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#anti westallen

Grant and Candice struggle in scenes because they have negative chemistry. It’s so bad that it actually hinders them. Candice looks like she wants to murder him most of the time now. The writers are well aware of their lack of chemistry, so they write them in a way that limits their time together and makes the viewer feel like they’ve settled into this companionship in married life, and not the sexy part of it, because they fail consistently to hit that note, especially after seeing Barry almost get there with other costars.

I liked Barry and Patty. They weren’t killing me with the chemistry but I definitely believed them and I would have rathered see them together longer. 


This is his wife, and it’s just…dry. Perfunctory. He LOOKS like he’s delivering his line. I don’t believe this at all. 




s i g h.


There was an easiness with Patty and barry I liked. They genuinely looked like they enjoyed each other’s company, and they were always close to each other and believable. 




Look at how she’s looking at him, while delivering this line. She’s got that twinkle, she’s in it. 


Candice is doing her job here, she’s trying. But it does not hit. 


There’s a reason this scene was cut. 

External image

The dialogue certainly doesn’t help them, but they’re already struggling. She looks irritated with him, not turned on. THAT isn’t the writing, that’s the negative chemistry, where they always look uncomfortable, unwilling participants in whatever this is.


this is what it’s supposed to look like, they’re supposed to be relishing, he’s supposed to be luring her back to bed, like this. 


IMHO, Barry and Iris always worked best as friends and putting them together as the FLAGSHIP relationship of the show was a mistake that the Flash is held hostage to and suffers because of. 

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Nothing definite yet, but it’s looking like that’s indeed on the horizon. Season Seven is poised to deliver a threat that challenges the farce of a marriage, according to the synopsis. Naturally, WA stans aren’t taking that well. More immediately, Hartley Sawyer is being fired for old tweets that were deemed racist; they’re trying to use that as an excuse to attack Danielle Panabaker and get her fired on false charges. I seriously doubt it’ll work.

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On the surface of it I guess Barry and Iris could be cute together, but even if Barry’s crush predates him living with them, the fact that they both call Joe dad is a bit too squicky for me

Add that to the fact that there is nothing I hate more than the ‘destined to be together’ trope where one character essentially falls for another because they know they’re “supposed to” (which is why I hate soulmate fics, and never shipped the Doctor with River Song) and I don’t like the way season 2 is headed 😭

(if you reply, no spoilers please, I already know bits and pieces about where things are headed and I’d rather not know any more until I’m watching it!)

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I’ve never believed she actually loves him that way. The whole reason she pushed him into a relationship with her was because she learned their Earth-2 counterparts were married; she was also aware of that damn future newspaper, and despite dismissing it in Season One, she suddenly was on board with it in Season Two. The truth is she only married him because he’s the Flash; she’s demonstrated that over and over.

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Virus (… and thus cp):

  • gets her own “Team Citzen” who ass-kiss her 24/7
  • is a fearless journalist (again)
  • investigates Black Hole / McCulloch
  • gets her very own evil counterpart, which cp played really well BTW
  • gets lovey dovey cringe scenes galore

cp stans:


… and on and on it goes…

This is what entitlement and sheer fucking dumbassery looks like.

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“For God sake I’m your wife”

Sure in fantasyland.

In the real world you wouldn’t be because adopted siblings being married is illegal.

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So if this mirror virus isn’t gonna be the future virus. Does that mean they will actually make current virus from the future? Because I am all for that. Send her ass there and may she never return. LMAO

As for 6x17 episode. Only good part was Caitlin. Tho I hated they made Ralph be there conducting electricity of all things to save Caitlin. Since Barry can still generate lighting shouldn’t he be there for Caitlin? But no, he’s all about virus now. gah

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Don’t push a kind woman into darkness.

Summary: Iris really wanted to cry. She desperately wanted to cry and she didn’t want to be the teams punching bag any longer.


Everyone’s a dick to Iris and she finally pops off and her husband reminds her that he will always love her

Notes: Team Arrow is here because they wanted to visit Central because of a villlian. Everyone is a dick except for Barry and Felicity so yeah.

Iris wanted to cry. She desperately wanted to cry. She also wanted to sleep. Maybe she could sleep forever and not have to wake up again to this. But maybe this was just a nightmare? Maybe she could wake up if she tried really hard.

Those thoughts filled the African American woman as she tried her best to keep her emotions in check as the team took turns at using her as a punching bag.

