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Votive Monument of Vishnu

Third quarter of the 12th century.
Cambodia, Kompong Thom province, Bakan temple (aka Preah Khan of Kompong Svay) Angkor Wat style.
Sandstone; H. 105 cm W. 41 cm D. 41 cm

This fascinating votive monument covered with small images of Vishnu with four arms is one of the remarkable works brought back by Louis Delaporte from the great provincial temple of Preah Khan known as “of Kompong Svay”, in present-day Kompong Thom province.

This large architectural complex with a little known history was founded at the latest in the course of the 11th century and enlarged to the dimensions of a real city at the end of the 12th century. Although Buddhist, the site has yielded various Hindu works. These do not betray a change in the use of the monument but rather the Hindo-Buddhist religious syncretism so often attested in the Khmer monuments of the reign of Jayavarman VII (1182/83 - c. 1220).

(via Musée Guimet Blog)

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M81 vetterli with snap caps, really shows off the lifter action.

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floral decoration on pewter & etched glass claret jug (1906) by WMF 

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Here’s another saved piece available at Nor’East Architectural Antiques.

I’d love to have this for my first editions and leather bound books. Would be a great addition to my place. Anyone care to gift it to me?

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 Bull’s head, 2100BC-2000BC, Mesopotamia.

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