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spaceshipsandpurpledrank · 12 hours ago
This is probably gonna be the first and last time i directly address white women as a whole but there is something on my spirit.
Y'all.... y'all had the MOTHERFUCKING BLUEPRINT for fashion handed to you in the 90s by none other than One Ms. Fran Drescher (better known as Fran Fine from The Nanny [1993-1999]). You had a Fashion ICON give y'all the handbook for the Future and Y'ALL FUMBLED IT! Look at Her
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Tumblr media
But what did y'all do? Y'all made fun of a Jewish woman's voice and called her clothing "loud" and "ghetto" (and I'm sure both antisemitism and antiblackness had something to do with that but that's a whole nother rant)
Y'all owe her an apology and white women don't deserve fashion.
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jewish-harley-quinn · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve been blocked for this comment, @lyadrielle clearly doesn’t give a shit about jews I suggest blocking them
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jewfrogs · a day ago
saw someone on here who had made yellow stars of david with “no vax” on them (in faux hebrew lettering! for that extra added touch of authenticity!) truly no words
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batboyblog · 11 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
One of the hard parts of having a viral post about antisemitism is seeing fellow Jews suffering in the comments and tags. There's nothing I can do to make any of this better, and this is just a sampling, I didn't even go through comments and reblogs though I know there are stories and comments there as well and of course this is just one post.
All I can say is I'm sorry, and I hope people start listening to how scared Jews are all the time, how many of us have a personal story of someone harassing, threatening, and attacking us and those close to us. I took the names off these tags to protect the posters from harassment.
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will-o-the-witch · 14 hours ago
Hey! I was told recently that Hellenion the organization has antisemitic history, but I can't actually find any information on it. Do you know if this is true? I wanted to research Hellenism, but I'm Jewish and don't want to walk into a mess if I can avoid it
I don't know too terribly much about Hellenion, to be honest! I did a sweep to see if I could find anything on their website and the only public accusation of antisemitism/islamophobia I could find was on a tumblr post, which didn't offer any explanations/details about what they said. They do have a public statement condemning the charlottesville rally and their rules against bigotry do include antisemitism in the list, but their bylaws also say they can deny membership and attendance to public/semi-public events to "individuals practicing creeds inimical to Neopagan Hellenic Reconstructionism." They define "inimical creeds" as "varieties of conservative monotheism, atheism, demonism, racialism, or other such faiths..."
I don't know what "conservative monotheism" means in this case, but it sounds like they want to reserve the right to bar practicing Jews/others from events. Those same bylaws also recognize "heterophobia" though, soo.... That tumblr post also mentioned their founder/president was an anti-vaxxer, but googling the president's name yielded shockingly few results and I couldn't get any good info that I knew for sure was about the same person. So overall.... not as antisemitic as they could be, but there's still some details that look super troubling. I honestly don't know any organized Hellenic Polytheism group that doesn't have one or two big problems in some form or another. I'm also not sure they reflect the bulk of modern theoi worship, just specific veins of historical reconstruction.
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eretzyisrael · 19 hours ago
Xavier Pabon, 30, of Banning, and Samer Jayylusi, 36, of Anaheim, were each charged Tuesday with two felony counts of assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. The charges also include a hate crime allegation.
The suspects were part of a pro-Palestinian caravan that stopped near Sushi Fumi on the city’s west side neighborhood of Beverly Grove where diners were eating at outdoor tables on May 18, police said.
Another diner told local news at the time that the assailants used anti-Semitic language while trying to determine who was Jewish. That diner, who said he wasn’t Jewish, added that he was pepper sprayed when he tried to break up the attack. The assailants came prepared.
Jayylusi was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday, while Pabon will make his next court appearance Thursday, CBS 2 reported. It wasn’t immediately known if the men have attorneys.
In a separate incident that same evening in LA, two-cars of Palestinian supporters waving Palestinian flags chased an Orthodox Jew leaving an synagogue in the nearby Fairfax neighborhood. The man was nearly run over, but escaped without harm.
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good-jewish-omens · 9 months ago
Hey I’m once again seeing discourse about PewDiePie (probably because he has been welcomed back into the larger community of youtube personalities playing Among Us like Corpse Husband, JackSepticEye and Cr1tikal) and I just want to remind people of his ugly racist history that he has never properly put behind him and in fact continues to perpetuate.
