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#anyway thanks for sending in an ask!!!
wonderfulwille · 8 hours ago
What are your thoughts on simons relationship with his dad. I’m rewatching for the 5th time lol. And I just don’t know where they’ll go with it in the second season (because they will get a second season). It seems like throughout the first season he’s genuinely trying to do better by his kids but I dunno, thoughts?
i'm kinda reticent about micke tbh, he seemed nice when he's sober but i can't blame sara for being mad at simon for bringing him into their lives again (i know it was not on purpose but still) cuz we, as the public, still don't know how he's like when he's drunk (i mean what if he's aggressive or shit) and having an alcoholic parent can be very traumatic & i want simon, sara n linda to be safe so,, i'll just wait to see how they fix that thing if they (the yr team) do want micke to be a present father again
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under-sedationnn · 23 hours ago
the arcana: main six reacting to injured! reader
anonymous: Could u do m6 reacting to mc coming home injured? I want some hurt/comfort >:))
Warnings: talk of being injured, blood. if that bothers you or tiggers you in anyway, please scroll away! i want this to be a safe place, only :)
thanks for the request anon!! i hope you enjoy!! <3 requests for the kissing prompts and physical affection prompts are STILL OPEN. please send them in with the character of your choice (which could be any character from any series i write for) and i will create an imagine!! thanks and happy reading!!
Tumblr media
- tries his very very best to stay calm
- you can see panic bubbling under the surface
- faust is on high alert
- slithers around your shoulders and squeezes you for a hug
- "friend! hurt!"
- doesn't immediately ask what happened, just gets you to a comfortable place to be cleaned up
- then, and only then, will he brave to ask what happened to you
- or who did this to you
- wipes the blood from your skin with very gentle swipes
- winces when you wince, and apologizes profoundly
- "Y/n, how did this happen? i thought you were just taking a quick trip to the market."
- "i fell in the market, tripped over a stone"
- "and nobody helped you?"
- in this case he's disappointed with the bystanders, but does not become angry
- in a situation where someone hurt you?
- oh god
- "Y/n, how did this happen? i thought you were just taking a quick trip to the market."
- "yeah, well, somebody had their eye on the same apple i picked up. somehow, though, they managed to push me to the ground and steal it from my hands."
- i don't even think he would know what to say
- and asra is not really the type to march out into the streets of vesuvia and seek to challenge the one who hurt you
- but he would certainly hold a grudge against whoever it was if he did find out
- and would feel absolutely awful about letting you get hurt
- his mind would race about the possibility of losing you again
- because he simply can't handle it
- and what if that person had been particularly violent or malicious? what if you had been taken??
- you'd have to comfort the hell out of him to make sure he knows that you're okay
- "asra, hey, i'm fine! i can handle myself, you know that"
- "you're right, and i know you're right. it's just hard"
- "it's still hard for me, too. the market still makes me a little nervous and i got caught a little off guard, is all"
- that would make him feel better
- would finish patching up your wounds and would make sure to bring you to julian the next day if they were too bad for him to fix or needed stitches
- would also create a special brew to help with the pain and ease you to sleep
- "why don't i go down to the market tomorrow?"
- "why? so when you pick a fight over apples, i can pay you back for all of this high quality medical treatment?"
- "well of course, surely you didn't expect all this tender love and care to be free" *wink*
Tumblr media
- panicked doctor mode enabled
- immediately begins checking you over, asking questions
- something tells me it would be a head injury of some sort
- "oh darling, what happe- you're bleeding!"
- "julian, i'm okay! it's just a little scratch"
- "no no no you might need stitches, come sit down. i'll go get my kit!"
- there's really no use in arguing
- he has cold ass hands, so he tries to warm them up before he begins suturing the wound
- tries to be gentle, and his expert hands move quickly without any snagging
- "so, how did this happen?"
- his voice is literally trembling
- "well, i was in the clinic grabbing the list of ingredients we need for our next grocery trip and there was a puddle of... something on the floor. i slipped and hit my head on the corner of your desk"
- immediately thinks it's his fault
- like "oh shit i should have cleaned better that could have killed y/n and then what would i have done-"
- doesn't necessarily voice this, but you can tell by the silence that follows that he's feeling really guilty
- would kneel for you, head on your knees
- "y/n, i am so sorry"
- "juli, it's really okay, i should have watched where i was going"
- "i'll make sure to clean better from now on, okay?"
