#anyways this mod has more armors than just these but i could never fit them all into one gifset so just went with my favs
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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition + New Armors for Femshep LE2 (mod)
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countessofbiscuit · 8 months ago
@ct-1994 adopted a list of one-liners for a SW prompt game (loved the idea), and then this happened in the Arabian Sea. This is the result. 
Happy Hour | Ao3
Teen, 1000 words, Commander Fox & Admiral Salima, Background Foxiyo
“No shit, there I was, a TIT getting soggy and tit-faced off this crazy stacked falleen, procured and paid for by the Provost Marshal Commander of the goddamn Republic.”
— CT-4000 Weber, in a story posted on GAR tacChat, since deleted by the mods. . . . “Commander, if you could spare a moment,” said Admiral Salima, when the Coruscant command meeting adjourned, “there’s something I’d like to show you.”
Obliged to oblige, Fox followed her. Wardroom caf and confab on the Adherent had never been worth sticking around for; and he understood his presence only threw a chill over both.
Salima’s reserve was more familiar. She simply enquired after Thorn (the only brother with a changing view); congratulated Fox on Operation Luster and his promotion (a glorified flimsi shuffle, really); and nearly made a snide remark about his new boss, Admiral Tarkin (the glorified flimsiweight, fashioned from ossified wax) — all in short order. Her conversation remained hard-shouldered throughout; Fox had learned how to corner it comfortably.
She’d been something of a mentor to him, back when Fox and the rest of the Corrie-bound Guard had been little better than cargo from Kamino. He’d been fool enough to hope for mutual attraction; now, he recognized benign curiosity and was grateful Salima had only corrected him in private, with a stern reminder to maintain the straight-and-narrow among his men. She’d had the power to do much worse.
Through the labyrinth they walked. Down the turbolift and straight on till Zhellday, so it felt.
Like Fox, the shine had worn off this ship. The factory smell had long since lost the war of molecular attrition to concentrated crew life, too. The cologne alone exhausted the finest air scrubbers. Home Defense was the gentle proving ground for Core kids who liked home-cooking and Corrie nightlife; the only fleet with a birther majority.
“No doubt it’s just gone on viral on your network, but since you’re here ... ” Salima stiffly prefaced as they entered hangar command. The skeleton crew inside excused themselves, and the Admiral assumed a station at the window. Fox joined her and looked down.
The normally clear flight deck bristled with hardware. Anti-armor weapons, sniper rifles, sonic blasters, carbines galore, power packs, and enough dets to make an EOD tech nervous.
Fox blinked. His helmet would have glitched trying to identify it all. Quite a cache. Quite a coup.
“The shuttle?” Fox said, when comprehension clicked. An unregistered, offbrand Nu-class had been seized yesterday — when it’d been easier to blink away a ‘shabla fucking fuckton’ of Sep and stolen weapons.
“Yes. The pilot was so confident in her scrambled transponder, she didn’t reckon on a visual,” Salima said. “The interdiction team had a hot welcome. Left no one standing.”
Fox hummed his approval. But if Salima had brought him here expecting tears of joy, she’d be kept waiting. He’d only ever wept for Riyo Chuchi — and she approved of weapons about as much as she appreciated hopelessly dead criminals.
If anyone deserved a cry, it was the working party who’d been tasked with dressing the deck down to the inch, tagging everything, and squinting for scrubbed serial numbers. The layout was so religiously uniform, it could only be clone work. And only on Kamino, only to the audio instruction of Jango Fett, had Fox had ever seen grenades arranged rings-inward, two-by-five, to make them easier to count.
“Commander Kathcar’s bright idea,” said Salima, her expression hard. “Claims it was for my birthday. Nerfshit.” She spat the word. “Forget the Seps: ever since I’ve had the misfortune to command him, he’s been locked in an epic battle with CorSec’s OCU for the most testosterone in one holopic.”
Fox glanced at her, completely at sea. He’d only ever fielded complaints up his kama. Collected them like sourgums, and chewed them into a more palatable mass for higher. But a superior griping to him? And birther-on-birther bitching, too? Goddamn unnatural.
“Truly, it’s a mercy he’s on our side,” Fox offered, exerting himself to meet her tone.
“We sing a song of thanksgiving.” And if he wasn’t mistaken, that was Salima sarcasm. “His efforts have been amply recognized,” she went on. “Kathcar’s entire staff has been assigned to the second inventory, the pack-up, and multiple walkdowns.”
Still unsure why he’d been brought to bear witness, Fox mirrored her satisfied stance. Wasn’t hard. Justice had been served, and that was a satisfaction that swelled readily within Commander Fox.
“Don’t suppose you men recognize birthdays,” Salima mused, severely pivoting the conversation. Her hands fidgeted behind her back. “Do you even know when you took your first breath, Commander?”
“I’m sure it’s in the metadata somewhere, sir,” Fox replied, tapping his temple, because birthers assumed they were chipped in the head.
Salima laughed. A real chestful of mirth. And Fox suddenly remembered what he’d seen in her.
“Well, if the troopers responsible for this sexy jigsaw here have ever celebrated a birthday, it must’ve been a muted affair. My staff tell me they’ve never left the ship.” She seemed to buckle under this admission; braced herself on the console with the visible weight of decision-making. Fox tensed. “Two years in space. Mother of Farrik.”
Two years in space, four years in clone, all time that had never belonged to them anyway. Fox shifted his helmet, to worry his left thumb raw instead.
“If you can fit them on your transport — the traffic troops and two more squads, I’d be grateful,” she said, straightening herself and her jacket. “I figure, if anyone can show some young men a good, mostly law-abiding time in Galactic City, it’s your staff.”
Fox was somewhat gobsmacked. But he’d suffer a vac-head shiny upon his lap, if it meant they finally enjoyed some shore leave. “I might know a solid establishment or three.”
