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#antis dni
meeko-mar · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Can't wait for the folks to come at this page and say Bakugou's being a piece of shit to Deku when really, he's ROASTING HIMSELF AND HIS OLD WAY OF THINKING HERE, and calling Izuku out for slipping into the same mentality of SELF ISOLATION and REJECTING HELP, and disregarding their informed choice to stand by him and stand up to AFO.
Gee it's almost like he is uniquely qualified to speak on this kind of behavior and how damaging it is even when a world-ending super villain isn't in play.
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punktransandpissed2 · 13 days ago
Screw it, I want some positivity for mspec gays and lesbians.
If you’re an mspec gay/lesbian, please know:
Your identity IS real.
Your identity ISN’T homophobic, lesphobic, biphobic, panphobic, or transphobic.
The split attraction model exists and isn’t just for ace and aro people.
If the term gay works for you because of constraints you have... then that’s okay.
If the term lesbian works for you because of constraints you have... then that’s okay.
Sexuality can’t be defined in rigid boxes all of the time. Our understanding of sexuality is constantly growing, constantly evolving.
The negativity we see constantly attacking us, it’s no different than any other exclusion surrounding this site. I’m an pan ace lesbian, who is also a trans woman, I’ve seen exclusion everywhere on here. And it’s all the same. Sexualities are complicated sometimes. They can’t always fit into one single box, and that is OKAY.
I know people who identify as pan lesbians because they’re panSEXUAL but could never romantically be with a man ever again. That might be a preference for some, but for others, it’s more than that, and the term Lesbian gives them a feeling of safety.
Also, if you’re discriminatory, especially if you’re anti mspec gay/lesbian, then leave this post alone. I will be blocking.
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lovenlu-arts · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sylki warm up and cool down from yesterday ♥️
Antis dni
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androgynousblackbox · 11 months ago
As a queer person that mostly has queer ships, I do not appreciate the idea that some gay ships “are for straight people, if you know what I mean”. No, I do not know what you mean and I don’t care either. Stop judging gender and sexuality of people over ships, you gazoos.
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nilesfreeman · a year ago
Tumblr media
i made a meme in honor of John Boyega going rogue on Twitter last night
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Witcher Characters as Shit I’ve Heard Customers Say
Geralt: I cannot be asked, nor will I be forced, to admit my undying love for Webkinz. 
Yennefer: Are those Christmas decorations?! In fucking October!? I’m about to go feral on the nearest manager; just let me be goth goddamit.
Ciri: No, Mom, I won’t put the candy back. I deserve it for not hitting anyone today.
Jaskier: (on the phone) He tried to share his, uh, oh gosh what are they called? The place where the straight boys go to sing and play bad acoustic guitar? Yeah! He tried to give me a business card with his Soundcloud on it.
Eskel, gesturing to the Pumpkin Display: Gourds!? In my supermarket!? It’s more likely than you think! (immediately puts 7 tiny, weirdly lumpy pumpkins in his cart)
Lambert: I will fight God behind the nearest Arby’s and by the power of Grayskull, I will defeat him.
Vesemir: Just... can someone please tell me where the parmesan cheese is so I can put my kids back in their car seats!?
Tissaia: Honey we don’t need parmesan, we need Velveeta. I’m not making the neighbors fancy food.
Triss: You’re fifteen, you’re white, and you live in [REDACTED SMALL TOWN], you DO NOT need Magnum condoms.
Renfri: (deep sigh) So many donuts... so little time to lovingly stare at them.
Stregobor: I know I’m a bastard, but at least now I’ll be a bastard full of Dr. Pepper.
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sesshoumarusama · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Fuck i used to got depressed every time i think about inuyasha having to wait for kagome like that and its enough to make me shed a tear... but this... THIS! I'M WRECKED BRO my heart is shattered now aaaaa sessrin why 😭💔
Tumblr media
That man literally only have his own thoughts... i'm--
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
In case any of y'all haven't seen this yet, here's the new TERF/White feminist bullshit to watch out for. While this sort of behavior is unsurprising, it's still kinda racist 🙄
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diefakekingjulien · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cis ppl 🤝 trans ppl
hating terfs
(terfs keep ur slimy hands away from this post, i will block on sight)
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letsbakethatcake · a year ago
Klaus: You dont know what its like to be considered a freak!
