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#anyway all their shit is so expensive
mypimpademia · 10 days ago
If I see one more post telling people to stop buying fast fashion or stop buy from brands that pollute/harm animals I'm gonna punch someone in the head
#pimptalks#and im saying this bc they usually demonize people that do these things#its! not! that! easy!#unless youre rich#most brands do all of these things#and its hard to just stop buying from them bc usually theyre essential brands and theyre accessible#and even if they don't their suppliers probably do fast fashion or pollute#and brands that do this at all (small business) are really fucking expensive!#im not paying $40 for your tee shirt just bc youre a small brand!#yall need to target this shit at rich ppl and big corporations instead of coming for anyone and everyone#especially when you fucking bone heads have made thrifting a TREND.#and the same ppl doing it used to make fun of ppl who HAD to do it???#these ppl (usually rich) will go to the thrift store and get a shirt for $5 just to resell it for like $30 so they can say theyre a business#youre racking up the thrift prices and now ppl who ACTUALLY need that shit cant get it#so what do they do??? they resort to fast fashion#and brands that are cruelty free or dont pollute are usually really fucking expensive too🧍🏾‍♀️#anyways rant over#im not even one of the ppl that needs to thrift btw yall just really get on my nerves w that shit#like i dont need to go to thrift stores (and most likely never will bc again the rich idiots are already racking up prices)—#— but im not rich enough to be buying $30 shirts from small brands#dont get me wrong tho ill buy from them if theyre cheap#but nigga if youre gonna try and sell me a white tee for $30 im not buying from you i can find that exact shirt at h&m or ross🧍🏾‍♀️
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nothingbutalgae · 13 days ago
So like.. in the pokemon world, is it normal for the equivalent of pet shops (which I guess would just be pokemon supply shops?) To have huge tanks/ponds in stock or is it like normal pet stores where they have tiny ass tanks branded with pictures of fish you could definitely not keep in there on them? I want to see what a pokemon world pet store looks like plz
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bubmyg · a month ago
Okay so I was watching a video and I learned of a website where you can find like the clothes that Kpop people have worn??? Meaning I could find all the sweaters worn by yoongi and just???? Be cozy forever??
that cat sweater that’s going around on twt that everyone wants yoongi to get what if /i/ buy it tho it’s so cute FBDNNDDBDN
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kisshim · a month ago
anyway final note before going to sleep (read: attempting to go to sleep)
#today my family watched one of those eps on that tamil talk show and it was about gender inequality#and god did it make me so furious#it was a daughter v parents debate btw so#one girl said ‘they’ll allow my brother to eat non veg food w his friends but won’t let me bc WHAT WILL HER FUTURE HUSBANDS FAMILY THINK’#another girl said ‘my parents will say ‘you’re not actually part of this family because you’re a girl and will get married into another#family anyway’ just to reminder her that ‘she’s not part of the family’ that includes HER LITERAL BIRTH PARENTS AND BLOOD RELATED BROTHER#btw non-tamil people watching this...most tamil people are very very discriminatory towards girls and women in general because#GIRLS ARE SEEN AS A LIABILITY AND BOYS ARE SEEN AS AN INVESTMENT#one girl asked why her brother was allowed to get an expensive badminton racket and play on a club and she didn’t get to and her dad#LITERALLY RESPONDED ‘she’s a girl. we can only have a limit to what we spend on girl children (daughters) because THEY WILL LEAVE US ANYWAY’#first of all the idea of ‘marrying off’ your daughter to another family is DISGUSTING no it’s fucking disgusting. daughters are not#liabilities they are not property to be ‘given away’ they are not only meant to be prepared for marriage or having kids or some shit#i literally could not believe that people are actually so fucking uneducated to the point that they can point at their literal children#and say ‘no you can’t do this because you will marry someone eventually someday and we don’t want to waste money on you’#i said ‘non-tamil ppl watching this’ i meant reading but i’m going through it okay i’m furious#btw in my family there is very clear patriarchy :) your dads side is seen as ‘more important’ than your mothers side to begin with and plus#actually a lot of ppl on my dads side including my uncles and aunts and everything are not sexist in the ‘don’t spend money on her’ but you#know who is? my grandmother :) she thinks women should not work and should not study and should not focus on anything