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ReSpEcT oThEr ShiPs! Canon or not!

Funny that this statement is always, almost NEVER followed through. Once again, common example used here is the HP fandom. And don’t get me wrong, once in a while, it is important to call out abusive/pedo ships(Snarry, Dramione, Drarry, Tomione, etc). But when it comes to healthy ships like Harmione, Jily, Nuna;

the canon/bias police always jumps the shark and tries to shame/ridicule someone for liking a ship that they don’t like. Why the fuck do you fucking care what I ship??? I’m literally scared to post/reblog anything Harry Potter related(aka involving my favorite ships) because some asshole always has to shout out: ‘b b but.. my s ship is b better!’ NO BITCH! THINGS LIKE FICTIONAL SHIPPING ARE SUBJECTIVE! You can dislike a ship all you want, but wasting your time and effort in shaming someone over a FICTIONAL pairing doesn’t make you hero, it only turns you into a bully. I hate bullies, no matter what/how/reason. Sure, maybe you are one of those who claim that I’m tired of my character/ship getting bashed/hated on, fine. But that doesn’t give you the fucking right to hate on an entire group and judge everyone and come to the conclusion that we are all the same trolls as a few minority in the fandom. And you aren’t any better by doing this: you have become just as bad as those you are trying to ‘expose’. Some of them are just trying to enjoy what we like and mean no ill will.

But oh no! When your dumbass gets called out for this behavior, you play the victim card and don’t take any fucking accountability. Good fucking riddance. Why waste my energy and time on a fandom that I likely will never post about you wonder? Simple, I’m tired of not being to enjoy anything because of these types of people and I need somewhere to vent out or it will cause me go insane. You can try and claim that this was pointless and I don’t give a jackshit, because guess what, bud? I don’t fucking care. I will likely block your ass the same way I blocked those that have trashed my pairings(and can you imagine that, fucktards??? I have to literally waste time, energy and my phone battery to search and block all those twats! Great job fellas, because of you, this fandom is a joke).

(Note: if you done reading my rant, be sure to also bother reading the fucking tags. Those tags tend to reveal my stance on hp fandom/ships.

And I repeat: R E A D . Because I might be someone you potentially hate because of my ‘tastes’. Block me, I don’t give rats ass)

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Oh my bad. I don’t really come across snape ships that often. I was talking about fic counts. But yeah you are right. Snamione shippers are probably more vocal. I don’t know about them much. Anyway Both are disgusting as hell. ugh😤

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snape was a lot of things but he was not a pedophile. why y’all shipping him with his students? like legit you looked at 14 year old harry/hermione and thought “yeah, they’d be perfect together” gross ass bitches. i may hate snape but the man deserves better than that and so do harry and hermione. 

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Dear HP fandom,

Here’s a quick PSA: If major changes have to be made, such as age, character traits and big parts of the canon plot of the movie/series/book, just so that your ship is healthier or more matching than the canon, then your ship isn’t good to begin with. Ship what you want, but don’t act as if your ship should have been endgame. That and also women are people with their own choices, they’re not objects/tools for someone’s redemption arc.

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