killuasembarrassed · 18 hours ago
megumi x gn! reader
warnings: none
word count: 301 
Tumblr media
megumi sucks at flirting. he wants to tell you how you’ve consumed his thoughts throughout his days. and he wants to tell you that you’re so freaking pretty, and that was merely an added bonus to your unforgettable personality. 
instead, he acts disinterested in you, griping about your existence when you were around and tsking whenever you made a joke.
but you knew megumi, and you weren’t oblivious to his jabs. you weren’t going to play and pout at his words. you’d jab back at his remarks or walk away when his comments failed to amuse you. 
he was the real idiot, despite being the one who often referred to you with that adjective. 
disappointment was on the rise when he saw you less frequently. had he said something? did he ruin his chances of being yours?
after much thought, he decided to approach you one-on-one. telling you that he has his weird ways of showing affection and that he, in fact, did not hate you like you he had made it seem.
your face remained neutral through the confession, and the unbothered, cocky facade megumi often displayed increasingly faded.
he forced the lump out of his throat in the form of an apology, dark blue eyes switching between eye contact with you and whatever was to his right. he doesn’t realize how much your lack of communication bothered him until he confesses his true feelings. did he want to see a reaction from you that bad? 
clearly, he did, because the one thing that he had kept secret for months spilled out. 
it’s when you roll your eyes, pulling him by his collar that you properly kiss him. he’s confused, but indulges in the activity anyway. when you push away, he realizes that you had the upper hand all along. 
Tumblr media
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ridestomars · 25 days ago
you’re so right, anon!!! actually i can only think about him in his little scoops ahoy uniform telling you to meet him at the parking lot, behind the mall. and so you do, and it’s probably the best decision you’ve made so far.
since we are talking about steve, he will absolutely put on his “babe’s mixtape” (that’s what he calls it) full of love songs that are perfect for making out. he actually created it after all the times you were forced to listen to the news or some lame ass guy complaining about “what happened to rock music?”. so trust me when i tell you that you will be fogging up the window’s of his car while sade’s the sweetest taboo plays in the background, perfectly setting the tone for your well-deserved make out session.
most of the times you didn’t plan on spending almost an entire afternoon sitting on steve’s lap, kissing him like your life depended on it. but when you two are in his car, by yourselves, it is virtually certain that you will end up with your back touching the steering wheel while he eagerly kisses up and down your neck, leaving it shiny with his saliva and slightly bruised from his teeth grazing against your sensitive skin. not that you minded, obviously, but it was slight upsetting when he would hit that one sweet spot on your neck and you’d accidentally press the car horn — that would usually end up with you staring at each other, completely petrified, just to burst out laughing the next second, going back to kissing tenderly.
make out sessions with steve are certainly the experience of a lifetime, and i’m not even kidding. sometimes, he would tell you “this has to be quick, princess, i really have to get back to work” and then just proceeds to kiss you for almost two hours straight. it’s almost like you are in a place where time doesn’t exist and where everything is just about both of you: his hands gripping your waist tightly, sucking your bottom lip almost sinfully and the warm moans that leave his mouth whenever your hands tug his hair. and the best thing about this is that steve always finds a new way to please you, being it by massaging a different part of your body or discovering that you are very sensitive around your ears. and is just so nice to feel him smile against your skin while asking “you like this?”, and when you say yes, he just does it even more passionately, only feeling satisfied once you give him the most lustful moan your throat can muster.
“okay, now i really have to go”, he says, slapping your ass lightly, as a way of telling you to move out of his lap, which you do, feeling heartbroken. “i promise i’ll make it up to you later, ‘kay, baby?” steve guarantees you, while getting out of the car.
you can hear him murmur a faint “fuck”, glancing down. and when you look at his uniform shorts you can see exactly why he sounded so frustrated. poor stevie.
Tumblr media
steve masterlist | main masterlist | navigation 𖤐 hey! wanna talk? leave me a message after the beep ─ currently accepting requests for concepts & moodboards for eddie munson and steve harrington.
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tohrus · 8 days ago
reparations / juneteenth post for a black nb artist who's struggling mentally.
hiiiii its me again. still needing help with rent + saving up for a car, please donate if you can 💗💗💗 thank u so much for everything!
v-nmo: itsjho
Tumblr media
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milksetters · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Saiou sketch page master post
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milesgmorales · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You didn’t rehearse that, did you, Peter?
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i-spilled-my-soup · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pre-the last olympian nico doodles
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neoncomets · a month ago
a gif couldn't properly show this exchange
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lamnwar · 24 days ago
Hi beautiful, I just saw your event and I thought of spoil me with one of your stories. Useless to say, Daiki will be my choice, but let's put him a bit under pressure with a shy s/o. Please make it sexy like you always do, I love the tiny details of your stories! Catch you later 😘
Hiiii hello omg anything for my most supportive follower 💕 I'm gonna give some good bf! Aomine content because let's be honest, we all crave it 🧎🏾‍♀️ I kinda went a bit freestyle there because I had to build something around the shy s/o part, hope that is ok with you! + I interpreted the "make it sexy part" as I should make it nsfw, hopefully that’s what you wanted 😭
Alsooo sorry I took so long, I had to rewrite it bc I wasn't satisfied with it + I've been a mess lately so yeah 😩
Look at You // Aomine Daiki x Fem! Reader
MDNI 18+
Context: nothing gets your boyfriend Daiki going quite like breaking your shy self out of her mold. Characters are aged up for the plot (in their 20s).
Warnings: a bit angsty, straight out smut at some point, nipple play, fingering, mirror sex at some point?, Aomine being the hottest man on Earth 🥵 for the most part it's relatively sfw tho lol
Daiki is mean. That's the conclusion you've come to after dating him for a couple of months.
No, actually, you’ve known that from the very moment the two of you have met.
In appearance, the way the two of you have met is all innocent. You were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, and from that point on, everyone expected you to be acquaintances.  But the thing was, at the exact moment the tall man had laid his eyes on you, you’d triggered something in him. Maybe it was the red on your cheeks, or the way you wouldn’t look him in the eyes. Maybe it was your friend telling him before meeting you,
“She’s shy at first but I swear she’s pretty cool.”
