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frozencranberries · a month ago
Everything in tma could’ve been solved with concrete. The table? Dump it in concrete. The unknowing? A ton of cement. Elias? Dump him in there. If Jon thought a bit more about concrete and a bit less about everything else it would’ve been fine.
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awkwardthings6 · a month ago
Thoughts on horse girls?
should be more represented in media. centaurs that are women do exist, as do nonbinary and/or genderqueer ones, and the traditional image of centaur men and centaur men only is erasure of the rest of the centaur gender spectrum.
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kybabi · a month ago
can you please do a scenario where the boys have been distant and closed off which makes their s/o sad :(( they've tried talking to them but they dismisses the reader. and one day when the boys were coming home from practice, they accidentally hear their s/o talking to their friends and their friends convincing them to break up with the boys because of how distant they've been acting. could you please do this with sakusa, ushijima and bokuto? lots of angst and to fluff please! thank you so much ily <3
hearing their s/o talk about breaking up with them
w/ ushijima and sakusa!
(a/n: ahhh i love this prompt sm :’) i’m not sure if you’re the same anon who sent this a couple months ago but i did get the same request a while back and planned to write for it ! i tweaked it just a bit; i hope you don’t mind! i’ll put bo in another part, dw :))
anyways, thank you for requesting :) these scenarios are written in the timeskip. ily all!
p.s. if any of y’all read my recent sakusa drabble (the one with mini sakusa) this is what i imagine the little bedtime story to be like :’))
Tumblr media
he hadn’t meant to get so defensive
and in retrospect, it’s clear that you were completely right
after coming home hours after he promised to, you were upset
“i barely even see you anymore! it’s like you don’t even wanna be with me.”
and he was tired, and irritated, and didn’t want to deal with you
so he snapped at you
“yeah? maybe i don’t.”
he didn’t miss the way your eyes filled up with tears as he walked out, going for a walk to clear his head
he knew he was being unreasonable and you didn’t deserve to be treated so terribly
and frankly, he missed you too
he missed your warmth and affection greatly, and he wanted to be with you more than anything
so he went back to your shared place to apologize
but what he heard made his blood turn to ice
ushijima opens the front door softly, the sound quiet in case you might be asleep.
he pads over to the bedroom softly, peeking in. he sighs in relief. you’re still here.
he’s about to say something when you sniffle, attempting to stifle a sob. his heart breaks.
“i don’t know what to do, fumi,” you mumble helplessly, words shaky. it’s then that he sees your phone on the bed next to you, the speaker on. quickly, he hides against the wall.
your friend, fumiko, sighs from the other end. “oh, babe.”
“it’s just... i feel like i’m putting so much energy and time and love into this relationship and he doesn’t even care,” you sniffle, burying your face in your hands. “i love him so much, you know? but i don’t even know how he feels anymore.”
don’t... know how i feel? he thinks, confused.
yet another sigh comes from her end, and there’s a pause. wakatoshi moves a little closer to hear better.
“y/n, i know you probably don’t wanna hear this, and whatever you decide to do is your choice, which i will wholeheartedly support. but,” she takes a second, “don’t you think... if he’s not putting any effort into this relationship, is it even something he wants?”
you break into another sob at that, hands helplessly wiping at your cheeks.
ushijima frowns. of course your relationship is something that he wants. how could you ever even think differently?
“i know, i know,” you mutter shakily. “i just— i love him,” you whisper dejectedly.
i love you too, he wants so badly to say, but he stays quiet against the wall.
“i know you do. but if he doesn’t even care enough to just show up, i don’t think you should either,” fumi says gently. “i don’t know much about your relationship, but i care about you and i want you to do the best thing for yourself. and if that means removing yourself from situations like this, it might be best to move on.”
move on?
wakatoshi feels like he can’t breathe, throat tight with panic.
he doesn’t want you to move on. he wants to wake up every morning to see your sleepy smile. he wants to cuddle with you when the winter comes and it’s too cold to go out. he wants to spend the rest of his life by your side.
his hands are uncharacteristically shaky, and he balls them up into fists and waits for your answer nervously.
you sigh, defeated. “i know. you... you’re right,” you mumble, and wakatoshi’s chest aches painfully at your reply. “i just need time to think about it.”
