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The liquid burns as it makes its way down her throat, but Cassie pays it no mind.

A certain warmth wraps around her like a cocoon. She feels warm and fuzzy, the way she used to when she was young and she and Mom would curl up under their coziest blankets together. It’s a feeling she craves even in her sleep, and she spends all of her waking hours seeking it out. The whiskey chases away all the bad feelings, the feelings of being simultaneously too much and not enough.

Not that anyone knows exactly how bad off she is. Cassie prides herself on appearing fully functional, with not even Dad seeing through her perfectly crafted facade. If anyone were to find out just how broken she was, they’d pack up and leave her in the dust, wounded and abandoned. She promised herself she’d never be abandoned again, like that’s ever stopped anyone before. But if she could prevent it, she would.

Her life is a series of perfectly crafted images with one thing in common: perfection. The perfect daughter, sister, athlete, student, teacher. Perfect, perfect, perfect, wrong, wrong, wrong. The perfect one. The alcoholic. Cassie snorts and rocks in her chair. The weight of perfection is heavy; her heart constricts at the thought of doing it again tomorrow. 

But she’s fine. Functional. Fine.


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In Another Life

Bucky Barnes x reader ° part three

Summary: Waiting 88 years to find your soulmate? It was cruel. But it was a cruel fate Bucky would have to face whether he accepted it or not. Bucky was a tortured man all his life and he wasn’t even granted the solace of having his soulmate at his side. All he had was the promise of one in another life.

They were separated by two different times.

But the pain in their lives were connected. Y/n had been alone ever since she could remember. All she could depend on was the soulmate that was destined to be at her side. Yet when the snap occured she lost him.

And Bucky never got to meet her.


Y/n felt horribly out of place standing there in the compound while the man she had come to know as Scott rambled on about the Quantum Realm. That topic happened to be one of the many she studied meaning she knew more than most people but what Scott was talking about was just insane. 

Stuck in the Quantum Realm for five years? A void of infinite time and space, how did he not go mad? His later explanation of it only feeling like five hours, cleared up that question but she still had a million more. 

How did he get to the Quantum Realm? How’d he get stuck? How did he navigate himself out? Why did he only get out now? How did he find them? 

Her mind was buzzing with so many unknowns. 

Was this what being a part of the Avengers felt like? No wonder they tore themselves apart, they dealt with some crazy shit. 

“I really don’t think I should be here.” Y/n mumbled, starting to step away from the three. Doubt began to creep under her skin and her justification for being there as a guest unravelled as the conversation swayed from friendly to more heroic matters. 

Their focus shifted to her as she backtracked, hesitantly trying to make her escape but when Steve desperately called her name, she knew any hope of leaving was in the wind. 

“Please. You can help us.” Steve pleaded. Nat reached out to reason with him but he stayed firm in his request. His eyes were fixated on Y/n and she struggled to remain unwavering. 

“How, Steve? I’m not like you guys. I’m not an Avenger.” Y/n told him. His eyes fell to the floor knowing she was right. But letting her leave felt wrong now. Something about her changed once he realized she was Bucky’s soulmate and he selfishly wanted her at his side. His pride told him it was so he could protect her or just out of guilt for not telling her the truth but he knew neither of those were true. 

Y/n represented the only piece of Bucky he had left and he couldn’t just let her walk out the door, especially with Scott there. His presence meant there was a change in the air and for the first time in 5 years, he was hopeful. 

There might actually be a way to undo what Thanos had done and he wanted Y/n there every step of the way. 

“You are to me.” He confessed, his soft frown silently begging her to stay. Nat would be lying if she said she didn’t want Y/n to stay as well but she understood Y/n’s opposition. 

Y/n offered some knowledge of the Quantum Realm but they didn’t even know exactly what they were doing, let alone how to put her information to good use. So Nat decided to stay neutral with her conflicted opinion. 

“Wait, what’s your power? I get really small, I mean, obviously, Ant-Man. And sometimes I can get big too but I try not to anymore.” Scott ranted, the excitement obvious in his wide eyes and rapid words. Y/n gave into Steve’s plea, knowing there was nothing that could withstand those baby blues. Sighing, she turned to Scott with a lazy smirk. 

“I read minds.” She lied, hoping he’d catch on to her sarcasm. But the poor man was too thrilled with her supposed superpower to realize he’d been fooled. 

“Whoa, that’s so cool. What am I thinking?” He asked, childlike in his manner as he stared at her intently. Her face deadpanned, sending a quizzical look to Steve and Nat. This was the man they were listening to? Steve shrugged in return before both their gazes fell back on Scott. 

