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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#anyway thank youuuuu!
For the 'Get to know me better': questions 4, 10 and 20 please
Thank youu!!!
4 - The Chronicles of Narnia! And also Rangers Apprentice since it really shaped my writing (I should probably reread it tho)
10 - Do you wonder - Ever After High
20 - I love spring with all of my heart!
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ataleofthousandstars8 days ago
You were complaining about all the earth simping, well...YOU'RE WELCOME!!
Tumblr media
(Source material is grainy af so your curse is grainy af as well.)
MARIAAAAAAAAA DHDJJDJDJDJJDDJ We got the hot swimming pool scene for just one day and you come up with this. Thank you this made me feel better or not cause omg is this how those earth simps feel when they receive those tiddy pics djdjjdjd. @ppdchickencoop I DONT NEED YOU AND YOUR STUPID CHCIKENS, MARIA HERE KNOWS TO LOVE AN APPRECIATE A LOVELY PERSON LIKE ME UNLIKE YOUR CHICKEN TAIL 馃槫馃槫
Tumblr media
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longhairedlouismybeloved2 months ago
hiii! me agaaain bhrjedskl you're not getting rid of me that easily apparently i remember to message you it's a nice change for me vghedjk ANYWAY lemme ask you another thing! name three of your life changing books, (if you're a book person) if not, then three life changing movies for you! you can also do both vgrfdjkm枚 hope you have a great day darling <3
Hiiii darling 馃グ
I have thought a lot about your question (in fact it took me a lot to answer you, I'm sorry cutie 馃檲) and I'm gonna tell you a book and two movies that left me a mark 馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎
Okay, soooo:
Uno, Nessuno e Centomila (which could be translated like One, No One and One Hundred Thousand) by Luigi Pirandello. It's one of those books that every Italian teacher makes you read at least once in your lifetime, in fact I had to read it and do an essay on it during middle school and it was also one of the topics of my italian literature exam at university; nevertheless I've really enjoyed reading it and I've read it again and again and it's one of my favourite books now. First of all, I love the author and his way of thinking. Second of all, this book makes you think A LOT about yourself and the people who surround you. It makes you think about the fact that everyone has a different perspective on you which is different even from your own perspective on you. You look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself in some way, but that way is not the same way your mother sees you and it's not the same your best friend sees you, but even their way of seeing you is different from one another and so on. Well, it's a little bit more complex the whole concept of the book, but anyway it completely blew my mind.
Prayers for Bobby. I watched it with my cousin when I was 14/15 and it was the first lgbt+ movie I've ever watched, it made me cry so hard that I had red eyes at the end of the movie and I WAS EMBARRASSED AF because I hate crying in front of people and also because my cousin barely cried so you know I wanted to disappear. Anyway at that time I still had no idea about my sexuality. I never even thought about it tbh, so I genuinely thought that it hit me so hard just because I'm sensitive (ofc now I know it wasn't just for that lol). So yeah, this movie really left me a mark.
Soul. I've watched it on January 1rst and God, it's been more than a month since then and I still think a lot about it and its meaning. You know, 2020 is been pretty hard for everyone... I personally had a lot of breakdowns about university, my life and my future so after an year like that, watching a movie like Soul was everything I needed. It made me think a lot about life in general and the beauty of being alive. It kinda calmed my soul. I'm genuinely thinking about watching it once every month or once every year just to remind myself about it lol
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longhairedlouismybeloved2 months ago
that took me so long fucking hell vgedhsj谋a anyway, these are just garbage without editing soo also! love you lots, take care and please tell me how your life going? I AM CURIOUS also how's exams if you don't mind me asking vgehdasj谋 see ya love!
Tumblr media
First of all, I'm SO sorry for answering you so late. Second of all, I'VE LOVED THE SNIPPET! It was a really a great gift to celebrate the end of the exam session! I'm gonna keep it and read it every time I want 馃グ
Thank you so much for sharing it with me and, please, don't hesitate to share more with me! I really like the idea and also what you wrote, so if you waaaant to send me more 馃憖 but as always no pressure, honey 馃挒
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fictionally-fantastic2 months ago
馃榾For the 3 things ask game: 27, 30, 22 鉁煉曫煒
27 - three things you wish you did more often
go for walks/runs outside, read nonfiction, and talk to my brother :/
30 - three moments you could never forget
leaving my elementary school for the last time, the moment i met my best friend (specifically thinking 鈥榳ow she鈥檚 a bitch鈥), and the day my grandpa died probably
22 - three books/movies/tv shows that made you cry
鈥榯he memory book鈥 by lara avery, 鈥榟arry potter and the order of the phoenix鈥 by shakira (/j), and 鈥榯his is us鈥.