Salima actually shook his hand, transferring a high-denomination credit chip from some unseen pocket. “Forty-eight hours. Let them have a birthday party. For me. Don’t make anyone regret it and you can keep the change.” Her mouth scrunched against a smile.
“Yes, sir,” Fox replied, equally guileful and all appreciation.
An all-expenses-paid night on the town was a rare thing. But watching whitejobs practically shit slugs at a mandatory invitation from the strong arm of the law? Always priceless.
. . . . . 
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Some of my Dumb Thoughts on DA:I
So, I recently restarted Dragon Age Inquisition for like the billionth time and I thought I might share some of my thoughts/feelings towards it. Some of it is stuff that’s already been said elsewhere, some is just my personal opinion. For a little bit of context, Inquisition was my first DA game. The first time I ever heard of the game was when my friend in high school showed me a YouTube video of Cullen’s romance and I was like “He pins to you a desk? 0.0 I gotta play this”. so. a little bit of a bias there lol. Other than that, this is really my first time doing one of these long text posts, so I also might get a bit ramble-y lol. 
1. I have come to really hate the Prologue section of the game (the very beginning, from the character creator up to the pride demon fight). This isn’t really any fault of the game, though. I have played that specific part so many times, more times than I’ve actually played the full game itself, because for some reason this section seems to be extra sensitive to mods, so it keeps freezing and I keep having to restart. I’ve started mesmerizing the lines and their delivery so every time I hear “Up on the hill! It attacks from a distance!” I want to pull my hair out. I know, Cass. Its a wraith. You think I haven’t seen a fucking wraith before? But, I acknowledge that this is more a problem with me, not the game itself.
2.What is a problem of the game itself is when you first go to the Hinterlands. You have a quest where you have to “clear the threat” and defeat a bunch of mages and templars. The templars charge and Cassandra says something like “Wait! We’re not mages, don’t attack!” and Solas says “I don’t think they care, Seeker.” And like, yeah, that tracks. Most templars are assholes, they don’t care who they’re hurting. But then, the mages come in and Solas says “We are not templars! We mean you no harm!” and Varric says “Doesn’t look like they’re listening” and I’m just like ??? This is where I feel the horrible “both sides are wrong” bullshit that inquisition does is most prevalent, before you've picked a side, not only because you kill both sides but also because of how overt and clumsy the dialogue is. It just, really irks me, in this section particular. Mages are not “the other side” they are an oppressed people fighting for they’re rights! I sided with the templars for the first time this playthrough and boy did I feel a little icky.
3. Speaking of that, I actually like “Champions of the Just” more than “In Hushed Whispers” in terms of the quests themselves, but I feel like “In Hushed Whispers” fits much better with the overall story.I’m not really a huge fan of time travel in general, and I like the concept of the envy demon a lot as a villain and his voice reminds me of yami marik from YGOTAS but as soon as I got to Skyhold and met Dorian there I instantly regretted siding with the templars. He comes off as much more of an ass here, and in comparison to the mage route, his conversation is weird and clunky feeling. And with Cole, I feel like it makes more sense to decide whether or not he stays at Skyhold if he shows up right before the attack on Haven rather than after CotJ.
4. I feel that Cassandra is an often misunderstood character. I’m not saying I agree with her all the time, because I definitely don’t, but I do like her and think she’s a generally good character. With my inquisitor at least, the game really sells the idea that the Inquisitor and her are good friends, even though they might disagree on a lot. With that being said, I think Cassandra makes a truly terrible Divine. Not only does she return everything back to “normal” aka bad, she doesn’t seem to really like it. She’s a little too much of a centrist to be in such a position of authority. She has good ideals, and I feel that those ideals are better used elsewhere, like if she rebuilds the seekers. Other than that, I really admire her strength and agency, while still being in touch with her femininity. And I really respect that she is self-aware of the fact that what she wants might not be what is right just because she wants it.
5. I know this is a little spicy, but I’m not a huge fan of Blackwall. I think he’s a well-written enough character, and I think his semi- romance with Josephine is really sweet, but to me, I just can’t get past Thom Rainier. All I can see is a man in power abusing said power for selfish gains by ordering his men, who trusted him, to murder literal children, along with their parents. And yeah, I get that he feels sorry for it and he basically says everything I just did, but still. I just can’t justify to myself getting him out of prison. In a way, he kind of reminds me of Sten from origins, who is I character I really love. The difference for me is a) Sten was in a panic, it was more of a knee-jerk reaction, as opposed to Rainier’s calculated assault, and b) when we find Sten, he’s already accepted his punishment, as opposed to Rainier who is actively running from his responsibility. That’s just my opinion, though :)
6. I LOVE Vivienne. I feel that she is criminally underrated, and even though I don’t really agree with her, it’s clear why she thinks the way she does. The first time I played inquisition, I didn’t really talk to her much because I could never find her, and the second time I ended up getting pretty low approval with her and got the scene where she moves your furniture. At that point I was kinda like “Um. OK.” an left her alone. Then, I finally did a playthrough where I was friends with her and OH MY GOSH, it is so much more fun to be friends with Vivienne that to be her enemy. She’s so genuinely caring and confident (that one line if you pick the sad option when talking to her in Skyhold for the first time where she says “You haven’t failed them, my dear,” in the most gentle voice I was just like T_T thank you so much, Viv, Imma go cry for a bit) and she really cares for the people around her. I’ve heard a lot of people say they dislike her because she’s “using” the inquisition, but a) the inquisition is using her, too because that’s what an alliance is, and b) that’s one of the things I love about Vivienne. She has her own life, with her own stuff going on and her own people that she loves. I don’t know, I just really like her. I love how she shows that you can be caring and compassionate without being someone who everybody walks all over.