His fanbase has always been racist. He was one of the first big YouTubers and he has always made racially charged jokes and has said the n-word in videos - notably, targeting somebody else with it. I watched his content when I was a young child, I experienced these things first hand. There were racist jokes, rape jokes, and generally sexual jokes targeted for his younger demographic. He has always been known as problematic, as problematic was used back in 2012.
A preamble to his first exposé: in November 2016 he showed up to a taping of his own series produced by Maker Studios (Disney) wearing a shirt with a swastika on it. Somebody told him to change. He denies this ever happened, but acknowledged that the shirt exists. There are photos of him and a friend wearing it.
The thing he got caught for was when he paid two men $5 to write and hold up a sign with the words “Death To All Jews”. His apology was half-assed. He apologized for the way that it came across and did not acknowledge the reasons that it was wrong. Febuary 2017: he descends into utter alt-right reactionism, harassing the WSJ journalist and sending his fans after the publication to the point where the Journal offered to put the journalist in a safehouse.
September 2017, he called somebody he n-word on stream, just weeks after Charlottesville occurred - where his imagery, jokes, and memes were used as motivation. He went on to say he had no idea that Nazis actually existed, that the Nazi jokes he was making weren’t funny anymore, and that he would not be making them anymore.
In March 2019, a white supremacist livestreamed himself saying “Subscribe to PewDiePie” before committing mass-shootings in two Christchurch mosques, killing dozens and injuring more. He responded with a single tweet, that he felt sickened that his name left the man’s mouth, and that his heart went out to the people affected. Later, he called for an end to the Subscribe to PewDiePie meme and promised $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League. He then retracted his decision, saying that he did not want to donate to something that he was not passionate about.
Felix Kjellberg has never made a single attempt to rid his fanbase of actual literal Nazis and white supremacist scum because he built his platform around them. He alone has radicalized probably half of the white nationalist/supremacist/Nazi men in America ages 18-25.
I will never forgive him.
This is taken from the Guardian article from above:
You could say that today’s digital economy has spawned a new “bro-nality of evil”. Racist memes serve as in-jokes that help solidify bonds between alienated white men online. The style of these memes, their overblown exaggerated nature, means we often don’t take them seriously. Dismiss them as jokes. But this is how antisemitism creeps into our lives. Not with a bang but with a punchline.
Happy Chanukkah, everyone.
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tankism · a month ago
The fact that thousands of Jewish families across the United States are being forced to decide whether to send their children to their first day of school or observe their religious practices is just more proof that antisemitism is culturally Ingrained and that westerners never cared about diversity or considering religious and ethnic minorities. Having one of the most important school days on one of the most important Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashanah) is so tone deaf, especially with the increasing amount of antisemitism and violence against America’s Jewish community this year.
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didyoumeanxianity · 3 months ago
...what things are antisemitic that gentiles don’t usually pick up on?
I was talking to my wife the other day and the word “cabal” came up, and also following some folks who practice Jewish mysticism, I was like “wait a minute...I bet money that this word has antisemitic roots” and sure enough, gentiles took it from the term “Kabbalah” and now it means cult or secret political group. Yikes.
If I was able to pick up on that, I was wondering what kinda stuff flies under my brain’s Hate Detection Radar all the time.
Hi friend! Such an important question, and thanks so much for asking it.
Because antisemitism is one of the world’s oldest prejudices, it is absolutely baked into our language (particularly in the west, but thanks to western imperialism it is a global problem as well). Cabal is a great example of a word that is steeped in antisemitism but that many people do not realize is antisemitic in origin. Here’s some other words/phrases that I hear used uncritically by people and that are steeped in antisemitism:
- Cabal
- New world order/NWO
- Global elites/cosmopolitan elites/coastal elites
- Rothschilds
- “Jew down”/“jewed”
- lizard people
- Illuminati
- scapegoat
And some dog whistles that are more pointedly antisemitic, but that the uninitiated may not realize are antisemitic code:
- Zionist organized government/ZOG
- Khazars
- kosher tax
- 👃
- “the goyim know”
There’s plenty more (sadly), but these are the ones I see floating around unchallenged the most often, so I thought I’d highlight them. Thanks again for such a good and helpful question!
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minerfromtarn · 5 months ago
This is your periodic reminder that the story of Jesus flipping over tables in the Temple is inherently antisemitic and holding it up as a great example of “fighting capitalism” or some such in the modern day is also antisemitic because those people in the Temple were doing what they were instructed to do in the Torah (in Deuteronomy) to help make the Temple more accessible to those who lived far away. The story frames the fulfillment of this commandment from Gd as Jews being greedy, opportunistic, schemers and I’m so tired of people talking about it like it’s a good thing.
