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Any M:FS fic recs?
I haven't made a dent in the Raylla fanfics on AO3 yet 😂 I got tabs open with fics that I still plan to read. All of the fics I've read so far have been amazing... these fics in particular just stood out to me...
High School - Who Has to Know?
"Scylla Ramshorn is the kind of insufferable know it all that grates on Raelle Collar’s last nerve; while Raelle is the kind of arrogant jock that makes Scylla wish she were in college already. Sparks fly when the two get paired up for a school project, and they realize there’s more between them than just hatred. What starts off as a no strings attached arrangement grows messy when Raelle starts falling for the other girl. It’s not as simple as coming clean, though... not when Scylla has a boyfriend and secrets of her own."
Tumblr media
Angst - Too Early Seen Unknown, and Known Too Late
"Scylla and Raelle try to navigate their relationship, or what's left of it, while the Spree and the Army try and work together to defeat a common enemy. Post season 1 finale."
Tumblr media
Smut - If You Were Church, I'd Get On My Knees
"Raelle's been slacking during Basic Training. Scylla decides she needs a lesson in discipline. A series of loosely connected smut chapters. No plot to be found here at all."
Tumblr media
Dark - Buried Deep
"Raelle had always known that Scylla hid parts of herself, her past especially. She accepted it because she loved Scylla, but she'd be lying if she said it didn't bother her. So when Scylla's past comes knocking on their door in the form of her ex, Porter Tippit... Raelle can't help but start to ask questions, and she finds herself digging into a past that has been purposefully buried... with good reason."
Tumblr media
Slow Burn - The Weight of Lies (Heavy Like Stones) + The Weight of Truths (Like Bodies in Gallows)
Part 1: "Fresh from War College and immediately assigned to Cotton Mather Detention Camp, the military's "top secret" detention center for dangerous terrorists. Raelle just wants to keep her head down, serve her six months, and return to her unit at Fort Salem. But one detainee with piercing blue eyes, dark hair, a silver tongue, and a hidden agenda just can't seem to let her do that."
Tumblr media
Part 2: "Six months after returning to Fort Salem from her stint at Cotton Mather Detention Camp, Raelle's palm won't stop burning and she can't stop thinking about a special detainee that she left back in that prison. Despite that, life moves on, and the Bellweather unit is selected for a recon/intelligence mission observing a Spree stronghold in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Scylla Ramshorn has been on a mission of her own... a mission involving a secret alliance that has now set its sights on the Bellweather unit. Set on a collision course, it's only a matter of time before Raelle and Scylla are reunited, and truths are revealed."
Tumblr media
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dnf-and-karlnap-recs · 17 hours ago
DNF FIC RECS - Enemies to Lovers (Part Two)
Lucifer’s Waltz by NETHERW4RT | 1/1 Chapters | 3.3k Words | Explicit
“Fancy seeing you here, George.”
The brunet winces, familiarity washing over him as he takes in the smooth sound of the man’s voice.
“Dream,” he returns, sounding wholly displeased. Internally, he swats away any of his previous thoughts; it’s an absolute sin to have thought of Dream in any manner but vile. “I’m surprised you haven’t been murdered yet.”
Or, George runs into his least favorite person in the entire world (Dream) at a masquerade ball and things don’t go as expected.
the courtship of death and roses by zolarnite | 1/1 Chapters | 8.5k Words | Explicit
The white masked man scoffs leaning back in, but not stepping any closer. “Shouldn’t you be thanking me?” There’s a peek of white canines behind the mask and 404 takes a step back.
“I’m not going to thank someone I don’t even know, much less someone who stole my kill,” 404 retorts, trying to pull himself to full height, knowing that it does nothing to diminish the space of their height. The white masked man tilts his chin up a little, exposing his mouth which is pulled in a mischievous smile.
“Well then, I better introduce myself. I’m Nightmare, currently the best in the biz,” there’s pride in his voice and it only makes 404 want to kick him where the sun don’t shine. He doesn’t want to know who this man is, he doesn’t like knowing other people.
clint eastwood by crimsvn | 10/10 Chapters | 23.3k Words | Mature
Dream wishes he could attribute seeing George for the first time to the high.