“You’re thinking about eating that sandwich.” Y/n answered finally, a glimpse of disbelief flashing across his features. She had noticed him staring at it since he entered the room, it didn’t exactly take a mind reader to know. But that didn’t occur to him and no one wasted anymore time explaining it to him as he stole half the sandwich. 

“Scott, what were you talking about?” Steve asked, dragging Scott’s distracted mind back to his plan. The frenzied man swallowed thickly, forcing his words through the peanut butter that lingered before starting to pace. 

“What I’m saying is, time works differently in the Quantum Realm. The only problem is right now, we don’t have a way to navigate it. But what if we did? I can’t stop thinking about it. What if we could somehow control the chaos and we could navigate it? What if there was a way to enter the Quantum Realm at a certain point in time but then exit at another point in time? Like-like before Thanos.” Scott described. 

“Wait, are you talking about a time machine?” Steve questioned in disbelief. Y/n looked to Nat, the slight flick of her eyes conveying her skepticism. Scott stopped pausing to shake his head with a scoff, offended that his masterful plan had been compared to the object of most fictional media. 

“No. No, of course not. No, not a time machine. It’s more like a…” Uncertain, his voice trailed off. “Yeah, a time machine. I know it’s crazy.” He admitted, unable to find another word for his idea. Y/n shook her head, stepping forward. 

“Yeah, you’re right it’s insane.” She agreed. Steve’s brow furrowed and he crossed his arms turning to her. 

“What do you know about this?” He inquired, wondering if his request for her to stay had been justified. Y/n sighed, running a forceful hand through her hair, grateful when her fingers didn’t snag. She wasn’t a genius but she had paid enough attention to the class to know what they were talking about was impossible. Sure there were theories on uses of the Quantum Realm, many of which she researched after the class ended, unable to let go of the mind boggling subject. Yet none were proven. 

The sheer fact that it was so outlandish was one of the reasons that had steered her away from the topic but as she stood there talking about it she wished she hadn’t. 

“In college I went to practically every science related class I could. This scientist, Bill Foster, came to my college and did a short class on it for like a month. I thought it was cool so I kept coming back but this isn’t an exact science, the Quantum Realm is infinite in time and space.” She sighed, shaking her head as she desperately tried to piece together any working theories. 

She once found it fun to see if she could figure out a way to use the Quantum Realm like Scott talked about it, but the main reason it was fun was because she never expected to actually have to make a working theory. 

“Hey, I met that guy.” Scott announced, rather amused as Y/n gave him an exasperated look. 

“Then you should know that finding a certain point in time is the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack but the haystack is infinite and time means nothing.” It was frustrating not being able to be of more help in a topic she once debated switching her major for but the science was too unreliable, practically everything was just hypothetical. 

“So, can you find a magnet?” Steve asked. Y/n looked to him recognizing the desperation in his eyes. The simple action made her heart clench in her chest. Steve had a way of making those around him share his passion toward anything and she hated how easily she fell victim. It was impossible not to get wrapped up in the righteousness of things especially when her best friend was the face of America. 

She rubbed her arm, briefly catching sight of her countdown. The numbers sent a chill through her and she froze for a moment, her eyes calm and calculated as she thought over the situation. 

An interesting idea came to mind looking down at the numbers on her wrist. Was this what her countdown was leading her to? A time machine? It made sense since her countdown had been just as curious as the Quantum Realm itself. Did her countdown mean time travel was real? 

She tugged down her sleeve, not catching Steve’s eye on her countdown as she released a long sigh. Perhaps she was one of them because they seemed just as uncertain as her. 

“I might be able to get you started but it’d take an actual genius to even know where to go from there.” Y/n offered, unaware of Nat’s eyes narrowing on ‘actual’. Steve turned his gaze to the floor, a certain man coming to mind. There was a slim chance he might help. The guilt Steve felt was the same in Tony and it might be enough to get him to join their crazy mission. 

“I can’t stop thinking about it. There’s gotta be some way… There’s gotta be…some w… it’s crazy.” Scott mumbled. Y/n crossed her arms looking over at Steve. She remembered a time when even being friends with him was crazy to her but she quickly grew used to the feeling. But now she was questioning everything. 

In what world does a therapist with a little knowledge in Quantum Theory really help the Avengers potentially bring back the people they had lost? 

“I get emails from a raccoon, so nothing sounds crazy anymore.” Nat sighed making Y/n’s head whip around to her. 

Maybe in a world where raccoons talk?  

“So who do we talk to about this?” Scott questioned, shifting his stare between the three. Nat and Steve shared a look knowing who they’d have to visit and that he’d probably not be too easy to persuade.