But at this instant, Daiki had made it his life mission to get you out of your shell. Things, however, went a bit sideways, and now the two of you are dating. Not that your boyfriend would complain though, because this new dynamic between you gives him plenty of occasion to tease you out of your shyness. Something about seeing you flustered, nervously looking around when he snakes his arms around you, is absolutely entertaining to him.
But to you? It is not that fun of a game. You know very well what you’ve got yourself into by dating someone like Daiki Aomine. The thing with Daiki is that he always enters a room like he owns the place; not in the same annoying way as most men do. He doesn't take up the place out of entitlement, because he was raised to believe that the world belongs to him. No, Daiki commands the place naturally, probably unconsciously. When it comes down to it, it makes sense. His appearance alone gets people staring, standing on the side as he walks, unbothered by all the looks. And in some ways, his charisma helps that specific situation. Daiki is effortlessly attractive; always wearing the coolest expression on his gorgeous face, almost demanding of people to be intrigued by him.
What does he like? Who does he love? How does it feel to make him smile? What is he like in the morning when he wakes up?
It’s impossible not to walk next to him and get a bit of the spotlight on you two. Ideally, you’d in your comfort place, not having to be put in the public eye at any point. But unfortunately, things aren’t so easy. Even going for a walk with him makes you feel like you’re in front of thousand eyes, all judging you as you try to hide behind the blue-haired boy’s body. But to him, it is so exhilarating to mark his love all over you, so the world knows you are his. Sometimes it is the way he holds you, a smug smile on his face; sometimes it the necklace with his initials around your neck…
But this time, it is way too much.
Initially, you were hanging with your small group of friends, then somehow, it has ended up with all of you having drinks at a friend’s place. Everything started normally, with you being relatively comfortable around people you know and like to let loose a bit. But then, by some twisted ways, you’ve found yourself in your current position. Sited on Daiki’s lap, unable to move. It’s happened so quick; you’ve gone to refill your empty glass and when you were about to sit back down to your place, you’ve been pulled by your boyfriend’s strong hands on his lap. You’ve landed there in a jump, drops of your drink falling of the glass. You’ve never been so red in your entire life – you can’t even look up to meet the gaze of your friends as they all witness the view of you being so close to Daiki.
It’s been an unwritten rule in your relationship that PDA is forbidden. Most of the time, because you really can’t stop Daiki from having his hands on you, you stick to small contacts that can easily be mistaken for forms of friendliness. But this time, there is no confusion. Although your friends know that you’ve been dating, they’ve rarely seen the two of you act like a couple. It isn’t surprising, knowing your timid nature. Hell, it took you so damn long to reciprocate Daiki’s advances because you were too overwhelmed by his presence. So, in all logic, you sitting on his lap while his arm snakes around your waist and his hand rest on your exposed thigh, it is a sight to behold. Flustered, you turn to face him, and you meet his malicious smile.
“Anything wrong, love?”
His voice translates his usual nonchalance, and that is what gets you to your initial thought that your boyfriend is mean. He clearly enjoys seeing you like that, uncapable of hiding away and obligated to let him have his way. You try to speak but you fail, and he laughs softly at the sight of your lips parting for nothing. At lost, you try to adjust your skirt that has ridden up, making your butt rest uncovered against the fabric of his pants. Once again, however, you can’t change the situation. Daiki’s hold on you refrains you from doing so.
“Aren’t you comfortable?” he murmurs in your ear.
You shyly shake your head as his fingers playfully tap your thigh.
“You better not move too much; you know what that would do to me” he says low enough so that only you can hear him. 
That is the last straw for you – your whole self feels defenceless, while you can tell that Daiki is having an absolute blast putting you in the spotlight like that. You try to calm your heartbeat and reprise the conversation with your friends; but as soon as you look up to them, it’s clear that they are more distracted by this open demonstration of affection than they are interested in you. The discussion’s topic is everyone’s summer plan, but every once in a while, they try to divert it to this unconventional situation. And eventually, they do.
“So… you two are spending the summer together?” asks someone while point your direction.
“Depends on what my baby wants” your boyfriend replies.
Everyone looks at you, expecting to hear you speak. You tense, mentally cursing the tall guy for putting you on the spot like this.
“I… I don’t know yet.” You let out.
Taking a sip from your glass, you feel Daiki press you harder to his chest.
“Well, you’ll get bored without me, won’t you? We’re always having so much fun together” he lets out, his smug attitude transpiring in his voice.
“Fun, huh?”
Everyone laughs at the innuendo, except you. You’ve never been in this position before. Granted, they are your friends and you are relatively comfortable around them. But what is happening right now is light years away from your comfort zone. You down your drink, hoping that it will appease your condition and make time past faster. Daiki shuffles under you and you realize that this situation not only amuses him, it also turns him on. You gulp upon making this realization, hoping that you’ll figure a way out of this situation. After racking your brain left and right, you figure that there’s only one thing to do to end it: you should go home. You gather all your courage before turning around, facing your boyfriend’s all too proud smile.
“I think we should go home” you whisper to him.
“Why? Aren’t you enjoying yourself right now?”
You bite your lip, understanding that his words have another meaning. You want to clapback, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. Instead, you try to convince him to get out of here by playing your trump card: you.
“I want to hang out with you alone” you say, voice full of honey.
He raises an eyebrow at you. For a moment here, he tries to keep his composure, but it is apparent that he is struggling. It doesn’t take him long before he releases his hold on you and the both of you get up, excusing yourself from your friends, saying that you have other obligations to attend to. No one believes this lie, but you don’t have the time to worry about this, as your boyfriend drags you to his car and quickly drive the two of you back to your apartment.
You enter your home, and he follows behind, hastily closing the door and removing his shoes. But as he approaches you for a kiss, you step back, arms crossed.
“What the hell was that, Daiki?” you ask, suddenly finding the courage to voice up.
