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Dad and Son Au for Fuwa + smol Aruto and the mbjr.fam moving into the apartment next door!

20 years later, I get around to this. But really, thank you so much for asking this. ^^ Makes me feel special.

  • Fuwa is a police detective with a strong case record, but an infamously short temper. He amicably separated from his wife several years ago, but the two stay in regular contact, though she insisted that their twin children, Aruto and Izu, stay with him rather than sharing custody, citing that her family weren’t ‘children people,’ though she still visits when she has time. Fuwa isn’t surprised—he knows Yua’s family are incredibly wealthy, and effectively cut her off when they originally got together, and isn’t particular interested in meeting them anyway, more interested in trying to find a balance between work and looking after the kids.
  • Until one day, when he’s abruptly informed that her father is none other than the CEO of ZAIA Enterprise, Amatsu Gai wants exclusive rights to the children, claiming to be acting on her behalf. Concerned by what little Yua did tell him, Fuwa fights the bid—launching them into a massive legal battle that escalates as it becomes very clear that Amatsu will stop at nothing to get the kids, and doesn’t seem to have any qualms about using underhanded methods—to the point that Fuwa isn’t even sure who he can trust in his own department.
  • In the midst of the rising tension, Fuwa comes home one night to find the twins playing with a little boy he doesn’t recognise, dressed in clothes that are clearly handmade. The children inform him that the boy, Jin, just moved into the apartment next door with a younger brother, his big siblings, and their ‘Papa.’ The kids become fast friends, and it turns out the ‘big siblings’ are a grouchy, attitudinal teenager named Raiden who dresses in old gym clothes, a small, quiet, unassuming brunette named Naki who likes to sew their own clothing and is quite skilled at it, and a baby merely called ‘An-chan’ by the other kids. They’re all homeschooled. They don’t talk about where they lived before, and when he asks both Raiden and Naki get strange, suspicious looks in their eyes. ‘Papa’ remains a tall, amorphous shadow, who Fuwa only catches glimpses of on the stairs at night, flitting down the hall in a patchwork coat. And yet, though he can’t quite put his finger on it, there seems to be something familiar about those fleeting glances.
  • One day, things get bad very fast when Izu is literally grabbed off the street in front the building by a van that doesn’t say ZAIA, but Fuwa damn well knows it’s them. And there’s one other issue—instead of taking Aruto w/ her, the kidnappers grab Jin. Fuwa tries to pursue the van, leaving Aruto with Raiden and Naki, but the vehicle escapes. Just when he’s turning around to rush back the apartments to plan, he find a literal katana in his face, and its holder wearing a familiar handmade coat.
  • But that’s not all he recognises. ‘Papa’ is a tall blonde man wearing a purple, beaded head wrap, wielding the sword like an expert, with a stony expression Fuwa knows well. He wouldn’t exactly call himself and Horobi ‘rivals’ or anything that dramatic, but they’ve crossed paths before; Horobi was responsible for one of Fuwa’s largest unsolved cases, a bomb explosion in a city square that he was was badly injured in. Known as the ‘Scorpion,’ swordsman is the lead enforcer for a mysterious crime organisation known as MetsubouJinrai, and the right hand of one of the most dangerous masterminds in the world who identifies herself solely as the ‘Ark.’ Or he was—until he abruptly dropped off the underworld map six years ago.
  • But here’s Horobi, fuming, icily demanding to know where his ‘son’ is. Eventually, Fuwa manages to explain that his daughter was taken too, and Horobi reluctantly backs down and agrees to hear him out. It turns out Jin is Horobi’s son and the reason he disappeared six years ago when the Ark revealed she wanted to indoctrinate his child into the very same life he’d been brought up in. Raiden, Naki, and even An-chan were other children she was intending to ‘train.’ Their conversation reveals something else—Amatsu and the Ark are in league and are planning something, but Horobi left before he could learn what. What he does know is that it involves the children the Ark intended to train as assassins, and the large technology company Hiden Intelligence; the CEO and founder of which, Hiden Korenosuke, just died under mysterious circumstances… Leaving behind no family members or clear successors other than his vice president.
  • But the law isn’t going to take the word of an assassin on the run, and there’s no way to tell how much ZAIA or even the Ark control, and the bastards still have their children. Both desperate and w/ similar enemies and goals, the two opposite fathers form a very unexpected alliance and resolve to get Jin and Izu back… W/ a little help from Aruto and the other kids, who refuse to be left behind.

