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#anyway yeah and it sucks cuz this is also the one place that i do feel i can be 100% myself but sometimes it is a double edged sword
iamphibolous · 3 months ago
hm personal update post ya ya
#I have learned a thing and that thing is that my subconscious is a bitch. motherfucker overwhelms me just for not talkin to people and then#if I do talk it’s like ‘why should you be the one talkin when anyone else could talk instead’ so I can’t win#It’s more manageable in smaller places but if I try to be regular in a large environment it just kinda festers till I leave.#Really sucks cuz I like talking to people I just got self-psychologically-induced pressures that I’m unsure how else to treat#than to avoid/leave situations where I start to feel such a way. anyways I’m glad I still have like individual people I can talk to#it’s just big environments/groups that make my anxiety go overboard#Anyways that aside I got a geology course in a bit and I think one of our cats might still be having problems but I’m hoping not. I also#got to go print out some stuff later and call the library blah blah blah and I wanna plant marigolds but there are these#native purple flowers that I never knew grew vertically! It’s really cool and maybe I would like to grow some#They are light purple and have kinda greyish blueish stems and leaves. I think they’re some of my favorite flowers here#Also I’m kinda anxious about my drivers test on the ninth but like I’m good at parallel parking so at least I can do that lol#My dad wants me to drive on the highway though like 60mph stuff (or 80? I don’t know) and I'm scared because all of that stuff I had to#listen to about horrific crashes for the right to learn to drive was uh pretty good idea of why I shouldn't ever drive period especially not#at such high speeds. Jesus.#but like yeah. bleh. this is the same person who wants me to drive when I am crying/clearly in a moment of impaired judgement#I'm just hoping nothing bad happens so I can never drive on a highway ever again#personal#wish I had more uplifting things to talk about lately but it's really mostly just a lot of stress and busy stuff right now :(#I got class soon. geology is okay so far :v yeh
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v-pet · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
species base sketches.......
#if the babirusa looks similar to tekni its becuz theyre like... sister species.. they are from the same homeworld#i have a few species like that! the scorpion species is related to the spider species! which isnt pictured here but its what eksoh is!#well anyway here is uh#*closes tag window to look at screenshot* anyway here is 14 new species sketchies...#14 and not 15 because the vinjaw has already been shown as byoh (though she looks different shhhh)#anyway these are named after the animals theyre based off instead of actual species names cuz uhhhh i havent named them yet LOL#i might go back and vague some of them up a bit more#but just getting the initial sketch down is the main thing !#also the octo is shamelessly just absolutely shamelessly for me to cameo my ne0pet LOL#i mean ive had other octo ocs before unrelated to that and they always kinda look like this#but like... yeah hdjsdbsg#oh yeah beetle2 is named that because liotairs (jyohd) are beetle1 technically#ough some of these poses kinda suck but im just trying to get the designs down while still being mostly visible#which means getting those damn arms out of the way.. but theres only so many things arms can do.......#nudibranch is undeniably the best preview so far. like as far as pose and design and attitude like ugh perfection#hmm i migjt need to adjust the babirusa a bit more.. theyre supposed to be taller and thicker than tekni (who are already BIG)#but its hard to get that across without literally placing a tekni next to it.. ill have to figure that out later#really the biggest difference is the longer snout and the uh yknow classic babirusa tusks piercing their fucking face#the body isnt too different structurally. its mostly size#OH ALSO one last thing!!!#you may be wondering HEY where are those bugs' WINGS#well in the The Last Human™️ universe bug species can have both larval stages and then also keep molting as adults#so all bugs that i would say have wings will only get their wings on their last molt#and if they molt once a year (which i say they do) then that means they only have wings when theyre old as fuck#i might say their last molt lasts maybe 5-10 years instead of the 1 year#but thats still gonna be when theyre the human equivalent of like. 70#ok ok one last thing for real this time#babirusa is masked because its similar to tekni and im keeping all of their faces hidden until gihr gets his face reveal#i mean they also all wear those masks on their homeworld anyway cuz it sucks but like#they do indeed have a face under there ! but you are not allowed to see it yet !
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xoxo-teddybear · 7 months ago
You Have Me - Bakugou Katsuki
Dad!Bakugou x Babysitter!reader
Warnings: Dad!Bakugou, Fingering, 18+, Cursing, pining, cheating, daddy kink (cuz duh)
Request: Dad Bakugou in love with his babysitter. She’s younger than him but still over legal drinking age and Bakugou is not too old. I just wanna see how he’d go about this whole situation ESPECIALLY if he was already married.
“F-Faster Katsuki!” You said as Bakugou pounded into you on the kitchen island.
“Shit baby...fuck, you like that shit? Like how daddy fucks your sweet cunt?” He teased as he hit your cervix. “You gonna give me another brat? Huh? C’mon Teddy Bear I know you can do it~”
His hand traveled to your clit as he toyed with your pretty pussy. Your legs shook as he worked his magic and you clenched around his cock.
“Ohh~ ‘M gonna cum!” You cried out. Your hands clawed at Katsuki’s back as he sucked his teeth in due to the stimulating pleasure.
“Do it. Cream all over my cock baby.” You obeyed his every command as you did what you were told and spilled all over him. Your orgasm didn’t stop him as he continued to ram into you. He sped up as he chased his own release and threw his head back.
“F-Fuck! Fuck baby,” he leaned down close to your face as he used his hand to grab your chin. “I love you. You fuckin’ understand me?” He said and brought a smack to your ass. “I love you Y/N.”
His voice grew whiny as his thrust became sloppy. You both were a moaning mess until Katsuki met his climax and filled you with his release. Right as he came, his lips met yours for a rough and passionate kiss that you both desperately moaned into. He continued to slowly thrust into you to push his cum deeper inside your womb as you tugged at his hair. Your lips finally separated as Katsuki stopped his thrusts. He rested his forehead against yours as you both held heavy breaths. He grinned at your dazed eyes and grew excited. He was sure he done enough to get you pregnant. He saw your soft, angelic features and listened carefully as you began to speak.
“’s time to wake up.” You said with a smile.
“Huh?” Bakugou said in confusion as he lifted his face away from yours. You sat up and shoved his shoulder as your voice began to fade out.
“Wake up! ....Wake up Katsuki. Katsuki! ....Katsuki!”
“Katsuki! Wake up!”
The 25 year old man had his eyes shot open as he flinched the slightest bit. He awoke to his bitch of a wife smacking his upper body to get him to come to.
“Ugh, the hell do you want?” He groaned as he layed back down in bed.
“I want you to get out of bed! We’re supposed to be going to Aki’s party today! You owe me since you didn’t want to buy me those heels!” She complained. Bakugou rolled his eyes at the gold digger and shooed her away with his hand.
“Go by your damn self. I have a meeting today. I’m not going to one of your shitty friend’s stupid ass parties. And also, I don’t owe you shit. I’m not dropping three grand on a pair of heels for some bitch.” He said with his eyes still shut. He heard his wife gasp at his insults and he could already imagine her dropped jaw.
“Excuse me, but I’m not some bitch. I’m your wife-“
“Who’s a bitch.” Bakugou interrupted. He opened his piercing, crimson eyes as he watched her tilt her head to the ceiling and crossed her arms.
“Hmph! Fine then! I’ll go by myself!” She said and marched out the room and out the house. Bakugou groaned as he rolled onto his back and threw his arms over his eyes.
“Good. That’s what I wanted. Stupid bitch.” He said to no one in particular. He sighed as he held on to the memory of the sweet dream he was having before his wife had interrupted. The sweet dream of him completely indulging himself in Y/N L/N, his son’s babysitter.
Was it wrong for him to have these thoughts about Y/N while being married? Yes. But did Bakugou care? Not at all. He was so drawn to Y/N it was like love at first sight for him. Besides, he didn’t love his wife anyway. They dated for a year and the whole time, Bakugou completely hated it. Truthfully, Bakugou dated her for her looks and the sweet facade she put up, but when her true self came through, Bakugou knew he was done with her. Unfortunately, before he had the chance to break up with her, his son Katsuo, was conceived. So when the news of her pregnancy became known to him, the toxic couple decided to tie the knot and get married. What a poor decision.
Bakugou decided enough time had been spent in bed and so he got up and got ready. Once he was fresh and clean he checked the time and saw it was 8:30. He made breakfast and prepped the table. Once he was done, he walked to his son’s room to wake up the little guy.
Katsuo Bakugou. Katsuki’s precious son. Even though he wasn’t planned, Katsuki loved his dear boy regardless. It’s sad to say the same thing can’t be said with the boy’s mother. Leiko Hotashi, Katsuo’s mother, seemed to have no love for the child, or anyone other than herself and money. She complained the entire pregnancy, she didn’t smile at the first sight of him when he was born, and she didn’t bother to be around the little guy either. Katsuo basically grew up without a mother’s love but he turned out just fine because Katsuki’s love was more than enough. The constant absence of his mother didn’t bother him and the child didn’t seem to care whether she was around or not. It’s sad really, but what can you do?
Bakugou walked into the room and saw a tuff of blonde hair that resembled his own. He walked to his ‘mini me,’ and shook the 5 year old awake.
“Katsuo...wake up bud. C’mon.” Katsuki said in a surprisingly soft voice. He was greeted with a pair of red eyes that copied his own and he smiled down at his carbon copy. “C’mon bud, breakfast is ready.”
Katsuo sat up in bed and yawned as he rubbed one of his eyes with his tiny fist. Katsuki smiled at the cute sight. “G’morning dad!”
“Heh. Good morning bud now let’s. Go. We got a nice breakfast waiting for us,” Bakugou said as he picked up his son in his arms. Katsuo giggled in excitement as Katsuki walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen.
The two sat down at the island as they enjoyed their breakfast and Katsuki listened to his son babble on about nothing. It was a peaceful morning for the most part. Katsuki’s morning always consisted of his crazy wife being a nag but other than that, he enjoyed his mornings with his son.
“So, I have to go to work soon and Mom is gone, but Y/N is coming by in a bit to watch you.” Katsuki explained to the young boy who seemed to light up at the mention of your name.
“Y/N’s coming?! Yay!” The boy shouted. Katsuo loved you. You’ve been his babysitter for 2 years and you already had the child (and his father) wrapped around your finger. Without knowing it, you showered the boy in motherly love, something that he never really got to experience. As we already stated, Bakugou felt drawn to you as if it was love at first sight, but seeing the way you interacted with his son just sealed the deal for him.
The two continued their meal and when they were done, Katsuki had the child wash up and get ready for your arrival. He cleaned up in the kitchen and by the time he was done, you knocked on the door. Bakugou felt his heart race at the knowledge of your presence and before he ran to the door, he stopped infront of a mirror to check himself. He fixed his hair and adjusted his clothes to fit more comfortably and then ran to the door. Before opening it, he placed his hand on the knob, took a breath, and then pulled the door open to be blessed with the sight of your beauty. “Y/N! Hi!”
“Heh, hey Katsuki.” You said as you stood at the door with a smile. You weren’t dumb. You always noticed how nervous Bakugou was whenever you were around. His crush was a little obvious to you and even though you felt something for the handsome hero, you never made any advances for the man. He was married and had a kid! There’s no way any sort of relationship was happening. Luckily, a very flirtatious friendship blossomed between you two and you grew so close that you both reached a first name basis.
Y/N L/N. A beautiful woman at the pretty age of 23. She was not only beauty, but she was brains, strength, and grace. She was a fierce and charming lady who had poison on her tongue but a fluffy heart of gold. The lot of you may be thinking that a 23 year old woman should be doing more than babysitting, but Y/N is still fairly young. And besides, babysitting was just a side gig. You had an actual career and owned your own dance studio but ever since you met the Bakugous, you just couldn’t give up on the little job.
“...Umm...Katsuki. Are you gonna keep staring or are you gonna let me in?” You said with a chuckle. Bakugou embarrassingly snapped out of his trance before speaking.
“Right! Uh, come in,” he said and stepped aside for you to enter. You nodded with a smile and walked into the large home, took a seat on the soft couch and you waited for Katsuo to come down. In the meantime, Katsuki always took the opportunity to make small talk with you.
“’ve you been? It’s been awhile since you came over to watch Katsuo.” Katsuki said as he took a seat that was pretty close to you.
“Yeah, sorry about that. The studio’s just been pretty hectic with more clients coming in. Even before I came here, I dropped off some choreography for a heels class that I’m teaching tonight.” You said. The mention of your upcoming class made Katsuki a little excited. Your studio commonly filmed classes to post online for publicity and when Katsuki found videos of you dancing/teaching a heels class, he couldn’t help but constantly admire the view.
“Still coulda’ came by to at least say hi or something,” he said with a gruff but obvious sarcastic voice. “S’been forever since I- I mean since Katsuo saw you.”
“Relax dummy,” you said with a giggle as you playfully slapped his arm. “I’ve only been gone a week.”
Bakugou pretended to be in pain as he placed a hand over his chest, slumped in his seat, and scrunched his face. “Ouch. Don’t remind me. Like I said, it’s been forever.”
You both laughed at his little joke as he sat up straight again. You looked around the house and after seeing a few family pictures hanging, you decided to bring up another topic. “So..where’s the Mrs.?”
“Tch. She’s out at some random party.” He said as he stretched out his neck. You raised your brow and smirked at his answer.
“Oh? Is somebody upset he got left behind?” You teased which made Bakugou cackle a bit.
“Yeah right! Like I care about that nag. She could leave for an eternity and I wouldn’t care and neither would the kid. Besides, it’d just give me the opportunity to get a little closer to you.” He said as he leaned in a little closer and you did the same.
“Oh really?” You said with a smile.
“Really.” He replied back with a face that mimicked your own. Soon enough, his hand found a place on your inner thigh and gave it a squeeze. Your lips slightly separated with a tiny gasp and Bakugou definitely took notice of that. Things would’ve continued if it wasn’t for the sudden voice of a child.
“Y/N!” Katsuo said in excitement as he took notice of you on the couch. You and Bakugou jumped and quickly separated before the child could even get an idea of what was about to happen. You were quick to stand and greet the small boy as you crouched down to his level and gave him a hug.
“Hi Katsuo!” You said with your award winning smile. Katsuki watched from the couch as Katsuo went on and on about all the things he wanted to do today and the only thing that appeared in his head was a new family picture but with you in it instead of Leiko.
“Alright bud,” Bakugou said as he got up from the couch, walking to the two. “I gotta get to work but enjoy your day with Y/N, okay? And be good.” Bakugou said as he ruffled his boy’s blonde hair.
“I’m always good, dad!” The boy pouted as he swatted away his father’s hand. You laughed at their interaction and Bakugou chuckled before kissing the crown of his son’s head and walking to the front door.
“Bye Katsuo!” He said from the exit. You walked him to the exit and before he left he turned to you. He checked to make sure his son wasn’t watching before making his move. He grabbed your chin with his fingers to make you face him and softly spoke. “And I’ll see you later tonight, beautiful.”
You smiled and rolled your eyes at his compliment then said your thanks. You expected him to leave after that and so you tried to walk back to Katsuo but before you could, Katsuki pulled your wrist, grabbed your chin again, and pecked your cheek before exiting and slamming the door shut. You stood with a shocked expression as you felt blood rush to your cheeks.
Although you knew you felt something special for Katsuki, you knew he was married. And you weren’t no homewrecker! Even though some may see it as a harmless little peck on the cheek, you couldn’t help but feel guilty for his growing affections towards you. You sighed a bit before calming down and walking to the blonde boy waiting for you in the living room. You were going to enjoy your time with Katsuo but the return of his father stirred up a little confusion in your chest.
Hours passed. When you arrived it was 9:30 a.m. Now, it’s 10:00 p.m., and you expected Bakugou to be home soon. You didn’t really expect to see Leiko. Whenever Katsuki mentioned she was out partying, she never came back while you were around. It’s not that she was purposely avoiding you, she just tend to stay out into late hours of the night.
Katsuo was supposed to be in bed half an hour ago but his puppy eyes got the best of you and so you stayed up an extra hour to watch a quick movie with him. In the middle of the screening, he fell asleep on you and so you turned off the T.V and carried him to bed. After tucking him in, you walked away but felt a tug on your arm. Your turned to see Katsuo with sleepy eyes staring up at you. “Yes Katsuo?”
“Sing me to sleep again. Please Y/N,” the sweet boy asked. You smiled down at him and nodded. You took a seat on his bed side as you ran your fingers through his soft, spiked, blonde hair and sang.
As you sung Katsuo to sleep, you didn’t even notice the front door opening. Katsuki walked in feeling a little excited to see Y/N again but when he walked through the door he heard an angelic voice. He placed his bag down and followed the sound into his son’s room. Once he made it there, he stood in the doorway and listened to your voice and watched as you sung his child to sleep.
Your calming voice sent a blush to Katsuki’s face as he smiled and watched. Your voice was like honey. Smooth and sweet. The way you took care of Katsuo filled Katsuki with a type of happiness he never experienced before. He notice you ran your fingers through his son’s hair and Katsuki couldn’t help but feel a little envious of his own child.
“Don’t go away, stay another day~”
You finished the song and smiled as you saw Katsuo finally asleep. You leaned down and pecked his forehead before getting up to leave his room. As you looked towards the doorway, you jumped at the sight of Katsuki’s tall figure leaning against the frame.
“Katsuki, hey. I didn’t even realize you came home. How was work?” You asked. Your question made Katsuki smile, as it was similar to something a wife would ask her husband after a long day. It was something Katsuki never got to experience, even though he was already married. He smiled at you with kind eyes before tilting his head to signal you to follow him. You smiled softly and nodded as you followed Katsuki down the stairs.
For the past hour you and Katsuki had been laughing and talking. You followed Katsuki into the kitchen where he made you both some tea where you then both found seats in the living room. There, you talked some more and you both enjoyed the private company. Eventually, Katsuki grew bold and walked back into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses.
“Heh, real smooth Romeo.” You teased and Bakugou chuckled as he rolled his eyes as sat down. You both picked up another conversation and eventually reached your second glass.
“Thanks for always taking care of Katsuo the way you do, Y/N.” Bakugou said with a slight blush. And it wasn’t just the alcohol causing it.
“What do you mean?” You asked, your face holding a similar blush for the same reasons. Safe to say you were both a little tipsy tonight. Not drunk but filled with a little liquid courage.
“I don’t a mom?” His words caught your attention and your gaze encouraged him to continue. “Katsuo..doesn’t have the greatest mom in the world. I think everybody knows that. Honestly, if she wasn’t around at all, Katsuo wouldn’t even know the difference. But you? You’re like the mother he never got....the mother he should’ve got.”
You felt a growing heat flow in your face and you smiled at the sweet compliment. You can’t lie, sometimes you did see Katsuo as your son. You didn’t have kids but you always wanted some. Having Katsuo around was like having a son of your own. “Awe, thanks Katsuki.”
“You shouldn’t thank me, it’s just insane how you’re the actual definition of perfect.” He said before taking a sip of wine.
“Stop it,” you said and playfully hit his arm again. You both put your glasses down and he laughed a bit before continuing.
“No, I’m serious. I mean, c’mon you’re beautiful, smart, kind, sassy,” he began.
“Yeah..and,” you said as you both began to face each other.
“You’re great with kids, you’re good at everything, you have a steady career, you have a passion,” he continued.
“Mhmm..” you said while smiling at his words. You shuffled a little bit closer to him on the couch and Bakugou smiled when he noticed.
“...You’re perfect Y/N.” He focused his gaze on you as he became entranced with your E/C eyes. He leaned in close and you did the same. “...You’re the perfect one for me.”
At those words, you both closed the gap between you two and kissed. Your lips were pressed together for a few seconds before you both pulled away for the same amount of time. During that time, Bakugou kept his lips hovering over yours before pecking your lips a few times and then giving you a real, passionate kiss. Due to the small amount of alcohol in your system you happily returned it. Your hands found way into his hair and his found home on your waist. When you took a small breath, Bakugou slipped his tongue in and you both fought for dominance. In the heat of the moment, Bakugou carried you to sit on his lap and you followed his lead. Your tongues continued to tangle as Bakugou’s hands caressed your body.
They moved down to the hill of your ass and gave it a firm squeeze. You moaned into the kiss and it was music to his ears. Almost as good as the sweet lullaby you sang an hour ago. Soon enough, his hands traveled under your shirt and bra to fondle your plush breast. This made you let go of the kiss and throw your head back as you released soft moans. Bakugou didn’t stop and went into kiss your neck. He left sweet pecks before he left a few hickeys. His mouth moved around your neck before he found your sweet spot, earning a needy sound from you. Bakugou began nipping at the spot and licking the soft skin. His actions caused your hands to tug at his hair and made your hips naturally grind against his center. This made Bakugou groan as he gently layed you on your back on the couch. His body found way in between your legs as he separated from your neck and took notice of your flushed face. He smirked at the sight and his eyes traveled to your shirt, where his hands were hidden under. Deciding to change that, his hands left your valley of breast to push your shirt and bra up to expose your chest.
“Beautiful...” was what he whispered before going in to take one of your mounds in his mouth. You gasped and squealed at the sensation of his mouth covering one breast and his hand massaging the other. Bakugou continued to mark up your chest, leaving love bites and bruises all over.
“Ngh...Katsuki..” you whined. Both your centers began to grind against each other as the two of you were pretty much dry humping one another. Bakugou bit at your nipple, causing you to squirm.
“Easy Princess, I got you. Daddy’s got you, Love.” He said as he used both hands to rub soothing motions into your bare waist. You settled as Katsuki kissed a trail back up to your neck and whispered into your ear. “I’m gonna take such good care of you tonight, Y/N.”
His hand glided off your chest, down your stomach and down your pants. His movements had the wetness between your legs growing and his husky voice definitely didn’t calm it down. His hands slid into your panties and his finger took a swipe at your slick.
“So wet...and it’s all for me..right baby?” He smirked against your cheek.
“Y-Yes Katsuki!” You said as you attempted to grind against his hand before Katsuki pulled it away.
“Try again,” he said with a seductive tone. You were confused on what he meant but you were growing so desperate for a touch. His touch. So your mind began to scramble and think. Master? No. Sir? No. Senpai? Hell no.
“..Daddy.” You softly said. You watched as Bakugou’s smirk grew before he kissed your cheek in approval.
“Good girl.” His finger soon returned to your center and after running it up and down a few times, he slowly pushed two in. You gasped at his thick length as Bakugou pumped his hand in and out of you. Wanting to test the waters a bit more, he slid in a third finger as he picked up the speed a bit.
“O-Oh my god!” Your hips began to grind against his hand and Bakugou curled his fingers. “Fuck!”
“Feel good, baby?” Bakugou asked as he began to grind against the underside of your thigh. Your lower body began to slightly shake as his fingers reached a sensitive spot.
“Yes Daddy!” You cried out. You felt the coil in your stomach tightening, signaling a familiar sensation to almost be reached. Growing more riled up and wanting more room on the couch, Bakugou began to throw the decor pillows off the couch. The pillows flew around the living room knocking a few things over, including the family picture. The sound reached your ears and the sight of the broken frame snapped you out of your pleasured state. Your eyes grew wide as you finally came to and realized what you were doing. “Ngh, no!”
You pushed Katsuki off of you and pulled your shirt back down to cover yourself back up. Bakugou looked at you in shock and confusion as he watched you sit up and settle down. “Y/N...?”
Your hands covered your face for a second before rubbing at your temples for a bit. “No, I- ..*sigh* I’m so sorry Katsuki.”
“ guess that was my fault. I’m sorry I just...”
“ Katsuki it’s not that.”
“I just thought you..felt the same way,” he said as he sat back and rubbed the back of his neck.
“No, Katsuki I do, really, it’s just...”
“So then..why’d you stop?” He asked as he looked at you with a nervous and awkward smile.
“’re married. I’m sorry, I really like you but..I just can’t bring myself to come onto someone who is already in a relationship.” You explained.
‘Wow. She really is a perfect person,’ Bakugou thought to himself. “Y/N, if that’s the problem then don’t worry about it. I don’t even love Leiko, much less like that bitch.” Bakugou moved in to wrap his arm around your waist but you pushed it away.
“So then why are you still with her?” You asked. Katsuki smirked at your words and laughed a little.
“S’a good question,” he said. Right after those words left his mouth, keys could be heard opening the door and in came the bitch herself.