He doesn’t hide his confusion well. He’s never seen you like that, and progressively, he starts seeing things from your point of view. As it sinks in, he ponders if he’s gone too far. His intentions are never to make you uncomfortable – he just likes to tease you. But this time maybe, he should have realized his wrongdoing. He sighs, sitting on the bed. You look at him, still waiting for him to say something. Instead, he invites you by a gesture of the hand to sit by his side. Hesitantly, you sit on the mattress, still waiting.
“I’m sorry” he starts, sincerely, “I’m kinda an egoistic dumbass sometimes. I was having my fun, didn’t think of you, though.”
He grunts, laying down dramatically.
“I love you babe, but sometimes it’s so fucking frustrating. I got myself the best fucking girl in the world and I can’t show her off. I mean, I get it, it’s not really your fault or mine.”
“Yeah, forgive me if you want, when you’re ready… or something.”
He passes a hand on his face, before staring at the ceiling like it holds the solution to your problem. On your part, you don’t know how to feel. You get it, his perspective, and you’ve always known that this huge difference between the two of you can be a bummer. He’s a light, you’re a shadow; that kind of dynamic isn’t easy to navigate. But as he said, at the end of the day, none of you is at fault. So, determined to lift his mood up and yours too, you climb on the bed, straddling his lap from your own initiative, this time. The move is rather bold; in general, he is the one to be so eager. You smile at the sight of his surprised frown.
“Am I really the best fucking girl in the world?” you ask, leaning in.
He simply nods as a response, before propping himself up to kiss you. You blush furiously, like every time the two of you are intimate.
“You are” he whispers against your lips.
The kiss reprises with more intensity, and rapidly, his hands find their place under your skirt. Your breath gets heavier when you feel him push you closer to him. No matter how many times you’ve done this, you’re always way too sensitive to his touch. There’s something about having someone so genuinely hot being all yours that is absurd. And you can’t help but feel a little bit shy when you’re in his hands.
A whine escapes Daiki’s lips, taking you by surprise. You look down, realizing that you’ve been grinding against him.
“Fuck, pretty, can I undress you?”
You nod, incapable of voicing any word. His big hands delicately remove your shirt, before unclasping your bra. For a second there, you are tempted to hide your chest, but he looks at you with so much wonder in his blue eyes. How can you hide yourself from such a gaze? His lips travel down your face and neck to reach your breasts, sucking on your nipples in such a way that soft whimpers escae your lips. You feel embarrassed at the sounds coming out of you, but at the same time, you physically cannot keep them in. Daiki works his wonders, while you feel yourself escalating to higher levels, all senses in alert.
“Daiki...” you slur, fingers tangled in his soft hair.
He looks up at you, releasing your breast. His expression is one that you are unused to, no matter how often you’ve seen it. Those glistening eyes staring at you with so much admiration, that smile that makes him look like he’s drunk on you. Your heart skips a beat, he is gorgeous.
“Stop looking at me like that” you say as you feel the heat in your cheeks.
You divert your gaze to your hands that are holding the fabric of his shirt. It isn’t quite that you are uncomfortable, it’s more that a part of you cannot fathom that you’ve managed to catch the attention of someone like Daiki. He is all that, so what the hell is he doing with you?
“You can’t see it, can you?” He asks softly as his fingers lift your chin up so you meet his eyes.
Your eyebrows furrow in confusion, and you slowly shake your head.
“I’ll show you” he simply says, not making anything any clearer to you.
You are even more confused when he lifts you off his lap to get up, opening the left door of your closet. Your eyes go wide as you see your reflection in the mirror plastered inside the closet’s door. You rush to hide yourself, which gets a chuckle out of your boyfriend’s throat.
“Oi, you should look at you” he commands as he climbs back on the bed, turning your head towards the mirror. “So fucking pretty... do you understand now?”
The person in front of you is a total stranger. Messy hear, face read, naked chest going up and down at the rhythm of your erratic breathing, skirt barely covering anything anymore and these tan arms, wrapped around the waist. A sweet yet strong hold, something that lets you out of words, out of thoughts.
So that is what Daiki sees, every time he is with you?
His big hands slide down under your skirt, lifting it up before a couple of fingers dive under the fabric of your underwear. You shiver under the contact. It feels wrong to look, but you can’t keep your eyes from the mirror as the outlines of Daiki’s fingers appear against your core. Expertly, he gathers the juices of your arousal to spread around, before teasing your clitoris. You watch, mouth agape. What can you say? The spectacle before you is surreal, almost unbelievable. As the beautiful boy keeps going, your entire body starts to tremble. He is way too good at what he’s doing. Your eyelashes flutter, your fingers digging in Daiki’s legs around you.
“You’re… you’re gonna make me cum” you manage to say.
“Open your eyes for me, baby, I want you to see.”
You do as he says, meeting his smirk in the mirror. He looks at your reflection, cussing at the mesmerizing sight. Some part of him is amazed at how he manages to keep some self-control; this divine image has him more riled up than ever, seeing how those flames in your eyes dance while you watch him bring you to heaven.
“Daiki!” you moan, head falling back on his shoulder.
His other hand holds your face up, making sure that you don’t miss any bit of this show. You tighten around his digits, feeling your high approaching. The blue-haired boy kisses your temple, picking up the pace.
“My pretty girl’s close? She wants to cum on my fingers?”
You nod eagerly as a response to his teasing tone. He’s mean, but he won’t stop you from having what you want. If anything, what is about to come is as much as a bliss for him as it is for you, so he’s more than happy to work you up. By the way your hips are grinding on his hand, and how you’re pressing yourself harder against him for stability, he knows it is only a matter of second. You try to keep your eyes open, as advised by Daiki. Before your brain can no longer process anything, you take in as much as you can see.
Daiki’s grin when he sees you looking at your reflection, your flushed cheeks, the shape of your body as it moves to the will of your hips. And your own beautiful, lustful eyes, happy observers of this scene.
 And that is it to you. That is the final straw that makes you come undone on your boyfriend’s fingers, covering them of your sweet nectar.
You cry his name, before coming back to Earth. This time, you look directly at Daiki, meeting once again those eyes that looks at you with so much admiration and love. He lays a kiss on your lips, soft yet passionate.
“Can you see it now? The sight that has me so damn in love?” he whispers against your mouth.
“I think I do.”
