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#anyways this is really really cute!

Take years of being told you’re worthless, then mix in three more of children being scared of your face and what do you get? One angsty boi who cannot beleave that anyone would find him attractive for any reason outside of his familial connections.

Zuko’s little rant: Maybe this is a trap to get me alone before she attacks me? Girls are really scary! That would be a pretty smart tactical move if she was there to see the city guards take Jet away. Maybe she thinks she can overpower me? Which I don’t know, maybe she can? I have no information about her skill set??!

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i tried writing something :3

Elmer sighed and threw his bags down as he stepped inside the front door of the house. His tired, shaky legs only carrying him a few paces into the lounge room, before collapsing in the closest armchair, all energy sapped from his body. Elmer’s eyelids felt heavy and his body numb as he sank into the couch cushion, memories from a few short hours ago dancing through his mind. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips, his face smooshed into the back of the chair. He turned his head slightly, bleary eyes catching sight of bright, yellow petals. Elmer’s smile widened. “Sunflowers!” he murmured quietly to himself, reaching slowly across the side table to pluck the flower from the pretty ornate vase. His head felt foggy as he held the sunflower close, running his fingers delicately over the petals as hid eyes fluttered shut.

Buttons closed the front door quietly behind him as he shrugged off his coat and hung it on the nearby coat rack. He walked forward toward the lounge room, and flipped on the light switch, catching sight of a lump in one of the armchairs. Buttons smiled, leaning against the entrance of the lounge. He hadn’t been expecting Elmer back for another hour or so. The traffic must’ve been good, he guessed. He moved toward Elmer, leaning over the back of the armchair, admiring the boy in front of him. He ran a hand through Elmer’s messy hair and Buttons felt him stir underneath his hand. “Buttons?” Elmer muttered, trying to raise his head to look at his boyfriend. Buttons smiled.

“Hiya, Sunshine.” Elmer reached up and grabbed Buttons hand, pressing a delicate kiss to his knuckles before resting his head against Buttons arm. “Did ya miss me?” he asked.

“More than anything.” Buttons replied, running a thumb over the back of Elmer’s hand. “I see you found the sunflowers.” He mumbled.

“I always do,” Elmer grinned, his eyelids beginning to droop again. Buttons continued drawing circles with his thumb. “Did you have a good trip? He asked, placing a kiss to the top of his head.

“Mhm,” Elmer hummed. “Helped Ma in the kitchen quite a bit, she was impressed with what I’ve learned.” Buttons chuckled as Elmer continued. “’N I guess Connie and Marie missed me, they wouldn’t leave me alone.” His eyebrows raised slightly, in contrast to his eyelids which remained partially shut. “That reminds me,” he fished around in his shirt pocket, producing two home-made bracelets, one with Elmer’s name and one with Buttons’, though Buttons was spelled with a z, small flower-shaped beads surrounded the letters. “They made these for us.” Buttons’ aww’d as Elmer dropped Buttons’ one into his outstretched palm. “They ran out of s beads,” Elmer explained, nodding to the z. Buttons slid his bracelet onto his wrist, with a small adoring smile. “Aww,” he cooed. “I love it!” He twisted his wrist, marvelling at the beads. “How old are they now?” Elmer paused, his eyes now fully shut as he blindly tried to put on the bracelet. “Uh, twelve and ten, I think.” He trailed off as sleep pulled him further into its grasp. Buttons smiled fondly down at him, gently removing his hand from Elmer’s grip, trying not to disturb him. Not that it mattered, Elmer was already out like a light. Buttons delicately took the sunflower from Elmer’s hand and placed it back in the vase, before stepping over to the nearby couch, grabbing a blanket and draping it over his sleeping boyfriend. He tucked the edges in, making sure that Elmer was as comfortable as possible, before pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. “Welcome home, El.” He said quietly, then left the lounge to let Elmer get some well-needed sleep.

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watched wolf girl and black prince for kento and um… the director and editors should be yeeted from this planet WHO THE FUCK leaves in TWO 5 MINUTE SCENES of a girl just walking… literally just walking… ALSO during several scenes, especially the MOST IMPORTANT SCENE WHERE HE CONFESSES HIS FEELINGS FOR HER the camera is fucking 100 FEET AWAY so you can’t even see the ACTORS DOING THEIR JOBS for literally most of the scene I just…. WHO MADE THESE DECISIONS??? 

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