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justcastiel · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
you're the fire and the flood
and I'll always feel you in my blood
everything is fine
when your hand is resting next to mine
Fire and the Flood - Vance Joy
pages from Dean’s sketchbook
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candyflosskid · 6 hours ago
literally associating every bitter song with my parents because they're pretty much the only people in my life I'm bitter with
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fancyfade · 16 hours ago
im still amused by dick and babs both valuing mental health days or takng a break... FOR OTHER PEOPLE, not them
dick to babs: Damn your working yourself to the bone, take a break.
babs: no. YOU are working yourself to the bone. YOU take a  break.
dick: No
babs: Okay, at least cass can take a break and enjoy regular life?
cass: No
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stormears · 16 hours ago
Sometime in 19 Days, Mo is going to SMILE at something, finally, and it will make my entire day and He Tian's entire life.
If he's holding anything, I bet he will drop it onto the ground. He's gonna suffer a sudden heart arrhythmia. He's gonna dream about that sight for months. He's gonna burst with joy (in an annoying attention-seeking way that makes Mo stop smiling and start scowling and growling, probably)
But god. I wanna SEE ITTTT...
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paunchsalazar · 9 hours ago
maybe it's that i want someone to ask me how my day was but everyone is different and communicates in different ways and i shouldn't expect anyone to do it just because i do... i do ask others that (not solely in hopes the question will be returned) but admittedly with some of that expectation... also want it to happen on its own instead of asking for it even though it is irrational...
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theclassicsreader · 19 hours ago
my medical leave ends in about 12 days & i am not ready for all the assignments i’m going to have to catch up on when it’s over. sad sad sad 
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lovecolibri · 8 hours ago
Okay but like, Buck canonically loves researching things and has bookshelves and likes to read about things he's curious about. How hard would it be to pick out a book about the history of firefighters, or a book on unsolved mysteries, or natural disasters?! How hard would it be to get something even a tiny bit meaningful and personal?
Buck, who has been lost in a natural disaster, who lost someone in a natural disaster, who lost Hen in a collapsed building and once in a forest fire, whose sister was taken hostage at work, who still thinks about what could have happened to Eddie if he wasn't there, who has abandonment issues a mile wide, he bought his gf who has an occasionally dangerous job something so she would never feel alone and could always be able to get help, and it's pretty not some clunky emergency kit thing.
And she got him a sweater.
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couturriere · 17 hours ago
habs 🤝 flyers
getting their coaches fired in the general aftermath of eight game losing streaks
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ellayuki · 20 hours ago
9-1-1, Buddie
The kiss leaves him dazed, both because it was damn good, and because it's Eddie, and Buck really did not see this coming.
"Eddie-" he starts, breathless.
But Eddie looks up, a rueful smile on his kiss-red lips. "Mistletoe," he says, and just... leaves.
And Buck's knees almost give out.
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cangrellesteponme · 17 hours ago
Agni as a DND character?
(everyone say “thank you @ashestospace!“)
From your favourite (nah I’m not) DM with too many ideas!
Agni, sunshine, husband, love of our lives, would be an excellent party member. This isn’t just about his personality, but he’s literally be so useful, I want an Agni in my life.
Anyway. When it comes to class, there are two main possibilities with Agni. As anyone would expect, it’s Paladin and Cleric. Now, which one you pick depends on what you consider to be the origin of Agni’s “power”. If you think what makes him strong is his hand and all that, go for a Cleric. Clerics are special, chosen, with abilities that are miraculous enough to be the most impressive proof of divinity mortals know of. That fits Agni. However, if you want to say the source of his strength is his rebirth through servitude and friendship with Soma (and that’s adorable.), go for a Paladin. While Clerics are chosen as a bridge between power from above and the world below, Paladins create divine magic out of nothing using only the strength of their devotion (to someone, to a place, to a code, to anything really). Also, the concept of an oath as the turning point of someone’s life... that’s very Agni.
If you don’t understand any of this, think Paladin for backstory purposes and character development, Cleric to match his canon skill set (and for an opportunity to get some flavour and rule-bending).
As a Paladin, one cool thing could be making him an Oathbreaker (...or a Warlock multi-class) that recently got back in the way of vitue and all that boring nice people stuff. Look at him using that Divine Smite for the greater good.
For his subclass, Oath of Devotion is the typical Paladin choice, and it fits him fairly well. I’d also recommend Oath of Redemption (from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything), simply because the idea of Agni being able to cast Sleep and Calm Emotions heals my soul. (...also casting Sanctuary on Soma. Agni the protector my beloved)
As a Cleric, his deity is Kali, obviously (though DnD’s system is not exactly made to include real-life deities, we’re making it work). His Divine Domain is a bit of a complicated affair, though. The War Domain is unfortunately very weapon-centered, but most of the other ones aren’t martial enough for Agni. The other great option would’ve been the Grave Domain but the vibes are not fitting at all. The solution I’d go for is to just homebrew it, but, you know. Light Domain also works just fine, it has good vibes I guess.
As for Stats, Agni’s Wisdom has to be through the roof. No matter the class. It’s Agni. As a Paladin I’d say he needs high Charisma, Wisdom, and Dexterity (a heavy, Strength-based weapon simply does not fit him), but as a Cleric, just go full Wisdom and the rest is whatever.
Other options include but are not limited to: Way of the Open Hand Monk (Flurry of Blows with that hand? Deadly.), Wild Magic Sorcerer (if you consider deities to be a part of the world’s chaos... also let the DM have some fun with the hand, lmao) Oathbreaker Paladin-Cleric Multi-class (I gave two options. Why not mix it up a little?)
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