And you honestly think so. If it wasn’t for Daiki, you would have never seen yourself under this light, finally appreciating being the centre of attention, the one that only exists in the eye of your lover.
“That’s my best girl. I’m so fucking proud of you.”
Tumblr media
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osamusriceballs · 5 months ago
Dry Humping
I was in the mood to write some smut. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
But let's make a little game out of this- I had a character in mind while I was writing it, and you'll have to guess who it is!
I will reveal the character in the tags, happy guessing! <3
Warnings: NSFW
Words: ~1k
He's tired.
You can see it in the way he's leaving his shoes at the doorstep instead of neatly arranging them in the closet. In the way his usually effortlessly perfect posture seems exhausted and slumped, an extremely rare sight. He is tall, very much so, and usually his presence is strong just like him- but today he seems small for someone who easily exceeds 190cm and is one of the top athletes in the country.
"Hey, babe, you okay?" you ask after he leans down to shortly peck your lips. A deep grunt leaves his lips, and it almost seems normal, but you know him better. You decide to not interrogate further though, knowing well he'll open up when he wants to talk about it.
You patiently wait for him to shower, he always showers first when he comes home, his routine well-known by you. You ordered take out food, knowing that you'll both be too tired to cook, since you've been working late this week and he's been training like crazy for the Olympics.
He is quiet when he joins you at the table, his wet hair slightly dripping on his white shirt, causing it to get see through on his shoulders. He doesn't say anything when he takes the fork in his hand and stares at the food, deeply lost in thoughts.
"I'm sorry, y/n. I'm a bit tired today."
You quickly swallow the bite in your mouth and place your hand on his arm, when he breaks the silence out of nowhere with his deep voice. "It's okay, don't worry. Let's go to sleep early, hm?" you encouragingly rub his arm, his impressive biceps still tense from all the training. And you shouldn't think about it, but he looks hot today, despite being tired. His chest got even broader after the insane amount of training he's been doing during the last weeks, and his biceps also seems to have grown. He already had a perfect form to begin with, but now... He is a whole meal with his wet hair and the white shirt tightly fitting around his broad chest. You'll forever be grateful to be his girlfriend.
"I... I can feed you?" you hesitantly ask after you notice that he hasn't moved a bit after squeezing your hand on his arm softly, even though you probably checked him out for solid two minutes.
He hums in response and allows you to take the fork out of his hand, and you quickly put some noddles on it in order to feed him. You reach for his mouth, but the position at the other side of the table makes this a difficult task. You don't think too much about it and simply get up, taking two long steps around the table and sit on his lap. He is obviously surprised, his eyes darting from your face to the fork in your hands, that you now bring to his lips once again. He obediently opens and takes it into his mouth, gulping hardly and swallowing the food.
"How is it?" you ask and snuggle closer to him with your hand on his chest. His palms rest on your hips, securely holding you on his lap, making you feel warm and cozy. He hums in response once again, indicating that the food is at least somewhat okay and you take it as a positive sign and continue to feed him.
He patiently waits until you finished feeding him, his eyes roaming from your face to your lips every now and then, before he turns your body on his lap, causing you to straddle his thighs now. His crotch is pressed against your body, your eyes widening in surprise when you feel him getting hard slowly as he grinds your hips against his. "What- babe- I thought you were tired?"
"I am. But I missed this. Do you want it too?" He always makes sure to ask for your consent, being the polite and direct man that he is. And you love him even more for it.
"Hmm, I missed you too." You'd be lying if you said that you didn't feel sexually frustrated during the past days. He always came home late, and you didn't want to bother him with your needs after his long days of practice. But it seems like he missed you just as much as you missed him.
You cup his cheeks and lean down for a kiss, your chest pressing firmly against his broad one while you move your hips rhythmically. A deep groan leaves his lips, his hands now rocking your body and slowly wandering under your clothes. It doesn't take long for your shirt to be on the ground, your bra laying next to it while his mouth is busy with your nipples. His tongue laps around one, his fingers pinching the other, moan after moan leaving your lips at his teasing actions. His bulge is evident, his hardened cock rubbing against your clothed pussy, sending a tingling sensation through your whole body. "Feels- good-" you breathlessly moan, your hand entangled in his short dark hair, pressing his face closer to your body while you bounce on him like a bitch in heat. He groans when you fasten the pace, his teeth grazing against your sensitive nipple, causing you to moan out his name loudly. You know that it turns him on even more, his hips now bucking up against your body, his big cock rubbing you the right way through both of your clothes.
"Do you feel good too? Fuck, babe, I could cum like that." you slightly pull his hair to cause him to lift his face when you demand his lips to kiss you once again. It's messy, his chin slightly smeared with saliva after he sucked and played with your chest, his tongue pushing into your mouth and taking the lead with ease.
It's almost embarrassing how good he makes you feel even though you're both almost completely dressed, your high approaching fastly while you ride him and rub your clit on his cock feverishly.
He suddenly pulls back and throws his head back, deep grunts and throaty groans causing his chest to vibrate under your palms, and that's when you realize that he is close too.
"Don't stop, don't stop- I'm close- " you whimper, your hands balling into fists on his chest, the fabric of his shirt crumpling in your hands.
He encourages you to move even faster, his hips bucking even harder into yours, causing you too feel him twitching and that's your last straw.
You cum.
Moans and profanities leaving your lips and you vaguely feel his hips stuttering and a warm liquid against your pants. He came in his pants.
You barely notice how you tightly you clenched your hands into his chest, quickly withdrawing when you notice that you probably left a few marks. What will his teammates say tomorrow??
He buries his face on your neck, his lips grazing against your bare shoulder. "So good... I love you, my y/n."
You smile when you hear his sweet words and feel his hands roaming around your bare back. He always makes sure that you feel loved and valued, having memorized every single advice on the "Aftercare- Advice for rough nights" websites meticulously. And you can't complain when he tells you how much he loves you again and again.
You love him too.
"Round two in the bedroom?"
