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smnthwrd · 2 days ago
I can't stop thinking about Eric and Adam and it just hurts because like, i fully believe it's okay to want to be with someone who is in the same place as you in their journey. Let me repeat: it is valid to want to be with someone in a similar place as you in their journey. Its valid to not want to have to guide your partner in their coming out journey. It's okay and its valid to want to be with someone who is ready to "fly" with you, rather than you helping them learn to walk.
But I just wish that for once we could see a relationship where the person who is further along, is willing to walk that journey with their partner. Just once i want to see a partner who is patient with their lover, and doesn't get frustrated when they aren't ready to do something-- whether it be sex, or going to a gay bar, or even just coming out to their mom. This isn't to say that they have to walk them through every step--they shouldn't and don't have to take on every responsibility. I don't want to see someone giving every part of themselves away and sacrificing their happiness just for the benefit of the other. I want a relationship with HEALTHY boundaries, one where they give and receive in different ways, where they can both grow together and separately, and they don't mind standing by the other if they need some time to catch up. I'm just sick of seeing out/mature gays in media treat closeted/baby gays like a fucking chore.
Because some people don't view it as a negative thing. Some people are understanding of the fact that not everyone can just come out to their family, or immediately get comfortable being ~out and proud~ even after coming out, and that doesn't mean they aren't deserving or capable of love, and it doesn't mean they don't want to be with them. Some people are genuinely just willing to walk that journey alongside their partner because, hey, that's love, and as long as they're together, its worth it. It doesn't mean you have to "parent" your partner, or become codependent. You can just,, be patient.
And again, i know most people want to be with someone on the same level as them. And again, that's fine and true and valid. It's not a selfish thing to want that. But there are people out there who don't let the "out-ness" of the person they love define whether or not they'll be with them. I just want to see some representation for those people. People who love people even if they aren't totally comfortable with themselves yet, because that's okay and that's not a bad thing, and because being less far along in your journey doesn't mean you have to be alone. You can give love and be loved even if you don't have it all figured out.
I'm not even saying that Adam and Eric should have been that couple, because i know some people think they're like toxic or whatever bc of how Adam was in the beginning, but theyre just the most recent couple to bring back my feelings about this subject and i wanted to talk abt it bc i feel very strongly that we need this.
I just wish :/
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bowonthetop · 2 days ago
ive been thinking a lot recently about the concept of nico's career being entirely entwined with lewis's, while lewis's career is completely independent of nico's.
during nico's career, he had 57 podiums, 44 of which had lewis on the podium with him. in 2015, every single one of nico's podiums had lewis on it too. in comparison, lewis has had 175 podiums. 77% of nico's podiums had lewis on them, while only 25% of lewis's have had nico on them.
for virtually all of nico's success, lewis was alongside him. during every important moment in his career- from his first podium to his championship-winning podium- lewis was alongside him. there's even an argument to be made that nico wouldn't have won a championship if he was fighting anyone else. his career is entirely, permanently entwined w/ lewis's.
lewis is a completely different story- for him, nico is a blip in his career. he doesn't even consider the rivalry with nico his greatest. nico is one of many people who have fought with him, likely equivalent in lewis's mind to max and maybe even jenson, and lesser than seb. lewis can completely separate his career from nico's, leaving nico as just another person who he beat, but nico can't. everything nico's ever done in f1 has revolved around lewis.
i think this is partially why nico is still so obsessed with the relationship/lewis- he physically cannot separate his career from lewis's, but lewis is able to continue on perfectly fine without nico.
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greekgrad07 · 18 hours ago
​i find it funny how the fandom has this idea that percy is super petty about being forced on so many quests when he was only ever assigned two???
the sea of monsters was literally clarisse’s quest. percy just decided that he had to go on his own quest to save grover, but no one made him do that and it wasn’t something he had to do
in the titans curse he was given strict instructions to stay at camp but he still decided to follow grover, thalia, zoe, and bianca to save annabeth. like for all we know, what happened to phoebe with the stolls could have legit been what the prophecy was referring to when it said something about loosing someone, until percy decided to self insert himself into the quest
in the battle of the labyrinth it was annabeth’s quest, and while we know he would never, percy could have said no to going on that quest if he really wanted to. he even said that he was scared of going down there again. but he’s a simp and that is stronger than fear
and there wasn’t even a quest in the last olympian, just the battle of manhattan. you could argue that it was a quest because it had a prophecy i guess but i don’t think it counts???