Y/n stared dazed at Nat, only deciding to speak up when it became apparent that Nat wouldn’t explain further. “Wait, a raccoon?" 


"Hey.” Nat called, tugging on Steve’s arm as Scott and Y/n continued down the hall. He glanced at Y/n watching as she explained she was actually powerless. Scott’s devastated and bewildered face almost made him smile as he turned back to Nat. 

“What was that back there?” She asked him. Any hint of amusement faded away as he looked down knowing his emotional statement wouldn’t go unnoticed. He didn’t want to answer but he knew hiding it from Nat would be pointless. He trusted her but he was scared saying it aloud would make him realize how ridiculous he was. 

There was no way to be certain and he feared telling her or Y/n would prove that he was wrong. They’d tell him he was so dire to have Bucky back that he invented this impossible idea that he’d found his soulmate. And rejection like that terrified him. 

Sensing his hesitance, Nat let go of his arm giving him a soft smile. “It’s ok. Forget about it.” She told him gently, starting to walk off toward Y/n and Scott. Steve quickly reached out stopping her and she turned to him confused. 

“She’s Bucky’s soulmate.” Steve said quietly, his eyes drifting back to Y/n at the end of the hall. She was far enough away to where she wouldn’t be able to hear but she knew something was up as she looked back at him, her brow furrowing at the pair’s private conversation. 

“Barnes? How do you know?” Nat expressed her doubt, trying to piece together how Steve had come to such an unbelievable conclusion. She’d never suspected him to have a soulmate let alone her to be the cheerful and kind woman before her. 

Of course Nat knew he Bucky had one, like everyone else in the universe, but she figured after all his years with HYDRA his soulmate was long dead. 

It was a sick thought but she was aware of how HYDRA operated and they wouldn’t take the chance of letting their star assassin’s soulmate live. She had just hoped they hadn’t made him do it and if Y/n was truly his soulmate she supposed he was lucky. 

“Her countdown. It’s exactly like his was when he turned 18. It’s not really something you’d forget.” Steve sighed, the tension in his shoulders tightening as he uncomfortably shifted his weight on his heels. Nat was silent for a moment. 

Bucky Barnes had been one of the few men that scared her- no terrified her. He almost killed her on multiple occasions but once he was free from HYDRA’s control she saw him the way Steve had. She wouldn’t call him exactly a friend but being her acquaintance was certainly better than being the source of her nightmares. 

Like Steve, she looked over to Y/n wondering how such a wonderful person could’ve been paired with the ex assassin. Sure he was changed now but soulmates were definite which meant if Bucky hadn’t gotten help, it would’ve been up to Y/n to save him or she wouldn’t even have him at all. 

“That’s a hell of a coincidence- you two being friends.” Nat tried to offer a laugh. Steve pierced his lips looking down at the ground. Relief washed over him, grateful that someone other than himself believed the unreal situation they were in. 

“You know, I almost thought you two would end up together.” Nat remarked. 

At this Steve whipped his head back to her, his eyebrows furrowed and jaw slack as though he’d been accused of something. The suggestion sent an embarrassed tint to his cheeks and he glanced at Y/n making sure she hadn’t moved closer. “What made you think that?” Steve asked. 

“Relax, I didn’t mean anything by that. It’s just when you first met her you were the happiest I’d ever seen you and I thought it was because you liked her. Guess it makes sense now.” Nat smiled, squeezing his shoulder. 

It was no secret that soulmates were bound by more than their countdown and to Nat the coincidence of Y/n and Steve being friends wasn’t a coincidence anymore. He found her through Bucky and that’s all she needed to know. 

Steve watched as she continued down the hall, forgotten late night talks with Y/n filling him with a profound guilt. Y/n was important to him and naturally their closeness had led to some feelings being developed but none they ever acted on. Eventually the feelings faded and they decided they were better friends. While nothing happened he couldn’t shake the guilt as if he’d somehow betrayed Bucky. 

He followed Nat down the hall, trying to ignore Y/n’s inquiring look. “It’s nothing.” He’d insisted. She unwillingly took the explanation, deciding to figure out on her own what had upset him. 


If Y/n had felt out of place before she definitely did now while sitting across the table from the large green man that was now Bruce Banner. 