8. One thing I did like a lot about Inquisition was its depiction of individual templars. I like how it shows that even the templars themselves are suffering from the existence of the order, with the idea that the Chantry holds them on their lyrium leash. I think, at least with the mage route, it does a good job of sympathizing with the individuals in the order while still being critical of it as a whole. To me, “both sides are being hurt by the Chantry (i.e. Templar order) in their own ways” is a much more compelling narrative then “both sides are in the wrong should just stop fighting because the conflict is stupid”
9.Cullen...I have many complicated feelings with him. Cullen’s romance was the very first exposure I ever got to Dragon Age. My very first playthough of Inquisition was basically playing a game of “when can I smooch the blonde one” and then I did, and I loved it, I loved how tender he was, I loved how supportive my inquisitor was concerning his addiction, I loved his Dad Bod™ and his big furry armor, and all was well. Then I went backwards and played Dragon Age 2 and... I can honestly say that Cullen in that game is the worst part for me. I wilted a little and the stars disappeared from my eyes. Then I played origins and I actually really liked him again. Yes, his hatred of mages is still there, but he is fresh from being tortured by one of them. I have a hard time faulting him for the things he says minutes after being released from torture. But, he was still... like that in DA2, so in DAI I tried out the other romances, and I didn’t really like any of the other ones (Josephine almost got me, but I don’t see my inquisitor really seeing Josephine like that) so I settled on the Cullen romance again, more by process of elimination that choice. I mean, I know I sound like a hypocrite because I like Cullen but not Blackwall, but at least Cullen never lied to me. idk, at this point I think its just pure nostalgia.
10. can the game please let me be nice to Sera. please.
11. I love Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. I love the idea of a Lavellan walking into some human ball, an outsider and an elf, and then by the end of the night she’s just so damn charming that the whole court loves her. I really wish there was a way to publicly expose Florianne and still kill the Empress, though. Not just because it skips a fight, but also because exposing her gets the most approval from your companions. But I still want Celene to die because of The Masked Empire. So. :/
12. Corypheus is a dumb villain, but I think that’s okay. Inquisition doesn’t really need a strong villain because its more of a character driven game. Still I think it would have been better if he was more complex, like the Arishok in DA2. (I don’t think anyone will top Loghain for me, though.) As for Corypheus, I think a lot of his dumbness comes from his design. They tried so hard to make him look scary and intimidating, but instead they made a 9 foot tall muppet wearing a dress with sneakers on and claws for hands.
13.The mounts are dumb in this game. Not only do they not run as fast as they could (they do this slow canter that really aggravates me) but it cuts off all opportunities for party banter. I feel like if they do bring back mounts, they need to give them to all members of the party so they can still talk.
14. I prefer Trevor Morrison’s score to Inon Zur’s, even though I acknowledge that Zur’s music was way more unique. Again, probably the nostalgia talking. 
 Anyway, those were some of my thoughts! Inquisition is a game with a ton of nostalgia for me, so despite it’s flaws, I can’t really bring myself to hate it. I just needed to get some of this stuff out on paper, just to know I said them lol. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed it! I’d love to hear some of y’all’s thoughts on Inquisition, or the other games. :) 
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Snippet: Howl’s Moving Castle AU
So the basic premise is: 
Shepard is Howl, who is looking for Garrus, who is basically Sophie in this fic. I haven’t thought too much about the details yet but I just had to get the beginning scene out of my system. 
So in short: Shepard finds Garrus who has 0 idea who she is due to memory loss or something like that. Anyway, if you’re still with me here, enjoy:
She descends down with a screen of blue around herself. Must be a biotic. His name is a soft, hushed thing at her lips, and despite not knowing a thing about her, he feels a dull ache in your chest. He was never good at reading human expressions, but with her human brow-plates scrunching together, he knew something must be wrong. She lets out a huff. 
“I know you’re surprised but throw me a line here, Garrus.” Her voice is hushed, but not quite to the point of whispering. 
He’s not usually this quiet, not really, and certainly not with strangers who say his name like a lifeline. Garrus Vakarian has seen plenty of those types- civilians with nothing to live for, scrambling for his help. But even so, that comparison didn’t completely fit the bill. There was something other than desperation. A hint of joy, maybe. Like downing a shot of horosk after a hell of a day. Crap, he’s been quiet for too much now. Better say something. 
“I thought I knew all the biotics on this hunk of rock. There aren’t a lot of them here. A couple of asaris and a turian, if you can believe that.” His hand stays firmly on his Mattock, though he works to keep his shoulders slack and his posture slant; he even tilts his head to one side. 
The human, in response, furrows her brows deeper. He watches her hand to see if she’ll reach for her heavily modded pistol, but she doesn’t. Her first balls and her shoulders tighten, but even a blind pyjack can tell it’s not a sign of aggression. It looks more like … frustration. She breathes once, and Garrus can see her schooling her face back to a neutral state. It’s strange- reading human expressions never came this naturally to him. She mumbles something into her comms before speaking again, her face now unreadable. 
“Who ar-”
“You’re the last turian who should be saying that.” It sounds like an accusation and a statement. He doesn’t know what to say. “I’d tell you my name if you didn’t know it. You can tell me when you figure it out.” Her gaze holds his, then a rustle. Those eyes, her deep green eyes dart around the street, and glances at her omni-tool. “But right now, I have to get you out of here.” 
She marches forward and stands on her toes as she tries her best to slug an arm around his cowl and Garrus has trouble suppressing his laughter. She sends a glare his way, and opts for wrapping her arm around his waist. No matter how powerful of a biotic she was, there was simply no way she could lift a turin in a full heavy armor- 
He stands corrected. 
She concentrates her biotics to their feet and soon enough, they are walking on air. He hasn’t seen any biotics pull a stunt like this before. It doesn’t take long for Garrus to realize troops in black tactfully surround his previous location- he doesn’t recognize their insignia. 
“My ship’s probably your safest bet for you, Garrus. I’m taking you there.” For a moment, he doesn’t know what she’s on about- if a ship docked on Omega, he would have known. But after following her green gaze to the docks, a ship, sleek in shape but upon closer inspection, held together by debris and sheer will. A quick glance to the cleanest side of the ship before she tugged him inside the airlock earned him the ship’s name. The Normandy.