Maybe then he could make sense of the stranger standing in his living room.
Everything’s Plastic But You by LightNS | 1/1 Chapters | 12.9k Words | Teen & Up Audiences
George can feel its rapid beating heart against his chest, its heavy breathing—his heavy breathing. He can’t believe he didn’t notice it before.
“Don’t move. Don’t talk. Don’t do anything that’ll draw attention or I’ll end you right here,” the guy whispers in his ear. It sends chills down George’s spine.
George struggles to nod. The guy shimies them toward the bed where he retrieves a rope from under the pillow that George has no idea was there. His neck is drawn against his shoulder and his back is pressed against him as he ties his wrists behind him. For a moment, the guy stands still, and George can see him looking down from the corner of his eye.
Admittedly, the prospect of danger gives him a rush. George knows his life is on the line right now yet the adrenaline running through his veins is exhilarating and it makes his whole body feel like it's buzzing. He's never felt anything of the sort.
George's "perfect" life gets turned upside down after he gets kidnapped by a mysterious (yet very attractive) guy who insists on hating him
safeguard by fortheairwaves | 14/14 Chapters | 20.2k Words | Teen & Up Audiences
Dream never knew the butterfly effect could be so cruel.
Or: Dream is a hitman and is given faulty information, which causes him to bring home the wrong target, and he has to choose between love and morality or self-preservation.
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ravenyenn19 · an hour ago
New chapter is now live on “Dealing With Our Demons” by ravenyenn19 on Ao3 ⚔️
Tumblr media
Guys!!!! It’s finally up!!!!!!! I’ve missed you all so much and I really hope you love this one. Ahhhh!!! I love it. I worked so hard on it. Please read the authors note, too! I can’t wait for the next one! I also have it written 😉 🖤 thank you forever for your patience with me the past few weeks. It means literally everything to me that you’ve all stuck around and want to read what I write. I’ll never be able fo thank you enough. 🖤
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daevastanner · 9 hours ago
Chapter 70 of my Gwynriel fic A Court of Light and Melody is up
Read it on ao3
Read it on Wattpad
No teaser for the epilogue
Tumblr media
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bobaboard · 13 hours ago
Ms. Boba's Not-so-Secret Newsletter #1
Tumblr media
The first article of Ms. Boba's “secret” newsletter is out: What Indie Startups and Content Creation have in Common (and why you should care).
This secret newsletter is a companion to BobaBoard's journey, explaining the behind the scenes of product decisions, and documenting the road to building a sustainable indie product. You can read more about the newsletter goals in the newsletter itself.
In this edition: avoid-at-all-costs lists, and how targeting small market niches allows indie products (like AO3) to flourish. This is the first in a likely-long series of articles about “ethical entrepreneurship concepts in plain words".
For an overview of the topic (and for a link to the "Last Month+ of BobaBoard" roundup, also included in the newsletter) head down under the cut!
[Twitter thread]
Ethical Entrepreneurship in Plain Words
I expect convincing my audience that “business stuff” is not just interesting but empowering will be a bit of an uphill battle, but I deeply believe in the cause:
Tumblr media
The single most surprising fact I discovered while writing is definitely this:
“More Tumblr blogs were created in the single month of May 2019 than the overall number of AO3 users existing in May 2020”
I’ve been thinking about the implications ever since (here’s some 👇)
Tumblr media
Another reason understanding how market niches work is helpful for marginalized people on the internet, is that it explains how/why the “you used us to get big and now are leaving us behind” phenomenon keeps happening.
By design, it’s what entrepreneurs are taught to do.
Tumblr media
Of course, it being “a sound growth strategy” doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Most importantly, growth:
a) doesn’t have to keep happening
b) doesn’t have to mean betrayal
…but none of this matters when all VC-led companies care about is the growth itself.
Tumblr media
While there's a LOT more to be said about these topics and how they’re part of the ever-going corruption of the web (and the social spaces within it), I hope this small overview will get you thinking about the dynamics behind product decisions, and how “scale” fucks them all up.
