diamondcitydarlin a day ago
all personal feeling/preference aside, I really feel like one of the bigger cruxes of the shipping debates is caused by the confusing tonal switch the show takes around the end of episode 3 (I know this has been talked about to death but this is just my stream of consciousness rn ok). The Loki series starts off establishing the dynamic between Loki and Mobius; apart from Mobius and Ravonna's 'friendship', some interactions with B-15, and some expository moments with other TVA folks (like Casey), there aren't really any other focal characters or dynamics and it stays this way for the first two, rather lengthy episodes. The audience is essentially being told 'these are the two main characters of this story and it will begin and end with them and their dynamic', so this is doubly unfair to people who 1) may not have liked the dynamic bc idk why you'd think after watching the first 2 eps that the show would be about anything else other than this and a character journey for Loki (and time travel), 2) people who did like the dynamic because after the 2nd episode, guess what, it's not really a thing after that. You'd have no way of knowing that from the FIRST TWO EPISODES of a 6-part series.
It's not that Sylvie is inherently a problem- at least not to me, I love the idea of everything she could have been and that's generally how I think of her- it's that the show takes an abrupt turn from not only focusing the heart of the story around a particular dynamic, but it also begins to prioritize Sylvie's pain and struggle at the expense of literally every other character, including the two the show led us to believe were going to be the most important to the narrative. The set up in episodes one and two for this series to be an opportunity for Loki to take a hard look at himself and grow as a character as a result of his new circumstances is just about completely forgotten because it seems enough to the writers that he fall in love with a female version of himself that he met 12 hours prior- character development speedrun!! Once Sylvie shows up, everything in the show seems to readjust to orbit solely around her and the pain only she is justified to have. Which, honestly, would be FINE if they had just established from the first episode that this would be the direction of the show (soidknowtostopwatchinginthefirstfiveseconds). Maybe call it 'Sylvie' instead or make her more clearly the MCU version of Enchantress and give her her own series like Agatha.
anyway it creates endless roundabout arguments of who goes best with whom because...there isn't really a good answer to that in terms of what the show gave us (see: trash). The Loki that later falls head over heels in love with Sylvie and forgets his previous 500 personalities entirely isn't really the same Loki that had scenes with Mobius prior, because Loki was rendered to caricature playdoh that molded around whoever his scene partner happened to be and whatever goals Michael had in mind at the time. There isn't anything very consistent about him in his own namesake show, there is no real arc or linear growth we can track just, 'now he's this' and 'oh but now he's this' when it's not really clear how the character got from point a to point b.
That's not to say I didn't want to know about Sylvie and her pain- of course I did. I would so much rather have heard about and seen flashbacks of Sylvie's time in the palace, what her Thor was like, how deeply she grieves Frigga and how it drives her anger etc etc, I just wanted to see it depicted with the same approach as Loki's was, in that she isn't immune from being criticized by other characters or allowing the audience room to interpret her behavior for themselves rather than manipulating the narrative to frame her as justified in everything. If B-15, Mobius aNd Loki are made to look critically at themselves, so should she so as to be a fully three dimensional part of the ensemble.
This is also why I will maintain for the rest of time the Loki / Sylvie dynamic would have been better served as something platonic / more frenemy sibling-like at least at first...because for as much as the show REALLY WANTS Loki to hate himself, for as many chances as the show takes to make him cringe at his own behavior and that of his variants, they really did nothing in the way of explaining why Sylvie is not only an exception to the Lokis-hate-Lokis rule, she fucking makes one fall in love with her in matter of hours. How? I mean, they had fun banter and there was a suggestion of them eventually getting along better but nothing that would convince me true love happened right there on apocalypse planet, that now suddenly every motive that Loki has is purely, selflessly in favor of Sylvie, a presumed Loki variant that he has already expressed intimidation towards for being more elusive than him. (What happened to him feeling threatened by her...? He just kinda forgot I guess?) The only explanation is that she enchanted him and we'll find that out in season 2, but I'm not holding my breath. It'd be a dope twist tho tbh and would explain so much.
so idk, Loki (tv show) sucked, and that's mostly because it had every opportunity to be something new, refreshing, a show for more marginalized members of the Marvel viewer base, hell maybe even profound, and it took none of them 馃檭
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I hate that Sylkis argument that people only hated the show because Loki kissed Sylvie and not Mobius. We hate Mobius too.