- would guard you throughout the night in case of concussion
- nurse juli <3
- but let's say someone had put their hands on you
- would patch you up the same way, and apologize profusely for not being there with you
- tuck you into bed and fetch mazelinka to keep an eye on you throughout the night incase of a concussion
- would most definitely be self destructive and seek that mf out
- maybe not successfully, but would try his hardest
- "i'll be back in the morning, get some rest"
- "I can find them myself if I want to, you know"
- embarrassed blush
- because he KNOWS you can take care of yourself
- "of course, but right now you're hurt. as your partner, i will do what must be done on your behalf darling"
- probably shows up the following morning with battle scars of his own
Tumblr media
- the guards found you in the garden, passed out in the maze
- blood trickled down your arm, a large gash marking your bicep
- ran you up to the palace and immediately to the medical wing
- them]n nadia gets word
- the calm, collected queen act disappears
- abandons anything she's doing, anybody she's talking to
- "we will finish this at a different time, i have more important matters to attend to"
- she is so worried and it's honestly adorable
- very much giving "where tf are they?" energy
- god i love her so much
- anyways um
- asks the nurses over and over what happened, if you're okay, etc.
- watches the physicians and nurses like a hawk as they clean the wound and suture the cut
- and they're so intimidated lmao they never come face to face with her literally ever
- brushes your hair back from your face as they do so
- holds your hands
- would demand that you be brought to her sleeping chamber
- so that's where you wake up! how cute
- she's laying beside you, her brows furrowed
- maybe even her eyes are a little hazy
- "y/n, sweetheart, do you remember what happened?"
- patiently waits for your answer, you're still a little groggy
- you were either attacked by an animal and passed out from the fright
- or you were attacked by an armed person and was knocked out
- either way, the guards are on it
- nadia isn't letting whoever or whatever did this get away without a fight
- the palace is meant to be a safe haven for you
- for the both of you
- "well, don't you worry, we'll take care of that"
- you try to sit up but she won't let you
- "oh no, you must stay down, y/n. you are possibly concussed from the fall"
- "oh okay, sorry"
- "is there anything i can get you?"
- the countess of vesuvia, serving you in your time of need
- "just some water would be nice"
- "of course, i'll have some brought up right away"
Tumblr media
- i literally feel like he would just start crying straight up
- cause like he has some problems anyway
- he big sad boi
- and you coming home to the hut bleeding from a gash in the arch of your foot is not helping
- picks you and carries you to the bed without a word
- just starts examining the cut
- inanna is also very concerned
- she licks the blood from the cut, she's trying to be helpful
- meanwhile muriel is stumbling around the hut looking for anything to stop the bleeding, disinfect it, bandage it, anything
- but he's not the best about keeping that stuff in stock
- keeps looking back at you with worry in his eyes
- he doesn't know what to do
- "muriel, let me see if i can contact asra. maybe he or julian can bring me a salve. i'm pretty sure i'm gonna need stitches"
- low-key makes him feel worse
- cause he feels like he's unable to care for you and keep your safe
- even tho this was just an accident
- he's breathing really fast, his anxiety creeping
- agrees anyway, but goes to get them himself
- "i'll be back soon, just keep this piece of cloth pressed against it"
- cause you're bleeding like a lot
- inanna stays behind
- he returns very quickly with julian in tow, though he doesn't look happy about it
- leaves the hut without another word
- julian gets to work immediately
- "so, you cut your foot i see"
- smartass.
- "yeah, muriel always tells me to put on shoes when i walk in the woods but i love to feel the grass beneath my feet"
- julian chuckled at this
- "and i'm assuming you, what, stepped on a rock?"
- "...yeah, sliced it right open"
- after julian is done cleaning up the cut, he tells you to just stay off of it for a while and make sure it doesn't get infected
- once he's gone, muriel trudges back into the hut
- "muriel, baby, it was just a cut it's not a big deal"
- but his eyes look hurt, and you beckon him toward the bed
- "hey," your hands on his cheeks, "i'm okay, really"
- "sorry, i just got scared. blood is still a trigger for me and since you got hurt in my woods, i felt like it was my fault"
- "muriel, of course it wasn't your fault"
- he really needed a hug
- after this instance, he made sure to keep medical supplies in the hut and you promised to try and wear shoes in the woods more often than not
- "i'll try my best to be more careful. deal?"
- sweet lil smile
- "deal."
Tumblr media
- "oh my god, y/n, what the hell happened??"