“What’s a good question?” Leiko said as she looked around. She took notice of yours and Katsuki’s presence on the couch, along with the bottle of wine and empty, used glasses. “Well? Is somebody going to explain? What was the question?” Leiko asked as she walked into the house, closing the front door.
Bakugou smiled at you with full eye contact before standing up and facing his wife. “Why am I still with you?”
Leiko raised a brow at the question and her anger began to boil. “What?” She sternly asked.
“Why am I still with you? I don’t love you, I don’t like you, I only stayed with you because we had Katsuo, our child which you don’t even love. In fact, the only thing you do love is my money, or more so, money in general, and yourself. You’re a conceited ass bitch who’s just taking up space in my life. You’re suffocating Katsuo and I by just existing and you’re holding the title of my wife, a title that Y/N should have. So why the fuck am I still with you?” Bakugou said with a stern voice.
“You-...You’re with me because I’m the mother of your child.” Leiko said with hesitation in her voice.
“Are you? Because you’re never around to be a mother for him. Katsuo doesn’t even care whether you’re here or not. Your presence in the house doesn’t make a damn difference. If anything, Y/N’s more of a mother to Katsuo than you.” Bakugou replied.
You grew uncomfortable with the situation and made an attempt to leave. “Umm..I think I should go-“
“No,” Bakugou began. “You’re staying. I want you to see this thing through to the end, beautiful.”
“Beautiful?! The only woman you should be calling beautiful is your wife Katsuki!” Leiko complained. “Not that slut!”
Now you were a uncomfortable but you were not no slut and you definitely didn’t take shit from nobody. “Excuse me?” You said with attitude but before you could continue, Bakugou intervened.
“Call her a slut again and I’ll blow your ass to bits. Let’s not forget, you had the title of a whore before being called my wife.” Bakugou said with the intent to cause pain.
“Well I may have been a whore but at least I never cheated, which is what I’m sure you were planning on doing with her if I hadn’t come home.” Leiko said.
“You’re damn right I was! Lucky for you, Y/N’s a good person so nothing actually went down but if she gave me the chance, please fucking believe I’d take it in a heartbeat. Matter of fact, if she gave me the chance to wife her up and make her Katsuo’s new mom I’d do that in a heartbeat too.” Bakugou said while looking at you. You felt your heart speed up a little due to his confession but you turned your head to the side to hide your growing blush. Bakugou smirked at the sight before Leiko interrupted.
“What the hell are you trying to say?!” Leiko asked with anger.
“I’m saying I don’t love or like you and I never did! And after 2 years of getting to know Y/N after falling for her at first sight, I can finally fucking say that I’m in love with somebody and it’s her!” Bakugou turned to face you as his wife’s jaw dropped. “Y/N, I’m fucking in love with you. Alright? I have been for the past 2 years already, ever since I met you. And to the bitch behind me,” Bakugou said and turned to face Leiko. “If it wasn’t already obvious, we’re getting a divorce.”
Leiko was fuming as her face grew red with anger. She began laughing in disbelief. “Hah, fine! Fine whatever! Like I give a fuck! Y/N you can have him and the damn kid! I never wanted him anyway! The damn brat just gave me an excuse to keep Bakugou’s fat wallet around. But when you come crawling back, don’t expect me to say yes Katsuki!”
“Well don’t expect me to come crawling back, ‘cause if I’m able to get Y/N to give me a chance, then I won’t be needing anyone else except for her and my son. You can get the fuck out now. I’ll send you your shit and the divorce papers to wherever the fuck you decide to stay.” Bakugou said as he gestured to the door. Leiko screamed some more nonsense that nobody payed attention to and finally walked out the door and slammed it shut.
Silence rang throughout the house for a few minutes after the official split between the toxic couple. Bakugou turned to face you with a small smile as he stood infront of you.
“Well?” He asked.
“Heh, well what?” You asked with a laugh.
“I uh..heh, it wasn’t the way I wanted to tell you but I got my confession out...” Bakugou took a seat next to you and took hold of your hand. He brought it up to his lips, placing a peck to your knuckles before speaking. “..I love you Y/N. I know I do..and I know this might be a bad time to ask considering what just went down-“
“Uh, yeah. A really bad time,” you said with a little giggle.
“Right but do you feel about me?” He asked with a nervous pulse beating throughout his body. He had to know. Do you love him just for his looks? Did you just want to fuck? Did you actually feel something towards him?
You smiled before using your other hand to grab hold of Katsuki’s shoulder and pulled him in for a sweet kiss. Katsuki’s body jumped in excitement but his hands were quick to hold onto your waist. This kiss was sweet and loving and lasted for some time before you pulled back. You smiled at the blonde as he looked at you with anticipating eyes.
“I love you too Katsuki.” Before you could even process anything, Katsuki had already pounced on you and pinned you to the couch in a hug. He had his arms wrapped around your waist as he tucked his head in the crevasse of your neck.
“God, I’ve been waiting years to hear you say those words.” Bakugou said before he began covering your face in thousands of loving kissed. You giggled at the ticklish and loving feeling and just smiled as you allowed Katsuki to show you his love.
Time passed and you and Katsuki stayed cuddled up on the couch. Nothing sexual, nothing nasty, just pure love induced cuddle time. Eventually, the late hours of the night exposed themselves and so you had to go.
“Katsuki, get up,” you said in a soft voice.
“No.” You laughed at his quick reply and began to push at his body to get him off.
“C’mon Katsuki seriously. I have to go home!” You said with another laugh.
“No. Katsuo and I are your new home.” He said, making his body become dead weight to stop you from going.
“Oof! Katsuki!! C’mon!” You whined out with a chuckle. Katsuki laughed with you but you kept trying. “You both are my new home, but my old home has comfy pjs for me to sleep in.”
“I can give you one of my shirts to sleep in. You’d look so amazing in them, princess.” He said with a smile as he imagined how you’d look prancing around in his clothes. It wasn’t the first time he thought about it but just knowing it was so close to becoming true sent butterflies all over his body.
“C’mon Katsuki. You already made me miss my class, the least you could do is let me go back to my apartment.” You said. Bakugou raised his head to look at you with a grin plastered on his face.
“You stayed on your own free will. S’not my fault you love talking to me. Let’s not forget what happened after our long talk too,” Bakugou said, hinting at your scandalous acts with him before you stopped anything else from happening. You rolled your eyes at his words before he spoke up again. “Matter of fact, maybe we should pick up where we left off,” he said and began kissing your cheek.
“Noooo, Katsuki, seriously. I’m tired, I just want to sleep.” You said with a smile.
“So sleep here,” he bargained. You looked at him with a raised brow, silently asking him to go on. “I was serious about having you stay over. You can sleep in my shirt and we can both fall asleep in the guest room.”
“Both of us in the guest room?” You questioned.
“Yeah. I’d let you sleep in my room but I’m not letting that bitch’s leftover presence contaminate you.” You laughed at his insults but allowed him to continue. “And yes both of us. I’m not going to sleep without my princess in my arms.”
You couldn’t lie, the sound of falling asleep in Katsuki’s arms in his clothes was pretty tempting. After taking a look at Katsuki and seeing the same puppy eyes that Katsuo was able to persuade you with, you gave in.
“Yes!” Bakugou said with a fist in the air as he cuddled in closer.
Bakugou finally let you go and allowed you to take a shower. While you were in there, he took a quick drive to the corner store and bought some compression shorts for you. When he returned he left one of his shirts and a pair of the compression shorts for you on the guest bed as he went to get ready for bed in his own room. You walked into the guest room and saw the shorts and shirt and put them on. You looked in the mirror and noticed the shorts weren’t even noticeable considering their tiny length and the large size of Katsuki’s shirt. While staring at yourself, Katsuki walked in wearing nothing but gray sweats. He took a glance at you and was drooling over your body in his clothes.
“...Wow,” he whispered but you heard. You turned to face him and smiled. You walked to him and wrapped you arms around his neck.
“Hey Suki, ready for bed?” You said. Bakugou smiled at the new name as a small blush dusted over his cheeks.
“New name for you. Like it?” You asked.
“Love it.” He said and pecked your lips before picking you up and carrying you to the bed. He dropped you onto the soft mattress and flopped on top of you. You both laughed a little before getting under the blankets and cuddling up against each other again.
Time passed and Katsuki felt at peace finally with you in his arms. Like the missing part of him was finally filled in. You were so happy and felt so loved in the safety of his arms. Staying the night was definitely worth it.
“I’m so glad Y/N. I love you so much and I’ve wanted you for so long.” He said with your head tucked under his chin. You smiled at his words and nuzzled into his chest.
“Well congrats Katsuki. ‘Cause now, you have me.” Katsuki kissed the crown of your head before falling asleep. And when he woke up that morning to find you in the kitchen with Katsuo on your hip as you made breakfast, he smiled with a full heart as he walked to you both and remembered your words.
“You have me.”
A/N: Hey y’all, for a better experience with the story, I do recommend clicking the link where Y/N sang to Katsuo. I put two links in the story. The heels class and Y/N’s singing, (which is from Rio 2, Jewel’s lullaby) Don’t judge me, that’s the best lullaby ever😂 If you don’t know what a heels class is in dancing, it is basically...dancing with heels😂 Umm...yeah. THE ENDING IS SO RUSHED, IM SO SORRY!
TAGLIST:  @sxcker4you @aomi04
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theliterarywolf · 6 days ago
Oh. My. God. You're talking about Netflixs Cowboy bebop dumpster fire and I am HERE FOR IT
Why'd they make Jet the deadbeat dad stereotype?? They just couldn't make em black and leave it at that couldn't they? Just had to go there huh? Also fuck that "blackmail, black male" scene a thousand times
Why is Fake Vakentine so fucking boring, what happened to her being a bitchy femme fatal?
And outta all the outrage I'm so mad about goddamn Ed. Why cant a girl be a tomboy without people trying to shove that stupid NB label on her?
God this is so stupid
Netflix seriously stop making live action shows based off anime, if people weren't gonna watch it in the first place cuz it's a cartoon, than NEWSFLASH ITS NOT FOR THOSE PEOPLE ANYWAY either suck it up buttercup and watch the original or fuck off
The fact that this is the second live-action reimagining of a classic property that has reimagined a character as black and decided that invoking the neglectful/abusive father stereotype was a good move is... mind-boggling. (Yes, I'm referring to the original script for the CW Powerpuff Girls in the other case)
They haaaaad to make Faye into not!Captain Marvel because they neeeeeeeded a not!Captain Marvel to turn into a predatory-lesbian stereotype #GirlBoss~!
I insist that whoever was doing the writing for Ed in this show didn't look up how she was in the original anime but, instead, looked up TikTok fan-acting attempts of Ed. You know, the types of TikToks where people are being obnoxiously over-the-top as possible and no one would possibly think that that kind of acting should ever go into a paid production? Yeah...
Also Gren~! I still say that what they did to Gren was a fucking hate-crime and the actor they got for him (yes, him; fuck you Netflix) talking about 'we're correcting all the wrongs of the original anime with our approach to this character' is the epitome of western-centric ignorance and bias being touted as intelligence and theory when it comes to media from other countries.
But you know the scummiest part of all of this?
It's the fact that Netflix never wanted to make an adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. Netflix wanted their own version of Guardians of the Galaxy but they know they don't have that Disney/MCU money. So they looked through all the anime they have on their service, picked the one that seemed slightly space-related, and said '...Yeah. I can sodomize this until it's barely a shell of its former self.'
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kamuirui · 11 months ago
Chishiya Shuntarou x Reader
An: All characters are 18+ ❤️ basically Chishiya’s basic assholeness that we all know and love. Warning for swearing, perv!chishiya, and some general effed up shit. But this is Alice in borderland we’re talking about, right?
What sucked most about being at the Beach was having to wear swimsuits all the time. Bikinis, one pieces, two pieces, even going commando— it made you insanely uncomfortable to show that much skin. You tried to opt out of that frightening amount of exposure by suggesting that you wore men’s clothes. Swim trunks and a shirt should suffice, right? Instead, Hatter laughed in your face, the stench of whiskey washing over your cheeks, and threw a red bikini set at you. You’ve hid in your room ever since.
When you were forced out, you managed to snatch a loose shirt off of a dead mans body after a game. He’d been shocked to death, so no blood splatter. Perfect for concealing the expanse of skin on your back. If only you could find some shorts now...
“Stealing from a dead man? That’s quite unethical if you ask me.”
Slipping your arms through the sleeves, you shot a glare at Chishiya. “Thankfully, no ones asking you.”
Chishiya cocked an eyebrow at you, that damned Cheshire smirk never leaving his face. “If you wanted to cover up, you could’ve just asked.”
“Yeah, right. Like you’d be a big help— you’re the reason why I’m at the Beach in the first place!” You huffed. You didn’t have to see him to know that he was grinning. When was he ever not. He was grinning when you first met, he was grinning throughout the entire game, and he still grinned at you, when you had to choose between yourself and your best friend.
Hate wasn’t a strong enough word to describe your feelings toward Chishiya.
You absolutely despised him.
“Hmm? But being at the Beach isn’t so bad. You’re alive aren’t you?”
“Yeah, I wish I wasn’t.”
“Then why’d you win your game.”
You froze in your tracks. Snickering, he stepped closer to you.
“Doesn’t seem like you wanna die.”
“Oh, shut up. I’m tired of hearing your voice.”
You both started walking in the direction of the cars. Being an Executive gave Chishiya some perks, like not having to travel on foot to get to the games. Sometimes he indulged in sharing this privilege with you, sometimes he didn’t. You hope he wouldn’t show you that kind of cruelty today.
“What game did you guys have today.” Chishiya asked, breaking the silence. You didn’t feel like talking today, but you’d satiate his boredom if it meant he’d give you a ride.
“Three of hearts. It was basically hot potatoe with a grenade. Last one with the grenade blew up. And if the grenade wasn’t in anyone’s hands, everyone would’ve blown up.”
“Hmm. Rough. Who’d we lose.”
“Some girl named Mio. They shoved the grenade down her one piece.”
Chishiya snickered. “Aren’t you glad your wearing a bikini now.”
You threw him a look of disgust, only to catch him eyeing you up, pinching his bottom lip between his teeth. Sneering, you gave him a hard shove. “Pervert!”
Despite almost losing his balance, Chishiya only snorted. “Nothing I haven’t seen before.”
“You wish, asshole.”
When you neared the cars, you noticed an unfamiliar face in the sea of subordinates. She fairly pretty, with wide brown eyes. Her body was slender but firm with muscle, a killer bod, if you will. Her hair was thrown up in a ponytail with braids sticking out in every direction. She looked as fierce as a queen.
Chishiya noticed your staring. “This is Kuina. She participated in my last game.”
“Oh, so she wants to be a part of the Beach now?” You asked looking over to him.
“Yeah. She excels at Spades games, so she’ll be a great asset to the Beach. Boss’ll wanna meet her personally to give her the initiation.”
When he and Kuina got into the car, you noticed how she occupied your spot next to him. You also noticed that there wasn’t any room for you at all.
“Where am I gonna sit?”
Face smug, Chishiya gave a faux glance around the rusty vehicle. “Hmm, dunno. You could always stay in the trunk.”
“Hilarious.” You said rolling your eyes. You crossed your arms and glared down at the Cheshire Cat. “So what, I’m walking home?”
Chishiya leaned his arm against the open window, looking up at you. “Depends. I could kick someone out. For a price.”
“And that price is?”
Licking his lips, he leered up at you. “Give me your bikini top.”
In flash, your face burst in vibrant pink flames. “Hell no, you pervert!” You cried, crossing your arms over your chest. Despite being clad in two layers of clothes, it still felt like Chishiya could see right through your cover. Kuina eyed Chishiya uncomfortably from beside him, but didn’t look like she was going to say anything.
“I mean, you’ve got a new shirt to cover up with anyways. No real loss here.”
“The loss here is all your brain cells, ‘cuz there’s no way in hell I’d do that!”
“Hmm. Figures.” Chishiya sat back in his seat. “Well, have a safe walk!”
And with that, the rusty car squealed with life, tires shrieking, engines coughing, leaving you in the dust.
After coughing and waving away the rancid smoke, you seethed at the car in the distance.
“That fucking asshole!”
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xlovelyyoongix · 7 months ago
wake up | myg
Tumblr media
summary: reader wakes yoongi up in a special way.
paring: non-idolYoongi x Reader (established relationship)
rating: 18+ ONLY
genre: fluff, smut
w/c: 1k
warnings: cursing, oral sex, (m. receiving) switch reader, switch yoongi. (If you catch anything else I forgot to add, please don’t hesitate to let me know)
a/n: I wrote this in under an hour cuz ima hoe... 🤣 anyways, please enjoy 💕
Getting the chance to witness Yoongi as he slept was a rarity of its own. The raven-haired male was infamous for waking up before the early chirps of newborn birds and falling asleep only after you've drifted off into dreamland, so today was something special. Having him rest so soundly beside you, warm sunlight spilling across his flawless skin, and thick lashes soft against the apples of his cheeks as the rhythm of his faint breath exhaled past his lips.
"You're so beautiful." You soundly whisper, watching as Yoongi slowly began to wake from his slumber.
Your fingers begin to dance along the flesh of his ivory chest, leaving a trail of goosebumps down it’s path. The further you venture, the more you notice something twitching underneath the thin fabric of the sheets. "Oh," You giggle, eyes panning to the stiff erection, standing proudly beneath the linen.
"Baby~?" You mew softly, fingers trickling past his torso to the edge of his waistband. "Is this okay?"
Yoongi's lashes slowly begin to flutter open, tongue darting across his dry lips out of habit. It takes a moment for his vision to come to, but when it does, you're the first thing he sees. Your wild bedhead framing around your delicate face, eyes narrowed seductively low, and plump lips formed into the shape of a wicked smirk. It was then he noticed your hand, so dangerously close to the needy dick twitching in his boxers. "Please."
Never one to turn down your lover, your hand slips beneath the thin layer of fabric, immediately met with the heat of Yoongi's manhood. Your fingers find the thick base of his shaft, palming around the veiny, hot flesh.
Yoongi utters a grunt, stuttering his hips upward due to the bewitching sensation of your sweet touch. "You're always so sensitive when I touch you here." You giggle, palm slowly beginning to work up and down his shaft.
Yoongi's breath staggers in his throat, eyelids riding low as a familiar tightness begins to coil within the pit of his abdomen. "I-I had a dream..." He struggled to articulate his speech, your soft hand around his dick having an effect on him. "A-about you."
Your tongue flirtatiously darts across your bottom lip, "Oh, yeah?" you start with a smirk, antagonizing his sexual frustration. "What was your dream about, baby?" You squeeze your hand tighter, just how Yoongi liked it.
Yoongi's throat releases a hiss, eyelashes fluttering as he takes a nibble out of his lip." Y-you were s-sucking me o-of." He stuttered in the form of a slight pout, and fuck did you love it when he pouted. "B-but you didn't l-let me c-cum." Jet orbs glossing over
"Aww, that's so mean of me." You reply coyly, fingers teasing around his mushroom tip, massaging in his sticky pre-cum. "Do you think you deserve to cum, Yoongi?" you ask, toying with his dick as if it were your own personal plaything.
"I- I do deserve it." He finds the strength to say. "I'm a good m-man to you, aren't I?" He makes sure to add as if to plead his case.
"Yes, you're very good to me, Yoongi." His body shivers as you whisper into the shell of his ear. "So I'll give you what you want." After maneuvering under the sheets, you slowly peel back the waistband of Yoongi's boxers, allowing his tall erection to spring free. You lick your lips at the mighty sight, pre-cum glistening at the tip, healthy veins protruding from the sides, and a thickness that made you crave him even more. "You always look so yummy," You say, tongue darting out to collect the first taste of his red tip.
"Shit," Yoongi grunts, uncontrollably jolting his hips upward.
You were never one to leave your boyfriend unsatisfied, so opening your mouth wide and swallowing him whole was always the option with the best results. The tip of your nose reaches the forest of his pubic hair, tongue massaging the bottom of his shaft. The grunts and moans slipping past Yoongi's lips give the encouragement to hold your gag reflex, allowing you to relax your throat.
"Oh, fuck." Yoongi's hands move on their own, gripping the back of your hair to hold your mouth in place. With eyes rolled back, he's inching his shaft as far as it can reach. Your mouth feels immaculate around him, the thick wetness of your saliva and the tightness of your throat, fuck he could orgasm then and there. "C-can I...?" Yoongi mutters, almost too afraid to ask.
You know precisely what Yoongi means by his question; he wants to take control. The very thought of him using your mouth and throat for his sexual leisure causes a spike of pleasure to pulse between your thighs. So, of course, you nod to his request.
Gripping at the back of your hair tighter, Yoongi guides your hollowed-out mouth slowly up and down his thickness. "T-tap me if y-you need to b-breathe." He utters, eyes rolling back to the erotic sensation your hungry mouth was providing.
You nod to the suggestion but also know you won't be needing air anytime soon. After years of being with Yoongi, you've perfected the art of inhaling and exhaling through your nostrils.
"Shit, y-your mouth is so good." Yoongi stutters while you bob your head to the speed that he desired, erotic wet sounds exuded from beneath the sheets. "I-I fuckin love you." With every passing moment, the pulsing in Yoongi's dick intensifies along with the aching to release. "Wanna swallow for me, baby?"
You thought it cute that he even asked, and if his dick wasn't being shoved halfway down your esophagus, you would have giggled, but instead, you nod to his request.
"G-gotta see you," Yoongi yanks away the sheets, revealing your sexy mouth gobbling away at his dick, thick saliva collecting at the base of his shaft and your alluring, hazed eyes gazing up at him; his own personal goddess. "My sexy girl gonna take my load in her mouth? You gonna do that for me?"
You don't stop bobbing, sucking him all in as your eyes screamed the words, "yes, please."
As if on queue, the rubber band sensation, stretching in the pit of Yoongi's abdomen, finally snaps. "Oh, fuck!" He yells, holding your head in place to collect the large amount of cum releasing into your throat. He thrusts a few final times, colors exploding in his vision while riding the explosive high of his orgasm.
And just like he asked, you have no problem swallowing it all, gulping down the salty evidence of your boyfriend's orgasm, before your lips release the tip of his dick with a -pop-.
A satisfied smile gleams across Yoongi's rosy cheeks as he grabs your arm, gesturing you to lay beside him, "Come here."
Doing as you're told, your head plops into the pillow beside Yoongi's head, gazing into his glossy, hooded eyes.
"You're so fuckin perfect," Yoongi says, placing a sweet kiss on your forehead, thanking you for the happy ending he'd just received. "What do you want for breakfast?" his fingers stroking throughout your hair as he watched you in awe.
The light glaze of sweat glistening across Yoongi's skin and the softness in his deep, onyx eyes melted you inside. You loved him so much that after 2 years of being together, butterflies still managed to flutter in the pit of your stomach. "Pancakes!" You nearly shout, a bit too excited at the mention of breakfast.
Yoongi chuckles at your animated behavior. "Let's get showered, and then I'll make you a tall stack of pancakes." He watches as the excitement grows in your eyes, reminding him of the many reasons why he fell hard for you. "I love you." Yoongi manages to sneak in the phrase before you could respond.
Your heart did that thing where it nearly somersaulted out of your chest. How did you get so lucky to have such a beautiful, perfect man in your bed every morning? So, without hesitation, you respond, "I love you too, Min Yoongi."
date posted: 4-6-2020
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odetojeons · 7 months ago
ok ok ok but what kinks do you think mingyu has 👀👀
okay so i’m gonna start answering the requests now like i didn’t disapear for one month :’) and omg i’m excited. I already said this before, I think mingyu is more of a sub than anything, but there are times. there are TIMES. when he doms it’s not too kinky, it’s more like carnal and (very fucking) rough sex in which he gets too impatient to be a good boy and grabs you by the hips, takes what he wants and just completely destroys you,, ANYWAYS, you can read more of my thoughts here. Y’all better sit down and buckle up cuz I have A LOT to say about this man (especially with how fucking much I miss him).
Praise Kink — I HAD to start with this one. I think you can all agree with me how much Mingyu loves being praised. There is actually a video of him getting red all over and whining because he got too happy when he was praised by the other members and IT’S JUST SO CUTE. Mingyu would downright meowl every time you told him how much of a good boy he is and how he’s perfect, so pretty just for me. But I also think he would love to praise you too, wants you to know you’re everything he’ll ever need.
