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#anti thorki

i do not post anything necessarily triggering typically, though i will give a warning if i do.

please do not mention the ship thorki around me, i find it utterly repulsive. 

please tag posts of s-x-al ab-se, m-nt-l ab-se, and panic attacks. these all trigger me and i would like to be able to hide these from my view so nothing bad happens.

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Dear Thorkis, 

your whole take that Loki being adopted justifies incest both disgusts and upsets me. Please learn to view things outside of a romantic lens and appreciate relationships that aren’t romantic. 


someone who is adopted

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don’t @ me but I don’t rly mind thorki in au settings?? like in canon I don’t like it but if it just happens to be a background ship in a non canon universe fic I’m usually ok w it.

honestly, i really try to avoid thinking about that ship whenever possible, like i have the tag blocked and really try to stay away from it, because i don’t like it regardless and it grosses me out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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uuuuuugh i feel Gross

i really need to read the tags of fics before i read them

apparantly people follow me? so just so y'all know i do not like th*rki. like at all, and i think it’s gross. i’m not gonna condemn people for shipping it but just make sure you tag that shit.

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I was rereading the 2019 in review ship list and um

That’s incest???

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Can I just say something about ships-

No matter how hard people like to deny it, what you ship reflects at least a little of who you are. 

Some humans can be so disgusting and ignorant sometimes, so I’m really hoping none of my followers are into immoral ships. You guys are my people, and I pride myself on you guys. 

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I do not, I repeat DO NOT do thorki writing prompts. I’m sorry but it makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Please refrain from sending me thorki anything. Thanks

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i blacklist that tag as well, and i don’t typically follow if someone posts that. i do sometimes block if i come across that. i do find that ship truly disgusting and reprehensible. also, I don’t go into the tags.

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Are there even normal Thor blogs out there that don’t ship Thorki?! I just want to see some posts of my fave without having to see incest every second post. And blocking tze tag won’t work because apparently it’s totally fine to tag posts that don’t have anything to do with this f***ed up ship and that I would actually enjoy, but not to tag the actual incest!!!!

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oof you probably didn’t know but the op of that king of the hill meme tagged it th*rki

okay, but here’s the thing: I don’t care about thorki. I don’t ship it, but I’m not an anti. I just don’t care. Like, I don’t get it, I don’t see it, but it’s fictional. And I sincerely doubt that people who ship it are thinking “it is perfectly fine in real life for people to have romantic and/or sexual relationships with their siblings”. I think that they have connected with this ship within the context of fiction, the story, and the specific dynamic of the characters. 

 So … I don’t really care, the post stays.

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