Despite their pleas, Tony rejected their idea not that they could blame him. And while Y/n would’ve loved to work with him, she had just been ecstatic to meet the famous Tony Stark she looked up to all her life. He was the reason she took such an interest in science and technology. She once hoped to be an inventor like him one day and while she loved to discover how things worked, she soon realized that the human brain was the most complicated thing out there leading her to her occupation. It was interesting seeing how different their lives had ended up, Tony choosing a life away from people while she chose to help them. She still admired him and she absolutely fell in love with his daughter, Morgan, an innocent replica of her father. 

There had once been a time when she imagined her and her soulmate having the stereotypical suburban life; married with kids. However when the snap occured, any hope of that life died with her soulmate. Yet the hope was slowly starting to respark with the talk of time travel. She knew it was idiotic but she only fell deeper into her fantasy as two children came up to Banner, requesting a photo. 

She wondered if she and her soulmate did have a life together, what it would be like. What would he be like? Was he funny? Was he kind? Was he charming? Were his eyes really blue? Would their kids have blue eyes? 

“About what we were saying…” Steve said, capturing their attention once more. Scott wore a baffled and angry look after the whole picture interaction and Y/n couldn’t help but be amused as he sat next to her with a pout. 

“Right. The whole time travel do-over? Guys, it’s outside my area of expertise.” Bruce explained. Y/n’s heart sank and she sighed, her eyes subconsciously searching for Steve’s. His eyes were still hopeful and he turned away from her trying to convince Bruce to help. 

“Y/n said she could get it started. Couldn’t that help?” He questioned, almost desperate as Y/n shared a look with Bruce. She could tell he wanted to help just as much as the next guy but their entire plan rested on something that came straight out of a movie. 

“Steve, leading an experiment like this would be impossible if I don’t even know where to start.” Bruce tried to explain gently. Nat stared at Bruce, her expression unconvinced and even a little encouraging as a soft smirk twisted on her lips. 

“Well, you pulled this off. I remember a time when that seemed pretty impossible, too.” She replied. Bruce fell silent, looking down at himself as he contemplated the decision. It would be risky but they didn’t really have much else to lose, right? 


Bruce had come back with them to the compound and after explaining the strategy she’d come up with, she set off to find Steve. He’d been quiet since he had convinced her to stay and she was starting to believe that maybe he regretted the decision. She wasn’t a hero after all, she didn’t really serve any other purpose than the one she had just fulfilled. 

She found him in his room, leaning against the headrest of his bed. The room was neat and if it hadn’t been for the few personal effects on the dresser she would’ve argued it wasn’t lived in. In a way that was true since a majority of his nights were spent at her apartment whether it be movie nights, game nights or simply nights spent in silence. 

Steve looked up from his sketchbook when she softly knocked on the door frame, leaning on it as he set down the book. "Come in.“ She padded over to him, climbing to sit next to him wordlessly. Their shoulders brushed and the calming effect that came with her presence uplifted his spirits causing him to look over at her with a tender smile. 

"Let me guess. You wanna know what’s wrong.” He acknowledged. She studied his thoughtful eyes, shaking her head with a brief exhale as she turned away. 

“You have a way of staring into someone’s soul. Did that come with the serum or has it always been like that?” She asked him, her tone teasing yet a little genuine. He shrugged letting out a small laugh. 

“I don’t know. I guess I’ve always been a little intense.” His smile faded slowly, allowing his gaze to fall back on the sketchbook. He’d been drawing what he’d seen earlier, unable to get the fantasy out of his head. Y/n followed his stare, landing on the drawing scribbled onto the page. Respectfully reaching over and picking it up, she looked up at Steve. He no effort to stop her, watching as her finger traced the curve of the face upon the page. 

It was a rough drawing due to Steve’s lack of time to really add the details he wished to but Y/n had seen plenty of his art so he didn’t mind as much. Her lips parted but she didn’t speak instead creasing her brow as she intently stared at the page. 

Steve had drawn Bucky plenty of times before but shamefully most had been of the Winter Soldier. He used drawing as a way to drag certain images from his head and nothing haunted him more than the monster HYDRA had made his best friend into. 

Yet this drawing was different. He drew him the way he remembered Bucky from the 40s. His jaw was sharp as were the rest of his perfectly chiseled features. His lips were curved into a smirk and with the small lift of his brow, she figured the moment Steve had taken it from was jestful. 

Though the sketch was mostly focused on the man’s face, Steve had taken the time to add his military uniform, hat included. But none of this caught her attention quite like the man’s eyes had. They were eyes of patience and love, a look she was often given by Steve. Perhaps that’s where he had gotten it. 

“He’s beautiful.” She mumbled softly, meeting Steve’s uncertain gaze. The identity of the man went unspoken between them but Y/n knew who it was just by the care Steve had taken in creating the drawing. 

