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idk-what-im-doing-here 2 days ago
my favorite thing about encanto is that when antonio got his powers he just started hanging out with literal leopards and no one in his family gave a single fuck
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miss-alice-evelynn a day ago
My mum is a very accepting person in many ways yet she never seems to understand why I get so passionate about representation.
A favoured expression of hers is "It's just a movie" or "it's an animated film!"
I know.
I doubt I am the only person who adores it when there's a tweet with a picture of a small child with a beaming smile on their face when they see themselves on the screen.
Just one example I've seen:
Tumblr media
I asked my mum the other day, "Mum, when was the last time you saw an animated movie centered around Colombia and its culture?"
No answer.
I'm white so I never had any trouble finding white dolls when I was little. Sure, I'm not skinny like a barbie but at least I could go to shops or find movies where a white character wasn't rare.
I can't pretend that I know everything about minority groups or much about Colombian culture but I've been learning a lot from word of mouth or videos or articles online.
I saw a video of a little boy who was so excited to see Antonio on the screen because he looked just like him. The smile on his face made my day.
That's why representation is so important.
You don't have to understand why but don't invalidate other people's feelings.
It's like with Hawkeye and Eternals. I'm not deaf or hard of hearing but I was so excited for the people that are to know that they could watch a movie and say, "Hey! They're just like me!"
So yeah, it may just be an animated film but for some it could be a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary world.
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a-gay-mushroom 22 hours ago
Antonio: The floor is lava! Luisa: *helps Dolores onto the counter* Isabela: *kicks Mirabel off the sofa* Camilo: *lays on the floor* Dolores: ...Are you okay? Camilo: No.
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angst-dealer 23 hours ago
encanto au but
when bruno dies he鈥檚 reincarnated as a rat and nobody can figure out why antonio is so close to this one particular rat
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kitherondaleswife 25 days ago
in 鈥渨e don鈥檛 talk about bruno鈥 dolores sings that she associates him with the sound of falling sand. i wonder if that means that she associates everyone with an specific sound.
maybe she hears thundering and raining and thinks about pepa. she would listen to some food frying and know that aunt julieta was home. she would hear laughter and immediately know that camilo was goofing around. rose petals falling around told her that isabela was on her way. the sound of heavy things being dropped made clear that luisa was working. birds chirping annunciating that antonio was playing.
and maybe, just maybe鈥 the sound of a kind and strong heart beating was the tell that mirabel was around.
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one-more-fangirl 27 days ago
all hail short king Antonio Madrigal, who at only five years old, followed some rats into the walls of his house, offered some random hombre del saco looking man that claimed to be the uncle his hermano sang horror stories about his room to do some voodoo looking shit AND lent him his favorite plushie for the nerves, all to help his favorite prima save their Casita.
bc he believed every word Mirabel said like it was some message from god
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peppermint-joys a month ago
I like to imagine after the magic returned to the casita each of the family members rooms no longer was just a reflection of their gifts but also their personal interests. No longer it Luisa's room a home gym, or whatever, it pretty freakin relaxing more beach like. Mirabel has room, and it reflects her intrest in crafting. Bruno's room no longer has a ridiculous amount of stairs. There litt hide holes for his rats and it's more cozy. Their rooms become a mixture of who they are and their gifts.
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captin-merc a month ago
This is a little headcannon that's been in my brain for a while it has to do with the doors and a sort of defence system they use. So when a Madrigal is overwhelmed they can go into their room and the door will keep people out. Here's some examples:
Isabela when she is upset her doorknob will grow thorns to keep others out.
Pepa's knob will give people an electric shock.
Antonio's isn't used that much because he's five, but when it is it will turn into a jaguar and bite the person touching it.
Luisa's door becomes to heavy for people to open.
Julieta's becomes hot enough to burn, but the pain and burn goes away as soon as you let go (this also doesn't get used often).
Dolores's is used the most out of everyone because her gift gets so overwhelming sometimes. When her doorknob gets touched it sends out a soundwave that leaves people's ears ringing.