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Birds of a Feather (Carver Hawke x Reader) Part 1
A/n: Hey guys! This is the first time I’m posting a fic for Dragon Age. I have a huge soft spot for Carver Hawke, and since incest is a no-no, I decided to start a Reader-insert series. I’ve been writing reader-inserts for five years, so here’s a way for me to stay in my comfort zone and to be in my element! - Mod Ren
Word Count: 1,932
Summary: For your whole life, weapons and combat were all you knew. Crafting weapons became the family business, and it was quite a successful one. You and your older brother, Edyn, took the mantle and got to the top of the weapons trade in Kirkwall. You were taught that business and family were your priorities, and that was all you needed to worry about. Then came along Carver Hawke. He was brash, rude, and seemed to get on every last nerve you didn’t even know you had. But maybe the two of you had more in common than you realized.
You careened around the corner, trying to lose the small group of unhappy men behind you. They recognized you from the various weapons deals you organized specifically theirs. From the looks of it, they weren’t satisfied, and they were not going let it settle it verbally. Starting a fight in broad daylight was comical; you decided to run instead.
So, like you almost never did, you went into the Hanged Man to hide.
You burst through the doors, capturing the attention of most of the patrons, and you went straight to Varric’s room, or whatever he liked to call it. You knew him quite well; you met him after royally pissing Batrand off. Since then, a solid friendship formed.
You were moving so fast, your shoulder clipped the door frame and you tripped over one of Varric’s many books. A loud THUD resonated around the room, and you wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the tavern heard it.
Varric stared at you as you pulled yourself back to your feet with a grunt. “Nice of you to drop in, (L/n),” he chuckled. “It’s been a while. What brings you to my humble abode?”
“Oh, you know,” you promptly noticed a woman and a man standing next to him; you assumed the two of them were related, but otherwise, you didn’t recognize them at all. “the usual.” You grabbed the edge of the table and pulled yourself up from the grungy floor.
“You never come here, so there isn’t a usual that I know of.”
You paused, and then nodded. “Ah, right. There were some people who aren’t very happy about their order they made a while back. I reckon they want a refund, be it by getting their money back or by causing physical harm in my direction.”
“I don’t know why I expected it be a normal friendly visit...” Varric sighed dramatically.
You just rolled your eyes and sat in a chair next to him. Might as well stay and chat for a while.
He re-situated himself and gestured to the two strangers. “This is Hawke and her brother, Carver. I’m sure you’ve heard of them.” Varric was eager to introduce them to you, or was it the other way around?
You frowned, trying to recall the names, but nothing came to mind. “Can’t say I have,” By all three of their expressions, they must’ve found it surprising. “am I supposed to know?”
“At least one person doesn’t know who you are.” Carver grumbled to Hawke.
“I don’t really make it a point to know everyone Kirkwall. There are only so many things worth putting my time into.”
“Like doing back-alley deals?” Carver snapped again.
He was already getting your nerves. “Like working for a seedy man who runs a mercenary gang?” You narrowed your eyes. How dare he call your job “back-alley deals.”
“So you do know who we are?” Hawke added; she wasn’t nearly as hostile as her brother.
You shook your head. “I recognize the armor; it’s weak. He doesn’t know what decent and nice-looking armor is. I bet your blades are shit, too.”
Tension was slowly rising, but Varric was adjusted with your behavior and personality, and knew just how to deal with it. “Her brother is the best weapons dealer and rogue Kirkwall has ever seen. Does his business selectively; if you piss him off, and you won’t be a customer.”
You gave the dwarf a death glare. “And I work with him! Don’t give Edyn all the credit; most of the time, I’m the one doing the real work!” You had a sibling rivalry issue yourself. Edyn was the oldest, strongest, and a man. Of course, he was more noticeable than you. However, you were the one who made the connections, got information, and secured the deals. Edyn always ended up stealing your thunder.
Varric held his hands up in surrender. “My bad, (L/n), didn’t know I would hurt your feelings.” He teased, but you just grumbled.
Hawke glanced at Carver, and you wondered if their relationship held any similarities to yours. Maybe you and Carver had more in common than you realized?
You threw your legs up on the table and got comfortable. “Since we’re on the subject, you’re our favorite customer Varric. Just finished some new arrows, and I did some work on them to fit Bianca. Sharpest arrows I’ve ever made.”
You and Varric launched into a deal as if Hawke and Carver weren’t even there. And you liked it that way; you didn’t know them, they didn’t know you. While you wanted to be acknowledged for you exceptional work, the less people who knew your name, the better.
Hawke and Carver had long since sat down, and eventually joined the conversation. You and Carver occasionally snapped at each other, but that irritation was quickly ushered away each time.
You heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall and you muttered, “Lovely...” Immediately after, Edyn appeared in the doorway with a scowl on his face. He looked very angry.
“Edyn! Come on in; stay a while!” Varric said with a hint of sarcasm. Edyn wasn’t exactly his favorite person.
“Varric,” Edyn’s voice was cold and deep. He looked down at you and his tone became sharper, “(Y/n).”
“Brother,” You said in a sickeningly sweet voice, with a smile to match. “nice of you to join me! Meet my new friends!”
“I’m not your friend.” Carver sneered.
“Shut it, Carter!”
“It’s Carver!”
Hawke pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. This was either going to end decently, or it was going to end in disaster. The latter seemed more likely.
Edyn introduced himself in a few syllables, but he took more time with Hawke. Smooth, and confident.
He told her, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Hawke.” He grabbed her hand and gently kissed the back of it, and she promptly pulled her hand away as politely as she could.
You scoffed openly. “You sure your wife is going to like knowing you greet other women that way?” You looked at Hawke. “You’re lucky; I can’t remember the last time he showed manners like those.”
“I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen any man with manners like those.” Hawke replied, and you grinned a little. You liked her more than you thought you would.
Edyn was not amused, “She wouldn’t believe you even if you told her,” his wife didn’t like you in the slightest.