“You can keep it if you want.” Steve offered once she had handed him back the sketchbook. She began to shake her head, trying to reason it meant more to him than to her but Steve had already pulled out the page handing it to her. She wasn’t sure if it was her need to respect such a good hearted gesture or her fascination with the piece but she took it, holding it gingerly in her hands. 

“I know why you came.” Steve said suddenly, making her lift her head to peer up at him. “You want to know what Nat and I were talking about. I was just worried-" 

"That keeping me around was a mistake." 

Steve’s expression morphed into shock and he instantly shook his head at her assumption. Allowing him to take her hand in his, she felt a bit shameful for how hurt he was by what she had said. The falseness of the statement her mind had convinced her to believe was now obvious and she wished she could take it back. 

"No. Never. I want you here because I sincerely believe you can help us. You can help me.” Y/n sighed, her eyes landing on their outstretched legs. She let him idly circle his thumb along the back of her hand, trying to fight the urge to argue. 

“I want to help, Steve. I just don’t know how. I know you don’t have to have powers to be a hero but still…” She trailed off. “This is your thing, Steve. Not mine." 

A frown tugged at his lips and his lashes brushed his skin briefly as his eyes fell on his lap. He knew it was unfair to her to bring her into this and it certainly wasn’t okay to keep her against her will but he needed her. 

"I know. And I’m sorry. Just-” He cut himself off, shifting on the bed to face her better. She watched with an unsure gaze as he took both of her hands. “Ever since I could remember I’ve done what I thought was right and for a while it worked. But the past few years, I’ve ruined so much." 

His voice was hushed and Y/n could see how troubled he was by his furrowed brow and clouded eyes. His eyes were trained on their intertwined hands, only looking away when Y/n’s sleeve bunched halfway up her forearm. Her countdown sent a buzz across his skin but strangely he was filled with ease. 

"Things have gotten too hard. Being Captain America isn’t white and black anymore and when we lost, I didn’t see a point. But then I met you and things were easy again. I didn’t have to be Captain America, I could just be Steve.” He confessed. 

He felt guilty, not that his words weren’t true. If anything, this was the most honest he had been with her. But the guilt that seeped into his heart came from Bucky. He knew the way he felt around he must’ve been from her other half. 

The similarities between her and Bucky must’ve triggered something in him and he felt the most like himself around her. Like he had with Buck. He wasn’t crazy for feeling that way right? 

“I don’t know if that even makes sense but I need you here. I need to be Steve.” He dared to take a glimpse at her, fearing she might condemn him. Instead a warm smile graced her features, patient and kind like Bucky always was. 

“Alright, fine. I’ll stay. But only because you’re so damn good at pulling my heartstrings.” She giggled, her heart bursting with joy when his frown disappeared in favor of a smile. “I’m gonna go get some stuff from the apartment then you have my wholehearted assistance.”

She carefully tucked the picture into her pocket before climbing off the bed, standing next to it as Steve swung his legs over the edge. “Do you want me to go with you?” He offered. She shook her head, pulling her hair up and tying it. 

“Nah, I’ll be ok. What, you scared I’ll run away?” She joked. Steve chuckled as she walked over to the door running her fingers along the wall before pausing. He watched her small frame hesitate before shooting a short glance back at him. “Hey, uh- just…don’t do anything stupid till I get back.” She pleaded, earnest concern in her tone as he pushed off the bed. 

A soft smirk came to his face and he lifted a shoulder in a lazy shrug. “How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you.” He replied instantly, not giving it too much thought. Y/n scoffed, rolling her eyes and letting her fingers wrap around the doorframe as she stepped out into the hall. 

“Grandpa’s got jokes now.” She disappeared down the hall, leaving him standing silently in the now empty room. He wasn’t crazy. 


When she got back to the apartment she packed a bag of essentials for herself, making sure to stop by Steve’s room and pack a few extra clothes in case he needed them. Speaking of the man she scoffed looking at the full sink. 

“Steven Rogers, I swear.” A long sigh filled the quiet apartment as she sent about washing the dishes he’d promised to take care of. While she was at it she took care of a few other chores since she wasn’t sure when she would be back again. 

There wasn’t much to be abandoned at the apartment other than a few plants but they’d been dead for a couple days at that point. She never had been one to have a green thumb but Steve claimed having them around gave the apartment some life. 


The walk back to the compound was peaceful even in the constant gloom of the city. Knowing there was a shift in the atmosphere filled her with a new type of feeling, one she hadn’t experienced in a really long time.  