I misread your ask at first and I thought you were saying that people were mad because Sylvie kissed Loki when she should have kissed Mobius and I was like well, they're a better match so I can't argue there 馃槀馃槀
It's funny when people think everything is about shipping, and it's even funnier to me because I have never shipped in my life so imagine just how ridiculous it is to realize these people think I don't like Sylvie because I wanted a man who lied, manipulated, emotionally and psychologically abused and guided Loki into a place where he would be physically assaulted to kiss him instead.
Both Sylki and Lokius are terrible, both ships want Loki to be with someone who doesn't respect him, and the same can be said about those who ship him with Sif (as much as I like her, and poor thing she's not to blame for the time loop, but she never treated Loki well so nope, she's not the one). I don't necessarily think he needs a romantic partner, he needs to understand, love and respect himself first before he even thinks about that, but if he must be with someone I want him to be with a man or a woman who loves him and understands him.
They wouldn't like it if Jane mistreated Thor, if Laura lied to and mocked Clint, if Gamora insulted Quill on a daily basis, so why does Loki have to kneel and be all submissive and compliant to his partners? Romance should treat both partners equally and unless that happens to him any ship where he has to put up with any kind of abuse or mistreatment is shit and shouldn't be praised.
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tonkysexist 6 months ago
Honestly Sylkie is a caricature of everything wrong with a lot of (canon) MCU romances. The MCU has this bizarre desire to add a seuxal subtext to literally every m/f relationship, even if it makes sense or not.聽
Like Steve and Sharon. Objectively a fine pairing in the comics. But in the MCU? It鈥檚 so gross. If we are to believe that Steve was always there and was always Peggy鈥檚 husband, then that means that he just kissed his niece. A child he would see born, grow up, and mature. HE KISSED HER.聽
This is the same weird relationships that color Sylvie and Loki. Calling her Sylvie doesn鈥檛 make them any less related. They have the same parents. They have the same DNA, bloodlines, and lives. They are more than related. It鈥檚 gross on every level.聽
Nat and Bruce are another example. There was no need to add that romance. It was just the idea that Nat was existing near men which means she needed to have a romance with one of them. Even if he鈥檚 a lot older. Even if they have no chemistry. Man + Woman = Romance. The lack of diversity creates a lazy writing environment. It鈥檚 assumed that the relationships makes sense, because he鈥檚 a man and she鈥檚 a woman. It doesn鈥檛 need to be more than that.聽
Sylkie is the exact same way. She鈥檚 female presenting, He鈥檚 male presenting, therefore it鈥檚 romantic. Not matter how they鈥檙e related.聽
It鈥檚 lazy, it鈥檚 gross, and I鈥檓 so over it.聽
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supernatural-ruined-my-life 6 months ago
Like or share this post if you're bisexual and you're uncomfortable with Loki x Sylvie (selfcest) relationship not because she's a woman but because they are the same person.
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pinktwingirl 5 months ago
Tumblr media
鈥淚t鈥檚 open to interpretation鈥 Yeah, in other words, you never actually gave Loki鈥檚 genderfluidity any thought or consideration whatsoever and all the hype you did over your so-called 鈥渞epresentation鈥 was complete bullshit. This shit keeps getting worse with each interview Kate Herron and Michael Waldron do. Just admit you were never actually interested in telling a story about Loki and fucking leave.
