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#anyway thanks for sending in an ask!!!
420technoblazeit · 2 months ago
'go to hell' is boring
'i hope you miss a 4/4 sbi stream where every game they play crashes and it increasingly descends into chaos' is much worse. im trying so fuckign hard to make sense of my dash to no avail. is this how the people felt after the tower of babel? doomed to speak and speak yet never understand, split apart by the curse of a god who, perhaps hypocritically, deemed their hubris too great. those who were once companions turned against each other, separated by the very tongue that once bonded them. the night approaches and still yet i do not know the happenings of the day
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abd-illustrates · 2 months ago
You will always be a woman, your biology betrays you every second of every day.
Wow! I've never gotten one of these asks before so ngl seeing the first few words of this notification and then opening it to find that the whole thing is written with the prose of a wannabe supervillain looking to finally, just once maybe, be taken seriously pwetty please??, is absolutely senDING ME asdfghjh-- XD
But sorry anon, sorry, like I say, I know you sent this expecting to be taken seriously, so I guess I'm duty-bound to give you the same due respect that you've so generously given unto me in ur message that nobody asked for 😔👌🏻.
What I mean to say is: "wow😲, wise stranger who is so brave they can’t share their world-shaking wisdoms without hiding behind an anonymous Tumblr ask😤💪🏻, I’ve never thought of it that way! 🤔🤯 Your single sentence of regurgitated rhetoric has shaken my sense of self to it’s queer little core 😱😔🙏🏻. I will °˖✧repent✧˖° for having lived a foolish life of icky-wicky Trans™ 🤢🤮 existence up ‘til this moment, and comply with cisgenderism immediately. 🚻 You are a genius, your meat is huge, and ev'wybody wespects you so so many for ur totawy owiginal big bwain ideas. 🥺💖"
I'm also vewy sowwy that me minding my business and existing without ever having interacted with you in any capacity offended you enough to warrant sending this ask my way, I really should have been more considerate of the fact that all clowns have a chronic phobia of Trans folk who have actually passed the vibe check because they don't have a rancid attitude that betrays them as a fuckin' idiot every second of every day. 😢😔🙏🏻
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wintersongstress · a month ago
(ficlet req) i hc that arthur has a breeding kink
oops was this supposed to be five sentences? because my hand definitely slipped.
Tumblr media
Arthur has a deep respect for your body, so if the two of you are intimate it never crosses his mind to degrade you in any way or make you feel less than how beautiful and special you are to him. If Arthur has a breeding kink, he has a subliminal way of showing it during intimacy that he is hardly aware of.
In the perfect happily ever after, when you have a house of your own together, a ring on your finger, and the dangers of his outlaw past no longer lurk in the shadows, Arthur would doubtlessly want to start a family with you, if that was what you wanted. Having that freedom—living that dream—would be the most important thing in the world to him, and he would protect it at any cost.
When you have your first baby, he is wordless with awe. With you, and the amazing feat your body accomplished, and with the child, that the world could gift him with such a blessing as the both of you. He is the most caring and doting father and husband, because it feels like such a wispy, delicate dream to him he is fearful to lose. Every need you or your child has is seen to, and the romance and passion between you never dwindles. The conversation of growing your family is never discussed at first, because what you have found together is such a precious thing you never want to chance or dare to ask more of.
On an evening when the west still glowed tangerine long after sundown, and the summer insects hummed into the dark, you both lingered on the front porch, watching and listening to the peace in the air until the sky was quilted with indigo and bright stars. With Arthur's fingers nestled between yours, calloused but capable of so much gentleness, you thought of how carefully he cradled your child's head and held their small body, swaddled with blankets. You thought of how your child had grown bigger now, and while Arthur was still gentle, you loved the special delicacy he reserved for a newborn, and it dawns on you in degrees that you want another with him.
When you sink into bed that night, only a corona of candlelight stemming the dark of your bedroom, your thumb strokes the freckle on his cheek and you whisper your wish to be intimate with him. In the eternal summer of his eyes desire and delight dance and the first kiss begins with your breasts soft against him. It ends with your skirts unlaced, puddling to the floor, and his shirt unbuttoned, your mouths searching for someplace new to express your shared want.
With the sheets against your bare shoulders, your legs spread around Arthur like so many times before, and yet still each time your ears burn hot and your heart lifts like a bird in flight at the sight of him kneeling before you, love clear in his eyes. The soft of your thighs grazes his hips and his thumbs join together on your stomach, trailing down to the space between to part your folds and join you as one, at last. In moments you are lost, mind clouded as your world narrows to the steady push of himself inside you and the slow pull of his length away. Being apart for more than an instant is too much to bear and you hold onto his hands in their place on your hips. They hold fast to keep his rhythm, but his artful thumb drifts between again and you toss your head back.
It never takes you long, not with Arthur. Each time, your body shudders and chases the waves of pleasure as they wash over and drown you in bliss. He still moves within you when your mind clears, and you open your eyes to find his, fringed with brassy lashes that fall against his cheeks as his expression loosens with pleasure. His fingers sweep across your stretchmarks, considering them, until he groans and the warmth inside you coupled with the image of his arms, roped with muscles from years of hard work, gathering your body against his dense chest is enough to send you back into the stars again.
Afterwards, when your breath is an easier, steadier thing catching in your chest, Arthur pulls himself out of you slowly, palms braced beside you. The curtains over the open window stir in the breeze, and you both lie in the coolness the night brings and the warmth of your bodies as thoughts gradually return to you. You smile and trail your fingers through his beard and his hair, kissing him lazily and luxuriating in the warm feel of his mouth melting in yours, equally as happy. Kissing him, it never grew old. Running your hands along the strong line of his jaw, your noses nuzzling and the prickle of his beard, it was all a treasure. A golden warmth enfolded your heart every time you made love like this, but a tingle replaces it in the present when an unseen thumb wanders back to the softest part of you. You break the kiss with a gasp to watch Arthur as he slips the pearl of his spend back inside, his gaze dark with another kind of desire.
"If I didn't know better, I would think you like keeping me pregnant," you joke. The solidness of Arthur's weight and shadow settles over you and a big hand lifts your leg over his hip. His warm, dark voice is honey-rich as it groans in your ear.
"It's so hard not to want more with you."
You shift your hips back, his softening length sliding between your damp bodies as you nestle together, your lips tracing the salt of his sun-coppered skin.
"Who says I don't want more with you too?"
Send me a NSFW headcanon and I’ll write a 5 sentence ficlet about it
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art--harridan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
[Image description: A digital drawing of Hannahxxrose. She has brown, wavy hair with roses in it. Her ears are pointed and she's smiling. Hannah is wearing a pink, turtleneck sweater with cut off sleeves and a red tartan skirt. She also has fingerless gloves, knee-high socks and platform boots. There's a belt around her waist and a diamond sword attached. Also, she has tattoos of rose vines on her arms. The colour palette used is centered on pink and the background is a bright green.]
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goldenimpact · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A compilation of all the Xiaoaether AUs I have right now! (plus the original pair, but I guess shipping them in of itself is like an AU?)
(under the cut: about the AUs!)
Aether and Xiao switch roles, so it’s Adeptus Aether and Traveler Xiao! Other characters have also switched roles, though this might be a matter of your own preference on who is who!