Bruno's doorknob turns to sand when touched so no one can get a good grip on it to turn it.
Alma's door would be similar to Julieta's door except the entire door is just on fire.
And finally Camilo his door will straight up disappear into the wall. It was really scary the first time it happened because people must have thought he had either died, lost his gift or was still in there and was stuck.
Yeah feel free to add anything on to this.
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neo--queen--serenity 15 days ago
Antonio probably feels excessively endeared to his t铆o Bruno, because when the rats 鈥渢old him everything,鈥 they probably gave him what is likely the greatest, glowing, 5-star review possible in a squeaky speedrun of joyful infodumping about their favorite human. They probably spent the whole time just gushing over how great he is and how well he takes care of them, and I think this is why Antonio wears that shy, but knowing smile on his face when he looks at Bruno from then on out. Because how can he NOT smile and feel close to him after hearing from so many animals about how much they love him??? I cry
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cherryblossom2134 a month ago
Can I request for a Camilo x reader angst (happy ending?) fic (or headcanons - whatever you feel comfortable writing) where everyone is happy, then a bunch of invaders (the same ones who killed Pedro) find Encanto
This is gonna be epic, I actually cried when I wrote this.
Hope you like it :)
Dos Oruguitas
Camilo Madrigal x fem!reader
He/Him for Camilo | She/Her for reader
Summary: All things have to come to an end, right?
Warning: Angst, prepare yourself to cry
Tumblr media
Life with you was perfect...
"Camilo!" You chuckle, while you're trying to escape his holding. He on the other hand is holding you tightly and trying to spread butterfly kisses on your face.
"Mi amoooorrrr just let me kiss you!" He whines and purses his lips, you covering his face with your hands, making him frown.
I finally found someone, with who I can be myself with.
"Hey Y/N check me out!" you hear Camilo say, you turn around and see him shapshifting in you. Your cheek rise up with heat. "Camilo!"
The Madrigal smirks and is about to pull your dress up while he is still in your form. "I wonder how- ARGH!" He says, you immediately slap him in the face, making him to fall.
Someone I could give me whole heart to, through the pain.
"Cari帽o.... don't cry" you say gentle and pull him over. He cries silently letting you hold him. You rub his back gentle, while your nuzzle in his curly hair.
He sobs gentle against your chest. "I'm not able to be myself, Mi Amor" he tells you, it's one of these nights, when he feels empty and the only thing he need now, is you.
"You can always be yourself around me" you whisper in his ear, making him cry more. You tight your hold around him, trying your best not to cry.
It was bliss...
You both stare each other lovingly in the eyes. Not wanting to break it, because you both love this tingling feeling inside of you.
"Te Amo" he whispers, having his hands on your waist. You feel the butterflies in you stomach clearly. You have your hands rested on his shoulder.
"I love you too" you whisper back, he smiles at you softly then he leans over and presses his soft lips on top of yours, and you both share a gentle kiss.
When it came crumbling in an instant.
Fire, fire everywhere. People screaming, children crying. It's like time has been rewind for Alma Madrigal. As if she is back 50 years ago, as if she was back to that day, when she had to leave her beloved home. People running away, trying to save their lives.
Children running around, trying to find their parents while crying. Dead bodies on the ground. Houses on fire, animals escaping trees which are in fire. It's a horrible and terrifying sight.
"EVERYONE SAVE YOURSELVES!" Felix yells, as he holds his youngest son, Antonio in his arms who is crying, because he is scared. Casita, their beloved house ... on fire. Everything lost.
"MAM脕 WE HAVE TO GO!" Bruno screams at his mother, also like everyone else terrified. Holding his mothers wirst and pulling her with him. "casita.." she whispers.
Invader's found the small village Encanto. The same ones, who killed that day Alma's beloved husband.
Camilo, who is with his family. Terrified to think of something, tries to escape with them. When he remembers: Y/N
His eyes widen. His mother Pepa, looking back at him. "CAMILO WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" You can hear the fear in her voice. She tries to pull her son with the rest of the family.