expect for marriage#and kids! of course because being a girl means you’re obligated to ‘give’ children to your husbands family#to everyone who’s always like ‘why don’t you like going to india’ LMFAO others might be used to it but i have a limit to how many ‘when do#you plan to get married and have kids’ questions okay? it’s fucking rude to ask a girl when she’s going to get married and especially when#she’s going to have kids when neither of those are necessary in life#also why i pray i leave my family and never return#my family has practices of arranged marriages and i know someone will try to rope me into that (read: my mom) eventually#my best bet is never getting married by studying forever and using the ‘after i finish strategy’ that my cousins use#or i run away with my female lover and forget about stupid fucking gender roles#okay now i sleep#vee.txt
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xumoonhao · 2 months ago
this is Truly a western canada specific thing rn so i know aint none of yall gonna understand but if rogers ends up buying shaw (theyre tv/internet/phone providers here) then i Will absolutely lose my mind. therell be only like TWO companies offering those utilities if that happens and yall know what that means! its gonna be more expensive bc of monopolies </3
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crockettmarcel · 3 months ago
someone send me £14.29 so I can get five guys for lunch <3
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h-isforhome · 5 months ago
my dad: hmmmm my kids don't listen to me and theyre addicted to their phones and my wife yells nonstop.... i know what will fix this! a family trip :-)
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transtemic · 5 months ago
every year without fault im like yeah i dont care abt my birthday that much and its not a big deal and then when i dont get many happy birthday wishes or zero gifts i still get upset over it :)
#like two friends and some family members wished me happy birthday#and i didnt get any gifts at all except for some cash that my grandpa is gonna send over like he always does as a birthday/christmas combo#and like. i even got upset over what my dad made for lunch lmao#like he has a habit of cooking by throwing random shit in a frying pan w water and put a lid on it and call it a day#(at least he used semi decent seasoning this time)#and he cooked fish and chicken breast w bell peppers. i deeply dislike most fish and prefer not to interact w bell peppers.#also he reheated the rice weirdly and it got all gummy and pasty and not good#so the only thing i genuinely liked abt the meal was the beans. which i myself cooked over the weekend :)#and when he asked how it was and i said it was too bell pepper-y he has the audacity to say he knew i was gonna tske the bell peppers out#which like. if you knew i wouldnt like them then why in the fuck did you put them in anyway :)#i ended up barely eating lmao#and it just makes me so fucking annoyed and sad bc its like it doesnt matter that its my birthday at all#i dont expect to have my favourite food served to me in a silver platter but at least a little thoughtfulness wouldve been nice yknow#esp since my brothers birthday always gets all the fanfare (bc we're usually w the rest of the family not just the three of us)#and i made him his favourite food of all time#oh and also how on my last birthday i didnt get anything bc my dad gave me a choice between two expensive things and i was like#we dont have the money for that wtf. he was like we do but i was still like yeaa im not gonna use it that much anyways so let it be#and he later got me that laptop but only when my brothers birthday came around and he got him a laptop as well.#by then it was corona time and distanced learning and stuff made it way more logical to get a computer but it still bothers me a bit.#also i just feel bad asking for things in general but especially if those things cost money. especially if they cost a lot of it.#im just upset and it doesnt make sense and i judt sound like a spoiled brat#but yknow when every time someone has a birthday everyone makes hbd posts on their stories or smth it feels really lonely#and like i could just ask my dad for some cash or smth but like im gonna be real w him and say its gonna go into the tat fund#and he does not like that i have one tat already (....that he knows of) and refuses to acknowledge it so yknow no bank there#hhhhh birthdays are supposed to be happy but when most of the hbd wishes i get are from my granduncles and grandaunts#some of who i know for a fact wouldnt hesitate to disown me if they knew im trans....... feels a lot like a yikes to me#like all i did today that was like a birthday Thing was make brigadeiro which like didnt even turn out the right texture which is another :)#:) fun thing :) /s#ícaro rants#ask to tag
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