Xiao: An otherworldly traveler on a mission to subdue the darkness that builds up in various worlds. He arrives to fight just as suddenly as he departs, leaving no one his name or his purpose for being there. Since landing in Teyvat, he’s found himself getting attached to a certain stubborn yaksha... 
But that’s only because they’re usually in the same place anyways because their job descriptions are pretty similar and as soon as he takes his eyes off of Aether, that guy is running off to help some random person with their groceries or something so he has to watch over him—
(Secretly, he likes the company. Aether is a literal ball of sunshine and Xiao is very, very fond of him. Enough to want to whisk him away with him once he has to leave this world, but he can’t just do that, Aether’s bound to the world, to his homeland, but... but...)
Aether: The last yaksha, born from the light of a fallen star. As a being practically made of light, his duty is to purify the karma left festering from old gods in the lands of Liyue. As the centuries go on, the evils of the past slowly start to fade, so recently he’s been worried about what will happen to him once his job is finished. After all, he cannot be “light” if there is no “darkness”... But disappearing would mean he’s done what he was meant to do, right? Isn’t that a happy thing?
As of late, he’s found himself charmed by a passing traveler. The guy just exudes darkness, so Aether wants to stick around to help him out! But then he falls in love with him. Luckily, it seems like Aether’s contract with the Geo Archon ended just now, so there’s no problem if he follows the guy around Teyvat, right? And wherever beyond! Once his end comes, and he meets his sister up in the stars, he’ll be sure to bring her a ton of stories of him and his grumpy traveler!
Mermaid (Version A)
Merman Aether and Researcher Xiao, where Aether lives in an exhibit in an aquarium in Liyue that Xiao works at. Xiao’s coworkers include Zhongli, his boss, and Ganyu, his junior. A very, very peaceful and happy world setting!
Aether: An innocent, if sheltered merman who fell in love with a human and let said human take him onto land. While he can understand human language, he’s still learning how to speak it. Otherwise, he does chirping noises, trills, purring, etc. “Xiao” is his first and favorite word! He’s very affectionate and loves hugs, though kisses are reserved for his human! Despite the language barrier, he gets along splendidly with anyone he meets.
His latest worry is trying to perfect his human form and the human language. Although, Xiao did say it was fine if he never learned how to hide all his fins and gills, but!!! Aether wants to go outside with Xiao! And also see Xiao’s home! And talk with Xiao a whole lot!
Xiao: The human who stole Aether away from the ocean, because he wanted to study him. (That’s a lie, he just wanted to take Aether home but he didn’t have a suitable place for Aether in his house, so he took him to his workplace instead...) He was the one who taught Aether how to kiss and definitely cried when Aether first said his name. Used to be known as a rather cold person, but ever since Aether came, people have realized he’s just a hot mess that’s really into that merman he brought back. The amount of PDA is ridiculous.
He does want to get along with Aether’s sister, although right now they’re in a standoff... Ah, but his biggest worry right now is that Aether is getting exponentially cuter with every day. 
Phantom of the Opera
Featuring literal shadow creature Phantom Xiao and his angelic muse, Aether. Who is trying to take Aether away from the opera house? Lumine, probably, but your favorite love triangle rival can fill this role too!
Aether: A boy who loves watching opera performances and wanted to work with them up close as backstage staff. As the newbie, he got saddled with nighttime cleaning duty, a time when the legendary Phantom is said to roam. Despite that, Aether spends his nights re-enacting that day’s performance all by himself on the stage for fun, initially unaware of his single audience member…
He befriends the local shadow creature (Xiao) very easily and likes singing for him. Xiao starts bringing him outfits, so he puts them on and spins around for his friend happily, and this goes on for a while and before Aether knows it, he’s the star of the opera house? Well… performing is fun, and Xiao seems really happy these days, so it’s fine!
Xiao: Initially, he was a being made entirely of darkness. He spent his time skulking around the opera house as its shadows for years, since he likes music, in exchange for protecting the town. His favorite performer is that blonde boy who twirls around and laughs cutely all by himself on that big stage at night. Enjoying the sight, yet also yearning to give the boy company, Xiao attempts to make himself a human shape so he can talk to Aether. It ends up failing, as his human shape is still unstable and he exposes his true form to Aether, but Aether accepts him regardless. 
Thinking of the fancy garments other performers wear at the opera house, Xiao digs up some old clothes and helps Aether touch them up, all just to watch Aether twinkle under the lights… If Xiao defends Aether from the other workers who think him a thief or for aiming for the stage despite being backstage staff, ultimately ending up with Aether as the opera house’s star, well… Aether really deserves the spot. The opera house was originally built as an offering to Xiao anyways, so what’s wrong with doing as he likes?
Evil Spirits
First childhood sweethearts, then fellow evil spirits, this story features Cursed Doll Spirit Aether and Evil Spirit Xiao! They are, without a doubt, villains. That doesn’t stop them from being affectionate with each other, though!
Aether: Xiao’s childhood friend who moved away when they were still young. They made a promise to be together, something both parties still hold onto, even in death. Aether, due to terrible cult reasons or gruesome experimentation or both!, dies young and is made into a doll. His lingering regrets and intense emotions at the time of his death allow his consciousness to remain in the doll, though he needs to feed off human fear/lives to survive. Eventually picked up by Xiao, the two of them make for a rather frightening pair. Although it saddens Aether to watch Xiao become more and more unhinged, he’s happy that they’re together now.
Aether can’t stand up for long on his own, as he’s not built for that, so he either needs to have some sort of support or just has to be carried around. It frustrates him greatly, but Xiao seems pretty content to carry him… While Aether can speak, his mouth doesn’t move at all, since it’s just painted on, so he has a permanent smile, even when upset. His abilities involve drawing people and spirits alike to him, as well as assisting those who passed in rather… violent ways to become evil spirits.
Xiao: Aether’s childhood friend who searched for him when Aether disappeared. Eventually discovering Aether as a doll, as well as everything that led up to this, Xiao vows to eradicate every single person involved. He gets through a decent portion up until adulthood, carrying Aether along with him all the while, but is eventually killed in action. Aether uses his own powers to bring Xiao back as a spirit, allowing Xiao to continue his quest to slaughter. As Aether creates more and more evil spirits, Xiao begins to turn his attention to exorcists and the like who come to vanquish them… They promised to be together, after all. It doesn’t matter if it is as humans or ghosts. He won’t let anyone separate them again.
Rather than having abilities, Xiao is just really good at murder. Add on his now supernatural disposition, he’s only gotten stronger since his death. He’s single-minded in how he dotes on Aether, almost like he’s trying to make up for all the potential years Aether lost to physically grow up. The two of them are wandering spirits, leaving a trail of evil ghosts everywhere they go.
Mermaid (Version X)
Merman Xiao and Researcher Aether, where Xiao resides in a research facility in Mondstadt that Aether recently started working at. Aether’s coworkers include Albedo, who recommended him for the job in the first place, and Sucrose, who studies under Albedo.
Aether: He got the job through his friend Albedo, because Aether can “get along with anyone and anything” and “is disarmingly charming, in a good way”, apparently. The purpose of Aether’s supposed charms was to attempt to communicate and get along with the facility’s resident merman, who is notorious for being unsociable. And difficult. And kind of moody. But he’s also ridiculously pretty, Aether notices… in a scientific way, of course! 