If you end up reading the article (or even this summary), I’d love to hear your thoughts! Was any of this interesting? Surprising? Confusing? Have I convinced you it’s... useful?
You can also leave comments anonymously here: Newsletter #1 Feedback Form.
Next up: since "Analysis of other social platforms” was the victor in the topics survey, I’m preparing a side “paid-subscribers-only” edition featuring a platform/business analysis of AminoApps from a “fandom” perspective!
You can subscribe here:
Tumblr media
(Since I don’t like paywalls, the analysis will eventually also be available to non-paying users. Consider subscribing to the newsletter to be more akin to “supporting BobaBoard’s Patreon”.)
If you prefer one-off money support, look at our other channels: Support Us.
The Last Month+ of BobaBoard
Just want to hear about what's up with BobaBoard? My amazing volunteer assistant has you covered!
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fellshish · 3 hours ago
People who get confused about american versus british english in fics. Some authors have english as their second or third language. Hope this helps <3
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kawaiixpastelx · 10 hours ago
Two tailed white fox Touya runs through the forest trying to get away from hunters. Keeping the bundle close to his chest he looks for a safe place to hide.
Seeing a large waterfall with a cave behind it and he makes a run for it.
Tumbling inside he curls in a ball His tails wrapping around himself and the small kit he waits.
The sound of footsteps running away from him makes his white ears twitch. Relief floods through Touya as the hunters leave.
He catches his breathe before uncurling his tails, lifting his body, he smiles. The kit stares wide eyed at him, chubby hands lifting as he begins to fuss. The kit wants comfort from its dam, the fearful and scared scent stinking in the babes nose.
As best he can, Touya lets a bit of his scent out. The anxious yet soft smell of burning snowflakes filling
The babes nose as Touya pulls the kit towards his nape. Letting out a coo, the kit burrows into Touya’s nape. Small chubby fingers holding tightly to his white ripped yukata. Falling asleep, the kit releases a content milky scent, making Touya relax.
Looking around the cave Touya stands, sniffing the area, trying to see if any other mythical creatures linger near by. It would be dangerous for him and his kit to be seen by another of there kind.
As an unmated omega he’s up for grabs. Any alpha could try and claim him. Killing his kit in The process. The thought makes him shiver and his kit smelling his distress in his sleep, whimpers. Quickly calming down his scent returns to normal. The kit sighs latching onto its dam’s nape, suckling.
Frowning Touya knows his kit is getting hungry and Touya knows he has only Just enough milk to last for half a feeding. He’ll hand to hunt for food soon or he’ll risk being even more vulnerable. Something he can’t risk being the sole protector for himself and kit.
The memory of his sire frowning at him, telling him to get rid of his kit Makes him growl. Stifling it so as not to disturb his kit he walks on throbbing feet, further into the cave. Sighing in relief when he sits down. Curling both tails over his kit Touya falls asleep, unbeknownst to him the golden eyes watching him and his kit slumber.
Morning Rises and with it Touya. Still tired and now hungry, Touya shivers. The cold biting into him all night making it hard to sleep. But his kit is warm and healthy so he tries to pay no mind to it. Standing he walks towards the entrance of the cave, wincing every so often. Curling His tail around himself and his kit he jumps through the water, seeing his kit is dry he begins walking.
Its another hour before his kit wakes whimpering for food. He sighs, frustrated at not having a safe space to nurse his kit, but he walks on until his kits whimpers turn to Frustrated crying. Stopping in an area surrounded by large trees, Touya sits down. Only a pleasant faded scent of warm-wood and spicy honeysuckle lingers and it entices Touya to relax.
A soft billow of wind chills Touya and looking around, he sees no one. So he moves his tail  Back just enough to see his kits fussy flushed face. Fond smile gracing his lips Touya moves the top of his yukata down and shifts his kit to his nipple. Latching on hungrily his kit suckles.
Touya’s hand playing with strands of white and red evenly split hair he lifts his head Looking into the trees. Only to still in fear before he snarls barring his fangs. Jumping onto his feet he unlatches his kit and curls his tails over the crying babe. Running with speed only a dam protecting their kit can, he runs.
