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every few months i think i'm out of my dsmp phase and then i remember c!fundy exists and i'm like nvm <3 so here's me experimenting w how to draw him
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diversity win! everyone in star wars is trans. all of them. fuck you.
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One important thing about Les Mis that I feel a lot of people miss is that...... Javert is not the novel’s symbol of justice. Enjolras is.
 Javert represents authority, which is often cruel and unjust. Enjolras represents actual justice, social justice, he represents the laws of conscience/love that are superior to the flawed and bigoted laws of mankind (which is why he’s literally compared to Themis, the goddess of justice.)  Lots of adaptations write Javert as someone who cares about making society better and protecting the innocent, but he isn’t and he doesn’t??? Javert cares about authority. His entire personality is built on “respect for authority and hatred of rebellion.”  Javert doesn’t care about “having compassion or making tough decisions to protect people;” he cares about submitting to authority at all times. The government is right because it is the government. Any crime or rebellion is wrong because it is against the government. Anyone who is treated badly by the government deserves to be treated badly, because authority is always right. Rich people are always morally superior to poor people, and the outcasts of society deserve to be beaten down because they are outcasts -- and the thing that’s tragic about his horrible violent mentality is that he is a part of the same class of outcasts he’s beating down, and doesn’t value the lives of other people because he doesn’t value his own.  If mercy is kindness you don’t deserve, while justice is the treatment you do deserve-- then Javert isn’t just merciless, he’s unjust.
He can’t be a symbol of justice because all he cares about is blindly obeying authority and calling that “justice.” Sending Valjean to prison for stealing a loaf of bread and a coin isn’t just merciless, it’s unjust. Tormenting Fantine until her death for acting in self-defense isn’t just merciless, it’s unjust. They didn’t deserve what he did to them, and the only reason he can believe it’s right is because he canonically Refuses to Think about it-- because he’s literally so Brainwashed by authority as a result of his tragic past that he believes any independent thought is a form of rebellion that must be suppressed.
Thought was something to which he was unused, and which was peculiarly painful. In thought there always exists a certain amount of internal rebellion; and it irritated him to have that within him.
Enjolras, meanwhile, actually cares about helping people and creating a better world. Enjolras cares about uplifting the people around him, he cares about giving people the help and the support that they deserve. He wants the world to be free. The goal of the rebels is to replace the monarchy, a dictatorship, with a republic where people can vote for their leaders. They want to eliminate poverty, fight for universal education, and give people the dignity they’re entitled to. 
Meanwhile Javert is a tragically brainwashed authoritarian whose only goal is to punish anyone who doesn’t keep their head low enough-- including punishing himself. He’s motivated entirely by fear and hatred; the hatred of people like Valjean and Fantine, and the fear that he’ll become like them.  (Javert cares so little about protecting people that it’s a plot point multiple times that he’s so busy Punishing the perpetrator of a crime that he doesn’t talk to the victim at all. He respects authority, but he doesn’t love it, and doesn’t care about protecting people. He only cares about punishing the people who the government has told him to hate.)
I guess the thing is: adaptations are in love with the idea that Valjean represents mercy while Javert represents justice. But I feel like Enjolras is a much better counterpoint to Valjean’s philosophy than Javert. 
Valjean and Enjolras are like:
Valjean: I think that it’s important to focus on mercy above justice.
Enjolras: But we can’t have forgiveness until we’ve had accountability.  I agonize over every decision I make, but sometimes there is absolutely no way to create a better world without causing harm to the people who are currently abusing their power to hurt us. True justice can only come when the people in power are making reparations.
While Valjean and Javert are like:
Valjean: I think that it’s important to focus on mercy above justice Javert:   You THINK about things??? Even when the government hasn’t ORDERED you to think????
Valjean: uh
Javert: *rocking back and forth in the fetal position covering his ears with his hands* The government does all the thinking for us, so we don’t have to!! Anyone who has their own thoughts is a rebel who should be shot. The State says that poor people are bad and deserve to suffer! Disagreeing with the government makes you a rebel!!!!!! Having thoughts of your own makes you a rebel!  Any “kindness” that goes against the orders of the state is FALSE KINDNESS that will turn the world inside out!!!!!!! Supporting poor people against rich people, the people who are low in the world against the people who are high-- that is FALSE KINDNESS!!!!!  Real justice is when you shut off your brain, accept your place, and blindly obey the government without thinking!!! 
Valjean: hmm
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Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) dir. Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
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I know I was literally just screaming about this elsewhere, but literally, can you BELIEVE they broke out Buck's balcony this season exclusively so they could use it to define love??
