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#antonio giovinazzi
f1family · 5 hours ago
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Kimi and Antonio today in Spain, 6/05/21
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f1family · 11 hours ago
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Antonio today in Spain, 6/05/21
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f1family · 15 hours ago
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Antonio in Spain today, 6/05/21
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f1-unpopularopinions · 19 hours ago
Antonio Giovinazzi should be the next pope
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Send us your unpopular F1 opinions!
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shwartzwoman63 · a day ago
F1 drivers as types of teachers
Kimi Räikkönen- Alcoholic
Some of those teachers are actually pretty good. They can teach you well, and if they drunk, it’s all fun with them.
Antonio Giovinazzi- Cat Lady
Cats are good, students are bad.
Pierre Gasly- Activist
This teacher is sure everything’s going to be fine if you stick to a vigorous plan of improvement, and is ready to infect students with enthusiasm.
Yuki Tsunoda- Drill Sergeant
Students are not recruits, but the Drill Sergeant never got that message. Students are supposed to follow orders and work hard. This teacher’s tactics include abuse through the primary weapon of yelling.
Fernando Alonso- Despotic Teacher
This one doesn’t care what you think about anything. There’s only one point of view that is correct, and it’s the Despotic Teacher’s point of view.
Esteban Ocon- Supercoach
The Supercoach will make you go through a number of difficulties and challenges just like the Drill Sergeant, but the Supercoach actually shows you how to do it and motivates you so much that you’ll run the obstacle course with pleasure and enjoy it.
Sebastian Vettel- Comfort Teacher
Those teachers are the ELITE. Smiley, happy, bringing good vibes to your class, You can trust this teacher with everything. Besides his character, he can also teach very effectively and understable.
Lance Stroll- Loser
Perhaps these teachers dreamt of being somewhere else besides school. Maybe they wanted to become rock stars or astronauts.
Charles Leclerc- Crazy Teacher
Nobody knows for sure what to expect of Crazy Teachers. Their mood and attitude towards the job, students and education changes so quickly so it’s impossible to keep track of it all. They’ve got plenty of absurd theories and ideas, which are quite difficult to interpret.
Carlos Sainz Jr. - Hippy Teacher
Though good discipline is not their strong point, Hippie Teachers can be a great source of inspiration and admiration for younger generations.
Mick Schumacher- TA
Chill, kinda shy young person- this is your Teacher’s Assistant. He helps you a lot and is never unpleasant.
Daniel Ricciardo- Highly Concerned Teacher
No matter what it is – politics, gender, education, or the environment, the Highly Concerned Teacher cares deeply about it all. But also there’s much fun with them, since you have a lot to talk, smile, laugh about.
Lando Norris- Buddy
This one recently graduated from the university and actually looks like a student too. He’s definitely a dude, not a tutor.
Lewis Hamilton- Cool Teacher
This type of teacher can solve students’ problems, protect them from other types of teachers (such as the despotic and crazy ones), inspire kids to be more creative, diligent, enthusiastic, and throw a lifeline to them, showing how to find your vocation and what to do with your life.
Valtteri Bottas- Apathetic Teacher
Sick and tired of the job and annoying to students, the Apathetic Teacher probably used to be rather cool and enthusiastic back in the days when the grass seemed greener. It’s not all that simple now.
Sergio Pérez- “Shy” (quiet) Teacher
Generally speaking, Shy Teachers may be rather good at what they do. However, the main problem for Shy Teachers is their “inability” to show their talent, and therefore nobody can fully appreciate it.
Max Verstappen- Celeb
He’s a real big cheese, and everybody knows it. He gained his fame by numerous publications and a great smile. Students worship this teacher, school administrators hold onto the Celeb tightly since his glory covers the school he’s working at too.
Nicholas Latifi- Control Freak
“Law and order” is the life motto of Control Freaks.
George Russell- Hot Teacher
They are extremely attractive. Who knows, maybe their appeal is the reason students attend classes regularly. Unfortunately, students miss the majority of what the Hot Teacher says during the class and can recollect practically nothing after the bell rings.