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marina-rasteniye 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this was funnier in my head
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adhdwtf 6 months ago
loki finale guys soon okay everybody pray with me that there鈥檚 no sylki kiss
Tumblr media
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janetsnakehole02 a month ago
Ya know what makes me hate the s*lki kiss so much more is the fact that this bland ass kiss is Loki鈥檚 first kiss in the MCU like TEN YEARS OF LOKI and THIS IS WHAT WE GET??? Marvel fr hates Loki so much they made his first kiss a dry betrayal kiss from himself lmao what?? Even Thor and Jane鈥檚 first kiss was better cmon
And even if you ship them and you鈥檙e okay with the selfcest and the fluidphobia and everything else wrong with their relationship鈥hat is just an objectively bad kiss and not aesthetically pleasing at all. He鈥檚 barely kissing back and their mouths are barely moving, she鈥檚 almost pushing her lips onto his and his mouth is just.....there?? The s*lki stans on insta are trying to be slick about it and they鈥檙e editing it to change the lighting on their faces so that it actually looks聽鈥済ood鈥 but y鈥檃ll we鈥檝e all seen Tom Hiddleston kiss on screen before and EVIDENTLY the man knows what he鈥檚 doing and this is just not representative of that at all
It was such a bad kiss I thought that it was done deliberately especially if you take into context what Sylvie does after that but then the writers and the director went 鈥渢hat was the plan now ship it because we said so鈥 like HUH????
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magiclovingdragon a month ago
Its always the same fucking arguments from these people and I鈥檓 so tired of it
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes the show鈥檚 logic is all over the fucking place but Loki and SyIvie are two variants of the same person, get over it.
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teameveryonebutironman 6 months ago
鈥淟oki and Sylvie aren鈥檛 technically the same person鈥 has the same energy as 鈥淭hor and Loki aren鈥檛 technically brothers鈥 and I hate it
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thonccchoncc 6 months ago
I wanna test something.
Look at them both as kids.
Tumblr media
Like wow.
You're shipping them??? These two people.
the same person.
very obviously the same person.
But one of them has bleached hair as an adult so they can't possibly have the same dna. Ok. Yeah no ok I get it. Sure. Yeah. Yeah ok. And Marvel stripping Sylvie of every ounce of personality for the last couple episodes was fine too then. That wasn't a tactic to make them seem less similar. Yeah. I see. But I'm almost 100% positive that if people started shipping Loki or Sylvie with any other Loki variant, y'all would go ballistic. It feels wrong, right?
This isn't me saying it's the shippers fault, it's me saying that Marvel has made a huge mistake in making their relationship romantic. Not only does it cheapen the story, but it completely invalidates some of Loki's best character development. It strays completely away from the writer's original intentions and therefore - even apart from the selfcest - just is so out of place and I would even say inappropriate. I just can't believe that marvel is ok showing a selfcest couple in mainstream tv, but not a mlm/wlw couple. The way they constantly erase queer characters is getting to the point where I'm not even surprised anymore. I'm tired. Tired of every single billionaire company using queerbaiting and erasure, and whitewashing every show and movie they produce to cater to the rich, white, cishet, privaleged suburban assholes, while calling us delusional. So many people see themselves in Loki, me included. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the show, but I am sick of this blatant phobia.
You can disagree, argue, even threaten me, but it won't change the fact that this is just another tally mark on the wall of Marvel's representation screw-ups.
Thank you for reading.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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quantum-widow 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Loki + letterboxd reviews but just the bad ones
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wowwwmobius 6 months ago
Tumblr media
choices were made at mcu hq
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musclesandhammering 5 months ago
Every Single Issue I Have With S*lki (It鈥檚 Not Just The Selfcest)
Here goes. I threatened to post this a few days ago and never did, but I just saw a s*lki stan Twitter account claim that Loki caring about Sylvie more than the whole multiverse was a Good And Romantic thing and it pushed me over the fucking edge, so now you all have to read this. I鈥檝e divided it into categories cause there鈥檚 just THAT much.