- you were tending the garden
- without her supervision
- and the garden sheers might have sliced into the palm of your hand
- deep
- brings you over to the sink and runs water over the cut, covering it with a towel when the dripping blood had been washed away
- girl is on the move
- cause she knows what to do! love that
- low-key a main reason why julian managed to live as long as he has
- pepi is curiously perched atop one of the counters, peering down
- finds her personal first aid kit she had stashed in the bathroom
- guides you over to sit on the counter while she tries to figure out what to do
- "damn, you really cut yourself, y/n"
- "sorry! i think i just got a little carried away"
- she giggles at that, though she is still worried about the fact that it won't stop bleeding
- gently wraps the cut in gauze and adheres it together
- places a kiss to your fingertips
- "all done! no more gardening for you!"
- "hey, why not?"
- "well you don't want that cut to open back up again and again, do you?"
- "no"
- "alright then," she smiled, moving to put away the first aid kit again, "and we're going up to the palace medical wing first thing tomorrow morning to make sure it's not infected"
- eye roll
- "yes ma'am" you mocked
- even though you know it's just because she loves you
- "but since you got hurt, you want me to bake you some cookies?"
- "only if you let me eat the dough!"
Tumblr media
- good god do i love this man
- but he is so self-absorbed it's actually insane
- and I feel like he wouldn't even notice at first
- cause he's too focused on himself
- gazing into the mirror without a care in the world when you walked in
- "y/n, thank goodness you're home, how do you feel about these pants?"
- you just hobbled to the nearest seat, hand resting over the gash on your knee
- mercedes and melchior were lazing across a rug at the base of his mirror, their attention set on you
- "u-um, yeah, they look good"
- literally just trying not to bleed out, over here
- "good? oh really, now, y/n don't they look amazing?"
- "yes, they look ama- ow, damnit"
- then he turned around
- immediate shock and worry! oh no oh no y/n is hurt!
- mercedes and melchior walked over first, whining as they took in the cut, brushing around the edges
- lucio raced over, squatting down in front of you, and began examining the cut
- "hey, hey, what happened?"
- "i accidentally tripped on my walk in the garden and scraped my knee on the cobblestone"
- he was lightly touching around the cut, gauging how sensitive it was
- when you flinched he stopped, looking into your eyes with a soft "sorry"
- "i think i need to go to the palace infirmary"
- "oh there's no need, i can take care of you!"
- you were not convinced he could take care of you, at least not well
- "uh, lucio, are you sure?"
- he looked slightly offended, at that
- "you know, y/n, i did fight in battles at one point. i have not only tended to my own wounds, but the wounds of others, as well"
- you giggled at the thought
- "much to your protest, though, i'm sure"
- he moved to the small cabinet of medical supplies in the ensuite to your bedroom, returning to your side with it in hand
- "at points, but i don't mind helping you in the slightest"
- for all of his antics, his soft side was enough to make you fall in love all over again
- and although i know he would take care of you in literally any situation, i can't say for certainty that he would stick around and place nurse lucio for long if a person had hurt you
- attacked you
- much like nadia, the guards would be sent out without a second thought, lucio leading the pack in the search for you aggressor
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10yrsyart · 6 hours ago
Hi 10! I came onto your blog specifically to send this ask, but I saw that the last thing you posted was a response to a very similar one. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you. You've unknowingly helped me a lot, especially in regards to a positive space for faith-related content. (I don't know if this is a weird thing to send or not?)
hey i’m really happy to hear that! ^-^ not weird at all haha, i’m glad i could help 💙
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intramoon · 12 hours ago
I'm one that sent a very long anon (if you got more than one haha) and I just want to say don't feel like you have to respond in anyway! I'm sorry, I was venting and it all kind of splurged out ^^; but I want to thank you for the video, it really has opened up conversation
I'll reply to any other messages with opinions privately for sure! You took the time to send me your thoughts so I want to take the time to respond! No need to apologize!
From what I've seen, everyone seems pretty fatigued by the conversation so I do not want to overload/overwhelm anyone with more posts on it, that's why I'll be answering privately. My anxiety is at an all-time high will everything around the conversation so it would be nice to conclude it for today that way I can get some sleep tonight!