There had been people on the street, going about their business. Everything was dulled compared to life before the snap but she hadn’t noticed until she knew there was something to be done. How many times she had gone about her life while something was happening behind the scenes that she had been so painfully oblivious to? Perhaps that was why the Sokovia Accords had been created in the first place. 

There were so many close calls the Avengers prevented that the public didn’t even know about until it was on the news. Though she didn’t agree with the Accords she understood the government’s wish to be more aware and even in control. 

Once reaching the compound, Nat let her in through the gate and Y/n began her trek to the building. Tugging her hair free of the hair tie, it fell loose and messy hair around her face and she cringed at the grease starting to build on her scalp. Moving through the halls of the compound, she let herself really explore. 

Despite years of friendship she hadn’t really been at the compound for longer than a few hours at a time, most of the visit being spent in the training room with Nat. Steve explained he wanted to keep his friendship with her separate from his life as an Avenger and while she respected that, it took her a while before she believed it wasn’t because he was ashamed of her. 

She hoped there’d be a shower somewhere on the large complex. But before she could ask anyone, her silent venture was cut off by the sounds of very frantic voices coming from a door to her left. Hesitantly she stepped through, finding herself in a large open space with a very odd scene. 

The horrid van had been brought in and the back glowed while what looked like a portal swirled inside it. A baby she assumed to be Scott stood on wobbly feet in a crudely made suit as everyone turned to her with alarmed expressions. Y/n dropped her bag and rushed forward, pushing Bruce aside as she pointed for Nat. 

“When I say kill the reactor, kill it!” She demanded, adjusting the calculations on the panel as Nat rapidly walked over to the reactor. 

“Kill it!” Y/n called. Nat’s frantic hands quickly pulled down the knob, turning off the reactor before looking back over to the van. Scott had returned to his position and normal age, his face contorted in shock and confusion. 

“Somebody peed my pants.” Scott proclaimed making Nat sigh, walking over to them. Y/n let go of her own sigh of relief, stepping away from the control panel. Bruce looked over the work she’d done, his eyes widening for a split second before returning to Scott. 

“God, I leave you guys alone for one hour! I told you not to do anything!” She cried, sending an aggravated look at Steve. He cowered under her detested glare, bringing his hand to the back of his neck. 

“But I don’t know if it was 'baby’ me or 'old’ me…or just 'me’ me.” Scott elaborated, earning an annoyed stare from Y/n. However Bruce did not share her agitation, holding up his hands dramatically. 

“Time travel!” He announced, a proud grin on his face as he looked to the others for the same enthusiasm. Steve refused to reply instead shaking his head and stalking off toward the exit while Y/n tried to calm her racing heart. She made them promise to wait for her. She knew something like this would happen. 

“Time travel!” He announced, a proud grin on his face as he looked to the others for the same enthusiasm. Steve refused to reply instead shaking his head and stalking off toward the exit while Y/n tried to calm her racing heart. She made them promise to wait for her. She knew something like this would happen. 

“What? I..I see this as an absolute win!” Bruce called after Steve. Nat and Y/n looked at one another before moving to check on Scott. He was fine other than some wet pants and suit which Y/n painfully took knowing they’d need the suit for another test run, one she knew she’d be leading. 

“Here, Bruce.” Y/n tossed him the suit. He caught it with a scrunched nose, holding it at arm’s length with a disgusted expression. 

“That’s what you get for not waiting.”

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Perfect (Scott Lang x Reader)


Originally posted by mcusource

Request: If you have time or if you would/could, could you write some Scott Lang fluff? Like the reader is self conscious about their stretch marks and he comforts them?

Pairing: Scott Lang x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of insecurity and I don’t think anything else? Maybe bad language words?

A/N: Sorry this took so long! You know the drill: bouts of uninspiration and college 😭 We hope this is kind of what you were looking for and that you enjoy it! -S


You sighed looking down at all the clothes that were scattered across your bedroom floor. Tears threatened to spill from your eyes as you slid down the door until you were finally sitting on a pile of garments that signaled your defeat.

“Hey babe, you ready?” Scott called from the other side of the door.

“Um I’m actually not feeling well all of a sudden. Why don’t you go ahead and go without me?” The tears finally broke through and you just tried to keep your voice steady while removing yourself from the door and plopping in your shared bed. You pulled the blankets over your body and kept your head faced away from the entrance, knowing that Scott was about to bust in.

Sure enough Scott opened the door, he was about to ask a hundred questions. Were you nauseous? Fevered? Cough? Headache? Did you need anything from him? But when he saw the pile of clothes on the ground he knew that perhaps you weren’t being completely truthful. He sat beside you on the bed, he didn’t want to interlope on your space too much so he didn’t try to force you into facing him. “You’d tell me if something was going on right?”