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sir-sunny · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
the school council will decide ur fate 
@catboymoments thank u for reminding me of their existence i love them 
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narraboths · 10 months ago
“I just don’t want one mistake to ruin our friendship,” Supergirl says. She’s looking at Lena with the same wide-eyed earnestness as she ever does, even when she’s kneeling between her legs and Lena still has a hand tangled in Supergirl’s locks and a leg hooked over her shoulder and Supergirl’s chin is still shiny–wet with her. “That’s all.”
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skywaklers · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'd give you my sunshine, give you my best But the rain is always gonna come if you're standing with me
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ianstummy · 5 days ago
hellloooo newest @galladrabbles prompt is beard :) this is a quick one, i actually wrote 2 and was satisfied with neither but decided to go with this one since i think most ppl will go the smut route w this one 😭 enjoyyyy
Ian was slumped on the toilet with his head leaned back against the bathroom tile.
They were nearing the end of a depressive episode but Mickey knew Ian hated the scratchy stubble that came with it so here they were.
Mickey having an internal breakdown with a razor in his shaky hand and his husbands eyes fluttering closed.
He didn’t understand how Ian trusted him sometimes. He had a sharp blade dragging across his husbands face and Ian was just… fine with it. Looked relaxed enough to fall asleep even. He never realized it could be like this with someone.
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dillbugg · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just some quick & messy sketches of my Pearl design from my fic,, hope she feels better soon
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nicollekidman · 7 months ago
okay not to belabor the point but the more i listen to all too well / atw10 next to each other i think the disconnect for me is that… the original version is sad because she’s remembering a relationship doomed to failure as a series of beautiful memories… it’s mourning the loss of a potential love that only exists now in her mind as a persistent movie of sweet moments lost to a future she’ll never have… but then the new verses are too knowing, they cast her partner in a very hindsight negative light that wasn’t really present in the original version and just…. feels incongruous to me. it’s not that that doesn’t make sense to me as someone taking a love story and adding perspective a decade later, but that’s not what she says she’s doing and idk if it meshes. like we have a tender memory of baby photos and then we get well isnt it funny you only date young women…. idk i like the message of the new stuff fine but it feels like it’s trying to break free and be a song off folklore
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cosbeans · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
yea. yea
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batarangsoundsdumb · 5 months ago
big difference between batman and green arrow is that if batman contracted covid he would command an army of robots from his crime fighting basement, whereas green arrow would hear someone near him cough and immediately cease all vigilantism for a month.
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lamnwar · 2 months ago
Dragon Girl // Aomine x Fem! Reader
18+ MDNI!
A/N: my friend and I talked about how intimate it is to get a tattoo so we figured that I should write about it so that's me doing myself a favour here 😩 I ended up with 3.9k words so you can tell that I got pretty inspired lmao
Context: in which Aomine is a tattoo artist and you go to his parlour to get your new tattoo. All characters are 20+ years old, for plot's sake.
Warnings: heavy flirting, some fondling, lots of tits (I love boobs, what to do 🥲), just overall a LOT of sexual tension, slight mention of a pain kink, mention of needles
If your mother knows where you are, at this particular time of the day, she will probably lose her mind. Well, this is not your first tattoo, at this point, it's only fair to expect her to be ok with your skin being inked. But still, the thought of her sweet daughter getting her beautiful skin permanently stamped is hard for her.
But hey, you are an adult now and no one has forced you to be there, so there is no issue whatsoever with what is about to happen.
And of that, you are deeply convinced. You've booked your appointment at this new tattoo parlour two weeks ago, after a friend of yours recommended it to you.
"You'll see, Aomine is really fucking good!"
You checked the tattoo parlour socials before hands, to make sure to that the artist fitted your needs and once you had your mind set, you immediately contacted him. So, it is no mishaps of life that you are here, today, at this time of the day. The last appointment, because to quote the tattoo artist, “that’s one hell of a piece you're asking from me". When you first read that message, you were a bit confused. You couldn't quite tell what his personality was. Yet, you've known quite a few tattoo artists before; you are well aware that like most creative minds, they're naturally hard to read. But that Aomine guy? He was a real intrigue. He seemed cold, yet nice, passionate, but detached from his work. This deeply intrigued you, which further convinced you that you have made the right choice for this tattoo.
You are now waiting for him to finish with his previous client, while his colleague has you fill some mandatory paperwork. Once you've filled the papers, you sit down on the leather chair, looking at the catalogue of his artwork. His style and stroke are what attracted you first. You could have easily gone to your previous tattoo artist for this one, but you figured that you should try something new. Besides, you are about to get an important piece, so you only want it to be done by the best suited artist for the work. For what you can see in his catalogue, he's indeed talented; his tattoos are detailed and beautifully designed, transplanted on the skin in a way that makes them look like they've always been there. You almost let out a sound of fascination before these images, but you keep your mouth shut, as you hear a deep voice talking. You eye up, seeing him for the first time. 
Aomine Daiki, the tattoo artist that you so much want to work with. 
Once you assimilate the image that is in front of you, you can't help but blush. See, he's only posted his artwork on social media, so up til now, you had no idea what he looked like. By experience, you expected him to have an alternative look, but you surely did not expect that. His large frame is the first thing that catches your eyes – he is not only tall, but you can also easily tell that he is of the muscular type, like an athlete of some sorts. However, what actually keeps you looking like you've uncovered the world's eighth wonder, is his face. His sharp traits are beautifully drawn, deep blue eyes that glimmer from the most intense light, gorgeous lips and nose, all working in perfect proportions.
"Dragon Girl?" You hear him call for you, referring to the tattoo that you are here for.
You mentally cuss as you gather your composure. From a hand gesture, he calls you to the reception desk and you get up.
"That would be me" you smile.
"So, first time we're working together, right?"
His nonchalance strikes you, as you suddenly understand why you had that weird feeling reading his messages. Nonchalance doesn't digitally translate, and now that you see it with your own eyes, he suddenly makes sense. You can't tell if that makes him more attractive or not, for you've never really met a person like that before.
"Yeah, first time with you" you reply.
He smiles, taking you by surprise. It isn't a simple smile; it is an arrogant one. And you can only wonder why your interaction feeds his ego like that.
"How come?"
"I always go to different artists, looking for the best one, you know, for what I want."
