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a-gal-with-taste · a day ago
"Oh good, you're not busy."
Actually, I am busy.
Busy using another 70k+ AU with angst with a happy ending, some fluff, canon-divergence, most-characters-live/not-everyone-dies eventual smut, [REDACTED TAG], and that hasn't been updated since '18, to help cope with the current-realities.
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crystabelzarry · 2 days ago
Everyday scenario on ao3:
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mlk082 · 2 days ago
Rook, Malleus and Silver princess carrying their s/o who is sleepy
Rook, Malleus, & Silver Princess Carrying Their Sleepy S/O
Knew that you were sleepy. You didn't get much sleep last night and flight class was quite demanding. You literally could not keep your eyes open and you were starting to sway side to side.
Rook, the observant and loving boyfriend he is, princess carried you. It was very easy to pick you up in his arms.
Kisses your forehead while carrying you.
Loves loves loves carrying you in his arms because he gets to be as close as possible to you. That, and if you weren't sleepy, he would get the chance to fluster you and see your face turn red.
Caught your eyes close and smiled softly at you.
He really, really, really should bring you back to your room in Ramshackle. It would be more comfortable than his arms for one thing, but Rook doesn't want to let you go.
He decides. It's better for you to be sleeping in your bed. The school day was over already and only clubs were left.
His steps are very quiet and gentle when walking. Makes sure you're tucked in.
100% carries you around all day if you wake up.
Could see your tired eyes and suggested that you sit out classes for the day. He wanted to nap with you honestly.
Picks you up with ease and carries you for the rest of the day.
Brings you to your room or somewhere private.
Loves carrying you and always make sure that you are comfortable and that he isn't putting too much pressure on you.
Will never ever ever drop you.
Lays you down easy and kisses you.
Snuggles you. <3
Keeps holding you in his arms just differently.
Will gladly princess carry you anytime because it means he gets to go everywhere with you.
Hopes that he doesn't fall asleep while carrying you.
Doesn't mind carrying you and likes that he's the one carrying you instead of you carrying him for once.
Tries not to drop you and holds you very protectively to his chest.
Puts effort into having soundless steps, but his shoes still make noise. Not enough to wake you though.
Carries you through empty halls to avoid Sebek's yelling.
He has clubs and stuff, so Silver will leave you a small note before leaving you after putting you back in your dorm room.
Would carry you again, but he doesn't want to drop you if he accidentally falls asleep.
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wellensittich01 · 2 days ago
Seeing a fandom legendary fic that’s unfinished and clearly abandoned update after literal months/years
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aimasup · 2 days ago
do you guys ever find a really good fic and it's just so well-written and fantastic but it began in the earlier fandom days so it's based on outdated information.
And when new information comes out you feel guilty about reading this fanfic that's practically an AU at this point because it contradicts the canon traits so much
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jumbletea · 18 days ago
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ao3 crashed and the people are suffering
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reblog to give the person you reblogged this from the motivation to finish a wip
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bebx · 8 months ago
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Ao3 writers are the strongest Avengers
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thelaurenshippen · a month ago
leaving kudos on ao3 isn’t enough I need to be able to eat the fic
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tehtariks · 3 months ago
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mlk082 · 2 days ago
How They Hold You Back - Ruggie, Jade, Rook, Malleus
Just to clarify: You're provoked by someone.
Puts a hand on your shoulder.
Would usually let this play out and let you handle it on your own. You know better than to show them that they got to you, but Ruggie knows that you can only bottle it for so long before letting it out.
Wouldn't mind you telling them off in the least, but he doesn't want you to get hurt and lose it totally.
Ruggie feels himself getting pissed at this person too, and he would take them on if you were just sitting there. But you're calmly and snidely replying with as much class as you can without losing it.
He can see you balling your shirt in your fist and can tell that you're about to lose it.
If you do lose it, he will not hesitate to punch them in the face if they continue to provoke you.
Knowing this, Ruggie puts a hand on your shoulder to let you know that "Hey, I'm here if you need me."
He doesn't want you to be the one in a fight when you don't know if you can win.