#literally#first eddie 'or you don't know her the way he does/this time maybe she's the one who needs taking care of' diaz#and then buck 'shouldn't it be when you're at your worst they're at their worst#you have every reason to give up and you still decide you want to try again' buckley#all in the middle of this weird moment where the loft is not longer his safe space and the walls are closing in on him#and after buck held back at the threshold of eddie's home in 4x14 and didn't step foot there again until 5x11#so that in 5x04 we see eddie crossing that threshold for buck into a space that is both intimate and open#in the moment when eddie defines love for him#and then in 5x18 buck crosses that threshold into that space to define love for himself#(because the loft is still suffocating with taylor there)#and because of course the realization had to happen with maddie there in a space he has only shared with eddie before in a moment when#eddie helped him to understand how love has nuances and romantic love takes a different kind of care and nurturing#and they sat maddie beside him because in the end eddie was right that chimney knew her differently and buck's version of maddie#was based around a naive romanticized version of her as an infallible mother figure back in 5x04#so that now she can present the naive romanticized version of love that buck has been clinging to#now that he's learned what it's like to watch the person you love break and choose to help carry the weight of it by their side#because that's what love is when it's real—when you know someone differently because you love them differently#anyway#i might just go lay down and die thanks#buddie#random buddie thoughts#buddie + love#evan buckley#eddie diaz#911 spoilers#911 5x18#buddie meta#why did i use 'literally' twice in this post goddammit#THREE times i put it at the beginning of the tags too
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Fairy Gala Ace Is Coming HAHAHAHAHA
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so this started as a mermay with daniel as an otter. but then grew to include royalty!cobras with kreese as master at arms, and also daniel is a spy and a rogue now and general intrigue involving life debts
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The story of how the "ghost king:Phantom" became his hero title.
Because im sure as hell he didnt do that on pupose. Most likely spread via public until it just stuck.
(Makes you wonder what the original title was)
Nobody's really sure who coined the term, but it caught on like wildfire.
The Ghost King: Phantom.
It was far more dark and menacing than the hero himself, which was a double edged sword. Good against villains, but it made other heroes wary of working with him.
But Shouta was there when he went from Danny to Phantom to the Ghost King.
It happened shortly after Danny made his debut as Phantom, when they were eighteen and barely graduated. Because with his increased training came an increase of power, which was only boosted by his official crowning in the Ghost Zone, it only made the supernatural flock to him like a homing beacon.
Shades became visible to the human eye, and grotesque beings with veins full of rotted ectoplasm became frequent, and each and every time any breed of ghost came out of their little hidey hole, it was Phantom who took care of it.
Danny might have been confused, but Shouta remembers how he looked, materializing out of nowhere, and floating down like an angel of death with his long cloak of stars and blazing green eyes to send the spirit back to wherever they belonged.
Shouta had seen it half a dozen times before a reporter finally witnessed it. They had described it as Terrifyingly safe, and Raw power that can't be contained even by him, or regal to no end, even when he's covered dust and blood.
Because, well, he was.
With his debut, and with his crown, came a certain level of authority he had never had before. His shoulders were back and his head held high, and he looked down his nose at those who were willing to oppose him. His aura was calming for those who were seeking safety, and the most unsettling thing to those who were wreaking havoc. Calling him ethereal, unworldly, was really just scratching the surface. Because to Shouta, there were no words to describe the power that came from Danny. Especially when he was honing in on his obsession.
So, no, Shouta had expected this. Danny had been confused, because to him, even as the King of the Infinite Realms, he's still just plain old loser Danny who was mercilessly beat up until his first year at U.A. And while Shouta saw that too, he was also able to recognize the absoluteness of Danny's power. He knew that they were all lucky Danny was on their side, because if he wasn't, they would have been bowing down before him a long time ago.
Shouta looked over to the side, watching as Hizashi balanced another mug on top of Danny's sleeping form. They had class in twenty minutes, so he wasn't surprised that Danny was taking the time to catch a few extra minutes of sleep. He looked just like the rest of them when he did. Peaceful (as much as a ghost king can be, anyway) and softly snoring. Breathing steadily, with no weird glow or echoing voice. Just...Danny. Seeing him like this made it hard to imagine the power thrumming just beneath the surface, but even with the knowledge that he could decimate entire countries with a flick of his wrist, he could still only ever see him as plain old Danny, who offered him a helping hand when nobody else would.
Power isn't the only thing that makes a king, after all. Sometimes all you need to be a good king is compassion.
Lucky for them, Danny oozes that, too.
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For anon who wanted Shiro/Tevis - here you go 👀 
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a gifset for this absolutely unhinged sentence from the Dark Side of the Moon script
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La Sirena Crew Family: Seven of Nine
You think of me as a vigilante. Fine. Ranging is my job. It's not saving the galaxy, it's helping people who have no one else to help them. It's hopeless and pointless and exhausting, and the only thing worse... would be giving up.
