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#any song recs

just watching a “must know this kpop song” video. and man. I missed a lot.

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omg you should totally listen to them, they’re so good lol

people have been telling me to forever but idek where to start!!!!

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WIP Playlist tag

Thank you so much @kittensartswriting for the tag! I had hoped to get to this morning, but ended up running out on some errands with my roommate instead. My whole plan for the day was severely skewed, but hey I made it here eventually anyway!

Rules: list five songs that most encapsulate your wip/the most essential songs on your wip playlist.

I will admit I don’t actually keep playlists for my wips, but I do have quite a few songs that make me think of The Corvine or some of the characters in it. And I have a tendency to ramble so my explanations of why are more detailed than they need to be, whoops.

I’ll put the explanations (and links to the songs) under a cut, but here are the first songs to come to mind: Factory Girl - Kronos Quartet & Rhiannon Gidden, I Will Never Die - Delta Rae, Arsonist’s Lullaby - Hozier, Riverside - Agnes Obel, Wanderer’s Lullaby - Adriana Figueroa, and so so many songs by Cosmo Sheldrake.

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Tagged by @butchlett 🗡

Four songs I can’t get out of my head

1. Hardest of Hearts-FATM

2. Body & Blood-clipping.

3. It’s gonna be a long night-Ween

4. Written In Blood-She Wants Revenge

Tagging @niiiiiiiick15 @sirengf @forestfolke /mothbroth if any of you are so inclined 🖤

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i TOO have been playing the same songs everyday and someone needs to roast my playlist bUTTTT i have some songs apart from bts that i think r pretty cool!!! :D

  • going thru and tell me it’s alright by christian alexander.,.,., man they make me feel like i’m the protagonist who has the world on her shoulders but in a good way
  • ah yeah by seventeen and it was just played automatically on spotify radio based on anpanman i think and it’s just wOW
  • tequila shots by kid cudi omg i’ve loved cudi for years now and this song just gives you that God Complex™️ dyk what im saying
  • fairy by Dvwn i will never shut up about this <3 a transcendent experience
  • rendezvous by sik-k because it reminds you of reckless n fun times even if you’fe never had them???
  • in my room by frank ocean.,.,. makes you feel like you’re the opening scene in a coming of age movie
  • the letter by kehlani it just touches my heart :((
  • ninety by jaden and honestly anything by him because he just covers all the bases and wow???
  • lose by niki omg i came to this by accident and i was wearing noise-cancelling headphones and my heart clenched
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hi yes its me again with another ‘batcat x random song I heard on spotify’ rant and the big shock here is that it is NOT a taylor one.

okay so 'all I’ve ever known’ from hadestwon is SUCH A BATCAT SONG!!!!

the first verse fucking screams selina kyle, I mean


'I was alone so long, I didn’t even know that I was lonely’ selina has been on her own since she was five years old (cue the tears) so she’s very used to being alone but then this tiny kid comes into her life (by some tragic events of course) but suddenly she’s not alone and she doesn’t feel lonely anymore and the saddest thing is that she wasn’t even aware that she was feeling lonely before, with being focused on surviving out there, all alone, on the streets.

also the line 'this is how it’s always been’ is so sad??? and so selina??? bc she has been alone since she was five (I will never stop screaming at how heartbreaking this fact is) and bc the line feels like so resigned like 'yeo this is my life’ but the music makes it sound hopeful like 'yep this is my life but now it can be something more and less lonely??’ and theres nothing more selina than that.

'all I’ve ever known is how to hold my own, but now I wanna hold you, too’ that’s selina kyle in a nutshell when it’s about bruce wayne and I REST MY CASE.

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is that who that is?? 
i know of them! but i don’t really listen to much kpop, only stray kids and some singles from nct and agust d.

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Music: literary anything. I will listen to any genre and any artist, so if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to send them in! i love music so much - it’s my lifeline.

Food: Starchy foods are my favorite lol. I could eat pasta every day if I wasn’t worried it’d shorten my lifespan 😆

Weather: Sunny! A bit windy - not too warm but not too cold! I love early spring, early summer weather, when you can sort of smell the nature in the air.

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would love song /playlist recommendations that have these vibes please:


[ID: I’ve gotten too comfortable alone; I might not mind it but it may be time to ……. talk to people]

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