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It still rubs me wrong when religious people say stuff like “personal preferences” or “their preferences” because it’s still implying that I’m choosing to be gay and like ugh idk it just makes me feel uncomfortable

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eldest daughter (emotional trauma survivor)

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Or maybe I’m being too sensitive lol. Because Tatum 100% looks southeast asian. And his last name being Mendoza makes me think he might be Filipino. And he looks exactly like the kind of guy I might go for irl. So this whole anti-Tatum sentiment has me feeling some kind of way. It makes me uncomfortable to have someone whose features look like mine be treated that way but maybe I’m just being paranoid lol.

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Once I get top surgery and start dressing like Luke with tank tops that barely have any sides, it’s over for you bitches.

Also, once I get top surgery and start wearing crop tops and get back to skateboarding like Willie, it’s even more over for you bitches.

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I think most likely scenario is she just meant that it was sunny or something but the phrasing and timing made it seem like an obvious dig so she deleted

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my theatre teacher was on the disney theatrical marketing team when newsies opened and she was talking abt it during theatre studies

and she went around asking our favorite musicals

i said “ask me tomorrow, it’ll be different, but today bonnie and clyde”

and she says “ah i see the jeremy jordan trend continues. but listen. jeremy jordan isn’t as hot in person.”

and i was like miss gURL that was a casual name drop

and she was like “yeah i know the obc and have some of their numbers” like GIRLLLLL GIMME SOME

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i’m so grateful that my mom recognizes and understands how manipulative and abusive my grandmother is.. i’d feel so crazy alone trying to figure out if i’m overreacting or not

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Last time I looked like, a year or 2 ago there were about 23 lawrusso fics and I just checked ao3 and now there’s over 400 lmao yes thank you netflix for making the show blow up more

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If you’re like me you have probably been very confused by the reporting on this new variant of the coronavirus from the UK, since no one seems to clarify what “more transmissible” means, how we know that information, or what that means for precautions, vaccination, etc. I turned to my preferred source for COVID news, the podcast This Week in Virology, and I have a few clarifying notes from episode #697, where they discuss this:

  • The information about transmissibility comes from a report by governmental advisory group in the UK, NERVTAG, and by necessity, the report is based on limited data. They say they have “moderate confidence” that the variant has increased transmission, but this report is not a scientific paper. It has not been peer-reviewed, and it doesn’t provide detailed information on their methods, which we would need in order for other scientists to critically evaluate it. This doesn’t mean their conclusions are wrong, but there are a lot of things that could increase transmission that aren’t related to genetic differences, and we don’t know how closely the advisory group controlled for these other potential factors.
  • Most importantly, while this whole thing is interesting from a science perspective, this variant should not affect the precautions we take or the efficacy of the vaccine. I think that’s the greatest concern for people–it was for me–and that’s what all these articles should be leading with.
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ok so basically i really like it when characters end up being different than their reputation, especially when they’re so mythologized like arthur dayne. he’s seen as like, a paragon of knighthood and honor and chivalry but when he was alive he was just…. a guy. and had personality quirks and flaws like everyone does.

i personally like the idea that he was kind of a weirdo and struggled with his vows too and also enjoyed the killing part of being a knight a little more than you’d expect. like that sandor quote about how knights are for killing– even if he’s lauded as a super honorable guy the fact remains that he was like, really fucking good at killing people and also part of the kingsguard which is for following orders and doing what you’re told. also his fight with the smiling knight, the way they fought so hard that the smiling knight’s sword got too chipped to use and arthur stopped and let him get another, and then when the smiling knight was like “it’s YOUR sword i want” arthur was like “well here u go” and killed him…. jaime thinks of this as like a chivalric move but i like to interpret it as arthur kind of…. idk, it seems like he’s almost playing a game which i find interesting. and this isn’t even touching on his whole thing with the tower of joy.

idk, i don’t think he was a bad person, but “perfect honorable super-knight” is obviously not all he was cause everyone is very complex, and i think it would be dope if he was also weird and liked killing people. i posted a joncon quote earlier about how arthur liked things orderly and neat and i think it would be a cool character trait if he was kind of rigid and nitpicky towards himself in an attempt at self control…. aaah i’ve never read the once and future king but i once saw a post with character notes about lancelot and i feel like a lot of that informed my arthur headcanons (if anyone knows the post im talking abt please send it to me). something something deconstruction of chivalry and knighthood something something i’m not smart 

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In a rush of energy I made a playlist called “murder by love” intended to be songs about obsesion to the point of threats and I added a bunch of songs in a frenzy without listening to them but later when reviewing the songs none really held up to what the playlist was intended to be so after deleting the songs that didn’t fit I was left with only a few songs (most of which by Meg Myers) and by then the Spotify radio based on the playlist began to play and I deleted the playlist since it was so short but radio based on it actually slaps and I’m not sure what to do with that :/

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he  freezes.      how  does  he  feel?    something  is  off.    something  is  wrong.    gaara  stares  into  the  mirror  a  few  seconds  longer  than  he  would  otherwise.    his  face  is  clear,  he  doesn’t  block  it  out,  he  can  see  himself.    no,  he’s  never  been  blind,  but  until  now  he  would  only  barely  process  his  existence,  just  barely  acknowledging  his  own  form.    right  now,  gaara  looks  in  the  mirror,  &  gaara  looks  back.    there  is  no  disgust,  no  regret,  &  no  muddied  confusion.    

he  can’t  look  away.    is  this  who  he  really  is?    he’s  turning  thirty  five  soon…  it  took  this  long  for  him  to  see  this?    how  much  he’s  grown,  how  much  he’s  done.    gaara  is  free  from  his  past,  at  least  for  a  moment,  it’s  tight  grip  on  him  has  loosened.    he  smiles,  for  no  one  but  himself.    it’s  small,  &  subtle,  but  kind  nonetheless.

yes,  he  does  deserve  to  be  kind  to  himself  sometimes.

maybe  he’ll  take  the  rest  of  the  day  off.    there’s  not  much  left  to  do  that  he  can’t  do  later.    gaara  takes  a  breath,  finally  breaking  eye  contact  with  himself  &  walking  off.    it’s  best  not  to  question  a  random  good  mood,  isn’t  it?

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okay so apparently my answer wasn’t posted? wtf @ tumblr but i passed out after i answered (smh tumblr) your ask gabzidnxkx also it’s 1 am rn but i can’t sleep HAJDKDKD AND I SCRAPPED MY 200 WORD SECRET SANTA FIC BC I HAD A KINDA BIG BRAIN MOMENT AND CHANGED THE WHOLE PLOT 😭

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