… Wow, okay, that took off. I’m sure if mused on it more I’d find more baby Aruto stuff, but I felt so bad for taking so long to get to this in the first place!

I am happy to do more AU hcs, though, if anyone wants to throw one at me!

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“So… is being a local celebrity the reason why people are speculating about who Sena-san’s dating?”

“Well…” Juru frowns a bit. “Maybe?”

“Gossiping has always been something we humans do, but it can lead to some bad things - when if it goes too far,” Muryou states, looking contemplative. “Ne, Sayo-san?”

She laughs softly. “I think it’s kind of fun, especially if it involves people we know.”


aka there’s been some gossip involving Sena and her love life and, well, some people just don’t like it.

Notes: UGH this took WAAAY too long to write lmao

ao3 link!

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I’ve been learning how to close the store the last week or so, and like, it’s not as scary as I hyped it up to be, and I’m actually not terrible at it. I’m still a little nervous because I was just starting to get comfortable in my new manager position, and now I’ve been given even more responsibilities, but hey. Practice makes perfect, and I feel like once I learn how to delegate more, things will get easier. 

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haha so when I checked my word count this morning I must have either accidentally clicked a page or so beyond the start of the chapter, or checked out what I wrote yesterday without thinking about the fact that they’re two separate chapters, so I was like “wow I have 1.8k written! and in reality I had like…. 500? 600?? So now I’m at 2.8k with this chapter technically over, like uhhhhh I just wrote nearly 700 words of making out alone guess I gotta?? fit in another coupla HUNDRED soooomewhere

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A/N: I have absolutely no idea what this is🥴 I haven’t written anything for a while and this idea came to me at 3am so it’s probably shockingly bad😂😭

W A R N I N G S: a tiny lil bit of angst, if you like squint


“Why do you always do that?” The tone of his voice tugged at your heartstrings, he had been tugging at your heartstring all night.

“Do what?” You pretended to be oblivious, you couldn’t even look at him, covering your mouth with the palm of your hand, elbow propped up on your leg, looking in the complete opposite direction. Before you were both sat so close, and now you were sat on the very edge of the couch, knowing that if you sat too close again, you’d cave.

“Turn away when I try to kiss you.” That broke you even more, your brows knitting together tightly. You could hear the doubt in Tom’s voice, you could practically hear all of the things he was thinking, ‘am I not good enough?’, ‘is she not into me the way I’m into her?’

What started out as a chilled night with the whole cast, ended the way it usually had done every week for the past 5 weeks, you and Tom sat extrememly close on his couch, laughing and drinking and looking into each other’s eyes for far too long. It’s almost as if the rest of the cast were taunting the two of you, like they knew what was going on and one by one they would disperse, feigning tiredness, until it was just the two of you.

“It just wouldn’t be very professional.” You mumbled, you weren’t sure whether he’d even heard you but judging by the loud scoff that followed, he definitely had.

“Fuck being professional,” he was trying to keep his voice down, aware that Harry was asleep upstairs and out of the corner of your eye you noticed he was sat on the edge of the couch too, his head in his hands, “sorry.”

“It’s ok, I’m sorry too,” you finally turned to look at him and he turned his head slightly to look at you, offering up a small smile.

“You don’t have to be sorry for not being into me,” he spoke with a slight laugh in his tone this time, realising he’d probably scared you.

“But I am into you.” That caught his attention, sitting up to face you properly, a hopeful look in his chocolate brown eyes.

“Then please let me kiss you?”

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;; okay! school has started back up but it’s all at home/online which means my schedule is a bit more full than normal. i’m going to try get a few replies done each day since it makes me feel better, i just wanted y’all to know that i’m going to be slower.

asks are definitely easier for me to answer so always feel free to send ic asks if you want! 

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