"You're in the right place then, I am the best at what I do."
"Let me be the judge of that" you say, getting a chuckle out of him.
He then invites you to follow him to the room where he gets the work done, and you silently do so. As you enter the room, you look around. More pictures of his work is plastered on the walls, as well as doodles. You keep your fascination for yourself, but deep down you feel like you've entered a museum.
"Alright, I would usually explain how this whole thing goes but it's not your first tattoo, so I'll go straight to it, that's fine with you?"
You nod your head, mentally asking yourself why you haven't voiced out your answer rather.
"Good" he says.
You follow his movements as he puts on his gloves and gets the stencil.
"Where is it again?"
"Uh... the sternum" you point out to your chest.
"I'll need you to either lift you shirt up or remove it, whatever makes you more comfortable. Same thing if you're wearing a bra, just lift it up a bit so I can have easy access to the area."
You take a couple of seconds to understand his words, almost like he is speaking a foreign language. Truth be told, you have been so distracted by this man that you've almost forgot why you are here. And now that you realize that you are about to get a dragon tattooed between your breasts, you feel your brain overflow with thoughts of all kinds. Most of them focussing on the fact that Aomine will be the one to ink you, on one of the most sensitive parts of your body. You start to regret your choice; maybe you should have gone to your previous tattoo artist, someone you are already comfortable with and who isn't so hot that the thought of them being in contact with your chest makes your hormones go crazy.
"Hey, are you ok?"
Aomine's voice brings you back to Earth and you realize that it is too late to chicken out. Besides, the design he made for this tattoo is truly marvellous and fits exactly what you envisioned for yourself, so you truly don't want anyone else to do the job.
"Oh, sorry I blanked" you let out in a small laugh.
The blue-haired man looks at you for a short while before also huffing out a laugh. Some part of you is embarrassed that you can't behave normally in his presence. That is not like you, you're generally more in control of the situation when you are facing someone attractive. But you shouldn't overthink this, if you want this whole experience to go well, the best you can do is empty your head and be your normal self.
"So... can I put the stencil?"
"Yeah, yeah! My bad" you apologize.
Taking a heavy breath, you get rid of your shirt and does as he instructs, lifting your bra up so he has access to the area. You stare in silence while he positions the piece of paper against your skin, making sure that it is straight and perfectly symmetric. His hands are big but his touch is delicate, almost sending shivers down your spine.
"Is that ok?" He asks.
You turn around to look in the mirror behind you, and observe the drawing on your skin. For a moment, you are absolutely speechless. Seeing it on you is an unsettling sight, the change being the hardest thing to process. The virgin skin of your chest being marked so beautifully – the dragon head in the valley of your breast, its wings cupping them – it is a lot to take in. But once you do, you have to smile.
"That's perfect" you say.
"Alright, let's get into it" Aomine pats the chair for you, and you get installed.
You patiently wait for him to get his needle ready, and when you hear the familiar vibration, you take in a big breath. This isn't your first tattoo, but you know that it is going to be a painful one.
"Why a dragon?" He asks.
You look at your chest. Aomine's face is hovering above it, while his hands start the job. As he speaks those words, his breath falls on your skin, slight goosebumps appearing on it. You gulp, trying to remain calm.
"It's uh... my favourite animal" you let out. "Well, mystical animal, I've been obsessed with them since I'm a kid."
"And why the sternum?"
The question makes you blush as you think about the answer. It is quite an unconventional one, and you ponder if you should lie about it. But with no lie coming to your mind, you settle for the truth.
"It's kinda stupid" you start, "but my friend said I should get it there so my nickname could be 'Dragon Tits'. I kinda liked it so here we are."
You close your eyes, anticipating Aomine's reaction. You expect his full judgement on it, given that it’s not the most meaningful or logical reason for you to get tattooed there. Your eyes open again when you feel him laugh. You automatically assume that he is making fun of you, which makes you regret telling the truth.
"'Dragon Tits' has a nice ring to it" he comments, "I gotta say, though, 'Dragon Girl' is what I'd prefer for you."
"Well, you called me that earlier, didn't you?"
"You didn't like it?"
You are surprised by the question, not to mention that you don't have an answer to it. You go back in your memories of minutes earlier, trying to figure out how this nickname made you feel on the moment. Truth be told, you were too hypnotized by your tattoo artist's appearance to focus on his words.
"I... I didn't hate it."
"So should I keep referring to you as this from now on?"
"I don't know, is there any situation where you can do that?"
"Yeah, next time we meet. I'll just call out 'Dragon Girl!' and you'll know that it's you."
"Then sure, I guess it works."
He laughs gently, the air coming out of his mouth tickling your skin. You squeal, eyes opening wide when you realize what kind of noise just got out of your mouth. By reflex, you almost cover your mouth with your hand, but you can't do that as your hands are holding your breasts out of the needle's way.
"Is it painful?"
"I'm... uh, no. I mean yes, but I'm fine with it."
You aren't very proud of that answer, given that it doesn't make much sense. Yet here you are trying to act like your whole behaviour isn't that weird.
"It's fine, ya know, if it hurts. You don't have to suffer in silence."
"Who tells you I'm suffering?"
Is it your ego speaking there or are you genuinely convinced that feeling pain isn't such an inconvenience to you?
Aomine raises an eyebrow at you, a sly smile appearing on his lips.
"Alright, I see you Dragon Girl. In all cases, I'm fine with whatever unholy sounds that may come out of that pretty mouth."
You stare at him, confused. What is he understanding of your words? At this point, most of your interaction seems like he's reading between your lines and that you yourself aren't aware of the double meaning of your sentences. But as you think about it, it strikes you. From the very beginning, you have given him opportunities to interpret your words in a way that puts you in an interesting place.
All along, you've been unknowingly flirting with him. Subconsciously, you've always known that your words and demeanour carried a double meaning. So, when you innocently look at him with batting your eyelashes, it is in fact not that innocent. Is it that you automatically switch on the flirting mode because of how attractive he is? Certainly, you were just too busy all this time being overwhelmed by the situation to realize that you've been adding oil to the fire.