Pet names — Idk if this is considered a kink, but please, he gives me such vibes of being into the pet names puppy or pup. We all know he’s considered the puppy of Seventeen, so I think it suits him and his personality a lot, especially because I think he would be so horny and desperate when it comes to sex. Calling him baby boy, angel, sweetheart, he would love it so much. Although he would love to call you by cute names too, and I think his favorites would be princess, prince and my baby.
Degradation — HEAR ME OUT, I absolutely think he would love being degraded. I just,, I can’t even begin to explain how much I think he would enjoy that. Mingyu is just so dirty, he would go all red when you tell him how he’s the filthiest little slut or are you that desperate for me you can’t even stay still? while he humps his cock on the pillow, too needy to wait for your touches. He could even cum just from such kind of words, in all honesty I think this is one of his major kinks ever, not just the verbal aspect of it but also the physical part too. 
Begging — Oh, yes. YES. Mingyu is all about begging. No matter how many times I think about it, I can absolutely hear his throaty and whiny voice saying please, please, please, let me cum, I have been so good, and he sometimes doesn’t even have to have a purpose or an incentive to do it, he just mumbles it without thinking like it’s the only word he remembers. It would come with the fact that he’s too horny for his own good, seriously, y’all don’t understand how much horny energy I feel this man exhuding.
Exhibitionism — We been knew how much he likes being watched. He may be shy about it, but I guess it can be related with his love for compliments. Although Mingyu would not only like people watching him, but also you as well. The way you move your body on top of him as you ride his dick, or the way he would put a hand on your lower back and make you arch impossibly more just so he could drill into you harder; the contrary of how he would cry and beg later when you edge him and tell him how much of a needy slut he is, being this desperate just because people are watching. ALSO ummm,, I try hard not to talk about other members here but, can I just say that I think him and Wonwoo are so much into watch each other fuck people. God, I even wrote like 18K words of porn of this particular thought. You can read it here.
Breeding Kink — Does this even need explanation? Mingyu would feel an almost animalistic need of putting as much cum inside you as he can. This would do as much as make him feral about it, when he has a stressing day or just because he wants to see his seed dripping out of your hole; no matter what compells him, it would get him aroused to the point where he wouldn’t even be able to wait until both of you get to the room, would rip and thorn both of your clothes off, put you on your knees and make you suck him off until he cums all over your face, just so he could fuck you against the wall afterwards. Which brings me to the next kink:
Strength/Size Kink — Well, is it possible to have a strength and size kink with yourself? Because he does. Mingyu would love to manhandle you around the place, fuck you against every surface of the house, especially if he gets to hold you up as your back is pressed somewhere. Not only that, but I also think it would be due to the movement of his hips. Or better yet; what comes after it. The way your ass and the back of your thighs would get red with how hard he’s thrusting into you, won’t be satisfied until you’re drooling because of his cock and simping for his muscles, bulging over the effort of fucking you. And I just know, I KNOW he would have a dirty mouth about it, would make questions like yeah? You like how strong I am? All this time on the gym gotta pay for something or falling appart on my big cock like you were made to, hm?. Fuck why am I like this. I LITERALLY BRING PAIN TO MYSELF.
Bondage — I think I’m writing too much so I hope y’all keep up with my horny ass, because I can’t stop until I say everything I want to say about him,, so, about this, Mingyu would love to tie someone up as much as he would love to be tied up... Okay, maybe I think he would love to be tied up more than tying someone up, if I’m being completely honest. He just gives this kind of vibes, maybe even as punishment for misbehaving, since he would sometimes be too desperate to wait like a good boy, and he knows you end up letting him take what he wants just because you would tie him up later and make him “regret” (the little shit would never regret anything, and neither would you).
Overstimulation/Edging — Oh, fucking definitely. I have this very vivid image of Mingyu sitting on a chair, hands tied up behind the chair back, legs spread and completely falling appart as you jerk him off. Flick your wrist faster and faster, just to get him on the edge and let go when he’s just there. Then, make that again and again and again, until he’s crying and begging for you to let him cum, and when you finally do, you only keep going, grip unforgiving. Watching his labbored breath of relief turn into little meowls, hips jerking away or closer, none of you are quite sure, but he wants it, saying don’t stop more like a moan than actual intelligible word.
Pegging/Anal Sex — Mingyu would be so shy about it at first. He would come to you, mumbling words you struggle to understand and cheeks burning red, until he manages to get out he wants you to fuck him. But oh lord, when he tries it out he would go absolutely insane. I really think he would be into it, into you rocking your hips and nudging your cock (plastic or not) against his prostate. Just imagine him with a dark blush all the way down to his chest, little whines and meowls that sounds too high and sweet for his own ears, body writhin all over the bed and fists clenching the mattress as his back arches. So damn cute and hot at the same time :( he just wants to be taken care of sometimes, being able to just lay down and have someone fucking him to oblivion.
Power Play — More like fighting for power to be honest. He really enjoys subbing, but when he does it he wants you to put him on his place, because Mingyu is irrevocably and completely a brat. He would tease you to the point where it drives you insane, just so you could snap at him and take what you want, as much as he loves when you do the same to him.
Spanking — Hmmm Mingyu and spanking. And he would do it hard. Full on open fingers going down on your ass until he leaves his handprint. To be honest, I totally think he’s the kind of boyfriend who would be possessive, wants his marks all over you neck and body, however, oh however, I also think he really really reeeeeally love when you do it to him. Everything, from the crescent shaped marks on his back, to the bite on his shoulder you accidentaly gave him when he was fucking you on missionary position, to the mark of your fingers on his cheek when you slap him for being a brat. Okay I kind of lost myself in the kink but yes. Mingyu and spanking.
Double Penetration — HOLY SHIT please tell me you agree with me. Like, fuck, there’s this evil side of him who wants to see you being speared open in more than one cock, wants to see you fucked into another dimension and reduced to an incoherent drooling mess, and it’s just so dirty of him, usually possessive and guarded, to let someone else get their hands on you just so he could watch you fall apart with two cocks. Or even him alone with a dildo, what it matters is to have two things inside you absolutely wrecking you. Or him. Oh shit why did I have to say that cuz now the image of him being double penetrated won’t ever leave my mind IT IS BURNED BEHIND MY EYELIDS FOREVER. Bye.
Choking — You damn right I think about his hands on my neck all the time. They look so big, and I’m sure it’s also something of his size kink, seeing his huge hands wrapped around your throat would make something ugly, something hot burn in the pit of his stomach. You doing it to him too, especially when he’s tied up, only being able to take what you’re willing to give him.
and that’s that! sorry (?) for writting too much, this always happens when I stay too much time without writting any filth,,, last time that happened, I speant two years without any smut so then I wrote 18K words of porn in two days (no, I didn’t sleep) AND I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER WRITTING HALF OF IT??? and the time before that, I simply wrote 12K words. what is wrong with me. anyways!! hope you liked it, tell me what you think and your opinions too!!
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hq-girl-next-door · 8 months ago
nsfw- giving oikawa a risky bj❤️❤️❤️
Heh alright not like I have been totally talking about sucking off Tooru in the locker room or anything lately. Honestly, a lil creepy this was sent it cuz..phew it’s on my mind a lot lately *waves self*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tōru Oikawa x Reader Type: NSFW One-Shot Word Count: 1.9k Warnings: public sex, needy Oikawa, blowjob, oral (oikawa recieving), cum eating, kissing A/n - I’m so sorry this took so long to do 😅 But uh, yeah here it is and I hope y’all like it!
Tumblr media
Worth The Risk
You don’t think you will ever get used to this feeling. Sitting on the court, off to the side with other people in VIP, at one of your husband’s professional matches.
There are so many people in the stands that every seat is filled. Colors ranging from the Argentina colors to the colors from the team they’re playing. You of course were decked out in a jersey that you bought with Tōru’s name and number on it along with a pair of leggings. As well as a team bracelet on your right wrist and face paint of a blue and white line on each cheek. Tōru always loved to see you in his merch ever since you wore just a shirt that had Argentina on it, he fell in love with the sight. Thus requesting that you wear something of his or his team’s every time you come to a game. In which you did because why not? You wanted to support your husband after all. 
As you sat there, you saw the players start to come out onto the court and warm up. But as you keep your eyes open, you don’t see Tōru. Like, at all. Your brows pinch together and you wonder where he is or what he could be doing. Sometimes you knew he took a little extra time in the locker room but it wasn’t often he did that.
As you’re waiting, you feel your phone buzz from a text in your lap. Honestly you thought about not checking it. Wanting to see Tōru the moment he came out. But a few moments later you sighed and looked down to your lap, at your phone. When you checked it you noticed that your husband had texted you. Why would he even be texting you. He should be warming up. It then buzzes again in your hand as you look at his new message.
Tōru - Hey babe
Tōru - Babe text back please
You - What are you doing? Where are you? You need to warm up silly
Tōru - I need some help. Come to the locker rooms will ya?
You can’t help but be completely confused at why he would want you to see him in the locker rooms. With a sigh you continue to reply to him.
You - What? Babe come on. The game is going to start soon
Tōru -  🥺🥺😭😭😭
Even though all he sent you were emojis, you could vividly see him making those exact faces in your head. Taking in a deep breath you eventually get up, keeping your purse at your chair since the area had heavy surveillance, and then you make your way to the locker rooms.
At least with the VIP pass around your neck, no one even bats an eye when you walk by them. Though a lot of them know who you belong to since you walk past the Argentina team. Nonetheless though you kept your eyes on the ground as you could only wonder what Tōru could possibly need help with. He’s never done this before and you’ve been going to his games a while now.
The moment you’re standing outside the locker room, you shoot him a text saying you’re waiting for him. Not even a minute after sending the text, Tōru shows himself and grabs your arm to pull you inside.
A sharp gasp left your lips and you were going to protest. But he got you far enough into the locker room and he pressed you against the wall and smashed his lips to yours. His body immediately pressing up against you and pinning you between him and the wall. Everything happened so fast it took you a moment to realize what was going on. Carefully you moved your hands up between the two of you, pressing your palms to his chest. Slightly pushing him away just enough to take a breath and break the kiss.
“Tōru...what is wrong with you? This isn’t the-”
“Y/n-” he whined, interrupting you. “Please..I just..I have a problem..and..I need you, baby-” he whispered to you as he moved his right hand to cup your cheek ever so gently. His brown eyes locking with your own.
You can feel the heat rising in your body from his words. “Tōru...I don’t think..” you had conflicting feelings in your eyes that he could clearly see.
“Baby look..”  Tōru whines and looks down at the clear hard on, as he was still just in his underwear. The outline of his hard cock imprinting in your brain and making your body ache at the sight. “I really want to fuck you baby...but we don’t have time for that so..please- baby please suck me off..” There was a bit of a whine to his beg and if you said no he looked like he was going to lose it and start crying.
You stood there, contemplating silently. Soon feeling his forehead against your own. There was really no way that you could let him go out like this. You didn’t feel like torturing him today. Especially if he’s going to bust into tears if you don’t at least help him out. 
“Babyyy-” he whines again and his hips slightly thrust up, as he knows you’re looking down at his lower half.
“Alright, alright. You better cum quick though, your game is about to start alright?” you spoke as you looked back up into his eyes. Immediately you saw a sparkle in his eyes and his cheeky grin spread across his face. It made you chuckle a little and roll your eyes at him playfully.
Not long after, you pushed him off you and pinned him against the wall, just as you were moments before. You then reach up on your tip toes and ghost your lips against his. “Now be a good boy and cum quick, okay?” 
A quick not in response before an abrupt, “Yes. God baby, please-”
You smirked a little and then dropped down to your knees. Slowly you looped your fingers in the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down. His cock so hard that it’s pressed up and against his body, slightly twitching every so often. The sight of it has you sliding your tongue along your bottom lip as you lean into him.
His eyes are on you like a hawk on its prey. He doesn’t dare take his eyes off you. But you, you soon remember that you’re in a public place and you peer over to the door. Tōru sees you do so and he moves a hand to your cheek, making you look up at him.
“It’s okay, no one should come in here..” Tōru muttered down to you and another twitch to his cock as he was waiting so patiently for that mouth of yours.
Still concerned that someone might walk in, you realized you needed to hurry so he can get to his game. So you leaned in more, slipping your tongue over the slit of his cock. You can feel as his body shuddered to your tongue and the hand that was on your cheek, now tangled in your hair. 
You then moved your right hand up and wrapped it around the base of his cock. You knew with how hard he was and how much he was already needily twitching, he wouldn’t last long. But you still wanted to get a little more out of him before he came. A few more whines. So you slipped your tongue all along his swollen purple tip, already oozing precum. As if it were asking for more.
“Ngh- Baby please..” your husband whimpered to you, gripping your hair a bit tighter. Trying his not to thrust up into you and fuck your mouth.
Your eyes slowly traveled up his torso to his face and with a smirk you start to stroke the bottom half of his cock. Watching him as his body slightly convulses to your touch. Seeing his chest rise and fall quickly.
“All I’m doing is stroking you, Tōru~ What’s got you all hot and bothered anyway~?” You couldn’t help but ask. Though as he was going to reply, his words got caught in his throat. 
The moment your mouth wrapped around the head of his cock there was a low groan that left his lips. Happy with the reaction, you continue stroking your husband. All while you just suck on his tip. Rubbing your warm wet tongue all along it. 
Of course adding in some vibrations around his throbbing cock with your moans, you feel his grip getting even tighter in your hair. “Babe- I- Fuck-” Tōru whined as his head was tipped back against the wall. His other hand trying to grab at the wall for any kind of stability while it felt like you were sucking the lie out of him.
Not even able to bob your head down his cock more. Just the stroking and sucking the head of his cock seemed to be enough for him right now.
“F- fuck~! Y/n~!” He cried out and his hips slightly jolted forward. Making his cock slip a little further into your mouth and he came. 
You could feel his cum spray the back of your throat, making you moan at the taste. Your hand never stopped pumping either all while he was cumming. Also continuing to suck him off and swallow all that he gave you.
“Nnng- O- Okay-”  Tōru breathed out through his panting. You of course wanted to keep going, overstim him a little bit. But the sound of the whistle that indicated the game was about to start, told you otherwise. 
Slowly you popped off his cock and gave the underside of his cock a nice long lick upwards before looking up at him and grinning. “Feel better~?” You cooed softly up to him and then let go of his cock.
With a warm smile he looked down at you and didn’t say anything. All he did was place his fingers under your chin and gently pull up against your chin. Giving you the queue to stand up. 
As you stood, Tōru leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. Quickly slipping his tongue along your bottom lip and pushing through. Wanting to taste himself on your tongue. And that he did. It made him shudder as his left hand moved to your hip and gripped it slightly. 
You knew that if you let him dictate when to pull away, you’d be here for longer than you should. So you are the one to pull away from him. Earning a small whine from Tōru. A light chuckle left your lips and you shake your head at him. “God you’re so needy, y’know that?” 
Tōru just grinned and pressed his forehead to yours once again. “Yeah yeah. Thank you baby~” he whispered lovingly and then pecked your lips once more.
“Alright alright. Get out there. They’re waiting for you. And you didn’t warm up. You better win this. If you don’t you might get punished later, pulling this little stunt in here.” you spoke out with a grin as your pointer finger made circles between him and you, indicating what just happened.
The teasing threat you gave made Tōru moan at the thought. But he pulled away from you and looked into your eyes. “Of course I’ll win. Watch me~”
And you did. You were the first to leave the locker room and get back to your seat. Once you were all settled in again, you looked up when you heard the whole place screaming. Your husband coming out onto the court and waving at everyone. But before he greets the team, his eyes lock with yours and he gives you a wink. Something he does before every single game. 
Who knows. Maybe your locker room antics will become a bit of a ritual from now on.
Tumblr media
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arvandus · 7 months ago
Can I put in a request for All Might, #35 with a fluff ending?
Sooo.... I’m gonna be honest, I was so excited when I saw this request because.... angsty dialogue with a happy ending?  That shit is my jam.  And with All Might?  Perfect.
 A couple things before we get started: I went with All Might in his skinny form, cuz the prompt lends itself to that (so sorry if you were hoping for buff Might!) Also, took the artistic liberty of giving reader a healing quirk for this one called ‘Cat’s Cradle.’ You’ll (hopefully) see why it’s called that when you read it…
 I hope you enjoy, and sorry it’s taken so long to get this out!
 Um... Warnings: Blood (sorry, it’s Yagi... kinda a given), angst + happy ending
 Word Count: 3,223 and no regrets!
35. “I can’t sit here and watch you destroy yourself.”
 There was a familiar knock at your door, and in an instant you knew exactly who it was.  Your teeth clenched, your jaw stiffened.
 You weren’t going to answer it. Not this time.
 Knock knock knock
 You waited, frozen, unwilling to move, yet listening intently.  The sound of wet, guttural coughing reverberated through the wooden barrier.
 God damn it.
 When it came to a certain world-famous hero, it didn’t really take much for you to give up your resolve.  You made your way to the door and peeked through the peephole.  Yagi supported himself with one hand against the door frame as his other hand clutched at his chest.  The front of his shirt was bunched in his grasp, blood coating his pale hands and the white fabric beneath it.  A curse fell from your lips as your hands unlatched the lock on your door, swinging it wide open.
 Yagi looked up at you with grateful blue eyes, sunken deep into dark pits. His wild, blond hair stuck to his ashen face with sweat, his brow furrowed in pain.
 “Hey,” he greeted with a lighthearted grin.
 “Jesus Christ, Yagi…” you growled.
 You grabbed him by the elbow and ushered him into your space before closing and locking the door behind you.
 There was no time to rush him into the bathroom like you normally did.  Instead, you had him sit in a dining chair and began to peel off his blood-soaked shirt.  Just as the fabric lifted off his head, another round of coughing doubled him over, blood splattering the tiled floor.
 “Shit…” Yagi muttered.
 “Don’t worry about it.” You replied.  But it was hardly convincing.  Your tone was cold and hard with frustration.
 You weren’t mad about the floor, though… honestly, you couldn’t have cared less. What mattered was the man currently looking like he was on Death’s doorstep.  It pained you to see him so clearly suffering, his skin covered in sweat and blood even as he tried to smile reassuringly at you.  It didn’t matter how bright his smile was; it held little weight against the scar carved into his side, or the atrophy that stretched over his bones.
 Your heart couldn’t handle much more of this.
 Gently, you pressed your hands against the front of Yagi’s shoulders until he was sitting up, back straight.  Even without his buff form, Yagi was tall.  With your body so close to his, you could feel his ragged breath on your cheek, hear the air rattling from his lungs like leaves.  You couldn’t help but look him in the eyes then, and a faint flush crept across his sallow cheeks that made your own skin feel hot.
 “Stay still.” You instructed.
 You carefully placed one hand in front of his chest and the other behind his back, your fingertips hovering over his body.  Glowing, translucent-white threads emanated from your fingers, passing through him to connect together deep within his lungs. Slowly, you began weaving, fingers dancing and flicking like a game of Cat’s Cradle as your quirk stitched and healed the damaged tissue.  It was painstaking work, what was left of his lungs already in poor condition, and the more he pushed himself past his limits, the harder it was to repair what he’d repeatedly broken.  Sweat beaded your brow as you worked, your hands moving meticulously.  One wrong move, one wrong stitch…
 But you’d done this countless times over the years.  It was nearly second nature to you now… you knew his body nearly as well as your own.  You stared at the glistening red staining from his lips to his chest as you worked, your vision blurred as you focused on your quirk’s senses.
 Slowly, you could hear Yagi’s ragged breaths begin to improve.  His gasps for air filled deeper into his chest, expanding his rib cage.  His exhales followed clean and steady.  The tension in his face relaxed, his brow smoothing over as he closed his eyes.
 Finally, you broke the connection and slumped into your own chair, exhaustion overtaking you.  It was far from perfect, but it was the best you could do given his level of deterioration. You watched Yagi take a few more deep, experimental breaths before he looked up at you.  You opened your mouth to scold him, your brow furrowed into a frown, but froze as soon as you saw his gentle expression become guarded as he prepared for your verbal onslaught.
 An ache filled your throat where your words were supposed to be, and you closed your mouth.  How easy it was to revert back to old habits when you were together.  The two of you were broken; the same old wounds seeping red because they were never given a chance to properly heal.
 You weren’t going to go through it again; not this time.  You were too tired.  And it wasn’t like it made much difference anyway.  It didn’t matter how much you begged, cried, or yelled.  Yagi wouldn’t stop.  He couldn’t stop.
Silence fell between you as you both stared at each other, the space between you feeling empty. No doubt your hurt was evident in your face, your body language, your eyes.  And if there was one thing you knew Yagi hated, it was seeing you upset.  He wanted to hold you.  You could see it in the way his body leaned towards you of its own accord, arms shifting just the slightest bit closer to your torso.  You could see the words on the edge of his tongue too, suspended between parted, bloodstained lips.
 Don’t. A part of you begged.  You didn’t want his comfort.  You didn’t want his excuses.
 Just as his mouth opened wider to speak, you averted your eyes and shifted your body away from him.  It was difficult – painful, as if you were a plant being pulled from the earth, fragile roots breaking in the soil.
 “You should go clean up.” You said quietly.
 Another long pause greeted you before he finally spoke.  “Yeah.  Okay.” He stood.  “Do you still have my clothes?”
 “Yeah. Dresser, bottom drawer.” You replied.
 Yagi excused himself, and a moment later you heard the sound of running water in the bathroom.  You stared at the bloodied floor and the stained shirt balled up on your table.  Nausea filled you, twisting your gut.
 Quickly, you grabbed your cleaning supplies and set to work, watching as the blood soaked into the white paper towels like an inkblot test.  Each fresh bloom of crimson spelled the foreshadowing you tried to erase, until you were wiping and scrubbing at the floor in frantic anger, tears dripping from your lashes.  It felt futile.  No matter how many paper towels you used, you always seemed to need more.
 By the end of it, the trash can was full, the roll noticeably smaller than when you had started.  You added Yagi’s ruined shirt to the top of the pile and stashed the bin away out of sight beneath your kitchen sink.  You’d take it out as soon as he left.  
 You could still hear the shower running in your bathroom, so you went to your living room and slouched onto your couch, waiting for Yagi to finish.
 You had hoped that cleaning up the mess would help reduce the severity from the situation, help you mask your growing fears.  But it was too late.  All you could see was red.  The red on his lips, the red on your floor, the red in the paper towels...
 The emotions you had hoped you could suppress until he left began to crest in you, and you vacated the living room in favor of the privacy of your bedroom. Maybe if you could let a few tears out during his shower, then you’d have enough composure until he left.  You curled onto your bed, your pillow clutched tightly in your arms as you buried your face into the plush fabric.
 For so long you’d held out, hoping that one day he’d understand.  That he’d see the damage to his body, see how quickly he was deteriorating.  That he’d see the fear in your eyes every time he showed up on your doorstep needing your help.  You’d hoped that your countless conversations would eventually amount to something, your words secretly unravelling the veil he chose to wear over his eyes as he fought battle after battle.
 It was that pesky, lingering hope that had been keeping you going.  Hope that eventually, there’d be an end to it all. Hope that Yagi could finally stop killing himself for the sake of the greater good.  Hope that the two of you could eventually pick up where you’d fallen and live a happy life.
 And it was hope that made you open the door for him each time.
 But now, that hope was finally gone.  You were done trying.  You realized it as soon as you’d finally given up talking to him – finally given up trying to save him.
 An emptiness took its place, cold and heavy.  Its absence gave no place for your love to nest, no place for your dreams to take root.  All you had left was the heavy, gut-wrenching reality that eventually, inevitably, you’d lose him.  Either he’d die in battle, or worse… He’d show up at your doorstep, his body beyond repair, and the only thing you’d be able to do is hold him as his lungs filled with blood.
 Your chest constricted so tightly at that single, horrible thought that you couldn’t even breathe, your lungs burning in a frantic need for oxygen.  There was nothing in the world worse than that single moment coming to life.  But you couldn’t erase it, couldn’t run from it.  It sat there, as real and permanent as the blood-soaked rags lurking in your kitchen trash.  You tried to suck air into your lungs, but the knot in your throat didn’t allow it, a suffocating sob lodged like a rock.  Your arms tightened around your pillow.
 You were going to lose him.  And there was nothing you could do about it.