Steps in front of you.
Would also let you handle it yourself, and in some cases he does when things between you and the person aren't too heated.
But Jade cares for you. He cherishes you to the most of his capabilities. He wants to protect you and be there for you.
And Jade knows that you could handle it yourself, but he can't let himself put you in fight or flight unnecessarily.
When he thinks things are getting too heated, he will step in and keep you from losing it. Jade will immediately stop the person from provoking you.
If they don't, Jade can easily win any fight.
He knows that it's your battle, but not when it gets too rough.
Jade can tell from your body language that you're about to hurt them, and so he steps in front of you.
He knows that because you're provoked, they have the psychological advantage as they know they got to you. If they are paying attention to you, they can use your momentum against you. You'd end up hurting yourself more as you wouldn't walk away.
Jade doesn't want that to happen.
By stepping in front of you, he cuts it off and lets you know that he's right there. You can now calm down as the provoking will stop.
Holds you and uses his words.
Does not let the situation escalate and really doesn't want you getting hurt on top of being provoked.
Rook is protective of you, and thinks that you should be treated with nothing but love. And then there is this person intentionally provoking you to get a reaction.
Rook knows you're strong. He knows that you can respond clearly without letting your lips lose. But he will be watching over you and cut the situation off before it can start.
You should never be treated roughly in Rook's mind. This person is getting on his nerves on how they are speaking to you. Rook knows better then to lose it on your behalf, and ends it quickly. But, Rook is far better at controlling emotions and output than you are.
When he sees that you are about to give in, and that their attempts of provoking you worked, Rook will get a hold on you before you do anything.
Rook has a profile of the student provoking you, and he knows that the chances of you getting hurt are are too much. It doesn't matter if you would win the fight, you would still get hurt.
Rook cannot let you get hurt knowing that he is right there next to you, and that he could stop it. You being provoked is hurt enough, and he can't let it go further.
It hurts Rook emotionally when you struggle against him in your provoked state, so he calms you with sweet words to let your feelings simmer down. He really can't see you in a distressed state without doing something. He cares for your smile too much for that.
Picks you up.
Will not let the person do anything to you, and will not let you get close to the possibility of getting hurt.
When he sees the person trying to provoke you, Malleus has an immediate reaction of getting pissed on your behalf.
Does not like the person toying with you, and can see in your eyes that it is getting to you.
Likes the fact that you aren't just sitting there, but the way you're responding shows that the person is winning, despite you trying to remain passive.
Malleus thinks that you should be treated with the utmost care. You shouldn't have to deal with this, and he won't let you.
Immediately, he will come up to you and the person. Malleus wants you to know that he is there, and you don't have to deal with it. But you're provoked, and him being there isn't usually enough to stop you from engaging.
Before you can go off and run the risk of getting hurt, he will pick you up and take you away from the situation, bringing you to a place that he knows is calming and comforting for you.
It hurts him seeing you upset, and even more when you want to go back to let the person have it. He admires your strength to do so, but no way are you getting hurt.
Does not put you down until you tire yourself out, that way you aren't running loose.
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Rolling over this image. The time of night. The sheer height. I can feel every single one of you.
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the ao3 lyric video strikes again
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frownyalfred · 4 months ago
The girl next to me on the treadmill at the gym is reading ao3 like I wouldn’t recognize that font twenty miles away and half blind
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snake-and-mouse · 7 months ago
To any fic writers who worry they are wasting their time... I read a fic for a relatively small and inactive fandom about three years ago. And there was one specific scene where a character watched another dancing like an idiot to a beyonce song and it was so sweet and loving that even now years later I have that song on one of my spotify playlist so every once in a while it will play and remind me of that fic, and every time it does I smile and feel a little happier.
The stats on a fic will never really tell you if your writing touched someone. There's no numerical way to show you what impact you made. Maybe you are wasting time, or maybe you are writing something that someone will remember for a long time, something that will never fail to make them smile.
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I feel this in my soul
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“You have already left kudos here :)” not on this chapter bitch move over
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