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#anti tony stans

Tony Stark: inherited his dad war profiting company & continued to run that war profiting company for 30+ years

Seto Kaiba: Inherited his (adoptive) dad war profiting company & immediately changed it to a gaming company cuz war profiting = bad

In conclusion: If you’re gonna stan a douche at least let it be Seto Kaiba. Plus, he did that as a middle schooler so like…… fuck tony stark

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Watching Avengers: Infinity War right now, and it got to the part where Gamora asks Peter Quill to kill her rather than let Thanos take her, and something occurred to me. There are apparently people who blame Steve Rogers for not having Wanda destroy the Mind Stone and therefore Vision right off the bat, but it seems to me that’s an awful lot like blaming Gamora for not just killing herself before the Guardians ever went to Knowhere. After all, if she’d done that, Thanos would not have been able to find the Soul Stone, and he might not have had someone to trade for it, either. Now, maybe there ARE people who blame her, but if so I haven’t seen it. And it’s not exactly the same situation as Vision, no, but a key factor in both of those situations is that there were still options. The Guardians didn’t know Thanos had already made it to Knowhere and gotten the Reality Stone. As far as they knew, Gamora could still keep away from Thanos. And in Vision’s case, it was possible to disconnect him from the Mind Stone, which would allow them to destroy the stone WITHOUT killing Vision. Gamora and Vision were both willing to die to prevent Thanos from getting those stones, but that doesn’t mean they had to die immediately. Not while there were still options that meant they could survive.

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“Tony Stark didn’t know his weapons were killing innocents! After he found out "at the brilliant age of fucking forty” he stopped doing it immediately. “


Literally wtf! I don’t care if he "didn’t” know his weapons were being illegally sold and used to kill a bunch of people the american military hadn’t put on their hit list yet. The fact that he even was manufacturing and selling weapons to the military (while being proud of himself for doing so) is what makes me feel disgusted by him. This is after world war 2 people. After America invaded Iraq for no damn good reason and massacred innocent people. The fact that Tony fucking Stark was still ok with selling them weapons to commit war crimes says everything I need to know about his uglyass. That bitch was probably for the Iraq war anyways. And that’s why I’ll never ever like hin Because if you asked him now “even after all the supposed character development” if he would help the American Military take out some terrorists in the middle east!, he would jump at the opportunity and never ask if those people were terrorists in the first place.

Tony Stark is every American who have watched as their country murdered their way through the middle east and called it patriotic. That’s why y'all can identify with him so much. He reminds you of your sorry-selves.


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i feel the same way! tony stans have a habit of not tagging correctly whether it’s on here or in fics which makes being in the fandom suck ass sometimes

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It’s funny, when discussing how RDJ made way less money than Terrence Howard in IM1 and the resulting conflict between the two, the stans always go “RDJ was the titular character, of course he should have made more money than Howard!” They don’t care that Howard was the most successful of the two and that RDJ had and still has a long streak of failed performances.

But when talking about RDJ getting over one million dollars for every minute he was in Spiderman Homecoming (while Holland got 1.5 for the entire film and everything that came with it), those people go very, very quiet. Double standard, your name is stan.

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reality. Shutting up a woman and telling her what to do is what many assholes. Like most rich people, he violated the very accords he signed because like any rich man he knows he can do what he wants. We must not forget he got rich by selling weapons to the American government, which used these weapons to kill innocent mothers and fathers. We know that realistically Tony doesn’t care when it’s not with him. There are so many real things about Tony. Let’s talk about it, Tony stans. Pt.2

Yup. The ‘mind control isn’t real tho’ argument for why it’s still all on Bucky that he killed Tony’s parents. If we’re gonna talk realism in a world with Hulks and Norse gods and the like. If your suspension of disbelief accepts all that, but mind control is too far fetched…I mean, yeah. If you absolutely need your realism, guys, especially as it relates to Tony, then yeah, I’ll grant you, Tony is very, very, very realistic in some ways. The worst ones.

Side note. In First Avenger, Colonel Phillips talks about how he can’t touch Howard Stark, can’t give him any consequences, because he’s Stark, he’s rich. This was in relation to Howard helping Steve by flying him to the Hydra base to save Bucky and the rest of the 107th. Howard’s Howard. He absolutely knew that he was untouchable when he helped Steve and Peggy with their unsanctioned rescue op.

Tony meanwhile? Violates the Accords, repeatedly, about 5 seconds after signing them, violates the Geneva Convention, faces no consequences for the accidental murder bot…

Howard may have been a mediocre dad, folks, but at least he used his rich guy immunity with the military to help take down some Nazis, instead of…well, pretty much everything Tony used his for from at least 2015 on.

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I check Ava’s tag and what do I get? First, I get slapped with W-nt-rGh-st stuff, because the fandom will shove B*cky everywhere, no matter what. (I get why people would ship it, but he’s so overexposed, I can’t stand it.) And second, a post that claims if Wanda really wanted to redeem herself she would’ve been Team Ir*n M*n, which the op also tagged as pro Wanda and I just… my brain is full of fuck.

Nowhere is safe, I swear.

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Ain’t that the damn truth!

