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Super silence in the quiet
Eye inside the storm
Water from your broken iris
Fall toward the floor
Everything, waiting, shaking as it drops
I tried for you and I, for too hard, for too long
Gave it all and everything for more time, but I lost 

an ode to a demolitionist 

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I showed a friend a drawing, and in return I got screaming about how much they loved it and broe nobody understand how much those things put such a big smile on my face, I get so hap when people compliment me and/or my art or just anything hfhdhshdhhf 👉👈 even if it’s a tiny comment, I will 100% be in complete heart eyes

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still, obsessed with how people are just,, mean. like, does putting “yeah, i’m a bitch” in your bio and shit make you proud. does being mean to people for no goddamn reason make you happy. are you proud of yourself, i hope you are. eat shit.

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i am so sleep deprived (not kidding i have maybe five hours all together over the last three days) and officially at the point of finals week that means hysteria has taken over so please forgive me for any posts/dms/asks that are just a little left to the right side of sane. 

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