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meanya · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Saw this and knew what I had to do
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novajinx · 9 days ago
i wanna know everyones fav predictions so far!!! obviously we have limited knowledge but with the lil bit we got, right now i stand at:
i mostly just wanna list it out now and look back on it once ive seen the most out of all of them to see the comparison lol. but i also wanna see how my hype for other chars compares to other players atm
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batterydeaddotdot · 11 months ago
I just went through some of your thoughts on DAYS and they r great 😁
I wanted to know your take on what you feel about the fact that now the sick contract is over and the only problem we have is DK's death and MM's immortality 😅
Or, will the contract make a wild card entry soon? 😛
PS: you're from India?
Hi there!
Glad you're liking my thoughts on DAYS.
Honestly, I don't think the contract is out the window just yet. I know people have been focusing on Dong Kyung refusing Myul Mang in making that wish. But there's two factors in that scene that stand out : 1)DK doesn't believe MM completely apart from some part of her remembering it would damn him too 2)He himself can't grant her that wish because he could only do that on his birthday. But he brought it up because he felt like it's something he should say. Basically it's all echoes from their lost memories but it also shows even without the contract it would be possible for them to fall in love. What it doesn't change, however, is Dong Kyung's fate. The contract is the loophole to make her live.
The Deity has constantly said the only person who can save Dong Kyung is herself. Not Myul Mang or the Deity. But how can she do that when she has no powers of her own? What she did have power over before though was the contract. Here's where the Young Prince's scene with Dong Kyung is telling.
Initially he tells her that when put forward with such an impossible choice, the solution could be that the protagonist has to distance herself from everyone she loves and stop loving so that everyone gets to live. Now he points out that maybe that's not the case:
"I thought about it and I think it would be a great time slip story. You turn back time so that you can avoid making that choice. You try your best to avoid the situation but fate brings you to fall in love all over again. And then you have no choice but to make a choice."
It was a very meta scene because the time slip he's talking about manifests in the collective memory erasure of Dong Kyung, Myul Mang and everyone who knows him through Dong Kyung. This choice was made to avoid the destruction of the world and the death of everyone Dong Kyung loves. It came not only at her cost but also, as Deity sees, at the cost of that Myul Mang flower she was growing, which represents his growing humanity (and the possibility of him turning human). Their fates are too entwined. I had my doubts about how literally she meant "He was born for you anyway" given she added on that she made him for humans. But with that whole flower pot she's been working on and her "I knew it. Some things are inevitable" it seems like she did mean it that way.
Dong Kyung's extra wish in her contract is her loophole out of this. It has to nullify everything else while also not being against the rules. Could it be that she wishes for him to turn human? But how does that ensure she would avoid her fate? (Edit: Maybe people are right that it could be her asking him to destroy her cancer or to transfer it onto the Deity if he can't just destroy it. If the wish enables her to live the rest of the contract would be void. The second would be a lot more complex, of course, because it is a life exchange of Myul Mang's "mother" - only the Deity will be reborn again as she was supposed to anyway). I'm not sure but it's definitely somewhere in the technicalities. As in the case of ancient myths, the genie/monster is often outwitted by a technicality in their condition. It won't be the one she realised as early as episode 3 because their fates are too entwined. Too much has been harped on DK's will to live and MM's possibility of turning human at this point for it to not play out and there's 4 episodes left.
I don't know how the contract will come back into play but I mean the Deity exists so the moment she thinks it's time she can lift that amnesia completely and once again, Dong Kyung will be made to choose. Or maybe they don't even need the Deity to clear the amnesia and maybe remembering makes the contract valid again. Or since episode 12 didn't pick up from where ep 11 started, maybe this is all a simulation that Deity is playing out. I definitely think the scene from next week's promo is a simulation. Whether it was put forward before she made this amnesia choice or put forward after she remembers, I find it hard to believe it's real given it's very similar to MM crying at Deity's funeral.
Also remember that when MM asks the Deity what she did to him she says "I didn't do anything to you. I did it to her". Now whether she meant that literally or to provoke Myul Mang like she did in episode 7 to go against her in order to grow, we'll have to see. I think it's quite likely that she did that for the latter reason so he could figure it out with Dong Kyung himself and also to test his stubborn belief that he doesn't care about even one flower in her garden. To test if he can just actually stand by, as his job is meant to be. Does he only want to interfere out of hate for humanity/himself or can he do it out of love and concern for someone else? But even in the Deity dropping Tak Dong Kyung's name (one that MM associated with the force that makes it impossible to stop himself), it's ultimately MM and DK's choices that will change their fates. She can only offer a nudge to test things.
PS: Yep, I am from India. How about you?