Goyim please reblog, and if you interact with this post please just be respectful.
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draconym · 7 months ago
Please don't say the word goblin or other creatures that are obsessed with money, they're antisemitic (i know u didn't know don't worry)
I’m not an expert on folklore or Judaica, but I am a Jew who has taken some classes in European folklore, so I have a couple thoughts on this. “Goblin” is a generic term to refer to a lot of different mythical creatures, some of them mischievous, some of them friendly, some of them evil. Some goblins do share traits with antisemitic stereotypes (lookin’ at you, JKR ... and also a lot of modern RPGs), and sometimes that is intentional antisemitism on the part of the people telling the stories.
But the term is still very, very broad, and there are so many different types of creatures that are called “goblins” that they can’t all be said to represent an antisemitic stereotype.
Shakespeare’s Puck is a hobgoblin, for example, and this was a book I read as a kid and enjoyed:
Tumblr media
I would agree that we shouldn’t call other human beings “goblins” (because at the very least it seems pretty rude, if not potentially antisemitic?) but calling my mom’s dog a goblin because she reminds me of a funny little creature doesn’t strike me as problematic. I could be wrong here, but as someone who has read a lot of folklore, the term “goblin” could apply to almost as diverse an array of different creatures as the term “dragon,” and I would rather focus on critiquing goblin characters that use antisemitic tropes than removing the word “goblin” from the lexicon.
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batboyblog · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These info graphs are by flatbushgirl in Instagram
I thought these were some important facts to share since a lot of people don't know any of this
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bogleech · 16 days ago
Nazis: *burned entire libraries worth of knowledge as part of a massive systematic effort to restrict all access to information they disagreed with and destroy the very history of entire ethnic groups they wished to exterminate from the world* Everyone who ever cites nazi book burnings in any kind of argument today: “that was bad bc they hurted those poor booksies :’’’( ”
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sylvielauffeydottir · 4 months ago
Hello, it is I, your friendly neighborhood historian. I am ready to lose followers for this post, but I have two masters degrees in history and one of my focuses has been middle eastern area studies. Furthermore, I’ve been tired of watching the world be reduced to pithy little infographics, and I believe there is no point to my education if I don’t put it to good use. Finally, I am ethnically Asheknazi Jewish. This does not color my opinion in this post — I am in support of either a one or two state solution for Israel and Palestine, depending on the factors determined by the Palestinian Authority, and the Israeli Government does not speak for me. I hate Netanyahu. A lot. With that said, my family was slaughtered at Auschwitz-Birkenau. I have stood in front of that memorial wall at the Holocaust memorial in DC for my great uncle Simon and my great uncle Louis and cried as I lit a candle. Louis was a rabbi, and he preached mitzvot and tolerance. He died anyway. 
There’s a great many things I want to say about what is happening in the Middle East right now, but let’s start with some facts. 
In early May, there were talks of a coalition government that might have put together (among other parties, the Knesset is absolutely gigantic and usually has about 11-13 political parties at once) the Yesh Atid, a center-left party, and the United Arab List, a Palestinian party. For the first time, Palestinians would have been members of the Israeli government in their own right. And what happened, all of the sudden? A war broke out. A war that, amazingly, seemed to shield Benjamin Netanyahu from criminal prosecution, despite the fact that he has been under investigation for corruption for some time now and the only thing that is stopping a real investigation is the fact that he is Prime Minister.
Funny how that happened. 
There’s a second thing people ought to know, and it is about Hamas. I’ve found it really disturbing to see people defending Hamas on a world stage because, whether or not people want to believe it, Hamas is a terrorist organization. I’m sorry, but it is. Those are the facts. I’m not being a right wing extremist or even a Republican or whatever else or want to lob at me here. I’m a liberal historian with some facts. They are a terrorist organization, and they don’t care if their people die. 
Here’s what you need to know: 
There are two governments for the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza. In April 2021, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas postponed planned elections. He said it was because of a dispute amid Israeli-annexed East Jerusalum. He is 85 years old, and his Fatah Party is losing power to Hamas. Everyone knows that. Palestinians know that. 