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shwartzwoman63 · 2 days ago
F1 drviers as band members
Kimi Räikkönen- Rhythm Guitarist
Antonio Giovinazzi- Lyricist
Pierre Gasly- Singer + guitarist
Yuki Tsunoda- Percussionist
Fernando Alonso- Producer
Esteban Ocon- Manager
Sebastian Vettel- Lyricist / singer
Lance Stroll- Drummer
Charles Leclerc- Keyboardist / Pianist
Carlos Sainz Jr. - Rhythm Guitarist
Mick Schumacher- Bassist + backup singer
Nikita Mazepin- sponsor
Daniel Ricciardo- Singer
Lando Norris- Sound Manager
Lewis Hamilton- Lead Singer
Valtteri Bottas- Percussionist / drummer
Sergio Pérez- Songwriter + backup drummer
Max Verstappen- Lead Guitarist
Nicholas Latifi- Songwriter
George Russell- Singer + bassist
F2 version
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f1notebook · 2 days ago
Drivers' evolution after Portugal 🤍
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Hope you like it :)
Links for downloading :
pdf version
goodnotes version
The pdf version of all Notebook (last update on the 4th May)
The goodnotes version of all notebook (las update on the 4th May)
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rilakkxma · 2 days ago
f1 drivers and pokemon they'd have @yoontheeavenger and i did these (clau did most of them because pokemon brainrot)
yuki - eevee, vulpix, mew, shaymin, mimikyu, gengar. would refuse to evolve his eevee. probably named his vulpix kurama or kyūbi. probably a companion (or the ash ketchum)
lewis - gengar, spiritbomb, rotom, dusknoir, froslass, banette. elite 4
daniel - alolan raichu, golduck, dewgong, alolan exeggutor, ampharos, swampert. based in alola. wants to complete his pokedex
pierre - florges, aegislash, sylveon, espurr. fashionable pokemon, based in kalos
seb - bewear, eevee (jolteon), ursaring, audino, komala. find him on route 27 in kanto
charles - combusken, persian, houndoom, spinda, darmanitan, lampent. travels between regions
esteban - chesnaught, trevenant, sliggoo, braviary, reuniclus. wants to become champion of kalos
sergio - bewear, slowpoke, meganium, golem, farfetch'd. johto region, hear azalea town
fernando - mudsdale, araquanid, seismitoad, floatzel, flygon. veteran trainer, found in the battle tree at alola
mick - fraxure, goodra, jangmo-o, dragonite, garchomp. on the way to becoming a dragon master, travels through regions
george - cinderance, pinsir, rapidash, onix, scizor. from galar, training in kanto. wants to be a pokemon professor.
lance - swellow, vileplume, politoed, heracross, kabutops, mawile. travels between regions. trying to complete his pokedex
kimi - aggron, sharpedo, magnezone, glaceon, volcarona. found at the battle tree
antonio - heliolisk, hypno, tangela, skiploom. route trainer, wanders in wild grass
nicholas - samurott, vaporeon, floatzel, amoonguss, beheeyem. lives in unova
valtteri - beartic, stoutland, simisage, mandibuzz, elektross. chilling on a mountain.
lando - torchic, dustox, lombre, muk. a kid you find on a random route in hoenn.
max - arcanine, persian (alolan), growlithe, delcatty, luxray. lives in between johto and unova
nokia marzipan - muk, probopass, garbodor, unown, metapod and wimpod. definitely the type to spam heal.
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formulaoneas · 2 days ago
Formula One drivers in their Hogwarts Houses
Slytherin: Lewis, Max, Pierre, Esteban and Alonso
Gryffindor: Charles, Kimi, Antonio, Valtteri and Sebastian
Ravenclaw: Yuki, Lando, Sergio, Mick and George
Hufflepuff: Nicholas, Daniel, Carlos and Lance
Egg: Egg
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f1incorrects · 2 days ago
Pierre: Alright, give me your hair dryer.
Charles: What are you talking about?
Pierre: Your hair dryer, don’t you carry one with you?
Charles: Have you ever met a human person?
Pierre: Hey, Antonio, do you keep a hair dryer on you?
Antonio: Of course, I’m not an animal.
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puck7-motorsports · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2021 Portuguese Grand Prix: Raikkonen and Giovinazzi collide
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eliseosalazar · 3 days ago
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Portuguese Grand Prix 2021 (02/05/21)
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