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anya-yui-ae · 8 months ago
By far the most unrealistic thing in The Ember Island Players episode is the fact that Katara doesn't bring up her mother
Like that's one of the most well known things about her, she talks about it all the time, how did the playwrite NOT know that?
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anyathebloodshell · 2 months ago
Me: Oh my, I should definetly write this! This idea is so fine! I gotta write it while it’s fresh in my head.
My muse: You have that AU One-shot to finish.
Me: By the forge, that’s right.
Eh, I guess that AU were Aloy is a concubine is taking me longer than I expected. It’s going to be probably the longest one-shot that I ever wrote... No wait. The longest for now is Litha - Summer Solstice xD But this AU One-shot might even surpass that one.
Also, I’m writing in First Person, from Erend’s POV and I have my doubts that I’ll characterize him well, I even had doubts about characterizing Ersa (Yup, she lives in this universe).
Hopefully during the weekend I’ll be able to continue it, If writer’s block doesn’t come to me. And not being an English native speaker is a bit of a challenge. I do have a high school diploma in languages, BUT I’m ready always ready! ;) 
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amphxtrite · a year ago
Hey guys message me! Anon me about your day or tell me about the cute dog you saw! I miss you guys talking to me, and I'd hate to lose touch with my moots and little stars <33
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actuallymollyweasley · 2 years ago
oh shit, the last time i updated kotib was two years ago???
i can’t believe it’s been that long
i should maybe....... dust that wip off and finish it while i still remember what it’s about aghisdofjaspoagho
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greivous-bodily-harm · 2 years ago
does anyone else get that feeling after you’ve been off your medication for a little bit and you suddenly go back on?
i forgot to take my medication the last few days and i just remembered today and i feel,,, weird. it’s happened before when i’ve missed a couple days and it’s a very uncomfortable feeling. everything just sorta doesn’t sit right in your head. it’s like the whole world is just a little bit off. like you looked away for a minute and someone shifted everything a half in inch to the left (figuratively obviously). enough so you can tell something’s wrong but not enough that you can actually tell what it is that isn’t how it should be. idk am i making sense?
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creamydreamsbb · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hide and Seek
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alittlesliceofcucumber · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A very specific realisation I had.
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mcchickentendies · 9 days ago
Something i love about spy x family is tatsuya endo's ability at changing the tone of a scene
Like the first 'serious' arc of the series, the introduction of bond and the possible bombing, for the most part it's kept pretty light hearted and comedic
Except, it's only like that when anya is in the picture
Even after seeing bond's vision of loid's possible death, endo still manages to make the scene comedic with anya's response
Tumblr media
But once the scene shifts from her to loid and sylvia, theres such a clear tonal shift
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This scene is much heavier than the one directly before it, largely because anya is no longer in the picture
And this isnt the only time he's done this
The cruise ship arc takes on a much heavier atmosphere as it focuses on yor, but it gets much lighter when anya is there
Tumblr media
And once again turns heavy one yor is alone
Tumblr media
More recently with loid's backstory, this is especially true
We the reader are left alone with loid in his memories, those few chapters largely lacking the series' known comedy
Tumblr media
The lightheartedness only returns once loid wakes up, surrounded by his family, with the one comforting him being anya
Tumblr media
I find it very interesting anya's ability to lighten up a scene, and i think it is largely due to the fact that she is a child
Even when the scene is not focused on her, her presence and childish innocence and wonder reaches out to everyone around her, and disappears when she isnt there
I think it's also why these heavier scenes hit so hard, this series is so good at luring people into this sense of hope, in that way maybe we are like anya, who is experiencing these things for the first time with a sense of awe, resulting in these heavier moments hitting much harder than we would expect
And of course, a lot of it is due to endo's amazing story telling and craftmanship, he really is a good author!!
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meanya · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
why is she eating garbage WHY
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novajinx · a month ago
Tumblr media
listen i dont care this game is so pretty i would live h ere
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batterydeaddotdot · 11 months ago
Honestly I was just casually watching DAYS while I thought the leads were interesting and had great chemistry. I was watching it casually because I could tell its flaws keeping it from being kind of more tightly executed high concept? But I've found even high concept things don't deliver and even if they do they might not necessarily make you feel as invested.
Anyway, I did think it explored interesting concepts even beyond the main couple and the dilemma of the wish contract. I still knew DAYS wasn't perfect and lowkey has problems with pacing but I liked how it subtly subverted cliches even while playing by them.
During this casual watching I started MRI/AG and while it was more fluffy and the stories are different, I couldn't help compare the difference between it and DAYS because both series have two immortal male leads, the female lead having an impending death sentence and the cohabitation plot. And that really made me realise how much more I like DAYS.