Here’s the thing about Hamas: they might be terrorists, but aren’t idiots. They understand that they have a frustrated population filled with people who have been brutalized by their neighbors. And they also understand that Israel has something called the iron dome defense system, which means that if you throw a rocket at it, it probably won’t kill anyone (though there have been people in Israel who died, including Holocaust survivors). Israel will, however, retaliate, and when they do, they will kill Palestinian civilians. On a world stage, this looks horrible. The death toll, because Palestinians don’t have the same defense system, is always skewed. Should the Israeli government do that? No. It’s morally repugnant. It’s wrong. It’s unfair. It’s hurting people without the capability to defend themselves. But is Hamas counting on them to for the propaganda? Yeah. Absolutely. They’re literally willing to kill their other people for it.
You know why this works for Hamas? They know that Israel will respond anyway, despite the moral concerns. And if you’re curious why, you can read some books on the matter (Six Days of War by Michael Oren; The Yom Kippur War by Abraham Rabinovich; Rise and Kill First by Ronen Bergmen; Antisemitism by Deborah Lipstadt; and Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn by Daniel Gordis). The TL;DR, if you aren’t interested in homework, is that Israel believes they have no choice but to defend themselves against what they consider ‘hostile powers.’ And it’s almost entirely to do with the Holocaust. It’s a little David v Goliath. It is, dare I say, complicated.
I’m barely scratching the surface here. 
(We won’t get into this in this post, though if you want to DM me for details, it might be worth knowing that Iran funds Hamas and basically supplies them with all of their weapons, and part of the reason the United States has been so reluctant to engage with this conflict is that Iran is currently in Vienna trying to restore its nuclear deal with western powers. The USA cannot afford to piss off Iran right now, and therefore cannot afford to aggravative Hamas and also needs to rely on Israel to destroy Irani nuclear facilities if the deal goes south. So, you know, there is that).
There are some people who will tell you that criticism of the Israel government is antisemitic. They are almost entirely members of the right wing, evangelical community, and they don’t speak for the Jewish community. The majority of Jewish people and Jewish Americans in particular are criticizing the Israeli government right now. The majority of Jewish people in the diaspora and in Israel support Palestinian rights and are speaking out about it. And actually, when they talk about it, they are putting themselves in great danger to do so. Because it really isn’t safe to be visibly Jewish right now. People may not want to listen to Jews when they speak about antisemitism or may want to believe that antisemitism ‘isn’t real’ because ‘the Holocaust is over’ but that is absolutely untrue. In 2019, antisemitic hate crimes in the United States reached a high we have never seen before. I remember that, because I was living in London, and I was super scared for my family at the time. Since then, that number has increased by nearly 400% in the last ten days. If you don’t believe me, have some articles about it (one, two, three, four, and five, to name a few). 
I live in New York City, where a man was beaten in Time Square while attending a Free Palestine rally and wearing a kippah. I’m sorry, but being visibly Jewish near a pro-Palestine rally? That was enough to have a bunch of people just start beating on him? I made a previous post detailing how there are Jews being attacked all over the world, and there is a very good timeline of recent hate crimes against Jews that you can find right here. These are Jews, by the way, who have nothing to do with Israel or Palestine. They are Americans or Europeans or Canadians who are living their lives. In some cases, they are at pro-Palestine rallies and they are trying to help, but they just look visibly Jewish.  God Forbid we are the wrong ethnicity for your rally, even if we agree.
This is really serious. There are people calling for the death of all Jews. There are people calling for another Holocaust. 
There are 14 million Jews in the world. 14 million. Of 7.6 billion. And you think it isn’t a problem the way people treat us?
Anyway (aside from, you know, compassion), why does this matter? This matters because stuff like this deters Jews who want to be part of the pro-Palestine movement because they are literally scared for their safety. I said this before, and I will say it again: Zionism was, historically speaking, a very unpopular opinion. It was only widespread antisemitic violence (you know, the Holocaust) that made Jews believe there was a necessity for a Jewish state. Honestly, it wasn’t until the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that I supported it the abstract idea too.
I grew up in New York City, I am a liberal Jew, and I believe in the rights of marginalized and oppressed people to self-determine worldwide. Growing up, I also fit the profile of what many scholars describe as the self hating Jew, because I believed that, in order to justify myself in American liberal society, I had to hate Israel, and I had to be anti-Zionist by default, even if I didn’t always understand what ‘Zionism’ meant in abstract. Well, I am 27 years old now with two masters degrees in history, and here is what Zionism means to me: I hate the Israeli government. They do not speak for me. But I am not anti-Zionist. I believe in the necessity for a Jewish state — a state where all Jews are welcome, regardless of their background, regardless of their nationality. 