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420technoblazeit · 26 days ago
'go to hell' is boring
'i hope you miss a 4/4 sbi stream where every game they play crashes and it increasingly descends into chaos' is much worse. im trying so fuckign hard to make sense of my dash to no avail. is this how the people felt after the tower of babel? doomed to speak and speak yet never understand, split apart by the curse of a god who, perhaps hypocritically, deemed their hubris too great. those who were once companions turned against each other, separated by the very tongue that once bonded them. the night approaches and still yet i do not know the happenings of the day
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abd-illustrates · 16 days ago
You will always be a woman, your biology betrays you every second of every day.
Wow! I've never gotten one of these asks before so ngl seeing the first few words of this notification and then opening it to find that the whole thing is written with the prose of a wannabe supervillain looking to finally, just once maybe, be taken seriously pwetty please??, is absolutely senDING ME asdfghjh-- XD
But sorry anon, sorry, like I say, I know you sent this expecting to be taken seriously, so I guess I'm duty-bound to give you the same due respect that you've so generously given unto me in ur message that nobody asked for 😔👌🏻.
What I mean to say is: "wow😲, wise stranger who is so brave they can’t share their world-shaking wisdoms without hiding behind an anonymous Tumblr ask😤💪🏻, I’ve never thought of it that way! 🤔🤯 Your single sentence of regurgitated rhetoric has shaken my sense of self to it’s queer little core 😱😔🙏🏻. I will °˖✧repent✧˖° for having lived a foolish life of icky-wicky Trans™ 🤢🤮 existence up ‘til this moment, and comply with cisgenderism immediately. 🚻 You are a genius, your meat is huge, and ev'wybody wespects you so so many for ur totawy owiginal big bwain ideas. 🥺💖"
I'm also vewy sowwy that me minding my business and existing without ever having interacted with you in any capacity offended you enough to warrant sending this ask my way, I really should have been more considerate of the fact that all clowns have a chronic phobia of Trans folk who have actually passed the vibe check because they don't have a rancid attitude that betrays them as a fuckin' idiot every second of every day. 😢😔🙏🏻
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writterings · 2 years ago
hey listen....if you’re a TERF.....i fucking hate you.....please never come near or touch my blog lmfao
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art--harridan · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
[Image description: A digital drawing of Hannahxxrose. She has brown, wavy hair with roses in it. Her ears are pointed and she's smiling. Hannah is wearing a pink, turtleneck sweater with cut off sleeves and a red tartan skirt. She also has fingerless gloves, knee-high socks and platform boots. There's a belt around her waist and a diamond sword attached. Also, she has tattoos of rose vines on her arms. The colour palette used is centered on pink and the background is a bright green.]
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starlity · 3 years ago
hi i love the way you draw yahaba's hair i'm,,, it honestly looks like a mixture of both anime and manga and i dont know how to describe how beautiful it is
Tumblr media
together they are one
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redzeverin · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He crY-
Tumblr media
A quote from @incorrectbungoustraydogs~
It’s a small similarity but anyways, I was working on this group paper, but nobody has been sending the parts I asked them to do, so I had to start typing them anyways... And I was complaining so much and telling my friend that I could only rely on her on works like these, and she asked me, “Why don’t you rely on me?” And I replied, “Because you have your own paper with your own group,” And she told me, “But?? I’m part of you’re group?? And you haven’t given me my task yet??”. So yeah, point is,we finished it in a couple of hours, no thanks to my screw up lol. Anyways, that reminded me of this soooo... yehp--
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corpsedaydream · 9 months ago
sore loser
wow! thank u so much for all the love on my first imagine!
the corpse fandom is such an amazing place to be, i love how welcoming u all are omg 🖤🖤🖤actual angels, all of u
anyway! here’s my second imagine!
word count is almost 2k so it’s a fair bit longer then the first one hehe, i rly like this one and i hope u do too! it’s got some fluff and some angst
if u have requests, feel free to send them here
🖤tag list: @insaneangel18-blog @reddeserths @shameleswhorehourstm @unmotivatedwritings​​ @yoyoanaria 🖤
Tumblr media
It popped up on your screen. Again. Feeling like it was taunting you.
And it was safe to say you were over it.
You truly didn’t mind being a crew mate, in fact, sometimes you preferred it. Besides the fact that being the imposter sometimes caused you some anxiety, you found it fun to rush to get your tasks done and then go on the hunt to try to discover who the imposter was but after what felt like over a hundred rounds of being a crew mate and always dying first or getting voted out first for what seemed like the silliest reasons, you were excited to finally be the imposter.
But of course Corpse figured you out early on, he was too good and you knew that.