it’s been a long while since i’ve read hoo but i do know that the quest in son of neptune was frank’s. considering percy knew him for like a week he had a reasonable excuse to say no
and obviously the seven prophecy would count as a quest
so to recap, percy has technically only been assigned two quests as far as i can remember. all the memes with him complaining about being forced onto all of these missions are funny and super ironic considering he willingly chose to go on most of them lol
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the-chaotic-lesbian · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’m sure others have pointed this out but man i just love how intently marcy went to draw anne in that moment. it’s actually one of my favorite and often over-looked parts of the episode! scavenger hunt is so fun because in every scenario that’s supposed to be showcasing how “dumb” anne is(and she’s not dumb! but that’s how the scenes frame it), marcy is visibly endeared. from drawing anne in her journal to immortalize the joke to listening to her answers to the riddle enthusiastically and following her even when it didn’t make sense... nobody can tell me that marcy “looked down” on anne in this episode. and it’s so cute! 
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blamblambitch · 19 hours ago
• lance finding out keith can draw and pestering him about seeing what’s in his sketch book
• keith refuses to show him shit cause he’s insecure 
• then lance starts asking if keith can draw him instead
• which, surprise, it’s a big fat no
• lance kept poking keith until he finally gave in- sort of anyways
• irritated, keith gets out his sketch book and quickly sketches a two minute drawing of lance 
• (think of lance’s face on the winner flag from that 1 ep)
• then he shoves it at lance, all huffy and annoyed and goes “there. happy?”
• lance only stares for a moment
• he smiles
• thanks keith
• then runs off to hang it in his room (out of keith’s reach even if he’s like an inch or two taller)
• lance will be all like “look at the masterpiece keith made for me. isn’t it great?”
• while grinning like a dork because keith drew something for him and it made him feel special
• even if it looked like the kind of drawings his niece and nephew would give him
• keith on the other hand was embarrassed by it and would try to take it down
• but lance was always there so it never worked out for him
• no matter what happened, the drawing stayed untouched 
• eventually, keith draws a more detailed sketch of lance
• and he’s obviously honored, showing it off 24/7
• lance also put his new drawing next to the other one which bugs the crap out of keith
• lance simply claims it shows how much he’s progressed 
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i really do think that the hatred of john in this fandom essentially boils down to:
1. daddy issues
2. not wanting to acknowledge or deal with the fact that john is actually a very well written and nuanced character and simply shoving him into the Abusive FatherTM box is easier than trying to understand a character who you don't immediately relate to
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dradelcra · a day ago
Tumblr media
Day 3: Canon moment/canon implied.
"Utterson, I swear to God," cried the doctor,
"I swear to God I will never set eyes on him again. I bind my honour to you that I am done with him in this world. It is all at an end."
The lawyer listened gloomily; he did not like his friend’s feverish manner.
I'm late, i know, but my concept of time has been punched sooooo I may end up posting things a day ahead of the actual sorry sorry
My Jekyll is being extra. He's a good actor.
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gnfof · 2 days ago
sapnap would lowkey struggle to unhook a bra but it's ok bc that's cute
ur right he would and then he'd get all embarrassed and a little frustrated but it's adorable so you just laugh and help him out but he's like no do it back so i can practice and he's scared you're gonna think he's lame and inexperienced but you kiss up his neck as he struggles, sucking and nibbling and distracting him, and he'll be like stop it i'm trying to learn and you're like okay so learn, i'm not stopping you, but then he finally does it and he's so proud and he beams up at you all cute
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marieanneline · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they're in the SAME ROOM and they're TALKING and the DRAPING OF THE BLANKET AROUND IZUKU WHILE HE SLEEPS agH i love the normalcy and domestic vibes between them this chapter aaaahhhhh
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astrangeghost · a day ago
You just got SOUP'ED! reblog to totally SOUP your followers!
Tumblr media
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