There needs to be a place where Jews, an ethnic minority who are unwelcome in nearly every state in the world, have a place where they are free from persecution — a place where they feel protected. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that place being the place where Jews are ethnically indigenous to. Because believe it or not, whether it is inconvenient, Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel. I’ve addressed this in this post.
With that said, that doesn’t mean you can kick the Palestinian people out. They are also indigenous to that land, which is addressed in the same post, if you don’t trust me. 
What is incredible to me is that Zionism is defined, by the Oxford English Dixtionary, as “A movement [that called originally for] the reestablishment of a Jewish nationhood in Palestine, and [since 1948] the development of the State of Israel.” Whether we agree with this or not, there were early disagreements about the location of a ‘Jewish state,’ and some, like Maurice de Hirsch, believed it ought to be located in South America, for example. Others believed it should be located in Africa. The point is that the original plans for the Jewish state were about safety. The plan changed because Jews wanted to return to their homeland, the largest project of decolonization and indigenous reclamation ever to be undertaken by an indigenous group. Whether you want to hear that or not, it is true. Read a book or two. Then you might know what I mean.
When people say this is a complicated issue, they aren’t being facetious. They aren’t trying to obfuscate the point. They often aren’t even trying to defend the Israeli government, because I certainly am not — I think they are abhorrent. But there is no future in the Middle East if the Israelis and Palestinians don’t form a state that has an equal right of return and recognizes both of their indigenousness, and that will never happen if people can’t stop throwing vitriolic rhetoric around.  Is the Israeli Government bad? Yes. Are Israeli citizens bad? Largely, no. They want to defend their families, and they want to defend their people. This is basically the same as the fact that Palestinian people aren’t bad, though Hamas often is. And for the love of god, stop defending terrorist organizations. Just stop. They kill their own people for their own power and for their own benefit. 
And yes, one more time, the Israeli government is so, so, so wrong. But god, think about your words, and think about how you are enabling Nazis. The rhetoric the left is using is hurting Jews. I am afraid to leave my house. I’m afraid to identify as Jewish on tumblr. I’m afraid for my family, afraid for my friends. People I know are afraid for me. 
It’s 2021. I am not my great uncle. I cried for him, but I shouldn’t have to die like him. 
Words have consequences. Language has consequences. And genuinely, I do not think everyone is a bad person, so think about what you are putting into the world, because you’d be surprised how often you are doing a Nazi a favor or two. 
Is that really what you want? To do a Nazi a favor or two? I don’t think that you do. I hope you don’t, at least.
That’s all. You know, five thousand words later. But uh, think a little. Please. 
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eretzyisrael · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lgbtunis-moved · 8 months ago
me after watching season 1 of the umbrella academy: idk why ppl talk about this as like this antisemitic piece of media there was maybe one detail that was a li-
the umbrella academy season 2: secret organization deep state shadow government throwing around words in yiddish we’re gonna refer to them as a cabal and jokingly call them lizard people ALSO THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER IN THE ~DEEP STATE~ IS A LITERAL CHILD-KIDNPPING REPTILIAN IN A FLESH MASK
me: aH
(goyim should rb just dont clown on this post lol)
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yehudah · 10 months ago
i hate to be the bearer of bad news but a jewish cemetery in michigan was desecrated with graffiti saying "trump" and "maga" today
Tumblr media
they are accepting volunteers to help clean-up if you live in the area as far as i know. i couldnt find a donation link but their website is here. if you see one please link it/add on/etc.
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didyoumeanxianity · 6 months ago
Because many gentiles seem confused on this point: Antisemitism still exists. It’s still out there. It still hurts us.
If you never see it? You probably have and didn’t realize that’s what it was.
If you don’t think it’s pervasive? My kid has, after 3 years, finally managed to mostly unpack the harm caused by antisemitism leveled against them in kindergarten. And we lived in an extremely progressive area with a large Jewish population. There are people in Congress right now that openly espoused antisemitic conspiracy theories. I’ve been asked by a well-educated peer how I hid my horns. It’s everywhere from the halls of power to the playground.
Learn about antisemitism, learn to recognize it for what it is, and please try to help us in shutting it down.
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