OOC Bullshit
鈥 First and foremost, no amount of mental gymnastics you do will ever make me believe that this specific Loki- the one that just invaded New York, that just came off a year of Thanos Torture, that just got done being influenced by the sceptre, that was literally in the middle of a crisis already, and then on top of that went through all the trauma of Ep 1- would even be worried about a romantic relationship. That would be the furthest thing from his mind. Go back and watch how he acted in Avengers- you think that guy would abandon his previous mission to become a snivelling simp for a girl he鈥檇 just met 3 days prior? Yeah, there鈥檚 no universe in which that makes sense.
鈥 鈥淚t鈥檚 very in character for Loki to fall in love with himself lololol-鈥 NO, it鈥檚 literally not. Out of all the characters in the mcu, I don鈥檛 think I can think of anyone that genuinely hates themselves more than Loki. He even referred to all his other male variants as 鈥渕onsters鈥 and said meeting them was 鈥渁 nightmare鈥 in this series. He鈥檚 got so much self-loathing, plus the fact that he genuinely thinks himself to be an evil backstabbing scourge- so there鈥檚 no evidence at all suggesting that he would ever develop a fondness for, or even be inclined to trust, another version of himself, after only knowing them for 3 days.
鈥 Building on that, the whole concept of Loki falling in love with a version of himself just feeds into the annoying ass misconception that he鈥檚 a narcissist. No matter which way you stack it, he鈥檚 not. If you鈥檙e referring to NPD, he doesn鈥檛 fit the criteria, and if you鈥檙e saying 鈥渘arcissist鈥 just as a slang term meaning 鈥渟elfish and arrogant鈥, that still doesn鈥檛 accurately describe him. But when creators like Waldron and Herron do things like having him fall in love with himself, it makes it so much easier for casual viewers to think that he is.
Shitty LGBT Rep
鈥 It鈥檚 kinda sus that Loki鈥檚 are allegedly genderfluid and yet the only female-presenting variant we see (and apparently the only female-presenting variant there is, cause the male Loki鈥檚 all seemed unfamiliar with the concept) is treated as some kind of mind-bogglingly special paradox. Also very sus that, out of all the Loki variants, the one our Loki falls in love with just so happens to be the only female one. What a coincidence.
鈥 The fact that the creators of the show went around bragging about Loki鈥檚 bisexuality and Marvel purposefully (lbr) allowed stories about Loki possibly having a male love interest to circulate, specifically enticing queer viewers to watch the show (you know, the definition of queerbaiting), and then instead of having a male love interest (Loki was the first queer main character, so it was the perfect opportunity) they gave us *gestures to this dumpster fire* this鈥 it鈥檚 just a middle finger to LGBT fans. The fact that they would rather have this relationship with all its myriad of problems than have a gay relationship is just鈥︹. Very telling.
鈥 While him being with a woman obviously doesn鈥檛 refute his bisexuality, the fact that they showed/talked about him being interested in 3 different women (flight attendant, Sylvie, Sif) and never even hinted at him being attracted to a man, definitely makes it seem like they were trying to cover up his bisexuality to smooth things over with the more homophobic viewers. You know? It鈥檚 like 鈥淚 know you鈥檙e pissed that we sorta confirmed Loki as bi, so we promise we鈥檒l never mention it again! Or even hint at it! As a matter of fact, we鈥檒l give him lots of female lovies and make him seem as straight as possible! That鈥檒l take your mind off of that horrible crumb of queer rep, right? Please please please keep giving us your money!!!鈥
鈥 Aside from all the other issues, at its core, the biggest reason why I think I鈥檓 so irritated with s*lki is that it took one of the most interesting, complex, and diverse characters in cinema atm and squished him into a tired ass unnecessary heteronormative subplot鈥. Like literally every. single. other. protagonist. ever. Loki is such a unique character, and it鈥檚 so so so incredibly disappointing that they stuck him into that same boring cookie cutter romance that happens to every other character in every other movie I鈥檝e ever seen. It鈥檚 a disservice, and it鈥檚 honestly just not compelling or entertaining at all.
Thematic Issues Galore
鈥 His arc didn鈥檛 need a romance. With anyone. It was unnecessary and it didn鈥檛 make sense plot-wise. In fact, one of the reasons he was my fav prior to this was because he was the only big-name mcu character whose story wasn鈥檛 muddied-up by a romance that didn鈥檛 need to be there. So much for that.