Courtesy of Aether’s (blatant crush) job description of looking after Xiao, eventually the two become close! Very close. A little too close. Since Xiao is set on Aether being his mate, he doesn’t like it when Aether is gone for very long. So more often than not, Aether stays overnight at the facility… It’s gotten to the point that Lumine has been asking him when he’ll introduce his boyfriend to her, but Xiao is, uh, a bit difficult to introduce… in a lot of ways…
Xiao: A merman who has been around a lot longer than he seems. He used to live in the deep, dark depths of the sea, but for some reason has allowed humans to conduct their research on him. Irritable yet reasonable, Xiao understands human language, though he doesn’t bother speaking it. Growls and the sound of his teeth and fins are good enough indicators of his mood. He finds all the employees suspicious, especially the new one with really, really bright eyes. (Did they send this one in specifically to enchant him..? Because he really can’t take his gaze off this one…)
After being subject to Aether’s (blatant crush) insistent nature for a couple weeks, Xiao eventually and abruptly deems Aether his mate. With that sudden declaration out of the way, he’s in his best mood when Aether is doting on him (or vice versa!) and no one else is around. Given his current environment, he’s a bit lost on how to properly prove himself a good mate to Aether, so he settles for being rather… clingy. And protective. Albedo has nearly lost his hands to Xiao’s teeth many times now.
Personality Swap
Not a complete personality swap, more of a “the general feel of the character” swap, but that’s not a very catchy AU title, you know? Using the Red Xiao design for a cheerier Xiao and a Lumine-based design for a colder Aether, this AU is otherwise close to canon!
Aether: An otherworldly traveler looking for his twin older sister. Not very expressive and doesn’t like speaking if it isn’t necessary, he’s a rather spacey-looking boy. Even still, he enjoys helping people, though he wanders off as soon as the job’s done, mind already drifting elsewhere. The adeptus that found him is kind of noisy, he thinks, but it’s a nice kind of noise.
Xiao is in the habit of giving Aether gifts and affection, both verbal and physical, which has led Aether to being faintly aware that perhaps, he’s being courted..? Unsure of how to return Xiao’s pursuits, Aether usually mimics the things Xiao does to him, like holding hands or gifting items. Aether always wears the flowers Xiao gifts him. And since he’s gotten so used to Xiao touching him in some way at all times, when Xiao isn’t, he starts to get fidgety…
Xiao: One of the yaksha tasked to protect Liyue, who first discovered the traveler in Liyue and proceeded to accompany him all over Teyvat. Cheery and sociable, and also Aether’s sole travel companion, Xiao does all the talking for their party of two. He worried about that traveler to the point of following him around everywhere and falling head over heels, so his fellow yakshas and adepti practically kicked him out of Liyue to go ask Aether out.
Now out of a job and hopelessly in love, Xiao is helping Aether through Teyvat while trying to court him at the same time. He’s honestly not sure if his approach is working, but Aether has started speaking to him in a quiet voice lately, with soft, breathy laughs and tiny smiles that make Xiao’s heart explode into a million bits, so..!!! Even if they don’t end up together romantically, being someone Aether trusts to laugh with is already—!! (Insert Xiao’s mental keysmash here)
A successful and busy casino with a long history, run by the characters of Liyue and the traveler twins! This AU has Waiter (Waitress??) Aether in a bunny-girl outfit and Dealer Xiao, who also doubles as a bouncer. Lumine has also appeared as a waitress!
Aether: One of the wait staff working at the casino, alongside his twin sister. He’s the only wait staff wearing a skirt, since according to his sister, “no one will survive” if he doesn’t. Additionally, Aether’s the most popular of the bunny wait staff, for his good looks and charming demeanor. It’s a title he works hard to uphold, even if he’s not entirely sure how it happened.
When he first started working at the casino, he was under Xiao’s tutoring, so he has experience being a dealer/bouncer. Him primarily becoming part of the wait staff was because the casino had no lack of mischievous tricksters and stone-faced bouncers among their dealers… Having someone as cute as Aether serving you drinks is guaranteed to lift your spirits!
Xiao: A dealer/bouncer who has been working at the casino for a long time. Initially only a bouncer, becoming a dealer alongside that was a more recent endeavor, as it was suggested to him by his superior, Zhongli. He now misuses his work experience to simultaneously deal cards while also keeping an eye on Aether… or more accurately, anyone trying to get handsy with Aether. The incidents where Xiao did have to intervene are a well-known story, so all who have been in the casino for a couple hours know better than to try anything…
He’s one of the aforementioned “stone-faced bouncers” within the dealers and will undoubtedly catch you if you try to cheat. When Aether comes by to deliver drinks or the like, Xiao noticeably softens… On the other hand, on those rare days where Aether is working as a dealer and Xiao is a waiter, Xiao will slam drinks on the table as a warning. Don’t try anything with Aether. Aether always laughs when it happens.
With horror game series like Fatal Frame and Clocktower and all the like of that aesthetic as reference, this is essentially a horror-game-esque AU! Since the other horror-like AU had them as antagonists, this is the one where they’re the protagonists! And there’s nothing more terrifying than being children in a supernaturally horrific bad spot.
Aether: While playing hide-and-seek with his sister in their grandparents’ house, he ends up stumbling on a strange mirror in an old room. Predictably enough, he’s dragged into the world of the mirror, the realm of the dead, and has to find his way out. When he finds out his sister is somewhere in here too, he changes his goal to escaping along with her, once he finds her!
As most old horror game heroines are, Aether is all puzzle-solving and endless kindness, if frequently panicked. He relies on Xiao for a more aggressive approach to situations, though he does his best to negotiate where he can. The two of them get along so well you would think they’ve known each other all their lives.. Maybe even multiple lives!
Xiao: A boy that Aether encounters while trapped in the mirror, who promises to get Aether out. He’s rather tight-lipped about himself, whether it’s about why he’s here or his reasons for helping. Aether’s trust in him despite this mystifies him (and also makes him a bit happy), even if it is a bad idea in general. While he’s fine with assisting Aether, he doesn’t seem too enthused at the idea of finding Aether’s sister… In fact, he seems hostile?
As Aether’s partner, he makes up for what Aether lacks, so he’s all the combative force between the two. Additionally, he’s strangely quick and is able to play as a distraction while Aether solves puzzles. However, he’s vastly less merciful than Aether, which means his immediate response is usually to finish off an enemy. This leads to the two sometimes arguing on what to do (Aether wins a majority of the time).
Mutual Sickness
Read the blog description for the disclaimer! It’s the local specialty: a weirdly wholesome(?) yandere AU. A modern setting where Aether and Xiao are mutually pining in a very strange way, yet still aren’t going out. Not for a lack of wanting to, of course! More of a misunderstanding sort of romantic comedy, with a yandere twist.
Aether: Not the murderous sort, as he prefers collecting Xiao’s discarded or forgotten items, or taking photos throughout the day. He’s working hard to be Xiao’s ideal type in every way (which is just Aether), including making almond tofu exactly the way Xiao likes it (unaware that it’s Xiao’s favorite simply because Aether made it especially for him). Aether deals with his rivals by indirectly proving himself the best match for Xiao (and sometimes directly, by showing off how he’s basically the only person who can get away with all the stuff he bothers Xiao for).