“Of course she wouldn’t. I don’t know why you married her; the bitch that hates your sister and tried to kick her out of the house.” It was true; she did everything in her power to throw you out, but Edyn at least cared enough to keep you.
Edyn didn’t even try to deal with you as you insulted his wife. “Let’s get going; we have a buy in Hightown at midnight and we still have to get everything together.”
Like always, the only days he could spend time with you, were wasted with deals and purchases and trade-offs and what not. You missed the days when you actually had a brother, not a business partner. That was one of the few things that could make you shed a tear.
Growing up, you were taught that crying was a weakness. You weren’t supposed to get attached to anyone but family. Edyn didn’t seem to care about your well-being anymore, and it left you bitter and cold towards him. What’s the use in trying if he didn’t love his sister, his only living family, anymore?
“What a shocker. You’re never here to simply see me, your sister, only to get me because there’s a job.” You sighed. Edyn opened his mouth to say something, but you didn’t want to hear it. “Oh no, no need to apologize. Not that you would. Anyway, let’s get going to do the job you always take the credit for! What fun!”
Varric didn’t know if he should laugh at your thick sarcasm or stay silent as you walked out the door. Edyn had a death grip on the back of your chair and a scary expression on his face; he didn’t want to deal with any of your shit.
Upon seeing Edyn’s reaction, Varric courageously came to your defense. “She’s right, you know,” his input earned him a threatening look from the man two times his size. “(Y/n) does just as much work as you do in your family business, if not more. And Maker forbid you actually act like her brother.” It seemed like your friendship with Varric was stronger than either of you thought.
“I didn’t come her for a lecture, dwarf. Keep to yourself, will you?” Edyn snarled and he went after you.
Hawke stood there awkwardly after Edyn left. She didn’t know what to say. You seemed nice enough, Varric trusted you. And you clearly knew what you were doing, instead of being an immature rookie who bragged and over exaggerated.
She’d be a good ally; She’s sure of it.
“Quite the pair, those two,” Carver said. “they’re-”
Varric stopped him in his tracks, “I can tell that you and (Y/n) aren’t going to get along, but you really do need to be careful with your words. If we can get her and Edyn to supply us for the Deep Roads, we’d almost be untouchable,” He was completely serious. “I’m already getting the high-quality stuff. For me, at least. No doubt about it. Get on her bad side entirely, or both of them, you’ll be left with a dull sword and armor weak enough to be every-day clothes.”
“Isn’t he already on her bad side?” Hawke asked. She was amused by it. “Looks like you’ll be Darkspawn bait, Carver.”
“She’s very tolerant, believe it or not. You’ll definitely be able tell if she outright hates you.” Varric informed them.
Not only were you a close friend, but a very valuable person to have on his side. You were close enough for him to know your backstory, how you got to Kirkwall, where you lived, what makes you happy/angry/upset, things like that.
Varric himself had yet to make you angry. He once saw you get angry at a dishonest customer, but he had no idea how truly angry you could get. No one did.
“Two questions,” Hawke inquired, “first one, how do we stay in her good graces?”
“Simple. Don’t lie to her face and try not to be an asshole,” Varric yawned. “not hard at all. Next question.”
Carver knew the next one. “Where do we find her?” He assumed that you were going to be a hard person to find.
Varric grinned. “You don’t find her, she finds you. Usually. I know where she stays, but I found that out by accident and I’m not telling a soul.”
“Can I get a hint?” Hawke joked, “Just give me a general area. I won’t send a search party, I promise!”
“The only hint I’ll give, is that she’s in Kirkwall.”
Hawke rolled her eyes. “Thank you, Varric, that really narrows it down... Do you know if she and her brother sell staves?”
The dwarf shook his head. “No, I believe they only have staff blades. They’re not big fans of mages, so keep that in mind.”
“I don’t think she would care if I said anything, but I’m going to play it safe and keep my mouth shut. Sorry, Hawke.”
Hawke nodded, accepting the answer she was given. Granted, she wanted to know, but respecting your privacy was something she was willing to do.
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laurelindebear · 2 years ago
Dragon Age Questions
I was tagged by @curiousartemis. Gonna throw this under a cut because I don’t know when to shut up (and there are a lot of questions in fairness).
01) favorite game of the series? Probably Origins, although I will freely admit that may be partly nostalgia goggles talking. Also, the ending can die in a fire.
02) how did you discover Dragon Age? I don’t actually remember. Probably my husband told me about it? I’d already played a bunch of Bioware games by then (Baldur’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire) and played a lot of that kind of single-player RPG genre back then so I was part of the target audience I imagine, despite not being a fan of ‘gritty’ stuff generally or A Song of Ice and Fire in particular (which I had not heard of at that point.)
03) how many times you’ve played the games? Origins twice (well, 1.9 times...I got to Landsmeet the second time with my Brosca and then threw my hands up in hopelessness because I don’t know what my second Warden would do...or to some extent I do but I don’t like it.) DA2 and Inquisition I’ve only played once. I started up what I thought was an intriguingly handsome elf mage in Inquisition to romance Dorian and when he got out of the character creator he looked like JD from Scrubs and I kind of lost my momentum at that point.
04) favorite race to play as? Oddly, human. I gravitate towards elves, half-elves, or elf-adjacent races in a lot of games so I made my first Warden a Cousland to break the pattern (and ended up glad I did.) I do also like the dwarves a lot though. 
05) favorite class? Dagger rogue. Stabby stabby.
06) do you play through the games differently or do you make the same decisions each time. Differently, to an extent (with the caveat that I haven’t replayed them much). For example I deliberately chose Bhelen over Harrowmont with my Brosca because it was the opposite of my choice with Cousland and because it fit quite well with her background, given the bit with her sister. She is generally more pragmatic and less idealistic than my Cousland so adheres less to the absolute straight and narrow paragon mould. That said, like Arty I don’t enjoy playing evil so I don’t imagine I’d ever defile the Urn and kill Leliana, or things like that.