What Iris had been thinking at the time was that if she hadn’t jumped at the attacker that was attacking a little girl in the mall then the little girl would have gotten hurt. But of course her father was choosing to skip over that part.

“I just wanted-” Iris tried but was interrupted. She just wanted to tell them her side of the story. She just wanted to tell them what had actually happened but there was too much anger.

“Iris, what you wanted is completely different than what you should have done.” Caitlin said using her special doctor voice. Iris didn’t like the sound of it. It sounded condescending and the way that she was looking at Iris made her want to punch the doctor’s perfect teeth.

“What I should have done is-” Iris really just wanted them to shut up right now but they wouldn’t shut up and it wasn’t helping. Was the room spinning or was it just her?

“Get to safety, Iris. You should have let the professionals handle it.” interrupted Oliver. If Iris was the same girl she was before, she would have swooned at the thought of Oliver Queen talking to her, but now she just wanted him to shut up and she wanted him to use that brain of his and listen to her.

“Okay guys. Let’s take a breath.” Felicity interrupted everyone and Iris really wanted to hug the blond right now. “I’m sure Iris has a logical explanation, right Iris!?” Felicity asked her and Iris really wanted to bury herself in the blonde’s arms right now. She was no Barry but her arms would help her feel safe until Barry could come to save her.

“I’m sorry blondie, but right now the only logical thing is that Iris decided that she wanted attention and went head first into danger.” interrupted Ralph before Iris could begin and she really wanted to get her hands on some of that acid that the Trickster had made right now.

“I wouldn’t call it heard first because technically she hadn’t head butted him.” Felicity had said, trying to diffuse the tension but only making it worse.

“Felicity, you’re being biased.” said Diggle who hadn’t said anything so far and Iris couldn’t help but glare at him. So Felicity was biased for siding with Iris but Oliver could speak even though he wasn’t even part of the team?

“Can I just-” Iris really wanted to talk right now but everyone was being an ass today. Maybe not Barry and Felicity definitely. They listen, they understand.

“No Iris! You don’t get to be pissed off! Do you have any idea how worried we were? You don’t get to worry us like that and complain about it!” snapped Cisco and she could see the hurt in his eyes. But why couldn’t he see the hurt in her eyes?

“But I just-” she was cut off again and she desperately wanted to break down right now.

“West Allen, don’t even try it. Even someone with the IQ of gum would know not to stupidly jump into battle like that!” Harry snapped and she really wanted to say something hurtful at him but she couldn’t. She just held back and tried not to burst into tears.

“Please can I-” she desperately tried not to cry but it was hard. However that’s until her father spoke again.

“Iris, please be grateful. Everyone on this team goes through more horrible stuff than you and don’t complain. But you complain about us worrying and-” but she had had it. They don’t complain? Oh, that was not going to stand.

“I’M SORRY?!?” she screamed, turning to him, giving him the glare she leaves for the scum of earth. Everyone except Felicity recoiled slightly in shock at her tone. It was one of pure hate but she didn’t have it in her to care at this point.

“THEY DON’T COMPLAIN! BUT I DO!?!” she didn’t even care about how mean she sounded. She had every right. Not once has she been allowed to scream for all her worth but everyone has been allowed to rag at her for the smallest thing. She didn’t even care at the look of pain in Caitlin’s eyes. The Ice Queen could sit down and listen to others for once.

“Iris maybe-” Oliver tried to interrupt but she wasn’t going to have it. She turned to him and sent him a glare so angry he was shocked into silence.

“Maybe you should shut it and keep your nose out of everyone’s business and accept the fact that just maybe you’re a dick to everyone who needs to understand the meaning of boundaries and not to interfere in shit he has no need to interfere in!” suggested Iris mockingly, but the tone was angry and harsh and tears where flowing down her eyes.

“Baby girl I’m sorry I-” if her dad thought he could sweet talk her into forgiving him then he had another thing coming.

“When will you understand!!? I’m not a baby!?! I have gone through enough shit to classify me as a senior! I was lied to by everyone in my life for an entire year, all for the sole reason that I was a girl!” she screamed at her father and he had the decency to look ashamed.

“Iris, people have to lie to-” Digg tried to placate her but she spoke over him, sending him a nasty glare that had him shutting his trap.

“My fiancé killed himself right in front of me thinking that I never loved him!! And you wanna know the worst part?!? I forced myself to push that away to make sure that everyone else around me was protected, safe and happy! To make sure you were okay! Make sure Barry was okay!!” she screamed and she could feel Caitlin giving her a sad look from behind her but Iris didn’t want her pity.