“i get it. and i’ll support you in whatever decision you make, okay?” she says on the line. “just— just try not to get hurt, alright?”
a watery laugh escapes your throat and you sigh. “yeah. okay. thanks, fumi. i’ll call you later.”
you’ve hung up, but wakatoshi feels like he’s stuck to the floor, feet glued to the hardwood.
and then suddenly you’re in front of him, eyes widening at his presence, and he can’t find his voice. all he can do is take in the hurt in your red-rimmed eyes; watch as you swipe at them awkwardly in an attempt to make them look like you haven’t been crying for the past hour.
“toshi?” you whisper, and he’s swallowing nervously.
“you,” he mumbles lowly, “you don’t want to be with me anymore?” you look away sadly, stepping back a little.
“i, um. i don’t really know...” you trail off, uncomfortable.
the entire exchange is awkward, and wakatoshi realizes that it’s entirely his fault for that. if he had just been better to you, none of this would have ever happened...
“what do you mean you don’t know?” he asks, brows furrowed. you sigh, frustrated, and look away.
“it’s not like i want to break things off, i just— i don’t really see a point to continuing if you’re just going to keep pushing me away like this,” you explain, and he swallows nervously. “i just need time to think about—”
but then he’s reaching for you, hand wrapped around your wrist, and you pause.
“i’m sorry. i never meant to hurt you,” he mutters guiltily. “and i know i did, but i don’t want to be without you. i love you.”
the confession makes your heart stop. you’d forgotten how it’d felt to hear those words. you turn away, eyes filling up all over again.
“i can’t keep doing this if you’re just going to keep tossing me to the side like this,” you murmur shakily, and he shakes his head, desperate.
“i-i’ll do better, okay? i’ll be better for us, just— just let me prove it,” he pleads, and you’re surprised to see that his own eyes have gone glossy. you don’t think you’ve ever seen him look so desperate in your life. “please.”
fumiko may have been right, but with the way he’s trying to fix your relationship, you think that it might be worth fighting for.
you sigh. “alright. but you can’t walk out on me like that again, okay? it really hurt my feelings,” you mumble, pushing your head into his chest, and he sighs, relieved.
“okay. i’m sorry,” he mumbles, cradling you softly. you offer him a gentle smile and a nod to let him know you accept his apology, and he kisses your forehead.
you know there’s still much to discuss, and many difficult conversations to have. but for the first time, it feels like things will be okay.
Tumblr media
sakusa wasn’t planning on having an argument with you, but it ended up happening anyway
you were fed up with the way he’d been treating you and it all just came out
you pleaded for him to just listen to you, but all you got was stubbornness and harsh words
after a while, he simply refused to talk to you, too angry and exhausted
“what, you’re just gonna go to bed now? is this conversation not important to you?”
he’d scoffed, not even bothering to look back at you
“maybe it’s not. maybe i’m fucking tired of always having to hear you talk.”
it’s not like he actually meant it, but he was tired, and so he snapped at you
so you locked yourself in the bathroom and cried while he drifted off to sleep
kiyoomi groans, rubbing at his eyes tiredly. he checks the clock on his bedside table. 1:28 am.
he looks over to see light peeking out from under the bathroom door. shit, he thinks. you’re still up?
he sighs guiltily, face falling into his hands. he really hadn’t meant to snap at you like that. in fact, having a conversation with you about your relationship really was a good idea anyway.
kiyoomi knows he’s been treating you terribly. he’s been coming home ridiculously late and forgetting to answer your texts. and frankly, he’s just been a terrible boyfriend.
but today was exhausting, and he’d just been so tired, and everything just got to him. so he said things he didn’t mean and shut you out.
he sighs again, looking towards that light from the bathroom. he doesn’t want to go back to sleep feeling like this, so he gets up and tiptoes toward the door. he’s about to knock on it gently when he hears you let out a sob.
he can feel his heart breaking at the sound, and the guilt from earlier increases tenfold.
“i just wish things could go back to the way they were,” you cry, sniffling loudly, and he presses his ear to the door.
“i know, i know,” a voice soothes quietly, and kiyoomi vaguely recognizes it. it’s your friend, emi.
“and i don’t know what i did wrong to make it this way,” you sob sadly, and he swallows regretfully. he wants so badly to tell you that it’s not your fault, that he knows he’s been neglecting you, that he wants to be better for you. but he longs to hear more, so he stays put.
“hey. this isn’t your fault, okay? you can’t put all of this on you,” emi says, and you sniffle.