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you aren’t who they thought you’d be, what a tragedy, what a tragedy.
edmund temper - amigo the devil // mama - my chemical romance // true trans soul rebel - against me!
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guy who is normal
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anyway the thing about essek and jester's bond, and the difference between essek & beau's, is that there is this sort of reverence essek has for jester that is sorta intoxicating.
i mean reverence as in she embodies everything he could never had or is or will be and he loves her so much he truly does but at the same time, he puts her on this midly condescending pedestal as in he thinks and fully believes that she could never do truly wrong, and if she does, it'd never begin to amount to what he has done, and therefore, she is not capable of bad.
which is... wrong, obviously, and she'd tell him so regularly, "i have done bad things, essek. like, a bunch," and he'd always reply with, "not like i have." and of course it is true. nobody will compare to that, and those who do, usually don't feel remorse or try to change like essek's trying to; his situation is one in a million but there are billions of people on their plane and the next, so. So. but i degrees.
what i was saying is that, it's not that essek believes jester is flawless or that he ignores her flaws, but it's in the way that the good outweighs the bad that leaves him a bit skewed with his judgment. and jester believes he might need this, the belief that there's untainted good in the world, so she kinda lets him get away with it, but she never lies and is always honest and tries to make him understand; but alas, baby steps.
& to the early point, the difference between jessies's bond & essek & beau's is that, meanwhile essek stills believes he's the worst of the two (and he'd be right, of course, and beau'd agree to it), to me, there is this sorta of unspoken cynical bond between them that allows them to relate and relay on each other in a very specific way.
they have both seen how corrupted the world truly is, specifically in the political sense and how that can affect familiar bonds, have been in the thick of it, beau primarily as a victim of abuse of power and essek being the one to abuse power, and they have both come out on the other side as better people without losing sight of the fact of how fucked the world is.
so i think there's that kinship between them, and also the shared reverence they have for jester with beau trying to make essek understand that maybe that sort of worship is kinda fucked up too for both of them and that seeing her as just another living being capable of mistakes is better for him & jester too. also they love caleb like a ton in strictly opposite directions which is it's own fun can of worms.
but yeah i dunno, i find essek's friendship with the nein very fascinating, specially since he like never experienced true friendship much less the various facets in which it presents itself and yeah. him on da mind 24/7.
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if god hates the gays then why was riverdale cancelled and heartstopper renewed on the same day
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a prompt: tony stark x "that's gross!.. i love it 😏"
"I didn't say I was done with you yet, Stark." you said with a smirk, catching hold of the edge of his shirt. It was barely hanging off his arms, and you tugged it further down his bicep as you pulled him down towards you.
Tony grinned, his lips meeting yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck. The kiss was slow and teasingly languid, a taunting aftermath of what the two of you had just done. And not enough.
You pressed up against him, taking hold of his hand and bringing it up to your chest. Your breath caught as Tony brushed his fingers over your nipple, a quiet, needy whine escaping you as he pinched it, hard. He snickered against your lips, sliding his tongue into your mouth as you rolled the two of you over, straddling his hips.
You broke away from his lips with a moan as he bent a knee and pressed his thigh up between your legs, his hands taking hold of your hips. Tony’s teeth caught your bottom lip briefly as he smiled in response to the sound, and you felt him harden against you once more.
“Insatiable little minx, you are.” he muttered as you ground against his thigh, hands tightening on your hips. One slid around to the curve of your backside, and he gave it a sharp, teasing smack before clutching possessively at the flesh of it. The sting made you jump, your pace of your hips faltering for a moment. “Look at you; still slick with cum and already eager for more…”
“Tony, baby…” you replied, running your fingers through his hair. He grunted as you took hold of it, his smirk widening. “You talk too much.”
Tony laughed as you pushed him down against the pillow and moved to instead straddle his face, your other hand grasping at the headboard in front of you. You felt him press a biting kiss to your inner thigh. “God, I love you.”
“That’s gross,” you joked, back arching with a sigh as Tony pressed his tongue to your clit. His hands slid up over the back of your thighs, kneading possessively into the muscle. “I love it.”
You grinned, your head lolling back as Tony sucked a teasing pressure around your clit and slid a finger inside you. His hands found your ass, guiding you into a steady grind over his face that sent a shiver dancing up your spine. Your hand let his hair to instead clutch at your chest, your nipple hard against your palm.
“Keep going and I might get more specific.”
Tony’s answering laugh was muffled between your thighs, his hands tightening on your ass. “Yes, ma’am.”
send me a prompt/headcanon and a marvel character and i'll write a little something ;)
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