“Of course.” You answered meekly. You didn’t want to always make him worry, but sometimes it was just hard to swallow what you felt.

“Did you get sick of trying on outfits?” Scott tried to press a little further. In actuality he knew what was wrong. He wasn’t as stupid as people sometimes believed. Louis had invited you two to the beach and while at first you seemed excited the closer it got the more it looked like you wanted to back out. With all the swimsuits and coverups scattered across the floor he was able to put 2 and 2 together.

“Something like that.”

“Hey (Y/N), we don’t have to go. I never want you to feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do.”

The tears that had somewhat subsided picked back up. Scott was too good, and in that moment you didn’t feel like you deserved him. “No you should go Scott! I’m sorry, I just… everything I wear just shows off every stretch mark and imperfection on my body. I know it’s stupid because it’s not like you don’t know what I look like, but still….”

Scott found himself stroking your hair, he knew that always made you feel better. “Baby, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. I’m sorry if I don’t make that clear enough.”

You sat up, feeling guilty. None of this was his fault, “You have nothing to be sorry for… you didn’t do anything Scott. You’re perfect.”

“So are you, (Y/N). Seriously I have no idea why you’re even with me? So we definitely don’t have to go to the beach, just please cheer up? I don’t want to have to resort to torture methods not limited to tickling.” Scott shot you an infectious grin.

You didn’t know how he did it, but even if he couldn’t always completely erase your insecurities, he always made you feel better. “You know I love you, but if you try to tickle me there will be consequences.”

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scott: hey, what do you think of this shirt? should i wear this tomorrow?

hope: to where?

scott, shrugging: prison.

hank: prison??

hope: oh my god, WHAT DID YOU STEAL?

scott: nothing…yeah, nothing-THAT’S NOT WHY I’M GOING TO PRISON!

hank: so why are you going?

scott: i’m up for a job where i teach prisoners useful skills, so when they get out they don’t have to go back to a life of crime.

hank: didn’t you get fired from baskin robins and end up breaking into my house?

scott: that was a ONE time thing! i’m a superhero now.

hope: didn’t you break in AGAIN to return the item you STOLE?


scott: i hate you guys.

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Following my last post, if there’s another villain who is related to Tony Stark (on a “Tony Stark fired me so I must destroy the universe” way) I will THROW HANDS bc:

-Obadiah Stane was a villain bc of Tony and Howard

-Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer were villains bc of Tony

-Aldrich Killian was a villain bc of Tony




Also I saw this pattern in the Ant Man movies??? (Talking about Hank, of course) they ran out of ideas at this point

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I’m rewatching the entire infinity saga, and yesterday I rewatched Antman And The Wasp.

Tbh I don’t blame Ava that much? I know she wanted to kill Janet and that’s no good, but it’s not like she was trying to destroy the world (like other villains), she was just trying to save herself. To stop the pain she had been through almost her entire life. And it’s noteworthy that at the end she learned her lesson. I think she’s a good villain.

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i would love if luis, dave, kurt, scott and hope teamed up with sophie, alec, parker, elliot and nate. 

x-con security consultants partnering with leverage consulting & associates

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Total Movies : 22 Movies

I am a die hard fan of DC series, especially BATMAN, since Marvel has completed it’s MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) series on Avengers, I was eagerly waiting from last year to watch it from the first. During this lock down period, I started to watch all the movies based on the timeline from Captain America to till End game. Seriously unbelievable story line, properly crafted from first movie to the end of the saga. It nearly took a week to complete the entire movie, took notes as well. Ha.ha. I never took notes in my studies time.

Many of us are fond of Marvel Avengers movies for the action, screenplay and for the heroes. But only few are able to analyze the movie which is really required for the END GAME movie. Hereby you can see the timeline and the chronological movie order of watching MARVEL AVENGERS movies.

Movie Name: Captain America : First Avenger

Movie Release Date : 2011
Timeline : 1942 to 1946

  • Captain America originated, Infinity Stone - (Space) was found and kept it safe on Earth.
  • Bucky Barnes was introduced.

Movie Name : Captain Marvel

Release Year : 2019
Timeline : 1995

  • Captain Marvel came to Earth.
  • Avenger Initiative was proposed by Nick Fury after Captain Marvel’s name.
  • Tessaract Infinity stone (Space) was kept at earth safe with Nick Fury Felikan cat.

Movie Name : Iron Man 1

Release Year : 2008
Timeline : 2010

  • Iron Man was created by Tony Stark
  • Nick Fury was introduced.
  • Tony was approached by Nick Fury for the Avenger Initiative. 