Panting almost tripping over tree roots he runs. The sound of blades wiping through the air makes Touya’s ear twitch. Moving faster he grits his teeth, he’s hungry, weak, tired, sore and his two month old kit is in danger. A danger he knows he won’t be able to outrun.
His lungs begin to burn from exertion. Touya has to keep Moving, ‘ Can’t stop,’ he tells himself. ‘Get kit safe, get kit safe.’ Feeling frustrated tears in his eyes, Touya feels a warm hand touch his back and he ducks down, falling. Tumbling he wraps his arms and tail around his kit to keep them safe. A cry of pain leaving him as He lays on his side. Shaking, Touya tries to lift himself with his palm but he’s too weak. He wasn’t in shape to be walking let alone running. He’s surprised he lasted as long as he did.
The sound of wings flapping catches Touya’s attention and he curls around his kit, hissing Venomously. The sound of feet crunching leaves can be heard. In front of him is a man with long talons on feathered bird feet. The man bends down and a shadow is cast over Touya. The man has feathers lining his arms. Long sharp talons on his feathered hands. His hair golden like The sun with concerned honey eyes, sharp as pins. Feathers adorn the front of his hairline and large red wings are surrounding the two.
Touya’s eyes widen as he realizes its a harpy, a male harpy. They are white rare often legends among mythical creatures themselves. Much like The multi tailed fox clans. Touya leaves his shock behind hissing once again at the creature, making the feathered man stop. Even weakened like this if the man moved near his kit he would kill him.
A coo leaves the mans throat and Touya doesn’t relax. An odd feeling tingling in The back of his throat makes him pause for a moment. But when the stranger moves closes to him he swipes a clawed hand and misses by a hair.
Harpies are dangerous, they’re known for being able to kill almost anything if prompted. He wants no parts of this, he just wants to find A safe place to raise his kit, was that too much to ask?
Hands card through Touya’s hair and before he can kill the stranger, the mans scent floats into his nose. Body shaking, trying to fight it, he relaxes. The scent of spicy honeysuckle and warm wood calming him. ‘Alpha.’ This harpy is an alpha and his scent smells good, better than any scent Touya has ever smelled before. The stranger continues to let his scent out, the effect calming his kits crying.
Another coo leaves the feathered man and Touya finds himself tightening his hold as the man Carries him. Wings covering the two the stranger lets his scent wander around the three of them. His kits soft purrs of sleep reaching his ears. It makes Touya’s omega purr in satisfaction.
‘Mate,’ it says. It leaves Touya with conflicted feelings. He didn’t imagine himself Or his kit in this predicament. Before long he feels himself drifting, days of running and lack of food and water have drained him. The cold has drained him.
He should stay awake, he has to, he has to protect his kit. But his instincts know this is his mate and it finds no Reason to distrust him. But Touya knows mates can do harmful things to one another. His mother and father coming to mind and his scent changes to anger before being snuffed out by the harpies calm scent.
With an annoyed whimper, Touya falls asleep. Warm honey eyes watching his Every moment.
Flapping his wings Keigo touches the sky, gliding carefully with his mate and his future kit in tow. Reaching the trees he weaves his way through the branches and vines, path familiar to him. He stops and uses taloned feet to open the door. Closing it when inside, Keigo walks towards his nest, laying the two down. Covering his mate and their pup in thick black wolves fur, he looks at them.
His mate is small, too small. He’s a bit taller than Keigo sure, but he’s too skinny. He could feel his mates bones poking through the thin yukata when He was flying. From what he saw of their pup, the hatchling was healthy and well fed. Something he admired in his mate. Yet it made his blood boil, who left his mate and hatchling to wander in the cold? Why weren’t they safe in a warm nest? His mate did well to hide their scents. The milky scent on both dam and hatchling hidden, something that should be loud and warm instead of cold and hidden. His mate held no post hatchling weight, just how long was he running?
The creatures of this forest heard the hunters enter most likely following his mate. The Ground dwellers killing them not long after his mate hid in the cave.