 Grief settled itself onto your shoulders, heavy as an anchor.  Grief for a future that could never be. Grief for the death of a love that never fully had a chance to bloom. Grief for a man who would eventually slip through your fingers to become bones and dust, leaving nothing but the ache of his memory upon your soul.  You buckled under its weight, the heavy sob finally spilling from your parted lips as tears soaked into your pillow.
 You didn’t even notice as Yagi entered the room to find you curled up in your bed, sobbing.
 “Hey…” He whispered as he rushed over.
 His arms were around you in an instant, pulling you up against his bony chest, your head tucked under his chin.
 “Hey, hey…” he soothed as he held you.
 You leaned into his embrace, letting his presence envelop you.  Maybe you should have fought it; pushed him away instead of letting yourself indulge.  But it felt too good, too safe, and your arms tightened around him selfishly as you cried.  It brought back familiar memories of a time when the two of you had been happy, surrendering to your feelings for each other, before it all fell apart.  
 God, how you missed this.  Love had never been the issue for the two of you.  No, that was the easy part.  But it wasn’t enough.  Not when all of Japan rested on his shoulders, leaving little space for you no matter how deeply he cared for you.
 He held you as you cried, silently holding the space for you, his arms a safety net for all of the emotional weight you couldn’t carry alone.  Your tears soaked his shirt, your arms wound tight around his ribs, as you wished for nothing more than the power to change what was.
 “I don’t want to lose you…” you sobbed.
 “You won’t.” He replied.
 His words were meant to be comforting, but their effect was the opposite, making your heart ache even more at his inability to address the issue head on. He always was an optimist when it came to things of the heart.  It was part of what made him such a great hero.  But optimism wouldn’t save either of you here.
 You pulled away from him slightly, already missing the closeness of him.
 “Don’t…” you pleaded.  “Don’t do that.”
 Yagi looked down at your tear-stained face.  “Do what?”
 Quietly, you grabbed a tissue from the tissue box on your nightstand and wiped at your nose.  The material crumpled into a ball within your fist and you stared at it, your vision already blurring with fresh tears.
 “Don’t try to give me hope.” You replied.
 Yagi stared with wide eyes before withdrawing his arms. His expression fell, wounded by the truth in your honesty.  
 You struggled not to let it sway you.
 “I… I can’t keep doing this.” You whispered as you wiped the last of the tears from your cheeks. “Every time you show up on my doorstep, you’re worse than before. I won’t always be able to help you.”
 He watched you in silence for a moment before looking away in shame, his fingers interlaced in front of him as he leaned forward.  “I know.” He replied.
 Regret filled you at rejecting him.  You wanted him to touch you, to hold you. To have his presence surround you. To feel him alive beneath you, whole and here.  But you had to set a boundary.  You had to stop following him, stop hoping… if you didn’t, it would destroy you.
 Instead, you sat with your arms wrapped around yourself, a pitiful defense against the familiar allure of the man next to you.
 “You keep wanting me to save you, Yagi… but how can I save you if you won’t save yourself?”  You looked at him then, your eyes locking with his.  “You keep choosing to fight, to push yourself well past your limits. And you keep coming here, because you know that I still love you and won’t turn you away.”
 Yagi sucked air into his lungs, his posture going stiff at your words. You were right.  He knew you were right.  His inability to counter your statement was evidence enough of that.  Disappointment and guilt filled you as you broke eye contact to look at your shaking hands.
 “But… I can’t sit here and watch you destroy yourself. And you shouldn’t expect me to.” You whispered.
 The words were heavy, filling the empty space between you with their finality. You refused to look at Yagi; you knew he’d be hurt.  You knew his shoulders would slump in defeat, his mouth pulled into a deep frown.  Guilt filled you, making your hands fidget and your shoulders tense as you waited for his response.
 “You’re right.”
 His words were a whisper and your eyes snapped up to stare at him, bewilderment on your face.  He’d never said those words to you before... not about this.  His mask had cracked, and you could finally see his emotions flashing across his face as he struggled to transform them into words.  Remorse. Panic. Love. Fear.
 He cleared his throat and repeated himself.  “You’re right.  I have asked a lot of you.” His brow furrowed.  “I don’t know why I keep coming back.  I guess I just get… homesick.”
 Your breath hitched in your throat as your heart pounded like a battle drum in your chest.  You opened your mouth to respond, but the words were stolen from you when Yagi’s eyes met yours, deep and familiar.
 “I miss you.” He stated.
 “Yagi...” You cupped his cheek in your hand.  He leaned into it briefly, before removing your hand from his face and holding it within his own.
 “Listen... I... didn’t intend to come here for your help.  Not this time.  But you know how these things are...” He explained.  “I was on my way over when a villain showed up, and...” Yagi’s words faltered as he saw the expression on your face begin to fall.  He was doing it again, getting caught up in his work, making excuses... hurting you.
 He cleared his throat. “It’s... not important.  The point is, is that there was something I wanted to tell you.  But... I’m not sure it’ll make much of a difference.” He averted his gaze, his brows pulled together pensively.
 Your own brow furrowed in response, confused by his ambiguity.  A part of you was hesitant... you’d truly felt that you were done, that you’d reached your limit.  But could tell that whatever it was, it was important to him, and it was something that he wanted to share specially with you.
 “Just... tell me.” You said quietly, as you emotionally braced yourself.
 His blue eyes looked back at you, and he took a steady breath.  “Alright...”  He took your other hand in his own.  Now he held both of your hands between you as he sat with you on your bed.  “I... found a successor.”
 Your eyes widened, as you felt overcome with dizziness.  You were lightheaded, suddenly floating on his words that still lingered in the air like morning mist.
 “W... what??” you choked out.  Your heart pounded wildly as your hands gripped his, the warm, firm touch barely grounding you.
 “I found a successor.” He repeated, a slow smile starting to spread across his lips at your dumbfounded reaction.
 A smile began to spread across your lips.  “Does that mean... you’re retiring?”
 Your lips were on his before he could say anything more, your arms flinging themselves around his neck.  He laughed against your lips as he returned the kiss, his arms wrapping around your waist to pull you into his lap.
 You pulled away for a moment and stared into his eyes. They sparkled with mirth, blue as a summer’s day.
 “Well, that went better than I expected...” Yagi teased.
 “Tell me it’s true.  You’re really done?” you asked.
 “Well, I still have to train my apprentice... he’s got a big heart and a strength in him that I don’t think he even realizes he has yet.  But it’s going to take some time for him to learn how to wield all that power.”  Yagi’s expression turned from happy to serious.  “And... I have to admit that I can’t retire just yet.”
 You opened your mouth to protest, but he covered your lips with his finger.
 “Hang on a second, firecracker.” He grinned.  “I will retire. But I still have remnants of One For All in me, and I need to protect this kid until he’s able to master that power.  I’ll still be All Might until that last spark leaves me. I’m sure you understand that much, right? I have a responsibility to him.”
 You brushed aside his long bangs, relishing in the feel of the golden locks between your fingers.  Of course, you understood.  You’d never expected it to be immediate anyway.  But at least things were in motion.  All he had to do was survive.  And if Yagi was good at anything, it was surviving.
 You had to believe in him.
 “Yeah...” you whispered.  “I understand.”
 Now it was Yagi’s turn to be surprised. “Really?”
 You smiled and kissed him again.  “Really.”
 You had hope.
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goldenroutledge · 11 months ago
bite my tongue
Tumblr media
pairing: topper thornton x kook!reader
wc: 3.9k
warning(s): angst and fluff, a toxic fake relationship, men 🙄🙃😔, mentions of cheating, crude humor, mentions of alcohol, qb!topper, swearing, and some angry topper cuz yeah
summary: topper sees you being mistreated and decides he can’t be quiet anymore
a/n: i love this gif so much, so thank you lara for blessing us. not me turning into a topper girl-
topper masterlist
Tumblr media
To any other teenage girl in Kildare County, your life was perfect. The things some people would do to live even half of your reality could be considered absurd. After all, you were popular, beautiful, intelligent, had a gorgeous home, rich parents, and a mirroring tall, handsome boyfriend named Brett.
For looks only, of course. It was only right for someone like yourself to be with a guy who had a likewise image. Or so your parents thought. It didn’t bother you that much at first. Brett was cute, a bit of a douchebag jock but your relationship was all for show anyways, so who were you to judge.
Selling the relationship however, was mostly up to you. The fact Brett would practically drool over anything in a short skirt made people question why the hell you would ever settle for someone like that. The clear disregard for you pissed you off. Even if the relationship was fake, at least sneak around in secret.
Pushing those things aside, you didn’t want to be that couple who fought in the hallways of school so you tried your best not to instigate. Unlike Brett, you had enough brain cells to keep your affairs private. Affairs like blowing off your boyfriend to sneak away with your best friend Topper.
Sure it may have been wrong, having a boyfriend and all, but who didn’t wanna have fun. You and Top always had fun together, and the both of you wondered what could’ve been if you hadn’t been tied up with Brett. You made it clear to Topper from the beginning that it wasn’t likely you’d be able to pursue an actual relationship.
As badly as you wanted to be a normal teenager and make decisions for yourself, it wasn’t in the cards for you right now. He understood, but he couldn’t deny the small feeling of hope he would hold onto for when the time was right. You and Topper were able to bond over several things, but a prominent one being parents.
Your mother had thrown you into commercials and entertainment jobs from a young age, along with several pageants as well. The debutante upbringing made you different, and a lot of people didn’t want to adapt to it. It left you friendless for most of your life. Sure you had popularity, but you were lonely behind closed doors.
When you met Topper, he was able to see you differently than anyone else had. He understood the pressures of parents and wanted to help you have fun when you could. In turn you helped him break out of his uptight nature as well, with the help of alcohol.
You both went to the same ‘Kook Academy’ as they called it, so you saw quite a bit of each other. He also happened to be on the football team with your not-so-real boyfriend, being the star QB and all. Seeing Topper in his element on the field made you happy and truthfully you adored watching him play.
Your eyes never left him to be honest, paying Brett little attention during a game. Luckily he was too busy to notice, probably assuming his supportive girlfriend was cheering his name in the stands. It was Friday night, the large scoreboard showing halftime. Brett always took off his helmet and took a look at the crowds before heading to the locker rooms with the rest of his team.
He spotted you, face falling at the sight of the number on your dark green jersey. Topper’s number. Over time, the respect either of you had for the relationship dwindled and you were tired of following the rules when he didn’t. In spite of you, Brett ignored your stare and began giving attention to his groupies in the stands, winking at them smoothly and smiling. You rolled your eyes as they squealed and cheered his name.
The expression on your face changed to one of happiness once your eyes caught Topper’s, both of you kissing the air subtly as an inside joke. His features and uniform shone beautifully under the bright stadium lights. He could make the coat of sweat on his golden skin look glamorous in your eyes, unable to help the attraction you felt towards your best friend.
Towards the last 10 seconds of the game, low and behold Topper scored the winning touchdown. You cheered for him, voice at capacity along with the rest of your school. Louder than you had ever cheered for Brett. It was probably for the best that nobody paid attention to that, as mostly all of the other girls had their eyes on Brett for their own reasons.
Safe to say he noticed, though, after the game. Both schools made their exit from the stands, ready to go either celebrate their school’s victory or forget about their school’s loss. Just after you bid some friends goodbye, you felt a harsh tug at your arm. The sudden movement jolted your body away from the crowd, sending you in a slight panic until you looked up to see the face of your potential assailant. Brett.
You quickly shoved him off of you, warning him to never put his hands on you again before he cut you off. “What the hell are you wearing?”
“A football jersey? For our home team?” You responded cluelessly.
“No shit, sherlock. I’m talking about Thornton’s number. What makes you think you can wear that?” Brett spat.
“First of all, stop fucking talking to me like that. I don’t need to answer to you. And Topper’s my friend, I can wear whatever the hell I want to.” You shrugged, not intimidated by Brett in the slightest, even with his muscular build and tall height.
“Are you forgetting the part where you’re supposed to be MY girlfriend? What kind of message does that put out? Huh?” He insinuated.
“I don’t belong to anybody, so no, I’m not ‘YOURS’.”You air quoted. “What the hell are you trying to say, Brett? Why can’t I have friends?”
He chuckled heartlessly. “I’m warning you for your own good. Doing shit like this”, He looked you up and down, referring to the jersey, “makes you look like a whore. And now that I see it for myself, I believe it.”
What he couldn’t believe, was the millisecond after the words fell from his lips when you smacked him across the face with great force. “Fuck you, Brett. I’m finished with this conversation, and with this relationship charade. You’re an unbearable piece of shit, and please give my apologies to the next girl.” You turned around to head towards your car, not being able to stand looking at your fake ex boyfriend for another second.
“Face it, you need me. Don’t make a mistake you’ll regret, Y/n!” He called after you.
“You ARE the mistake I regret!” You flipped him off and disappeared into the dark parking lot.
The rest of the night was uneventful, not feeling in the mood to celebrate your school’s big win after your run in with Brett. Topper had called you by the time you were already at home, curled up in bed watching Gossip Girl. He asked if you would come to the ‘after party’, to which you shut the idea down immediately. No amount of square feet was big enough for you to occupy the same space as Brett at the moment, or maybe ever.
Loud music bumped through the once vacant house, red solo cups littered on every surface. Parties were Topper’s scene, as he loved to be the center of attention. Being the QB, it was kind of a given. He even went as far as jumping off of Kelce’s roof with you in his arms, straight into the pool one time. He could only wish you were here to make more memories with him, even if it was only one party.
You hadn’t even had the courage to tell Topper about what happened with Brett only a short while earlier. For all he knew, your relationship with Brett was real. He picked up on things here and there that led him to believe you didn’t have a shred of attraction for the guy, but he was already in a better position than Brett anyway.
That said, Topper would never let his teammate of all people disrespect you, in your presence or not. Small words of congratulations were sent his way as he made his rounds through the house. On the other side of the room, he spotted the all too familiar jock, his tongue down a girl’s throat who certainly was not you.
Brett’s calloused hands groped the random girl in his lap, sending a wave of disgust over Topper. As if under Topper’s control, the girl got up, whispering in Brett’s ear before leaving the room. By instinct, he began fuming at the previous sight and stalked over to Brett. “The hell do you think you’re doing?” Topper spat down at him.
Brett looked up, clearly intoxicated before standing up to match Topper’s height. “Celebrating our big win, of course!” He sneered in response.
“By cheating on Y/n?” Topper’s breathing became heavier the more the situation replayed in his mind.
“Oh, I forgot to mention I’m also celebrating a personal victory. Me and that dirty bitch are over, so I have some encounters to make up for if you know what I mean.” Brett winked, attempting to turn around but held back by Topper’s grip.
“The fuck did you just call her?”
“You heard me, QB. She’s a dirty slut and lucky for you, also available now. Enjoy my sloppy seconds.”
“If you know what’s good for you, Baker, you’ll shut the fuck up about her.”
“Yeah? Or what? Shouldn’t you be happy, that Y/n can suck your dick and be your little whore guilt-free now?”
By now the shouting remarks from the two boys drew attention towards them, and those words were all it took for Topper to land a solid right hook on Brett’s smug face. Several more punches followed from mostly Topper’s end, now a crowd of people watching the two teammates brawl. Kelce pulled Topper away from Brett before Topper spat a threat to him and left the party.
He drove to the one place he wanted to go at the moment, knocking on your door a few times. “Topper? What are you doing here?” You opened the door, motioning for him to come in which he gladly did.
“Just wanted to see you.” He smiled before wrapping his arms around you warmly and following you to your room.
“What about the party? Shouldn’t you be celebrating the win?”
“The same thing always happens at those parties anyway. Drinking games, people hooking up everywhere, someone-fighting-their-best-friends-ex-boyfriend.” He finished quickly.
You looked up at him now, confusion on your features. “What?”
“When were you gonna tell me that you and Brett broke up?”
You sighed, “It just happened, I didn’t get a chance. You were partying and I didn’t wanna ruin your night with my problems.”
“Trust me, Brett beat you to it.” He mumbled under his breath, but you could still hear him.
“So you fought him? For what?”
“He’s just a jackass, I don’t wanna get into it.”
“Well, I could’ve told you that. Topper, you shouldn’t have fought him. What will happen to your spot on the team when your coach hears about this?”
He remained silent, thinking to himself before speaking up. “I don’t know.”
“I promise you, he’s not worth it.”
“But you are. You’re worth whatever consequences are thrown my way. I wasn’t gonna stand by and let Brett call you a whore in front of that entire party, Y/n. He fucking deserved it.”
You slightly flinched at the way Topper was speaking about the situation. Not meant towards you of course, but the settled anger he still held onto couldn’t help but seep out. You only shook your head silently, not feeling like arguing right now. Topper sat next to you on the edge of your bed, only the light from your TV illuminating the room.
“Why do you put up with that, Y/n?” He spoke much softer this time. “Why do you subject yourself to that kind of treatment when you could do a million times better?”
You looked down at your hands, forming a reply. “I didn’t have a choice.” A few moments of silence passed and you swallowed, tears pricking your eyes at the conversation upon you.
“Care to elaborate a bit?”
“I was never with Brett, for real. We never did it or anything like that, if that’s what he told you. Our parents both pushed us into weird arrangements and dates so we worked together, put on the charade of a relationship to shut them up. And it worked for a while. It was easy, being single and unwanted was one less thing my mom could put me down for. Once you hear it enough you start believing it, I guess.”
Topper’s heart ached for you at your words. You felt unwanted and that probably hurt him more than any of Brett’s punches could. “I’m sorry, Y/n. I didn’t know.”
“Don’t be, not when I’m the one living a lie.” You chuckled coldly, leaning into the blonde’s chest under the blankets. He pressed a kiss ever so softly to your forehead in support, before you guys fell asleep with a random movie on.
Waking up next to Topper on the following Saturday morning felt so intimate. Sure you had sleepovers with your best friend before, but normally you hadn’t poured your heart out to him the night before. Through nearly every drama or life-changing event, Topper was always waiting for you at the end of it all. No matter how many friends you lost or gained, Topper was one that remained the same.
You realized you must’ve stared him awake by his stirring in bed next to you, grip tightening around your waist. A smile tugged at your lips at the sight of him. Hair rustled, a soft blush dancing on his face from the warmth of the covers. So much different that his usual put-together look.
His eyes soon fluttered open to be met with your own, staring back at him a little too lovingly. “Hey there, creep.” He spoke in a deep, but soft morning voice. The sound alone made your heart beat a little faster, but for now you would ignore that.
“Morning, sleepyhead.”
The two of you spent the morning in bed, the time falling into afternoon and evening eventually. Topper had to leave, something about his parent’s wanting him home for dinner. You bid him goodbye just before sitting down to dinner with your own parents. “Nice of you to finally join us.” Your mom spoke from the other end of the table.
“Yeah, well, I was telling Topper bye.” She only hummed in response, keeping quiet. You ate in peace as you reflected on your day with Topper, until your mother put a screeching halt to your good mood.
“How are things with Brett?”
The food you had just finished swallowing felt like it wanted to come straight back up and out of your mouth at the mere name drop. For a second or two, you debated on lying to your mother and changing the subject. But where’s the fun in that? “We broke up.” You announced, fighting back a smile at the shocked expression on your dad’s face and the slight choking fit your mom was having.
“What? Why?” Your mother asked once she was able to breathe clearly again.
“He’s a douchebag, we aren’t a good fit at all.”
“Y/n! Watch your mouth when you talk about that nice boy.” Your mother warned.
“No. He’s a rude jock with absolutely no brain cells, and I hate him.”
“Have you ever thought you might be the messed up one in the relationship? God, Y/n, talk about high maintenance.” Your mother scoffed. Your dad was silent for the most part, although you knew he would side with your mom.
“Nobody else seems to think so.”
“Like who?”
“Like Topper.”
“Is that who this is about? Y/n, you will not ruin your reputation for him. Don’t tell me he is the reason for this breakup.” She pleaded.
“No, he isn’t. Either way it’s none of your business, though.” You punctuated your statement by pushing your chair out and going back to your room.
The remainder of your weekend seemed to fly by, the events from Friday’s game slowly leaving your conscious. Monday morning as you roamed the halls of your school, it was no surprise that several pairs of eyes trailed you. People gossip, and you might as well have announced the breakup on the PA system by now.
Most days, Brett would walk you to first period hand-in-hand. The change in normality peaked the interest of your pea-sized brain peers. “Y/n!” Your friend Kourtney rushed you to an empty classroom. “What the hell is going on with you and Brett?”
You sighed and rolled your eyes at her rush. “Nothing, we broke up.” A dramatic gasp fell from her mouth, eyes widening a bit in shock.
“So the rumors are true?”
“That we broke up? Yes.” You affirmed, making your way past her and attempting to leave the room.
“No, no, no.” She rambled, “You cheated on him with Topper? What were you thinking?”
Your movements towards the exit stopped, looking back at your friend with a confused expression. “What?”
“Brett’s telling people you cheated, and that’s why he broke up with you.”
Your eyes scattered around the room as you thought, the dots all connecting from the hushed whispers in your presence earlier. “What the fuck? I never cheated. I’ve never even been with Topper so he’s a fucking liar. And for the record I broke up with him.” You shook your head before continuing. “Of course he would pull something like this, cry me a fucking river. Trying to get sympathy. Are you kidding me?”
Kourtney only stared at you for a few moments, scared to say anything. You debated on tracking his ass down to give him a piece of your mind either now or later. Deciding later, since it was probably better for you to calm down a bit before you were expelled and/or arrested for disorderly conduct.
Meanwhile after school and on the field post-practice, the discussion of the breakup was far from over. “So it’s true? You and Y/n are done?” Cody, one of the football players inquired.
“Hell yeah we are, she’s a fucking bitch.” Brett emphasized, still nursing a few bruises from his run in with Topper a few days prior. Topper’s ears perked up at the sound of your name, cringing at the harsh way it was used by Brett.
“I know there’s bro code and all, but I might have to swoop in on that, man.” Cody quipped, whistling slowly after.
“You might wanna ask your QB about that one. That’s his territory now. But I’m sure Y/n wouldn’t mind.”
“You really don’t know when to shut the fuck up, do you, Baker?” Topper interjected, face red and coated with sweat from the hot sun beating down on the island.
“I wouldn’t go there, pretty boy. After all you did fuck my girlfriend.” He shrugged unremorsefully.
“Cut the shit, Brett. You and I both know Y/n wouldn’t do that to anyone. Even in a real relationship.” He muttered the last part under his breath, his teammates still listening like gossip-hungry little girls.
“I wouldn’t put anything past that bitch.” He spat, before being interrupted by their coach.
“Guys! Run drills again, stop standing around like idiots. Let Topper and Brett work out whatever girl fight they’re having, so they can kiss and make up for this week’s game.”
As told the other teammates started running drills again, Brett and Topper walked off to a more secluded place on the sidelines. “What the fuck is your deal, man?” Topper asked him.
“Don’t have one. But Brett Baker doesn’t get ‘dumped’. Y/n should’ve known who she was burning in the process. Had to teach her a lesson.”
“You’ve lied enough, why can’t you leave her the hell alone?”
“This is way more fun. Stop acting like you don’t enjoy it. I know you would hit that for real if you could. Shit, who am I kidding, I bet you already have. So how about we both stop pretending?” He offered nonchalantly, putting his hand on Topper’s shoulder.
“We’ve never hooked up, and you know it. That says a lot about you though, using girls and all. The true ‘Brett Baker Way’, huh?” Topper put up sarcastic air quotations, mocking Brett from earlier.
You had been walking outside towards the field, ready to wait for Topper on the bleachers until he was done with practice. Brett couldn’t be avoided forever and who were you to care what that half-smart chicken head had to say.
You were more than ready by now to tell him off for the stories he made up about you cheating with Topper, but you didn’t expect Topper to already be doing it for you. Some chatter from the two boys was audible, but you couldn’t quite make out their words. Topper’s back was turned towards you, leaving a possibility that Brett would spot you.
Given the way he was staring down your best friend, you didn’t think it was likely. “Thornton, get over yourself. None of these hoes, Y/n especially, are worth shit to me.” You were able to hear the conversation clearly now that you moved closer.