“YOU!!!” Iris screamed as she turned to the ice queen. Caitlin looked like a deer caught in headlights and her hands were icing up but Iris didn’t care. This was long overdue and she wasn’t going to wait any longer.

“Don’t even get me started on YOU!! You fucking assisted in my murder and I had to fucking accept the fact that you would start working with us again. You and that phycopath! And when I tried to yell at you before, you know what happened?! I got fucking yelled at like I was the villain!!”Caitlin had the decency to look ashamed but when she opened her mouth Iris spoke over her. “I would be perfectly fucking fine with you here. But I didn’t even get a fucking apology!” Caitlin froze at that, horror setting in her eyes but Iris could care less.

“I have sat here in this team doing nothing but be sweet and nice to everyone. Have tried my hardest to make sure we all stayed friends. Didn’t complain when I was sidelined and just took it in. Because when I did speak up I was looked at as if I was the villain.” Iris said, her tears making her choke on a few words and her dad looked like he wanted to hug her, but he could tell Iris wouldn’t react too nicely to that.

“And now, I may not have been stranded on an island for 5 years,” she said nodding at Oliver who had a mighty look of shame. “or been in the army.” Diggle had the sense to look ashamed at himself. “but I know about being hurt. And the biggest hurt ever, is when people you love and trust won’t even listen to you.” Her tears were falling silently now but Felicity was smiling encouragingly at her and Iris continued.

“But if you had listened then you would have known the criminal was straight up molesting the little girl and I stopped him from going any further. If you would have all wanted him to continue, I’ll make sure to remember that when I see someone getting touched against their will.” her voice sounded so broken and so wrong on the normally happy girl that everyone but Felicity couldn’t help but put their heads down in shame.

“She’s right you know.” came a voice. Everyone turned around and they could see Barry standing there and he had a look of upmost fury on his face and he was glaring at everyone like he would do to the criminals he would arrest for murder or for rape. In disgust.

“She has been through so much and instead of complaining and whining about it like we do, she goes on about it to be a better person. She puts her problems aside for others and makes sure that everyone is protected. I won’t deny that I have wronged her in the past, because I have, but I always make sure to apologise.” said Barry, cold fury directed at them and Cisco couldn’t help but bow his head down in shame.

It reminded him of time he had created the cold gun and Barry had found out.

Barry quickly sped over to his wife and quickly picked her up, carrying her bridal style. Iris didn’t say anything, just put her head in the crook of Barry’s neck and tried to stop her tears.

“Now, I’m going to take my beautiful, selfless, kind wife home and all of you, except for Felicity considering she’s the only one being nice to her, are going to think long and hard about what you’ve done and find ways to beg for forgiveness.” Barry’s tone held no room for discussion and even Ralph or Oliver tried to say anything.

“Make sure she knows she’s loved. And by that I mean bring her chocolate. Not that there’s anything wrong with sex. I mean that is if you use sex. Which is fine.” Felicity babbled going bright red and Iris couldn’t help the watery giggle that escaped her.

“I prefer both.” she said softly and Barry couldn’t but smile at his wife.

“Then you’ll get both.” he said quietly into her ear before running off.

“We really messed up this time.” mumbled Cisco and nobody, not even Harry could deny how dirty they’ve done Iris. Even Joe was standing there, shame in his eyes at the pain he bought his girl.

~Westallen loft~

Barry quickly sped into his and Iris’s loft and quickly went over to their bed. He gently laid her down and sped into the kitchen. He grabbed all her favourite chocolates and sped back into the room.

He speedily undressed her out of her jeans and blouse and into some pajama shorts and a flash hoodie.

“I love you, Iris West Allen.” Barry said lovingly as he began kissing down her body and Iris couldn’t help her giggle.

“Babe, no!” she giggled. Barry pouted in disappointment but didn’t interrupt as she continued. “Let me eat the chocolate first. I need the sugar to catch up to you. Your stamina is crazy.” she said throwing a saucy wink at him and Barry couldn’t help feeling the love for the woman right in front of him grow tenfold.

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You know what I want.

I want a fic where Iris feels insecure about her place on Team Flash. I want her to have doubts. I want those doubts to be justified.

I want her to spiral down and nobody notices and they make it worse until Oliver or Sara see how insecure she is.

I want either Oliver or Sara to train her. I want those two to send her to the League of Assassins for more training.