The sound of their hatchling cooing and the sight of them wiggling in their dams hold makes Keigo freeze. He doesn’t want to overstep bounds, his mate was so distressed when he first made contact with him. Another wiggle and their hatchling begins to whine, the sound making Keigo’s alpha unsettled. Their hatchling should be happy and content, the scent of distress coming from their hatchling unnerves him. Carefully Keigo lifts his mates two tails revealing a small chubby kit. Staring in awe, Keigo carefully lifts the small babe. Holding the hatchling close warming him. The little boy looks up at him in wonder, grey and blue mismatched eyes shine. White fox ears twitching uncontrollably and the swaddled blanket around the babes healthy belly wiggles. Tilting his head avian-like, Keigo loosens the blanket, a red tail and white tail appearing. Blinking once in surprise, Keigo watches as the tail shakes and the hatchling whines. Quickly and carefully, Keigo swaddles their kit again, holding him close, keeping him warm.
Thats how Keigo spends the next few hours. Cuddling and playing with the small hatchling, keeping him warm and letting him have very little water. Something he’s able to coax down his sleeping mates throat as well. But soon the peace is over and little hatchling begins to squirm And soon cries can be heard. Bouncing the hatchling,trying to keep him quiet so his mate wouldn’t wake so soon, he misses vibrant blue eyes staring at him.
“He’s hungry. Give him here.”
The sound of his mates voice makes him jump, hold tightening on the hatchling. Keigo looks Over to his mate and blushes. Scampering to give the hatchling back, the cries soon end as little hatchling catches sight of his dam. Needy coos leave the babe and Touya pulls his yukata down, the kit latching on immediately, suckling greedily.
Touya winces every so often his Body struggling to produce the milk needed for his pup and Keigo stifles a growl at this. Going to his wooden food storage, Keigo pulls out the freshest chunk of meat and sits in front of his mate. Holding the heavy morsel in his hand he puts it at his mates lip. Ignoring the Fierce hiss coming from his mate, Keigo gently shoves the meat inside his mouth smiling and purring when Touya swallows. The meat tastes delicious and days of hunger make Touya weak. Giving in he eats the heavy morsel the feathered man feeds him, low purs betraying him. The small hatchling feeds happily from his dam and Touya rocks side to side a low hum in his throat.
The kit sighs as he drinks and begins to fall asleep. The scent of happy hatchling and happy dam filling Keigo’s den. Happy scent leaving Keigo he chirps in happiness at the two. Kit now asleep, Touya yawns trying to stay awake, this man is his mate but that doesn’t mean he’s welcome to stay. The mans lucky he didn’t kill him when he woke with his kit in feathered arms instead of his own.
Fighting another yawn, a hand moves Touya to lay down. Wiping his Head in the mans direction, Touya feels a growl crawl up his throat but it stops when the feathered man speaks.
“My names Keigo, tell me what’s yours?”
Frowning Touya answers, “Touya.”
Nodding the man looks at the nest.
“Can I join you, Touya?”
With a flustered grunt Touya Answers. “Its your den, do whatever.”
The man smiles eyes never blinking, never leaving Touya or their hatchling. Keigo moves to sit beside Touya, lifting the furs moving most to lay on Touya and little hatchling
“Whats his name?”
Looking down at the sleeping bundle in his Arms Touya answers with a peaceful smile, “Shouto.”
Eyes beaming with wonder Keigo nods, his mate is beautiful. Their hatchling perfect.
Another yawn leaves Touya and Keigo releases a calming scent, enticing his mate to rest. He’s been running for who knows how long, he doesn’t Need to run anymore, Keigo will take care of them.
Shuffling closer, Keigo takes his chance laying his mate down and pulling the furs over the two. His wing coming to shield the three, a growl strops him and Keigo lets his wing rest below their waists.
Two snowy white tails Cover the sleeping kit and Touya feels his eyes slip closed. The scent of milky kit and his own milky burning snowflake scent mixing perfectly with warm wood and spicy honeysuckle.
With both dam and hatchling asleep, Keigo lays beside them, keeping watch. His happy scent And soft croons and trills, never ceasing.