07) go-to adventuring group? DAO: Alistair, Wynne, Shale (I did use Leliana sometimes but she had a tendency to ignore the bow I wanted her to use and go into melee instead. Also I love Shale.)
DA2: Aveline <3, Varric, Fenris/Bethany/Anders depending on if I needed healing and who was going to go bananas about my decisions. -_-
DA:I: Cassandra, Varric, Dorian
08) which of your characters did you put the most thought into? Uh...probably my Inquisitor Iris Trevelyan I guess, since I wrote that whole long cheesy fic about her? I did feel like the origin stories in Origins helped me build a good sense of who and what I wanted my Wardens to be though, so I have put a lot of thought into Laurel Cousland as well.
09) favorite romance? Have enjoyed them all, but Alistair. *gross crying forever*
10) have you read any of the comics/books? No
11) if you read them, which was your favorite book? N/A
12) favorite DLCs? Awakenings and Jaws of Hakkon, because Storvacker <3 <3 <3. I still need to finish Descent and Trespasser. Oh oh, and Shale ofc!
The reused maps with random block-offs in DA2. The fact you can’t investigate Leandra’s murder or get anyone else to help. 
The meddling with PCs in later installments where you can’t control any of it (eg ‘the Warden leaves all their friends/family to go on some cockamamie quest to cure the Calling’, or ‘Hawke turns up at Skyhold without their friends/family and possibly dies’).
The Arishok ‘fight’ (aka pillar-kiting forever).
The way every Inquisitor looks when the Fade mark first activates. (And the lighting/textures in the character creator generally).
14) Orlais or Ferelden? I mean...Ferelden I guess, because the Warden and Hawke are both Fereldan, and Orlais is portrayed as kinda...catty/snooty/rife with social inequality? Also I’ve been living in Britain for 18 years and that rubs off on you after awhile. (And yet I was a French major, once upon a time.)
15) Templars or Mages? I’ve always sided with the mages as far as I can recall because the Templars as an organisation and usually as individuals have been pretty horrible. They abuse their own people with lyrium and are pretty prepared to leave them to rot (hi Samson), and waaaay too many of them are deliberately abusive to mages. I get why magic can pose a serious danger to mages and muggles alike but the Circles are an abusive system that had their day. I vote we try something like the Avvar do.
16) if you have multiple characters, are they in different/parallel universes or in the same one? Weirdly I was just thinking about this last night. Initially I thought they were all in the same universe for the most part, barring my Brosca (unless they’re somehow both wardens), but now I’m not so sure. It may work out better to separate them.
17) what did you name your pets? (mabari, summoned animals, mounts, etc) My warden’s doggo is called Howl and Hawke’s is called Biscuit. I headcanon that after DA2 they hang out together (and possibly even have puppies). I don’t think I named any of the mounts, that I can remember, although I ought to have since Trevelyan was (in my story) the animal-loving daughter of a horse breeder.
18) have you installed any mods? I don’t think I have? I did eventually install one or two to Origins for tweaks, like being able to change or reset the companions’ traits (since Brosca wanted to group with Zevran more and by the time you get him he’s made terrible life choices as far as traits go.) I might have used a couple ‘here’s some extra civilian clothes’ mods too, I can’t remember now.
19) did your Warden want to become a Grey Warden? Generally yes. Cousland was a warrior at heart and held great respect, even reverence, for the Wardens, and definitely couldn’t imagine just ending up as someone’s wife and a lady of the manor somewhere. The actual circumstances of her recruitment were nothing like she would have pictured and she was just too much in shock and grief at that point to really challenge it.
Brosca on the other hand would never really have considered it, or even thought about it, but was more than happy to take it as a way out of Dust Town (or worse) and the dead end she was facing in Orzammar.
I played through all the Origins and the only one who absolutely rejected the idea was Tabris (although Mahariel wasn’t overly keen either.)
20) Hawke’s personality?
Blue. Kinda wish I’d gone more purple as that seems to be the favorite.
21) did you make matching armor for your companions in Inquisition? No
22) if your character(s) could go back in time to change one thing, what would they change? Cousland would try to save her family, at least some of them, no question. Hawke...probably similar - Leandra at least, she’d hunt down that serial killer as soon as she set foot in Kirkwall. Trevelyan would be tempted to skip out of Conclave and avoid being the Inquisitor at all, honestly, although I’m not sure she’d ever go through with it. Brosca wouldn’t really have time for that kind of ‘what if’ scenario, I think; what is, is, and you work with that. 
23) do you have any headcanons about your character(s) that go against canon? Hahahaha yes. Strap in, kids.
Cousland exists in a weird existential limbo because according to how I played her she would not have done the Dark Ritual and would have taken Alistair along to tank the Archdemon and then he would have sacrificed himself and NO, STOP IT, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, NO, and then she becomes this cold, more ruthless leader who styles herself as Queen Bitch of Ferelden (because ‘dog lords’, and her heart is frozen now). But I hate that, so then I think, she leaves Alistair behind because she suspects he might make a grand gesture, and then she dies, and then NO, STOP IT, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, that precious, suffering child who was genuinely good and pure and kind and tried her damnedest to make the world a better place deserves so much better than that, and I cried for like a month. So, now we’re back to the Dark Ritual, and NO, STOP IT, ETC. but...yeah. 
Given that Oghren becomes a Warden in Awakenings I often come back to the idea that he gets conscripted (or is so drunk he volunteers) before Denerim and then he has to do the Dark Ritual with Morrigan. Someone does, anyway. Conscript a whole bunch of people, it’s the end of the world, someone else can do it who isn’t fussed.
The whole Dark Ritual is aaargfhlaaargh (technical term) and it feels a million times worse for the choice to not be ‘do something sketchy or die’ but ‘make someone else do something sketchy or die’. I hate it a lot. And maybe it’s not even that sketchy (Cousland was Andrastean but not super-devout, and the Old Gods and elven magic are still such unknowns at this point) but it’s utterly against all of Alistair’s principles so (insert sound of me throwing a bunch of tables all over the place).
