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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Oh god i just remembered that 1 ask i answered w nate and how it shocked sm people LMAO

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i’m having too many thoughts rn like,,, should i post teasers for my fics or,,,

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nothing quite like trying to draw something to remind you with literal visual proof just how hatefully useless you really are is there huh

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Hey, just a little reminder be nice to people for checking in on you. I know it can be frustrating sometimes for people to constantly be asking you if you’ve eaten or if you’re feeling okay, but just remember that they’re asking because they care.

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don’t mind me, just thinking how cool it’d be if an insanely buff monster became completely infatuated with chubby humans. just how soft they’d be for their soft lil human spouse, loving each and every curve and roll

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THIS GUY I HOOKED UP WITH WHO IM STILL FRIENDS WITH VIA WORK WAS LIKE “you should date my friend” and I was like “why?” And he goes “so you’ll officially be a part of my friend group and I know he’s in good hands” LIKE BRUH YOU DONT HAVE TO DATE ME OR HAND ME OFF TO YOUR FRIEND LIKE IF U WANNA HANG OUT WITH ME JUST SAY THAT

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Yk a lot of people are like “how can dsmp!schlatt know how to revive people” like I mean if u think about it we don’t really know his past (correct me if I’m wrong cause I usually am) and shit so god fuckin knows where this fuck came from. So like shit he COULDVE found the book in the forest one day and got bored. He could’ve been gifted the book by some high ass wizard who was doing it for funsies. He could be some magical being that came from generations of other magical wizard dUDes that could do this but just covers it all up with how he is. Or maybe he didn’t want to be a wizard dude and went on to be a capitalist dictator but kept the book in case his fish died one day. Who fuckin knows

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can’t believe i had to watch the kwami buster episode twice just to actually figure out what happened in the end lmao 😭

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