"I-I CAN'T I HAVE TO FIND Y/N!" He yelled, before he started running again to the village which is mostly on fire. "CAMILOOO!" His mother screams in tears while her oldest child, Camilo's sister, Dolores holds her back with tears.
"WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" Luisa screams, and the family like the rest of the people of the village try to escape in the forest. Till all of this is over.
Camilo runs the streets that are on fire, looking for his Girlfriend. His heart is beating as fast as it can, you can see the fear in his eyes. Especially when he sees dead bodies on the ground.
"Please be okay, you have to Y/N!" He tells himself, he runs to your house. Which is completely on fire and almost burned to ashes.
Tears escape his eyes. "MI AMOR?! MI AMOR, ANSWER ME!" He screams through the disaster. He is running around, already black because of the ashes. Coughing a lot because of the fire.
"Y/N WHERE ARE YOU!" He screams from the deepest of his loungs, his throat already hurting. His heart breaking every second more and more.
Houses start to crumble and fall apart. That the streets get blocked, the only way to escape now is to run in the forest. With a broken heart, Camilo runs for his life. Tears escaping his eyes.
He runs deep in it, trying to find someone he knows.
He hears his family, his mother. In the next moment, he runs into his mothers arms and cries. Pepa blinks in confusion first, not realizing who is in her arms. Then, she gasps and tightens her grip around him and cries with him. "Camilo!" She sobs.
Felix, with Antonio in his arms and Dolores hug both of them. The family crying. The others Julieta, Augustin, Luisa, Isabela, Maribel, Bruno and even Alma joining. All of them crying one more the other less.
This is the second time that this happens to the Madrigal family. And one... losing again their beloved.
"I-I couldn't find her mom" Camilo sobs into his mothers arms, Pepa sobs. She loved you as a second daughter, you were already a part of the family. She holds Camilo tighter. "I'm so sorry my love" she whispers
Alma, knows exactly how Camilo feels. Oh she knows how much his throat hurts because of the crying, the endless pain inside him which gets worse every second, the emptiness filling inside his heart... losing his beloved.
The Villagers come back to Encanto, seeing their home ruined. Almost everything in ashes, mostly nothing left. Just a tragedy.
"Dios M铆o" Alma whispers, the village she built ruined, just like her home before. Bruno, hugs his mother. Looking heartbroken to his home.
Everyone, looking around. People trying to find family members. Crying, screaming...
Camilo looks up, his eyes widen. His heart racing when he heard this voice. He looks around in fear, not that he only just imagined it.
"CAMILO!!!!" Someone screams his name frustrated and scared.
He doesn't waste a second, running around. "Y/N, MI VIDA WHERE ARE YOU?!" He looks around, still not seeing you.
"CAMILO!" You sceam under tears, shaking in fear. "C-Camilo" you sob.
He turns around, heavy breathing when he finally sees you, looking terrified for him. You turn around and see him too. Your eyes widen. "CAMILO!" You scream and run over to him, your dress is slightly burned on some spots.
"Y/N!!!" He says, running to you over as you both finally approach each other in a tight embrace. You cry loud against his shoulder gripping on him tight.
"I finally found you" he says breathless, his voice shaking and kissing your head while holding you tighter to his body.
You grip tight on his ruana, letting your tears coming down your cheeks. Relived that he is alive, and so his family. You were so scared not seeing him again.
"I thought I never see you again" you whimper, Camilo takes your face gentle in his hands. Looking at you with puffy eyes from the crying. "I will always find you, no matter what. Even if it's in the next life. I find you" he assures you which makes you cry even more.
The next second he kisses your lips, holding tight on you. You also holding tight on him both of you scared the other will disappear any second.
For Camilo, was this the scariest experience he has ever been through. Losing his home again, is pain enough for him. But losing the one he loves the most, unthinkable for him.
Alma, who watches the two teenagers being reunited, cries silently. Glad for her grandson that he found his love again, but sad for her village and also that she and her beloved never had a happy ending.
