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thedeathdeelers · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The time Luke handed Julie a little piece of his soul [1/2]
He whips out a carefully folded piece of paper from his pocket, holding it up between them with a smile.
“Thought you’d say that,” he says triumphantly. 
He pulls the well worn piece of paper to his chest as he momentarily ducks his head down to look at the song in his hands, swallowing down his nerves before looking back up at Julie. 
“It’s called Bright. It’s a Sunset Curve song I wrote that we never got to record but,” he unfolds the last of his worries away as he flattens out the song on the kitchen counter, baring a little piece of his soul to her. "It’s perfect for your range.”
He knows his worries were all for naught when she follows his instructions, effortlessly hitting the higher notes as their voices blend together as smoothly as an artist’s brushstroke.
She was going to slay his song, just like he thought she would. 
Julie looks down at the song in her hands before tilting her head up towards him, sending him a sweet shy smile, her eyes shining with what he could only describe as understanding and gratitude. She knows how significant this moment is to him. To both of them.
“Thanks,” she says, with a little nod of the head.
Bright was in good hands.
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holacia2 · 15 hours ago
Coffee kisses
Holacia Note: So what started out as a sweet sleepy kiss scene has turned into a mini series (Ransom again 🤦‍♀️) so here’s Kisses pt 3 friends! 
In this universe, Ransom and Andy are brothers. Their dad is still loosely that bad person from Defending Jacob and in prison so they’ve spent a lot of time with their grandpa Harlan
Nighttime kisses // Goodbye kisses
Summary: It’s the morning after your car stopped when you open the door to some unexpected help 
Ransom Drysdale x reader
Word count: ~1.4K
Warnings: A borrowed line from the film by Harlan, PDA, kissing (it’s in the name you guys), nothing crazy in this pt, series will include some sexy time later on
Taglist: @drabblewithfrannybarnes​​ @stargazingfangirl18​​ @thiskindahotkindamusic​​ @harrysthiccthighss​​​ @starlightcrystalline​​ @holl2712​​ @buckyfan12​​ @thefallenbibliophilequote​
Tumblr media
You reach across your night stand the next morning, fumbling to find your phone to silence the alarm as you slowly lift your head from the pillow. A big yawn escapes as you stretch your arms and legs in bed, appreciating the way your muscles extend from your core to tips of your fingers and toes. 
That’s when it hits you. Last night’s walk from the bar after seeing Andy. Ugh, your car is still all alone in a parking lot, your older auto morphing into a sad little puppy in your mind as you swing yourself out of bed. After sending your boss a quick email about car troubles, you change into shorts and a loose tshirt and tennies. Taking inventory of your reflection in the bathroom mirror after a speedier routine, you lick your bottom lip at the memory of Ransom kissing you goodnight. 
You had been out of practice really. How long has it been since you kissed someone like that? Did you even like Ransom or did you just enjoy the quick makeout session? 
You laugh at yourself as you throw your bag over your shoulder and slide into your jacket, swinging the front door open and almost crashing into something - no, someone - solid. 
Ransom quickly lifts the tray of coffee cups and paper bag above his chest but doesn't step back as you lightly collide with him, chuckling as he hears your squeak at the unannounced visit. 
"Ransom! What are you doing here? And so early?" Your nose makes a quick inventory of the tasty food and drinks in his hands and you gasp dramatically in fake disbelief, "Are those for me?"
"Good morning, yes, these are for us. I figured you were gonna need help this morning getting your car situated so I decided to come by." 
He moves the coffee and paper bag in front of you as an offering so you take the tray with a thank you to your knight in shining armor and turn back into your apartment with Ransom on your heels, the feel of his hand on your lower back waking you up better than the hot drink you were about to consume.
Heading straight to the small kitchen, he sets the bag down as you grab plates and napkins to set the table. He pulls out a thick bagel stuffed with cream cheese and a pastry.
"OK kitten, which one do you want?" His amused tone makes you giggle as you snatch the bagel and grab one of the coffees to sit down at your table. 
He joins you and watches as you take your first bite before starting on his own breakfast. You moan and close your eyes at the creamy goodness in your mouth, causing Ransom to groan  and put his coffee down. He kicks your foot under the table, whining your name and distracting you enough to switch your attention away from the delicious bagel to the somewhat annoyed-looking man across the table from you. 
“Hey I brought you breakfast, but if you’re gonna keep moaning, you’re gonna get me all hard.”
“A bagel and coffee alone aren’t going to convince me to sleep with you Hugh.” 
Ransom exhales theatrically, “Yeah, I had to try though,” he takes a bite from his fruity pastry and swallows it down with another sip of caffeine, “Although Andy would die from a heart attack if he found out.”
