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#anti starker

hey! thanks for pointing it out

it would be cool if you could tell me the post i reblogged so i can check it. you might have just read it wrong but better save than sorry

i‘m strongly anti st*rker so if i ever reblog one of those posts it isn’t intentional and i just didn’t pay enough attention

please always point stuff like that out to me!

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to recap:

if you ship st*rker, stay away from this blog

if you post/reblog st*rker content, stay away from this blog

if you “"like irondad as well as st*rker”“, stay away from this blog

if you enjoy/engage in any kind of st*rker content whatsoever,

i don’t care your reasoning behind it,

stay away from this blog

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I just had a fic idea that I need to share.

What if, because Peter technically died during the first snap, when he gets resurrected by Hulk snapping, he can hear/see ghosts.

Like, because of his enhanced senses, he’s able to communicate with spirits because he was once one, so he’s able to see and talk to his parents, Uncle Ben and Tony

He can finally speak to all of them at once and it’s just a big pile of ghost co-parenting

we can have the angst of the spirits not being able to touch him or stop any of the bad things that happen to him but also the fluff of them all being there and Peter can finally make peace with all of his guilt

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Just had an IronDad/Tony Stark Anti respond to one of my anti-st*rker asks with “Ben Parker is Peter’s only canon father figure” so if ya’ll want to help me out by adding some examples of Tony acting as a father to Peter in canon to this post, that would be absolutely wonderful 🥰 

I would also like to take the time to point out that it is possible to have more than one parental/father/mother figure in your life and if you believe that you can’t, then I’m sorry to say but you are incredibly small-minded and also wrong.

I’ll start the chain with one of the most blatant example:

  • Tony Stark created and designed at least 2 separate Spider-Man suits to keep Peter as safe as possible.
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This is Why I’m here!

Me: My family isn’t likely to enjoy this art WIP *sends pic of rough lineart*

Mutual: Awww irondad cuddles. Are they not fans of irondad and spiderson?

Me: They aren’t interested. I mean, they don’t hate it, they just don’t care.

Mutual: Wow! What’s that like?

Me: It’s haaard! That’s why I need tumblr and AO3. This is what I have you for!!

Thank you, @obsessionoftheday @an-odd-idea  @peer-parker  @spideylilparker @aimaim94 @skeeter-110  @wind-at-her-heels @galaxy-creationz @joyful-soul-collector @heartofcathedrals @baloobird

AND everyone else that I interact with both here and on AO3 on a regular basis. It would take me all day to tag every single one of you! ❤️❤️❤️

Much Love, my friends!

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Hi everyone! I just need to say something here….my blog is NOT for Starker shippers. Every one of my drawings is pure, platonic irondad/spiderson. A lot of starker shippers started to follow this blog recently so I just wanted to make it clear. I do NOT ship starker and I never will because it’s just…nasty and wrong (sorry) so please, do NOT reblog my art as Starker. Thank you

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