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January 21st, 2021


I lost some weight, which is better than nothing.

I ended up changing all my plans I had for last night cuz I got out of work DUMB early and E told me to come over and play some games with him and his brother. They ordered dinner and I only got some sweet plantains and shard a little bit of E’s food, but not a lot. Then his brother left and we watched an episode of AHS and passed out after.

When I got home this morning, though, I tried going back to sleep for 2 more hours until I had to get up for work but I couldn’t because my bunny’s hay made my allergies flare up almost immediately. I think I’m going to move him out to the old dining room in a pen (def not a cage again, I’d feel so bad). I think that’d be better for him anyways cuz rn he’s closed off from the rest of the house in my room, but if he’s out there then the cats can interact with him and I think he’ll enjoy it much more.

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Necesito escapar… De mi misma

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Today I just want to hurt myself to stop feeling that there is some kind of impending doom that something really bad is about to happen any moment. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this, but I just want to bash my head against the wall to stop feeling like this. It’s like there is this dread in the pit of my stomach that something bad is going to happen and I can’t do anything to stop it. This is a feeling that comes and goes every once in a while and I don’t know how to stop it. It feels like I need to vomit, but I don’t want to. How do I stop feeling like this?

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Hey everyone so I thought I’d do an update on how things went yesterday, and I think I did okay. I didn’t eat at work and when I got home I was so busy that all I was able to eat was 2 hard boiled eggs. Then for dinner my mom just made frozen pizzas and a salad and I had 2 pieces of pizza and a little bit of salad. I keep thinking that I still ate a lot, because pizza is super high in cals. And to be honest I didn’t even count calories I just told myself not to eat too much. If I had to guess I probably had around 1,150? I know that seems like a lot but I’m trying to ease into the restricting so I don’t keep binging.

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someone wants my anxiety? I give it away for free

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“We can’t be everything to everyone and still be true to ourselves”

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What to Do When Your Kids Are Feeling Anxious

What to Do When Your Kids Are Feeling Anxious

We always want what’s best for our kids. However, when dealing with children who are chronically anxious, it’s a bit more challenging. It will be absolutely disheartening to cause them even the teensiest bit of suffering, right? 

Here are a few tips for helping our kiddos when they’re anxious: 


Rearranging spaces can help keep them occupied and feel…


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I’m tired of running

Now I just want to sit down

Drink some water

Catch a breath

Scream, cry

I’m tired

Tired of pretending

Something that I never even wished to be

I’m trying to unlearn

I’m trying

But this urge to run away is always there

Every time I’m close to do something

Something new, something different

Something inside me tells me to run

And when I’ve ran some distance

I’m tired

I sit down

Drink water

Catch my breath

Scream and cry

That I ran away, again.

//Run away


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why do i have to suffer when so many people responsible for it live worry free?

it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair

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I finally fasted for 24h again! After trying so many times I did it. I’m at 25h rn but I will see how long I can fast. I need to have control over this, I’m struggling so much atm. Idk where my “relationship” is going and if I can do it or if I even want it anymore. I don’t want to be unfair towards him and let him wait but I also can’t let him go rn. Anyways, different topic. So about my day :

I tried to wake up early, went to bed again lmao. So after waking up at like 12 I weighted myself and saw that I gained. Felt miserable, of course. Drank tea and water, I tried really hard to drink enough. Then I went out with a friend to buy my dog a sweater, luckily the pet stores are still open. We went to my mom to show her and then we went over to my home. We drank a zero cals energy drink. When he left I got picked up from my bf and we went for a walk and talked a lot. Now I’m so damn confused about my feelings, how do I know what is right and what is wrong??? Now I’m home and I’m so confused with everything and I want to cut off everyone and sleep forever.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully a better day.

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This world make it so hard to feel loved and just being happy. At the moment when you show your broken heart and self you’ve lost.

- one-more-heartbroken-girl

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I’ve been kind of sad today. Actually I’ve been sad these last few days… or maybe it’s been months already, I can’t really tell anymore. I’m just so lonely it hurts constantly, even when i’m laughing i’m sad and I guess that’s just life now

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Honestly it depends on the situation, and being autistic, I probably handle things differently from other people. If I’m home and I can remove myself from the situation I usually go to my room, breathe, turn on my fan(on high), close my eyes and listen to some music. After that when I’m feeling a bit better I usually do something creative while still listening to my music, or I watch tv. I also find that cold water and a bit of sugar helps a whole lot.I also tend to rock in place.

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