“Are you kidding me? You have the opportunity to date the sweetest, most beautiful girl at this school- hell, on this island, and she’s not ‘worth shit to you’? You know, how dare you disrespect her like that. Giving all of your attention to other girls who Y/n had beat by a landslide, meanwhile she’s still loyal to you to keep both of your families happy. Do you know how embarrassing that was for her? To stoop so low to be with a demeaning jackass like yourself? You can tell me to get over myself all you want, but I love her more than you ever could. And you can never change that.”
Your body felt paralyzed as you took in each of Topper’s words. Your heart was racing in your chest and even a tear or two had welled up in your eyes. Brett caught sight of you and scoffed, turning away to get back on the field with his team. “Well, there’s your BFF right there. Looks like you two have a lot to talk about.”
Topper turned around, face and mind going blank at what to do or say next. Without a word of communication, you threw your arms around his larger frame. In your moments with Topper, sometimes things were better left unsaid. He wrapped his arms around your body, his heartbeat syncing with yours.
You slightly pulled back, and the look you exchanged said a thousand words, giving you the courage to gently place your lips on his. He was shocked at first, before kissing you back after it had set in. Topper gently held your face in his hands, as if you were a fragile porcelain doll. Regretfully you pulled away, breaking the silence between the two of you. “I love you, too. Now get back out there. You’ve got a game to prep for.”
You both smiled at each other, before he shook his head and kissed you again with more passion this time. He didn’t have a second thought, no matter if his teammates were watching and would tease him about it later. Nor did he care about the game, because he already won.
Tumblr media
a/n: pls pls pls tell me what you think!
taglist: @ilovejjmaybank @rosylinn @nxsmss @cameronsrafe @msgorillagripcoochie @bibliophilewednesday @tovvaa @freddymaybank @annab-nana @babeyglo @sunsetholland @moniamaybank
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Tumblr media
Viva Las Vegas, Pt. 1 - Ribbit
Summary: Sunset Curve Alive AU, Willex, THE meetcute of meetcutes. 2.1k
Edit: thank you so much @trevor-wilson-covington for the pretty edit!! I'm in love with it!
Alex drummed his fingers on the armrest of his seat in the van. The drive from Los Angeles to Vegas was just short of four hours, but it had been an early morning and it was going to be a long day. He was feeling the carsickness sit just under the threshold of dangerous and rolled down the window.
“Whoo! Twenty miles boys!” Luke called out as they passed a sign on the freeway, clapping Bobby on the shoulder from behind.
“Woohoo!” Bobby responded in excitement.
“Think you’re gonna make it, buddy?” Reggie looked over at Alex. Alex turned only a fraction of the way toward his friend and gave a half-hearted nod.
“Hey man, let us know if we gotta pull over,” Luke said.
He simply nodded. Next time he wasn’t going to sit in the back.
The other three were jamming to whatever Luke was riffing on his guitar. Bobby thankfully drove at a slower pace as they approached the final stretch toward their destination. The ache in his stomach didn’t get better, but it also didn’t get worse so he was banking on it calming down once they stopped.
“Hey, guys, we wanna stop somewhere and get breakfast first?” Bobby called out to the rest of them.
“Oh yeah!” Reggie said. “I think I could go for some pancakes.”
“Oh, pancakes sound real good right now.” Luke echoed.
“Alex?” Bobby peeked into the rearview mirror at him.
Looking up from the view outside, he just shrugged. It didn’t matter. He wasn’t sure he could handle food no matter what it was.
Eventually they pulled off the freeway and kept their eyes peeled for an open restaurant.
“I see pancakes!” Reggie cried, pointing at his target.
“They’ve got an arcade next door, I second that vote!” Bobby said.
As they parked and clambered out of the van, the boys stretched and shook their limbs. They entered the diner and found a booth, practically collapsing together on the table. Alex placed his face in his hands and tried taking in deep breaths to calm his stomach. A sudden voice was heard beside the table.
“Good morning starshines, the earth says hello! How are we doing today?” Sounded like a waiter. Alex felt rude, but didn’t bother to look up. He felt Luke nudge a menu under his elbow.
“Oh, we’re hungry!” Reggie responded.
“Awesome, guys,” the waiter said. “Anything I can get started for you?”
“We’ll go with water,” Luke spoke for everyone at the table. “And, sorry about him, he’s not feeling good.” Alex assumed this was about him and sighed.
“Okay, so water for everybody? Alright, I’ll just grab those for you while you prepare your orders.”
As the waiter left, Luke tapped Alex’s shoulder.
“How you doin’, Alex?”
“Not blowing chunks, I guess,” he groaned.
“Hey, guys,” Bobby started saying. “How about we pick what we wanna eat, and then I want to check out the arcade while we wait for our food.”
“That’s a good idea,” Reggie said, perking up. “I hope they have Galaga.”
“I’m down,” Luke said. “Alex, you wanna wait here for us? You can give the guy our orders and then just chill.”
“Maybe that stomach will settle down,” Reggie added.
Alex lowered his hands and rested them on the table.
“Yeah,” he replied. “I need the space anyway. Thanks.”
“Cool,” Luke hopped up from his seat. “Uh, I’ll just do the buttermilk pancakes.”
“Make that two buttermilk pancakes!” Reggie said, holding up his fingers.
“Eggs and sausage,” Bobby told him. “And buttermilk pancakes.” He patted Alex on the back as the three of them ventured next door.
At least they were easy to remember. Alex looked around the restaurant as he kept breathing in and out slowly. He was the only person there. That was surprising for a diner just outside of Vegas around ten in the morning. He didn’t mind the quiet, though. Having all this space to himself was already helping him feel better.
A guy with long dark hair approached him with a tray carrying glasses of water. Alex gulped as he watched, his breath catching in his throat. He took in the tie-dye shirt, the ripped jeans, and puka shell necklace and guessed he was probably from California as well.
“Whoa, where’d they all go?” the waiter asked, smiling a little in confusion.
Alex blinked.
“They, uh, they went to the arcade,” he managed to get out. He couldn’t help it, this guy had a nice smile.
“Ah,” the guy raised his eyebrows and began placing the water on the table. “And they left you behind? That sucks.”
“I’m okay,” Alex said. “We’ve just been on the road for a bit and I got kinda carsick, so I needed some space anyway.”
“I’m sorry, man,” the waiter said. “Did they decide what to eat before they bailed?”
“Uh, yeah,” Alex shifted to face him better. “They all want buttermilk pancakes and then one guy also wants eggs and sausage.”
“Three buttermilks…” the guy muttered as he wrote them down. “Eggs and sausage. And do you know what you want?”
He looked directly into Alex’s eyes as he rested the tray under his arm and it took everything Alex had not to melt right there. Don’t look at his lips, he thought. He was pretty sure his eyes had betrayed him but he forced his gaze downward as a cover.
“I’m sorry,” he said, flustered. “I actually forgot to look at the menu.”
“Right, ‘cuz you were carsick, sorry” the waiter chuckled, running a hand through his hair. Alex bit his tongue.
“I should probably get some food still,” he managed to say. “We’ve got a long day ahead of us.”
“Right on. I could recommend some toast - that’s always easy on the stomach. That comes with eggs, and I could add in some banana for you.”
“That actually sounds great,” Alex told him. “I’ll just do that, then.”
The waiter smiled and bit his lip.
“‘Kay!” He lifted the tray from under his arm and headed back toward the kitchen, doing a little skip before disappearing inside.
Alex felt his hands shaking and he sat on them for a minute. Looking around the empty diner, a thought occurred that somehow with just him and the waiter it had seemed full. The strange feeling crept all over him, like a new exhilarating energy, and he moved his hands back up. The waiter popped back out of the kitchen and came back toward Alex in a cavalier fashion.
“Mind if I join you?” he asked. “I don’t exactly have other people to help and I feel bad leaving you all by yourself in here.”
“Make yourself at home,” Alex said, gesturing to the seat across from him. Make yourself at home? What is that? he berated himself.
The guy extended a hand for him to shake. “I’m Willie, by the way.”
“Alex.” As he took it, Alex returned the firm grip he received and they both chuckled a bit at noticing each other’s strength. Willie sat down and immediately grabbed a napkin from the dispenser.
“So you said you and your friends have a long day ahead of you?” he asked.
“Oh right,” Alex couldn’t believe he had forgotten about the guys for a minute. “We’re a band, so we’ve got a gig opening for Julie Molina tonight.”
“Wicked,” Willie smiled and nodded, folding the napkin into something Alex wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be. “Who’s Julie Molina?”
“Oh, she’s just a good solo artist - does a little bit of everything. My buddy Luke is really into her.”
Willie nodded some more, continuing to fold the napkin.
“And who are you guys?”
“We’re Sunset Curve,” Alex said. “I’m the drummer.”
“Right on! You guys just becoming a thing?” Willie raised his eyebrows.
“I mean, I guess so,” Alex hadn’t exactly thought about it. “Opening for Julie is a big step for us.”
He watched Willie’s hands work until he finished. It turned out to be an origami frog.
“Ribbit,” Willie said, pressing on the top to make it look like it was moving. The napkin material didn’t exactly lend to bouncing up and down, which made them both giggle. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be distracting.”
“I don’t mind,” Alex said. “It’s entertaining.”
He realized how widely he was smiling and laughed to himself.
“What about you?” he asked.
Willie straightened his posture and ran a hand through his hair again. He flailed his arms and blew out his cheeks before holding one arm with the other and leaning on the table.
“Making it on my own for now. I just do whatever feels good, you know? Make a few bucks, get out and enjoy what I find. Don’t need a whole lot to be happy.”
Wow, Alex wanted that kind of chill. He picked up the origami frog.
“What do you do when you’re not here? Besides these, of course.”
Willie shrugged.
“Skate. Be free.” He smiled, but sighed heavily. Alex saw a distant look in his eyes, but knew now wasn’t a time to address it. “I see Vegas in all its glory. You should see the lights at night.”
“Won’t I see them tonight?”
Willie shook his head.
“Not the right way,” he told him. “Not at the right angle. I would show you, but you’ve got your gig and everything.”
Alex opened his mouth to reply, but a head stuck out of the kitchen door. A man with dark hair and chiseled features looked at Willie and all he did was glare authoritatively.
“I’m - coming,” Willie stammered, rising from his seat.
Alex realized his mouth was still open and he shut it, unhappily swallowing what he’d wanted to say.
“That was my boss,” Willie said, already in a hurry. “I’m sorry, I’ll be back when your food’s ready.” He rushed off and the diner felt empty and cold again.
As if on cue, Luke, Bobby and Reggie burst back through the door. Luke and Reggie were celebrating while Bobby seemed a little less enthusiastic.
“Dun-geon slay-er!” Reggie proclaimed in a mock deep voice. “Too bad we can’t stay longer and go for that tournament today; I would have whooped everyone.”
They all sat and immediately gulped down their waters. Bobby remained quiet.
“How was the arcade?” Alex asked.
“It was sweet,” Luke reported. “Bobby’s mad because Reggie mopped the floor with him.”
“The joystick wasn’t working right, it wasn’t a fair outcome,” Bobby defended.
“Oooohhh,” Reggie made a silly face and wiggled his fingers. “Bobby only loses when the game doesn’t work, ooohhh!”
Alex shook his head and laughed mildly. He only noticed then that his stomach had stopped bothering him completely. He hadn’t even felt it when he’d been talking with Willie. He finished his own water, and was happy not to feel anything as it went down. The origami frog was still on the table.
“Hey, Alex,” Reggie said, picking it up. “Did you make this?”
“Oh, no, Willie did,” he told him.
“Who’s Willie?” Luke asked.
Speak of the devil - the kitchen door opened and Willie came out carrying their plates.
“Alright, we got pancakes, pancakes, more pancakes,” he said, placing them where they belonged. He glanced at Alex quickly, but it was too quick to read. “Who had the eggs and sausage?”
“That was me,” Bobby said, raising his hand.
“Okay,” Willie passed it over to him. “And toast and eggs with a banana.” He smiled as he set it down before Alex. “And it looks like you all need more water, I’ll be right back!” He was gone too quickly again.
The change in his mood unsettled Alex, but maybe it was because Willie was working. As he saw Willie returning with the water pitcher he had an idea.
“Hey Luke,” he said. Luke turned to him expectantly as Willie silently poured water in their glasses.
“Where are we playing again?”
Luke looked confused. Willie was listening intently.
“The Pearl, why? How could you forget?”
“And what time do we play?”
“Eight o’ clock. You sure you’re feeling better?”
“Yeah. I was… I was just testing you, cuz sometimes you don’t remember.”
Luke looked around the table defensively.
Reggie shrugged. “He’s right. But you remembered this time!”
Alex felt bad about starting Luke in an argument as he listened to them continue, but he knew it would blow over quickly. He caught Willie looking back at him and nodding as he walked away. As he returned to his food, Bobby smirked at him and shook his head. Heat rose in his cheeks and he focused on his toast.
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creamiecoups · 11 months ago
alone at last ⁎∗˚
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                                            ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
↠  summary : basically what anon said !! you and minghao finally have some time to spare alone, and he uses your precious time to show you just how much he loves you.
↠  pairing : husband!minghao x reader 
↠ warnings : smut, a little dirty talk, fingering, unprotected sex, fluff, honestly it’s just minghao being a sweet fluffball🥺
↠ word count : 2.5K words
↠ author’s note : hey guys, i hope everyone has been well and staying safe !! this is the first request i have written up and honestly the credits to all of this goes to the lovely anon who asked this, great idea by the way, i loved writing this and i hope everyone ( especially anon who requested this ) loves it :-) 
Tumblr media
"Wait...did she take her shoes?-"
Your husband cut you off once again with a long sigh.
"Yes, literally watched her pack every single thing, you even made a freaking checklist so no, she did not forget can you please just stop nagging me."
"Nagging you?'s the first time our child is going to be away from us...I'm worried in case mom forgot anything or she'll start crying in the middle of the's a heavy sleeper so what if she doesn't wake up...or if she doesn't stop crying until she sees us-"
Minghao grabbed your shoulders, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, making you stop your rambles.
"Look at me," he whispered softly as you sighed, meeting his soft eyes.
"Your just working yourself up for nothing...and plus, don't you trust your own mother?"
You look at him in disbelief, denying straight away.
"Of course I do! How could you even ask me that?" You said, creasing your eyebrows at him.
"Well it sure seems like that," he huffed, removing his hands from your shoulder as you shook your head.
" it's's only been seven weeks and she's still so small I'm worried she might miss us too much..or what if mom can't handle her, well yeah of course she can I mean she delt with me but it's just I can't help it...and just the thought is stressing me enough alone," you muttered, rubbing your temples.
"Baby, you need to relax....see this is exactly the reason why I asked your mom to look after her for at least one night."
You looked up at him in shock. "You were the one that suggested it?"
He gave you a sly smile, before holding your hands, looking at you. "Well I had to, the past few days I couldn't look at how stressed you had look after her the entire day all by yourself while I'm at work, and when I come home your cooking and you shoo me away to freshen up and after we eat she finally sleeps and you...want to sleep aswell..."
He stopped to sigh deeply before continuing, as you just listened in awe.
"...And when she's up again we're both behind her and when it's already night time, we're tired...and in the middle of the night she starts crying and we argue on who goes and in the end you yell at me and know how worried I get? I know you want me to sleep cuz I have work and everything the next day but about you? You always looks so tired and out of it I can't see you like this."
You felt your eyes prick with tears. " could you even complain about something like this?"
"I'm not complaining okay? We also deserve a break and we need our alone time...we're still young and new at this I know and that's exactly why I want you to take a break," he wiped the tears away before they could fall down your face.
"Your a great mother sweetheart, just look at how much your worrying, not even I'm that worried," he said, chuckling as he pulled you closer by your waist.
"But I also want my wife, it won't hurt to have one night to ourselves, right? Just doing what we always did...and not worry every second."
You sighed, about to argue back before he tapped your lip with his index finger.
"Everyone deserves a break sweetheart...and especially us, we really need it....and yeah we could be throwing all the stress on your mom for tonight but I just wanted at least one night for us before it goes back to normal," he said, looking at you with pleading eyes.
You bit your bottom lip, nodding your head hesitantly, making Minghao smile at you happily.
"Thank you...and I want no worrying or any if's or but's okay?" He said, cupping your face in his hands gently.
You nod you head, giving him a warm smile. "I won't I promise."
"That's my what should we do?" He asked, before pecking your lips.
" about a movie?"
Minghao nodded straight away, holding your hand and pulling you towards the sofa.
"That's something normal we used to do before," he said with a chuckle, making you laugh along with him.
While he went to get some snacks for the both of you, you decided to scroll through netflix, sighing happily as you saw the familiar dramas and movies pass had been so long since you just sat down to watch a movie that it almost felt foreign.
"So what did you choose?" Minghao cut through your train of thoughts, making you blink a few times before looking at him.
"Oh...nothing yet...I don't know what to choose.."
"...Hao..." You call out, as he puts a few snack packets on the coffee table in front of you.
"Can I call mom? I just wanna know if everything-"
"Fine! Call her! I know you won't rest until then!" He shot, taking you by surprise at the sudden change in his tone.
"Please don't be like this," you sigh, as he sat down next to you. avoiding your eyes.
"I'm not mad, just call her or text her, whatever....just stop being so stressed," he replied back, glancing at you once before facing the TV.
You suddenly felt a rush of guilt run over you, as you bit your lip, looking at your blank phone screen. Minghao was right you did need rest, both of you did. It wasn't right of you to always push him away and act like he never helped you or he didn't care about his child either. He was always there for you, he still had the same amount of love he had since the first day he met you, it only grew more over the years. He just wanted to spend time with his wife, yet you were denying him just because of your stupid worries, you knew your mom could look after her grandchild needed to ease up, you were worrying over nothing.
Putting your phone back in your pocket you stood up, making Minghao look up at you.
"What's wrong?"
You shook your head, a smile tugging at your lips.
"I'm not going to call her..or text...your right, I want to spend time with you, no distractions, and no stress...just us."
You saw the way Minghao's blank expression quickly broke out into a happy one, as he got up from the sofa, eyes twinkling.
"I don't really feel like watching TV so why don't we head upstairs to bed? I'm a bit tired anyways," you suggest, making Minghao nod.
"Alright, anything you want."
Minghao told you to wait upstairs for him while he put away all the snacks you guys never ended up eating, your weren't that hungry anyways.
You sighed happily the second your head hit the pillow, you could sleep peacefully today, knowing no one was going to wake you up in the middle of the night...finally.
You felt the bed dip before two hands snaked around your waist, you smiled, sighing happily.
"I can't seem to remember the last time I felt this calm," you mumbled, chuckling as you slowly closed your eyes.
"And I can't seem to remember the last time I had you in my arms like this...and this time I know you won't run away anywhere," he whispered, moving your hair to one side so he could pepper kisses down the back of your neck. His hand on your waist slowly went up your shirt, as you sighed from the contact of his warm hand on your bare stomach.
"Xu blabbered on about how you wanted me to what do you think your doing?"
"Well you know I won't let you rest...especially when I can finally touch you without any distractions," he mumbled against your skin, as you felt something hard poke your thighs.
"It's been so long....but I could never forget how you taste," he whispered in your ears, his voice sending chills down your spine.
"Hao," you whispered, trying to push his hand away, as you felt his lips place open mouthed kisses all over your neck. You were tired and wanted to use this perfect opportunity to sleep, but that didn't look like it was going to happen.
He turned you around, before getting on top of you, lips attaching onto your lips before you could protest.
You sighed softly when you felt his hand brush your covered mounds, as Minghao took the chance to slip in his tongue, as his hands roamed around your body.
After a few minutes of just making out, completely lost in each other, you realised you missed this just as much as he did.
He pulled away, making both of you take deep breaths, the lack of oxygen making your chest heave up and down harshly.
"I don't even remember the last time I got to kiss you like that," he chuckled, before his lips ran down to your jaw.
He peppered small kisses up to your ear, before whispering. "Put your hands above your head."
You did as he said, as you watched him pull your shirt over your head, before his fingers found the back of your bra and undid the clip.
A loud moan fell from your lips as you felt his lips close around one of your nipples, sucking on it softly.
"You sound so pretty when you moan," he whispered, going down your body until his lips were ghosting over your abdonmen.
"And your skin is so, so soft," he stuck his tongue out, licking a strip of your skin, making your body arch of the bed slightly, feeling how soaked your panties were getting just by his words and touches.
He pulled away from your skin, fingers grabbing at the wasitband of your pants as he looked at you, eyes full of hunger. You smiled softly, you had truly missed this side of him.
"You’re very beautiful," He whispered, as he pulled your pants down along with your panties, before discarding it somewhere on the floor.
His gaze dropped down to your dripping entrance, a smirk tugging at his lips.
"You've always been so ready for me haven't you?" He chuckled, before grabbing both of your thighs and spreading them wider.
Without another word his tongue flicked your clit, causing your insides to churn at the familiar feeling after so long.
"Hao..." A long sigh left your mouth as you felt one his slender fingers enter you with ease.
"This is okay right?" Minghao asked softly, his finger in you stilling.
"W-Why wouldn't it be o-okay?" you stuttered out, bucking your hips into his fingers to get him to move.
"It's our first months...since you gave birth...I won't hurt you right?" He asked, making you chuckle at his cuteness.
"It's okay hao don't please make me feel good."
He chuckled lightly, pecking your inner thighs before his finger in you started to move once more, making you suck in a deep breath through your teeth.
"Just tell me if it hurts okay?..And I'll stop," Minghao whispered, as you quickly nodded, your fingers threading through his soft black locks.
He took his finger out of you, making a soft groan leave your lips as he laughed.
"Don't worry baby...I just don't want to tease you anymore, I'm impatient too," he gruffly spoke, coming up to peck your cheek.
He got up, peeling his shirt off before unzipping his pants, all while maintaining eye contact with you.
You bit your lip as you watched him pull his last piece of clothing, his boxers coming off as you watched him crawl over your body once again.
"You ready?" He asked, before kissing your cheek once— twice.
"Y-Yes, I want you n-now," you whisper, the need in your voice very clear.
He smiled, leaning down to kiss you passionately, as you felt his member circle your entrance, before lightly tapping at your clit.
You groaned, your hands finding purchase on Minghao's lean shoulder as he slowly started to push into you.
You both moaned, the familiar fluttering of pleasure running through your body for the first time, in a very long time. You missed this, having him this close and intimate with you, being able to feel this together, everything. It felt like it was your very first time with him all over again.
"God I missed this," Minghao hoarsely muttered, before his lips left yours.
He looked down at you, as he slowly pulled out completely, and pushed back into you, taking in the way your face contorted in pure pleasure, a sight he missed very dearly.
"H-Hao..." You couldn't even talk, as you felt your entire body shake, as Minghao's warm fingertips traced your skin.
You felt him suddenly snap his hips, making you bite your bottom lip, surpressing yourself from moaning loudly.
"Hey...why are you trying to be quiet?" Minghao asked, pecking your lips.
"I-I," your words were stuck in your throat, as he went faster, harder, his hands gripping either side of your hips.
You felt how close your release was, your walls clenching around his cock, eliciting a deep groan from him.
"Your close..aren't you?" he whispered near your ear, his fingers sliding down your body until they were pressing roughly against your clit, causing you to whimper.
Nodding your head vigourosuly you leaned down, your lips finding his neck.
"Go ahead darling, cum all around me."
You sucked on a patch of skin just above his collarbone, moaning as you trembled and clenched around him once more, as you felt your release hit you in waves, rocking through your body all at once.
Minghao only went faster, placing one of your thighs over his shoulder, the new angle and your sensitivity making you cry out his name.
He kept going, pulling out completely, before slamming into you, making you a moaning mess. After what felt like hours, you finally felt him cum in you, the warmth filling you up as he groaned, leaning his head on your chest as he placed your trembling leg back on the mattress. You both stayed silent, as you tried to get your breathing back to normal.
"Sweetheart....I love you so much," he said, breaking the comforting silence around you both.
"And I love you more, Minghao," you replied, kissing his cheek lovingly.
He smiled, kissing your nose before his lips brushed against yours.
"I want another round...this time, I'll go slow...take my time with you, I want to show just how much I love and appreciate you, and your body," he whispered, his thumb caressing your cheek.
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axl168 · 10 months ago
It’s Just Sucky (Kellex x teen!reader)
Tumblr media
Request: Hey can I make a request for more kellex taking their daughter to get her flu shot?
You creep through the front door, closing it slowly. School just ended and today is your annual flu shot. You happen to have some slightly horrible experiences with going to the doctor and needles.
