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#anti wincest

If you dont like misha i dont like you..but guess what I dont actively go around and look for misha haters y’all are coming to me and crying that I’m expressing my feelings on my page, dont like what I post? Thats fine block me and move on, I could not give a SINGLE fuck that you get pissy over me hating Dean or hating Misha antis. Coming onto my page wont change my opinion infact I find this quite fun, you guys really think im gonna waste my breath debating when the block button is right there? Hmm ok

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Hey anon! I’m not a fan of incestuous ships in real life or in fiction. I think there’s something morally wrong with them and they bother me to the core. If you ship the bros you probably won’t find anything on this blog.

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I just wanna put out a psa real quick that if you don’t ship Destiel, there’s still a spot for you on my blog. If you hate Dean, you’re welcome. If you love Dean, you’re welcome. If you hate Cas (although you might not like my blog if you do) you’re welcome. If you believe that Dean is straight, you’re welcome. If you think he’s bi, you’re still welcome.

But what I hate and will automatically remove from this blog is people who ship Wincest and hate on Misha/Gen/Daneel for whatever stupid reason. Or even J2.

AND Jensen is not homophobic for not shipping Destiel. That’s not homophobia. I ship Destiel and would never force my ship into anyone else.

If you ship Wincest, I’d like you to read this. Does that mean you ship siblings in real life? Are you okay with it? And I don’t want to hear “oH bUt iTs jUsT a sHoW” because if you’re okay with shipping two fictional brothers together, then that means you’re okay with the concept in real life. It’s fucked up no matter what universe it’s in.

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oh i def agree some rep is like waaay overhyped and/or straight-up offensive. CMBYN def made me :// and like, i feel like sterek could hypothetically be okay aged up (stiles is like 16 and derek was 6 years older so when they meet that’s def very very yikes but i mean, HYPOTHETICALLY years down the line 6 years isn’t a huge gap and it’s whatever) but like a) i dont love it when people are like “its ok, i aged him up!” it feels less weird when we’re not talking about like, literal ten year olds or something, but still def very weird. b) from what i saw of teen wolf i dont think they exactly had the best relationship anyway?? like??? ok. it’s not a ship i’d necessarily mega crusade against but people are def creepy about it and some people like to play into the age gap in a way that reminds me of book malec or worse :/

but i mean like sometimes its just the overhyped that gets me like look. look. i get it. i was into destiel too when i had my supernatural phase. i get it. it’s a fun ship, it’s cute, whatever. def better than wincest. but like people legit act like it’s straight-up canon and incredibly good rep just bc the actors teased that they’d be okay with it a few times? like it would ever happen? and also again, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with shipping them but two cis white guys is Not The Height Of Rep, especially in supernatural, a very white show with a history of killing off characters of color or making them evil or both, not to mention their yikes history with other things including queer rep. (also yes yes i know angels have wibbly wobbly gender and you could argue for that but like, no one writes it like that, let alone the show. that’s like when people insist the doctor is canonically nonbinary/genderfluid/etc. and i’m like look i’m with you and i agree but don’t give them credit for representation they’re not giving us.)

and then of course there’s the ships like st*rker that are just unarguably gross in every way like that’s a grown ass man and the minor he treats as a son, sir! but those are, while common, not as hyped up as ships like sterek or destiel.

and you know there’s other stuff i’ve heard of but can’t judge (like i’ve never seen the 100 or legends of tomorrow but i’ve heard both avalance and clexa have issues?) and you know, like even in shadowhunters, ships like j*lec and jimon get a lot of attention despite being…. not the best. particularly that first one. even some people working on the show in advertising and the like gave that attention, unfortunately.

but yeah i mean overall i definitely agree

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i assume that winc*st shippers still watch the rest of the show and i still don’t want them touching the rest of my posts bc they’re disgusting. if ur an incest shipper my posts aren’t for u

is that okay w u anon? or would u like to tell me how to run my blog and what boundaries i can have like the last person who sent me an ask like this?

it’s also rlly fucking obvious ur an anti-anti, which i also have in my dni, which u have to see and ignore in order to send me an ask. as usual anti antis r disgusting and have no boundaries and tbh i’m sick of y’all

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For Spn? Probably Wincest not a fan of that one at all. It’s not even about the incest thing (well it is, but I’ve read DCJ fics so I’m not a hypocrite) I just don’t see Dean and Sam together at all, like it weirds me out. They’d never be happy together.

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Me: I dislike Tony Stark and Dean Winchester and all of their gross ships

Tumblr: do you want to follow the destiel fanfic page?

Me: no please

Tumblr: alright we’re gonna shove it down your throat by randomly suggesting posts about the things you have explicitly filtered out

Me: why are you doing this to me?

Tumblr: because we’re tumblr and life is a fucking nightmare

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