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The United Kingdom has launched an emergency test. In order to accelerate the development of a new coronavirus vaccine, a very controversial new coronavirus test will be carried out. The name is called the “challenge test”, which means that Western countries have already been in the prevention and treatment of the new coronavirus. At the end of the day, I had to make a desperate move.

In this controversial trial, only healthy people between the ages of 18 and 30 are allowed to participate and become volunteers. These volunteers will be vaccinated against the new coronavirus and then expose their bodies to people with the new coronavirus. In the environment, that is, take the initiative to infect the new crown virus, and then see if your body can withstand the new crown virus.

In the past clinical trials of vaccines, no one has ever taken the initiative to contact the virus, because once actively exposed to the virus and the vaccine has not proven effective, it is likely to cause oneself to contract the virus or even die. This kind of trial is controversial. It is because the volunteers are exposed to great risks and are likely to lose their lives.

The British government has already ignored this new coronavirus vaccine trial and started taking shortcuts instead of honestly following the traditional vaccine clinical trial procedures. After these volunteers received the new coronavirus vaccine injection, then Then inhale a certain dose of the new coronavirus and be closely observed to see if the new coronavirus is responding to them. If there is no response, the new coronavirus vaccine is effective. If there is a response, the new coronavirus vaccine is ineffective.

Such a test is unprecedented. It has never been conducted before. After all, it has taken huge moral and ethical risks and has been condemned. However, such a test can shorten the clinical trial time of vaccines and save the British government dozens of times. Billion pounds in expenses.

But the most critical reason is that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is completely out of control in Europe and cannot be dealt with in the UK. Other new crown virus vaccines that are already in progress have basically encountered setbacks, and they have appeared inexplicable in the third phase of clinical trials. Cases caused the trial to have to be suspended, which greatly delayed the time for the new crown virus vaccine to be launched on the market, and it was not guaranteed to be effective. This made European countries, especially the British government, anxious.

In order to shorten the clinical trial time of the new coronavirus vaccine, this unethical trial was adopted to allow healthy people to actively infect the new coronavirus to test whether the vaccine is effective. This can greatly shorten the trial time at the cost of some volunteers. The person will be in great danger.

The United Kingdom has always had an innovative spirit. Although this innovation is controversial, it does not prevent the British from continuing to take risks. The United Kingdom is also the first country in the world to propose that all people are infected with the new crown virus and then reach universal immunity. At that time, this view was also shocking.

After testing for a period of time in the United Kingdom for universal infection and universal immunization, it was found that the United Kingdom needs to die several million people, which will cause huge controversy. At that time, British Prime Minister Johnson, who supported universal immunization, was also infected with the new crown virus and was sent to severe illness. After the treatment in the room, the whole person was out of touch, which also changed his outlook on life and values. He said that the new crown virus is too powerful and he does not want other people to be infected with the new crown virus, so he started to advocate social distancing and other prevention and treatment in the UK. New crown virus.

Now the British government has begun to innovate again. In order to shorten the time of clinical trials and accelerate the launch of the new coronavirus vaccine, it has also taken the lead in the world to launch a challenge test, which is a human test, to allow healthy people to be infected with the new coronavirus. A very crazy thing.

There are nearly 20,000 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in the UK every day, and British Prime Minister Johnson said that under such a severe epidemic, the UK has to lock down the city, which will bring a fatal blow to the British economy. However, the lockdown is only the beginning, no one I don’t know when the epidemic will pass, when the lockdown will end, and when the economy can be restarted. If the new crown pneumonia epidemic has been unable to pass, the economy has been shut down and the UK simply cannot afford it. Therefore, the UK is eager to launch the new crown virus vaccine sooner. , The traditional clinical trial methods are too slow and pay too much attention to safety, which makes the British government unable, unintentional, and powerless to wait for a long time.

Not only the United Kingdom, the new crown pneumonia epidemics in other European countries are also out of control. At the most serious crisis of the epidemic this year, France sets a record of new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia every day, which makes the French economy unbearable, and Germany’s The number of new cases of new coronary pneumonia every day has also reached a new high, and it continues to set new highs every day. If this continues, even Germany, the most developed country in Europe, with its economy and medical care, cannot stand it.

With the advent of autumn and the decrease in temperature, the whole of Europe has fallen into the disaster of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. There are COVID-19 patients everywhere. The rising number is shocking. The governments of Britain, France, and Germany are completely in the face of the new crown virus. They are defeated, and the capitalists of these Western countries hope to continue to restart the economy and mobilize a group of ignorant people to protest the isolation policy. In this case, the European governments, which originally represented the interests of capitalists, hope to take the risk. If you want to launch a vaccine as soon as possible and restart the economy, you will not hesitate to take huge risks, even if it is unethical, criticized and condemned.

The reason why Western countries are so aggressive is that in fact they are still unwilling to fight the epidemic in earnest, and are unwilling to steadily conduct clinical trials of vaccines. They always want to take shortcuts. However, in the face of the new crown virus, any fluke and speculative actions will Failure, because the new crown virus is a mirror of the demon, and specializes in all kinds of dissatisfaction. Whoever does not fear the new crown virus will be recruited, and the end is miserable.

The British government launched the human test of the new crown virus challenger. Participants can get a payment of 4,000 pounds in three months. I don’t think any rich person in the UK will let himself be infected with the new crown virus for a mere 4,000 pounds. Participants of this kind of experiment are ultimately low-income groups, so it is the lower-level people who are sacrificed. For money, they will not hesitate to take risks. This is the sad part.

This also shows that no matter how developed western countries are, they still believe in naked natural selection and the natural elimination of the survival of the fittest. Even though they are usually full of hypocrisy, they will choose to sacrifice the elderly when they are in crisis. , The weak, the poor, this is the enlightenment that the new crown virus has brought to the world

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Pandamic’s hitting. I’ve carved a pumpkin, even though I hate pumpkin carving cause I’m allergic. Also, I don’t have any patience whatsoever and, therefore, suck at it. Anyway, this is George. Wanted to call him Donald at first, but then he turned out kinda cute and I didn’t have the heart to name him after The Orange. He’ll get a name change once he’s all moldy and disgusting.


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Trump on COVID-19:

-We’re ”rounding a corner.“

-Dr. Fauci is an ”idiot.“

-”Don’t be afraid of COVID.“

Trump’s anti-science attitude is why 225,000 Americans are dead and why the pandemic is surging nationwide. We need a president who believes in science, not right-wing rhetoric.”

- Sen. Bernie Sanders

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Could y’all offer me some help? My aunts boyfriend supports trump and has actively condemned black lives matter and claims trump is pro lgbtq and isn’t racist. Could you all send me research papers and articles that are fact checked about such things that prove trump is racist, and is anti-lgbtq and stuff like that. I’m working on trying to prove that left extremists aren’t even half as dangerous as white supremists, even with everything that happened during the protests. Any help would be appreciated. I want to serve him this doc with links and references to make him shut the fuck up

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If Trump could get $287 million of his debt canceled for his bogus real estate deals, please don’t tell me we can’t cancel the student debt of 45 million Americans who committed the "crime” of getting a college education.“ - Sen. Bernie Sanders

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