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#anyway mahler. you get it. you really get it
recapitulation · 3 months ago
anyway this didn't make the list earlier because 1) I'd already included a different section from mahler 2 and 2) it's more frighteningly beautiful/chilling than a "soul leaving my body" feeling BUT. if you're in the mood for something haunting but still angelic sounding pls listen to this passage from mahler 2 aka "resurrection symphony," I'm putting the horn part below <3
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[id: an excerpt from the score of Mahler's 2nd symphony. There are four staves shown for six horn parts. The line features a descending pattern in all of them, marked pianissimo. /end id]
here's a youtube video with the score timed at this moment
mahler was a DUDE okay. there's some longer, sharper tones in the trumpet and some very soft string/percussion going on in the background at this moment but this six-part horn phrase is very much in the foreground, and it feels so Visceral to me in a way I can't describe. it sounds like the music is limping, or dry-heaving, or crying out, or... I don't know, but it feels so Much.
this is the very end of the movement, and based on the (limited) reading that I've done about this symphony, movement one is supposed to depict a funeral. and you can. really feel that. something about the fact that it's these six horns all working together as one voice here in such an exposed way to depict something so deeply chilling just really gets me going.
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