It usually takes at least three attempts to get you to get the flu shot. Kelley and Alex are hoping to get it down to once this time around. They used to be able to bribe you with candy and toys, but now that you’re 13, those methods don’t work too well anymore.
You quickly shuffle towards your room, trying to avoid seeing your moms. You’re just about to open your bedroom door when you hear Alex yell, “Freeze!”
You sigh, closing your eyes in frustration, “So close.” you mumble to yourself.
“Where do you think you’re going? I know you know what today is.” Alex stares at you with her hands on her hips.
You rack your brain for an excuse, “I just needed to put my bag down first.” you nod right after, happy with your quick reaction.
Alex’s eyes narrow, huffing a breath out, “Okay, go on. But you better be at the door in 2 minutes.”
You nod rapidly, opening your door and shutting it quickly after you enter. You immediately lock the door, smirking at your victory.
“Damn it.” you hear Alex say from outside your door.
You set your bag down in the corner of the room, hopping onto your bed to scroll through your phone. 
You get a text message from one of your favorite “aunts” a few seconds later. She can’t really be considered an aunt cause she’s not that much older than you, but that doesn’t really matter.
Mal: Why is Alex yelling in the team group chat about how you won’t get your flu shot?
You smirk,
You: Prob cuz I locked myself in my room.😈
Mal: And you did that because you don’t want your flu shot?
You: Yep
The doctor’s office sucks
Mal: Because...?
You: Something always goes wrong. Whether it be my fault, my moms’ fault, or the doctor’s fault.
Mal: Like what?
You: This one time when I was 10, we had to go in for my yearly checkup. And being the people they are, my moms also scheduled a scratch test. Let me also give you a little background to this day. They checked me out of school in the middle of the day which meant that I would have to go to school after the appointment. So, all was well and the nurse did the scratch test. It was better than having shots, it was more like little pokes.
You send what you wrote, having Mal read it while you write the rest.
You: I was happy at this point, thinking that everything is fine now. What I didn’t know was that 20 minutes later, I had rashes everywhere. I was so swollen all over my body. They found out I was mildly allergic to some fruits, which is good to know, but the main thing is that Mom (Alex) still made me go to school. I had to go to school with rashes all over me. All my friends thought I was sick or something. I got teased for a week. 4th graders are ruthless.
After you send the message, a few seconds later Mal texts back.
Mal: But it technically wasn’t something going wrong at the doctor’s office, it was more just Alex making you go to school.
You: Doesn’t matter. It happened at the doctor’s office so they correlate.
“Y/N/N! Unlock this door, right now!” you hear Alex yell.
You: Ughh, I have to go now. I’ll text you later.
Mal: Lol, ok. Good luck.
“We can get ice cream after?” Alex proposes.
You roll your eyes, staring at the closed door, “We both know that doesn’t work anymore.”
Alex takes a deep breath, calming herself, “Kiddo, can you please come out?”
“I don’t want to.” you reply back.
“What’s wrong?” Alex asks, pressing her forehead against your door.
You sigh, sitting with your head on your knees, “It’s sucky,” you complain like a little kid.
“It’ll only take a second and then it’s over.” Alex says softly.
“It’s such a big needle, though.” you whine, pouting even though she can’t see you.
“I’ll sit right next to you. You won’t even feel it. You can hold my hand if you’re scared.” Alex reassures you.
You stand up shakily, becoming more vulnerable by the second. It was all jokes and fun before, but now that you’re being serious, you’re just scared.
You put your hand on the door handle, feeling Alex’s presence across the small barrier separating the two of you.
“Kid?” Alex whispers.
“Yeah, Mom?” you mumble back.
“You okay?
You open the door slowly, the hinges creaking as it’s moved from its original position.
Alex smiles softly when she sees you, offering her arms for a hug, “I didn’t know you were that scared of it.”
You shrug, holding her tighter, “It’s stupid.”
Alex shakes her head, tilting your chin up to make you look into her eyes, “Anything that makes my daughter scared is not stupid.”
“How about this? We can get it together. I have to take my flu shot some time anyways.” Alex offers with a smile.
You nod, knowing you would feel better with her accompanying you.
“It’ll be okay. I’m right next to you.” Alex smiles, squeezing your hand.
The nurse comes in, placing the two syringes on a little tray.
“Alright, are you both right handed?” the nurse asks with a smile.
The two of you nod.
“Who wants to go first?” she asks.
You look at Alex, giving her an affirmative nod.
“You sure? I can go first if you’re nervous.” Alex rubs your shoulder in comfort.
“No, I wanna get it over with.” you smile, putting on a brave face.
You look to the nurse, rolling up your left sleeve.
“Hey, just look at me, okay?” Alex smiles, pointing at you.
You nod, looking away from the nurse.
“I’ll make it quick.” the nurse says with a kind smile.
“What do you think about getting some soft serve after this?” Alex asks, getting your mind off of the nurse in front of you.
You tilt your head at her. She already tried the ice cream trick an hour ago.
“There’s an ice cream truck at the park, so I was thinking we could just chill a little, yeah?”
“Yeah, I guess so,” you don’t really know why she’s bringing this up now, “What about Momma?”
“She’s at a meeting right now, but I bet she can meet us there.” Alex explains.
You feel a pinch on your arm, making you flinch a little.
“All done.” the nurse grins, putting the cap back on the syringe.
“Hmm.” you look at your arm.
“What’s wrong.” Alex looks at you with concerned eyes.
You shake your head, “Nothing, that was just better than I thought it would be.”
Alex laughs, “Yeah, I like your My Little Pony bandaid.”
You scoff, pushing her away from you.
“Anyways, are you still scared?” Alex asks.
“Not as much. I need my mommy charm at all times.” you grin.
“Well I need my Y/N charm now.” Alex holds her hand out.
You nod, taking her hand.
After getting the flu shots, you and Alex drive over to a little park that’s 5 minutes away.
You spot a woman sitting at the picnic table as you get out of the car. As soon as you walk a few steps closer, you realize it’s Kelley.
“Momma!” you jog over to her.
“Y/N/N! How was the doctor’s?” Kelley asks, knowing you don’t particularly like it.
“It was better than I thought it’d be.” you nod, a little surprised with yourself.
“Really?” Kelley asks in disbelief, looking to Alex for confirmation. 
Alex nods, putting her hands on your shoulders, “She did great. We had some trouble getting out of the actual house, but it all worked out.”
“Mom helped. She did it with me.” you grin.
Kelley’s face contorts into confusion, “But you al-”
Alex rapidly shakes her head though you don’t notice, rather thinking about what ice cream you should get.
You don’t need to know that Alex had already gotten the flu shot at the last national camp she went to. The nurse just made it look like she inserted the syringe in.
“So what ice cream do you want?” Alex asks, changing the conversation.
“Hmm,” you hum, “I’m thinking vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles.”
“That’s a good choice,” Alex nods, “A classic.”
“Mhmm.” you agree.
“You go get yours first. We’ll be right behind you.” Alex smiles, ushering you on.
You nod, skipping away to the truck.
“You didn’t get the shot twice, right?” Kelley asks as soon as you leave.
Alex shakes her head, smiling softly, “Y/N/N told me the real reason why she doesn’t like the doctor’s office.”
Kelley nods for her to continue.
“She’s just scared.” Alex says looking at you talk to the ice cream person.
“Oh.” Kelley mumbles.
“She got through it though, and now she’s happy.” Alex smiles.
“I’m glad you were there to help her.” Kelley leans her head on Alex’s shoulder.
“Mom! Momma!” you yell waving them over to you, as you lick your ice cream cone.
“Coming!” they yell back.
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xoxo-teddybear · 10 months ago
Bakugou’s daughter brings home a Boyfriend
Bakugou x wife!reader
Ft. Bakugou’s daughter
Warnings: fluff, lowkey Crack, sexual mentions, small angst, cursing, Bakugou being such a dad
A/N: This is one of my favorite types of Bakugou. Domestic father Bakugou!! So bc of that fact, this piece was born. Hope you enjoy!
Bakugou as a boyfriend? Bliss. Bakugou as a fiancé? Heaven. Bakugou as a husband? Euphoric
Bakugou as a dad?.......he sure is something
Don’t get me wrong, Bakugou would be the ultimate dad
Baby crying in the middle of the night? Sleep love, daddy’s got it. Baby needs a bottle? He can warm it up with his hands. Baby’s feeling bored? Look at these mini fireworks in his hands!! Katsuki’s got it all
But that’s a baby Bakugou
Bakugou with a teenager
Katsuki’s teen will be either one of two things
His best friend
Or his mortal enemy (whom he still loves endlessly)
His 16 year old daughter, Katsumi, was both
And yes they loved each other very much, but they also got into battles on who could cook dinner better, who Y/N loved more, hell, when y’all came back from a restaurant THEY FOUGHT OVER WHO MADE IT TO THE FRONT DOOR FIRST
But this battle? Y/N might just let them Kill each other...just this once
*SMACK* (thx Y/N)
“Daddy, this is Izuru! Izuru this is my lovely mother and that’s my shitty dad that I love so dearly!”
Katsumi definitely inherited her guts from the Bakugou’s
“Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs. Bakugou!”
Ah man, here we go
Silence. Pure, awkward, scary, silence. And of course Y/N’s nervous twitching HOPING that her dear husband doesn’t murder the green haired boy. As the young couple stand infront of the doorway smiling, the older couple is staring at them, one in nervousness, and the other in shock. (I’m talking Denki going 4 million volts shocked)
“Well.....Welcome Izuru! I knew you’d be coming over soon but I didn’t expect it tonight. It’s lovely to meet you,” Y/N ever so kindly said once she let out a sigh.
Her husband almost got whiplash from how fast he turned to look at her. “Knew?!? You knew about this kid?? And didn’t bother to tell me?!??”
“Well if I told you, you woulda stopped this meeting from happening ya jerk!” Y/N visciously explained.
“YA DAMN RIGHT CUZ-“ silenced with another smack from his wife. Y/N sure learned a lot from Mitsuki. “Please come in you two, I’ll start dinner.”
As the young couple sat in the living room speaking, the older one was in the kitchen preparing food. Well one of them was, the other was too busy burning a whole into the poor boy’s body with just his eyes.
Tumblr media
“Ow.” Continues to stare
“Suki stop that, you’re gonna scare the poor boy.” Y/N said.
“Contaminating? Love, we don’t even know if they’ve had sex. I doubt he’s “contaminating” anything any time soon.” You said with attitude.
Bakugou just stared at you know with the same look.
“Hmph!” And turned to look back at the kids.
“HEY!” Bakugou screamed.
“Heyyyyy~” Katsumi replied.
“No not “Heyyyy~,” Katsuki began and replied with a girly impersonation of his daughter as he walk towards the couple. “I mean, HEY, as in have you had sex with this kid?” He sternly asked.
“KATSUKI OH MY GOD,” Y/N screamed as she dropped something in shock.
“.......Yeah, so what?” His daughter replied.
Y/N wasn’t even mad. She already knew. She could tell. Mother’s instinct I guess.
Katsuki was fuming.
“NOPE! NO! THIS RELATIONSHIP WONT GO ON! YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TO BE HAVING SEX!” The older blonde screamed while looking at the now blushing green haired teen and his rebellious daughter. And Y/N was just giving him this...look.
‘What a fucking hypocrite’ you thought to yourself.
“How old were you when you fucked mom?”
Pure and utter silence.
Katsuki started stepping back from the couple while facing them and nodding his head. “.....use condoms,” and walked back to his deceased wife.
As dinner is placed on the table and everyone takes their seats, Katsuki can’t help but stare at this boy. Why does he seem so familiar?
Everyone just ate and talked. Grades, school, when did y’all meet, how long has it been? The usual. But Katsuki remained silent while thinking. And clicked!
Katsuki slammed his hands on the table and stood up from his seat looking at the boy across from him. “What’s your last name?!”
Izuru was nervous because he was well aware of who Katsumi’s father was and how her father’s relationship with his own father was kinda iffy.
“M-Midoriya sir.” He nervously stated.
Katsuki saw red.
“DEKU?!??????!!!!!” He screamed
“Oh come on Katsuki! Like that wasn’t obvious!” You said rolling your eyes.
“There is NO WAY IN HELL I’m gonna let the Bakugou line be contaminated with Deku’s genes! Our family line only brings in the best of the best!” Katsuki proudly and loudly stated.
“So what am I?” Y/N asked.
“The best of the best! You were and are the perfect one for me Y/N! You know this, I know this, everyone knows this. And look at what we created-“ he was interrupted by his wife.
“A mini you?”
“A MINI ME! And who wouldn’t want that?!”
“Dad.” Katsumi said.
Now that caught Katsuki off guard. For the past 16 years, Katsumi has always been a daddy’s girl. She never called him “dad,” ew. She said “Daddy,” or “Shitty dad.” As Katsuki turned to his daughter he could see the look in her eyes.
“ really wanna be with this kid?” He asked.
“I really do.” Katsumi said while grabbing onto Izuru’s hand.
“...Ok then. You can be with him.” Katsuki calmly said.
Katsumi excitingly got up and ran towards her dad’s seat giving him a hug.
“Thanks daddy,” she said while giving him a kiss on the cheek.
Dinner continued on as normal as it could. Katsuki was just gonna have to learn how to let go.
As the married couple got ready to sleep, Katsuki was hanging outside their balcony.
“What was up with you Blasty? I haven’t seen that kinda Katsuki since UA.” You jokingly said as you went to stand beside him.
“You’re not scared?” Katsuki asked.
“Katsumi. She’s growing up. She has a boyfriend now. That girl is having sex! She’s not daddy’s little girl anymore.” He sadly said.
“That’s what this is about? Katsumi growing up? Suki, this was always gonna happen. She’s in her prime teenage years. She’s 16! A lots gonna start happening.” You began.
“I know that but-“
“But nothing Katsuki. You can be scared of her growing up, I am too, but we can’t be so scared that we try and stop her. You just have to know that Katsumi will always come back to us no matter how old she is. And she will always, always be a daddy’s girl. Her entire world revolves around you Katsuki, but we gotta let her go at some point. We have to let her grow. That’s how the best of the best are made after all, right? It’s what we look for in a Bakugou.” You finished.
Katsuki couldnt do anything but smile. You were right. He knew you were. And he was willing to let his little cub grow.
“......You’ve gotta stop interrupting me when I talk.” He laughed.
“And you’ve gotta stop saying the dumbest shit in the world.” You teased back.
He pulled you in for a quick peck and just held you there in his arms. He was so glad he had you to keep him grounded. You’re the best of the best after all. It only makes sense.
“Daddy?” Katsumi walked into her parents room, unnoticed.
As the two broke the hug to see their daughter, looking a little timid, Katsuki spoke.
“Katsumi, hey princess. What’s up with you.” Katsuki asked as he walked towards his daughter.
“You’re not...disappointed in me, right? You know, for who I chose to be with. I’m sorry if I chose Izuru but I-“ this time, it was Katsuki who interrupted.
“Hey hey, no of course not baby bear. I would never be disappointed in who your true feelings pulled you to. I don’t want you to apologize for anything when today I caused most of the trouble.” Katsuki said while wiping one of his daughter’s stray tears.
“You know I’m never gonna leave you guys. Right? I’m gonna grow up but I’ll always want to have a close relationship with you and mom. I love you guys, and I’m not going anywhere.” Katsumi said.
“We know Katsumi. And we love you too. And we’re far from disappointed in you. We are so proud of the young woman you’ve become today.” Y/N joined in.
Katsumi ran to her mother and gave her the tightest hug, and Katsuki couldn’t help but stare at his two girls. His world. His entire reason for living. All right there in his arms as he pulled them in for a bigger hug.
“Thanks you guys. Well, I’m gonna head to bed. I’ve got a date with Izuru tomorrow and I don’t wanna be late.” Katsumi began walking towards her parents door until Katsuki called her.
“Hey baby bear,”
“Izuru. He seems alright. He’ll be good for you.” Katsuki admitted.
“Yeah. He really is. He’s the best of the best after all. Reminds me of someone I know.” Katsumi said while leaving the room.
Yeah. Katsuki will be just fine.
A/N: Sheesh. This kinda sucked but I did this in my literature class’s still credible work since I was writing, right? Yeah..?....No?...yeah ok. Anyways, HOPED YOU ENJOYED IT BEAR CUBS🧸💗
P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!! And I PROMISE I’ll get better and produce more work. Feel free to leave requests!
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punemy-spotted · 7 months ago
In Which Love is a Leap of Faith
Chapter 1: Merman
Summary: You thought a man was drowning in the lake. He wasn't.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x You
Notes: Pacing meant I couldn't shoehorn being absolutely railed by Steve Rogers into Chapter 1 but Chapter 2 is starting with a bang. Will this be an ongoing series? Probably. Inspired by This Reddit Post
Tumblr media
Did you know? Did you know the Avengers sometimes came out to your little mountain hideaway? Well. Not exactly yours, but you’ve lived here your whole life and you know it best. This is your sanctuary, the space you feel safest and yet you had no idea. Of course you didn’t, because if you did? You wouldn’t have just stripped down to your bra and panties and taken a running leap of faith off a cliff right into the mountain-spring lake below.
So how did you get here, making that perfect arc with your body, arms outstretched before you the way you remembered from swim practice all those years ago?
You were jogging, like you always do in the mornings before work — your parents’ bar, where you wait tables and balance the books and keep the family business alive — when you saw him. Floating, almost limp in the water, just bobbing along in the emptiness. The lake had a reputation — there was always some barely corroborated story about a friend-of-a-friend who nearly drowned or a tourist who quite possibly did — and you, having occasionally been the person putting MISSING posters up, didn’t want the loved ones of the man in the water coming to town wondering.
If you could save one person from the torment of the unknown, wouldn’t it have been worth it?
So you yelled, Hey! Hang on just a little longer, I’m coming! and threw your clothes off and to the side before throwing yourself off and into the water. You’d swam here plenty of times, knew the exact angle to hit the cold surface, knew just where the shore was from here, knew the right path to take to get to your clothes, thrown haphazardly over a rock somewhere. This was your sanctuary, and you weren’t going to let it turn into someone else’s grave.
Except then you actually reach the man in the water and the blue-eyed surprise spread all over his face Are you okay?
Yes? Are you?
See that? That’s a regulator hanging from the side of his mask.
Now isn’t that convenient?
What the Hell are you doing out here?
What are you doing out here?
I thought you were drowning! Who the fu—CHRIST!
You’re not alone with the blond man in the water — you know his face now, of course you do, as you tread water and try not to glare at Captain fucking America, Steve Rogers, the Man With A Plan, cuz you sure as hell ain’t the gal with one, not anymore — and the clearing throat about three feet away from you sends you into a kicking frenzy, screaming in surprise and face-to-face with a very bemused (and also very concerned) Sam Wilson.
There really is no justice left in the world for you, because they’re both laughing so hard you think Captain America might actually keel over right here and now.
And there’s more.
There’s always freaking more, isn’t there? Yeah, that’s the rest of the fucking Avengers, popping up out of the water and looking like you’re the best comedy act they’ve seen all week.
You’re treading water so fast you think your legs and arms might give out here and now and oh fuck you don’t want to end up the friend-of-a-friend in those cautionary ta— Steve Rogers to the rescue once again. He’s so gentle when he puts his hands on your waist and holds you still Hey, hey, I’ve got you. You okay? You’ll float, just relax, just relax.
You have the good sense not to glare at him for patronizing you. He has the good sense not to tease you for swearing up down and sideways.
You good?
You’re so red you might in fact have turned into the sun from the force of your embarrassment and the smirks on everyone’s faces don’t exactly help but here you are. I thought you were drowning so I— you can’t even finish your explanation it sounds so ridiculous surrounded by the Avengers in dive suits and regulators.
The smirk on Steve Rogers's face? Absolutely illegal, you should kiss it off do something about it.
You’re still thinking about the what you should do when he speaks up again, steady and warm and it’s honestly hard to be mad when he’s holding you up and keeping you steady, You wanna escort me back to shore?
It’s nice of him to be the one to glare at Sam when the Falcon bursts into laughter at the ridiculousness of the offer, but you know what? Still rude.
Yeah, I can. Hard to flounce when you’re still treading water, even harder to flounce when you’re wearing nothing but a bra and panties and Steve Rogers is pressed against you.
You’re a good swimmer and he’s a good complimenter, handing you a towel and trying not to look at you in soaking wet skivvies. You briefly consider how you might have preferred him being unconscious — least he wouldn’t see the heat rising to your cheeks or the way you’re avoiding looking at him in the dive suit does it have to look so good?
Yeah, thanks. Learned to swim in the lake while you towel off and glance up the path where the rest of your clothes are waiting. You’re going to have to explain this to your family and they’re absolutely going to be weird about it, aren’t they?
Hey he startles you again, why does he keep doing that and you’ve got eyes on him, big and round you did the right thing back there. Thanks.
Jumping into the water. Trying to help. It was the right thing to do.
You… didn’t need any help though.
Yeah, but you didn’t know that.
Okay we— he does that thing, the glare you’ve heard he’s famous for you watch the news and you just. Shut up, faster than you expected. Oh. So that’s how it feels.
Look. We shouldn’t have laughed — and I’m sorry about that. I’ll talk with the rest of them later. There’s not enough people who go diving into lakes and try to do the right thing, and even if I didn’t need it, you did it because you wanted to do the right thing, and that’s what matters.
If you weren’t red before, you’re redder now, about to open your mouth to say thanks and then—
But that was also incredibly dangerous, what if you’d gotten hurt in the dive? How good are emergency services out here — you can always call them before you start stripping down — water’s too cold for that anyway.
You know what, being scolded by Captain America sucks.
Better focus on the praise.
Tumblr media
You invited him to the bar.
Well. Technically you invited all of them to the bar — something about overpriced beer and endless pool, you can’t remember you were too busy rambling in your underwear. Bottom line, you invited the Avengers — who, if you recall, apparently come out to your little mountain hideaway for dive training — to your family’s bar and your mother (bless her) didn’t kill you for not giving her advance warning so she could clean the place up.
They’re not gonna show, c’mon, it’s the Avengers. They’ve got better things to do than humor the dumb bitch who jumped into a lake wearing nothing but a sports bra and some briefs.
You’re too busy dealing with the dinner crowd to be disappointed, and trying not to think about how everyone in town is asking you about your encounter with Captain America and The Avengers was he nice what was Thor like were they polite did you really meet them in your underwear what are you, Ariel?
Did your mother have to be the town gossip?
You’re busy and frazzled and the dinner crowd gives way to the lakeside drinkers and still no one shows, proving you right as you clean glasses and try to steer gossip to something less exciting.
You don’t actually notice when the room goes quiet.
Not until you hear Hi, we’re looking for…
You could almost say you didn’t recognize him in clothes, but Captain America? Looks really good in a leather jacket and a button-down, determinedly trying not to jam his hands into his pockets like some sort of dork, hair dry and combed and even a little sheepish as he scans the room until he sees you.
Hey. That offer for drinks still open?
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catzula · 11 months ago
It’s hard NOT to be a fangirl (especially when the setter is Oikawa Tooru)
Tumblr media
A/N: is it evident how much in love I am with this man? I cried at his backstory, I did that. Well, uh, hope you enjoy! And I have a mountain of hw and exams coming up so I might not be able to write something so thats that.
Warnings: spoilers!!! For the spring tournament so beware. Cursing? 5.9k? Oikawa crying in the end? Its NOT angst tho. Also not edited cuz its 1 am
Genre: fluff, Iwaizumi's sister!reader
Synopsis: maybe confusing you with a fangirl wasn't exactly starting off the right foot, but Oikawa thought the stranger that sat with him till the beginning of his next match was... quite charming.
Tumblr media
Oikawa might've been many, many things, but he was not a coward.
Most of the time, at least.
Whenever it was his feelings he had to be brave about, he never succeeded, especially not when they were towards you. You, who laughed and stood with him, never across but always beside him. Oikawa couldn't afford to be brave.
It was the first day of the Interhigh matches when he had met you. To say Oikawa was having a bad day would be an underestimation. He got dumped by his girlfriend that very day, right before his match, and brutally ripped out of the soft, consoling presence of his fans by Iwaizumi. He just wanted to be fawned over and comforted, maybe eat a snack or two while he was at it, but he didn't even get to do that?