One day, Aether follows Xiao on his way home and witnesses him absolutely pummeling some guy that Aether vaguely recalls had confessed to him earlier that day (Aether turned him down immediately, so he forgot about it). Not an unusual thing to see for Aether, since he stalks Xiao, but this time he gets caught watching. Before he knows it, he’s trapped against the wall and Xiao’s giving him the most threatening confession Aether’s ever heard and wow… How could he say anything other than yes?
Xiao: Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a lot of time to follow Aether around everywhere (a decent portion of the day, but not every minute, which he would prefer...), but with Aether being so popular, he gets the information he needs without even stalking him (which is great, yet it also pisses him off to have to hear it secondhand). Although he still takes pictures when he can, often enough, Aether’s included in pictures his friends post on social media, so he saves those too… and edits everyone else out. Xiao deals with rivals violently, if verbal threats aren't enough to scare them off. People thought the two were dating even before they actually were, since neither of them denied rumors. Xiao’s felt like they were an item anyways, since Aether doesn’t smile like that for anyone else… (And well.. he was right.)
After hearing about the latest confession Aether received (and feeling a vicious satisfaction that Aether, again, turned the guy down), Xiao commences his usual routine of teaching a lesson to idiots who can’t take a hint (read: various verbal-bordering-physical warnings to back off) and try their luck at confessing. Once he finishes up and turns to leave, he locks eyes with Aether, and panics. Thinking it’s do-or-die, he pushes Aether against a wall and spills everything to him (his feelings, his sins, his desires and dark, dark thoughts, etc). If he ended up getting arrested, at least it would be Aether’s decision… And yet, to his surprise (and utterly baffled delight), Aether grins and wraps his arms around him, and oh, it was mutual all this time… Of course it was, why was he even worried?
Probably the most nonsensical of the AU bundle, this is an AU featuring a Royal Aether, who is usually in pretty dresses and his loyal, if foul-mouthed, Guard Xiao. Story and world-building is still pending, but the askbox is always open for suggestions! Even if it’s just scenarios you want to see with this pair!
Aether: Formally referred to as “Princess”, which is his work title, and has nothing to do with him being male. Unlike his sister, who has the title and duties of “Prince” so she is frequently away on journeys, Aether’s duties have him remain in the kingdom to watch over it. He’s also a very popular marriage candidate, with many after his hand, but for some reason seems rather uninterested? Maybe his heart is already set on someone…
As all royalty are trained in combat, Aether is no different, though there isn’t much chance to use it when Xiao’s there. Xiao serves as his bodyguard, attendant, and confidant, so they’re together nearly 24/7. Aether worries that Xiao is working too much and has, on multiple occasions, tried to convince Xiao to let other servants help out, only to be shot down every time. It’s an ongoing discussion… that has been going on for years.
Xiao: Aether’s personal guard/attendant/closest confidant who has been by Aether’s side since childhood. Originally brought in to be the twins’ sparring partner, he became good friends with Aether and wanted to support him as they grew up. So, he intentionally chose a career path that would let him stay close to Aether. Because of that, he doesn’t ever think he’s overworking, but he does often complain that taking care of Aether on his own is a load of work (a load he’ll gladly carry for the rest of his life, he muses to himself, when he combs his fingers through Aether’s hair and watches him yawn in the mirror. Cute.)
Xiao finds everyone aiming for Aether’s hand to be.. unworthy. Yet, if you inquired just what sort of person would be worthy, Xiao would open his mouth, pause, then shut it closed. Truthfully, it would just have to be someone Aether loves, who loves Aether in return, and that’s it, but… Xiao is aware that he also technically fits that criteria. They’re already close enough as it is, but to be able to hold Aether, to kiss him, to… It’s not like there’s any restrictions stopping him, he just needs a little push. (Here, we insert the story drama when we make it! Maybe it’ll be a soap opera, maybe it’ll be a fighting tournament, who knows!)
Beauty and the Beast
More based on the wiki page for the original story than the Disney version, it’s the story for Beauty and the Beast!  For this AU, it’s Aether the Beauty and Xiao the Beast. Other notable characters include Childe (referred to as Ajax here) and Lumine, also Zhongli is here somewhere…
Aether: The second eldest of his family, a group of orphans, who looks after the younger ones when Ajax, the eldest, is out for work. When Ajax asked everyone what kind of souvenirs they wanted him to bring back, Aether requested a flower unique to whatever country (Liyue, in this case) he was going to this time. Ajax, someone who always keeps his promises, is troubled initially since most flowers in Liyue can be found in other countries too. Then, he finds out about a flower that only grows on a certain mountain in Liyue, and attempts to get one. He succeeds, but only after making a deal to the beast living there to bring back the one who wanted the flower. (Read: Ajax picked a fight and lost. Ajax will remember this. Especially because he has to leave his little brother to this… thing.)
Aether, as promised, arrives at the beast’s home and here comes the slow burn (read: pining loudly in all forms except in a direct verbal manner to each other). Aether becomes Xiao’s companion (in a pure sense) and befriends him! Though after spending all this time away from home, Aether worries how his family is doing, and gets permission from Xiao to go for a visit if he promises to come back within the month. But once Aether returns, Ajax is hellbent on defeating Xiao (partially because he loves fighting, mostly because he’s aware he’s marrying Aether off to some beast in Liyue and that’s Not Okay With Big Brother Ajax) and Lumine is trying to convince Aether to not go back…
Xiao: The beast that lives in the very specific mountain where the very specific flowers bloom. He’s some sort of mythical creature that serves some sort of deity, but his bloody work had him thinking himself ugly of heart. Knowing that words wouldn’t convey otherwise, Zhongli, the aforementioned deity, made him as horrid in appearance as he felt he was in heart. “One day, should another come to love the you shaped by your own loathing,” Zhongli told Xiao, “You will learn to love yourself as well, and your form will change with your heart.” Leaving unique flowers to lure such a person, Zhongli left Xiao to mope.
Someone who wants these flowers will fulfill the requirements left by his deity. With that in mind, Xiao refused to let Ajax leave alive until he promised to bring that person. Soon after, Aether arrived at his home, and for the first time, he welcomed another into his heart. And when Aether went to visit his family, he kept thinking and thinking about what Aether was doing, when he would return, what they should do when he was back… Maybe, when Aether returned, Xiao could tell Aether how much he means to him. Aether would appreciate that, wouldn’t he?
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literaturegf · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
growing up and saying goodbye. 5/28/21.
taglist + transcript under the cut!
taglist: @enbis @nonbinarybuckley @boyprophet @imaginaryboys @uncannyparrish @wordsxstars
[id: black text on a white background. a poem that reads:
growing up and saying goodbye:
i’m cleaning blood off my kitchen floor but all i can think about is how you looked as you waved goodbye and maybe if i’d replied a little faster or let you hold me in your arms the world would not have ended and i wouldn’t be sitting here with stained tile sinking into my skin. i love you. i love you. that is one thing i am sure of that is one thing i know above all else i just don’t know if i love you enough. sink your teeth into my wrist and scrape your fingers against my bone and tell me you still need me because everyone is always leaving and the cycle never changes and someone is always left behind.
maybe in some other version of the story we find out where we went wrong or maybe there is some version of the story where we never meet at all. growing up is hard. the world gets too big too fast and i'm not 5 years old anymore i'm where i never wanted to be in the first place. there's an empty space without you here and i don't want to close my eyes because i can't keep seeing your face. i hope you're well. i'm sorry growing up is so hard i'm sorry i didn't hold your hand tight enough i'm sorry i let you slip away. i hope you find someone that stays and i hope that you're okay.
end id]
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shdwgarden · 3 months ago
Psychologist eren jaeger?
