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Okie doke so because of Pride coming up, a Thought has been running around my brain and I need to get it out.

I grew up Mormon, and in the Mormon church you’re taught that basically all people were nonbinary spirits living in heaven and chilling with God until God goes “Hm, yes, this child of mine needs to prove themselves worthy of my love now. Have a fun life on Earth.” And then you get sent to Earth.

So I am trans and I can only assume that I, as an unexperienced nonbinary spirit with no concept of gender, checked the wrong gender on my Earth Trip form and now need to transition with the help of angels sent to Earth for this very reason.

TL;DR: God created transition surgeries and treatments in order to help his dumbass nonbinary spirit children.

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Protest in my city and it started off peaceful but a bunch of new people came (who weren’t even there for majority of the protest) and they started vandalizing, breaking windows and shit, and setting things on fire. I heard helicopters not long ago and I’m hearing very light shootings rn. My city is trending on twitter, too. Saw a lot of the videos and literally 99.9% of the people in the videos who were destroying shit were white people 🙃🤡

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y’all there’s an issue. i started writing a concept for zuko and iroh settling in gaoling instead of looking for the avatar, with the sole intention of them befriending toph and this turning into a gaang concept.

but like. it’s grown a mind of its own???? it’s at my ideal length for a concept piece, but our fav uncle and nephew duo just got to gaoling. and i still wanna write out zuko and toph getting to be friends and then also toph meeting the gaang and insisting zuko and iroh come?? and everything that includes?? but it would be like 3 posts long at m i n i m u m.

would anyone like be interested in reading that? is it too much? should i just make it a really long post?? i would just make it really long but idk how to do the “keep reading” thing where it cuts off so it’s not obnoxious to scroll through.

people seem to like these concept things so…. help?

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COMMAND || @knightshonour​ sent: dance a jig lionboi


His icy and utterly judgemental stare remained hidden under the snarling lion, hinted by an equally glacial silence. 

He would not be daunted (let alone ashamed) by something so simple. 

This sombre place was no hall of marble and gold, like those of Anor Londo. Rather, the situation called for a different sort of display; that which Gwyn’s first soldiers did whenever they sought to entertain themselves during times of celebration. Not only a demonstration of strength and agility, but also a way to overcome the cold before the Age of Fire, such a dance acquired a nearly ritualistic status at the battlefields of old.

No need to remove his armour; he could do this wearing full gear — as it should be. The dance was a rapid series of rhythmical movements, with kicks and dangerous pirouettes, rendering it fairly akin to some sort of martial art. 

Once you’ve mastered that, any other dance felt dull in comparison.

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*wants to draw stuff and update my ocs*

*tell shad about it cause she gives me some good ideas*

*Pierogi suggest me to draw vampire Willow*


Me: *goes play Terraria or some shit with Mini and Warle cause I have a problem*

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