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abelzumi · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Is know...”
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valjeans · 6 hours ago
Think Of Me - Lucy St Louis
Phantom of the Opera Re-Opening Night 27/07/21
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lesbianjoannaharvelle · 12 hours ago
Thinking about Cas owning a cat and falling asleep on the couch with the cat also asleep on his chest and Dean coming into the room and almost having a stroke because it's so fucking cute
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hmslusitania · 7 hours ago
Since we're taking about character purposes, what do you think about Taylor Kelly?
I think... that she is an incredibly divisive character in the fandom and I'm going to regret answering this lol
But, anyway I enjoyed her character at no point more than when she explicitly friend-zoned Buck at the end of Treasure Hunt, and I found their contrasting opinions on what makes a good team very telling (Taylor's definition being goal oriented, Buck's being quality time oriented -- neither of which is inherently positive or negative, and they aren't even mutually exclusive, but in this particular instance, Taylor's definition was not met (they did not find the treasure and the dude got away) and Buck's was (they all got to hang out together and have fun doing wacky hijinks)) and I would be curious to see that come back later.
So I was, y'know, disappointed by the role she filled in Survivors for many reasons.
This got long and kinda ugly so have a cut:
We don't know exactly what all Buck told her about his family in 4x08 or since then, but I did not care for the writers' decision to have her change tone on the friends vs lovers debate only after Buck had put himself directly in harm's way, thereby reinforcing his parents entire axiom while he was growing up that he only gets attention and affection when damaged, especially after that was the main character arc of the entire season. I think that if she doesn't know about that -- which I can absolutely see being the case, because we never (to my memory) saw him tell her about that, so why would she know? -- it is perfectly in character and understandable that she would have some tumultuous and conflicting emotions about him at that moment, so I will be really curious to see if the writers did that understanding that they were reinforcing his bad self-worth impressions or if they weren't paying attention, or if we're supposed to ignore that part of it because of his later comment about being done chasing after people who don't want him and yay it's all happy and resolved because she said she wants him!
Also from 4x14 I am intensely bothered by her "you didn't chase after me" line? Like! Are you kidding!! The man's best friend got shot directly in front of him, he's spent an entire season battling with his own abandonment issues, he's flirted with you across multiple episodes for you to shut him down very firmly, only to then give him affection when he's put himself in danger the exact same way he's been treated by his parents, and what? You want him to play cat and mouse with you while his best friend is in the hospital? What the fuck!! And in this particular case, it also feels very in character, like extremely in character from what we know of her which is not a ton. Like, yeah, I have no difficulty believing that Taylor would be a bit gobsmacked by the notion of a man she's declared some kind of interest in (after providing him nothing but unambiguous, unmixed, negative signals for weeks) not chasing after her.
I think she is intelligent, and driven, and has demonstrated these traits multiple times in the course of the show, and I think she and Buck are going to prove to be highly incompatible in a romantic relationship, and if you're wondering how it is that this entire response turned into a relationship analysis/rant, it's because her character only exists on the show connected to Buck. We do not see her unless she's involved with Buck in some way, she does not exist as an independent character, she doesn't have her own storylines, she's here as a love interest and because Tim wants to explore the reporter angle which, like, Timothy that is a different television show, go produce that.
Anyway, to conclude: I liked the concept of the cutthroat reporter as a character, and then she got softened and sanded down in weird ways specifically to be a palatable love interest and I very much do not like that and am morbidly curious where they take this next season -- if they write her as a consistent character or if they try to soften her even more to actually make her not only palatable but viable as a love interest to Buck, but I will say now: if they try to convince us that Taylor fdlkajs Kelly would be down to start a family with Buck -- which is a fairly reasonable analysis of what his goals are going forward -- I will laugh in the show's face.
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phoenixyfriend · 4 hours ago
AU where Galidraan is averted specifically because Jango recognizes Dooku from a shenanigans-esque adventure in a pirate brig several months earlier and just yells something to the effect of "What the fuck, old man?" and derails, uh, everything.
"Dooku gets captured with an enemy and handcuffed together in Hondo's brig" but twenty-five years early.