Tumblr media
MA'AM OH MY GOD AJDJHSJD THE TURTLE NECK YESSS 💥💳💥💥💳💥 i think i need therapy after all smh🙄
anyways, i know you didn't ask for it but the thirst for eren never ends so here we go
warning: smut, minors dni, gn!reader. no trigger warnings ahead, just reader cheats and a little angsty if you squint? nsfw content under the cut. and don't have sex with your therapist, only if it's eren, there's always exceptions
psychologist!eren, who got recommended to you by one of your close friends, telling you that his name was very well known in his field, and that he has done an amazing job with each one of his patients. maybe it won't hurt to go just one time, and maybe that will help overcome your low self-esteem problems. so in an impulsive moment, you decide to buck an appointment in his little clinic, already feeling a little anxious, wondering if it was really a good idea.
psychologist!eren, who greets you with a polite smile on his face, allowing you to enter his office. you feel your breath caught up in your throat because you definitely didn’t expect him to be such a handsome man, feeling your face heat up when his eyes wander up and down on your body.
psychologist!eren, who asks you about what brought you there and you shyly tell him about how you’re not feeling good with yourself, how being neglected by your lovely husband for months now has affected the way you see yourself, that maybe you’re not good enough for him. you can't help the little tears that fall from your eyes because you feel so humiliated right now, throwing up your feelings to a complete stranger even tho is his job to help you.
psychologist!eren, who listen carefully to every word you say after weeks and weeks of you coming back to him, taking note of every little detail, showing compassion and understatement of your situation. feeling something burn inside of him when you tell him that even though you try, your husband won't even look at you. he can't help the anger growing in his chest, how can someone so pretty can be crying for an asshole who doesn't appreciate them enough?
psychologist!eren, who after two months of hearing how unhappy you feel, finally snaps, abruptly getting up from his chair, getting closer to your figure till he leans down, making you look him in the eyes, dark blue orbs fixated in yours as his index finger tilts your head up to face him, “i’ll be the one who makes you feel good.”
psychologist!eren, who’s big body now towers over you, papers scattered on the floor as you sit on the desk. strong hands guiding your legs around his waist. feeling him plant wet kisses on the outline of your collarbone, slowly unbuttoning your white shirt while little moans fall from your lips at the tender touch.
psychologist!eren, who has your body pressed on the desk as he thrust deep inside you, on leg hooked over his shoulder while your hardened nipples brush against his chest making you cry from the pleasure. every feeling of being neglected now placed deep down in your mind alongside with your husband. every hit of his hips against yours has you rolling your eyes back while your mouth falls open in a silent scream. tears streaming down your face as he’s hammering that sweet spot again and again, feeling like he’s fucking the sadness out of you, only hearing his husky, breathless voice in your ear, telling you how good you’re making him feel.
psychologist!eren, who looks at the notorious purple marks on your neck with a proud smile on his face, hoping that your stupid husband will see them. chuckling at how cute you look while trying to cover them.
psychologist!eren, who tells you that he’ll see you next week for another session because according to him “there’s a lot you still have to work on.” and who are you to say no to him? it would be a shame not to show up like you always do, even more after he has helped you so much already.
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spookynightdeancas · 26 days ago
For the ask about three questions to ask you:
1. When did you start watching Supernatural?
2. What’s your favorite season?
3. And if you could rewrite one episode other than the finale, what would it be?
Ooooooh some supernatural questions, I love it!!
1) I started watching Supernatural in October 2019. I started interacting with the destiel fandom in March 2020 and posted my first destiel fic in April 2020!
2) Oh gosh, for me it’s a tie between season 5 and season 8. So many good storylines and arcs in these two seasons, along with character and relationship building!
3) Oooooh okay wait this is such a good question oh my GOD. Okay. Okay. I just had to sit and think really hard about this, because there’s snippets about several episodes that I would change, but if there was an entire episode that I could rewrite, it would have to be Regarding Dean. And here’s why. I have this whole headcanon (that maybe someday I will write…) where Cas comes into the episode to help Rowena and Sam reverse the spell on Dean. Except Dean doesn’t remember who Cas is, and he’s instantly smitten with the angel. And slowly, we see Dean fall in love with Cas all over again as he gets to know Cas for the second time. And Cas is just completely sweet on Dean, taking care of him and teaching Dean things and it’s just really damn soft and sweet and tender. But… oh no… Cas gets captured by the Loughlin family when he’s out getting Dean burgers and a milkshake from the nearest diner and Sam gets captured trying to save Cas. And Dean has to go and rescue Cas and Sam, with the help of Rowena, and of course Dean rescues Cas and right as he leans in to kiss Cas, Rowena reverses the spell. Dean can’t remember anything that’s just happened.. but he’s standing so so close to Cas and he’s got this little twinge in the back of his mind that feels like he’s fallen for Cas all over again. And he looks over at Sam and Rowena, and then to Cas, and something in him just knows what to do and he pulls Cas in by the tie and kisses him then and there. Cas utterly melts into the kiss, and of course Rowena is whistling behind them as she cheers them on. And when they break apart, breathless and smiling, Cas murmurs, “what was that for?” And Dean presses their foreheads together and whispers, “it just felt right, like it was something we’ve been dancing around for days… or maybe years.” And Cas closes the gap and kisses Dean again.
anonymously message me 3 things you want to know about me
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malewife-hansolo · 5 months ago
Who do you think would respond best to riding their thigh? Who gets off to seeing you like that?