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gay-panic-at-the-disco · 17 hours ago
Since I have this terrible habit of imagining whatever media I consume as a fanfic AU for ORV
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seepunkrun · 20 hours ago
ask the OTW for an anti-racism update
The OTW turned 14 this month and to celebrate I sent them a note requesting an update on their development of anti-racist policies, and you can too!
Just navigate on over to the OTW Contact Us page and select OTW Board of Directors from the drop-down menu--it’s the fifth option--and ask them for a progress update on what they’re doing to protect fans of color from harassment on AO3.
Here’s my letter if you’d like to borrow or adapt the language:
I'm writing to ask that you publish a new, public update dedicated to your progress on developing anti-racist policies to moderate user-generated content and protect fans of color from harassment on the AO3. It's been more than a year since the OTW released a statement apologizing to anyone who has suffered from your inaction in making the OTW and AO3 a better environment for Black fans and fans of color, and I think it's long past time for you to share your progress and reaffirm your commitment to this work. Thank you, Punk
Here's that statement from the OTW Board of Directors, Chairs, & Leads from June 24, 2020. We haven’t heard from the Board on this topic since.
Please contact the OTW and request that the Board issue a new statement on the work they’re doing to develop anti-racist policies. 
And if you’re not convinced that racism on AO3 is a problem, Stitch has a whole bunch of examples in their recent piece: Over A Year After the OTW/AO3’s Statement of Solidarity: Where Are We With That Anti Racism?
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dear-ao3 · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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great-fictionsworld · 20 hours ago
#164 Drarry
When he wasn’t wearing it, he got jumpy, always waiting for someone to come at him wanting something - and now they did it even more urgently, if they ever saw him, because most of the time, nobody did.
Tumblr media
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mudhorn-djarin19 · 7 hours ago
The Drive In - Marcus Moreno x f!reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Date night with Marcus pans out a little differently than planned. But for the better. I didn’t have time to do the new writer weds this week so have another delayed one I finished the other week! Part of @autumnleaves1991-blog’s Writer Weds. This one turned out to be longer than planned but -shrug- enjoy!   Rating: Explicit  Warnings: unprotected piv sex and language AO3 Link | Masterlist | Join my taglist via here!
Marcus pulled the car into the drive-in theater, finding a nice parking spot in the far back corner. He finally had some time away from work and was able to get his mother to watch Missy for the night so you could have a proper date night for the first time in a while. You had found a cute drive-in theater not too far away and had convinced Marcus to go there for a date, thinking it’d be super romantic and cute.
“So what movies are they playing tonight?” He asks.
“Hmm… let’s see.” You say, looking at the brochure the gentleman gave you at the gate. “Says it’s 90’s movie night so they are playing… Sleepless in Seattle and Pulp Fiction.”
Marcus nods his head. “Okay cool. 90’s movie night. I like it.” He chuckles.
You both get situated in your seats, snacks ready to go when the first movie starts. The evening starts out calm and peaceful but as it goes on you find yourself unable to focus on the movie anymore. Your attention keeps turning to Marcus. He is focusing so hard on the movie, the corners of his eyes crinkling when he smiles at certain parts, how the screen reflects off of his glasses, his hand resting on your knee keeps gently caressing it. It’s driving you mad and you finally give in, climbing over the console onto his lap.
“Woah! Uh… hey there honey.” Marcus says chuckling. “Whatcha doin’?”
“Marcus…” You whine. “I want you.”
Marcus nearly chokes, eyes widening at your comment. “W-what? Here? Now?”
You nod and grind yourself down onto his lap, already feeling him harden below you. “Why not?” We’re in the back, no one is next to us, and it’s dark. We just can’t draw attention to ourselves.” You wink.
Marcus eyes you, unsure. You lean forward, grabbing his glasses and gently pull them off his face to sit on the dashboard. Turning back you pull at the collar of his shirt, sucking a kiss into his pulse point. This entices a moan out of him. 
“Shit...honey…” He groans. You pull away from his neck to look him in the eyes as you slide your hands down his chest, toying with the hem of his shirt. You wait for him to give you the okay before pulling it up and over his head, tossing it onto the passenger seat. You rake your fingers down his torso, gently scratching with your nails and leaving goosebumps behind. Marcus grips your hips and grinds you down against him, his lips finding yours in a deep kiss. He slides his hands up your sides, taking your shirt with you. He fondles your breasts and leaves a trail of kisses from your neck down to them before chuckling.