Movie Name : Iron Man 2

Release Year : 2010
Timeline : 2011

  • Natasha Romanoff (a.k.a) Black Widow first witnessed in Iron Man 2
  • Jhonny Rhodes (a.k.a) War Patriot  was created.
  • Replacement is found for Paladium for Tony’s arc reactor.
  • Tony was asked by Nick Fury to be his consultant for the Avenger Initiative since he was not recommended for being an Avenger by Black Widow.

Movie Name : Incredible Hulk

Release Year : 2008
Timeline : 2011

  • Hulk was first witnessed here.
  • Tony Stark (a.k.a) Iron Man SHIELD Consultant for Avenger Initiative  met Colonel Ross for Joining Hulk into special team (Avengers)

Movie Name : Thor

Release Year : 2011
Timeline : 2011

  • Thor / Loki / Hawkeye was witnessed first here.
  • Scientist named Erik mentioned in a scene about Bruce Banner (a.k.a) Hulk that he was enquired by SHIELD and there was no response from him afterwards.

Movie Name : Avengers

Released Year : 2012
Timeline : 2012

  • Loki has got Infinity Stone (Mind) already.
  • Two stones in the same timeline
  • Mind stone - Lokki Scepter
  • Space Stone - Tesseract
  • Loki was sent to Earth by Thanos.
  • both Mind stone and Space stone taken to Asgard by Thor.

Movie Name : Iron Man 3

Release Year : 2013
Timeline : 2012

  • End of Iron Man Chronicle.

Movie Name : Thor : Dark World

Release Year : 2013
Timeline : 2013

  • Infinity stone - Reality stone.
  • In the credits, Later infinity stone was handed over to The Collector of the galaxy called Knowwhere.

Movie Name : Captain America : The winter Soldier

Released Year : 2014
Movie Timeline : 2013

  • Falcon / Quick Silver / Scarlet Witch was introduced.

Movie Name : Guardians of Galaxy

Released year : 2014
Timeline : 2014

  • Infinity Stone - Power Stone is found here first.
  • Starlord/Gamora/Drax/Rocket/Nebula/Groot is introduced for the first time.
  • Konan was ordered to get the infinity stone (Orb) but it was stolen by Starlord.

Movie Name : Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Releases Year : 2017
Timeline : 2015

  • Mastis was introduced first here.

Movie Name : Avengers : Age of Ultron

Released year : 2015
Timeline : 2015

  • Thanos got ready for the battle by himself with the gloves.

Movie Name : Ant Man

Released Year : 2015.
Timeline : 2015

  • Ant Man / Wasp / Hank Pym  was introduced first here.
  • Credits : Winter soldier - Bucky Barnes woke from Ice again.

Movie Name : Captain America : Civil War

Released Year : 2016
Timeline : 2016

  • Spider Man / Black Panther was introduced first here.

Movie Name : Black Panther

Released Year : 2018
Timeline : 2018

  • Okoye / M'Baku / Shuri / Nakia was introduced first in this movie.
  • Bucky Barnes, who went into Frozen, wakes up.

Movie Name : Spider man : Homecoming

Released Year : 2017
Timeline : 2017

  • Spiderman gets a new Suit.

Movie Name : Doctor Strange

Movie Released Year : 2016
Timeline : 2016

  • Infinity Stone : Time stone.
  • Doctor Strange / Wong was first introduced here.

Movie Name : Thor : Ragnarok

Movie Released Year : 2017
Timeline : 2017

  • Valkyrie is introduced first here.
  • Credits : Thanos ship is shown when Thor is returning to Earth.

Movie Name : Ant man & Wasp

Movie Released Year : 2018
Timeline : 2018

  • In Credits : Ant man stuck up in the quantum realm as Ppl has gone into ash because of Thanos swish.

Movie Name : Avengers : Infinity war

Released Year : 2018
Timeline : 2018

  • Infinity stone : Soul stone was first introduced here.

Movie Name : Avengers : Endgame

Released Year : 2019
Timeline : 2019

  • Infinity Stone Timeline for going back through the Quantum realm.

2012 - Space / Mind / Time

2013 - Reality

2014 - Power / Soul


Six Infinity Stones

  • Space Stone (Tesseract)
  • Mind Stone (Chitauri Scepter)
  • Reality Stone (Aether)
  • Power Stone (Orb)
  • Time Stone (Eye of Agamotto)
  • Soul Stone ( Found in Vormir Planet)


Please watch it in the chronological order and spent time with your family. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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