And now that you understand, you figure that there is only one thing you can do: wholeheartedly flirt with your hot ass tattoo artist.
"Say Aomine, why did you accept to do that job for me?"
"I liked your pitch" he replies, concentrating on your tattoo.
"What, the design I wanted or the fact that I was getting a chest tattoo?"
You look at him, anticipating his reaction. Eyes still attached to your skin, he nonchalantly lets out his answer:
"Both. The dragon in itself is pretty badass but on your chest... not gonna lie, that's hot."
"So you're having fun?"
Your tone is full of candour, enough to fool anybody into thinking that you have no intent by asking this question. However, Aomine is not dupe.
"Aren't you enjoying yourself, Dragon Girl?"
"I'm certainly not bored."
He suddenly straightens his position, the needle leaving your skin. Your eyes travel from his wrist that he stretches, to these deep blue eyes that are looking at you with malice.
"I'm half done. Are you ready for the rest?"
You smile, tightening your grip on your chest.
"I am."
Next thing you know, he is back to his previous position, leaning into your chest, breathing against your skin as the buzzing of the needle gets to your ears. Except this time, something is different.
His large hand is holding your underboob, pushing the flesh away from the surface that he is working on.
You inhale. Your fingers are touching his, and you slowly lose your grip on the slippery fabric of your bra. You panic, but before you can even get your grip back, Aomine expands his hand to almost cup your entire breast for you.
"Fuck" you mutter, incapable of keeping yourself silent.
"I heard that."
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to let that out."
"I told you, I don't mind whatever sound you make."
You want to reply, but you fail to. Your thoughts are blurred by that bloody hand on your chest, fully pushing away your flesh while simultaneously lifting your bra further up; this is the one thing you have to do, but you can't do it properly, so Aomine takes it upon himself to make his job easier.
Things only get worse when you feel your nipples harden against the fabric of your bra. You can only blame yourself for not wearing something thicker - you knew very well that they were risks at getting a chest tattoo, you could have done better. What is really nerve-wracking, is that you are incapable of knowing if it is the attractive bluette's hand on your breast that puts you in this situation, or if it's the needle grazing against your thin skin, almost poking the bones underneath.
You should have known by now, a couple of tattoos down, that pain can get you in such state. This time, however, is different from the previous one, and you assume rightfully that Aomine is the reason why you are reacting like that to pain. Before, that feeling that you'd get would be a simple pleasure that you would consciencely inflict upon yourself. But this time...
"Holy..." you almost cuss out.
"Let it out, Dragon Girl, you can."
"I won't" you manage to say while holding in the other sounds that threaten get out, "s'too embarrassing."
Aomine chuckles, his deep voice echoing against you.
"You don't have to worry about it, I think at this point we are well acquainted enough."
He briefly looks up at you, that same smile full of pride on his face. This time, you aren't clueless to what makes him so delighted, because you are fully aware of what is going on. You exhale, deciding that you should take control of the situation.
Enough is enough. If you don't act right now, you are going to be at his mercy by the end of whatever is happening at this moment.
Your hand that has lost its job regains its grip on your chest, your fingers snaking to reach his, pushing them away from your hard nipple. The look he gives you translates his thoughts: what the hell are you doing?
For a short second, Aomine panics. Has he made you uncomfortable? Has he crossed a line? For the first time, you seem to have the upper hand. He straightens up again, not to stretch this time, but to regain his composure.
As he's about to remove his hand from your chest, you wrap your fingers around his palm, holding him down again you. He raises an eyebrow. Things have just taken an unexpected turn. He watches as you not so subtly make his fingers graze against the thin fabric of your bra, feeling all of you under it. You breath, your chest raising up and fall down against his hand.
"Can I hold your hand?" you ask with that innocent tone to you've perfected, "that way I'll hold it tighter instead of making a sound."
Aomine remains silent for a while, his face inexpressive. You can't read him, but you remain confident. There is no reason for your little fun to stop here, on the contrary, you are giving him a window here.
"For you, Dragon Girl, I won't say no."
Again, his tone is controlled, and you are genuinely in awe of the way he keeps his composure so easily. The thing about you is that you enjoy breaking men, you enjoy doing or saying the right thing that has them to your feet. But Aomine might be the first real challenge you encounter. Up till now, he's actually the one that's been making you weak. For the past almost hour, you've been nothing but a passive player.
That's not how things are supposed to be, that is not fun to you. So, you resolve yourself, by the time he'll be done with your tattoo, he'll be at your knees.
When he leans back to reprise his work, your hold on his hand doesn't change. Your full breast is in his big palm, and you amuse yourself by gently forcing his grip to get tighter. He doesn't react, although he is practically fondling you. He is still concentrated on your tattoo, tracing the lines meticulously. You get his finger to graze your nipples multiple times, he still doesn't budge. The task is more complicated than expect, but you don't want to give up yet.
With your over hand, you lift your bra further up. At this point, most of your chest is bare. You prepare yourself to use the excuse that you've done so for practical reason, since he is about to work the area under your other breast; but Aomine doesn't ask any question. However, when he feels more of your soft skin under his hand, his breath gets heavier. You contain your smile. He is so close to you that a single micro expression can be seen from the corner of the eye. You shouldn't show yourself to be too amused by the situation, that would go against your plan. If anyone asks, all your moves a free of intent.
In the meantime, Aomine's thoughts start to get messy. He's almost broken his composure, and that isn't a good thing. All along, he's been fighting to keep the upper hand. Hell, he isn't one to break for a girl, no matter how pretty she is. But then you've come in, looking at him with doe eyes and smiling at him so sweetly; and when you've revealed your gorgeous gorgeous tits to him in that thin, almost useless bra, and then you've spoken words acting like you didn't know their underlying meaning.
All you've done, since the beginning, has been torturing him. It requires incredible mental strength not get hard right now. And the worst part of this, is that you've lead him to believe that he was in control of the situation up till now. But here you are, pulling the strings.
The last straw has to be you making his hand touch you in all the ways you want to, and he cannot do anything about it. He has a job to finish, and he can't let those malicious fingers, nor these soft whimpers progressively escaping your mouth, be a distraction. He is aware of how much left he has to do, and it asks all of him to contain himself.
