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#anti st*rker

to the anon who sent me that super graphic st*rker fic request uhhh why???? first of all, please don’t send graphic asks to people without checking if they’re alright receiving them, and second, please never send me st*rker asks! ever. 

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in case the message got lost somewhere:

i do not ship st*rker. i do not tolerate st*rker shippers. i don’t care if you ship peter with mj, ned, harley, even flash, but i do not and will not ever tolerate st*rker shippers claiming my posts as st*rker.

peter is a child. he is 15 when we meet him, he is in high school, so by legal definition he is a CHILD. tony is a fully grown adult, and no matter how “compatible” you think they are, they are not nor will ever be an acceptable ship.

do not claim my posts are st*rker, do not follow me if you ship st*rker, do not interact with my blog if you ship st*rker.

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So a St*rker blog reblogged my post about how hard it is to write about Peter and Tony in the lab because I don’t actually know science, and now all the St*rkers are reblogging it from each other. There are so many. I just want them to go away.

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oh my god WHY… do st*rkers interact?? i’m hardly in the mcu fandom anymore and if i haven’t been vocal enough against literal pedophilia on here… i’ll start now IM VIOLENTLY AGAINST PEDOPHILIA PLEASE DONT INTERACT IF YOU SUPPORT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN AN ADULT MALE AND A MINOR.

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Tony: Sleep
Peter *after not sleeping for 3 days and on 7 energy drinks*: NOOOOOOOOOO :P :3
Tony: *sighs*
Tony *wrapping Peter in blankets tightly*: Yes
Peter *wiggling*: Mr. Staaaaaaaaaaaark I can't move help help :I
Tony *carrying him to bed*: Laughs
Peter: Mr. Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark!!!
Tony *sets Peter on his bed and tucks him in so tightly he can barely move*: Hey, Pete. I'll read you a story if you stay still.
Peter: :O :O :O
Peter: *stays perfectly still with wide eyes :)*
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I am so angry that a st*rker post/blog just came up as a suggested post on my dash. How many st*rker blogs and tags do I need to block??

THIS is why I block them preemptively when I can handle seeing all that disgustingness rather than having it pop up out of nowhere like this

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St*rker is fucking horrible why the fuck would anyone ship that not only is in blatant pedophilia and wrong is so many fucking ways but people think that by ageing peter up it somehow makes it right. No No No. nothing about St*rker is right in any fucking way. It is completely disgusting anyone who ships it or condones it is a horrible person. End of discussion. Nothing can redeem shipping something as discusting as pedophilia and some of it is downright incest. What the fuck. This is not something that should exist at all. Why the fuck would anyone condone this let alone ship this. Get of my blog if you do or are willing to defend anyone who does because YOU ARE NOT AND WILL NEVER BE WELCOME ON ON THIS WORLD LET ALONE ON MY BLOG SO FUCK OFF!!!!!

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I don’t even know what to say. I just don’t. I’m actually genuinely upset that someone thinks this is funny or okay.

To people who think it’s okay because it’s fiction:

If you write something in which racism is seen in a positive light, people in real life will be more accepting of racist and bigoted people. This then impacts the safety of POC, because society is allowing these ideas to go unchecked and unfiltered.

Arguing that it’s “just fiction” is like arguing that someone writing a rape fantasy or writing about killing trans people is fine because it’s just fiction and they haven’t actually raped anyone or killed any trans people yet. It normalises the idea in fiction until eventually the idea is normalised IRL.

You wouldn’t write a fanfiction in which the Avengers are nazis or go around beating the shit out of gay couples on the streets but are still “the good guys” (written in a positive light). So why on earth do you think it’s okay to write a fanfiction in which paedophilia and grooming - and incest (in the case of some of the disgusting stuff I’ve had the misfortune of hearing about or seeing online) - are okay? Because it’s not.

It’s fucking disgusting that my baby sister is going to grow up in a world where people think writing shit like this is okay because it’s jUsT fIcTiOn. So please, for the sake of whatever deity/deities you do or don’t believe in, STOP. Stop writing your messed up porn fics that fetishises both gay relationships and paedophilia for your own pleasure.

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if there’s an ounce of decency left in your shriveled soul BLOCK ME for freaks sake I could not make this more clear yet I follow someone who is interacting with my blog and BAM I get smacked in the face with that sh*t a few days later BLOCK ME BLOCK ME BLOCK ME then go jump off a cliff it SAYS RIGHT THERE DON’T INTERACT you sickos

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can’t tell you how nice it feels, how my stress level decreases, with each follower I lose after I post anti-starker stuff. #blessed #byefelicia #gotoheck #seeyawouldn’twannabeya

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