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#anyways thanks for asking

beautiful grey bruhther, do you recall hearing a sudden screech in the middle of the night right down the street of your neighborhood? that wasn’t some poltergeist-esque danger noodle, that was actually my reaction’s reverberation piercing your dimension. pls speak to my lawyer for any damages.

l i s t e n

i went through the 10 second process of using dc’s free trial to err you know..record that entire batusi sequence for scientific progression purposes. thankfully dc never threw a fit about me canceling it as soon as i got what i needed. dont tell anyone as i publically post this on social media.

the only breakdown i can give you is my literal tears as i curl into the fetal position and think about how i can never experience iain glen gyrating his hips for the first time ever again. it’s 2020 how has NO ONE made the pen from men in black yet where are all our tax dollars going you tWIGS-

in all seriousness, iain glen has natural chemistry with pretty much EVERYONE he works with. jesus. even if it the scene was just a hallucination, basic chemistry has convinced me that playboy billionire bruce wayne did a boogly woogly with those dancers after that show. we didnt see it because dick just didn’t want that image of his dad in his head lmao 👀👀

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@bellasakamakimt : Do you know when will DWD Fortuna will be in the internet for watching?

I have no idea tbh, depends on when Funimation decides to license it in the west which I think would probably take some time cause DwD isn’t exactly a popular series. Heck even popular movies take like a year to reach the international community so I wouldn’t be surprised if Fortuna was licensed even later. Though who knows, maybe someone would fansub it soon. All we can do now is be patient.

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Anaconda by Nicki Minaj (Because why not?)

Anya Rodriguez? I literally just tried to think of the biggest pansexual of my ocs

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Have you ever had a dirty fantasy about another hetalian?

No. I’m not into that stuff. (except for Sandi I like your booty)

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SRK, Shahid, Ksg, Barun, Siddharth Malhotra :D

i hate you for this. lol jk but wuuuuut.

1. Shahid always and forever.

2. Karan

3. SRK

4. Barun

5. Sidharth

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🌱 Seedling: What is something you want to begin learning?

Ah, I suppose “begin learning” implies I can’t count any of the myriad things I’ve half-started lol. Well, okay, I half-started learning formal logic proper and (separately) category theory like, 6-8 months ago for like, a week, and then clean abandoned it, so I think I can count that.

Languages, I guess? At some point I want to actually get anywhere with learning at least one other language. although I totally want 4

🍯 Honey: What is one thing you like about yourself?

Answered here, but I suppose the nice thing to do would be to give another.. hmmmm

I kinda like my…breadth? I have a lot of interests and know a little bit about a lot of things, although not a great deal about almost any of them. This is…generally not considered a good thing, especially in academia, where people have been pushing me towards greater specialisation for like 5 years now… But I feel like it gives me a better understanding of things and would honestly probably do better research in certain fields thanks to my background in others. (see also the perspective thing in the linked answer)

🍄 Mushroom: What is a quote you find comfort in?

These, mainly, but there’s a lot tbh. I halfway run a whole blog I use for this purpose haha

(@light-of-being for those of y'all who didn’t know)

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To Aundine, Serena said, “Make a note, dear sister: to catch a fisherman, you should wear that hat.”

“To catch a fisherman I’ll just use a net,” Aundine replied.

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i like lots of candy but my favorites are gummy candies! anything that falls into the gummy/chewy/jelly category is my jam. i really like fruity flavors.

some other candies high in my list: taffy, werther’s original, sugar hard candies (like candy bracelets or pez or rockets (americans call them smarties), or the shaped ones you get from those like 25 cent candy machines. like uh… runts?)

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-i think im funny

-i smell kinda good bc i cant stop wont stop surrounding meself with scented candles

-i can read quickly

-im kinda tall

-ive been working on being kinder to my friends

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Hi! Not really. I mean, not anymore. I’ve tried updating it at the beginning of each week (no day in particular, either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday), but I had a bit of trouble while making part 6 and part 8 and I didn’t manage to post “on time”. I’d like to keep the weekly schedule going, because I actually have the two next parts ready and that gives me a bit of time to plan and work on the following ones, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

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Give it a 10/10. reminds me of my music taste from middle school—if not elementary (:

This song…. lol — i don’t know how to describe it ~

Had heard this one before!!! Just dont recall where—I like it!

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omg i absolutely love this for u also the fact that u have the charts of past relationships/ hookups sometimes i barely even have a sun sign rip

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