BITCH HOW DID Y’ALL KNOW I’M OBSESSED W MEN’S THIGHS OKAY. idk which mens ur looking for so i went w my favs 😌🥰
rex revels in that shit. he loves it when you use him for your own pleasure, taking what you need from him. he is MORE than happy to provide. he likes it better w his armor off so he can really feel you, your wetness and your weight against him. he’s not the type of person to guide your pace but instead just enjoys watching the show. but if you ask him for help mans is on it in .02 seconds flat. you riding his thigh is honestly one of his fav things ever bc he gets a clear view of your face and he’s providing you w the means to get off, and let’s be real that’s his purpose in life. anyway read my fic on riding rex’s thigh hehe
wolffe hhnngggg mans got BIG ASS THIGHS OKAY and i would like to sit. the first time you straddle his thigh he’s like uuuuuhh what’s going on. he’s still in full armor and you push him down onto a supply crate or something and you’re just like i need this. i need this so bad okay. this is one of those times where wolffe enters bottom energy bc he’s like holy shit you can just use my thigh to get off?? and you’re fucking grabbing onto my shoulders and wow this is so hot why haven’t we done this sooner??? he would def be grabbing ur hips and guiding you, pushing his thigh up into your core, grunting and growling n shit bc that’s the wolffe we know n love 😌
boba. oh my sweet big bad broad man. AYO THICCUMS literally post-sarlacc boba’s got them MEATY thighs okay, they wide and strong and perfect for grinding. if thigh big and thick why me no sit hmm????? anyway yeah boba LOVES it when you ride his thigh bc 1) he gets to watch you work and tease u relentlessly or it (can you get off just from this, little one? oh, i think you can. show me how much you want it.) and 2) he goes apeshit when you go fuckin bananas and get insatiable. he’s usually the one in control, teaching you the finer things in life but when you perch on his lap and start rutting against him bc you just can’t help it? yeah that’s a nut for him. he would ABSOLUTELY guide u with a big hand splayed on the small of your back, making you tell him how good he feels underneath you. and it’s not until you’re right on the edge, after pleading w him to touch me, please, im so close, that he slips a hand down your pants to rub your clit
i think din is in the same vein as rex where he gets off on you getting off. yet again i really don’t think din is as dominant and commanding as many ppl hc him (to each their own!) bc the man is so touch starved and radiates kindness and goodness and just wants to be held. obviously he’s in full armor, and maybe your either fully undressed or just w no bottoms, and ur like “let me show you what i like” and you ride that cold ass beaker until it’s heated and fogged. your clit catches the ridge at the top of the plate w every rut and soon enough you’re groaning, and ofc din echoes you. he moans along, bc stars above this is so fucking hot, he’s getting used for pleasure when he’s so used to putting his skills toward harm and violence. and tbh. listen. din djarin absolutely gets the fuck off on your big o face, on the way your back arches and your hips stutter, and yes he comes in his pants from the sight alone. and he 100% absofuckinglutely takes his thigh plate off and licks it clean okay i know this is true lucasfilm told me
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drarrily-we-row-along · 4 months ago
Day 19: Ice Skating
Harry stood over the hob in the kitchen, slowly stirring the pot he was making hot chocolate in from scratch. This rich, chocolately smell filled his nostrils and sparked something warm and happy inside of him.
"There's a spell for that you know," Draco informed him as he entered the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, leaning against him.
Harry leaned back against him but continued stirring, "It tastes better if you stir it yourself."
Draco snorted and pressed a kiss to the delicate skin between Harry's neck and shoulder. "If you say so."
A pleasant little shiver skittered up Harry's spine and he hummed, feeling warm to his very core and very, very content.
The other man pressed another kiss to the base of his neck, "I'm going to get mugs."
In short order they were back in the living room, curled up on the sofa under an afghan that Molly had knitted for them, with their cups of hot chocolate. They resumed a cheesy Christmas Romcom movie and settled in to enjoy it.
Harry watched, with Draco snuggled in under his arm, as the man who was trying to woo the protagonist set up a massive party to surprise her with all of her friends and family there, in spite of all odds.
"Babe?" he asked.
"Hmm?" Draco replied through a sip of hot chocolate.
"Have I gotten boring?"
(Read more below the cut)
Harry sighed, "Just, when we first got together I was always planning outings and activities for us. On a day like today, for instance, I would have taken you out ice skating or to a winter carnival." Harry shrugged, "I used to do big romantic gestures, you know? Remember that time that we had a snowball fight and ended up soaking wet and nearly frost bitten but so happy?"
Draco sat up, "Do you want to go outside right now?"
"Do you want to go outside?" Harry countered.
"Potter, I am asking you what you want and you will tell me," he threatened.
"Why does what I want matter?"
Draco rolled his eyes, "That's my point exactly."
"What is?"
"Just," Draco huffed and paused the movie, "Tell me what you want."
"I want you to be happy."
"I am," Draco affirmed, but he didn't sound terribly happy, he sounded a bit irritated to be honest. "So tell me if you want to go outside right now."
Harry frowned, "Would it make you happy to go outside? I have ice skates hanging in the closet-"
"Harry," he groaned. "I do not care. I don't care where we are, or what we do, or about anything else. I just want to be with you."
Harry blinked, "Aw babe."
Draco rolled his eyes, "Yes, yes. My love language is quality time, I'm adorable."
"You are adorable," Harry agreed.
The other man blushed and shook his head, "So do you want to go outside?"
He thought about it for a moment, "Not particularly."
"Great," Draco replied, preparing to lie back down.
"But there is something I would like to do," Harry added.
Draco groaned, "Are we ever going to get to finish this movie?"
"Are you very uncertain about the ending?" Harry teased.
The other man narrowed his eyes at him, "You are skating on thin ice, Potter."
Harry laughed and summoned their mattress into the living room, pushing the coffee table aside to make a space. "I need the cushions from the couch," he informed Draco.
"Oh, here, hold on," Harry said as he lifted Draco up off the couch and deposited him on the mattress on the floor. He then arranged the cushions around the mattress so he could drape a blanket over the top. "Pillow fort," Harry said proudly.
"I love it," Draco replied, voice soft and sincere and Harry loved him.
He climbed in next to Draco and resumed the movie. "Draco?" he asked a few minutes later, rolling on to his side do he could look down at the other man.
"Hmm?" Draco replied, mostly ignoring him in favor of watching the movie.
"Would you have rather gone outside?" Harry asked.
"No, just answer," Harry said. "Not so that we move or go or anything, just to satisfy my curiosity."
"No," he said with a sigh, pausing the movie once more. "No, I am a dreadful homebody and there is nothing I enjoy more on a cold day than being curled up, with you, inside."
"But if I'd said that I wanted to go outside would you have gone?" Harry asked, brushing a strand of Draco's hair back off his cheek.
"Yes," he replied, eyes drifting closed as Harry stroked his hair.
Harry leaned in and kissed him softly once, then twice for good measure. "I love you."
"I love you, too," Draco replied. Seemingly deciding to give the movie up for the time being as he shifted and angled his body toward Harry's. "And I am glad you didn't want to go outside because if we had, I couldn't have done this," he said as he leaned up and pressed a kiss to Harry's neck. "Or this," he said as he tugged Harry's body over until he was lying on top of him. "Or this," he added softly as he slid his hands under Harry's jumper and arched his back as he started kissing him in earnest.
And then they did quite a few things that made Harry very glad indeed that that hadn't gone outside.
Day 18: Dog | Day 20: Roller Coaster
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tofumedic · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
"Camera" with Leviathan
summary: [sent 11:39 am] MC, after the panel will you help take my photos?
from this prompt list
Tumblr media
You and Leviathan have been preparing for this weekend, it was a smaller convention in its first few years of activity. It was also, in the human world. Not one of the Devildom convention centers that Leviathan was used to, doubling the nerves as well as the excitement jitters as the transport bus pulled from the parking lot to the actual convention hall.
Binging anime series, games, and translated mangas that hadn't been "properly" released yet on somewhat worrying websites, had been replaced for the two weeks prior to this very outing. Instead, Leviathan would watch any convlog you found acceptable. From old ones from years back of when you first gained the interest to ones of this convention specifically. It was soothing to him, to know the similarities in how humans acted compared to demons and the basic lay out of the vendor's hall to the makeshift arcade room.