“Geez, he would really hate that, wouldn’t he?” you roll your eyes as you enjoy another taste of the warm coffee, “but mostly because of you, right? He loves me.” 
Your teasing causes Ransom to grumble and land another soft kick under the table against your shin. It’s the second time he’s jabbed at your leg so you can’t help but nudge back against his lower leg in response. His blue eyes lock with yours as he spreads his legs wider apart under the tabletop, allowing your tennis shoe more room to reprimand him. His hand reaches below to take hold of your foot and he pulls you and your chair closer to his seat. You hold your breath as he leans over and kisses you, no longer interested in the breakfast he had ordered earlier this morning. 
His tongue meets yours and you smile into the kiss as he purposefully explores your mouth. The scratch of his fingers as he runs them through your hair makes you shiver, but a small whimper reaches his ears after he accidentally pulls at a knot in your hair. 
Ransom pulls back slowly, his pink lips a touch puffier than when he first arrived and looks at you carefully. You force yourself to take a deep breath, restocking on some much needed fresh air for your lungs. He’s still looking at you, a small smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth. The expression on his face is enough to want to grab him by the face for another kiss, but he speaks up before you can even try. 
“Come on, YN. Let’s go save your car.” 
Thankfully, it was only the battery that needed to be replaced, but it was a long wait. Ransom stood by your side in the parking lot as you spoke to the insurance company over the phone and finally when the roadside assistance agent arrived. However, by early afternoon, your little sedan was ready to hit the road again and you turned to your handsome savior to thank him again. 
He accepted your apology in the form of a long stretch of passionate kisses with you pinned against your horseless carriage. 
“So how did you have all this free time to help me?” you ask him while straightening out your shirt, avoiding eye contact with the passerby who just witnessed the public display of affection and ass grabs you and Ransom just provided. 
Ransom continued holding onto your waist, appreciating your chest before moving his view a bit higher to meet your eyes, an eyebrow cocked on his beautiful face, “Working for Harlan has its perks.” He shrugs and casually invites you to Harlan’s for lunch, saying he “has to put some time in the office.” You laugh at the thought of lunchtime being considered as actual work but agree to meet him there. 
The two of you entered the large mansion together to find Harlan sitting at the head of the dining room table with a plate in front of him. 
“Grandad,” Ransom claps Harlan on the shoulder affectionately before pulling a seat out next to him. You sit on Harlan’s opposite side, smiling your hellos to the older man as he greets you, excited to be joined today for the midday meal. 
Extra plates are served as the three of you make conversation, going over your car adventures from last night and this morning - shying from any mention of Ransom’s hands on your waist and kissing you senseless. 
A comfortable moment or two of silence falls upon the table as the three of you fill your bellies. Harlan forks the last pieces of his dish and turns to you with a twinkle in his eyes. 
“I'm used to seeing you visit with Andy."
"Your grandsons keep me busy, but I enjoy your company the most Mr. Thrombey,” you beam at Harlan, turning your head to the side to give him a flirty smile. It earns you a big belly laugh from the patriarch and a grin from Ransom. 
Just then Fran enters the room to inform Harlan of a phone call. He makes way to stand up from the table, but Ransom beats him to it, extending a hand out to stop his grandpa. 
“I’ll get it grandad, I have to pretend to do some work today,” he gives you a wink over his shoulder as he exits the room towards his office, leaving you and Harlan to enjoy the last of lunch together. 
“I like Ransom spending time with you. There’s so much of me in that kid. Confident. Stupid.,” he shakes his head slowly as he says your name quietly, “I like seeing him laugh with you.” 
Your chest tightens at his words. How many times have you come over to this home with Andy, how many meals have been shared together as you sat next to Andy? Harlan has always been kind and welcoming with you, but his voice was gentler when he spoke of Ransom. 
“I like laughing with him too,” you reply softly, afraid that if you spoke any louder, Ransom would overhear. If you said it too loudly, perhaps he would hear the longing in your voice, the growing ache for his company and kisses. 
Yes, perhaps you would come visit Harlan more often with his grandson. 
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clara0228 · 22 hours ago
No, this SDV pirate au will never die
When two local sea creatures find a cute blond pirate in the distance
Tumblr media
When we were talking about this au on Discord, we decided that Ere would be a capricorn, so I decided to do a tiny doodle with them and Nohra replied with this amazing beautiful cute sketch that I just had to finish
Ere belongs to @stardewcowboy
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jinmukangwrites · 19 hours ago
Do you guys wanna see a shitty drawing I did of my main character for my original work that I made instead of writing
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awholeloadofnothing · 3 hours ago
how would you akumatise a naked person 🤔 hypothetically speaking of course, but would you just,,, pick a body part
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