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impossible-rat-babies2 months ago
馃尮 馃ズ馃憠馃憟
馃尮鈥淎 hot compress will help the bruises, and some ibuprofen for the pain.鈥 He mumbles idly like it鈥檚 a list, having done this exact same thing half a dozen times鈥攈e鈥檚 too comfortable with the motions, but they鈥檙e all together different under Mason鈥檚 watchful worried eyes.
send a 馃尮for a sentence from a wip!
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spinbitchzu3 months ago
Still love the way you draw Mr. E 馃ズ馃挄
yo i was JUST thinking about him......he truly lives in my mind rent free. I would like to draw him again heeheehoohoo
also i have been lowkey stalking ur ocs and....kinda tempted to make a nindroid oc cuz urs are SO badass. feel like everyones got one but me U_U
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smolie3 months ago
hmm top 5 johnny looks maybe?? 馃
i don鈥檛 know the dates,,,,i just consult my funny little (seriously big) folder of johnny pics on my phone lol
5. wishing the stylist who decided to give him a wet hair look that day a very pleasant evening
Tumblr media
4. god make me a johfam and thus i am jorny what can i say
Tumblr media
3. i can鈥檛 explain i just love this look
Tumblr media
2. by god...his GLOW...the fact that the photographer was obsessed with him? he had everyone wrapped around his finger that night didn鈥檛 he
Tumblr media
1. No further comment.
Tumblr media
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joenns3 months ago
do you use vapoursynth/avisynth filters on your gifs or you just topaz them in photoshop? either way, they look so smooth and gorgeous!
i do sometimes!! just the denoise filter on vs if not i use the denoise option on the smart sharpen filter in ps depends on my mood lolll but i always sharpen on ps not vs
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nctsworld4 months ago
i know most won鈥檛 see this but [blows kisses to all those who liked/reblogged/left love in the notes for my rainbow nct in 2020 set]聽
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medievalraven4 months ago
S2 finale canon divergence, Beth and rio end up boning in front of a tied up Turner. OBVIOUSLY
obviously - and then beth manages to shoot turner when she orgasms, yes yes.
although honestly i do love this idea BUT if i were to write it i would probably start with beth being arrested and rio sends gretchen to bail her out/bring boomer.聽 then later that night rio texts beth to meet him and she comes without needing to be kidnapped.聽 the two would talk about what happened (i mean kinda cause it鈥檚 them) and then they鈥檇 fuck in the alcove to his loft.聽 then post-coital rio would bring her out into the loft and she鈥檇 see a tied up turner who heard everything聽and the fic would end with rio passing beth the gun.
send me fic ideas you think i should/would write!
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oblivions-dawn6 months ago
I hit 100 followers the other day or a few days ago and the reason I haven鈥檛 said anything is because, well . . . I kept trying to think of something to do for you guys!! I鈥檓 so grateful and I really have no idea how to show my appreciation. So: thank you so so much!!! If you enjoy my content and follow for that reason, I hope you continue to do so as it means the world to me! (鉂伮粹棥`鉂) Thank you again!!
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clumsyclifford6 months ago
Hey girl I just cried to ur zouis-friendship 10th anniversary 1d fic and it was very cathartic and I loved that louis thought fine line was overproduced bc it is. Thank u for writing it 馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏
this is absolutely my favorite ask i have ever received not least because you started it with HEY GIRL but also because you agree with me that fine line is overproduced look i know i鈥檓 gonna get doxxed for that but as the king alex gaskarth once said if i鈥檓 gonna go down then just let me go, let me go down
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holy-shit-its-wolfstar8 months ago
馃尮 uwu
鈥淗ad [Sirius] thought about it, he might have realized that the majority of his decisions that were prefaced by him saying 鈥榝uck it鈥 did not end well, but his mind was otherwise occupied.鈥
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hsmp39 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i was tagged by @louisprideflag鈥 to post my lockscreen, home screen, last song i listened to, and last pic i took!
i literally don鈥檛 take pictures (my entire photos app is memes/edits) so the last pic i have saved is an hd photo i edited of donna that i鈥檓 debating using for a twitter theme聽(i also change me theme too much so i鈥檓 trying to keep the one i have for a little while but anyway)
my head is empty and i can鈥檛 think of anyone to tag so if we鈥檙e mutuals and you see this and want to do it you can say i tagged you馃挒馃挒
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