ANYWAY, regardless of how Schrodinger’s Warden Cousland and Alistair both survive, she does not make Alistair king on assurances she’ll be there to support him and then immediately piss off to parts unknown on a Quixotic quest, for Andraste’s sake.(!!!) (She stays and helps him like she said she would!! Otherwise they’d have just stayed Wardens! Honestly! But that would have led to another Horrible Decision so let’s not get into it!)  Cousland and Alistair can’t and don’t have kids, but Fergus remarries and has some kids, and one of his kids (Bryce) marries a daughter of Delilah Howe and they take the throne after Alistair and Laurel, because what is line of succession, and anyway they’re my characters and I Do What I Want, try and stop me, copper.
Hawke warns Leandra about a friggin’ serial killer loose in town who preys on women like her, idk. Hawke does not ditch Fenris and little Lina to help the Inquisition - or rather, Fenris does not say ‘oh sure hon, go alone to some random dangerous place, I’ll just chill here for you.’ Hawke and Fenris (and maybe even Aveline and Donnic) take up Alistair’s offer and leave the festering hellmouth known as Kirkwall to help rebuild Lothering and hopefully get some bloody peace and quiet. 
The Inquisitor either never goes to meet with the Qunari or, you know, walks the 20 feet over to the Chargers to not be put in that ridiculous Hobson’s choice. 
And Cassandra ended up Divine in my game and I don’t hate that, but I would have preferred Leliana be Divine (she was un-hardened) because a) yay, peace and love and b) I low-key ship Cass and Varric so then she can do her ‘rebuild the Seekers into a non-evil, non-garbage force for good’ thing and still canoodle the dwarf on the side.
24) are any of your character(s) based on someone? Not really? To some degree I suppose they’re all very, very idealised versions of me (Cousland more so than the others) but I’m in no way an action hero so, yeah.
25) who did you leave in the Fade? Stroud. Thank any and all gods I had imported the save with Alistair as king. If I had to choose between him and Hawke I’d have thrown my computer out the window.
26) favorite mount? I didn’t tend to use them much, because I’d stop for quests or to pick up yet another bit of elfroot or whatever. The only zone I used them more was Hissing Wastes since there were so many long empty distances in it, and in my mind Trevelyan was still trying to come to terms with what happened in the Fade at that time, and was dealing with her trauma by withdrawing from her friends a little bit. Pretty sure I generally just used the first horse you get from Dennet as it was a bay and I like the coloring (although the nuggalopes were kind of hilarious.)
Ok stop talking now Bear. Anyone who got all the way to the end of this, have a virtual cookie.
Tagging anyone and everyone, go nuts.
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oc-avalanche · 4 years ago
Inspired by this song ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_pEiTSW4UI&index=1&list=FLKwpeS62mdgd_bNoMlvd3OQ
Kaidan is not mine, he is a mod created by the amazing Liv. Highly recommended.
Ren smiled gently, warmly, like a caress. “You’re a good man, Kai. You can’t expect yourself to always be perfect.” The breton stood, the height change not much. The book he was reading earlier lies in his hand, pushed against his chest. “The only thing you can do to try and redeem yourself is learn from your past mistakes, but in my opinion you have nothing to redeem.” He held out his hand towards Kaidan who looked down at it with slight amazement. Ren’s hand looked smooth except for the long scar on the palm, a residue of the Thalmor. “Let’s go, it’s getting late and I think we deserve and nice bed for the night.”
Kaidan took his hand and stood up from the log he had situated himself on. “Thank you, for,” Kaidan paused a sense of embarrassment swelling his tongue. Ren just shrugged, his smile still on and radiating a warm aura. Hand in hand, Ren lead them towards the nearest town which just happened to be Windhelm.
They had gone out to do something, something college related. At the beginning, when Kaidan found out about Ren’s preference for magic, he couldn’t help but get a foul taste in his mouth. He tried his best to place a wall in between them, to prevent from last time, but damn that Ren, damn him for causing the warmth to rise in Kaidan’s cheeks. To catch the warrior off guard was unnerving to him and no matter how many walls, the many preventions, Ren still found a work around. All it took was a smile, the reach of his hand, the calm look in his eye and Kaidan knew that he wouldn’t be judged.
“Every object has multiple purposes, swords can be used to kill or protect, magic to heal or destroy. It’s the humans who have the true power to create good and evil. Magic in the hands of a necromance is just as inherently evil as a sword wielded by a bandit.”
The words, Ren’s words, echoed in Kaidan’s ears, they tortured and mended him. Just as holding the male’s hand was torture just as it was comfort.
Ren turn his head, looking over his shoulder at Kaidan, the burn marks noticeable from the shadows that fell on the small breton. Kaidan resisted the urge to touch, to caress, to comfort. He imagined the skin to be rough, strangely warm still as if the fire never left, it would have it’s own pulse, it’s own heat. Like a heartbeat in a way. To many it was an ugly mush of skin, burnt and scarred, nothing to be cherished or praised for, but they didn’t really see. They didn’t look.
“One room is fine, thank you.” Kaidan hardly noticed the entry into Windhelm nor the words of the person who ran the inn. No, it was the one room that caught him off guard.
They stepped into their room shedding off their bags and any unnecessary equipment. For Kaidan it was his armor, feeling a bit weird to be in only his underclothes. Ren only shedded the long jacket, his lightning bolt like scars now revealed, a consequence to his magic using. The burns on his left arm were there too, tempting Kaidan to touch.
From upstairs music started to play, the energetic kind that got some of the people to start laughing wildly. “Let’s go get something to eat!” Ren’s words were happy, cheering on as the thin male vanished from the room, followed by the muscular Kaidan who let out a small laugh.
