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#anti the witcher

The witcher. Rape/sexual assault TW

I’m sorry but can we talk about the way the witcher completely glosses of Rape and sexual assault

  1. Renfri, a woman who was hunted down and raped is compared to a monster for wanting to kill the man who is responsible for her being raped and responsible for the murder and torture of many girls, she is also compared to him and then killed by a man
  2. Yennefer puts a spell on some towns people and makes them have a orgy (you can argue that this may have been consensual however the people look shocked and embarrassed after she drops the spell and why would that be the case if it was 100% consensual)
  3. Yennefer kisses Geralt while putting him under a spell
  4. Yennefer exposes herself to Jaskier, backs him against a wall, pushes her body against him and grabs his dick as he’s trying to get away, she is a very powerful mage and has ALL the power in this situation, this as well as the previous two are never brought up again and this one especially is played for laughs
  5. Yennefer admits she helped murderers and rapists keep their crowns just so she could keep her place at court
  6. They try to make you sympathetic for a king who fucked his sister who is also given back the child who was a product of their incest
  7. The whole law of surprise bullshit where a man saved his friends life and then waited til his friend’s daughter was older (he’d been watching her from afar this whole time) and married her

There may be more but these are all I can remember at the moment, the way rape and sexual assault are treated in this show is disgusting, it’s often ignored and never brought up again as if it is not that important and it’s made even worse when their supposedly ‘feminist’ character sexually assaults others and is complicit in letting sexual predators grt away with their actions. And when the killing of a woman who was raped is treated as a moral action and the male protagonist kills so many people to stop her from killing one evil man, it’s truly disgusting.

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There are so many ways they could have gone with both characters. Taken their time with them. Built them up, had them learn and be wary of each other at first in a way that is obvious for their characters but nop. Yen mind controlled him and he’s fine with it. How could that have not been addressed? And then she later tells him he has no respect for her autonomy but girl, neither do you? Sigh, I just I’m a bit disappointed. I went into the show expecting soemthing grand and came out of it feeling like a disjointed plot (probably very different from the book) was being shoved in my face and I was being told to love it. The characters never had any believable character arcs for the past 8 episodes and I hate it. Ciri watched as a family died the first time the soldiers attacked, and the next time someone attacked her and the friend who saved her, she ran….. she abandoned him and ran. And had the nerve to throw it back in his face. They are all so dislikable? I never had the opportunity to grow to respect any of them before they went out of their way to be terrible people. At least Geralt is a decent man albait a boring one.

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*slow clap* thank you. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It all just feels very wrong and creepy to me. Geralt felt like he had a moral compass to a degree and suddenly he didn’t? And Yen is a great character and I do like her a lot but let’s not pretend she is anything but a bad person. She literally raped a room full of innocent people so…..

And also, I don’t usually throw myself against a wall when relationships happen, screaming and complaining about them. I can accept a writers decision even if I don’t like them, but this couple is boring. Man meet woman, woman meet man, they fall madly in love yada yada yada. I don’t care. Am I bored of it? Yes. Will it change anytime soon? No. But the least they could do is be slightly more authentic and original about it. Never have I seen a romance so rushed and forced. It’s like they wanted us to believe he liked her to that degree because….. why?

Yen and her previous boyfriend made much more sense and Geralt well…. I rather like him as the lone wolf but if he had to be with someone the bard makes a little bit more sense. At least they had a build up, but fine. If they wanna stay true to canon or whatever, fine. But at least try making yen and geralt more believable. They literally met, fucked and now he can’t live without her? I call bullshit

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Finished the witcher and I have to say… highly underwhelmed. I came out of the season not liking any of the main characters at all. Which is crazy because I liked them during the second episode.

Geralt for example is decent when he’s hanging out with his friend, but whenever him and Yen are anywhere near each other I die a little inside like…. wtf. They barely even knew each other? Why the hell would he wish to never lose her?

Ciri is up there with the most selfish, annoying, useless children of tv. Like I get the girl is royalty and has never dealth with anything difficult in her life. But the nerve… the fucking nerve to order her friend to kill someone for her and then legit abandon him only to tell him… Him… after he came back to save her sorry butt that she was done apologizing for her mistakes? Bitch you haven’t even apologized for leaving him to die! Like your friend ran through arrows to save your ass and urgh…. I don’t care if She’s a kid. Dara is also a kid and God he is ten times the better person.

And Yennefer…. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful Yennefer. Did they have to give her the (strong woman who can’t have children so she thinks she is damaged trope?) Like wow…. when will that ever die out! Natasha, Yennefer, Amalia Pond, that doctor lady from Chicago med like…. hello? There is nothing wrong with being unable to have a fucking kid ok. Stop trying to portray those women as self hating.

And yeah. That’s my rant for today. I’m just very underwhelmed. All the characters were good, but not great.

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i can’t believe i just had to see a post where somebody compared the witcher (2019), an unwatchable derivative piece of trash, to shrek (2001), one of the best films of all time

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Unpopular opinion…

The Witcher was really bad. It just felt like a disjointed series of high fantasy tropes with no meaningful through line to connect all these scenes together. The “Law of Surprise”…really?!?! That’s a thing in this universe? Okay, I can accept that despite the idiotic name but maybe if they’d handled the 3 alternate timelines/storylines properly it wouldn’t have felt so fucking “fromage”. Alas…I spent the first 3 episodes thinking there were typos in the scripts and then that big info dump in episode 4. Yeash!

Also, the acting…god damn it! I know for a fact Henry Cavill is a good actor, I’ve seen him act in enough movies to be sure of that but he was totally phoning it in. The actress who played Yennefer was alright but I stopped caring about her character once she transformed into a beautiful violent eyed fantasy cliché. And don’t even get me started on the kid who played Ciri…she was a complete dead weight. I kept hoping the weasel faced Black Night would kill her so I could be spared the torment.

I read an article in The Guardian that said The Witcher was the replacement for GoT fans looking for a good fantasy show. I can only assume the author didn’t actually watch the show before writing that piece. Say what you will about GoT, even seasons 7-8 which left me very dissapointed, but at least they were trying to tell a meaningful story and make me care about the characters. The Witcher is amateur hour compared to GoT…even the lackluster later seasons.

I know this was originally a book series but the show very much feels like a a video game adaptation; and not even a good video game one like “Resident Evil”. The Witcher is more of a “Street Fighter” grade adaptation.

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I tried to watch the Witcher but couldn’t. I got a few minutes in and it was unbearably bad. The acting was flat and wooden and I know it’s probably because he had nobody good to play off of but I couldn’t do it.

But if they put Iorveth in this show, catch me watching all fucking hours of it no matter how much torturous bad dialogue I have to sit through.

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