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I’m in the middle of writing my LONG Paper for my Greek Tragedies class and while comparing Antigone to Artemis I bumped into this: 

When Antigone’s nervous sister says (about not being legally allowed to give their brother a proper burial): “We cannot fight with men, Antigone! The law is strong, we must give in to the law…”

Antigone replies with:

“You have made your choice, you can be what you want to be. But I will bury him; and if I must die, I say that this crime is holy: I shall lie down with him in death, and I shall be as dear to him as he to me.”

Which is honestly the most Artemis reply regarding her love for Apollo that I’ve ever seen! 

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Character Developing Books

Books I am probably going to force my children to read if they don’t read them in school. In no particular order, whenever they are ready. 📚

1. Romeo and Juliet - Love and Youth 🥀

2. The Odyssey - Value of Witts

3. To Kill A Mocking Bird - Societal Norms and Inequalities

4. The Hunger Games - Hope and Rebellion 🔥

5. Lord of the Flies - Human Nature 🏝

6. Catcher in the Rye - Identity

7. Into the Wild - Purpose in Life 🚌

8. Of Mice and Men - Ignorance 🐇

9. Animal Farm - History 🐖

10. Frankenstein - Perspective

11. The Grapes of Wrath - Great Depression

12. The Diary of a Young Girl - Growing Up

13. The Giver - Questions Ethics 👁

14. Antigone - Deceit and Hubris 🎭

15. 13 Reasons Why - Depression

These are also good books to read if you are still young and developing. [imo]

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Greek myths and heroes:


The princess of Thebes, Antigone, decided to disobey the orders of the new king, Creon, and give her brother Polynices a proper burial. When Creon finds out, he confronts Antigone. She knew about the law, she says, but she also knew that burying her brother was her right, as the law of the gods is superior to the law of men. Creon sentences that Antigone must be imprisoned in a cave, as he cannot kill her. The blind seer Tyresias speaks to the king, warning him that the Furies are coming for him, since he is committing crimes against his own kin. Creon decides to free Antigone, but the order arrives too late. Antigone has hanged herself, not wanting to spend her life in prison.
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I’m still furious that Antigone came out thousands of years ago and 100% deconstructed the entire premise of the “Most Trusted Adviser/Greedy Brother wants to dethrone the king and rule in his place” by having Creon say “Why the heck would I want to kill my brother and take over the throne? I get to live in the palace and have all the perks and I don’t have to do anything or worry about assassins! Why would I want to be king?” 

And, no, it’s not like you can’t have an ideological reason or whatever, or a Scar-like exception to the rule because maybe they’re just a jerk and are never invited to share in the benefits…

But it really means that “evil brothers taking over” needs to be built on a stronger basis than “I want to be king and enjoy everything in life!” basis. 

Also, it’s a much better measurement for real-world stuff. Just because there’s a corrupt person in power doesn’t mean that his sycophants aren’t leeching off of him and taking advantage of it. They’re not going to turn against him because they benefit, too.

Just saying, this has already been debunked for millennia.

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Sophocles, Antigone
Many things are both wonderful and terrible, but none more so than human kind. Through highwalled waves of ocean storm the species makes its way, drenched but victorious. What can’t we do?
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You know what Ismene gets the short end of the stick for literally just being rational and not wanting to die and that is UNFAIR for us to try to force our contemporary feminism on her just trying to make it and not die in Ancient Greece — and what does she get for it? Her whole family is DEAD and she’s ALONE all because Antigone couldn’t recognize what dying would mean for her sister who’s had to live with tragedy her whole life

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