I want Team Flash to realise how bad they’ve been treating her. I want them to realise that they’ve been in the wrong.

I want Barry to be confused. Why would Iris want to be trained. And then when he does realise, he doesn’t try to stop her. He accepts her for it and is so proud and falls in love with her even more.

I want Joe to be against it at first. I want him to be overbearing. Until he realises that Iris benefits from this and for the first time she’s so happy that he allows it and doesn’t stop her.

I want Cisco and Caitlin to try and make it up to her and still feel, even years after, guilty for pushing her aside.

I want Iris to invite the Nyssa to her wedding with Barry. I want her to invite those who have helped her grow stronger.

I want her and Oliver to grow a sibling relationship and he gives Barry the shovel talk when he proposes.

I want Iris to become a bad ass after acknowledging her insecurities. I want her to be proud of the person she’s become.

I want Nora West Allen to be proud of her mother and wanting to be like both her parents.

I want Iris West Allen to have an exciting AU with the LoA, Oliver and Sara. I want this so much but I know this will only happen to Caitlin and I’m so pissed.

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Iris legit goes through the worst shit in the Flash. Like their isn’t a season where she can relax and not be attacked from all sides.


  • Her best friend was sent into a coma for 9 months and his heart kept stopping.
  • She couldn’t enioy time with her boyfriend because her father was an overprotective ass.
  • Her best friend lied to her bout his powers because her father told him it would keep her safe.
  • Her boyfriend was brought into this shit and also continued to lie to her.
  • Her fiancé killed himself right in front of her.

And guess what!? She was forced to forgive them in one episode and move on from Eddie and not properly grieve because she had to help Barry with his grieving.


  • Her best friend continued to ignore her and refused to allow her to be their for him even though she was going through the same thing as him.
  • Her mother, who her father told her was dead, came back and she chose not to speak to her because she wanted to protect him.
  • She found out she had a brother and had to get used to him and when she tried to help him she got hurt.
  • Her brother got kidnapped by Zoom even though he had nothing to do with this.
  • She grieved for Eddie in one episode because of a video from the past.
  • Her mother died before they can reconnect.


  • Barry goes back and changes the time line.
  • She finds out that she’s going to be killed by her Fiancé.
  • She gets coddled by all sides and isn’t allowed to go out their and find a way to live her life.
  • Caitlin kidnaps her step mother and threatens to kill her.
  • Caitlin is part of her killing procese.
  • She gets proposed to out of fear.
  • Her fiancé goes into the speed force even though they were supposed to get married.


  • She’s the leader of the team and that has so much responsibility for her.
  • She gets seen as the bad guy for not wanting to rescue Barry out of the speed force even though she was scared that he wouldn’t want to come home.
  • She’s forced to work on the same team as the woman who tried to kill her and doesn’t even get her apology.
  • Her bachelorette party gets interrupted because of the woman who tried to kill her.
  • She’s forced to help the woman who tried to kill her after she basically guilted her by saying she wasn’t her friend.
  • She then makes said woman her maid of honor for plot purpose.
  • Her wedding gets attacked by Nazis.
  • Then her wedding gets interrupted by her new maid of honour.
  • Her husband is then framed for murdering a man and she spends sleepless nights wondering if he’s okay.
  • She gets stabbed by the woman who framed her husband.
  • She’s seen as the bad guy for wanting nothing to do with her.


  • Her daughter from the future comes back and is instantly cold to her.
  • She tries to bond with said daughter but she still hates her.
  • She found out that she dampened her daughters powers.
  • She goes into her daughters memory and finds an over exaggerated momory of her being abusive.
  • She finds out her daughter is working with Thawne.
  • Iris is seen as the bad guy for wanting her daughter back.
  • Her daughter dies right in front of her.
  • She gets attacked by Cicata.


  • She has to deal with crisis.
  • She needs to deal with the possibility that her husband will die and that she can’t get him back.
  • She gets kidnapped into a mirror.
  • She was targeted to get assassinated.
  • Her father was also targeted.
  • She has to watch her friends and family interact with a fake version of her for weeks on end.
  • The witch who attacked her left her and her friends in the mirror.
  • She is now suffering a mental illness.
  • She might not get out of the mirror.

All I’m saying is that Iris can’t sit down is peace for longer than 5 seconds without getting attacked. And I’m sure that I’m missing more stuff but i can’t remember them right now.

Like or Reblog if you agree and comment any more times where Iris is attacked.

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