The other show leaned more towards romcom and I can see why people like it but it's got a bit too many secondhand embarrassment moments for me. Also, while MR/IAG explores a calmer relationship between the two leads, it didn't feel as equal to me because the female lead's immaturity even as a 24 year old really stood out against the male lead. I mean she calls him "Orashin", which means "teacher" or "elder". Meanwhile Dong Kyung did feel like Myul Mang's equal despite him being a kind of deity and they were more dynamic too.
And yes, it's because it's a more intense story but also because refer to each other informally and have an easy banter. Their conversations are deeper too. Like the leads shared interest in history in the other show was played so superficially it annoyed me. Sometimes the things the male lead did for the female lead felt generic but it didn't feel that way to me between Myul Mang and Dong Kyung. Every gesture - small or big - was something that stayed with me. It's stuff like this that makes me watch fanvids and honestly, if a ship isn't making me seek out fanvids or gifsets it doesn't mean it's bad as much as it's just not staying with me. I mean DAYS really reinvented handholding by making it relevant to plot but also going beyond that.
I also realised I enjoyed the other side dynamics (barring the love triangle) more on DAYS. The dynamic between Dong Kyung and her loved ones were moving and even her working workmates left a lot to think about apart from being entertaining. In a way I even find it interesting that the show has Dong Kyung approach options of what to wish for around writers and editors because it feels meta in a way. It plays with the idea of those tropes but it doesn't necessarily stick by them.
I really love found family subunits so the show doing that for Myul Mang and Dong Kyung with Sung Kyun, Ji Na and her aunt made it precious. I even love the ways in which her doctor keeps finding methods to make her want to live. The female lead's platonic dynamics on the other show by comparison are a lot shallower. I was also grateful the love triangle in DAYS as annoyingly done as it is is a side plot unlike the other show. Additionally, the dynamic between the Deity and Myul Mang as a preserver and destroyer in a parent and child kind of way despite her being in a sickly teenager's body stuck out for me. It felt so much more than that between the two Gumihos on MRI/AG, even if I really like Kang Hanna in general and she plays a "dumb pretty girl" stereotype well as opposed to her general cool demeanour character. It's partly because of that dynamic between the Deity and Myul Mang and their prescribed roles that the show has a lot more to say about life, death and the balance of things.
Hence there's more gravity to Dong Kyung's impending death. Yes, the show also downplays the immediacy of her illness by offering MM's red thread plot device and DK's denial but there's more of a character arc as it's in her hands to save herself and the world and maybe Myul Mang too, even if he is on this journey actively with her. On the other show it's all left in the male lead's hands and his traumatic past. That's another reason why Myul Mang and Dong Kyung's relationship is more equal, even if the latter is just a mortal.
So overall, even as I saw DAYS as imperfect in that it could use some tweaking in editing and pacing, I found it did some things really well. Well enough to linger on my mind. Whether in terms of fleshing out characters or dynamics or exploring the complexity of immortality and preciousness of life because it is ephemeral, overall it had a lot more to say. It wasn't as straightforward as I expected it to be.
While I get everyone has different preferences, it's interesting to me that people would complain more about DAYS than the other show because it took that comparison for me to realise how much it was doing. Concerning the push and pull people blame DAYS for, its promos have played into the agenda that they break up and make up more than they actually do - once separated by the Deity and later DK doing it following the Young Prince's advice. I mean those promos even made it seem like they'd get married when it's too early and I would've quit had I not noticed the misleading promo pattern before. (Honestly wanna have a chat with the tvn editor making these promos.)
I mean I've watched shows for just chemistry and pretty visuals because I was bored but would I rewatch them? Not really because I need more than just that to go back to something. I would rewatch DAYS though - despite its flaws.
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hehehhe spy x family fic where loid loses his memory so he forgets everything about the mission and anya is kinda like aw man he’s not a spy anymore but also that means he’s just my dad <3 and everyone is very confused especially yor so she tries to figure it out and it leads to shenanigans including but not limited to yor taking over his job and becoming besties with fiona.
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midgelenny · a year ago
my goal in life is to inspire the same level of fear in a man as beth harmon instills barely after introducing herself to a chess player:
“beth harmon”
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amphxtrite · a year ago
Please that ship was perfect 😭 thank you so much,you're such an amazing writer i-
Awwww thank you so much that just made my morning😭🤍🤍
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actuallymollyweasley · 2 years ago
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capsizedskeleton · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
perhaps i have too many thoughts rattling around in my head but
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ms-analysis · 7 days ago
Spy x Family Spoilers:
I really love these panels.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So many valuable lessons taught in simple words.
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