Diego, staring:
Klaus: do, but thats why we gotta stick together. You gotta let me stay, please! Please?!
Diego: Okay! Okay! But one night only-
Klaus, sprinting inside: This is great! We can stay up late swapping manly stories and in the morning-
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ifyanaughty · 4 months ago
TW: Mention of SA
I don't have many somnophilia post, but I can't help but worry that they may attract creeps. So here's a little PSA:
If you grope your partner while they're sleeping without prior negotiation of consent, that's assault.
If you penetrate your partner while they're sleeping without prior negotiation of consent, that's assault.
If you penetrate yourself on your partner while they're sleeping without prior negotiation of consent, that's assault.
If you previously negotiated and obtained consent but continue any of the activities mentioned after your partner has used their safeword, that's assault.
Consent is mandatory. Consent can be revoked at any time. This applies to any act, sexual or nonsexual. If you don't have consent, it isn't CNC. It's assault.
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meeko-mar · 26 days ago
I'm seeing all of the hot takes that 319 Bakugou is just being a bully, wants to beat up Izuku and now...hold on... trying to get 1-A into bullying/beating him up too.
the fuck is this analysis.
I can't... How is that the read ppl are getting from this.
This is a whole-ass Intervention that Deku desperately needs. He is a flight risk. He does not, and has not responded to his mentors telling him to slow down.
I'm sorry, but did you expect them to really come in here and be like
"Ok, izuku, we're so glad we found you! it's time to come home now," uwu
and him actually respond to that??
NO, He's gonna bolt. He's gonna struggle. even if he's exhausted, he's not gonna want to come because he doesn't want anyone hurt. He's gonna FIGHT BACK, because he's CONVINCED himself that he needs to work alone. He is so far gone down this path.
And sometimes, you have to be forceful to pull your best friend out of the PIT that they are stuck in. It's LITERALLY FOR THEIR OWN GOOD.
There is a difference between THAT and BULLYING someone.
Oh, he's being mean? He's Mocking Izuku in 319? He's ANGRY?
He's angry because he's SCARED. He KNOWS he has to get through to Izuku before it's too damn late. He's so scared of losing Izuku, and Izuku left him with a fucking NOTE to throw himself down the same path that All Might did(but much much worse). And he HATES that decision and openly fucking disputes it here. (his attitude of "Hows it working out, for you, Great Inheritor of OFA" or whatever he says)
(Translations are of course pending, but I really think that he's mocking Izuku's decision more than Izuku himself. He's mocking this so called "blessed power" of OFA. He is mocking this singular path that ALL MIGHT has forged and that Izuku is crashing through with no regard to his own self. I don't think he's trying to tear down Izuku as a person; I think he is openly, vehemently, VISCERALLY opposed to what OFA is doing to him, and the choices that Izuku is making about it that are putting him in very real mortal danger.)
He's scared, so he's angry, and he talks like a fucking gremlin, even on a good day. Is it perfect? NO. But no one is saying that Bakugou IS FUCKING PERFECT. He's rude. he's obnoxious. He lashes out. He has trouble expressing himself verbally and prefers actions instead. He is imperfect. He is flawed, and has a checkered past. We fucking know already.
If you don't wanna like Bk that's fine and valid, but don't get it skewed:
He is trying to fucking SAVE IZUKU before they all fucking LOSE HIM.
And in fact, he DEEPLY CARES about Izuku. I'm not arguing, that is not opinion, that is CANON.
They aren't going to be able to coddle Deku to get this resolved, to save him. It is a fucking intervention and it may get a little messy. But they have to pull him back from the brink of his own destruction. That's not bullying. Katsuki's not doing this to have a good little laugh at beating Izuku up.
He's doing it because he fucking CARES ABOUT HIM. Like the entire class does.
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