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#anything for our moony
andypads · a month ago
Hey guys!! This is my first remus fan art ever... surprisingly hehehe. I'm so happy bout it and I hope you guys enjoy! This took about 1h 45m, so it looks pretty rough, but in my opinion, i think that's what makes it so much better. 🌙
Tumblr media
ART BY: Me hehe ( @anzara.nd on ig )
*not me tearing up after making this because moony is just so beautiful 🥺
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flower-chaser · 2 months ago
james potter x fem!reader
originally posted on my Wattpad 👇🏻
Tumblr media
Being best friends with The Marauders is relatively easy. You're the one that makes sure that they don't get a weeks detention for the third week in a row.
Sometimes you can trust Remus with the responsibility to do that but he also wants to indulge in the pranks from time to time. Also his boyfriend, Sirius Black, wants Remus by his side through everything. It's quite adorable.
But overall, you are the most level headed one. The kind and patient one. The person that probably should have been sorted into Hufflepuff but the sorting hat chose Gryffindor for whatever reason instead.
All of these factors make you impossible to get out of James Potter's mind. Ever since you had rescued the boys from McGonagall's detention "speech" (as Sirius liked to call it) he couldn't get you out of his mind.
Yes, at the time he was still going after Lily. The red head that had stolen James' heart since second year.
But recently James had slowed down his attempts at "wooing" Lily Evans. The whole school noticed and thought it to be a little strange.
One day the other three marauders asked him about it, while you were studying peacefully in the library.
Sirius, Remus, and Peter all walked down to the quidditch pitch after watching Gryffindor practice for the day. When they approached James, he was smiling. Quidditch practice always put him in a better mood.
"Hey mate, you okay?" Sirius asked.
James furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, "Yeah why?" He replied.
Remus and Peter looked at each other nervously, before Remus spoke up. "You've been acting off lately. We just wanted to know if you were okay," he explained.
"Yeah, you haven't tried to impress Lily," Peter said, rather bluntly. This earned him a glare from Sirius and a huff from Remus.
They didn't want to be that blunt with him just in case it was a sensitive subject.
James ran a hand through his hair and shrugged. "Haven't felt like it lately," he confessed. "Hey? Where's Y/n?" He added, a blush coming onto his cheeks.
Sirius and Remus put it together, Peter was still completely clueless.
"Finally you realized your feelings," Sirius applauded. Remus playfully rolled his eyes.
James blushed, "Just because I ask where Y/n is doesn't mean I like her," he defended.
"No, but the blush on your cheeks suggests otherwise," Sirius replied, raising his eyebrows.
James rolled his eyes, "Fine...okay? I'm in love with Y/n," he admitted.
The other three marauders went into shock. He loved you?
"Woah, you love her?" Peter asked.
"Yeah," James said, quietly.
"We just thought you fancied her mate, we didn't know you were in love with her?" Sirius said.
Remus stepped forward, "What about Lily?" he asked.
James ran a hand through his hair. "What about her? She's always rejecting me and doesn't want my attention. But with Y/n, she's always there. She listens and cares. Y/n is smart and funny and always gets us out of detention," he explained, his stomach filling with butterflies.
"Man, you're whipped," Sirius joked, earning a nudge in the arm from Remus. "Sorry," he mumbled to Remus.
"You should tell Y/n this," Remus said, James nodded. Remus was always right.
So thats what James was going to do. He had plans to tell you for a week. You had noticed a change in him. He never looked at Lily anymore, he looked at you.
You would catch him glancing at you durning meals, when you two would study (well more like when you would study), in class, and in the common room when the Marauders where planning a prank.
One night it was just you and James in the common room after Moony and Padfoot had decided to go to bed, they dragged Peter along. Sirius gave James a 'tell her now' look and Remus helped a sleepy Peter up the stairs.
It was quite for a while and you were looking at the fire. Admiring how the embers would brake the wood and make it crackle. James was looking at you. Thinking about how pretty you looked with the fire making your doe like eyes glisten.
You noticed his staring and turned to him, "James are you okay?" You asked, worried.
He was brought out of his day dream and softly smiled at you. "Yeah I'm fine, I just need to tell you something," he admitted.
James now had your full attention, as you adjusted where you were sitting, and fully turned to face him. He looked into your eyes and then down to your lips.
"What is it?" You asked, blushing under his gaze.
James took a deep breath, "I'm in love with you. And I know you don't love me back and you're probably wondering about Lily. But it's because when your around it's so hard not to love you. Your smart, funny, beautiful, way too out of my league. You make my heart beat so fast, it's like I'm playing quidditch," James rambled.
You sat there in shock. You never thought James Potter, the popular quidditch star who was head over heels in love with Lily Evans, would ever glance your way.
"James..." you said, quietly, trying to get his attention.
"James," you said again.
But he kept talking, he was now repeating himself and you just wanted to shut him up.
"James!" You exclaimed.
He stopped talking and looked at you in worry. You scooted closer to him and took his hand. "I love you too. I never thought you would ever have feelings for me," you admitted.
James smiled wildly and he swore his heart skipped a beat. He leaned in closer to you and when you didn't move away he brushed a strand of your hair from your face.
"Can I kiss you?" He asked. You blushed and nodded. Then James pulled you into a soft, romantic kiss. You kissed back, craving his touch as he wrapped one of his arms around your waist.
Eventually you pulled away for air. "You're my destiny," James said, looking longingly into your eyes.