You both pull away from each other a couple of seconds later, hugging and just staying like this. Glad and happy to be reunited again.
"I'll never let you out of my sight again" he whispers kissing your forehead gentle. Holding you protectively, to comfort you. You sniffle and have your eyes closed while enjoying being in his arms and relived that in the end... you didn't lose him.
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bwall-7204 23 days ago
Encanto Headcannons #14
* Camilo and Isabela will aggressively fight over what they think will happen next in Bruno鈥檚 telenovelas
* Antonio is very clingy when it comes to Bruno making his tio pick him up at any and every opportunity
* Luisa is actually very competitive but ignorantly so where her siblings and cousins will trick her into competitions where she ends up taking care of herself. 鈥淚 BET I CAN FINISH THIS BOOK BEFORE YOU!鈥 鈥淵OUR ON!鈥 or 鈥淚 BET YOU CANT CHUG THAT WHOLE BOTTLE OF WATER!鈥 鈥淲ATCH ME!鈥
* During the summer the whole family will take one day a week to hangout and swim in the river
* Antonio becomes best friends with that coffee kid, much to the families dismay. Pepa worries about there friendship due to the kids over hyper ness. Little does Pepa know he enjoys his hyper company reminding him of his mom and siblings
* Bruno is a really good baker. He can鈥檛 cook for shit but Julieta and Pepa鈥檚 wedding cakes were both baked by him
* Agustin will buy small things for his daughters when he spots something while shopping. Usually buying Mirabel sewing supplies, Isabela painting supplies, and Luisa cute earrings or a small stuffie
* Camilo has tried to trick Mariano into thinking he鈥檚 Dolores (he鈥檚 shape shifted as Dolores) Mariano realizes every time acting extra lovey dovey to make Camilo panic into changing back
* Camilo has threatened Mariano about treating his sister right, making sure he鈥檚 not just there for a rebound
* Julieta and Luisa are early risers. They sit and watch the sun rise a bit more in the sky while drinking coffee
* Luisa鈥檚 designated bedtime is at 10, but she鈥檚 always to busy to ever get to sleep at that time
* Isabela has more than once stayed up till the early hours of the morning when working on an art project
* Bruno sometimes purposefully waits downstairs at the dinner table, waiting for Camilo to come get his midnight snack. They鈥檝e both been yelled at for waking everyone up due to Camilos highpitched scream
* Antonio try鈥檚 to sneak food into his room for his animals, Pepa or Felix catching him every time. He gets better at it with age
* Once Bruno returns Isabela and Dolores give him a long and much needed hair washing. Luisa braiding it up after the fact
* While Mirabel was making new clothes for Bruno the whole family was fighting on which color coded side he鈥檇 be on. Mirabel ignoring all of them sticking with green and maroon
* Luisa says that she鈥檚 a tea expert. She actually hates tea
* Camilo steals Isabela鈥檚 eyeliner
* When Dolores was little and she would become overwhelmed with all the noise she would have fits where she would hit her head. Her parents, aunts, uncles, and even Isabela would go and cover her ears until she stopped
* Some days Camilo will come over to a family member and just stand there till they notice and question him. He鈥檒l open up his arms slightly. Each family member knows right away to just hug him till he lets go
* Luisa will sometimes just carry him around while she does chores during these moments. She鈥檒l do the same when she babysits a sleeping Antonio
* Bruno wasn鈥檛 super thrilled when he first opened the door to his room. All the stairs looked tiring. At least he could make sand castles
* Anytime Bruno was bullied his sisters would be right there to defend and beat the shit out of whoever it was.
* Anyone who touched the Madrigal sisters though, Bruno never hesitated to kick them in the stomach
* Julieta always healed them up right after so Abuela would never know
* Bruno is always protective over his sisters and didn鈥檛 like most guys they dated or warded them off with his presence. Agustin was just clueless and Felix was way to friendly
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incorrectmadrigals 26 days ago
Antonio: I'm five, so I get five cookies!