You accepted that defeat and it seemed luck was on your side, you were imposter once again. However, the luck didn’t last long as once again it was Corpse who was getting you caught.
Finally in a third round, you had somehow managed to become imposter again. This time you were determined. You had to make it to the end this time. But alas, it was only a few rounds and it seemed Corpse was really trying hard to get you found out.
You huffed and switched your mic off for a moment, also switching your camera off. You were streaming with your friends, you were supposed to feel good but you were not feeling the fun in that moment. You glanced to your live chat, noticing that a significant amount of the messages were about how there was some trouble in paradise with you and Corpse after these rounds. 
The two of you had met on these streams and instantly clicked. The back and forth banter very quickly became flirty and much like everyone else, you had melted for that voice of gold. It didn’t take long for your viewers to start shipping the two of you. It also didn’t help that your fellow streaming friends threw in some jokes about the two of you, sailing that ship even further.
But today, you really didn’t like how he came after you.
You could hear your teammates laughing and chatting away as they rejoined in the lobby, but you were still silent. Until you decided you were signing off. Games were meant for fun and if you weren’t having fun, you were going to get off.
“Hey guys.” You called for their attention, switching your mic back on. “Something’s come up, I’ve got to get off. Sorry for the quick ditch. Good game, everyone.”
A jumbled group of voices all replied at once. A mix of things like,
“Hope everything’s okay.”
“Play again soon.”
“Message me if you need anything.”
It was sweet, really. And you felt bad for telling them a white lie, you all did genuinely care for one another.
“Thanks guys, enjoy the rest of your streams, bye!” You bid them a final farewell before moving your mouse to click on the leave game button. Then you heard him, that all too familiar deep voice.
“(Y/N), wait-” But you had already clicked disconnect.
The next action of duty was ending your stream. Which you also did almost as quickly as you had left the game and your friends. Your viewers had caught on that something was off, of course they did. When people watched you for hours at a time, the regulars could notice certain things.
After switching your computer off completely, you sat back in your chair and just took in some deep breaths. You ran your mind through tonight’s games. Corpse really seemed to have made an effort to get you out early every game, even when the both of you were crew mates. The two of you did enjoy teasing each other, but you couldn’t help but to think that tonight, he took things to a new level. As if he was trying to get a reaction out of you that wasn’t just the playful back and forth.
Am I being over sensitive?
You couldn’t help but to think to yourself. After all, it was your time of the month and you couldn’t deny that when it was that time, you did let things get to you more than you would usually.
Shaking your head and getting up, you decided on going to have a shower to try to let the water wash these overthinking thoughts out of your mind.
The amount of time spent in the shower was lost by you. It was one of those, ‘turn on some Lo-fi music and try your hardest to achieve a clear mind’ showers.
Getting out of the shower, you took your time doing some skin care treatments. Enjoying the peace that came with the quiet of this time of night and considering so much of your life involved staring at screens, you enjoyed the times when you took a well deserved technology break.
When you finally went back to your phone, you had several messages. A few of them were from some of your streaming friends, checking in that everything with you was okay. You decided you would reply to those later, because in all honesty, there was only one name that was in your notification list that you cared to look at right now. The first message came only a few minutes after you must have gotten off the stream.
10:07pm. Corpse: Everything okay?
10:11pm. Corpse: I hope you didn’t get off because of me. Chat’s telling me I upset you.
10:12pm. Corpse: I’m really sorry if I did.
10:29pm. Corpse: This isn’t as fun without you.
10:43pm. Corpse: Worried about you.
11:15pm. Missed Called: Corpse.
11:16pm. Corpse: ??
11:17pm. Corpse: I just got off stream, call me back when you can?
11:18pm. Corpse: Please.
It was 1:01am now and there you sat with a bubble of guilt sitting in your stomach reading over his messages. You could sense the anxiety typed in those words and you felt terrible that you been the cause of it.
Why do I have to be so sensitive?
You labelled yourself with the not so desirable trait in your own thoughts again. Except this time you weren’t wondering, you were questioning on why you were this way.
Just as you were contemplating on if you should reply by messaging him or calling him back, it seemed the decision was made for you in a way as your phone began vibrating in your hands harshly with ‘Corpse’ displayed on the top.
Before a second had managed to pass, you pressed the green button and brought the phone up to your ear.
“Hi.” You greeted him simply.
“Shit, hey, you answered quick.” He spoke quite rushed and the guilt inside you grew bigger.
