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How to eat hot food

Logan & Patton: wait until food is at a normal eating temperature

Janus: it’s totally not hot at all *screams and face turns bright red*


Roman & Virgil: take a bite, scream ow fuck that was hot, repeat

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Its okay to feel a little tired or a lot :))


When life gets you down, try to find a way out. You will most likely not get out immediately but know that you will get out if you do it slowly and carefully. Take care, stay safe, you are valid, cared for and loved by people around you. And hey? I do too! Love you stranger :))

Back. Hugs. Y E S ✨

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*preparing taquitos and jelly toast*
*scrunches his nose in disgust* You're not mixing those, are you?
What? No! Ew!
Agh! Great! Nice job, Princey! Now I'm curious!
This is the 'Steak Sauce On Ice Cream' incident all over again... How would you even mix them?
I could make it a sandwich. Two pieces of bread with jelly and taquitos in the middle. *proceeds to do so*
Well... Here goes nothing... *tastes it* Huh.
Good 'huh' or bad 'huh'?
Try neutral. It doesn't taste bad but it doesn't feel like the flavors are registering. My taste buds can be trusted about as much as my nose can. Which is to say, almost not at all.
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~ Haven’t I fallen far enough? ~

(fallen angel au?)

hey there I’m back! Alright sorry I’ve been gone for so long. things weren’t doing so well. I might post much less then I used to post. I hope y'all are fine with that. Have a wonderful day/night! Pls enjoy fallen Angel Virgil.

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So, the darker one is the one I added scales to. It was mostly an afterthought. I don’t really care tbh. Anyway, this is the concept art for Virgil the Violet-Winged Night Terror.

Notes: Eyes that appear to glow. Capable of generating electricity and breathing smokescreens. One of the most feared dragons. Extremely stealthy. Mostly nocturnal. Large wings. Rarely ever attacks humans and mostly scares them away to defend themselves. Will rescue humans and dragons alike when they’re in danger. Can sense fear. They are rather powerful despite their small stature. More bark than bite. Doesn’t get along with Southern Royal Wyverns and typically steers clear of Venomtooth dragons. Night vision. Very few have seen them up close. Fire is the perfect deterrent. Their purple-tipped wings make them very distinct. Extremely protective of their clan.

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Something I don’t like about the SS fandom is that everyone pretends that the fusion between Roman and Remus wouldn’t have ADHD.


haha whoops

(If anybody tags this as a ship, I will personally hunt you down, steal your kneecaps, and then use them to chop off your fingers so you can never type anything ever again.)

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These are just some fun little tags me and my irl friends use.


























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Welcome to the TSS KID AU!! Woo!! I will not share you hardly anything on this au. All info about it will be learned through YOUR asks!


All you need to know is the following:

-logan is 16, Virgil is 14, Dice is 11, Remy is 10, Patton and Janus are 7, Emile is 4, and Thomas is 1!

-Logan, Virgil, Remy, Patton, Emile and Thomas are all siblings.

-Dice and Janus are siblings.

-Roman and Remus are both 28. !!NO THIS IS NOT REMROM I DO NOT CONDONE TO THAT SHIP!! They take turns being the babysitter for the large amount of kids.

-DS (Detective Sanders) is the dad for Dice and Janus. (He adopted)

With that info out of the way, all characters are currently available to send an ask towards!!! Have fun!! Go wild!!!!

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Virgil: If I was an animal what would I be?

Roman: a very hissy kitty

Logan: Stupid question, humans are a species of animals


Logan: I’m sorry did Patton just say a zebracorn? What is even is that?

Patton: They are whatever they want to be!

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I need someone to make up a Mashup between Anxiety and the rest of the sides with the song Better Than I Know Myself!!!!! It’s a crime because I’m not talented enough to make it happen 😭😭😭

“Cold as ice, and as bitter as a December winter night, that’s how I treated you”

“I know it gets hard sometimes, but i could never leave your side, no matter what i say.”

“Cuz if I wanted to go I would’ve gone by now, but I really need you near me to keep my mind off the edge”


Originally posted by dragonqueen067

I just want to see Paranoia!Anxiety because they keep almost slipping up, and I feel like it’s not gonna be long before someone….(Prolly Princey) brings it out

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Virgil: You know what time it is?

Virgil: mental breakdown time!!!! *puts on sunglasses, strobe lights, and disco music*

Roman: Are you alright?

Patton: My dark strange son is worrying me

Logan: you need more sleep, Virge, to function properly

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Sandersides headcanon 2

Patton anonymously emails puppy picture to the rest of the sides when there sad

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