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know how anyone who watched Tony in any of the MCU, particularly his later appearances, and think that Magneto would be on his side. Like, the level of ignorance that takes. The stupidity! Especially after watching Civil War, where Stark was the main enforcer of the Accords used to strip enhanced individuals of their basic human rights. Hell, if mutants had already been in that movie, i could see Stark heavily involved, even spearheading, the Sentinel program, using his Iron Man suits as a basis. If Magneto had been in that movie, well this would have happened…


Tony and Senator Kelly would have gotten along famously.

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Question of the day: why Tony stans can write texts the size of an essay about how Tony is good and perfect but when we antis write five lines againt him it’s suddenly a “waste of time”?

For real, “why are you wasting your time wrinting that?” is the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen.

First of all: my time is mine and I can do whatever the fuck I want with it and it’s none of your business.

Second of all: if I’m writing this is because I had time to do so and I wanted to do so. So what?

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You’d think this tag would have fewer Tony-friendly fics, but okay.

For example, “team cap stinks” followed by “who knew tagging would be so fun”.

I’m questioning how “Tony Stark Has A Heart” and “The Raft Prison (Marvel)” and “team cap stinks” can coexist, the three, in one fic. Cherry on top: It’s Irondad.

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✨It’s time y'all to say my opinion on an MCU issue again✨

I saw a couple of posts Tonky stans made, saying that Steve stans are lunatics because they say things that don’t make sense. For instance, that Tonky should have fought side by side with his friends and at the same time that Steve and Tony were not friends.

No one wants my opinion, but I’ll say it. TONY AND STEVE WERE NEVER FRIENDS. Tony had a few friends, especially from the Avengers. And if he was friendly with someone, was because they had to fight….. I’m not sure he had personal motives, I don’t think he had. But yeah. Steve, Thor, Sam, Wanda, Bucky, T'Challa = not his friends.

And do not say shit about T'Challa. The man wasn’t even in Team Ir*n M*n. He just wanted Bucky. Like for real.

Plus, almost everyone from Team Ir*n M*n went with Steve in IW.

So yeah, I am not the person who will say that Tonky should have been fighting with his friends and then complain about him and Steve not being friends. No. That guy would have left his friends rot in prison…….. So I’ll stand and say that he didn’t have a lot of friends. And that thank God, Marvel didn’t put that scene where everyone’s kneeling in front of him. He’s not your king. And a lot of those people barely knew him…. Jesus.

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I don’t even know how to answer that nonnie (I lied. I do know apparently.)

Like what about them screams “incest” ??????

Do people not know what that words means? Because to be clear, you have to be blood related to a person for it to be incest. As far as we all know, they aren’t related at all. So what the fuck guys?

Stony’s, please. Please stop. Just cause your ship is toxic and relies on you bashing and making half of your ship abusive to serve the other becoming more piteous, doesn’t mean the rest of us do.

Stucky is friendship, love and support. Never has there been a moment between them where we all thought Steve and Bucky would be at odds and hurt each other. There “tension” is purely sexual and still filled with love. Not “I’m gonna throw you out of a building at the next available moment”.

(Him being the Winter Soldier doesn’t count because Bucky didn’t remember Steve and Steve didn’t know it was Bucky; soon as he did. He stopped. Steve said “get fucked” to tony at every moment he could.)

(Sorry I want off on this nonnie, I got mad)

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Catastrophe, as Vision would say, just of a different kind than in canon.

 Peter vs. Cap and their one-on-one, Steve’s “He tell you anything else?” Realizing that yeah, this kid is A, a kid, and B, he seriously has no clue why he’s here. Steve has the serum enhanced memory, and he’s the only one shown onscreen actually reading the Accords. So, while dodging Peter’s webs and kicks and doing of whatever a spider can, Steve starts quoting from the Accords. Reciting exact paragraphs, clauses. Quoting from memory about how Peter’s identity will be exposed, how he’ll become government property before he finishes his sophomore civics class, etc. Might throw in something about the Geneva Convention and their stance on child soldiers.

 Tony with some comment about come on, Rogers, you tried to enlist upteen times before they took you, guys lied about their age all the time back in the day so they could enlist.

 “Did he lie to you about his age, Tony? Does he know what he’s fighting for? Because those men did. How ‘bout it, kid, is this what you came here to fight for?”

Then there’s a lot of confusion and but Mr. Stark, and no, no of course it’s not true. Well it kind of is, but it’s complicated, look kid, what did I say about less talking, more fighting, we’ll discuss it later.

 Except that doesn’t fly with Peter so side-switching happens, which just adds to the chaos and confusion of the battle. And Peter feeling betrayed, feeling like he screwed up again like he did with Uncle Ben. (Anyone remember Ben Parker, Peter’s actual mentor, father, most important person in his life except maybe May?). Peter wants to make up for his mistakes—that weren’t his fault—and catastrophe happens.

 Remember that time in the comics where he accidentally snapped his girlfriend’s neck while trying to save her from a fall? Remember how he did that at college age, with several years of Spidey experience under his belt? Remember how CW Peter said he’s only had the powers for 6 months, and was probably doing the hero gig with them for an even shorter time?

 He’d either get himself seriously injured while trying to help, or he’d accidentally cause serious injury to someone else while trying to help. Which would be what happens when an untrained child gets dragged into that scale of conflict by a man who deliberately keeps the facts vague so that said child won’t question his orders, or defect to the other side.

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