“My phone was in my hands.”
“Oh.” Was that disappointment?
“I was just going to call you back.” You tried to assure him.
“Why didn’t you?”
“I just read your messages now, I honestly haven’t picked up my phone since I left the game. Needed a screen break for a little bit, you know?”
“Yeah, I get you.”
“What are you doing anyway? I thought you might be asleep.”
“(Y/N), it’s me you’re talking to.” He let out a breathy laugh with his words and you mirrored it.
“Right, should’ve figured.”
“Even if I had a normal sleep schedule, I would’ve been awake worrying about you, anyway.”
“Sorry.” You instantly apologised, that stress was so unnecessary for him.
“What, why are you sorry?”
“You don’t need to worry about me.”
“I do, though. I care about you.” He said it so sure, not a shred of doubt in his words and you felt your heart skip.
“I care about you, too.”
“Can you tell me what the fuck happened tonight, then?” He was referring to the stream and you sighed before answering.
“I guess, I just had enough.” Your answer was a little vague, but it was honest.
“Was it me?” Corpse was smart, he already kind of knew that nothing had actually suddenly happened that resulted in you needing to leave so quickly.
“I mean,” You began, not sure how honest you should be right now, “yeah.” You decided on complete honesty.
“Can I ask what it was, exactly?”
“You just, like, really came for me. I mean, fuck, Corpse, even when we were both crew mates and you literally saw me do med bay scan, you claimed it was me!” You got a little worked up and he fucking laughed. “Why are you laughing?!”
“Baby,” He pulled out the pet name that was seemingly becoming more frequent with every call you two had - which was almost nightly at this point - and you couldn’t deny that every time he said it, you loved it. “I’m really sorry, I don’t mean to laugh, but I told you this would happen.”
“What?” You were so confused by his words, on one hand, you were feeling very offended that this seemed to be a ploy by him but on the other hand, he was laughing and calling you baby in that tone of voice, so something about this was light hearted to him.
“Remember a few weeks ago, when you were upset at me for doing the opposite of what I did tonight?” He prompted you and you thought back to the conversation you were certain he was referring to.
“What up, baby?” Corpse answered your call that had come just after the two of you had hopped off stream at the same time.
“What’d you do that for?!” You blurted out at him, fighting against the part of you that was wanting to be all heart eyes at how he had answered the phone.
“What? Help you?” He replied sarcastically. During tonight’s games, he had caught you multiple times doing something that he should’ve called you out for, but he did not.
“No! Go easy on me.”
“Come on, now-”
“No, stop! I don’t need it, you don’t have to do that. I can play the game, sure I’m not as good as you or Toast or whoever, but I can stand my own, Corpse.”
“What’ll make you happy?”
“If you play with me the same as everyone else. I don’t want to be favoured.”
“See, I have a feeling you’d be a sore loser.”
“I’m not a sore loser!” You instantly exclaimed back to him.
“Mmm, not sure I believe that.”
“Corpse, stop, I’m really not, I can handle it.”
“Alright, well how about, one night, I won’t tell you when, but I’ll be keeping my eye on you. You’ll get the full Among Us Corpse experience.”
“Good, I can take it.”
“We’ll see.”
You were speechless. He had warned you that this was going to happen.
“Haven’t got anything to say?” His tone was teasing.
“Shut up.”
“Still claiming not to be a sore loser?”
“Shut up.”
“I didn’t want to make you feel like this, (Y/N), but you did, literally, ask for it.”
“I hate you.”
“You don’t, though.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Does that mean you’ll be ready to play with me again, tomorrow?” He already knew the answer, but he was having too much fun messing with you right now.
“Absolutely not, I’m going to need a break for a few days.”
“Sounds like something a sore loser would say.”
“Corpse!” You weren’t really mad, he could hear the underlining humour in your voice, but this time he knew it was enough.
“Okay, okay, I’ll stop.” He promised. “Don’t worry, my chat was getting pretty angry at me all stream for going so hard on you.”
“Well, good.”
“I think they’re starting to like you more than me.”
“Don’t be silly, they adore you.”
“And do you?”
“Do I what?”
“Adore me?”
“Well not after tonight.” You were kidding, of course you were and he knew that too.
“Whatever you say, baby.”
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equalistmako · 3 years ago
the worst part of losing any weight at all is the constant stream of “oh my GOD! you look SO GOOD NOW!!!” like. bitch,, i’ve always looked good
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