"And you're mine," you replied, smiling like an idiot.
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james-potter-is-a-dilf · 2 months ago
Lily: Why are Sirius and Remus sitting with their backs to each other?
James: They had a fight.
Lily: Then why are they holding hands?
James: They get sad when they fight.
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andypads · a month ago
HI GUYS!! I honestly canNOT believe that the Remus post got so many notes. As in. WOW. You guys are so fucking awesome.
And since you all loved that one, I present to you all… SIRIUS FUCKING BLACK. Istg I’m so happy about this one rn AGHHH HAHAHA I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYYY!!
Also, I added 2 phone wallpapers already. I even made a Wolfstar iPad Pro wallpaper one too hehhehe and omgoohdd that one had me tearing *again 🥺🤧 ANYWAYS…Tag me if ever you use it!
Art made by: ME!// @anzara.nd on ig.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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prcngsverse · 6 months ago
James: what year was the war of 1812?
Remus: the war...of 1812. I mean, how many hints do you need? The answer is in the name-
Lily: What do you think 1812 was? The f*cking address??
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flower-chaser · 2 months ago
Beautiful Boy | J.P
james potter x reader
originally posted on my Wattpad
Tumblr media
IT WAS LATE at night and you heard the cry of your son in the room across from yours and James'. You got out of bed, not wanting to wake the sleeping angel beside you.
You walked across the hall to your son's bedroom and lifted him up from his crib. "Ssh it's okay Harry," you cooed, rubbing his back to calm him down from his crying.
You assumed he had a nightmare, but you weren't sure so you checked to see if he needed to be changed. He didn't, so you checked if he was hungry, he wasn't. You rocked him in your arms, but he still wouldn't calm down.
"You're safe Harry, it's okay," you reassured him, petting his head and pressing soft kisses to his forehead.
Back in your room, James woke up after feeling that you weren't next to him anymore. He crawled out of bed and heard crying. Running a hand through his messy hair, he walked towards Harry's bedroom to find you trying to calm him down.
He walked over to both of you and crouched down on the floor next to the rocking chair you were sitting in. "Hey Harry, what's wrong?" he asked softly with concern.
"I think he's had a nightmare. I tried everything else to get him back to sleep," you said, tiredly.
James gestured for him to take Harry from your arms and you nodded, handing him the baby. He held Harry close to him and rocked him back and forth. "Hey Harry, it's your daddy. Don't cry your safe. Your mum and I won't let anything happen to you," he reassured.
Harry stopped crying and looked up at James with his big baby eyes. "Hello," James giggled, thinking about how adorable his son was being.
Harry giggled back and clapped his hands. You stood up and leaned your head on James's shoulder, admiring your son.
"He looks just like you," You admired, reaching out your hand to Harry. He grabbed your thumb with his whole hand. James nodded, "Yeah but he has your eyes," he admired, looking lovingly at Harry and then at you. You blushed, then looking at Harry's happy eyes, they were the same you couldn't deny that.
James turned to sit down in the rocking chair, then looking up at you. "I've got him, you can get some more rest," He said.
"Are you sure? What if he gets hungry?" You asked. James pointed to the baby bottle, "Then I'll give him the bottle. Y/n/n it's okay," he reassured you.
You nodded and walked out of Harry's nursery but stopped in the hallway once you heard James start to speak to him.
"Do you want to know how I met your beautiful mum?" James asked. Harry only giggled and James took that as a yes. "Well, it was in our first year of Hogwarts. I met her on the train and she became my friend, along with your Uncle Moony and Uncle Padfoot. And your mum and I were friends with each other for a long time. Until our seventh year, when I had my heart broken by Lily Evans. She wanted to explore the wizarding world and didn't want to be tied down. Y/n helped me through a dark time in my life and that's when I realized I was absolutely in love with her. All of the years we were friends, she made me a better person and I can't imagine my life without your mum," he said to Harry.
Harry had fallen asleep at James' story and once you saw James standing up to put Harry into his crib you quietly walked into your bedroom and laid down.
James put Harry to bed and walked across the hall to your bedroom. You closed your eyes, pretending you were asleep.
James laid down next to you and pulled you close to him, getting comfortable. You hummed and opened your eyes, "I can't imagine my life without you too," you said, lovingly.
James blushed, "You heard that?" he asked. You nodded, blushing yourself, "I did, lover boy," you smiled at him.
James wrapped his strong arms around your waist and pulled you up to his lips. "I love you, Y/n," he said softly. You kissed his nose and brushed some of his messy raven black hair from his face. "I love you more James," you grinned.
"Not possible," James whispered, pulling you into a soft but passionate kiss. You kissed back and then pulled away, resting your head on his chest. You could hear his heartbeat and it calmed you down. He ran a hand through your hair and felt himself fall asleep, not long after you fell asleep aswell.
Everything was perfect, as it should be.
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isimpfortheweasleys · 3 months ago
My Marauders face claims :)
James potter:Adarsh jaikarran
Tumblr media
Lily Evens:Shannon purser
Tumblr media
Sirius Black:Ben Barnes
Tumblr media
Remus lupin:Andrew garfield
Tumblr media
Peter Pettigrew:Lewis capaldi
Tumblr media
Regulus Black: Timothee chalament
Tumblr media
Dorcas:Zoe kravitz
Tumblr media
Marlene:Victoria de angelis
Tumblr media
Please let me know if you guys have any different face claims I would love to see them ❤️
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