Pepa: Antonio, that's now how it works-
Camilo: [shoving fifteen cookies in his mouth]
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veryberryghoul 25 days ago
Abuela: Pepa! Why are there little handprints all over the walls?
Pepa, whispering: Why are there little handprints all over the walls?
Antonio, whispering back: Because I have little hands.
Pepa: Because he has little hands, Mam谩.
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keeperofthebees 27 days ago
Encanto characters as random images in my phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't ask me the reason for any of these I just don't have an answer for you
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kidneyyy a month ago
Here's some more for you lovely people
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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maskrosfe 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Old Enough to talk about Bruno!
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lovewillthaw-j a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Casita being helpful!
Bonus: look at how she catches the hat in slow-mo! Amazing!!!!!!
Tumblr media
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meyerlansky 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Use my room!
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bernard-the-rabbit 25 days ago
Tumblr media
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illuminatedlover 23 days ago
Don鈥檛 think about Pepa learning at a young age that she can鈥檛 trust anyone, not even herself, because her lack of control over her emotions. Don鈥檛 think about how Alma probably compared her to Julieta, 鈥渨hy can鈥檛 you be more like your sister? Calm down Pepa!鈥. Little Pepa being left out of major events in case she caused a scene embarrassing Alma and her siblings. So, she was left to stay at the casita or sit by herself until the event of the day died down. Don鈥檛 think about Pepa being teased or called 鈥渃razy鈥 鈥渄ramatic鈥 and 鈥渁ttention seeking鈥 anytime a storm cloud popped over her head. But, she was tired or needed coffee. Don鈥檛 think about people making a huge ordeal over her mood swings, but never taking a moment to ask her what鈥檚 wrong. How no boy ever wanted to speak to her because they were afraid of being zapped by lightning.
Let鈥檚 not think about how Pepa has severe anxiety, and is under the impression, that her only acceptable form of expression is happiness. How many days she avoided her family because she felt bad, how many nights spent alone crying. How she asked to be just like her big sister so her mother would be proud. Plastering on a big grin for cameras even if her mind was snapped in half, and her hands shook. She would spend days practicing making rainbows鈥o show her mam谩 that she could make something worth showing off. The amount of times Pepa asked Bruno to see if their mam谩 would be proud of her. Little Pepa yearning for her mothers approval and praise.
Pepa talking to Bruno about how she feels, saddened to hear he has experienced the same thing. As their relationship bond begins to strengthen, her relationship with Julieta strains as they are older. Julieta being the simple, easy, and responsible child that Alma never worried about. Julieta being the one to spend most of her time with their mother, while Bruno and Pepa were pushed to the side. Julieta not knowing what鈥檚 happening between her siblings, but she makes them special arepas to help them feel at ease. It鈥檚 the only way she knows how to help people because she can鈥檛 fix what鈥檚 broken on the inside. Pepa鈥檚 competitiveness often causing her a lot of trouble. I don鈥檛 want to think about Pepa trying to tell Alma about her troubles, her worries, but Alma is only concerned with the appearance of her family. Telling Pepa that she should be grateful she has a gift, that she has a purpose within this town. Even if it鈥檚 not exactly what Alma had pictured. Her dark circles after various of getting no sleep, staying up late to talk to her pap脿. Alma recognizing her own personality within her second child, wanting to tame that, and keep her head literally out of the clouds. Not wanting Pepa to get lost in fantasies, always thinking that life is going to be as sunny as she is. Only to crush her daughter in the moment of it all.
Just think about Pepa finding a wonderful man who embraces each and every emotion. Helping her process them, keeping her dry, and never shying away from her. Knowing that he stands up to Alma when she鈥檚 too harsh with Pepa, teaching his children to always express how they feel to them. Showing Pepa she鈥檚 worth something that she is valued, sitting under her thundering cloud, catching snowfall because he loves her so much. Thinking about her little family that are so patient, so kind, and always supporting each other. How loving she is to her children always beaming with pride, finally being able to love, and be loved in return unconditionally.
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