鈥 He wasn鈥檛 emotionally ready for a romantic relationship with anyone. Hell, just a genuine friendship would鈥檝e been pushing it for him at this point. He was in such a bad state that any relationship he got into would鈥檝e been toxic and unhealthy for both him and the other person, and it doesn鈥檛 make sense why the writers would want to put him in one when there were so many cons and essentially no pros (other than 鈥淯wu aren鈥檛 they cute together鈥).
鈥 Sylvie鈥檚 character in general was unnecessary and Loki鈥檚 character was robbed just by her being there. The whole show became about her post-Ep 2. They spent most of the time giving her backstory, building her up, telling us how awesome she is, trying to convince us to like her, etc when what they really needed to be doing was building Loki up- cause I gotta say, if I had to describe TVA!Loki in a few words, they would be Flat, Boring, and Weak.
鈥 The romance overtakes the plot. They spend time portraying their supposed connection that could鈥檝e been spent adding depth and complexity to literally any of the characters. They make the big Nexus Event them giving each other googly eyes on Lamentis when it could鈥檝e been so many other way more profound things that speak to the fundamental nature of Loki鈥檚. They have the climax of the finale be 鈥渙h no she betrayed him to kill He Who Remains鈥 when it could鈥檝e been something way more compelling (Loki having a moral crisis over whether or not to kill HWR, Loki contemplating the state of the multiverse and weighing the pros and cons of freedom vs order, Loki looking into some What If situations and getting emotional about what could鈥檝e been regarding his family, Loki realising the gravity of HWR鈥檚 offer and finally coming to terms with how important he is to the universal cycle, etc etc). The entire plot suffered in favour of a romance that half of us didn鈥檛 even want.
鈥 It essentially reduced all of Loki鈥檚 potential character growth down to 鈥淗e did it for his crush.鈥 He seemed to at least have some motivations of his own in Ep 1-2 (feeble as they were) but after Sylvie showed up in Ep 3, literally every action he took was just him being a simp for her. Why did he lie in the interrogation? To try to protect Sylvie. Why did he fight the minutemen and Timekeepers? To survive kinda, but mostly cause it was important to Sylvie. Why did he get pruned? Cause he got distracted trying to confess his crush to Sylvie. Why did he try to get out of The Void? Cause he thought Sylvie needed him. Why did he stay in The Void? Cause Sylvie was staying. Why did he try to enchant Alioth? Cause Sylvie told him to. Why did the multiverse get cracked open, leading to an infinite number of Kangs waging war on all of existence? Cause Loki didn鈥檛 wanna hurt Sylvie in their fight at the Citadel and then get distracted by her kissing him. It鈥檚 uninteresting and honestly pretty embarrassing.
鈥 Throughout their 鈥渞elationship arc鈥 the writers do their absolute damndest to convince us that we should like Sylvie more than Loki. And you know what? It鈥檚 the most hypocritical shit I鈥檝e ever seen. They preach and preach about how Sylvie鈥檚 life has been so difficult/we should feel bad for her/she had it so bad/poor poor sylvie/she had it SO much worse than pampered prince Loki鈥. But then they never even touch on any of Loki鈥檚 trauma of hardships (the ones that have been ignored for literally 3 movies now). They frame Sylvie as a good person and a Freedom Fighter after she spent literal decades/centuries mass-murdering brainwashed TVA agents and showing exactly zero remorse for it鈥.. but then they make it their mission to constantly remind us that Loki is a terrible person and constantly put him in situations where he鈥檚 forced to acknowledge his wrongdoings/show remorse/admit to how 鈥渆vil鈥 he is for being a mass murderer for like 2 years. They show him on-screen having a wider range of powers than her, and perpetuate his whole shtick of being a 鈥渕aster manipulator鈥 or whatever鈥.. But then they make Sylvie 鈥渢he brawn鈥 more competent, intelligent, and physically capable than him. Tell me how it鈥檚 a good thing for a ship to be so narratively biased toward one character.