“i know, but,” you mumble. “if i was a better partner, maybe he’d still want me.” kiyoomi gasps softly at that, confused. it takes everything in him not to open the door and wrap you up in his arms, to reassure you that he wants you more than anything in the world.
“i get it, y/n, and i know you’re hurting. but nothing you could’ve done would make him treat you better. you always strived to be the best partner for him. i know you did,” she reassures you. “but he hasn’t been putting in the same effort, and i think you deserve better.”
he grits his teeth in frustration. he knows she’s right. he wishes she wasn’t.
“maybe you’re right. i-i don’t know,” you mutter softly, and there’s a pause. “i think it might be time to move on.”
kiyoomi’s blood turns cold at that and he blinks erratically, trying desperately to dispel the thought of losing you.
“i don’t think he’s willing to try anymore. i’m just...” you sniffle quietly. “i wish it didn’t have to end this way.”
he steps back, hands shaking, and quickly threads them into his hair as he attempt to find a way to make everything okay. he paces frantically, head spinning, and everything comes to a stop when he hears the door open.
“kiyoomi?” you whisper tearfully, turning the light on. “i—i thought you went to sleep...”
he swallows, suddenly not knowing how to act. he fumbles with his hands, shoving them into the pockets of his sweatpants. “i, uh. i did. i just woke up.”
there’s an awkward, tense silence. kiyoomi understands what you meant when you said you wished everything could go back to the way it was.
“i want—”
“i’m just gonna head to bed for the night,” you mumble, refusing to look at him, and walk into the bedroom. he starts to panic, grabbing your wrist before you can go.
“wait! let’s just,” he says frantically. “could we talk for a minute?”
you turn around, bitter. “now you wanna talk? i thought i wasn’t important enough for that.”
he winces, trying to find the words to respond and coming up blank. you scoff, turning and walking away.
“i love you!” he blurts, and you freeze. your eyes widen, filling up with tears and overflowing.
you miss him terribly.
“i’m sorry. fuck, i’m so sorry. i never meant to make you feel like you weren’t important to me. and i didn’t mean to push you away, but i did, and i hate myself for doing that to you,” he says, praying that you won’t go. “i love you. more than anything in the world. and i should’ve shown you that.”
it’s quiet for a while. and then he can hear you sniffling, and he yearns to comfort you, but he knows he can’t.
you turn around, and he holds his breath.
“i never asked for much. i just wanted you,” you whisper, and he looks down shamefully.
“i know,” he mutters. “i’m so sorry, baby.”
you nod, and he takes a few cautious steps until he’s standing right in front of you. you look up, and he swallows nervously.
“just— just give me a chance to show you that i can be better. i know it’s selfish, and i know i don’t deserve it, but i want to try. please.”
the past few weeks have been rough. but now that he’s looking into your eyes for the first time in what feels like forever, you feel like things might just be okay soon.
you know there’s a lot to say and more hurt to come, but now you know that he’s willing to go through it with you. and you don’t feel so alone anymore.
you take his hand and gently place it on your chest, resting your head on his.
for the first time in a long time, you sleep snuggled into his chest, his arms safely wrapped around you.
the feeling is familiar, and you can finally remember just what it is.
yeah, you smile softly.
Tumblr media
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indecisive-emu · a month ago
I proudly present the holy trinity:
Enemies to lovers sapphics
Tumblr media
Friends to lovers sapphics
Tumblr media
Friends to enemies to lovers sapphics
Tumblr media
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furiosophie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@andthepeople​ said smart din with glasses and an old man sweater and my brain immediately barfed up a whole AU where Din is the countries leading expert on cults who always brings his kid to class, and Luke has just found out that apparently he has magical powers and also his dead (?) father used to be part of this ancient group called 'Jedi' so naturally, in an attempt to find out what the fuck is going on, he goes and sneaks into one of Din’s lectures - only problem is that a) the stuff Din teaches about the Jedi is all wrong and not at all what uncle Ben taught Luke and b) Luke is 110% sure that, even though Din doesn’t seem to believe in the force at all, the kid he has strapped to his chest is in fact just as force sensitive as Luke
part of the dinluke professor au - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Fic
Din reference from this absolutely legendary picture.
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fjordstan · a month ago
sort of. it doesn't really impact the plot but. they really made daniela and carla married. like they woke up in the same bed and kissed the other's cheek, called each other mi amor, all their interactions in carnaval del barrio. it's no longer a headcanon of mine it's actually for real
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