No girl, no matter how pretty she is, has ever drove Aomine Daiki crazy like that.
And what doesn't help either, is that he cannot rush his work, so he can finally take back the upper hand. No, he has to wait the whole time for him to do things properly. He is generally of the impatient nature, but given his area of work, he's had to learn how to take his time. He is smart, he understands the situation and what it is asking of him.
For the time remaining, he'll let you enjoy yourself. He'll let you toy with his hand, making him fondle you as you wish. But once he is done with your tattoo...
You are completely oblivious to the schemes happening in the blue-haired guy's head. For all you know, you are finally having fun. It's not just him destabilizing you anymore, you are finally getting something out of it that satisfies you enough. You take your win, so naively thinking that the game will end with you as the ultimate victor.
But soon enough, your teasing game has to end. The buzzing of the needle stops, and Aomine's hand leaves yours to grab a tissue and wipe the excess of ink away. You are almost disappointed that the moment is over, but it occurs to you to you were originally here for a tattoo.
"Go on Dragon Girl, see how it looks" says Aomine.
You get up and walk toward the mirror. You take in your appearance; with no context, you could easily be mistaken by someone that just got properly fucked. You look at your skin, admiring the magnificent dragon that is now permanently part of you. You stare for seconds that feel like minutes, obsessed with the new addition to your collection of tattoos. What takes you out of your trance is the figure that appears behind you.
You meet Aomine's eyes in the mirror, his face still so perfectly indifferent. You smile, hands finally leaving your chest.
"It's gorgeous Aomine, thank y-"
"Don't thank me yet Dragon Girl, I'm not done with you."
You are taken aback by his firm voice. You watch him in the mirror, as he moves again. He removes his gloves, then appears behind you again. You stare, silently, anticipating his next move. When you feel him pressed to your back, his hands confidently grabbing your breasts, you fail to contain the gasp that escapes your lips. He pulls you closer, his face reaching your ear. He looks at you in the mirror.
What a beautiful sight, your red cheeks, your lips agape, and those gorgeous gorgeous tits in his hands.
Once again, that smile that you have come to know appears on his face. And he leans in. That is when it hits you, that you are absolutely fucked.
"I'll help you with the aftercare now."
Tumblr media
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osamusriceballs · a month ago
Bokuto x fem reader
Warnings: NSFW
Words: ~850
About: Bokuto on his knees for smexy time.
You're not sure if there could be anything hotter than the sight of Bokuto in a suit on his knees with a ring in his hands-
until he kneels shirtless in front of you.
Your leg is draped on his bare shoulder, his hands keeping you steady in front of him when he kisses the skin of your bare thighs. Your skirt is long forgotten on the floor, along with his shirt that you somehow manged to unbutton between the hot and needy kisses you shared as soon as he closed the door behind you. "Kou- I want you-" you softly gasp when his kisses become more intense, more rough- and you can feel how his lips curl into a wide smile before he moves to your other thigh, leaving a shiny trail of saliva on your leg.
"Patience, baby, we have all night," his voice is muffled against your leg but still reaches echoes loudly in the quiet room. Your ringed hand moves to his head to caress his hair while he keeps on worshiping your body. You feel him hum contently at your actions, your fingers softly carding through his thoroughly gelled hair, messing with the soft strands and holding him close to your body. His hands rest on your hips and massage your sides, making their way down to your ass and knead the flesh tenderly.
A jolt of electricity runs through your body when his lips suddenly reach the hem of your panties, pressing the softest kisses to your sensitive skin. Your breath hitches when he moves up a bit and licks a small stripe along your stomach, your head falling back to the wall with a low moan.
He looks up at you, his adorable puppy eyes long gone but replaced with a darker, lustful gaze. Your eyes lock and you watch him taking the lace between his teeth and painfully slowly taking it down, just enough to expose you completely to him.
It's silent for a moment. 
He looks up at you, you're both unable to break the intense eye contact, your legs slightly trembling in anticipation when he leans forward and focuses his eyes on the sight before him. His fingers spread widely on your ass when he pulls you closer and ghosts his lips over your painfully sensitive cunt.
You feel his warm breath against your clit, you know that you're throbbing at this point, your body aching for him to touch you, and when his lips finally meet your clit, you only manage to gasp his name, your hips involuntarily squirming in his hold.
The slight contact feels heavenly, his tongue slowly licking along your folds only for you to almost break down to your knees if it wasn't for his strong grip around you. Bokuto starts to move his tongue faster, licking and teasing, noticing how you shiver and gasp when he moves his lips a bit rougher. He's taking his time, enjoying your taste, feeling how you get even wetter for him when he moves his hand and slowly dips his finger inside of your wet folds. "Kou- please more, please, please-" you whine, your arousal clouding your senses and making it hard for you to focus. You hear your moans echoing through the room, sinful and loud, getting louder every time he speeds up his actions.
"You taste so good, it's addictive," he groans, and licks his lips, quickly connecting them to your clit again.
"It feels so good, so good, so good, Kou," you gasp when he moves more vigorously, eating you out like a starved man. His finger curls inside of you, and you almost see stars at that action. Your legs squirm in his hold, and you can barely keep control over your body when he adds another finger, his name now leaving your lips like a prayer.
"I'm close- please don't stop, Kou, don't stop, don't stop-"
Your desperate pleas spur him on even further and a very pornographic sound leaves your lips when he brings you over the edge, and you combust into a shattering orgasm. Your back arches off the wall, your thighs pressing together, almost caging his head if it wasn't for his grip around your thigh. His fingers keep moving inside of you, deliciously curling, and his lips suck on your clit hardly to make the your high more intense.
You slowly come down, your chest heavily raising, your body shaking uncontrollably when he gently pulls his fingers out of your pulsing cunt, giving them a quick lick before his hand comes up to help you steady your body.
He finally gets up from his knees, raising until his face is right in front of you, a wide, happy grin on his face before he leans down to kiss you. His hand moves from your hip to cup yours- and his smile gets even wider when he feels the ring on your finger.
"Ready for round two, future Mrs. Bokuto?"
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