As much as it was helpful, it was also enthralling, having trusted your judgement before his own was a wonderful and perhaps even pog decision. He loved the different accents, the regional dialects and slang, the reaction of seeing someone's hero, the voice actors in character to cosplayer, the memes that the human fanbase had picked up instead, and especially how many people actually dressed up rather than going casually.
Of course he was going to wear one of his comfort cosplays to his first human anime convention with you that was already law, written in stone really. Though it was, nevertheless, comforting.
The rest of the bus was filled with people similar to himself and you, yet entirely different from the archetype of the character to the franchise company as a whole but it was never close to full of hate or questionable quip's at Leviathan's attire. When he had actually gotten compliments other than your own before even stepping foot to the badge line.
It was something surprising to him especially when his pose had been so stiff, freshly available after having stretched his legs from the cramped condition of the car and how his charms had dug into his side from the seatbelt. Leviathan was already in his habitat despite the clear change from Devildom's hellish humidity to the chill of the automobile insides.
His shoulders were loose, not as tense as normal, yet still huddled close to you like a lifeline.
Like a better comfort than his head pillow, craning his neck towards you to look at the schedule you had pulled up on your phone.
The day was becoming hazardous as most good con-days were. Trying not to stumble into people's large wings, not getting caught by a loose dress layer to the escalator, having to send the quick and mistyped version of "where are you" after getting lost from going to different booths in the artist alley when you are across from each other, the change from cute heeled shoes to sneakers with memory foam insoles.
It was closing in on lunch when Leviathan's "Oh My God! My Lover Looks So Cute When He's Happy Enjoying What He Loves! In Character Q&A" Panel was about to begin, settling into the folding chairs set in neat rows not before clearing the forgotten water bottles left behind. There was about five minutes before the hour long panel would begin when Leviathan would flare up, blush hidden under concealer and setting powder but visible at his ears. Whipping out his phone in his ungloved hand and typing out a message haphazardly.
Clearly embarrassed when you leaned over, curious at recognizing your icon at the top of the bar, so flustered he had to backspace quite a bit to recover the text from the jumbled keysmash. And within the next minute it would have been unknown he was so shy, the message looking relatively chill. Maybe, even calm and collected.
Yet you had seen the nervous grip messing with his phone case, even the way he had folded his arms on his lap, making himself small as if someone had asked to share his seat.
[sent 11:39 am] MC, after the panel will you help take my photos?
Such a text that would lead you close to 1pm, being handed Leviathan's phone in front of the park fountain near by. A shy smile held in return by the seriousness you gave to such an honoring role before swiping to his camera to bring focus to his first few poses. Lens and eyes behind it on him with the right amount of exposure, him becoming comfortable and confident to play his character more in your delightful company.
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spanishinfluenza · 3 months ago
Lady, you're feeding the beast... Okay, so... most cursed things Dr. C has learnt from his interns? Be it humor, people, human facade or the social world.... (Also, I love you, sorry I am treating your creative genius as a performing monkey which has been to forced to labour for capitalism) 💜💜💜💜💜
Sorry, I fell asleep and then just,, forgot to check my inbox for days. Without further ado...
Carlisle has learned plenty of cursed things from interacting with young humans on the daily. He picks up most of his slang from them throughout the years and he gets teased relentlessly for "speaking like Macbeth". Most of his interns get a little ahead of themselves when they first meet him as a resident - this fresh looking, cardigan-wearing, kind-eyed little nerd - boy gets teased if he's not getting lusted after. But like i say, mans has learned a lot:
the meaning of the words milf/dilf - this enlightenment came after one of Mrs Cullen's rare visits to the hospital. No one dared talk about his wife like that again after they caught the lethal look in his eye
the existence of tinder, grindr etc. He's still wonderfully confused as to why anyone would want to meet others that way but mostly bc his interns don't have the heart to tell him that it really is just about the shag
some of his interns take to fetching him a coffee in the morning on their way in. He is unbelievably grateful despite not needing it at all. He takes to carrying an empty coffee cup around the hospital so they don't feel tempted to waste more on him
this eventually develops into him bringing in a round of coffee with him for the nurses and interns (if he doesn't have too many).
everyday this man is drowning in vine references he has no desire to look up
emmett supplies all the details of the vine references, unasked ofc
carlisle cullen is a gossip i said what i said. His interns mistake him for a very put together, charming gentleman and therefore divulge all of the messy going ons of the on call room, thinking the ins and outs of intern relations won't go anywhere. Everyday he goes home and
"You'll never guess what, Esme." "What is it?" "She went back to Mr Samuels." "Jessica? Hang on, she was dating that nurse though?" "She is dating that nurse though." ":0"
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demonvoucher · 4 months ago
Hello dear! I was having a NICE conversation with one of my friends who are ace, and I joked about them being an Ace Asmodeus. I was wondering, for one, if your requests are open? As well as if you've done this already or are willing to give it a shot? We would BOTH love to se your take on this, as being ace is something I'm not- but would like to see more of~
Hiya! We've actually never done requests before, but we dropped EVERYTHING to do this because your MINDS are so BIG. Anyway this is canon to the game, we make the rules, Asmodeus told us himself.
Asexual Asmodeus (aka canon) as written by an asexual!
Okay so first off lust doesnt have to be sexual so jot that down!
Asmo lusts for love; he wants to be loved and love others. Whether that's giving them a nice bath with pretty smells, or taking them out on the town to cheer them up. He lusts for the look in his partner's eyes when they're happy, when they're appreciative of him, when they're loving him.
But that doesn't mean he's against sex! Asmo's very sex positive, and actually does enjoy it! However, he mostly has sex for the closeness of it all; he doesn't seek out sex for the stimulation you get from it. He lusts for the way his body fits with his partner's, the way they look at him so happily in the moment, they way they say they love him afterwards like a mantra.
He lusts for intimacy, for closeness, for love, for his partner and the air that they breathe. He lusts for life.
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frick6101719 · 2 months ago
Your Father’s Day Kaz fic has me in my feelings IT WAS SO GOOD would love to see more even just headcanons of Kaz as a dad
Ooooh boy... Anon there is so much more where that came from! I have told myself not to write a Kanej-as-parents fic until after I've finished the one I'm working on now, but that hasn't seemed to stop me from dreaming up almost every detail of Kaz and Inej's lives as parents.
So. Heeeere we go
Kaz and Inej aren't exactly trying, per se, the first time Inej gets pregnant.
They're a little shy of thirty at this point, Jesper and Wylan have two kiddos already, and one night they're at the Van Ecks' for their weekly Monday night dinner (a tradition over a decade strong) and Kaz is playing chess with their oldest, or teaching card tricks to their youngest, and Inej is just overtaken by some maternal instinct watching them she wants one.
She brings it up to Kaz that night that maybe they stop with the preventative measures, and he is completely terrified. I mean, he's always known he likes kids--he thinks they're funny and kind of weird and despite himself he finds their guilelessness and wonder at the world absolutely endearing... but that's not the same thing. I mean a child? Him, a father?
He's not sure. He's not sure he'd be a good dad--he's not sure he's even allowed to want to be, after all the children he's left fatherless, all the fathers whose children he's taken away.
He's never allowed himself to think about it, actually, even after he married Inej. It felt like the whole topic of parenting and fatherhood was off-limits; any time he got close it was just too tender to touch.