There was a table in the corner that was free and from there they ordered a bowl of warm soup and nonalcoholic beverages. Ren sat in the corner seat, his back protected from any attack from behind, this fact made Kaidan relax a bit as he watched Ren’s face.
Ren’s eyes were on the bard who was singing, her words captivating him. A book sat closed in front of him, in front of him one hand was laid out open while the rubbed over the scar. To people who didn’t know him, he look absolutely in love - they’ve never seen him with a new book - but Kaidan knew better. Kaidan looked deeper, into the brown eyes that first comforted him in that prison, the same ones that held no judgement as he told his past, and the same ones that held an abyss of mixed emotions as Ren spoke of his scars.
“My mother use to sing this song, especially after my sister and I had some stupid fight and she would drag us both dancing while she sang, totally off beat and let’s not talk about how my mother could not hold a note.” Both men chuckled.
Their food arrived shortly after the songs end and they at, conversing about happier topics, Kaidan’s eyes occasionally falling to Ren’s moving ones or to the scars on his palms following the lightning flow, which was sometimes disrupted by the burnt flesh, and to the burn on Ren’s cheeks. Ren was speaking of happier topics, his time at the college during his younger years, the trouble he and his fellow students got into, Kaidan appreciated the warmth on Ren’s face, the happiness that was infectious. By the end of their meal both of them were laughing and sharing stories, drinking to themselves and watching the occasional bard show in silence.
Eventually it became silent in the inn, the music kept coming and Kaidan listened and watched while Ren went to his book, a small mix of expression coming over his face as he slowly delve into his book, strands of his brown hair fell from his bun, soft and tempting. Kaidan was about to suggest they think about going to bed when two men came towards them, faces red from alcohol. They were nords, it was obvious by their built and fair hair.
“You’re a mage.” The shorter of the two stated, sounding pleased with himself.
Ren didn’t even look up from his book, his face completely undisturbed. “Thank you for noticing.”
The small nord scowled. “It wasn’t a compliment!” Ren’s only reply was a shrug and the nord began to step forward.
Kaidan stepped in between the two, him towering the poor sod with an intimidating expression. Ren put his book down. “I wouldn’t take another step closer if I were you.”
It was the tall nord who took a step forward meeting Kaidan eye to eye. “If I were you, I would get out of the way.”
“Unlike you, I’m not a milkdrinker.”
There was fast movement, the guy swung his fist, Ren stood up, Kaidan’s fist made contact. Now there was contact, Ren’s hand on Kaidan’s arm, the smooth one, the unburnt hand. The book was laying unceremoniously on the ground. “Kai, let’s go to our room.” A demand more than a suggestion, hidden well. Ren was not look at Kaidan when he said this, his brown eyes held a straight gaze on the two nords, his emotions and thoughts unreadable.
Kaidan allowed himself to be lead away, watching the two nords closely. That’s how he saw the movement of the smaller one, his eyes squared on Ren. “I’m not done talking with you, mage!”
Instinct took over Kaidan as he pushed Ren behind him and moved his own fist which made contact with the side of the smaller nords face. He stumbled back and leff over the edge, landing on the stairs. The only sound he made was a groan. The bigger nord ran towards his buddy and helped him up. “You’ll regret this!” He claimed like a horrible villain in a corny book and left.
Ren sighed. “Let’s get some rest.” He grabbed his book, which he had left lying on the floor. He looked up at Kaidan and noticed the heavy look on the tall man’s face. Ren smiled and touched his arm, comforting and warm. “It’s okay. They’re the ones who started it anyways, you were just doing what you felt was right.” With that the male took Kaidan’s hand and left the upstairs area.
As soon as they were in the room, Ren pushed Kaidan to the bed, sitting him down and looking him over. “What are you doing?” Kaidan question, allowing the small touches from the Breton, from both hands this time. No answer and no more questions as Ren investigated, his eyes scrutinizing.
When he was done, Ren sat next to him and smiled. “No, wounds to heal up. You’re fit as a lute.”
Kaidan looked at Ren, then subconscious too a quick glance at his hands. “You shouldn’t do that. No matter how badly I’m hurt.”
Ren looked away, his gaze towards the way. “It’s not your decision.” His tone was soft, not derogatory or hurtful. He was right, Kaidan had no control of his actions, but Kaidan knew better.
Quiet hung over them, comforting, wrapping them up in a solitary blanket. Ren rubs one of his palms. Kaidan looks over, it’s the burnt hand that lays palm up. There’s a soft smell of smoke, or a memory of it. It takes all of his strength not to take Ren’s hands, to face the wounded palms towards him, to trace the marks that crawled on the breton’s skin.
“Let’s get some rest.” As Kaidan said those words he began to stand up, but a hand grabbed him. A soft unburnt hand. He look over at Ren.
“It’s cold and the floor is hard.” Kaidan stood frozen, looking into Ren’s eyes. Brown and warm, he wanted to look into them forever. There was no reply as Kaidan took his seat back. “Thank you,” relief, that was the sound that those words made. “Let’s get to sleep.” Ren laid down, his movements undisturbed, emotions kept in check, it was like second nature. Kaidan waited till he was settled before doing the same, laying face to face with him. “Sweet dreams, Kai.” The male could not reply, his words caught up as he watched Ren closed his eyes, his body feeling incredibly small compared to his.
Kaidan laid there, listening to Ren’s soft breathes. He tried to keep his eyes closed and for a time he was successful, he was almost asleep when he felt movement towards him, soft shuffling, arms wrapping around him. When he opened his eyes, Ren was closer than before, nuzzling his face into Kaidan’s chest. Kaidan froze, he knew what to do, he had done it before, but this was different, completely different. It took a moment of calming down before Kaidan finally wrapped his arm around Ren, feeling more of the breton’s warmth.
If this was all the touch he could have, even in this moment, Kaidan felt that he could die happy with this moment in the back of his head.
Let my heart be your shelter
Let these bones be the giver
Let this soul be your whisper
You can take it all, you can take it all
Let my heart be your shelter
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