two years I spent saying nothing about this series just bubbled up into anger and I started this blog. 
It’s because this series uses such sensitive subjects like trauma, assault, domestic violence, SA as play subjects. SJM never thinks about the implication of her words. And it wouldn’t have mattered as much if she was a small author. But she is everywhere. These books are everywhere. And the messages about relationships are just so wrong. Everything is just so wrong. And I get scared because I read these when I was 17-18, and I realized that there were 12-year-olds reading this. And I don’t know, that just did something to me. There is this expectation that both of these series are marketed towards young girls in low spaces. 
It’s just so much and I get angry every time I think of it. Thank you anon.❤️
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rayonfrozenwings · 18 hours ago
Hey Fandom,  Its anti-bullying week in NZ this week so I thought I could provide some resources incase people have forgotten how to be kind humans.
Friday May 21st is PINK SHIRT DAY! - wear something pink / do something Pink here is a link to the campaign.
They also have this cool page about books to read to support emotions and feelings - incase anyone needs help understanding what is and isn't ok.
Now... sure - I'm being a little facetious, I shouldn't have to point out the fact that some people in this Fandom do not know how to be kind. I shouldn't have to point out that you should treat others how you would like to be treated. But Maybe some people don’t know how to behave. Maybe these resources will actually help them understand what they are doing wrong.
Bullying is not ok.
Not Ok - In the workplace
Not Ok - at School
Not Ok in Fandom
It's not ok. and if you think that it is ok - maybe you need to do some self reflection.
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thebookisalsobad · 21 hours ago
Bruh, the whole “I just read it for escapism, it’s not that deep,” argument is such a lukewarm take. If it’s not that deep, why the fuck did the author put it in there?
No one asked for their awful takes on sexism and class, but it’s still there. Clearly the author is trying to say something. Just cause you don’t want to engage thoughtfully doesn’t erase the words on the page.
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worldsnotsaid · 22 hours ago
I just want y’all to know that trauma/ptsd does not just manifest in dreams. I hate that various forms of media attempt to “stylized” very serious disorders that manifest in a variety of different ways. It’s not always dreams — sometimes you do hurt people, lash out. You become a another person sometimes, you become angry, you withdraw. It’s so complicated and scary, because sometime people really do try, but their trauma manifests in its own individual way. Yes, you are responsible for the harm you cause, but it’s so privileged to disregard the reality of trauma/ptsd, that it is deeper than just wanting to be better. That’s why the conditions are so serious because they affect every aspect of your life. Trauma isn’t something that is heroic —it’s deeply rooted and sometimes very hard to shake. If you’re not going to address this aspect of trauma, it’s very concerning to just define trauma as being “good” or “validated” when it brings out “the best.” That’s not how trauma works.
And I think that is one of my biggest gripes with SJM, she portrays trauma as [1] something you can choose to affect you and [2] a thing that is validated if it is self contained.
Saying that N/esta or (even the Tool) deserve to be abused/killed because their trauma manifests outwardly is extremely problematic. Treating trauma as a rite of passage is deeply problematic. Saying that F/eyre and R/hysand’s trauma is validated or right because it only affects them is so deeply wrong because that’s not how trauma always manifests. And my problem is not that these themes are explored, but that they are so poorly explored. Treating trauma as a heroic sacrifice is problematic. At the heart of the story, that is one of the more hurtful aspects. It’s not sympathizing with N/esta or Tool to acknowledge that their behavior fits some of the routine patterns of PTSD, it’s just acknowledging those facts. And that’s what happens when you sloppily try to create villainous foils to a symbol of virtuosity (f/eyre) using trauma as the conduit.
I’m sorry I just absolutely hate the argument the argument that N/esta deserves the abuse of both F/eyre and the IC because her trauma made her “mean” —or mean[er] in N/esta’s case. PTSD and trauma is not just bad dreams and sadness — it’s much deeper than that.
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worldsnotsaid · a day ago
Rhysand stans saying if you don’t like a character just keep it to yourself... where was this for Nesta? Why can’t people keep Nesta hate to themselves, then? This fandom has the biggest double standards I swear.
Ahh yess!
N/esta’s faults are always treated as “unforgivable” by both the narrative and stans but R/hysand’s aren’t!
R/hysand is an abuser, but people literally forgive his assault because “his intentions were good.” If I don’t like a character because there annoying (say like Mal from S&B) I’m not going to rag on the character because the preferences are arbitrary. But if that character is an abusive asshole, who is praised for his abuse, you best believe I’m gonna type away. N/esta’s flaws are constantly acknowledged in the text, and by her stans. R/hysand’s apologists literally choose to ignore his abusive nature because he is a cute, misunderstood bad boy. Perspective does not take away from the actual abuse committed. Knowing why R/hysand s*xually, mentally, and physically assaulted F/eyre does not mean he is not an abuser. 
And if R/hysand was actually given some type of redemption (or rather an acknowledgment of his faults) he possibly could’ve been seen as a sympathetic villain (and I say that possibly really lightly). His arc is not him realizing that he was and continually is wrong. It’s just R/hysand justifying why he does the bad things he does. People literally say they understand R/hysand’s reasoning behind withholding life-threatening information because he was ~misunderstood and sad~ but can’t understand the ill-placed anger of a 16/17-year-old girl. Even the fact that before SF, everyone loved A/mren for being mean, but everyone hated N/esta for having the same exact personality. 
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worldsnotsaid · a day ago
I’m 99% sure that Rhysand tampered with Feyre's mind at some point to make her want to have a baby so fast because in ACOMAF she was abundantly clear that she did not want kids and she didn’t want to be tampon's broodmare and it makes no sense for her to turn around a year later and decide to have a baby with the bag almost immediately. No sense. None at all. So I theorize that Rhysand did a little something to her mind.
Right lol!
I honestly wouldn’t have minded F/eyre saying she wanted a child. There’s nothing wrong would that, but F/eyre (not even a year after leaving Tool for these exact same reasons) decides to just have a child, after she decides to make a s*icide pact with R/hysand. And honestly, I can’t be mad at F/eyre’s character, she’s still so very young. But I am absolutely mad at R/hysand. He never challenges F/eyre, never asks her whether the decisions she makes are plausible, nor does he lay out the dangers of what F/eyre is implying she wants. Because giving F/eyre equality also includes informing her of the severity of her actions. It’s simply telling her information that may change her opinion. I just don’t think SJM thought of the dynamics of what a real healthy relationship looks like. 
The child would be both their responsibilities. R/hysand not simply telling F/eyre that this may not be the right time, or spelling out the honest truth about pregnancy disturbs me. Because he already knew that when F/eyre shifts, her entire body does. He knew that information and knew that the possibility of the child having wings was high, and still made love to her in Illyrian form.
Having an equal partnership is not just calling your partner out when they're wrong, it’s also counseling on things so that they can make a sound decision. R/hysand asking F/eyre -- “is this what you want” but not then spelling out the dangers, in an honest conversation is still icky!
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