"Stop pouting, Shittykawa." Iwaizumi muttered when Oikawa made an exaggerated 'hmph!' sound for the 20th time the last 5 minutes. "We need to go to the gym, and you need to focus."
"You need to focus too!" Oikawa protested, "but look at you getting ready to go to a date- hey, agh!" Holding the back of his head, Oikawa pouted even deeper this time. "You didn't need to hit me!" Oikawa whisper-yelled.
"I told you to shut the fuck up. Hold your tongue if you don't want to get beaten." Iwaizumi whispered angrily, sending a side glance at his coach to try and see if he had heard stupid Oikawa. Iwaizumi took a breath of relief when the coach didn't even look his way.
"We're gonna sit in the back stands so coach won't be able to see us. You can still watch the game from there, too." Iwaizumi finally spoke after they arrived in the gym, eyes scanning the room to find the perfect hiding place.
"You mean I am gonna sit in the back stands, all alone, cold and freshly dumped." Oikawa frowned, his frown only growing deeper when his best friend rolled his eyes. "Am I wrong? Tell me I'm wrong! As you go on your marry way with your girlfriend, I will be sitting here alone and wallow in my sadness for what... 6 hours?!"
Iwaizumi clenched his teeth, knowing Oikawa had a point. Sighing, he rubbed his temples. "Look, fuck, I'm sorry, okay? Should I tell her I can't come?" He asked gruffly, and despite all his brutality and harsh words, Oikawa knew he would do it if he said the word. "Nah, it's okay. Have fun in your date!" Oikawa answered, earning a baffled glare from the boy. 
"Then why the fuck have you been guilt tripping me the past hour?"
"I'm lonely, Iwa-chan! I want attention." Oikawa grinned, professionally avoiding the slap coming his way, his grin growing even wider when Iwaizumi pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. " I wonder how I didn't murder you already. Anyway, settle there, and don't move anywhere until the match. And I mean, anywhere, no visiting your fans, looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror, taking selfies before the windows, nothing."
"Okay, okay, I'm not dumb!" Oikawa whined as he threw his gym bag on the free seats. "Say hi to her for me, Iwa-chan!" He called after his best friend. 
It had been almost an hour since Iwa had left, and Oikawa was losing his mind. Why did he agree to this again? He wanted to sit with the rest of his team, that sat across the court but Iwaizumi had told him not to move anywhere (and Oikawa was still a bit hurt at how grateful they seemed when Iwa had told them Oikawa would be sitting separately), so he had opted to social media. 
Oikawa wasn't aware of someone else entering the secret back stands and getting closer to him as he watched a short compilation of cat videos. "Oikawa-kun?" You approached him, hiding your snicker when he jumped in his place to look at you. He was quick to hide his shock, a mask of smugness quickly finding its place on his pretty face. 
"That's me." He smiled, his chocolate eyes scanning you and meeting your eyes back quickly. He watched as you sat a seat away from him, close but not approachable. He quirked his brow when you stood quiet, holding your phone a little too tightly. A shy fan, how sweet, he thought, smirking as he turned your way. He had an idea of what you wanted.
"Did you, perhaps, want a photo? I might not look as I normally would, though." Oikawa suggested, going by how you held your phone, checking the time every once in a while, you wanted a picture. His brows raised when you didn't say a word but bit your lip as if holding in a smile.
"That's your que to say 'no, Oikawa-kun, you look amazing!" He told you, not expecting your laugh to ring in his ears, baffled both by how sudden and how pretty the sound was. "No, you do look tired, actually." You finally answered, earning a gasp from the boy across you. 
"Oh, to think I was going to see the days of my fans calling me tired-looking and ugly!" He dramatically brought his hand to his face, peeking through his fingers to see what you were going to do. You should at least deny he looked ugly, he thought, but his eyes grew wide when you chuckled. Now you were just rude! Did he really look that bad?
"Sorry, I'm not a fan." You pressed your lips in an apologetic smile, trying to hold it sorry and not smug when you spotted the blush on his cheeks. "Oh- I thought..." He cleared his throat to hide the embarrassment. "Most of the pretty girls like you who aproach me are my fans, so I just assumed." He spoke when he finally managed to find back his high-toned, flirty persona.
"That crowd of groupies in the entrance should belong to you, too, then?" You teased, not expecting him to answer yes, bursting into laughter with the unexpected positive answer.
"I kind of have to ask, though, if you're not my fan, why did you approach me, calling my name?" He seemed nonchalant as if he was used to that, but you had to admit it was a bit creepy.
"Oh, Haji- Iwaizumi sent me." You corrected yourself when you remembered how your brother had told you not to tell Oikawa you were siblings (he had warned you about how flirtatious Oikawa could get, and he might see it as a challenge if he figured you were his best friend's sibling. You didn't think it was true, they were best friends after all, but it was better to be cautious anyway.
"Iwa-chan? Ah, so he does care after all!" Oikawa blurted out, his words reminding how your brother had sent you here and how it was something way different than caring. "Well, he did want me to make sure you didn't leave here or call your ex. Heard you had some... problems."
"Cold as a stone, as always." He sighed, and you chuckled. "Can't exactly call it a problem, but being dumped isn't the best feeling in the world." He shrugged, taking a sip out of his water before flashing you a charming smile. Your brows furrowed when he admitted he was dumped, of course, Hajime had already told you that, but judging the boy by his looks, his nonchalant acts, and everything your brother had told to warn you, you hadn't expected him to admit that, especially not to a stranger. 
"Well, uh, that sucks." You answered awkwardly, not knowing how to approach the situation. "I'm sorry about that."
"Its okay, as it was bound to happen, anyway. Our relationship wasn't exactly sailing smoothly." He shrugged, but it was evident he was a bit broken about it. "I- uh, I'm not the person people would come for advice in these kind of situations, but I can... listen?"
You felt something warm blooming in your chest when his gaze locked on you, chocolate brown eyes the prettiest you've ever seen, but the surprised, almost grateful look was what made you feel that way. Did he only want someone to listen?
"It's okay, I don't want to burden you with my stupid problems." He chuckled, pulling his playful nature back on the surface. "I don't even know your name."
"Oh, shit, you're right!" You laughed when you realized you hadn't even told him your name but had offered a shoulder to cry on. "I'm Y/N, nice to meet you." You stuck your hand out, his warm (big-) hand gripping yours and causing that warm feeling that was in your chest to spread even more.
"Y/N-chan, it's very nice to meet you." He winked. "So, what is your relationship with our dearest Iwa-chan?"
"Oh- well, uh... you could say he sees me as a sister." You shrugged, not expecting him to pout sympathetically. "Oh no, sibling-zoned? That's harsh, man."
"No it's- hey, you have no right to pity me, you're the one freshly dumped!"
"Hitting low, are we?" He laughed, making you laugh with him. "You look like you're gonna die if you don't ask me how we broke up." He sighed after a second, although he still had a playful smirk. "I guess I have to tell you." He sighed one more time. "We're stuck here for at least 5 hours, anyway."
"Here you go, a granola bar. Are you sure you didn't want anything else?" You tossed the granola bar to Oikawa, who had his legs on the seats in front of him, making himself comfortable in the uncomfortable seats.
"Yeah, that's enough. Thank you, Y/N-chan." He smiled cheekily, opening the packet with his teeth. "The match is in about an hour, anyway, I shouldn't eat much."
"Sure, whatever you say. Well you were talking about a new player before I left."
"Before your stomach started to scream, you mean." He laughed, and you found yourself watching the smile. These past few hours had flown by so quickly that it almost felt like barely an hour. Oikawa was easy to talk to, and you always found something new to talk about, laughing almost at everything he said. He was really charming, and the confidence that oozed out of every move he did, every word he spoke was attractive, you had to admit.
But as much of a smug player he could be, he often acted childish, too, especially when he talked about a certain Kouhei of his did you see the childlike jealousy and competitiveness clearly. Though despite that, he would have a fond, soft look in his eyes whenever he talked about his teammates, making you feel almost jealous at how affectionate he looked about them.
You knew he was charming and flirtatious, your brother had warned you not to get close because he could and would have you falling for him in no time, but you had underestimated him. You had thought he was acting overly cautious as always, but apparently not.
You saw him checking his phone for a new message. "I gotta go warm up now." He told you as he stood up, the playful glint in his eyes not being missed by you. "I trust you'll watch and cheer for me, right, Y/N-chan?" His smirk was self-satisfied, already knowing the answer, but you didn't want to give him the pleasure. "I'd rather cheer for the ace, actually, much cooler than a setter."
Another dramatic gasp came from the proud setter, making you laugh. "How dare you! Setters are much cooler than aces, I'll have you know. I'll prove it in this match, too." He leaned towards you, and although you already knew how long he was, having him towering over you like this sent goosebumps down your spine. "I'll prove it, just make sure you watch closely." 
"So, was I right or was I right?" Your phone chimed with a new message, and you instantly knew who it was that sent the message. You opened Instagram, accepting the message request. 
"I couldn't tell since I was watching the ace the whole time, didn't have the chance to see if you were cooler." You texted back, almost able to see the pout forming on his lips on the other side of the screen. It was a lie, too. The moment you saw his serve, you were unable to take your eyes off him. He looked like a different person on the court. It was almost scary, how focused he suddenly became the moment he grabbed the ball, how he was aware of everything that was happening around him, developing strategies half you didn't even understand and it was terrifyingly beautiful, you had to admit. 
"Mean! And I had played exceptionally well just because you were watching :(" You giggled at the text, not noticing how your brother's eyes were narrowed and turned to you instead of the TikToks his girlfriend had sent him. "Who are you talking to?"
"Hm?" You flinched, so concentrated on your phone, you had forgotten your brother was there, too. "Oh, no one. My friend sent me a meme." You stared back at your brother, who was still watching you with narrowed eyes, waiting for you to crack, but you didn't. He nodded curtly, and though he could've pursued it further if not for his phone starting to buzz, the name of his girlfriend appearing on the screen. 
"Gotta take this." He told you, standing up and making his way to his room. "Don't stay up late texting." He told you as a warning. 
You wished you had taken your brother's advice the next morning when he came in to wake you up. You had texted Oikawa for hours into the night, only stopping when you fell asleep mid-conversation.
"Y/N, I need you to come to the sport center again, today." Hajime told you as you were brushing your teeth, and he was putting gel in his hair to make it look like his signature spiky style. "Again?" You rolled your eyes, earning a soft slap on your head from your brother. 
"Don't talk with your mouth full, and don't roll your eyes at me."
"I'll do whatever I- Ow! Okay, okay, I'll be there!" You muttered angrily, but a part of you, the smallest part of you, wasn't as angry as you showed him to be. 
You were there before him, this time. It had been almost 10 minutes since you had arrived, but Oikawa was nowhere to be seen (and you got ready especially neatly this time! What a shame). You sighed, opening your phone to text Hajime Oikawa wasn't here just as you felt a pair of warm hands closing your eyes from your back. 
"Quick, tell me the coolest volleyball position!"
"Ace!" You answered and heard his exaggerated sigh. "No, Y/N-chan, I thought we clarified this yesterday!"
"I never admitted to it, though." You told him with a sly smile, causing his fake anger and annoyance to fall and a laugh to breakthrough. "Clever little Y/N-chan." He muttered, plopping down to the seat next to you. 
"You look tired." You remarked, making him gasp. "And whose fault is that? You fell asleep! I waited an hour for you to write back, thinking you had something else to do." He frowned, making you chuckle.
"I take none of the blame, you talk too much." You teased.
"Only with people I like." He shot back, catching you off guard and making your eyes widen. "Ah, finally, I won this round!" He cheered. "You, on the other hand, look especially nice today, madame."
"Thank you, kind sir, I got a good night sleep, unlike you." You smiled cheekily, and he was about to answer before loud cheering filled the room and made you wince. You noticed how almost everyone was on their feet, watching the game closely.
"What's going on?" You asked the boy sitting next to you, now also watching the game with a Cheshire cat smirk.
"Karasuno's game started." He answered without taking his eyes off the game. "It was the freakish quick they used just then that caused the cheering."
"The freakish quick?" You repeated. 
"Yeah, watch." He told you, sounding excited and annoyed at the same time. You turned your eyes to where he was pointing at, a short, ginger boy. Your brows furrowed, trying to understand just why- 
"Oh, shit." You gaped when the boy flew over the court in mere seconds. The ball was on the other side of the net in almost less than a second, and it took you a moment to realize they had just made a spike.
"Oh shit, indeed," Oikawa answered, his smirk still on his lips, but his eyes weren't looking humored. "That little bastard, he had to be this fucking talented." He muttered, speaking almost to himself. 
"You don't look worried, though." You smiled. "There is no reason for me to be worried." He smirked proudly in answer, although it had a slight waver to it. "I'm much better than him as a setter. What worries me is the team itself."
"Are they that good? You looked much better in the match yesterday."
"Ah, I knew you were watching me, Y/N-chan! I'm too pretty not to look at." He swiped a soft-looking lock of hair out of his face with a playful smile. 
"Yeah, yeah, whatever." You muttered, hiding your embarrassment from him by turning back to the game. "See him, the short boy in the back, he's the libero." Oikawa told you, getting slightly closer to explain, and you would've understood it if it wasn't for how close he was all of a sudden. "He's one of the best I've seen, actually."
"W-what makes him so special?" You asked, turning your eyes back to the game from his pretty face (as if he wasn't handsome enough, he also had a good side profile?!) "That." he answered, his eyes glinting with something you could say awe. You turned back to the boy who leaped to the ground after the ball, his hand sliding over the surface and sending the ball straight up. "His reflexes are unbeleivable, and he's fast and smart, like the rest of his team." He explained further, not aware of how focused he suddenly was, and it was clear he was passionate about the sport. You had never understood why your brother felt devastated after a lost game, or why he was cheering on the top of his lungs, sometimes pushing himself so hard in training that he passed out, coming home late almost every day because of his practice.
But seeing Oikawa watch the game, seeing him in the game, you felt like you could understand what it was. You could never grasp the feeling, but you could understand what it was. And it was infuriating, made you jealous, and you couldn't understand why, but it also amazed you, making you yearn for the strange feeling.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I must be boring you to death." He realized, bringing his hand to scratch the back of his neck in embarrassment, cheeks flushing slightly after talking for almost an hour about everything going in the game, explaining them all in detail. 
"No, no its fine!" You answered, laughing at his flushed face. It was funny how he was a charming, devilish, smart, and manipulative guy at one second and a volleyball geek the other. "It helps me appreciate the game better." You shrugged, not aware of how his eyes glinted with your answer. "But don't you think I realized how you're overlooking everything the setter does. You didn't say anything about him."
"What, you're interested in him?" He pouted, causing you to laugh. 
"I didn't say I was interested, I'm just telling you you're ignoring him!" You protested after your laugh, but he still had a frown. "Sounds like you're interested, to me."
"No! Okay, okay, keep ignoring him, then. But don't think I missed the jelaousy-" You couldn't finish your sentence because of a sudden hand closing on your lips. "Nope, we don't say that here." He whispered, and somehow, you were able to hear him despite the loud cheering, the crowd, and the loud thumps of your heart.
"What, saying you're jealous?" You spoke beneath his fingers, noticing how his smirk grew wider and cheeks flushing pinker.
"Yep, let's not repeat that and I'll take my hand off you." He waited a few seconds as you stood silent, removing his hand, still having a suspicious look in his eyes. "Good girl." He told you, causing your eyes to widen and shout a protest. "O-oikawa! What the fuck?!"
"What, I didn't mean anything?" He answered innocently, but there was still a smirk on his lips. "Well, okay, I'll tell you about him if you're so curious." He sighed.
"As I said before, he's my Kouhei." You nodded for him to go on. "He's... talented. Very talented. A genius, actually." He laughed uncomfortably. "He's not on my level yet, but his talent... it even makes up for it and I hate to see how despite all my days I spent training, he's still better than me easily."
"I- oh." You muttered, not expecting something like this, especially for him to admit someone else was better than him and will always be better than him.
"Tomorrow we're playing with them." He told you, and despite the forced smile, you could see how he clenched his teeth. "I can't- I won't lose to him."
"You won't." You agreed.
"I'll fight as hard as I can but we won't lose to them. I'll fight Shiratorizawa, I'll play against Ushiwaka and show him, prove him I did the right thing by choosing Seijoh and not his dumb school." He looked determined, eyes glinting with such determination that even though you had no idea what he was saying at that point, you wanted to agree and cheer him on.
"You will." You agreed once again, causing him to smile. "I'm sorry, I think I'm just a bit stressed."
You smiled, shrugging as if to say it's nothing. "No, no problem, I understand what you mean. It must be nerve-wracking."
"Well, it is."
"I'm horrible at advice, but uh, want me to show you what I do when I'm stressed? Like before exams and stuff. It might help." You smiled, extending your hand out to show him, not expecting him to do the same, and hold your hand like a handshake.
"You're right, that does help." He grinned, shaking your hand and making you burst into laughter. "That wasn't what I was going to do!"
"Oh, it wasn't? Still helped, though!" He told you innocently, teasing you even more. "C'mon, stick your hand out like this." You giggled.
"Now start drawing-" you told him, focusing on drawing shapes and letters in his hand. He was going to say a snarky remark at how that wasn't how it went, but Oikawa couldn't bring himself to stop you from doing whatever you were doing as he watched you focus on his hand, fingers running over his calloused ones, the tip of your tongue sticking out from the corner of your mouth without realizing, and every move of your finger sent goosebumps down his body.
Noticing you had lost yourself in thought, absent-mindedly going on drawing on his hand for a good few minutes, you raised your eyes to meet his brown ones. "Does that... help?"
"It- uh, it does. I'll need you to do this before the game tomorrow, too, though." He smirked playfully, his hand closing on yours just as he said it. "Well, I'm glad I could help." You shrugged, trying to hide how embarrassed you were. You could tell he already knew how you were feeling by the smile on his lips, but instead of teasing you about it, he turned to the game without letting your hand go, smiling even wider when you didn't pull it, either.
"You guys were great at the game today." You texted Oikawa that night, not sure whether he would answer, though your thoughts disappeared when he texted back instantly. 
"It must be your doing." He wrote, sending a picture of him doing the peace sign right after. 
"I don't think I can come early tomorrow, though. I won't be able to do it again. Are you ready for the game tomorrow?"
"Oh no, how could you? I can never overcome the stress now. Will you let me call you if I say I'm not ready?" He texted back, making you chuckle. 
"Just this once."
Your phone started ringing right after, a 'yahoo' greeting you when you picked it up.
"Hi, Oikawa-kun."
"Are you free?" He asked, and you shrugged as if he was across you and not on the other side of the phone. "I was getting ready to bed."
"Thinking of me before bed, you must have a crush on me, Y/N-chan." He chuckled, somehow still able to tease you through the phone. "Hey, I-"
"No, actually, don't answer that." He stopped you. "I had something else in mind when I called you, but you cute voice is too distracting." He sighed. 
"Oh." You answered, making him laugh, his laugh ringing in your ears. 
"Yeah, well... I was wondering, I mean after the match tomorrow." He cleared his throat. "No, actually, will you cheer for me tomorrow?" He finally asked, and you could tell he was holding his breath.
"Cheer for you?" You repeated.
"Yeah, only- only for me." He spoke, this time merely a whisper. "I mean, of course you cheer for me, everyone does because I'm that-"
"Yes, Oikawa." You laughed and cut his self appreciating ramble off. "I'll cheer for you, and only you."
"Y-you will? Well then, maybe you'll accept my offer to perhaps grab a coffee or something after the game? To make up for not being there with me tomorrow?" You were trying to stifle a laugh at how unsmooth he was despite his reputation when he spoke again. "Am I- am I pushing it? I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." 
"No, you're not making me uncomfortable!" You protested quickly, already aware of how dramatic he could get. "I'm just, well, surprised. But yes, I'd like to grab a coffee with you. Anywhere but those god awful stands, actually." You chuckled, hearing the relieved breathe coming from his side of the line. 
"Well, if that's settled," he spoke, and you could hear the smile in his voice. "Tell me, Y/N-chan, what's your favorite color?"
Wow, you thought, he really sucked at flirting. 
"I'm here." You texted both your brother and Oikawa. It was merely minutes away from the start of the game, all because of a dumb chemistry quiz you had at school. You finally found a free seat when you noticed they were done warming up and were getting ready.
"Good, we're about to start the game. I'll probably meet my gf after the game, so don't start crying if you don't see me." Was the first text you got, rolling your eyes at how much of an idiot your brother was. "Yeah, whatever, not like I'm here to see you." You texted back, noticing how his head perked up when he read the text, eyes scanning the seats to find you as he texted a "WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?!"
"Wish me luck, Y/N-chan, just remember your promise to cheer for me ;p" Oikawa texted back, also raising his head to search you in the crowd, but he was successful at finding you, eyes locking for a second, of course, he sent a playful wink at you.
The game started after that, and you could swear you were losing years of your life with each given and taken points. You had screamed at the top of your lungs at one point, so worked up, you sometimes forgot what was happening.
"Oikawa, good serve!" You screamed (he had told you to say that when he was serving the day before, and you could see it immediately brought a smile on his lips). 
The third set was the worst, you thought. No one ever got to widen the point gap, always one of them at match point, points being given and being taken, and you were sure you were going to lose your mind if they-
You watched as Oikawa ran to receive a ball, running so fast that he was unable to stop himself from crashing into the table, falling on his bad knee that you could only imagine how much it hurt, but not before pointing at Hajime, your brother, the ace. He set an incredible ball for him, incredible even for someone like you who didn't know anything other than the basics about volleyball.
You could feel tears swelling in your eyes as he tumbled into the table, pulling himself back up almost immediately and limping back towards the court.
He was... he was determined to win. 
But he couldn't.
You watched as Oikawa tried to receive the ball flying towards him and failed. You couldn't watch when he realized he failed. He lost. But he was still there to make his teammates gather for the lineup, patting them on the back to cheer them up, thanking the crowd, but his face was down, helping his teammates collect themselves back, your brother too when he was also devastated inside.
Still, Oikawa managed to hold it all in, unlike your brother and most of the team that was crying. You couldn't hide your disappointment in, either, eyes already wet with tears because you thought they were going to win, and they thought they were going to win too, and seeing Oikawa like this, it hurt. You watched them as they left the court, your eyes following the brunette who had separated himself from the rest of the team, going somewhere else with a quick pace. 
You rose to your feet without even realizing it, running after him without thinking what to say or to do, but you just wanted to be there, and you were so focused on finding him that you hadn't realized Hajime following his friend or rather, you, either. 
You were about to enter the room Oikawa had entered a minute before you when someone held you by the arm and pulled you back. "Y/N, don't." Your brother warned you, and maybe you should've listened since they were friends for years. "It's not- you shouldn't go in, not right now. Give him time." 
He sighed when you freed your arm from his grip. "He wouldn't want you to-" the door shut in his face, and he only got a glimpse of his best friend's tear-stricken face, "-see him like that." Iwaizumi finished his sentence as a whisper to himself.
You thought this might've been a bad idea the moment you entered the room. "O-oikawa?"
"What are you doing here?" You heard him say, the room dim-litted, making it near impossible to see his expression, but something in you told you, you didn't want to. "I'm- well, I'm here to see if you're okay-"
"Get out." You heard him say, merely a whisper but still there. "I don't want you to see me like this, stop looking at me! I don't want to see the same pity I see at everyone else's face, pitying me for losing to my own Kouhei and-" His voice getting higher and higher with each word, he was almost screaming the last few words. So you hugged him, you didn't know what led you to do so, was it instinct to relieve his tension? You didn't know, but it still worked, you noticed. 
His stiff muscles started to relax with the sudden contact, and though he stood as still as a stone, not hugging you back, you didn't feel rejected. "Shh, I know." You whispered, breathe brushing over his skin and sending goosebumps down his spine. 
"We lost." He whispered, a sob finding its way out of his lips. His arms came up, hugging and pulling you to himself, almost as if he tried to swallow you whole, burying his face to your hair. He was big, much bigger than you, for sure, so the sobs that shook him shook you, too, but you didn't mind. 
"We lost." He sobbed again, and again, and again and again. It took him a while to let it all out, but he felt better when he did. His arms were still around you when his cries had died, your scent affecting him to relax.