Missed Opportunities
鈥 If they absolutely had to have a romance subplot, then they could鈥檝e paired Loki with one of the characters that have already been established OR one of the characters that were a big part of the whole TVA storyline anyway. It would鈥檝e been so interesting if they鈥檇 revealed that Loki had a history with some of the players from previous films (Sif and Fandral both come to mind). It also would鈥檝e been really interesting if they鈥檇 given Loki a love interest that actually had some allegiance to the TVA as a whole (Mobius maybe, but not necessarily. It also could鈥檝e been Renslayer or B-15). Hell, imo it would鈥檝e been cool if they鈥檇 followed through with that 鈥淪ee you again someday鈥 line that he said to the flight attendant in Ep 1. ALL of these characters have way more chemistry with him than Sylvie, and they were also already relevant to the plot without wasting half the show to give background info on them.
鈥 If they absolutely had to have a hetero-presenting love story involving an enchantress-type figure, then there鈥檚 a whole Enchantress (Amora) that was actually Loki鈥檚 love interest in the comics. Plus, fans have been screaming for Amora to appear in the mcu for years. Plus, Tom literally pitched an Amora/Loki storyline way back in 2012-13. Also, Lorelei (another enchantress) is also one of Loki鈥檚 love interests in the comics, and she already exists in the mcu (she was on Agents of SHIELD). There were several different established characters for them to choose from. Creating a whole knew amalgamation of a character and going with the 鈥渟he鈥檚 a Loki variant鈥 storyline was just completely unnecessary and made no sense.
鈥 They completely robbed us of a Chaos Twins dynamic. Had they handled Sylvie better and not forced her and Loki to smooch, the two of them could鈥檝e had a really really complex and interesting sibling relationship. Loki could鈥檝e stepped into Thor鈥檚 shoes and sort of used that new role to gain some self importance, and Sylvie could鈥檝e finally had somebody to look out for her/teach her magic/be there for her. It would鈥檝e been very aesthetically pleasing, the vibes would鈥檝e been out of this world, it would鈥檝e been way more profound than this bs, and frankly it would鈥檝e been much more entertaining to watch.
鈥 Loki鈥檚 relationship (read: obsession) with Sylvie completely overshadows all Loki鈥檚 other relationships in the show. Loki and Mobius were literally the focal point of the series in Ep 1-2, but after Sylvie showed up in Ep 3, they barely had any interactions with each other, and Mobius pretty much faded to the background entirely. Loki had the beginnings of a pretty interesting antagonistic relationship with Renslayer (with her wanting him pruned, then arguing with Mobius that he couldn鈥檛 be trusted), but after Sylvie showed up the dynamic shifted to focus on the history between her and Ravonna. Loki and B-15 started off very badly and openly disliked each other throughout Ep 1-2, and then in the end of Ep 2, Loki showed a little bit of concern for her when she was possessed, hinting that they might be inching toward a reconciliation- especially considering how obvious it was that Loki was gonna uncover the TVA鈥檚 sins eventually. There was so much potential for him to be the one to give her her memories back and convince her to change sides, but no, of course that honor went to Sylvie. In fact, after Sylvie showed up, Loki and B-15 never even spoke to each other again.
Various S*lki Fails
鈥 If they were trying to convince us that this affection was mutual, they completely failed. There鈥檚 nothing I鈥檝e seen that even hints at Sylvie feeling the same way about Loki that he does about her. At most, I鈥檇 say she has a slight endearment to him. She finds him likeable and she鈥檚 grudgingly fond of him, but she definitely isn鈥檛 in love with the guy. Maybe she thinks he鈥檚 cute and hopes that he gets out of this mess alright, but her mission obviously comes before him- whereas, it鈥檚 been confirmed multiple times that Loki cares about her above anything else. She doesn鈥檛 trust him, she looks at him like he鈥檚 an incompetent fool half the time, she shows little to no reaction during most of his confession moments, and she kissed him as a means to distract him so that she could get him out of her way. Look, all I鈥檓 saying is, when you get into a relationship where one of you is way more invested than the other, it never ends well.