“What’s so funny?” 
“I feel like a damn teenager. Fucking in the car.” He smirks. “Feeling young again baby?” You giggle.
“Hey now. I’m not that old.” He teasingly glares. “And I can sure as hell prove it.”
“Oh yea? Then do it.” You say taunting him, undoing his belt then button and fly on his jeans. 
Your hand slides in his boxers, gripping his cock and pulling it out. Fuck you’ll never get over how big he is. You give him gentle strokes, thumb teasing the tip and smearing his precum. 
“Mhm…Don’t tease…” He groans, bucking up into your hand. He grips your hips once again, pushing your skirt up your waist with one hand while the other slides down, rubbing the wet spot growing in your panties. He chuckles and grips the side of them before ripping them off of you.
“Marcus!” You exclaim. He smirks. “Sorry, was the easiest way to remove them.” You roll your eyes and reach back to unzip your skirt but his hands stop you.
“Keep it on.” 
You remove your hands from the zipper and place them back on his chest, leaning forward to grind your now bare pussy on his aching cock. He groans and smacks your ass. “I thought I said don’t tease.” “Well then get to fucking me and proving you aren’t an old man and I won’t.”
Marcus growls, helping to lift you up with one hand while the other grabs his cock and lines it up at your entrance. He helps you lower down back onto his lap, bottoming out inside you. Giving you a moment to situate yourself and get used to his fullness. After a few seconds he starts to lift you off of him and pull you back down, thrusting into you. You moan at the feeling of him hitting that spot deep inside of you. He works at a slow pace for a bit, working up to a faster pace. He continues to pound into you as you lean back, accidentally hitting the horn. You jump and both freeze your actions. You stare wide eyed at one another in fear someone will come over. Waiting a bit to see if anyone does, you both burst into laughter at the action before continuing your actions. You wrap your arms around Marcu’s neck, sucking on his pulse point once again as he continues to pound into you, working you towards your peak. “Fuck… fuck… Marcus I'm close.” You whine. “That’s it baby. Let go… cum for me.” He groans. A few more thrusts into you and you cum around him, soaking his cock. You throw your head back in ecstasy as you moan. He continues to thrust into you a few more times before he stills and spills himself inside of you. “Fuck… oh god.” He groans. “Shit that was good.” “Mhmm…” You hum, resting your head in the crook of his neck. “So am I an old man?” He chuckles, stroking your back. “I never technically said you were… but no you definitely are not.” He smirks and places a kiss on the top of your head. “Well this date night turned out differently than I expected. But damn if it wasn’t fun. We should definitely do some more crazy stuff like this again… live like I’m younger again.” “Oh the things I have planned we could do…” You giggle, teasing him. “Oh now I’m intrigued.” He says raising his eyebrows. “You'll just have to wait and see. Another date night.” You wink, grabbing both of your clothes to redress and finish the rest of the movies.
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embyrinitalics · 16 hours ago
This is also the same anon who sent you a fic request just a second ago. I wanted to ask if you had a patreon or creator fund if sorts, I’d love to support you and your work! (I made a second ask so that you could link anything if you had one :)
😭 That is so sweet of you to ask! Thank you!!
I don't have a patreon, but if you'd like to support me, please consider leaving me comments! Your feedback is far more valuable to me than cash, and those kind reminders that there are readers out there enjoying this stuff helps me overcome the self-doubt monster. And if you aren't sure what to say, rest assured that keyboard mashes and emojis absolutely count! 😁
Other things you can do that will make me lose my mind:
Reblogs! are the only way to increase visibility on tumblr!
Kudos! let me know someone's reading!
Fan Art! is an absolute gift and melts my brain and I've been brought to tears multiple times, so if you're thinking 'but what if it isn't good enough,' please don't. It is.
Hope that helps! Thank you so much again for thinking of me, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! 💖
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pigcatapult · 23 hours ago
Enemies to Lovers is nice, but also consider:
Worthy Opponents with Benefits
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