Dooku is very "Oh, it's YOU again"
Dooku turns off the saber he was raising in preparation for when the Mandos started shooting and just pinches the bridge of his nose like "Hello again, Jango. What have you gotten yourself into this time? Stop waving that blaster around, you're embarrassing yourself." Dooku is aware that Jango is Mandalorian but not that he's Mand'alor.
He's poised about it but the vibe everyone gets from it is very "What the fuck are you doing, kid?"
"Were you just going to start shooting at us?" "You had your lightsabers out!" "We're on a cliff, these aren't long-range weapons!" "Yeah, well, fuck you!"
(They’re long range weapons if you throw them!)
"Would you have recognized us as Jedi without the lightsabres?"
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markswhore · 4 hours ago
good girl
pairing: haechan x fem!reader
genre: suggestive
word count: 0.26k
Tumblr media
with your daughter in your arms, you lean against the door frame, watching haechans’s figure leave for work. although you can barely see the imprint, you know his back muscles flex underneath the plain white shirt he is wearing and it looks good on him.
it looks very good on him.
your train of thoughts come to a halt when he pauses in the midst of his track. furrowing your eyebrows, you stand straight. your daughter giggles and places her head in the crook of your neck.
haechan walks towards you with an innocent smile on his face.
did he perhaps forget something?
you can barely think about it by the time he stands infront of you. he leans in close and places a loving kiss on your daughter’s cheeks. your breath hitches when he turns to look at you, his face so close to yours, his chocolate brown orbs staring deep into your soul. “be a good girl for me, yeah?”
you stand frozen as you clench around nothing. your heart pounds against your chest and you swallow the lump in your throat. he slowly turns around and walks back to his car and although you can’t see it, you know he is smirking. your face suddenly feels warm and your pussy throbs, already aching for him. you’re sure you’ve just creamed your panties at nothing but a sentence. mere words. his words.
how did your husband’s brother have this effect on you again?
Tumblr media
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asteriscuz · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok but is anyone going to tell my uni that its unlawful and downright disrespectful to start the 5th sem literally 4 days after 4th sem finals????
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voidsides · an hour ago
whenever you look up something on tumblr and nothing comes up and it says “there’s nothing here welcome to the void.” or something along those lines i bet you just chill knowing you ARE the void and it’s your home I HADTO SWND THIS SSK ON MY FRIENDS PHONE AND THIS IS SO WEIRED
Honestly it kind of makes it worse cause most of the time when I’m searching for something it’s something I know exists, so it feels like I’m being mocked
Like do not speak to me of the void you know nothing of the void I know that there is something here and you are simply keeping it from me
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galadhremmin · 8 hours ago
Also Treebeard’s "Ents are more like elves: less interested in themselves than Men are, and better at getting inside other things.” ...very important description of what elves are like to me. 
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vatorelilith · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the devil bites dirty, we wax and wane
beginning | previous | next
Blake: So, you’re Gunther. I’m Blake, Caleb’s roommate. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you. Gunther: You have? Blake: Don’t worry, all good things. I’d love to stick around and chat, but we should probably get going before it starts pissing rain. Caleb? Caleb: You go ahead, I’ll be right with you.
Caleb: Gunther, can I ask you something? Gunther: Um…Yeah. Of - of course. Caleb: You really like my sister, don’t you? Gunther: Yes... Caleb: Good. Have a nice time. Gunther: Uh... you, too.
Blake: You know, he probably thinks you were pulling the brother card on him. Caleb: Good, because I was. In a way. Anyway. Let’s go.
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lackadaisycal-art · 6 hours ago
Can anyone explain why sometimes when you feel bad and stressed, but you manage to distract yourself for a bit and stop thinking about it, you then feel guilty when you remember to be stressed again? It doesn't make any sense because I know overthinking is bad but I feel like I'm doing something wrong when I manage to distract myself. I feel like I don't have the right to feel good and not think about the things I'm dreading
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saipng · 10 hours ago
tumblr wont let me post audio so i had to make this instead
anyway, i've been playing around with heisenberg's audio files and here are some highlights :)
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