鈥 This goes without saying for a lot of us, but the selfcest is just straight up odd and cringey. If you鈥檙e cool with that sort of thing, fine! People can ship what they want! But don鈥檛 pretend it鈥檚 not at least a little bit uncomfortable. Yes, I know they鈥檙e not technically siblings so it鈥檚 not technically incest, and they鈥檙e also not technically the exact same person, but they鈥檙e similar enough that it makes things weird. And yes I know selfcest can鈥檛 happen in real life, so there鈥檚 no way to judge it morally, but neither can most of the other stuff that happens in these shows/movies (the Snap, Loki destroying jotunheim, superhero with powers being held accountable, mind control) and yet we still find ways to judge their morality, because they all mirror real-world events. (The snap= genocide; Loki destroying Jotunheim= bombing other countries; superhero accountability= weapons accountability; mind control= grooming and coercion). And lbr the closest real-world mirror to two versions of the same person (who may or may not share DNA, family, backgrounds, physical and emotion characteristics) being romantically involved with one another is incest. And you can be ok with that if you want- that鈥檚 your prerogative- but don鈥檛 get pissy just cause a lot of us are squicked out by it.
鈥 The whole mirror metaphor (learning self love via each other) thing just fell completely flat. First of all, having Loki learn to love himself by looking at someone who mirrors him did not, in any way shape or form, require them to be romantically involved. But they were. Of course. Secondly, the creators have contradicted themselves so many times on whether Loki and Sylvie are the same or not, that it doesn鈥檛 even really register to the viewer that the mirroring thing was what they were going for. Finally, Loki and Sylvie are shown to have so little in common- and to have only the most bare minimum of similarities personality-wise- that it doesn鈥檛 even make sense that Loki would 鈥渓earn to love himself through loving her鈥. Like? They鈥檙e nothing alike. So how would he make the connection that he himself is actually pretty cool, based on her alone? There鈥檚 virtually nothing in her that reflects him.
鈥 I know the objective of the entire show was to convince us of how awesome and unique Sylvie is, but honestly her relationship with Loki just did the opposite. A hallmark of a Mary Sue is having her constantly upstage the male lead, and then having him instantly fall madly in love with her anyway. And that鈥檚.. exactly what happened here. Everything they鈥檙e doing to try to force her character to be more stan-able is really just forcing her to look more like their self-insert OC. Which is exactly what she is. It would鈥檝e been so much more satisfying if she didn鈥檛 have to try so hard to look cool, if they didn鈥檛 have to try so hard to make her backstory tear-inducing, if they didn鈥檛 have to turn our protagonist into a snivelling simp just to prove how incredible she supposedly is. Very much #GirlBoss energy and we all know how performative and cheap that is.
鈥 The entire thing was too rushed, there was too little build-up, and it was nowhere near believable. As stated above, it鈥檚 ridiculously unlikely that Loki would canonically even be interested in Sylvie, and this show did nothing to explain why he was. He just suddenly was. There was nothing they showed us as viewers that would justify a guy as closed-off and preoccupied as Loki falling head-over-heels for a girl he just met. Their was no explanation, no big revelation, no reasoning, it just鈥 kinda happened. And I鈥檓 also severely skeptical of any love story that has the characters go in this deep after only 3 45-minute episodes of exposition.
I鈥檓 sure there鈥檚 other stuff, so if anyone thinks of anything, let me know and I鈥檒l be more than happy to add it. Tagging @janetsnakehole02 @raifenlf @natures-marvel and @brightredsunset800 for expressing interest. This is all your faults.
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pinktwingirl 4 months ago
鈥淟oL uR jUSt MAd tHaT SYlviE WaS tHE staR InSTeAd oF LoKi鈥
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How do i send this to the Loki writer's room
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watch this
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Marvel would rather die than have a canon queer m/m relationship
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