"Thank you." You heard him whisper as he pulled back, not looking in your eyes once. "Of- of course." You shrugged, feeling somewhat awkward as he wiped his face with a tissue. 
"Well," he spoke, looking in your eyes for the first time for what felt like hours, "that's me. The Oikawa Tooru. Now you know me better than almost anyone else." He shrugged, trying to sound and look indifferent but failing miserably. His voice and his hands shaking, eyes looking at you with almost fear.
"Are you going to leave now?"
"Leave?" You repeated. 
He shrugged. "Now that you've seen I'm not the clever captain or the charming playboy, but a- an insecure, jealous man, who is now also a failure, are you going to leave?"
"Oikawa," you whispered, noticing he was more insecure than he let on. "Just because you are more than what you look like, it doesn't cancel the others. You're still the smart, cunning, and amazing captain, the charming flirt who made me fall for him in mere days, and the man who lost a match with a point. A man, striving to be better than everyone else, with goals and a purpose in life. I don't think I could leave you for having a purpose in life." You chuckled. 
"Well, that of course if you-" Before you got to finish, you felt pressure on your lips, stopping you from talking. It was his soft lips, this time, making you silent. It was a soft kiss, his hand cupping your cheek and pulling your face towards his, his lips were almost brushing yours, but it still felt heavenly. 
"I think we should go before your brother marches in and kills us both." He whispered to your lips with a sly smile. "Yeah, I think you're- wait, you knew he was my brother?!" You exclaimed, making him chuckle.
"Of course I did, who do you take me for? I am the clever captain of Seijoh, I knew it the moment you told me you were like a sister to him."
"Well, the clever captain of Seijoh, use your brain to find us another way out but the door, since I'm pretty sure Haji is guarding it." 
"Ah, I have the perfect idea." He snickered, picking up his phone, and entering the name of Hajime's girlfriend.
"Tooru, where are you, are you okay, do you-"
"Hey, hey, I'm alright, I just need a favor." Oikawa whispered into the phone. "I'm stuck inside a room, and the door is being guarded by Iwa-chan whose waiting to kill me, so please get him out of here?"
"Tooru, are you with a girl?" You heard the voice screaming on the other end of the line, making you both wince. "Please just help me just this once?" 
You heard her sigh. "Okay, okay, hang in there." She closed the phone, and it took only two seconds for your brother's phone to ring.
You were in awe when Hajime suddenly screamed, "What?! Whose checking you out? I'm fucking coming baby, don't move anywhere." sprinting down the hall.
"You're a magician." 
"I'm amazing." He muttered right before leaning in for yet another kiss, smiling against your soft lips.
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lizandbo · 5 months ago
You turn into cats - bnha bois
Ok so everyone does “they turn into cats“ but I really like us turning into cats so IM GONNA DO IT :)
Also they’re maybe a part 2 but idk cuz moving sucks
Tumblr media
- doesnt know much about animals, (becuase of that one ting about Bakugo and deku are alone cuz of the punishment from aizawa, and then a bunny went into the dorms or some Shit idk)
- but ANYWAY, hell just look at you, but doesnt know its you
- he’s super confused of as why there is a cat in the dorm so he just assumes that it’s a stray that got in since there is no collar
- but wait how did it get pass the security and doors...BUT ANYWAY
- but your (y/h) colored fur was pretty obvious but he didn’t think much of it becuase it’s only a god damn cat
- but once someone (prolly Kaminari) said It kinda looked and acted like you he probably decided and thought it was you...but in cat form
- so when your meowing like the whole world is gonna end up to the black hole to him he mayyyy kick you
- or most likely a nudge to get out of his way
- this kind needs his space ok?
- but yo trying TO TELL HIM ITS you
- but this crackhead doesn’t get it
- but once ya know someone said it’s acted and looked like you and shit, he looked at you... and prolly night that it was you so he was trying to talk to you once he got his hands on you
- that sounded a bit weird but ok
- But you two were in private in his dorm so he was trying to talk to you like you can talk back:/
- and when you only meow at him he shook you (not harshly) but enough to make you meow the shit out of yourself
- he got pretty angry so he’s just trying to figure at all the possible ways to make you to tell him that it’s you
- but at the same time he’s pretty happy with his assumption
- so next up he’s trying to write to you in pencil that question of if it’s really you
- your just like ya know... like htf are you gonna get your tiny ass paws ONTO THE FUCKING PEN and actually write
- but at this point your threw the pencil out of the way with your mouth and pointy teeth and looked at him seriously and said
- meow.
- your his and he’s yours now becuase he’s just assuming that it’s you
- even tho ya know he’s been trying to for the last 30 mins
- wont really cuddle but if you ask- I mean just lay ontoop of him, he’ll complain but won’t physically remove you
- just one cat and one human:)
- will be impressed by him own self becuase he was right on you being the cat even though it was quite obvious
Tumblr media
- ok, he was so worried becuase you both planned out a date and he was there weren’t
- he thought that something happend to you of course
- ya know protective boyfie alert
- so he went into the dorms after let’s say an hour at the place where your date was
- and he also texted you but ya know with you and your little cat paws you couldn’t do jack shit
- so you were like ya know hanging out in his dorm, even though you know that your supposed to be at the date with izuku you kinda just went with the easier path
- but izuku really turned worried (liek his mom) and yelled once he ran walked into the dorms and totally not breaking the door while slamming it open
- boi be really worried
- yelling “DO YOU KNOW WHERE Y/N IS?!?”
- and everyone is kinda just like “turned into a cat bro chill“
- and then he felt stupid afterwards but it be will be finee
- you were curling up into a ball (I really wanna know what that feels like being a cat) but then izuku is like
-“ you were here the whole damn time?”
- and proceeded to squeeze you out of relief while murmuring apologizes and thankyouz that your here and not hurt
- but he’s just like for a second afterwards “waitttt...YOUR A CAT?!”
- but it’s funny cuz ya cant talk at all and can only meow
- he prolly muttering about how you were hit by a quirk
- and then just continues to cuddle you
- complement? Hell yeah
- ya know how he was in a apartment blah blah blay with his mother yes yes ok
- so he didn’t have a pet for all his life since he’s been in the same exact apartment since he was 4
- hes magic
- but yeah so he be like kinda like this but he isn’t a dog
Tumblr media
- hell feed you n shit
- will prolly feed you human food cuz who the hell has pet food?
- welll... I mean except for koda, he has a bunny for bunny food anyways
- be kinda sad once you leave your cat form
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galactic-magick · 9 months ago
Remember Me: Agnes/Agatha Harkness x Reader
Tumblr media
Request: Ok so I have this idea for a wandavision fic. Agatha had a wife prior to westview, and the wife comes looking for her and gets zapped into the hex. The wife loses all memories prior to westview so when she sees Agnes for the first time she’s like head over heels in love with her all over again. Agnes of course absolutely recognizes her and remembers everything and decides to woo her wife into marrying her again. Of course shenanigans ensue. Also Agatha doesn’t want to just give her wife’s memories back cause she wants to protect her. I also think the wife’s personality is pretty opposite to Agnes’s, I see her as more quite and innocent, but still bubly and positive. I know this is a lot lol but I just think it would make a great fanfic!
Summary: You and Agatha have been married for years, but a rough fight causes you to take a break for a while. When you’re ready to try again you go looking for her, but accidentally get sucked into the hex in the process and lose all your memories.
Words: 3.6k+
Warnings: spoilers, some angst
Author’s Notes: This fic got pretty long cuz I just kinda ran with this amazing idea, hope you enjoy! 
Taglist: @nyx-aira @midnight-lestrange @thestrangeundoing @dreamydanvers @sleep-deprived-athlete @dr-robotnik-said-hella @fallingfor-fics @p-nymph​ @thelanawinterrs​ @sunproud
You feel…lost.
It’s as if something was at the tip of your tongue, something extremely important was on your mind a few minutes ago, but you can’t think of it for the life of you.
You’ve always struggled with directions, so you know you probably took a wrong turn. You remember driving into a town called Westview, and you’re pretty sure you’re here now, but your mind feels fuzzy. You can’t recall anything that happened to you before driving here. Your body feels like it got ripped apart and put back together, if that’s even possible.
You try your best to shrug off your concerns, and you start to feel more and more at home here. You know what, you have been here your whole life. You grew up here, you have friends here, and you never want to leave.
Despite that, though, you have no idea where your house is. You drive around, searching for anything that looks familiar, to no avail.
You see a woman picking some flowers outside, so you pull over and get out to talk to her.
“Good afternoon!” you wave. “I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Y/N,”
“Hello!” she smiles. “I’m Wanda. Are you one of my neighbors?”
“Oh, um, yeah! I’m in the neighborhood,” you nod. “Those flowers are beautiful. Is there a special occasion?”
“Yes, actually! It’s me and my husband’s anniversary today! I’m planning a romantic evening to surprise him when he gets home. One of my other neighbors gave me some ideas and tips,” she laughs. “Oh there she is again!”
You turn around to look at the house next door, and see the most beautiful human being you’ve ever seen in your life. There’s something familiar about her, like a distant memory. She waves at Wanda, but when she sees you she stares. She can’t take her eyes of you, like she’s seeing a ghost.
“Agnes! Come here a second!” Wanda calls her over. “This is Y/N, she also lives around here. Have you met?”
She’s wearing a gorgeous yet simple plaid dress, and her smile is captivating. There’s a gleam in her eyes that’s magical, and you find yourself falling a little too hard for someone you just met. You’re not usually the type to lay your heart down so quickly, but something about her is different.
“Oh, no! I don’t think we have!” Agnes snaps out of her trance and shakes your hand. “I’m Agnes,”
“Lovely to meet you,” she momentarily turns her attention back to Wanda. “Now, is there anything else you need for tonight? Extra candles, more magazines, makeup?”
“Some more candles would be amazing, thank you,”
“Great, I’ll drop them off in a bit,” Agnes glances at you again. “Would you like me to walk you home, darlin?”
“Sure,” you start walking together down the sidewalk. “I’m sorry if this is weird, but I feel like I know you from somewhere,”
“Do you now?”
“Maybe you just have one of those faces,” you sigh. “Anyway, I honestly can’t remember where my house is. I’ve always been bad with directions,”
“Did you just move here recently?”
“Maybe?” you scratch your head. “I…think I’ve always been here, but maybe I left and came back. Is it weird that I can’t remember?”
“Not at all,” she smiles. “Is this it?”
You look, and there’s a house just a few down from Wanda’s that you can almost swear wasn’t there before. But it looks like home, it looks familiar.
“Yes! This is it!” you race up to the door, and find a key that fits perfectly in your pocket. “How’d you know this was mine?”
“I just had a feeling,” she says.
“Well, thank you very much,” you reply, about to close the door.
“Would you like to get some ice cream tomorrow?”
You nod, a bit surprised she’s so interested in you, “Sure,”
 You meet up again at the ice cream parlor the next day, and you’re shocked when you get there that Agnes has already ordered your favorite, and a couple scoops are in your grasp within a few minutes.
You sit down together and start eating it, “How’d you know this was my favorite?”
“Oh…um, you just seem like that kind of gal?” she takes a spoonful of her own.
When you’re both done, you take a walk around town, waving to other people you think you’ve seen in the neighborhood. It feels a little strange that you’re hanging out with Agnes for hours as if you’ve been friends for years, but at the same time it feels so right. It’s almost like she knows everything about you already, yet everything is still a mystery.
Later in the afternoon you attend the talent show together, and you find yourself laughing especially at Wanda and her husband Vision’s performance. Some of their tricks fool you enough into thinking they might be real, but how could they be? Magic is all just a trick on the eyes, isn’t it?
You say goodbye to everyone and turn in for the night, and you have a strange dream.
Agnes is there, but she looks different. Older? Younger? You’re not sure.
She smiles at you, and takes your face in her hands. She presses a kiss to your lips, and doesn’t let you go until you can’t breathe.
You continue to see snippets of you and her together, each time in a different place, maybe even a different era. You’re happy, it seems, the love is deep and strong, something so good you didn’t think it could exist.
Until the last one.
You’re yelling at each other, but you can’t make out the words, not even your own. You can almost feel tears streaming down your cheeks, and Agnes takes her bags and leaves. You fall on the couch, completely miserable. You can’t tell what happened, but the aching in your chest is enough to tell it was the worst thing you’ve ever experienced.
When you wake up the next morning, you don’t remember anything.
 The world is now in color, but you honestly can’t recall what it looked like yesterday, so it doesn’t seem strange to you.
You get a call from Wanda telling you she’s pregnant, and you congratulate her excitedly. She asks you to keep it under wraps except for close friends, which makes sense since it’s so early on.
Even though you have plenty of time before the baby arrives, you decide to go out to the store and pick out some stuff you could give her. You’ve never had children of your own so you’re not sure exactly what she’d need, but you know the basics, like clothes, teething toys, and blankets.
You look through the racks and piles, picking out a few things you think would be cute.
“Don’t tell me you’re pregnant now too, hun,”
You jump, and you see Agnes behind you.
“Oh! Agnes, hi!” you exhale quickly. “No, no, I’m not. I’m just picking up some things for Wanda. Maybe we could plan her a little baby shower or something?”
“I’m just kidding, hun. And that’s a great idea!” she pushes her cart forward a bit. “I’ll catch up with you later, okay?”
You nod as she hurries away.
 As you’re walking home, you see Agnes chatting with one of your other neighbors, Herb. You don’t particularly hear or care what they’re saying, but you stop in your tracks when you see something purple coming out of Agnes’s fingers.
Herb’s eyes roll back for a moment, and then they carry back on in conversation. After a few minutes Vision runs out of the house and talks to them a bit, then they all go their separate ways.
Maybe you were just seeing things, but something about that interaction was really weird.
You catch up with Agnes down the street, saying hello and asking how she is. She doesn’t seem to know you saw what happened, so you decide to ask yourself.
“What was that purple stuff coming out of your hands?”
“What?” she chuckles, scoffing as if you’re crazy. “What are you talking about?”
“I was walking by Wanda’s house earlier and I saw you talking to Herb, and there was something coming out of your hands. Maybe it was just weird light or reflections or something-“
“Oh, yes, that must be it,” she pats your shoulder. “Say, how about we grab some dinner or something?”
She raises a hand and strokes your head and hair, and it feels like a wave of calm rushes over you. She murmurs some words you can’t understand, and you forget what you were going to say.
“What was that for?” you giggle, cheeks flushing a bit at her tender touch.
“Oh, there was just something stuck in your hair, dear,”
 “Agnes,” you say, after taking the last bite of your dinner. You’ve had a wonderful night, you don’t think you’ve smiled and laughed so much in your life, and she makes your heart feel like it’s transcending to peak happiness.
“I really love hanging out with you,” you’re too nervous to say the actual words you want to say, and you desperately hope she understands.
“I love hanging out with you too,” she reaches for your hand. “I’ve missed you,”
You cock your head, “What do you mean?”
“Oh, nothing,” she laughs. “It’s just…been awhile since I’ve had someone in my life that I care about so much,”
You sigh as she squeezes your hand, “Do you believe in soulmates?”
“I might,” she grins. “Why?”
“I just…I know it’s so weird, but I feel like there’s something between us that’s beyond our control, you know?” you talk fast, hoping getting all the words out quickly will help you to say what you’ve wanted to say since you first met. “Maybe we were together in another life, another universe, I don’t know, it’s just…it’s not just me, right?”
She shakes her head, and you can almost see a tear in her eye, “No, it’s not just you,” she kisses the palm of your hand. “I wish I could tell you everything, I really do,”
“What do you mean?”
“But I can’t,” she stands up and waves her hand in front of your face, all memories of your conversation slipping from your mind. “It’s for your own protection sweetheart, I promise. Once I figure out how all this is happening, we can be together again,”
 Agnes walks you home that night, but you don’t want to leave. You’ve had such a wonderful time with her, and you can’t bear for it to end.
“Do you want to come inside?” you ask.
“Oh, honey, I don’t think I should,” she laughs.
“Please,” you beg. “Just for a little bit? I have some tea and cookies,”
“Alright,” she sighs. “Just for a little bit,”
You start boiling the water and arrange some cookies on a plate as Agnes sits down on the couch.
“What kind would you like?”
“I’ll take anything,” she says.
You return with a cup and plate for her and plop down on the cushion, “You know I should probably apologize,”
“For what, dear?”
“I just feel like I’ve been a bit forward, which is weird since I’m normally super reserved and shy, but I just feel so comfortable with you, ya know?” you sip your tea. “I feel like I’ve said or done something wrong. I can’t remember what, but I definitely did,”
“Oh darling, no,” Agnes shakes her head. “You’re perfect,”
“Yes, just as you always have been,” she lifts your chin and leans in, capturing your lips. “My everything,”
 You never knew what head over heels felt like until now.
You wake up smiling, barely able to contain your emotions. You kissed Agnes last night. You kissed Agnes last night.
You. You did.
You head over to Wanda’s that morning, wanting to meet the twins and give your gifts. When you walk in they’re crying very loudly and Wanda and Vision look stressed out of their minds.
“Hey, Wanda!” you give her a hug. “Baby troubles?”
“Yeah, they just…won’t stop crying,” she sighs in exhaustion.
“Do you need any help?” you ask. “Also, I got you some stuff,” you hand her the gift bag.
“Oh! Thank you so much!” she smiles in appreciation. “And yeah, could you? I’ve tried everything, but if you have any ideas on how to calm them down go for it,”
You start to rock the cradles a bit, when you hear the doorbell ring.
“Hiya kids!” Agnes strolls in. “Hey hun,” she winks at you.
“Oh Agnes!” Wanda says, relieved to have yet another person to help with the situation. “Oh, Y/N, could you actually grab some milk for them? There’s some formula on the counter in the kitchen,”
“Yeah, sure!” you smile at Agnes, your heart pounding a bit before you turn around to make the milk.
As you’re stirring, you hear Vision escalate into a panic, and then it falls mysteriously silent.
“Do you want me to take that again?” you hear Agnes say.
“You want me to hold the babies, should we just take it from the top?”
You hear Wanda laugh and the conversation continues on normally. You finish mixing up the milk and head toward the living room, but you meet Agnes running in to look for some liquor.
“Agnes! What do you think you’re doing?” you whisper.
“What do you mean? I’m just trying to help with the kids, just like you!”
“Yeah, but, you’re acting really weird,” you shake your head, staring at her in disbelief. “What were you talking about in there? Taking it from the top? What does that even mean?”
“Oh, honey, don’t worry. I’m just a little jazzed up today!” she kisses your cheek.
“Y/N! AGNES! The kids are gone!” Wanda gasps.
You rush in, and all of your turn around towards the stairs to see two definitely not baby boys in front of you.
“Ah, kids. You can’t control ‘em, no matter how hard you try,” Agnes chuckles, taking a sip of her drink.
Are you the only one that finds it strange that the twins randomly grew older right in front of you?
 That evening you go on another date with Agnes. She doesn’t bring up anything that happened this morning, but she does mention the tragedy of Wanda’s family’s dog passing away. You feel awful, especially since they got him recently.
For the most part it’s a normal date, you’re still very much in love with her and you have an amazing time.
But by the end of it when you’re heading back home, the eerie feeling returns, and you can’t keep ignoring it. You need answers, and you need them now.
“Something’s not right here, Agnes,” you observe. “Everyone here acts weird, especially Wanda and Vision, and even you sometimes. I don’t get it,”
“No!” you snap. “Every single time I’ve brought up feeling weird with you or in this town in general you distract me so I forget about it. You know something Agnes, I can tell you do. Why won’t you be honest with me? If we’re gonna do this relationship thing, we need to be honest with each other,”
She takes a deep breath, “I can’t,”
“Why not?”
“I can’t now, but I will,” she says. “This weekend, Halloween. Meet me at my house and I’ll tell you and show you everything,”
“Do you promise?”
“Yes, I promise,” she nods, then leans in to kiss you. “I just have to do a few more things first,”
She walks away.
 You stand outside her house on Halloween just as she asked, dressed in a cheap witch costume you found in your closet.
“Oh, look at us!” Agnes opens the door, eyeing you up and down and grinning. “We match!”
You laugh as she takes you hand and leads you to her car.
Before she pulls out, she turns to you, a glaze of fear in her eyes.
“Are you sure you want to know everything?”
“Yes,” you nod.
“Okay,” she presses down the pedal and drives.
She passes by all the familiar streets, into the neighborhoods you’ve never seen. There’s people outside that are barely moving, and the farther you go, the more frozen they become. It begins to scare you a bit, but you trust Agnes to explain everything to you when you get to your destination.
She finally stops the car at the last stop sign on the edge of town, and everything ahead looks like an empty field.
“You don’t remember how you got to Westview, do you?” she asks.
“No,” you shake your head. “I think I’ve been here a while, but my past is fuzzy,”
“But somehow you have memories of me?”
“I…” you search your thoughts. “I felt like I recognized you when we first met, yeah. But I don’t think they were actually memories,” you look into her eyes. “Why, do you think they’re real memories or something?”
“I know they are,”
“You mean, we were together before?”
“Yes,” she nods, and her gaze falls to the floor, unable to look at you. “But it didn’t end well. I made a lot of mistakes, and you asked me to leave, so I did. I’ve been all over the place, and I ended up here. Then all of a sudden, you were here too,”
You can’t believe what you’re hearing, “How come I don’t remember any of that?”
“Wanda created and controls this town. She wiped and changed your memories,”
“Wanda?” you scoff. “How would she even do that? And even if someone could do that, why would they? She’s so nice, you really think she’s controlling me?”
“I don’t know how she’s doing it, that’s what I’m trying to find out. But I know it’s her. She’s the only other magical being in this town, and she got her powers from an infinity stone. Maybe it’s just that, maybe she’s a mutant, maybe it’s chaos magic, I don’t know. But she’s the one,”
You shake your head, almost giggling at how ridiculous it sounds, “Agnes, no, you’re not making any sense. Magic? Infinity stones? Mutants? Are you serious? Come on, just tell me the truth,”
“I am telling you the truth,”
“Stop lying to me!” you storm out the car door, walking back towards town. Agnes calls after you, but you keep going. “I can’t be with you if all you’re going to tell me is complete bullshit!”
Your feet lift off the ground and you spin around, flying through the air towards her. You scream, and you see that same purple smoke coming out of her fingers that you saw before. She pulls you against her, one arm wrapped around your waist and another cradled around your head.
“It’ll all make sense now, sweetheart,”
She whispers a spell and all the memories flood back into your mind. Your real first meeting, your first kiss, your first date. Your wedding day, your first house. You see every moment, the good and the bad, the way she looked at you like you’re an angel every single day. You relive every anniversary, every holiday together, every tradition you shared, and finally the last moments together, and the day you decided you wanted your beloved wife back.
“Agatha?” you whisper.
“Yes,” she crashes her lips to yours, taking in everything she loves, everything she missed. You wrap your arms around her neck, kissing her deeply, a smile escaping every so often. You don’t care that it’s messy, you don’t care if your teeth get in the way, you’re in love and you never want to let her go again.
“I’m so sorry, darling,” she exhales, breathless.
“No, I’m sorry,” you say between more kisses. “I can’t live without you Agatha. I can’t,”
“It’s okay, we’re together again,” she slithers her fingers into your hair.
“But what now?” you wipe your teary eyes. “If you’re right about Wanda using magic to control everything, what do we do?”
“I’ve been dropping clues to make Vision suspicious, and I’ve been trying to get her to crack,” she says. “I have a feeling she might make it all crumble on her own. If it’s chaos magic like I think it is, it’s unpredictable and she might lose control if she keeps it up much longer,”
“Do you…think she’s doing it on purpose?”
“She has some consciousness of it, yes, but I don’t think she’s trying to hurt anyone,” Agatha replies. “But at the same time, I don’t think she’d hesitate to hurt anyone either if someone threatened her,”
“Oh,” you fall back in her arms a bit so you can look up at her. “How come you didn’t return my memories when we first met again?”
“I wanted to protect you. I was afraid you might get targeted if Wanda found out you remembered who you are, I doubt she’d hurt you but I couldn’t risk it,” she runs her thumb along your cheek. “Plus I thought it might be fun to fall in love with you all over again,”
You laugh, “It was kind of fun,”
She pulls you in for another kiss, “I love you, sweetheart,”
“I love you too,”
She holds you close, making up for all the lost time. You’re not sure what will happen or what you’ll have to deal with next, but you’ll do it together. Always, no matter what.
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