But they talk about it a lot, and they eventually decide that they'll stop with the tonics. For a child of Inej's... he can do it.
Inej is away at sea, many months later, when she realises she's pregnant. She had a visit planned to her parents in Ravka which ends up taking up her whole trip because she has a lot to work through--a lot of questions, a lot of fear at the sudden reality of it--and her parents and extended family are a huge help
I have so many thoughts about Inej and motherhood and entire nights spent talking with Mama Ghafa during this trip about what to expect but I'm staying on-topic goddamn it
She's early in her second trimester when she lands back in Ketterdam, and all her plans of how to tell Kaz, and how long to keep it a secret from the Van Ecks go right out the window because she's already in the early days of her second trimester and our tiny little Wraith has nowhere to hide that bump
Kaz is with Jesper and Wylan at their place when Inej arrives, and they all go to meet her at the docks and as soon as he sees her crossing berth twenty-two he knows because he knows her posture, the way she moves, her shape, everything about her so well that he notices immediately the changes to her body and it nearly brings him to his knees.
So she doesn't get to tell Kaz, but she DOES get to tell Jesper and Wylan who--and really I cannot emphasize this enough--could not be more excited.
They make a big scene at the docks; Kaz is still just a little too stunned to tell them to calm down
Over the next few months Kaz definitely spends many sleepless nights just watching Inej sleep, her belly growing more and more noticeable beneath the blankets, wondering if he's going to mess this up somehow, and why he already feels like a part of him has been ripped out and laid bare before the world, vulnerable, delicate.
He would already do anything and everything to keep her safe, to make her happy, even though little Rosanna Marya Rietveld is still months away from joining him in the big wide world.
(They decide to go with Rietveld to keep her safe, because she's only a baby, and growing up with the name Brekker or Ghafa might make her a target, and they will do anything to avoid that. So while they have other roles and names in their other lives, as a family they're the Rietvelds 🖤)
He's a fucking mess all throughout the birth--Inej's parents come over weeks before her due date so Mama Grandma Ghafa can deliver the baby, and thank the saints Grandpa Ghafa is there because Kaz is a mess--he can't bear to hear Inej in pain--and he could use a distraction. Stories of his wife as a baby, told in the calm, soothing voice of her loving father = just the distraction he needs.
Kaz barely sleeps the week after Rosanna is born, which Inej doesn't mind because it means she gets rest, but when he finally confides in her that all he can think about is Pekka Rollins, on his knees, begging for the life of his little Kaelish prince and how easy it would have been to actually hurt the boy... well, they have to deal with that.
He lies with his head in her lap and she plays with his hair in the way she knows relaxes him, and tells him that Rosie is safe, that no one can protect her like the two of them, that there isn't a person in the world she would trust with their baby's life like she trusts him.
It works pretty well.
Of course, Kaz being the control freak that he is, and being more than a little anxious about Rosie, means that Inej also has to constantly tell him no, he can't pick her up any time she even thinks about crying, she needs some discipline and she needs a schedule Kaz stop it she needs to go for her nap not another walk around the garden!
Yeah from day one he is absolutely wrapped around her little finger.
About two years after Rosanna is born, they're lying in bed, tangled together in the sheets on a hot summer night, and Inej takes his hand and gently spreads his fingers across her stomach. Kaz is like "ahh nice" and then "wait a minute" and sits bolt upright and doesn't even have to ask, Inej is smiling and laughing and nodding and this time there are no mixed emotions he's only excited because they're having another baby
Another baby girl, it turns out--Jasmijn Anaya Rietveld. Inej is shocked by the almost red hue of her hair--a drastic contrast to Rosie's near-black--but Kaz just shrugs and says Jordie's hair was kind of red when he was a kid and Inej is delighted she had no idea!
Now that they're evenly matched, parents to children, life becomes more complicated, and even with all their money Kaz simply does not trust almost anyone to help take care of the girls (Marya Hendricks is one exception). He ends up stepping a bit back from Dreg business to help take care of the girls when they're very little. Thankfully by this point the Dregs business practically runs itself, and he can take meetings at the house with his most trusted lieutenants (like Anika and Pim) to stay on top of things.
He's super involved, but his actual parenting takes a long time to get right. It's many, many years before he loses the instinct to praise the girls when they find a creative way to skirt the rules
Just kidding that instinct never goes away; he always feels proud when they manage to disobey without breaking a rule. He just gets better at being stern while reprimanding them and waiting until he's turned away to beam with pride.
He also makes the rules increasingly elaborate and detailed--he'll get rid of vague wording and imprecision as best as he can, and then it's a win-win: either they learn to follow the rules or they get really good at finding loopholes.
"Contracts, Kaz. You've got our daughters signing contracts"
"Don't be ridiculous Inej; any thinking judge would spot lesion a mile away--there's no way these 'contracts' are valid."
Then there are their little rituals; both girls know if they wake up early they can have a hot chocolate with Da before he goes to work, and they know that if they ask very nicely, and it's not too close to bedtime, he'll play them their favourite songs on the piano, so they can dance around the parlour like little hooligans until they're so tired he and Inej have to carry them upstairs to bed.
They also know that when Kaz is working from home, if they're quiet, they can go sit with him in his office. Jasmijn always climbs on his lap--she knows she has to stay on his good leg--which is lovely (years of hard work with Inej mean he never recoils at his daughters' touch), but it's never long before Jas gets chatty. Kaz never tells her she has to go, but Rosie (who is usually sitting in a chair in the corner of the office, reading a book) will repeatedly tell her to shhh Jas, Da is working.
Kaz teaches them to be dangerous girls, just like their Mama. He'll make sure they never ever need to be, but he and Inej agree that they're going to be straightforward with the girls about their lives, and that means they learn how to pick locks and fight dirty at three and six years old.
They get their knife-throwing lessons from Mama too. Strangely, no one has to teach them how to climb the side of a building.
Anyway. Rosanna and Jasmijn grow up loved to death by their Mama and Da, and of course all their numerous "aunts" and "uncles" (aka any of the higher-ranking Dregs with enough guts to teach the girls to call them aunt or uncle).
And every time Inej wakes up to find the other side of the bed empty, she doesn't worry. She knows she'll find Kaz in the chair in the girls' room, awake and watching them silently. She'll fall back asleep thinking how her Papa was right--she did find a boy who gave her her favourite flowers.
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funkytoesart · 8 months ago
Could we get a Hiccup from any of your AUs?
Tumblr media
Hiccstrid from my Cyborg Astrid AU :)
Hiccup Haddock III is the only child and son of Senator Haddock, one of the eleven leaders of Berk City, a city of the future. Astrid Hofferson was Hiccup’s high school sweetheart, and they blissfully got married shortly into adulthood. Only a few months into their marriage, however, Hiccup and Astrid were caught in an attack that left Hiccup without part of his leg...and Astrid without most of her body. A brilliant mind in cyber engineering, Hiccup managed to put his wife back together into the form of a cyborg--a growing practice, but illegal at this level. His time with his wife back in his arms was not to last, however, for soon Astrid was kidnapped, and she was reprogrammed by Hiccup’s families enemies. Hiccup searched long and hard for any clues as to his wife’s whereabouts, and when he finally found her, years later, found that her memories of him had been erased...or had they?
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